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tv   News 9 Daybreak  ABC  October 27, 2015 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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world bedtime stories that sean: now on daybreak, a brazen theft at the walmart in hudson. police say it appears at least one person targeted an elderly woman has experience in this type of crime. manchester police are investigating a shooting that ended with one person in the hospital, but they expect to make an arrest very soon. kevin: more bright sunshine out there today, even after a colder start. we will talk about the next system and the chances for heavier rainfall ahead. >> you will have a let the moon together as long as you both shall live. sean: finding the perfect
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wedding venue is important, and for one ceremony last night, that also included some spooky costumes. like we do. now, wmur news 9 daybreak. sean: that wedding, by the way, happened right around the corner from where i am sitting right now. first, thanks for waking up with us. i' m sean mcdonald. a beautiful day out there yesterday. we are waking up to temperatures below freezing. kevin: yeah, a lot of areas down into the 20' s this morning. to the shoreline. not a lot of fog out there, just a few high clouds. to drop back overnight. this is as cold as we will be for the next seven days. we are bringing in milder air. temperatures ranging from the midteens to the lower 30'
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ice today going between 47 and 57. we are within a few degrees of where we were yesterday. much more on the rest of the week in a bit. let' s take a look at your ride. we are joined live by 95.7 wzid' s deb davidson. deb: good morning, kevin. 89 looks great in both directions from conquered all the way out to new london and then to hanover and lebanon. no major problems at all. 93 is incident-free around the concord area, the hooksett tolls. we are not seeing any delays on the everett turnpike in either direction. if you are out on the spaulding, everything looks good. also 195 along the seacoast. this report is brought to you by minuteman health. minuteman health, join the revolution.
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from the wzid traffic network, i' m deb davidson for 95.7 wzid. sean: police in hudson are looking for two people who targeted an elderly woman at the local walmart store. they seem to be pretty experienced, officers say. ray brewer is life to explain. good morning. ray: good morning, sean. police say the robbers hit the elderly woman, taking her purse yesterday afternoon, inside the walmart. the pair can be seen in store. and that his female partner reached into her cart, grabbing her wallet out of the purse, personal items. hatchback. kind of experience. he is confident to the point that he took off his hat and looked at the security camera. >> we think it could be part of
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traveling extensively, but definitely in the new england area right now. we are hoping that some members of the public can recognize them from somewhere and help us identify who they are. ray: police say both suspects are possibly hispanic and in their 30' s. you are asked to get in touch with the hudson police department if you have information. reporting live, ray brewer. sean: manchester police say they are confident they will make an arrest very soon, possibly today, in a shooting yesterday that sent a man to the hospital. neighbors reported hearing a shots off lincoln and laurel streets around noon. a 25 euros man was dropped off at the emergency room a few minutes later with a non-life-threatening gunshot wound. police think this was an isolated incident and that the suspect and victim know each other. a derry man faces 10 charges after he shared images of child sex abuse.
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26-year-old matthew rettig. police say his alleged victims range in age from 11 to 22 years old. investigators believe he used kik and snapchat in the crimes. a littleton man will spend the next 7.5 years behind bars after admitting he gave fentanyl to a man who over diced and died. 54-year-old michael millette sold the drugs to his friend edward martin yesterday -- in 2014 and reached a plea deal yesterday. >> it is a message statewide to get the message out there that if you are going to deal drugs and people die from it, we going to hold you accountable. sean: police say he was a significant drug dealer in the littleton area. taxes in derry will go down by $.56 per household next year. that is a far cry from the $1.21 taxes would have dropped before
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controversial budget cuts earlier this month. as a result of that vote, $1.6 million was added back into the 2016 budget last week. the republicans running for president are gearing up for their third debate set for tomorrow evening in colorado. donald trump continues to lead the pack, except for iowa. on the democratic side, hillary clinton is a comfortable lead. bazi kanani is on the campaign trail. bazi: donald trump is talking religion. on muslim women and their veils. >> they want to. what the hell are we getting involved for? it is easier. look a beautiful everyone looks. wouldn' t it be easier? bazi: he also is refusing to apologize for western in ben carson' s seventh-day adventist faith. >> i said i don' t know about it. so, you know.
