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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  October 26, 2015 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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tonight, the eye-opening new cancer warning. hot dogs, processed meat and bacon, now put in the same category as cigarettes and asbestos. the world health organization and their new findings. dr. besser is stand big with the bottom line. how much should you and your family eat? breaking now. the new poll out. trump in trouble, slipping even further in the key first state of iowa. trump now attacking the polls, and his new comments tonight on religion. the driver who crashed into the homecoming parade. four people killed, including this 2-year-old boy. tonight, new details about the driver before the crash. the tourist boat sinking. 27 people floating in the water until rescuers can arrive.
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we're on the scene. and the invisible danger in your home. >> the house just exploded! >> tonight, authorities and the new warning after what this homeowner was doing right before the blast. good evening. and it's great to have you here with us on a monday night. and we begin with the troubling new warning about something that could be on your dinner table tonight. and the type of food many parents pack for school lunches. the world health organization now saying that hot dogs and cold cuts raise the risk of colon cancer and other cancers, as well. and they are now putting hot dogs and bacon, even some lunch maepts in the same risk category as smoking and asbestos. tonight, they say as little as risk. you're about to see how little that is. abc's linsey davis leading us off. >> reporter: alarming news tonight about foods so many of us eat every day. bacon, hot dogs, lunch meat,
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classified in the same category as cigarettes and asbestos. they can cause cancer, according to the world health organization, and that's not all. the who advisory commit fee tinding that unprocessed red meat is probably cars jennic. the report, which was based on an analysis of more than 800 studies asserts that simply eating 50 grams of processed meat each day can increase the risk of colon cancer by 18%. here's some food for thought. the 50 grams cited in the report is the equivalent of 1.8 oubs nces of meat. a typical deli sandwich has more than 4.5 ounces of meat. like. keep in mind that according to the report, only 34,000 of all cancer deaths could be processed meat. that's out of the 8.2 million deaths caused worldwide by kants kaenser in 2012, compared to a tobacco smoking. the panel did say red meat does have nutritional value.
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foul. the north american meat institute telling abc news in a statement that classifying red and processed meat askancer hazards defies common sense. the american cancer society has long recommended that we limit our meat intake and also suggests that you not fry it or grill it on charcoal. david? >> let's get right to richard besser, because we saw 50 grams there. that is not a lot of meat at all. >> reporter: it's not. for an average american, if you are eating two slices of bacon or hot dog a day, that's going to raise your lifetime risk of colon cancer from 5% up to about 6%. it's real, but it's not a very large number. >> that's a hot dog a day. and you've been telling us all day in the news room that moderation, which you have said, is really the key here. >> reporter: exactly. moderation is what it's about. i like the mediterranean diet.
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but if you are a big meat eater, it's about limiting the amount of processed meat you are eating. substituting fish or chicken. and when you are cooking your meat, don't grill it. that can release car sin jens. if you broil it or bake it, that's the way to go. >> rich besser, you'll stay on this. a lot of viewers will have questions after this tonight. thank you. in the meantime, we turn to the race for 2016 and new signs of potential trouble for donald trump. new numbers tonight. the third poll in a row now showing trump losing to dr. ben 14 points. but trump is now saying about those polls, as this evening, he's taking heat for what he calls, quote, a small loan from his father when he was young. abc's tom llamas on the campaign trail. >> reporter: tonight, donald trump telling supporters don't believe the hype or the polls. >> i'm number two in iowa. i said, i don't believe it. one's bloomberg, they hate me, the other one is a super liberal
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newspaper, "the des moines register," which is third rate, totally third rate, not respected in iowa. so, i got these two polls. bloomberg hates me, don't forget, michael did want to run for president. >> reporter: today, trump getting new scrutiny, saying he's had to fight his whole life, even though his father was a multimillionaire who gave him >> it's not been easy for me. and, you know, i started off in my father gave me a small loan of $1 million. >> reporter: nothing small about a million bucks, but trump says it isn't very much compared to what he's built. now, with ben carson well ahead in iowa, trump hitting the retired neurosurgeon hard. after saying you can't criticize someone's faith, trump then said this about carson's. >> i'm presbyterian, that's down the middle of the road, folks. in all fairness. i mean seventh day adventist, i don't know about, i just don't know about. >> reporter: carson demanding an apology. >> a couple of months ago, i said something which he took as
