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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  October 27, 2015 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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good morning, america. super soaker. what is left of hurricane patricia still spreading misery from the south to the northeast. this bus stranded on the way to school. 20 students rescued. roads underwater and the storm now taking aim at new york and new england. new polls this morning show donald trump falling behind as ben carson surges to a double-digit lead in iowa. one day before their big face-to-face showdown while jeb bush huddles with his family. is the debate his best chance to revive his campaign? caught on camera. a police officer slams a student and her desk to the ground dragging her to the front of the class and arresting her. >> put your hands behind your back. >> a community outraged. the officer banned from school property. what the sheriff is saying this
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morning. and hero helicopter crew. a news team becoming part of the story racing to save victims trapped after a plane crash in the everglades. they capture dramatic images right after impact. >> we have three patients. one patient's going to be a >> emergency crews finally wreckage. what we are learning he did to save the lives of those on board. and good morning, america. what an incredible story out of florida. take a look right there. you see that plane crash. well, our news crew from wplg down in miami was out flying going on a story when they spotted this wreckage. they went down, went into action, saved the people on board that aircraft. amazing story. we'll hear from the crew ahead. >> good thing an engineer happened to be on board that helicopter. we begin with that storm taking aim at the northeast. the remains of hurricane patricia not finished making
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life miserable for millions of americans. dumping flooding rain from texas into the florida panhandle and now moving north and ginger, of course, is following all that for us. >> i'll start us off in east baton rouge where the sheriff's office took these photos. students got caught up. they put them on a truck and couldn't get the truck through the flash flooding so had to rescue them off there. thankfully everybody okay but a lot of this fueled from the recommend mnants of patricia. mississippi, alabama. this morning mostly west florida up to southern indiana and ohio where the storm is but will move quickly into pennsylvania, new york, washington, d.c. will get it by tomorrow morning and out of here but it drops up to 3 inches of rain especially in some of the higher elevations. i'll be back talking about snow on the west coast in just a couple of minutes so don't go anywhere. >> 3 inches of rain. the race for president. "your voice, your vote" and counting down to the next big republican debate tomorrow night.
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a new poll in iowa shows ben carson opening up a double-digit lead on donald trump while jeb bush tries to get back in the game with help from his family. abc's tom llamas has all the latest. good morning, tom. >> reporter: let's take a look at these numbers. you can see dr. ben carson with a commanding lead over trump, 32% to 18%. not only that, carson is the first or second choice for 51% of likely voters in that critical state. new motivation for trump to highlight the difference between himself and carson at tomorrow's debate. for months donald trump seemed unstoppable, but this morning with more proof his campaign is struggling in iowa. now three polls showing dr. ben carson is the new front-runner in the hawkeye state. >> i'm number two in iowa. i said, i don't believe it. one's bloomberg, they hate me. the other one is a super liberal newspaper "the des moines register" which is third rate. >> reporter: trump not ready to surrender his position
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describing the former neurosurgeon as sleepy. >> perfectly fine as i've said many times. there have been many times when hours. >> reporter: this morning, trump dealing with more than just a surging carson, some pointing out trump who celebrated his wealth on the campaign trail by signing dollar bills may be too out of touch with middle and working class voters after saying this. >> i started off in brooklyn. my father gave me a small loan of a million dollars. >> trump defending it saying a million isn't very much compared to what he's built. one of trump's rivals jeb bush struggling with finances would love a million bucks right now. bush huddled with family and loyal donors at this texas hotel trying to's assure them that experience will trump the outsider. bush has said his 91-year-old father is so mad about trump, he sometimes throws shoes at the tv when he's on. when he threw out the first pitch at a recent playoff game,
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his wife barbara had a campaign sticker right on her walker. and going back to those poll numbers out of iowa many credit the carson surge to his numbers with evangelical, voters connecting with carson. it's those same type of voters that helped the last two republican winners, rick santorum and mike huckabee who are still in the race, as well. >> lagging behind. thanks. let's talk to matt dowd right now. our political analyst and start out with donald trump behind carson in iowa. see him going after carson, his low energy and raising questions about his religion, will this work? >> i think this is a unique territory for donald trump because he's now in second place in a state the first time in over 100 days and he's never faced this before. he's also never faced somebody like ben carson in this and his ability to attack him in the same way he attacked jeb bush and others. ben carson doesn't respond. what donald trump doesn't want to become is the frank burns to a trapper john who is the doctor at "m.a.s.h.." that's what he has to fear.