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bazi: polls show carson surging ahead of trump in iowa. jeb bush is down in the polls and frustrated. >> i' ve got a lot of really cool things i can do other than sit around being miserable listening to people demonize me and me feeling compelled to demonize them. that is a joke. elect trump if you want that. bazi: he met privately with his family and big donors strategizing after being forced to cut campaign staff and salaries. on the democratic side, hillary clinton is writing a new wave of support following vice president joe biden' s decision to stay out of the race. bernie sanders now going after her more aggressively, but to the ladies of "the view" he saved his attacks for republicans. >> we have a very right-wing extremist republican party. bazi: the republican candidates will gather in boulder colorado for this time'
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s debate. donald trump will be joined by ben carson in the center stage position. sean: all right. still to come, talk about a memorable wedding. one of new hampshire' s best halloween destinations was transformed last night. we will take you there. it has been nearly a year since boston' s longest-serving mayor passed away. there will soon be a way to learn all about thomas menino. a would-be robber in manchester
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maxx your thing at t.j.maxx with better brands, at prices that work for you. make each day a little better. shop t.j.maxx... and maxx life! kevin: as we start off early
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this morning, moon set across the region. temperatures are falling back into the 20' s across a good part of the state. looking at a good deal of sunshine out there today. rainfall pushing and late tomorrow. we will have the details coming up. sean: the full moon was perfect lighting for this next story. spooky world in litchfield is used to scaring people, but last night, the popular halloween destination posted something for the very first time. for eternity. you may now kiss the bride. [cheers] sean: melissa and tom tied the house. they met and both work at spooky world, usually scaring the guests, but last night, they in costume to watch the haunting ceremony. see. period. >> it is the girls dream to wear the aisle and everything like
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but my dad is all dressed up, so that is pretty cool. sean: and the islands in a haunted house. the couple has always loved halloween time. they are now able to celebrate their anniversary at the same time. this friday marks one year since boston mayor thomas menino passed away. soon, there will be a new way to learn about his decades of service. boston university has been chosen to house his archives. his family will donate a collection of artifacts from his 30 years of service. the permanent collection will be made available to anyone interested in learning about his work. coming up, the olympics are less than a year away. organizers have a plan to make sure all athletes have a chance to compete, even if they don' t have a country. the holiday shopping season is almost here, but one major
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do you think when you are president you'll be paid as much as if you were a man-male... this is one of the jobs where they have to pay you the same. but there are so many
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where that doesn't happen. i'm going to do everything i can to make sure every woman in every job gets paid the same... the men who are doing that job. r i'm hillary clinton p
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sean: welcome back. athletes who are refugees will be a left to compete in the olympics as long as they qualify. the president of the international olympic committee made that announcement yesterday after the u.n. general assembly called on all countries to observe a truce during the 2016 olympics. refugee athletes will compete under the olympic flag instead of a national flag. there are about 20 million refugees around the world currently. house republicans have reached a budget deal with the white house aimed at avoiding a government shutdown and default. the deal was announced just before the midnight deadline last night. the house is expected to vote on the deal tomorrow, a day before paul ryan is set to be elected speaker. the plan will raise the debt
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billion in budget relief in first year and $30 billion in the second year. whole foods is recalling two salads because they could contain listeria. curry chicken salad and deli pasta salad have been pulled off the shelves. the salads were sold prepackaged, and in sandwiches and wraps. questionable batches were sold between october 18th and october october 23rd. walmart has applied to the faa to start testing drones outside. the cost desk company has been testing them inside for months and now wants to try using them for home deliveries in certain markets. however, they want to use them to move products between distribution centers for now. amazon got federal approval earlier this year to start testing drones. black friday, yes, kevin, is just a month away. open.