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an attack on his faith, and i apologized for that. i hope he will have the same grace. >> reporter: but trump refuses. and today, new comments on religion getting attention, saying women in muslim countries appreciate their customs and some want to keep their faces covered. >> in fact, it's easy. you don't have to put on makeup. look how beautiful everyone looks. wouldn't it be easy? i'll tell you, if i was a woman -- i'm ready, darling. let's go. >> reporter: and david, despite those poll numbers, trump is not giving up on iowa. he's hitting the hawkeye tomorrow night, his last stop before the debate on wednesday. david? >> tom llamas, thank you. and now to the other republican facing challenges tonight. jeb bush. a rare moment of public frustration over the weekend, after news of those massive payroll cuts for his campaign. tonight, three generations of the bush family now gather behind closed doors, reassuring jeb's supporters after what jeb
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abc's jon karl with jeb's words. >> reporter: jeb bush is sounding downright disgusted with the presidential race. >> i've got a lot of really cool things that i could do other than sit around being miserable listening to people demonizing me and me feeling compelled to demonize them. that is a joke. elect trump if you want that. >> reporter: he's down in the polls and was forced to cut campaign staff and salaries, while donald trump dominates the field and continues to ridicule him. >> bush has no money, he's cutting -- he's meeting today with mommy and daddy and they're working on their campaign. >> reporter: jeb bush has said his 91-year-old father gets so mad, he sometimes throws shoes at the tv when trump's on. when he threw out the first pitch at a recent playoff game, the candidate's mother sported a campaign sticker on her walker. we caught a quick glimpse of jeb bush as he took a break from his closed-door meeting today with family and big donors at this hotel in houston.
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message was simple. jeb knows he needs to do better, and he assured them he will. tonight. jon, jeb bush faces a real test republican debate. and today, he acknowledged that? >> reporter: he acknowledged it. he's got work to do. he's got to do better in the upcoming debates. he had his family there with him, including both former presidents named bush and his mother, the 90-year-old former first lady who got the biggest you a because when she said, jeb president. house tonight. jon, thank you. and just days after vice president joe biden revealed he will not run for president, he's now clarifying what many saw as a jab at hillary clinton. when asked the enemy she's most proud of during that debate, clinton included republicans in that despite. biden afterwards saying washington needs more bipartisan ship. here's what he said last night. >> that was a reference to washington. >> but she called republicans -- >> biden setting the record straight on something else.
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reports about his late son, beau, asking his dad in their final moments together to run. >> there was not what has sort of made out as this hollywood-esque thing that at the last minute, beau grabbed my run. it wasn't anything like that. >> vice president joe biden, the race for 2016 for tonight. we move onto other news this oklahoma. these images showing the moment a car slammed into the crowd at a homecoming parade over the weekend. four people including a 2-year-old boy were killed. the driver in court today. and tonight, behind bars on $1 million bond. even her own attorney wants to know what the toxicology report will reveal. here's abc's ryan owens. >> reporter: the driver seen plowing into a homecoming parade on this distributing video is tonight being held on a million dollars bond. the judge calling 25-year-old adacia chambers a direct threat to the community. >> we're going to need a bunch
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of help. we got a car through a crowd up here. >> reporter: prosecutors are awaiting toxicology result, but believe claim berms was high on drugs when she got behind the wheel saturday morning, killing four and injuring a staggering 47 people at oklahoma state university. among the dead, a retired professor and his wife, an mba student and a 2-year-old boy. tonight, chambers' family is coming to her defense. >> she wouldn't have done this purposefully. i just don't believe that in my heart. >> reporter: at her first court appearance this afternoon, the judge ordered a psychological evaluation. her attorney says she's mentally ill and doesn't remember the crash. prosecutors plan to charge chambers with four counts of second-degree murder. they warn the judge another victim is in very grave candidate tonight and a faith murder charge may be coming. david? >> ryan owens, thank you. and now to that boating accident off british columbia. new images of that boat sinking
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passengers bobbing in the water, waiting 30 minutes to be rescued. at least five passengers were killed. one passenger still missing. and now world it happened so fast, there was no time for a may day call. abc's neal karlinsky tonight. >> reporter: tonight, the only part of the 65-foot boat that didn't sink, bob income the waters off vancouver island, just the bow, upside down and sticking straight out of the water. >> it was pretty scary. knowing that i have a friend that drives that boat. >> reporter: it was a whale watching tour when something suddenly sunk the ship. 27 people bobbing in the 55 degree water for those frigid 30 minutes. from a boat that reportedly didn't require life jackets to be worn. the distress call coming in at 8:19 in the afternoon, and immediately, every boat in the area rushed in to help. five are confirmed dead. all british citizens from 18 to 76 years old. one person remains missing. amazingly, 21 were rescued.
