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tv   News 9 Daybreak  ABC  October 26, 2015 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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see you tomorrow. that's the dd commitment. america runs on dunkin'. >> just wish she was walking across the stage with us this year. sean: dozens gathered to remember a classmate after a spaulding high school seniors was found dead. what a mess. little league officials say it will cost thousands of dollars to clean up the damage caused by vandals over the weekend. full sunshine. midweek storm system that has the chance of heavy rain ahead. sean: rain, rain go away. more than a foot of rain caused flash floods in texas. it could have been a lot worse. >> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now wmur "news 9 daybreak."
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sean: good morning, everybody. welcome to your monday. thanks for waking up with us. we had a little bit of rain over the weekend. the next couple of days look pretty nice. kevin: mid to late autumn temperatures. it comes with nothing but sunshine. ahead of the next system that arrives with the captions of heavier rainfall. we start off early this morning with clear skies. temperatures in a lot of areas down into the 30's to lower 40's. again with clear skies and light winds should be a nice day out there with sunshine today and tomorrow ahead of that system which moves northeast in our direction. we're anywhere from the mid 30's to lower 40's this morning. we'll look for high temperatures into the afternoon anywhere from 44 to 54 from north to south. sunshine and light winds. how long it continues and a look at the next system coming up in just a bit. let's look at your monday morning ride here in the granite state. we're joined live by deb davidson. good morning, deb. deb: good morning. if you are starting your morning commute and heading to the upper valley area, we're not seeing any delays at all
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which is some great news for this morning. it looks great as you make your way through warner, new london, and up to the hanover area. if you are coming southbound, no delays back into concord. 93 right now is up to speed through the hooksett tolls and down from manchester, londonderry, and salem. the spaulding turnpike is also an easy ride. if you are starting your morning commute into boston, we're not seeing any major problems or delays. this report is brought to you by peter's honda, nissan, and kia of nashua. i'm deb davidson for 95.7 wzid. sean: thanks. we start with breaking news from the middle east where a powerful earthquake has been reported within the last hour. the 7.7 magnitude quake was centered in northern afghanistan. it has been felt in pakistan and northern india as well causing buildings to sway and sending panicked people running into the streets.
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the extent of the damage are not known. we'll keep you updated. back here at home, family and friends gathered last night to remember 17-year-old eve tarmey more than a week after she was found dead inside a motel room of an apparent drug overdose. ray brewer is here now with how some of her classmates remember her life, ray. ray: eve tarmey's classmates planned the candle light vigil to help here grieve. she was found dead in a rochester motel where she was staying with her mother and mother's boyfriend. her death is being investigated as a possible drug overdose. more than 100 people gathered to honor her life and the impact and share their memories of eve. >> she would always help people. she was really sweet. she was a beautiful person inside and outside. >> she was such an outgoing, great girl to be around. we always had dreams of
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together and starting our own business. it is just kind of nice to have that memory with her, you know? sean: several classmates say graduation in the spring will be difficult when eve isn't there to walk across the stage with them. there are no new developments in the investigation. they are waiting for toxicology results to determine the exact cause of death. ray brewer, wmur news 9. sean: thanks. officials for the bedford little league want to know who caused damage to their building. someone broke windows and sprayed the inside. it will cost more than $5,000 to clean up. despite the damage, they will be ready for the 2016 season. the team made it all the way to the new england regional championship game in this year's tournament. londonderry woman is dead and another in the hospital after a crash on interstate 93 in windham. state police say a car rolled over and ended up
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on its roof early yesterday morning. 20-year-old suzanne darcy was pronounced dead at the hospital. 22-year-old kelsey lenfest was taken to the hospital. the cause of the crash was under investigation. a truck driver says a mechanical problem caused him to lose control as he tried to pull over along i-93. his big rig ended up going over an embankment and into the trees. the driver managed to walk away. two lanes were closed while crews removed his truck. it seems residents in texas learned their lesson after flooding and were prepared for flash floods caused by the remnants of hurricane patricia. the storm is still causing problems with nearly two feet of rain since thursday. bazi k -- kanani reports. reporter: the lone star state with 20 inches of rain.
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they are going in to reach stranded residents, a close call for the more than 70 rescued south of dallas. this man and their dog pulled from their flooded truck. another man stuck when he waded to find his submerged vehicle. >> i just stood there and watched my car slowly disappear. >> flood watered derailed a train. a cow needed help. in san antonio, rescuers managed to reach a man swept more than a mile through a storm drain. >> you can imagine crashing along the walls in there. it was an amazing storm. reporter: the storms swept in with damaging winds. two reported tornadoes. >> i look at the window. all you saw was awhile wind of trash. >> roofs ripped off, fences toppled. along the coast in galveston, waves up to ten feet high forced an empty tanker. more flooding in neighbors louisiana.