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known as rei, will close for thanksgiving and the day after, saying that "black friday has gotten out of hand." the employees will still get paid for those days and customers will be up to shop online once they get through a page urging them to get outside instead of shopping. [laughter] sean: there you go. they are reminding people that sometimes you can shop later. what is the forecast? kevin: i mean, getting outside on thanksgiving last year would have constituted being outside during an all-out snowstorm. or eating chinese food on thanksgiving night because the power went out. sean: you could be getting your sled or skis out. kevin: that' s true. sean: recreating. kevin: that' s true. [laughter] kevin: a lot of sunshine out there today. temperatures will be a couple of degrees warmer. up to 57 in places like nashua
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it comes with a good deal of sunshine and a light wind. eventually, tomorrow, rainfall starts to make its way in. that could be heavy at times late in the day tomorrow and tomorrow night before pulling away early on thursday in that window of time. there is the potential for 1-2 inches plus of rainfall. a milder day for us on thursday before the cooler air rushes back in and we get the cooler temperatures for friday. that will be the air mass that will be around for the weekend. just a few high clouds. through the day today. the system starts to work its way in either side of the day tomorrow in southwestern areas. we will start to see the showers push in. temperatures, upper teens up washington. temperatures running 10-15 degrees colder than this time
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yesterday. clear skies and light winds. mount washington is warmer. as a matter of fact, it will be 3-4 degrees warmer into the afternoon, despite the colder start at the coldest spot in the lower 48 right now. high temperatures today in the low and mid 50' s for most. there will be a couple of holdouts in the north where you have dropped back into the upper teens overnight. we will fall off tonight. a lot of 30' s on the map. clouds truly on the doorstep overnight. those will pull into morrow morning. rainfall moving in tomorrow afternoon. that rainfall could be locally heavy in spots tomorrow afternoon and into the evening. 1-2 inches of rainfall and rumbles of thunder. a little window of time between noon and 4:00, there will be clear skies out.
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the 60' s and lower 70' s before the cooler air comes back in late thursday night and is around friday and into the weekend. country. clear skies early this evening. temperatures will drop back into the 30' rainfall tomorrow afternoon. a couple of lingering showers early thursday. the may be a stray shower late in the day on thursday. a milder afternoon. temperatures will best 70 degrees on thursday before dropping back into the mid-50' s on friday. the brees lightens up on friday night. sean: looking good for the trick-or-treaters. tough if you are raking leaves with a good breeze. kevin: the heavy rain is not going to help because they will be pretty soggy for a couple of days. sean: we start with ray brewer.
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brazen pair of thieves the targeted an elderly woman inside a walmart. the pair can be seen in surveillance photos from the store. the man distracted the victim while his partner rifled through her purse and stole the victim' s wallet and personal items. police say they think the man has experience with this kind of crime to the point that he even took his hat off and glanced at the surveillance camera. sean: manchester police expect to make an arrest soon after a man was shot yesterday near a downtown park. he suffered a non-life-threatening injury. a littleton man will spend at least the next 7.5 years behind bars after admitting he gave fentanyl to a man who overdosed and died. 54-year-old michael millette sold the drugs to his friend edward martin last november. coming up on daybreak this morning, if you struggle sometimes to come up with bedtime stories for your kids,
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care sean: as you know, bedtime stories or standard for many children. did you know you can get the stories all the way from the international space station? that' s right. it is called storytime from space. astronauts read children' s stories and then post the videos online. kevin: the goal is to get the kids excited about science. the next batch are headed up in about a month, including "mousetronaut" and "mousetronaut goes to mars" both written by a former astronaut.
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got the world -- royal seal of approval at its world premiere. prince harry, prince william, and kate all showed up for the premiere of "spectre" in london. there. month. they are we seem so reserved. kevin: one of the other stars of the movie is the aston martin db10. the automaker created just 10 of those cars, all for the movie, and one will be auctioned off charity. it is expected to bring in more than $15 million. sean: wait a minute. kevin: it is not street legal. sean: i was putting in my info, m not going to buy it. forget about it. coming up, there is a new warning about the drug fentanyl. officials say the problem is
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>> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now, wmur news 9 daybreak. sean: welcome back. good morning. look at that. a beautiful look at sunrise coming in. right at the freezing mark. a bit of a chilly start. kevin will talk about that in a moment. first, our top stories. hudson police are searching for a pair of thieves they say distracted an elderly woman at a local walmart and then stole it a wallet right out of her purse. the police are trying to track down a man who sold heroin to another man in a can sin that resulted in his death last year.
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a fire was likely caused by the spontaneous ignition of sawdust in a barrel. kevin: you can have your goffstown sunrise. i will raise you again. sean: you keep raising me. i can' t complain. kevin: that is beautiful, of course. the temperature is another thing. it looks great through a window. we are expecting temperatures into the afternoon to eventually work their way back up. early this morning, temperatures starting the day from the upper range of the teens to the lower 30' s in southern areas. high temperatures will work their way back. we are going anywhere from the 50-55 degrees range. sean: a lot of woodstoves getting a workout. here is a live look at i-93 from our common man camera. erin: for a look at the morning drive --kevin: four look at the morning drive, we' re joined by 95.7 wzid' s deb davidson. deb: good morning.