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>> he started out as the front-runner, jeb bush, and now in the middle of the pack. what went wrong? >> i think the premise of his campaign was probably off from the beginning. i think jeb bush's problem is both the jeb part and the bush part. bush part is that people don't, many republicans like the bush family but do not want bush as a third term and his performance has been underwhelming by most counts. at the last two debates and even in speeches it's been underwhelming. he has to change that. that's why the debate coming up is so important. >> his team is starting to raise questions about marco rubio, calling him the gop obama. >> yeah, it's interesting to me. this is a brash young rookie like in "any given sunday" taking on the aging quarterback and they don't like it at all. this he thought this was their time and this other senator is taking on terms and becoming more popular, is both personally upsetting and may impact the race. >> matthew dowd, thanks very much. robin.
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>> we turn to a dramatic new detail from that whale watching tour that left at least five people dead. one person is still missing and abc's neal karlinsky is on the scene for us on vancouver island. good morning, neal. >> reporter: robin, good morning. we're learning a lot of new information about just what went on out there. one of the women in the water at the time was apparently pregnant. two others clung together for survival sharing a single life jacket between them. this morning, just the top of the huge leviathan ii visible above water and our first look at the some of the survivors minutes from being plucked from the water huddled under a tarp exhausted. 13 owe their lives to ken brown who saw an emergency flare and race towards it. >> we saw the flare and knew we were going to assist and help. >> reporter: survivors in the water clinging to whatever they could find, parts of the boat or even rocks. >> we picked up one guy that was
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hanging off the sunken boat by -- i don't know what he was hanging on to, the door or side of the boat happening on for dear life. >> reporter: we journeyed out to see the whale watching boat that went down with 27 people on board. you can just make out the name "leviathan ii" and towed it off into the cove and the rcmb has been guarding it and have had divers in the water as well. five british citizens never made it out alive. a sixth person remains missing but 21 people did survive the 30 minutes of hell in 5 5-degree water not knowing if anyone would come for them. officials from the whale watching company that has run tours in these waters for 20 years don't understand what went wrong. >> again, we are all deepened saddened this has happened. our sincerest thoughts and prayers to everyone affected by this. the cause remains unknown and investigations are ongoing and survivors said it seemed to go down without any warning at all.
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>> thanks. the latest on the battle against isis. president obama set to decide whether to put more troops closer to the battle even on the ground in syria and abc's chief global affairs correspondent martha raddatz in washington with the details. good morning, martha. >> reporter: good morning, george. the administration is weighing a number of options that could expose our troops to more danger. one option is using forward air controllers on the ground to call in air strikes that makes it easier to find and confirm targets and "the washington post" is reporting that the president will also consider putting a small team of special operations troops on the ground in syria with those moderate syrian rebels to advise and assist, george. >> martha, this comes after the death of one of those troops in that raid on the isis prison. >> in afghanistan and could be very similar. the options in iraq and syria would not on paper put the u.s. forces in direct combat but as we have seen that's always a possibility, george. >> okay. martha raddatz, thanks very much.
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deadly homecoming parade crash in oklahoma. the driver is now being held on $1 million bond. abc's ryan owens is in stillwater, oklahoma, with the latest. good morning, ryan. >> reporter: good morning to you, robin. as this college town mourns this driver made her first court appearance on monday. the judge agreeing with prosecutors that she's a direct threat to her community but her family is rushing to her defense saying there's more to this story. the driver caught on tape plowing into a homecoming parade. 25-year-old adacia chambers is being held on a million dollars bond this morning. in court monday she appeared via video from the jail. only the judge could see her. not even her own family. >> the little girl i raised wouldn't have been -- done something like this. >> reporter: prosecutors are awaiting toxicology results but they believe chambers was high on drugs when she got behind the
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four and injuring a staggering 47 others at oklahoma state university. help. >> reporter: chambers' daughter insists his daughter doesn't take drugs. >> i'm not going to believe that until they show me proof. >> reporter: her boyfriend said she was not impaired when she left for work at this local restaurant. >> i've never seen her take any prescription medication, never used drugs. >> reporter: the district attorney says chambers will be charged with four counts of second degree murder. one each for the retired professor and his wife, the mba student and 2-year-old boy who lost their lives. psychological evaluation. her attorney says she's mentally ill and doesn't remember the crash. >> i said of the people you collided with, four were killed. and she's like, okay. and that was it. >> reporter: in court the prosecutor told the judge that
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another victim of this crash is in very grave condition at the hospital and that it's quite possible a fifth murder charge is on the way. george. >> my goodness, okay, ryan, thanks very much. we're going to turn to that tv news helicopter crew that became part of the story springing into action when they spotted a small plane crash. abc's mary bruce has the details. >> reporter: a television crew to the rescue. our abc affiliate pga in the air over ft. lauderdale in their news chopper when they spot the terrifying scene below, a plane carrying two passengers down in the everglades. marsh. that's the pilot there tuck in trees? we have three patients, one that's the pilot. he needs to be extricated. >> reporter: with the emergency crews 11 minutes away sky team 10 leaps into action landing their helicopter dropping off engineer juan rodriguez to help.