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power outages forced many businesses to close. others getting by on candle light. bazi kanani, abc news, washington. sean: closer to home. a maine father accused of killing his three month old son is due in court today. 24-year-old eugeneman tin know was charged with murder after his son was taken to the hospital with several injuries and died. the boy and his twin sister were born premature. she prepares hospitalized. manchester was a sea of pink yesterday to support breast cancer awareness. the crowd took part in the american cancer society's making strides against breast cancer walk. the goal was to raise more than $260,000 and attract more than 1,600 walkers. organizers say this event continues to grow. >> we have a couple of people that have just jumped on board to be event chair next year. we're looking for it to just become bigger and
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bigger and bigger. sean: the money raised will go to the american cancer society to help find a cure to support the programs and services as well. dozens of people took a few laps around the track at con val high school yesterday in memory of marine corps brandon garabrant who was killed by an ied while serving. he was 19 and finished boot camp before graduating from con-val. trick or treat a little early. >> it is overwhelming to us. just the sheer degree of support. sean: levi made his rounds thanks to generous help from his teachers and neighbors. haunted houses are common. one has a feature that makes it a little bit creepier than others. coming up, helping connect homeless people with long lost loved ones. miracle messages are
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i had no idea snhu even the walk to class is amazing. i love the sense of people actually hold the doors open for you here. all my professors really know who i am here. they genuinely want you to succeed. i've made so many friends here. friends i know i'll have for life. snhu is the place for me.
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kevin: off and running on monday morning. clear skies. a light wind and a good deal of sunshine out there today and tomorrow with the one big change coming as the midweek system could provide heavier rainfall. details coming right up. sean: thanks. halloween is still a few days away. one boy finished his trick or treating. he got the night all to himself. 10-year-old levi is battling brain cancer. she will be recovering from his next round by the time this weekend rolls around. his teachers organized a special trick or treater event for little captain
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on stockdale circle handing out his favorite treats. >> it made me very excited. i know when i went through last year when i went to chemotherapy. this is big i can give him something back. >> how are you? >> good. >> do you see my hair? last year i had chemo and this is how much it has grown back. sean: the links donated a golf cart to help him go door to door. great effort by the community there. there are plenty of options to get a scare including some with a touch of history. the maine historical society is hosting haunt ed house tours inspired by henry wadsworth longfellow. stories that are not
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coming up, many kids complain about taking too many tests. the president wants to reduce the amount of
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sean: welcome back. continuing news about an earthquake in northern afghanistan. one person is now confirmed dead. emergency officials say many homes have collapsed as a result of this. power and communications have been cut off as you might imagine. the quake was felt as far away as new delhi and india. two fisherman who rescued an 18 month old migrant toddler got to
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visit the boy days after saving his life. they found the boy with a dozen others after the boat capsized. look at the video. the child was barely responsive. the fisherman cleared the water from his lungs. the boy is back to normal this morning. the woman that police say drove her car into the crowd at a homecoming parade in oklahoma over the weekend is due in court this morning. adacia chambers is charged with four counts of second-degree murder, four people died, and dozens more were hurt. chambers lawyer says he believes she suffers from a mental illness, but does not believe she crash. it was a slow weekend at the box office. new releases failing to impress moviegoers. after four weeks, "the martian" reclaimed the top spot. the new movie "gem and
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the holograms" had one of the worst debuts with $1.3 million. a lot of folks didn't movie. even "steve jobs" couldn't attract crowds. the picture made over $7.3 million in the first weekend, less than half of what had been predicted. general motors has reached a tentative agreement on a new strike. the deal was announced just before last night's midnight deadline. exact details have not been released. local union leaders will vote on wednesday before workers on gm plants will weigh in. the contract covers 53,000 employees. president obama says too many schools obsess about testing. students spend too much time taking unnecessary exams. according to new numbs released, students spend 20 to 25 hours each year tests. the white house wants to
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time at 2% of classroom time. the average eighth grader spends 2.3% on testing. a meeting is scheduled in the oval office today to discuss options. >> there were certain parts of the tests i rather enjoyed. a lot of people don't do well. they are rather intelligent. kevin: they maybe testy. sean: leave it to the weather guy. kevin: filling them up with bubbles with number two pencils. clear skies and light winds. allowing a lot of temperatures to drop back in the 30's to lower 40's. it is not a ribbing kick lousily cold morning. the clear skies and sunshine. a fairly light wind to go along with it into the afternoon. the area of high pressure settling in after a milder afternoon yesterday. with the flow, we have cooled things off. temperatures today will be ten degrees shy of the highs we had yesterday. more sunshine around tomorrow until the next
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system starts to arrive as we work our way late morning into the afternoon on wednesday. temperatures right now in the 30's. couple of lower 40's still hanging on. you'll notice the 16 on top of mt. washington. a wind chill of 11 below zero. patchy fog. temperatures running five to ten degrees cooler than what we had yesterday at this time. a few spots even near 20 degrees cooler than what we had yesterday. as you'll notice the coldest of the air still locked up in canada for the time being. a little bit of a northwesterly breeze reinforcing the air mass. you'll notice where the rainfall was not south, warmer air will come in. as the rainfall pushes away, we'll get the warmer air for one afternoon on thursday. high temperatures today again about ten degrees shy from what we had yesterday. 44 to 54. it comes with a light northwest. again tonight with temperatures dropping back into the 20's and 30's, we'll have the clear skies and light winds. a good deal of sunshine around tomorrow.