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93 is looking great. traffic looks good in the concord area. traveling down to the hooksett tolls, we are not seeing any delays. from manchester to salem, it is a 26 minute-ride. 293 is moving well through the millyard. through those lane shifts between exits 5 and 3. we are not seeing any delays through the everett turnpike. 101, 111, and the spaulding turnpike are all up to speed and incident-free. this report is brought to you by minuteman health. minuteman health, join the revolution. from the wzid traffic network, i' m get davidson for 95.7 wzid -- deb davidson for 95.7 wzid. sean: police say the man and picture distracted and 89-year-old woman at a local
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hudson to tell us what police say about this duo that stands out. ray: good morning, sean. particularly the man. when he walked in the store, he took off his hat, looked up at the security camera, as if to say, "catch me if you can." hudson police say the suspects and walmart on monday afternoon. one got the woman' s attention and the other went through her purse. >> she was distracted by a male suspect. while she was distracted, a female counterpart had actually reached into the lady' s shopping cart and grabbed her wallet out of her purse and they made off with an undisclosed amount of money and some cards and sentimental items. ray: the man is described as possibly hispanic, in his 30' s, medium build. the woman is also believed to be
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they left the scene in this silver, four-door hatchback. >> we think it could be part of a bigger gang or group traveling area now. we are hoping some members of the public can recognize them from somewhere and help us identify who they are. ray: it is clear the pair were doing. if you do recognize the pair or the car, please get in touch with the hudson police department. reporting live in hudson, ray brewer, wmur. sean: all right, ray, thanks. fire caused heavy damage to a home in portsmouth overnight. the flames broke out around 11:30 last night at a house on stark street undergoing renovations. one firefighter suffered a knee injury on the scene, but has since been released from the hospital. the fire started in the back of the house. the fire chief says it was likely caused the spontaneous
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u.s. marshals are asking for your help in finding a man who sold heroin that led to another person' s death. felix aguilar is facing charges in connection with the 2014 death of thomas drake in atkinson. felix aguilar has several aliases. he was last known to be living in southern new hampshire, but also has ties in massachusetts. nicolas austan was also arrested in connection with drake' s death. the cdc has issued an advisory to health departments around the country regarding an increase in fentanyl-related overdoses. the new report shows a significant increase in the total fentanyl drug seizures years. 80% of those confiscated drugs came from 10 states. state. >> we are not talking about
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cartels that make the heroin. it can be 50-100 times stronger than heroin. it takes more narcan to take they use it, as well. sean: new hampshire is taking they still have a long way to go. manchester police say a would-be robber got a big surprise when he tried to hold up a point. turns out the clark also had a knife hidden behind the counter that was much larger than the s. three-inch blade, but he took off running when the clerk pulled out her own knife. >> at first, i was like, is he serious? is he coming in here trying to take our money? i said no. i got mad and i showed him. he ran out the door. sean: that is how it went down. anyone confront unarmed person, but they are pleased that no one
6:33 am
was hurt. the man accused of brutally attacking a bedford couple charges. a grand jury indicted charles normil on two counts of felonious sexual assault and one count of attempted sexual assault. year sentence for breaking into a woman' s apartment in whipping her. in milford man has pleaded guilty to robbing a bank in stratham. seamus murphy held up a citizen' s bank in a shaws corner' s restore and faces a maximum of 20 years behind bars. he will be sentenced in january. a manchester woman is accused of stabbing her son during an argument over his pet birds. burden that alvarez is charged with for -- bernadette alvarez is charged with first-degree
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assault. she was arguing with her 18-year-old son. alvarez allegedly stabbed her son and the back. he was treated in the hospital for nonlife reddening with -- nonlife threatening wounds. the school has been named to the national register of historic places. a marble block marks the grave site of a dog considered to be the father of the american cocker spaniel. he was born in the u.s. in 1882 and died in 1895. he was the offspring of two cocker spaniel show dogs from england. his owner used to own part of the land that the 80-year-old school now sits on. coming up, shocking video out of south carolina. the school resource officer caught on camera tossing a student out of her chair and dragging her across the floor. passengers.
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people from carrying electronic cigarettes in their checked baggage. kevin: another system continuing to push toward us.