7:13 am
cockpit and see how we can help and when we saw the pilot, got a bloody face. >> reporter: the plane carrying two lawyers from a jacksonville law firm, you can see one here trying to comfort the pilot. they both walked away with minor injuries. >> i was in constant contact with air traffic control and they were querying us on the likes, the amount of people on board and their welfare. >> reporter: when first responders arrive watch as they peel back the front of the plane cutting the pilot out of the wreckage. >> his lower extremities, his legs were entangled underneath that cockpit. how it landed is a testament to the spite's skill in pry venting further injury or even death. >> reporter: he is air life lifted to a nearby hospital in critical condition. the crew of sky team 10 happy they were in the right place at the right time. >> i don't consider us part of the news. you know, we're helping any way we can. >> reporter: for "good morning
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america," mary bruce, abc news, atlanta. >> they did help and we hope that pilot is okay. now we turn to amy with today's other top stories. new tensions overnight with china. >> a u.s. missile destroyer entered the south china sea by an island that china claims is within its territorial waters. china is calling it illegal and a threat to chinese sovereignty saying it will take all necessary measures to protect its territory. well, the frantic search for survivors is intensifying as the death toll rises from monday's powerful earthquake in afghanistan and pakistan. about 400 people are now confirmed dead. more than 4,000 homes are destroyed or damaged. those numbers are expected to rise as rescue teams reach remote villages impacted. breaking overnight a budget breakthrough in washington could be john boehner's final ago as speaker of the house. boehner and other republican leaders have announced a deal
7:15 am
avoid a government shutdown and debt crisis. it calls for $80 billion in increased spending, a final vote could come tomorrow. well, a scare in the tennessee mountains, a couple found this bear breaking into a car in the parking lot opening the door jumping in and -- >> oh, the car door -- >> yep, started beeping the horn looking for food before he finally ran away empty-handed. taking a stand against the black friday frenzy. a major retailer is refusing to open on black friday this year. sporting goods store rei won't be opening its doors and won't be processing any sales online either. but the company will pay its employees not to go to work but instead to spend time outdoors. the ceo released this video with his desk in front of a mountain backdrop saying it's a statement of the company's values to ditch shopping on black friday and enjoy the great outdoors instead. >> hear, hear.
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>> yes, anything -- he says we're all opting out side. he's hoping it'll catch on. not sure that's going to work. good for them. >> keep hope alive. thank you, anticipate. the wait for the world series is finally over and you have to wait just 30 seconds for a preview. >> it is coming up on 7:17 and we have the first pitch of baseball's fall classic just hours away now. both the mets and the royals championship droughts.
7:17 am
we're talking going back to the 1980s. abc's t.j. holmes is at kauffman stadium in k.c. for game one. good morning to you, t.j. you, robin. yes, welcome to the "k." home of the royals known as the place where daniel murphy is going to hit a home run later on tonight. just kidding, royals fan, do not tweet at me. he is on a major streak right now. mets, royals, tonight, two teams that have a whole lot in common except it's been a long time since either one has won a world series. the mets taking on the royals from kansas city one of the smallest cities in the majors. both teams hungry for that world series title. for kansas city the agony of defeat is fresh. the royals lost last year's world series to the san francisco giants in seven games. let's take a look at the scoreboard. over the course of history the mets have won the world series twice. the last time was 29 years ago. the royals only grabbed the crown once, 30 years ago.