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we get later into the day tomorrow. we'll start to notice a few high clouds. those will only increase and thicken up early on wednesday morning ahead of the next system that arrives. looks like right now arrival time is within a few hours of midday. as we get later into the afternoon, some pockets of heavier rainfall are possibility. there could be one to two inches of rainfall in spots before tapering off to some lighter morning. looks like we get that little bit of warmth with temperatures in the 60's only to fall back to the levels that we have for the next couple of days with sunshine. high temperatures today for southern parts of the state. there. just a few clouds up in the mountains. we'll see temperatures drift back into the 20's up north and 30's elsewhere. extended forecast has temperatures a couple of notches warmer with sunshine again tomorrow. clouds will start to increase tomorrow night and thicken up early on wednesday. the rainfall that
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locally heavy into the afternoon and evening before pulling away with showers. a little bit of a milder air in here for thursday afternoon before the cooler air starts to arrive. that will be the air mass in place friday and for halloween on saturday. it does look fairly breezy on friday. saturday light winds. temperatures in the 40's. sean: i've noticed a lot of the fall colors are falling out of my yard. charge breeze thursday and friday knocks that off. down. let's check out the top ray: 100 people gathered to remember a teen whose life was overdose. eve tarmey's classmates planned last night's candle light vigil. more than 100 people gathering to honor tarmy's life and the fact the senior made. sean: it will likely cost more than $5,000 to clean up the
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damage. they say some of them broke windows and sprayed the inside of the build, a fire extinguisher. a londonderry woman is dead and another in the hospital after crash on interstate 93 in windham. state police say a car polled over and ended up on its roof early yesterday morning. still to come, millions of kids are born every day. there within the many like the brothers.
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it. sean: a couple from baltimore has welcomed three new children. the doctors say they are very rare. kristen and thomas hewitt have identical triplets. their doctor says he's
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identical triplets. kevin: making it more unusual, they did not use any fertility drugs. they are in general uncommon. only about 10% are identical. sean: cute little guys. i can't imagine three babies. the diapers and boltses. a lot going on there. michael jordan retired more than a decade ago. he's still a huge draw. crowds waited in line for hours to check out the new nike michael jordan store in chicago. kevin: it features several floors packed with many products. they are tributes to the each of the six nba titles he won. sean: did he play for the bulls? did he do well back then? kevin: i thought his washington yearss -- sean: oh, boy. remember the air jordans? they were huge. it carries on. coming up in the next half an hour, bad news for breakfast lovers. the new warning health experts have about bacon.
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highlights from a key divisional game against
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sean: top of the morning, everybody. monday, october 26th. a live look at a beautiful sunrise coming up there in portsmouth. yesterday. nice. we're going to have a tap. the weather. in just a moment, first the top stories. more than 100 people gathered in rochester last night for a candle light vigil in memory of a 17-year-old girl who died earlier this month from an apparent drug overtoes. a franklin father accuse of the holding his own baby hostage is scheduled to be arraigned on charges, including endangering the welfare of a child. and a pair of men
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arrested after a meth bust in a hotel in massachusetts. we'll have the latest on that in a moment. a beautiful start to the day. the sunrise is gorgeous. kevin: i see your portsmouth and raise you rye beach. i'm aggressive when i play poker. we have the clearer skies across the state. with that, a lot of sunshine is expected. not quite the milder temperatures. highs in the 40's to lower range of the 50's. we continue with the sun tomorrow. it could bring a quick one to two inches of rain wednesday afternoon and wednesday night. temperatures in the 30's to near 40 degrees early. highs today in the 40's to lower 50's. sean: the sun is out and it is not so bad. as soon as the clouds come in, it is cold. kevin: when the sun starts to go down. sean: the roads starting with a live look at i-93 in windham. kevin: for a look at morning drive, we're joined live by deb davidson. good morning, deb. deb: good morning, kevin and sean.