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kevin: beautiful sunrise early this morning. temperatures fell back into the 20' s across a good part of the state. 16 in parts of the north country. 32 along the coast. it all changes with an increase in clouds late tonight and tomorrow morning. we will have the details on rain. sean: 42 minutes past 6:00. this video going viral. it shows the violent arrest of a student in south carolina. it has a lot of parents upset. the resource officer' s actions andrea spencer has a look at how this all went down. andrew: flipped over and pulled s arrest has got a lot of attention as this video makes the rounds on social media. the school district' s black parents association wants to know why the arrest was so violent. >> just thinking about what could have led up to that and
6:37 am
what she could have done that would have warranted that kind of response. >> it certainly alarms you and makes you a little bit of afraid of what is happening in our schools. andrew: a spokesman said he was very disturbed by the video. the officer' s actions are under investigation. >> the student was asked to leave several times by the instructor, the assistant principal was there, as well. the officer was called on teen to have the student -- on scene to have the student removed from the location. the student refused and the officer acted like you' ve seen on the video. andrew: the exact circumstances are not clear, but the officer can be heard giving the student an ultimatum. >> are you going to come with me or am i going to have to make you come with me? andrew: then there is a struggle. >> put your hands behind your back. give me your hands. give me our hands. andrew: for now, officer ben feels is on administrative leave and he has been told not to return to school as his office
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sean: the death toll from monday plosser earthquake in the middle east has now climbed to 311. rescuers are struggling to reach remote areas of pakistan and afghanistan where the quake was centered. it was centered deep beneath the hindu kush mountains in afghanistan. hundreds were injured and thousands of homes were damaged. a mother was killed and her two young children badly injured when their car hit a cement truck in massachusetts on route 20 in oxford. massachusetts state police say she was driving east with her two-year-old child and eight-month-old baby in the car when she crossed the centerline and slammed into that cement truck. a man driving behind her rushed to help the children. >> i saw the little boy still in the car seat. so i get the boy out. he was coming in and out of consciousness.
6:39 am
while i was getting the two-year-old out and i saw the other baby, the eight-month-old, crushed up against the door and the seatbelt. sean: police say the two-year-old suffered serious injuries in the crash. the eight-month-old was critically injured and is now on life support. a murder suspect in new mexico is blaming "the walking dead" for his accident -- his actions. he said the killing happened when he was binge watching episodes with his friend. he thought his friend was turning into a zombie so he allegedly beat him with an electric guitar and microwave and stabbed him with a knife. >> it is pretty crazy. i didn' t think anybody would do something like that from watching "the walking dead or go >> it is kind of sad to hear about that that is what our youth is coming to these days. sean: he also told officers that he and his friend were drinking
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airline passengers will no longer be able to pack electronic cigarettes in their checked bag. the rule is meant to protect planes from in-flight fires. passengers will not be led to recharge devices while on the plane, but they will be a lot to carry them in carry-on luggage. the rule goes into effect within the next two weeks. let' s talk sports. this is the week when the celtics and the bruins are in their regular-season schedules. the bruins host the arizona coyotes tonight. the celtics play their season opener against the 76ers. it is time for the fall classic. game one of the world series between the kansas city royals and the new york mets plays out tonight. kansas city lost in game seven last year to the giants. they will host games one and two.