7:18 am
>> there's been so much hope without it coming to fruition and both sides, i think, are eager to try to win the trophy again. >> reporter: so what can we expect as the teams prepare to face off? >> that is hit well down the line. >> reporter: the mets' power pitchers averaging pitches over 95 miles an hour and the royals have the major's best batting average against that speed. but while the royals are stacked with big hitters the mets have a not so secret weapon of their own, home run hero daniel murphy, the miracle player on fire with an incredible streak scoring home runs in his past six postseason gape answer while fans in kansas city are determined to win after last year's defeat -- >> what a great year to be a mets fan. >> reporter: mets fans like jimmy kimmel will hold out hope as the teams take the field tonight. >> do you guys expect this to happen? did you feel like you had a shot at it? >> you got to believe. >> reporter: all right, so, i mean, pick your team here. bagels of new york versus the
7:19 am
barbecue of kansas city. if you don't have a dog in the fight hard to root against either one. somebody's drought is going to end finally soon. >> it is hard to root against either one. they are so exciting to watch. both of them. you'll be there every step of the way for us, thank you for that. so much more ahead. caught on camera, a police officer violently arresting a student ripping her from her desk. the sheriff is now speaking out. a deadly mystery, a hollywood assistant's body found after she vacationed on jennifer aniston and justin theroux's honeymoon. the mystery growing. a tire warning that could affect millions of americans. brian ross standing by with a first of its kind investigation.
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let's start in oregon. timberline lodge, a half inch or a dusting, doesn't sound that exciting but it is when you have
7:25 am
year snowpack on mt. h sean: manchester police are confident they will make an arrest soon. neighbors reported hearing shots around noon yesterday. a 25-year-old man was dropped off at the emergency room a few minutes later with a non-life-threatening gunshot wound. police think it was an isolated
7:26 am
a daring man faces charges after -- include alleged victims raging in age from 11 to 22 years old. the man accused of attacking a bedford couple faces new charges. charles normil was indicted. authorities say he committed the crimes in 2012 when he invaded the home of a doctor and his wife. charles normil is already serving a 25 year sentence for breaking into a woman' s apartment. a clear and cold start to the day. it is going to be a nice fall day.
7:27 am
is starting to rise early. we will take advantage of the 9.5 hours of daylight into the afternoon. clouds will start increasing later tonight. rainfall aging in after the launch hour. it will be a quick climb into the lower and mid 50' s. a very light wind to go along with it. remaining in the 50' s tomorrow as the rainfall runs in. could be heavy at times, late tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow night. it pulls away thursday. a warm day thursday. sean: get ready for the rain. do you think when you are president you'll be paid as much
7:28 am
this is one of the jobs where they have to pay you the same. but there are so many examples where that doesn't happen. i'm going to do everything i can to make sure every woman in every job gets paid the same... the men who are doing that job. r i'm hillary clinton p
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we welcome you back to "gma" and you're looking at that disturbing video. police officer slapping a opportunity to the ground at a south carolina classroom. the officer is on leave and under investigation right now and we will have. more on that ahead. >> boy, that is a hard one to watch. also new national front-runner in the gop race for president. ben carson pulls ahead of donald trump, the first time in months that trump has not been on top and the world cup champion u.s. women's national soccer team will be honored at the white house this morning. the team crushed japan, 5-2 in the final led by carli lloyd's hat trick. >> crushed is the right word. it was wonderful when they had the parade in new york and now going to the white house and i
7:30 am
know, jesse, you spent a lot of time with that team. >> magical, magical moment. >> more on that ahead but we have coming up this morning -- >> reality show. >> right, jesse? >> really? >> oh, yeah, "buried alive." have you heard about it. "buried alive," some psychological test of some sort. it may be going too far. >> yeah, threw snakes in there. it wasn't just about being buried alive but put rats and snakes -- >> it caught even jesse by surprise. >> that is coming up. but first that violent classroom confrontation, a police officer on duty at a high school caught on camera slamming a opportunity to the ground before arresting her. this video has sparked outrage and an investigation. abc's linsey davis here with the story. good morning, linsey. >> reporter: good morning, george. it all started when a spring valley high school teacher told the opportunity to leave the classroom. she refused. that's when the deputy gets called in and things quickly escalate.