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treated at local hospitals. the rest just lucky to be alive. company officials say the boat before the accident. in fact, they say this ship has done the exact same trip twice a day for the last 20 years without a problem until now. david? neal, thank you. we turn now to the severe weather tonight, remnants of hurricane patricia drenching the gulf. up to 20 inches of rain in parts of texas. a school bus there outside baton rouge stranded in the distance. school children evacuated by pickup truck. a freight train outside glas knocked over. and much of this tropical moisture marching north, soon to drench washington, d.c., philadelphia, chicago, all the way over to new york in the next 48 hours. meteorologist rob marciano in atlanta tonight. >> reporter: rain and wind pounding the gulf coast states. 50 50-mile-an-hour gusts overnight. this morning, near baton rouge, a school bus getting stuck on a flooded bridge. the sheriff's department using a pickup to bring 20 children to safety.
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neighborhoods submerged. >> probably just a few inches that the rain contributed, everything else is the water just flowing in from the bayou already. >> reporter: and south of dallas, more than 70 rescues over the weekend, including this man and his dog. floods even derailing the cars on this freight train. in part from the remnants of the most powerful storm ever recorded in the western hemisphere, hurricane patricia, striking mexico with winds gusting over 200 miles an hour. our matt gutman right there. >> those winds so powerful, they pulverized concrete power lines like this. ripping off rooftops. brick warms came tumbling down. everything that wasn't nailed down sent flying, even boats like that. but the reason so few people were hurt -- look around you. for dozens of miles around, forest. >> reporter: the country getting lucky. the storm passing over a parsely populated area. atlanta. and rob, you were telling us, this is going to extend all the
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way up to chicago, philly, new york before it is done. what's the track of this thing? >> reporter: yeah, david. it's already starting to spread out. the low itself is still in the gulf of mexico and a strong tropical field. heavier rains from the florida panhandle stretching west to the mississippi river and all the way up to the great lakes. some of this is going to be really heavy. an additional front will squeeze a lot of this moisture. two to three inches of rainfall from memphis to maine. so, it's going to be a soggy next couple of days, david. >> a very wet week ahead. rob marciano, thank you. we turn overseas tonight, and the death toll now rising from a powerful earthquake felt in four countries. the magnitude 7.5 quake centered in a remote area of afghanistan. more than 200 people dead. 12 girls, dodz zens hurt in a stampede to escape their school. the quake lesting more than one minutes, triggering a landslide. most of the victims there
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the shaking stopped. back here at home tonight, and growing concern about the dangers of high school football. a teenager in chicago now becoming the seventh young player to die in seven weeks after suffering a blow to the head during a game. a teenage player in tennessee also with a head injury, fighting for his life tonight, as well. abc's ryan smith with the new warnings tonight. >> reporter: tonight, big football hits raising serious concerns. young lives are at risk. in just seven weeks into the dying after games. five from on-field tackles. the latest casualty, 17-year-old andre smith, dying from blunt force injuries after taking a head shot. >> he was like a brother to me. >> reporter: while today, tennessee high schooler condition after a game friday night. the american academy of pediatrics released recommendations on keeping kids safe on the gridiron, including
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zero tolerance for illegal hits like spearing, as shown in this national geographic video about the dangers. and saying teams need trainers on the sidelines. something dr. kevin says should be nonnegotiable. >> if they can't afford a certified athletic trainer, then they shouldn't have a football team. >> reporter: the american wmur y want families to consider the david? >> ryan smith with us tonight. thank you, ryan. up next here, what one caused the explosion in her own home. house going up in flames, and now the warning about an invisible danger inside so many homes in this country. that's just ahead. also, the consumer headline ahead this evening. is your internet provider at home ripping you off for the internet speed? and, you might remember these two puppies, you met them tonight," hugging in that picture, asking for a home. that's the before picture. stay tuned for the after.