6:41 am
the first time since 2000. game time tonight is 8:07. it should be an interesting football game this thursday night. the 6-0 patriots host the 3-3 dolphins. the latest win for the patriots game on sunday in foxboro against the jets. there is a good home in. the last two times new england started the season 6-0, they made it all the way to the super bowl. miami torched houston 444 points on sunday -- for 44 points on sunday. it is going to be an interesting matchup. a comment name the lovejoy is pumping out a lot of alcohol. experts say the comment is expelling the equivalent of 500 bottles of wine every second. the discovery marks the first time at the local hall has been observed -- the same time apple alcohol has been observed -- ethyl alcohol has been observed
6:42 am
on a comet. kevin: it is moving at thousands of miles per hour. sean: is there some company out there that is going to try to capture this and use it someday? alcohol from a comment. kevin: interesting. research. science. 19 atop mount washington early this morning with a beautiful sunrise. a few high clouds drifting across the state. a lot of folks down into the 20' s. if you upper teens -- a few upper teens across the rest of the state. we will have sunshine and a light wind today. we will have a fairly similar day after a colder start. a relatively similar finish into the afternoon. it comes with sunshine today and a few high clouds tonight. we will start to see this arm of rain make its way in. it arrives here just after the lunch hour in the southwestern half of the state and then it
6:43 am
moves northeast from there. a lot of 20' s on the map. we will continue to see temperatures climb quickly once the sun comes up and does its job. light wind and sunshine getting temperatures up into the low-end mid 50' s for most into the afternoon, where we should be for this time of year. a month that will wind up being we will be drier than normal. the rainfall moving in could give us a quick intro to of rain from tomorrow afternoon -- inch or two of rain from tomorrow afternoon into the evening. temperatures fall only into the 30' s thanks to the clouds starting to make their way in. the clouds will thicken up tomorrow morning. rain showers in the afternoon. periods of rain could be heavy during the evening commute. the system will be fairly progressive. it will be moving quickly to the
6:44 am
there may be a stray shower in the afternoon, but there will be a window of time on thursday were temperatures will jump into the 60' s and lower 70' s. the cooler breeze eventually wins out. that is the air mass in place friday and into the weekend for trick-or-treating. temperatures into the 20' s to start. a climb into the mid-50' s for most into the afternoon. the onshore breeze kicks in and it will be breezy tomorrow afternoon. the rainfall could be heavy at times late in the day tomorrow and into tomorrow night. we get the sunshine back on thursday in earnest during the afternoon and into friday. after a cold start on saturday, temperatures up into the low-end mid 50' s and then falling into the 40' s in time for trick-or-treating. a big hello to the fourth-graders at the derry village school who i visited yesterday.
6:45 am
i usually come in and review, but they had a lot of great questions. huge thank you to the derry village school, who i like to visit every year. several years ago, i was live for a news show from their cafeteria. a big thank you to them. thank you. sean: very nice. thank you. here is a question for you. kevin: ok. sean: are you having a hard time telling when your dog' s down in the dumps? there is an app for that. doc start -- do gst gstar created the first dog emotion sensor. it is called "tail talk." you attach a band to the dog' s tale.
6:46 am
wagging is directly connected to the move, they claim. wagging to the left indicates fear. widening to the right indicates happiness. -- wagging to the right indicates happiness. this is why you never take your dog with you to the poker table. [laughter] kevin: that is very true. sean: stupid tale. still to come, a final check on your top stories, including the search for a man and woman
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can i get a medium coffee, cream, two sugars? medium hot coffee, cream, two sugars -- see you at the window. at dunkin', we make your coffee just the way you like it. if not, we'll make it again on the spot. that's the dd commitment. america runs on dunkin'. sean: updating our top stories. hudson police are on the lookout for a parent the they say stolen elderly woman' s wallet. ray: police believe the pair is
6:49 am
experienced, having done this before. they were captured in surveillance photos from the store. the man distracted his them while the woman reached into her purse and stole her personal items and her wallet. please get in touch with the hudson police department if you have information. sean: an overnight fire heavily damaged a home on stark street in portsmouth. the fire was likely caused by the spontaneous ignition of sawdust in a barrel. a littleton man will spend at least seven point five years behind bars after admitting he gave fentanyl to a man who overdosed and died. 54-year-old michael millette sold drugs to his friend edward martin last november. u.s. marshals are looking for a man they say sold heroin that led to another person' s death. felix aguilar faces charges in connection with the death of thomas drake enough consent. kevin: after a cold start to the day, we start out with temperatures from the after -- upper range of the teens to the 20' s and 30'
6:50 am
there will be a couple of holdouts in the 40' s up north. one more mile day on thursday before we start cooling off for friday and the weekend. sean: can i say it for the first time in the weekend? putting the brrr in berlin. we will have more reaction to the shocking video in south
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do you think when you are president you'll be paid as much as if you were a man-male... this is one of the jobs where they have to pay you the same. but there are so many examples where that doesn't happen. i'm going to do everything i can in every job gets paid the same... the men who are doing that job. r i'm hillary clinton p
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i had no idea snhu had this amazing campus. even the walk to class is amazing. i love the sense of community. people actually hold the doors open for you here. all my professors really know who i am here. they genuinely want you to succeed. i've made so many friends here. friends i know i'll have for life. snhu is the place for me.
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