7:31 am
a history of aggression, some reportedly even call him officer slam. this morning, this now viral video of an arrest of a south carolina school is sparking community outrage. >> you're going come with me or am i going to make you. >> reporter: caught on tape showing a police officer approaching an unidentified monday. watch as the officer grabs the girl's arm, then wraps his own arm around her neck slamming her and her desk to the ground. back. >> she was causing a disruption in the class. the school resource officer asked repeatedly to leave with them. she refused. he put her under arrest. >> reporter: students witnessed this and taking out their cell phones and hitting record. >> i was scared, you know, terrified so that was my first judgment call is get your phone out so that everything after this is recorded. >> reporter: only one student
7:32 am
decided to step in. a decision that landed her in jail. >> i am traumatized. i could not believe this was going on. they got her out of the classroom then he came back and he was like, you want some of this too and then he just said you're going to jail too and he put me in handcuffs. >> reporter: overnight the police department confirming the man's identity as ben fields, the school resource officer who joined the program in 2008. even receiving a culture of excellence award for proving to be an exceptional role model in 2014. the school's website also lists feels as the football team's defensive line coach and strength and conditioning coach. this morning, police are investigating the incident. fields has been placed on unpaid administrative leave and banned from school property. >> my initial reaction is one of shock. very disturbed with it and i have a lot of questions i want answered. >> school district officials call the video extremely disturbing and tell abc news they are deeply concerned noting that the district will not tolerate any actions that
7:33 am
students. and this is not the first time the deputy has been under investigation. he's currently facing a lawsuit in federal court accusing him of violating the civil rights of another high school student. fields was also sued in federal court back in 2 n in 2007. in that case it was ruled in his favor. involved. more. >> it's hard to explain that one. very least. now to that mysterious death the hollywood assistant found dead ave casing in bora bora. a top forensic pathologist has been hired to investigate. abc's kayna whitworth has that story for us, good morning, kayna. >> reporter: robin, good morning. the initial reports say that carmel musgrove was swimming by herself. but this morning, questions surround her death have prompted those close to her to call in a famous pathologist to investigate. this morning, a mysterious death after a hollywood honeymoon.
7:34 am
michael baden looking into the death of carmel musgrove as questions surround her august death in bora bora. the 28-year-old had traveled to the exotic location with her boss, joel silver. a hollywood heavyweight mind "the matrix" and "lethal weapon." musgrove was one of many there to celebrate the wedding of famed hollywood couple jennifer aniston and justin theroux. a dream vacation until carmel musgrove vanished. hours later, her body washing up on the beach. local officials said the up and coming production assistant had drowned. at just 28 years old musgrove had several movie credits on her resume including associate producer of the 2014 movie "non "nonstop" that starred liam neeson. she was a native of san diego. this morning silver is waiting to hear results from her autopsy. dr. baden has testified in
7:35 am
including ferguson michael brown who was fatally shot by police. musgrove started her career as an intern for silver's production company and worked for him for nearly four years. now a spokesperch for silver saying that he and his family and staff are devastated by the passing of musgrove. robin. >> many are. very sad situation. thank you. coming up, big alert about your tires before you head out to work this morning. brian ross is here with that. brian. >> reporter: good morning, robin. millions of americans could be in danger with bad tires and not even know it. we'll show you what to look for. you are so small. and our hopes for you so big. yet what we expect of you is less important than what you expect of us. you expect us to keep you warm, and fed. to wish you sweet dreams and to help those dreams
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pc does infinityedge display. pc does what no pc has done before. does yours? we're back at 7:40. back now with a new push to make our roads safer. the government announcing the results of their investigation into potentially dangerous tires. abc's brian ross is here with that. good morning, brian. >> well, good morning, robin. millions of americans could be driving on tires this morning
7:40 am
that look perfectly fine but are old and unsafe or have been rawed for safety issues. this morning the national transportation safety board will release the results of its first of its kind investigation into why that happens. as these safety tests show, even a skilled driver who knows a tire is about to blow cannot be controlled. >> what's your emergency? >> yes, i just have seen a bad accident. a little girl swung out on the road. >> reporter: despite a series of recalls it's something far too many americans learn too late. this woman was badly injured apart. she was unaware it had been unsafe. >> the next thing i know i hear a loud pop and then i mean basically everything just went so -- i mean so fast. it's a big blur. >> reporter: the tire that florida police say was at fault in this church van accident had been under recall for more than a year but no one knew.