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we're going to turn next tonight to the new warning about a common invisible danger in your home. abc's gio benitez on what authorities say one woman did moments before the blast. >> reporter: tonight, a do-it-yourself job apparently went horribly wrong. >> there was a big explosion. there's a big fire. oh, my god, there's someone in the house. >> reporter: inside the house, a woman had gone down to the basement to repair her gas hot water heater. investigators say she accidentally removed her gas shutoff valve and gas poured out. something down there ignited the fire. >> she was upstairs in her bedroom when it happened, she ran down and ran out. she was like really confused and crazy. >> reporter: but also lucky. >> we all watched the top floor cave in and collapse down. >> reporter: these images showing the sheer force of gas explosions and how it can happen in an instant. but experts tonight reminding people of the basics. never, ever do it yourself and go to a professional. you may want to even set up a
6:50 pm
gas alarm to detect a leak, but perhaps most importantly, your nose. this kind of gas smells a bit like a rotten egg. and david, take a look at that house behind me right now. it is completely leveled. that roof coming down. david? >> gio benitez in massachusetts for us. gio, thank you. when we come back, are you being ripped off when it comes to the speed of the internet in your home? what some authorities are saying about internet providers. and watch this dramatic bank robber today in broad daylight. what they do to stun this guy right here. the wolf was huffing and puffing. like you do sometimes, grandpa? well, when you have copd, it can be hard to breathe. it can be hard to get air out, which can make it hard to get air in. so i talked to my doctor. she said... symbicort could help you breathe better, starting within 5 minutes. symbicort doesn't replace a rescue inhaler for sudden symptoms. symbicort helps provide significant improvement of your lung function. symbicort is for copd, including chronic bronchitis and emphysema. it should not be taken more than twice a day.
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customers are getting what they're promised. stay tuned. the new survey, america's favorite halloween candy, reese's peanut butter cups win the survey, but look at the map. candy corn in texas. north dakota and new jersey, sour patch kids. when we come back on a monday night, take a look at this image. you might remember it. the best friends there. they were days away from being lost at the shelter. but the after picture that they just sent to us, in a moment. what if one piece of kale could protect you from diabetes? what if one sit-up could prevent heart disease? one. wishful thinking, right? but there is one step you can take to help prevent another serious disease. pneumococcal pneumonia. if you are 50 or older, one dose of the prevnar 13 vaccine can help protect you from pneumococcal pneumonia, an illness that can cause difficulty breathing, in the hospital. even if you have already been vaccinated with another pneumonia vaccine, prevnar 13
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kayla, the brown 8-month-old hundred mix hugging the 1-year-old boxer mix. the hug captured in a georgia shelter, but the snapshot was soon seen all over the country. it was believed they were just hours away from being put down at the shelter. but the image posted by the human society then shared by the charity angels among us, pet rescue. they came up with a message from the dogs, saying, we've comforted each other while we were here and it went on to say, they need help. >> sit. get it! >> reporter: and word tonight of the best development yet. adopted by two georgia residents, wendy and pam, who wanted to make sure the dogs would stay together forever. wendy had recently lost her two elderly dogs tonight. tonight, saying, their family turning their tears into smiles. while giving those hugging dogs their new home. >> great news tonight. thank you for watching here on a monday evening. i'm david muir. we hope to see you right back here tomorrow.
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