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tv   News 9 at Six  ABC  October 26, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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at the corner of laurel and lincoln streets, it's where it all went down today about noon. one man injured, apparently with nonlife threatening injuries. but given the amount of bullets that tore threw here today, it's fortunate no one else was injured. police say they got calls from several neighbors saying they heard at least four to six gunshots this afternoon. while police checked the area, a call came in from an officer working a detail at elliot hospital, reporting a 25-year-old man had just been dropped off at the emergency room with a gunshot wound. police tape could be seen around this area next to the park as well as in an alley next to the store on the corner. neighbors had been on end since the shooting, one showing us a bullet hole on the porch of her apartment building. >> i am shocked and very, very scared. at this time yesterday, eight inches or more it could have came through the window, could have hit my dogs, my daughter,
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no words to put how scared i am right now. reporter: manchester police say they believe this was an ice rated incident, that the two men knew each other, they do feel confident they'll be making an arrest soon, but they say it stays an active investigation and they want anyone who has any information to contact them. live in manchester, jennifer crompton, wmur news 9. jennifer: manchester police also hoping for the public's help in identifying the man who tried to rob a store on hanover street armed with a knife. police say the man left the store empty handed after the woman working behind the counter pulled out her own and much bigger weapon. wmur's andy hershberger spoke with with her today and is live tonight with more on this. reporter: the woman who was working behind the counter here on saturday night says when she was confronted by a man with a knife she wasn't scared. she got angry. >> it just really made me angry,
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him. reporter: dawn says she got this as a birthday present. and decided to start hiding it convenience store. she was working here saturday night around 11:30 when police say a masked man came in carrying a knife with what was described as a three-inch blade. >> the guy came in and he put his hand on the counter and screamed give me the money, and i looked at him, i thought it was funny because he had the knife here, so i reached for mine and i showed him, and he thought for a second and then ran out the door. reporter: this surveillance video shows the suspect taking off once he got a look at her weapon. police say he left the store with nothing. >> at first i was like is he serious, did he just come in here trying to take my money? and i said no. so i got mad and i picked it up and i just showed him, and then he ran out the door. reporter: police say the suspect was wearing a hat and had a
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t-shirt pulled over his face, they say they don't recommend that anyone confront an armed person. but they're glad in this situation no one was hurt. >> i just want him in court, i don't want him to do it to somebody else because not everybody has a knife or a stick or something. so it's scary for people, especially when they work nights. reporter: authorities are hoping that someone recognizes something on that video that can help them, anyone who may are information is asked to call the manchester police department. andy hershberger, wmur news 9. tom: new charges tonight against the man accused of brutally attacking a bedford couple inside their home. a grand jury has indicted norms owe charles normil on sexual assault and attempted sexual assault. right now normil is serving a 25-year sentence for breaking into a woman's apartment in
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massachusetts and pistol whipping her. centers for disease control and health departments around the country regarding a national increase in fentanyl related overdoses. jennifer: officials in new hampshire say they are well aware of the dangers, but as adam sexton reports now, they welcome the effort to raise awareness. reporter: new hampshire has been grappling with its own opioid misuse and abuse problem for some time, now washington is confirming this is part of a regional trend. at the manchester health department you're not going to shock anyone with a new report from the c. d. c. about the growing dangers of fentanyl. health officials here have been dealing with that problem for a while now. >> the c. d. c. issued an advisory today, recognizing the fact that fentanyl has become part of the heroin cries and is we're seeing more overdoses as a result of it. reporter: the health director
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pharmaceutical grade fentanyl. >> this fentanyl is synthetically made by the same cartels that make the heroin. reporter: the new report shows a significant increase in the total number of fentanyl drug seizures nationwide over the last two years, at 80% of those confiscated drugs came from just 10 states. not surprisingly, new hampshire is on the list, ranking ninth. massachusetts is second just behind ohio and number one. the drug enforcement agency says fentanyl is a serious and often deadly component of the heroin crisis. >> fentanyl is upward of 50 times stronger than heroin and 100 times stronger than morphine. and what the trafficking organizations are doing is they'll take fentanyl and lace it in with with the heroin in order to increase the high. reporter: michael ferguson, special agent in charge of the d.e.a.'s new england division, says recently they've seen an increase on the streets of pure fentanyl with no heroin involved at all.