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right now 93 is moving part of the state. it is great news if you are starting your morning commute. concord town to the hooksett tolls and then from manchester down to londonderry and salem. the everett turnpike is also moving well into the bedford tolls. it is up to speed as you make your way into merrimack and nashua. 111 is hassle free. if you are commuting into massachusetts, we have pockets of congestion already slowing things down. just south of andover as with 95. we're seeing delays in lowell near the lowell connector. this report is being brought to by peter's honda, nissan, and kia of nashua. from the traffic network, i'm deb davidson. sean: all right. thanks. dozens of people came together to celebrate the life of a 17-year-old girl who died from an apparent
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drug overdose. eve tarmey passed away on october 17th. she was found dead in a rochester motel room where she was staying with her mother and mother's boyfriend. ray: good morning. her classmates planned the candle light vigil so those who knew eve, even those who didn't, could grieve. more than 100 people came together sunday night to say good-bye. >> it is hard to believe. i was just talking to her two weeks ago. all of the sudden it just happens. it is shocking. ray: a candle light vigil was held for the 17-year-old who died in a motel room. they are invest -- as a possible drug overdose. >> she could always help
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people. she was sweet. >> she was such an outgoing great girl to be around. we always had dreams of being fashion designers together and starting our own business. it is just kind of nice to have that memory with her, you know. >> for me it is personal. i know eve's father. i don't know eve. but she's a child, and she's part of the community. a. correct police haven't released the official cause, the drug crisis is greating worse. >> the greater hope is that we can start to have better facilities and more treatment for people in the community. ray: eve's classmates are trying to cope with the fact that she will not be there when they graduate. >> i just wish she was walking across the stage with us. it is a tragedy. ray: police say there are no new developments as they continue the investigation into eve's death. they are awaiting toxicology results. sean: thanks.
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accused of holding his one-month-old baby hostage is scheduled to face a judge today. thomas carroll is expected to be arraigned on charges including resisting arrest and endangering the welfare of a child. carroll was arrested on friday when they went to the home on west bow street for a complaint of domestic violence. carroll assaulted his wife and took their one-month-old baby hostage. they were able to negotiate their way inside. they arrested him after a brief struggle. two manchester men are accused of producing methamphetamine at a hotel in burlington, massachusetts. eric sow wick and 52-year-old tony pickard were arrested. dustin beliveau was also arrested. they found a large quality of meth. they alerted police after seeing beliveau
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wearing a gas mask. all three suspects are scheduled to be arraigned today. a massachusetts woman narrowly escaped injury when her house exploded. it happened yesterday afternoon a home in taunton. the blast and fire that followed leveled the home. neighbors as far as a black away say the explosion was so powerful it caused the homes to shake. the home owner was inside at the time. he managed to safely escape. >> i heard a bang and felt my whole house shake. >> it was horrifying. >> i saw the owner running down the street. >> all of the neighbors started running this way. alive. uninjured. >> especially with the two houses next door. sean: fire officials believe the explosion was gas related. the exact cause remains under investigation. returning to new hampshire today. the republican presidential contender
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is holding a down hall meeting this morning. the event begins at 7:00. a project to create a bike path has been put on hold. the greenway runs more than 17 miles. negotiation for the sale of a section of rail trail are now stalling the project. the greenway is also part of the larger project to create the walking path that would stretch from northern maine to the florida keys. a man from san francisco is on a mission to help homeless people reunite with their families. >> my heart is -- i guess, hurt. because i've known that. sean: kevin adler is traveling to carry out a project called miracle messages. adler is recording short videos and posting them to social media in hopes of making a connection. people are asked to talk
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directly to those they want to see again. it is a simple act of kindness with a very powerful message. >> someone who is just homeless joe ore jane to you or i would be the most important person not world to the one person that's looking for them. sean: adler is scheduling everyone to offer this to someone in your city or town. to learn more, head to the web site at coming up on "daybreak," a whale watch takes a tragic turn off of the coast of canada. five people were killed when the boat sank. and a warning for those of you planning to cook up some bacon. a new report shows that processed meats can be just as bad for your health as cigarettes. kevin: cooler temperatures which looks to produce changes mid late week.