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of the overdose deaths that are occurring. reporter: local officials compare fentanyl to gasoline on the fire that is the heroin epidemic, noting that it takes more narcan to revive someone overdosing on fentanyl than on lesser opioids. tom: this afternoon a littleton man pleaded guilty and was sentenced for providing fentanyl to a person who overdosed and died last year. wmur's suzanne roantree was in court for this hearing and joins us live from north haverhill. reporter: prosecutors say that 54-year-old michael ouellette will spend at least seven and a half years behind bars. in a plea deal with the state, mill it pleaded guilty to the sale of fentanyl which resulted in the death of edward under tin iii last year. millit also pled guilty to three lesser charges. he was renorse if thing but law
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enforcement say that the gilly plea and sentencing will be a helpful tool. >> i think it's a message statewide to get the message out there that if you're going to deal drugs and people die from accountable. reporter: now, melet's arrest and now sentencing was the work of the littleton police communities police departments as well as the new hampshire drug task force. suzanne roantree, wmur news 9. jennifer: another push today for a way to deal with the state's growing drug problem. today jeef justice netto spoke about drug courts at the rotary club luncheon. she supports the senate bill creating a 2.5 million grant program to bring the alternative courts into every county. she says drug courts cut the reoffense rate from 69 to 22%,
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>> i think if you are assessing offenders based on what their risks are and what their needs are, and addressing them, then we will be more successful at reducing the crime rate. if we use a one size fits all to everybody, then you're not going to see results. >> it's a lot cheaper, roughly 8 to $12,000 for someone going through drug court, you're looking at 30 to $40,000 if they go to jail. jennifer: counties will come up with 50% of the cost, the state would then match it. tom: coming up next, a manchester man stabbed in the back, his own mother charged with assault. what the two were fighting over that police say led to the attack. jennifer: plus all this damage caused by vandals in beford, the target, the little league complex in town. mike: a frosty cold night ahead as temperatures drop below freezing in many spots.
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tom: in court today we learned new details about a franklin father accused of loving his 1-month-old daughter hostage. thomas carroll faces 14 charges after investigators say he locked himself inside his bow street home on friday and threatened to hurt the baby. he's also accused of threatening to stab officers in the neck. carroll will be arraigned tomorrow morning. a manchester woman is facing two charges after police say she stabbed her son in an argument over his pet birds. jennifer: bernadette alvarez appeared by volunteer in court this morning, charged with first degree assault and falsifying physical evidence. police say she had been arguing
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with her 18-year-old son about getting rid of his pet birds, when things turned physical. >> allegedly he was woken up by his mother sometime around 8:30 in the morning, something about an argument about getting rid of his pet birds. that argument ensued into a verbal confrontation which led to a physical confrontation, which ultimately culminated with the stabbing. jennifer: the son was treated for nonlife threatening stab weup to his back. alvarez will be back in court next month. tom: a chilly start this morning, but a beautiful day when it was all over. mike: yes, and we're going to go back down again with the temperatures tonight. then rain mid-week. jennifer: now to our u local hot shot, all decked out for the game and halloween, two cheer leaders and little tom brady right there in the center of this nice picture. you can submit your own and your video too, join the thousands of
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onto u tom: police are following up on leads in this armed robbery at the mcdonald's on fisherville road in concord early friday morning. investigators are hoping someone will recognize this man who was shirtless when he entered the restaurant armed with a rifle, and threatened the workers to hand over the money of he did
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drawer, no arrests have been made. police are looking for who ever broke into the concession building at the bedford little league field, causing thousands of dollars in damage. jennifer: it happened sometime between saturday night and early sunday morning. someone driving by saw ex-mettives scrawled out on the front of the building and it was later discovered that the building was broken into. a fire ects ting wisher was sprayed throughout that ruined some of the equipment. everything can be fixed or replaced, but those close to the leak say this is very disappointing. >> to have something like this, come in and see, it's kind of unwarranted, it gets frustrating, because you have such a good thing going on and then you deal with these things. but we've got great organization, great community, great respond be sores, we'll be up and running for 2016. jennifer: board members say they have dealt with graffiti before,
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but this is the first time there's been a break in. mike: we'll start off with the almanac data for today, the official high in concord sofa, 55 degrees. just two shy of the average. tomorrow morning will be a little colder with the widespread frost for many. notice that sunset time, 5:46. even no it's getting earlier and earlier, enjoy it because come next week at this time back to standard time we go and that sunset will be prior to 4:40 in the afternoon. there's time lapse up in new found lake today, deep blue skies all day, a breeds and comfortably cool after that very cold start earlier in the day. high pressure is locked in right now, keeping it high and dry through tonight, tomorrow and tomorrow night. that will allow temperatures to tumble quite a bit tomorrow, early in the morning, and then
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range by afternoon. the moisture in the deep south will move in our direction for wednesday afternoon into wednesday night. so fair, frosty cold tonight, the next system will arrive but not until wednesday afternoon. so it's dry up until that point. we're about two inches of rain below the average for month of october so far and looks like a good one to two and a half inch rain tally in the card for new hampshire, come wednesday afternoon through daybreak on thursday. then it will dry out early thursday and turn quite warm as we go back into the 60's in many spots. down into tupper 30's in parts of the great north woods, 40s to around 50 in the lakes region. notice mount washington sitting at 23 at this hour, so it is quite cool, but seasonably so. in concord, 47. later tonight with the light winds and clear skies, yeah, back into tupper 30's as early as 9:00 this evening, near midnight near freezing and back
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below freezing into the upper 20's by the predawn stretch, so frosty cold again early in the morning. statewide it upper teens north to about 32 along the coast. again lots of sunshine, as rain approaches on wednesday it will also be accompanied, that system, by some very warm air. mid to upper 60's cannot be ruled out as heavy duty showers move on through, and then we start to see dry air take over thursday and by then it's the warmest of the week. here's a look at the timeline with clear skies tonight, plenty of sunshine statewide tomorrow, a nice looking day, and after that cold start we're into the 50's. showers approach wednesday afternoon, but it will be dry during the morning with thickening clouds. we'll look for temperatures back into the low to mid 50's. and here come those showers, some of them quite heavy, and yes since they are associated with the remnant of that once powerful hurricane patricia, can rule out a scattered thunderstorm and up to two inches plus of rain in spots. once all of that clears, it is
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quite mild on thursday, breezy, mid to upper 60's. more seasonable weather for friday, halloween on saturday. and we return to eastern standard time, falling back early on sunday morning. so we gain an extra hour to do whatever we got to do this weekend, but that sunset very early sunday afternoon. jennifer: whatever you have to do. >> we'll hear from tom brady coming up, plus the monarchs had a couple of rough games over the
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jamie: a quick turn around for the patriots, they host miami thursday night there. are five undepartment feeted in the nfl through this weekend's games and that includes the pats. they beat the jets, ohs brady had 54 pass attempts on the game, tons of drops by his wide here's a good omen for the pats and their fans, the last two times they started it 6 had-0, they made to it the super bowl. >> there were a lot throws i throws on. the receivers, they want to make every play too, so just got to do a better job with execution and i have a lot of trust in all those guys, a lot of confidence and everything that they're doing. so just got to do it better against miami.
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>> the national rankings this week, u.n.h. has dropped out, but look who's in at number 22, it's dartmouth. one of just four teams in the nation that are undefeated. harvard is also 6-0, the crimson will host dartmouth this friday night at 7:30 on national tv. boston bruins off the ice tonight, but they have a tuesday game in boston, they skate against the arizona coyotes at 7:00 p.m. bruins have three wins, three losses and an overtime loss through seven games. monarchs play two against the adirondack thunder this weekend and ended up losing both games. so that leans the monarchs with one win and two losses this season. manchester will play at the el myra jack ales on saturday. >> this is a good week for us, we're not getting a way with a lot right now, we're making some mistakes, having some breakdowns in the back of our net, and ultimately that will be better for us in the long run. >> here are the dates per the
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2016 races at new hampshire motor speedway, july 17, and september 25. the fall race will be part of nascar's chase for the print cup championship as the second race in the opening challenger round. and some soccer to finish up here, there's charlie davies on the right. the revolution are playoff bowp following a win over new york city yesterday. manchester native charlie davis had a goal and an assist in the victory. fifth seeded new england will travel to face fourth seeded d. c. united on wednesday night. he's been working on his dance moves, scored 10 goal this is year. tom: right now on there are a number of jobs in fast growing fields that don't require a college degree. find out some of the opportunities to look for in our slide show. jennifer: in peterborough, take our tour of the mansion home.
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tom: we'll see you tonight right after "castle.". do you think when you are president you'll be paid as much as if you were a man-male... this is one of the jobs where they have to pay you the same. but there are so many examples where that doesn't happen. i'm going to do everything i can to make sure every woman in every job gets paid the same... the men who are doing that job. r i'm hillary clinton p
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