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where they have to pay you the same. but there are so many examples where that doesn't happen. i'm going to do everything i can to make sure every woman in every job gets paid the same... the men who are doing that job. r i'm hillary clinton p and i approve this message. kevin: beautiful start to the day. down to 37 degrees. we're expecting to see a good deal of sunshine. temperatures both days in the 40's up north to lower and mid 50's in southern areas. it is the system coming in midweek that looks to shake up the weather pattern. we'll have the details
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sean: sounds good. 6:41 right now. it is a big week ahead for the republican candidates as they prepare to square off in another debate. it is game on for the democrats. washington. there's quite a shake up in the polls; right? reporter: that's right. the latest polls show donald trump and ben carson neck in neck in iowa prompting both candidates to step up their rhetoric. >> headlines all over the place. trump losing in polls. reporter: donald trump on defense. tied with ben carson in iowa after trailing the neurosurgeon in a pair of polls last week. >> seven day adventist i don't know about. i think ben carson is lower emergency than jeb.
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reporter: ben carson not biting the bait. >> i'm not going to be talking about other people. i'm not sure anybody else that's spent 18-20 hours intently operating on somebody. reporter: bill clinton making one of his first cameos. >> sometimes you have to let them hear you roar. >> p.r.n.ny sanders. reporter: bernie sanders raising his voice. >> we have differences of opinion. the american people participating in the democratic primary process need to know the differences. reporter: today is actually hillary clinton's birthday. she turned 68 and held a star-studded bash in new york features demi lovato and john legend. sean: the star power help. clinton is trying to woo the biden supporters now that he's out. the vp is talking about his decision not to run. what did he reveal?
6:39 am
ranging interview on "60 minutes" he said he decided not to run because he determined he couldn't win. he disputed reports that his dies son beau's wish was for him to run. he did weigh in on hillary clinton says he likes her and he also disputed taking jab at her in previous comments. sean? sean: all right. thank you. we're following some breaking news out of afghanistan. a powerful earthquake rocked the country and cities across south asia this morning. there's no word yet on at the full extent of damage from the 7.5 magnitude quake. we know that at least one person has been killed. at least five people were killed when a whale watching boat sank in vancouver, canada on sunday. one person remains missing. 27 people were on board when the ship made a may day call around 8:00 last night. the boat was partially sun merged. they were able to pull
6:40 am
21 people to safety. they don't know yet what caused the boat to sink. a man in washington state is trying to track down the thief that stole his pricey star wars collection. richard baits says he returned home to find $30,000 worth of star wars collectibles missing from haze shelfs. fortunately the thief did not take all of the memorabilia. he still has $15,000 worth. >> thank god they left a lot of stuff. it is a mint condition millennial falcon. when i get home, i like to see my toys. it is something that brings me back to my childhood. sean: i guess he says the new star wars movie is going to be released soon. he's not surprised someone would want to go after his collectibles. he's asking for the public's help in getting his memorabilia back. turns now to sports, tom brady set a franchise
6:41 am
the 213th start. the previous record was held by the great bruce armstrong. they played host with first place on the line in the division. the jets led 20-16 when brady hit amendola. less than two minutes to play, brady passed to gronk for a 15-yard touchdown. gronk caught 11 passes for 108 yards. brady threw the ball 54 times. patriots went on to win. they improved to 6-0. next up they host the dolphins on thursday night. to the racetrack. four more drivers were eliminated on sunday. the camping world at talladega needed a green white finish. several cars crashed behind the leaders. nascar determined it was logano in front of junior when the caution flag came out.
6:42 am
third consecutive race. dale earnhardt jr. finished second. >> we had to do it one more time. it is cool. we played by nascar's rules. we're play by those. thankfully it worked out for us. >> i can't be too upset. i did everything i could. i'm proud of myself and my team. my guys did a good job. if the group sticks together, we're going to do great things. sean: dale jr., hamlin, and matt kenseth were all eliminated from chase contention. they are issuing a new warning to all of the bacon eaters. processed meats are just as big of a cancer threat as cigarettes. today the world health organization is publishing a report on the dangers of eating processed meats. it is expected to list processed meat as a cancer-causing substance. it could lead to warning labels.
6:43 am
they have warned for years that consuming too much processed meat is linkerred to bowel cancer. according to superstition, black cats can bring bad luck if they cross your path. a new survey finds that's not always the case. 46% of people who own a black cat say they have won a contest or lottery compared to 40% who have never owned a black cat. in an ironic twist, 59% think cats are bad luck happen to have black hair. does that indicate -- do they have the same superstition? kevin: maybe. science doesn't leave a lot to superstition. sean: not a lot of superstition. kevin: not hard core science. sean: all right. let's go to hard core science. kevin: let's do that. let's talk about the beautiful. a beautiful sunrise.
6:44 am
day. temperatures are going we're talking temperatures five to ten degrees cooler than yesterday afternoon. it should come as you notice there with a good deal of sunshine. really no approaching weather system at least for us today. late tomorrow we may start to notice a few high clouds ahead of the next system which has been bringing a lot of rainfall along the gulf coast. it was texas over the weekend and now continuing to make its way across the gulf coast states. northeast. by the time it gets here, instead of the foot of rain, it will be a quick-moving system. we'll be looking at the potential of one to two inches of rainfall. a lot of 30's early this morning. you'll notice some areas down near 30 degrees early this morning. a much cooler start than yesterday out there. yesterday we had the clouds and a couple of scattered showers moving through. you'll notice also a couple of lower 40's out there. especially as you get up in elevation. you have some warmer air aloft. the exception is mt. washington down to 16 degrees with a wind
6:45 am
chill in the teens below zero with winds gusting over 20 miles an hour. temperatures later on this afternoon ranging anywhere from the upper half of the 40's in the northern half of the state to the lower half of the 50's in southern parts of the state. fairly light wind. almost full sunshine into the afternoon and what should make for a really nice day out there. temperatures by later on this evening do ease back with the clear skies and light winds. temperatures back into the 20's for the lower range of the 0's to start the day tomorrow. we'll recover tomorrow maybe another two or three degrees on top of what afternoon. which means lower half of the 50's. maybe as high as 55 or 56. and then the mid to northern parts of the state. that will be with an increase in clouds thickening wednesday morning. i think the arrival of the shower activity rather quickly after that will be either side of midday from southwest to northeast. we could have some downpours around by the time we get toward the evening commute. it will be heavy at
6:46 am
times into wednesday evening before that system winds down and some scattered showers in the backside of the system by early on thursday. a little bit of warmth. much like yesterday. cool air doesn't arrive until late in the day. we get the same scenario for thursday. temperatures likely jump into the 60's before cooling off friday into the weekend. a slow ramp up in temperatures. a better chance of rain by wednesday afternoon and wednesday night. some of that could be locally heavy before tapering off on thursday. cooler breeze by the time we get toward friday. highs much like today. anywhere from the mid 40's to mid 50's. the breeze settles down through friday night. we get into early saturday. we'll be looking at a chilly start to the day. halloween. they will be falling through the 40's on saturday evening. then we fall back. daylight savings time ends saturday night. you get an extra hour to sean: that will help. will be out late.
6:47 am
we need the extra sleep. kevin: maybe. sean: maybe. sure. still to come a final check on your top stories, including a candle light vigil for a
6:48 am
this month from an sean: welcome back. we're following breaking news out of afghanistan. a powerful earthquake rocked the country this morning. there's no word yet on the full extent. at last check we're hearing 12 people were killed in the earthquake. we're also hearing reports that 12 students at a girls student were killed as they fled some of the shaking buildings in a stampede. dozens and dozens of injuries.
6:49 am
we'll keep you updated throughout the day. an update on our other top stories, dozens of people gathered in rochester to remember the life of a 17-year-old girl who died from an apparent drug overdose. ray: eve tarmey's classmates at spaulding high school in rochester planned the gathering last night to help people grieve and remember the 17-year-old. more than 100 people gathering to honor tarmey's life and the impact the high school senior made. sean: bedford little league officials say it will likely cost more than $5,000 to repair the damage done this weekend to a building. franklin father accused of holding his 1-month-old baby hostage during a domestic dispute is setting to arraigned today including endangering the welfare of a child. kevin: a lot of sunshine. a light wind and temperatures into the
6:50 am
afternoon. 40's for the northern half of the state and lower 50's for southern spots. a little warm up through wednesday. that's after locally heavy rain a possibility wednesday afternoon and wednesday night. sean: a couple of nice days. coming up next on good morning america america, they will have more details on a new report this morning that says processed meat is just cigarettes.
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