7:41 am
two adults died. ten teenagers were hospitalized. that accident helped lead to today's national transportation safety board investigation of the badly flawed tire recall system. >> when you see 33,000 steps a year reeling to detective tires we know we have a serious tire problem and a good part of that relates to recalls. >> reporter: the ntsb investigation also looked at aged tires. safety engineers say depending on how they're maintained and used they can begin to lose their tread and separate after as little as six years. >> sometimes a consumer will look at a tire and not know that there is an aging problem because the aging problem is not necessarily visible. >> reporter: but no current law or industry standard prevents the sale of aged tires. and an abc news investigation last year found plenty of them for sale described as perfectly safe. in new york, 8 1/2-year-old tires. in rhode island, 9-year-old tires, in san francisco, tires
7:42 am
>> yes, indeed. ford, gm and chrysler recommend tires six years older and more be replaced. but what happens is you get a tire like this and you do a test. you put a coin -- >> old school. >> our dads used to say that. >> heads above that's fine. this tire is ten years old and many. only way to find it. you have a code right here, 410 a. >> what is that? >> that means it was made in the 41st week of 2005 so it's ten years old but unless you know that code you have no way to figure it out and sometimes you have to climb under the car to find it. >> why don't they just put the date. >> very good question. very difficult for drivers, consumers to know how old their tires are and they should. >> i have an old car i keep in connecticut. it has original tires. i am looking for that. >> 20 years. >> yes. >> get new tires. beer taken to a whole new level.
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people want change, they want reform, they want to see something done, but just carping about it and
7:46 am
doesn't get it done. nobody has shaken up the system more than i have. i've always been unorthodox in but you know what? i know how to new day for america is responsible for the content of this advertising. we are back now with "the speed feed" and the tv event
7:47 am
overcome their darkest fear. by feig very alive, of course. abc's david wright is here with that. good morning, david. what is going on here? >> good morning, lara. this new live tv show takes reality tv to a whole new level six feet under. a terrifying thought for most of us and that's what the producers are counting on. facing your worst fears in realtime. >> you're overcoming your fears, brandon. >> yeah, you can say that. >> reporter: fear buried alive is reality tv -- >> momma say -- >> billed as a psychological experiment. >> my fear is actually fluffy puppies. can i get it with fluff pi puppies. >> reporter: broadcast on the a&e network. >> they understand anything can happen including the possibility of death. >> reporter: of course this was all about science, right? that's why you had larry david in a lab coat and all those bright screens to make it a lille it? >> heart rate has increased.
7:48 am
buried alive was just for starters. >> what was your first react going down there? >> it's kind of cool. >> reporter: the producers quickly turned up the heat. >> getting really hot and it's really hard for me to breathe. >> reporter: surprise, surprise for the test subjects. in came snakes. >> ooh. >> reporter: and rats. >> i feel him crawling down my leg. >> and creepy crawler. >> ooh. >> like in the beta waves. >> reporter: the test subjects' family and friends watching in horror. it all got to be too much for one of the three. >> get me out. get me out. get me out now. >> can i take you over to -- >> all right, thank you. >> the medical tent just too make sure you're okay. >> oh. can you blame the guy? he's had the snake and told the producers in advance he was afraid of snakes. i've got a present for you, lara. >> oh, thank you, thank you. i'll wrap this around your neck. it is unbelievable. a lot of people weighing it on twitter as well. >> yes, indeed some people saying i can't breathe watching it.
7:49 am
my heart rate is pounding. 2 gazillion. >> this show is so freaking fake i'm going to see sasquatch run through the trees right now. #buryalive. guy, what scares you? >> fake shows. >> wow. >> what do the test subs get for doing that. >> not enough money in the world. >> and all live like that. >> all right. thank you, you two. >> when we come back at the top of the hour an abc news exclusive for you. the nba cheerleader who is contemplating she's not being paid fairly. is she changing the game for people everywhere? here's a great improve this! tip from loews. want to make the best jack-o'-lantern. use a cookie cutter and hammer. to help put the boo into your halloween go to
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know. ahh! and take control of your health. cigna. together, all the way. a rainy day in kansas city leading up to that game. the mets at the royals there and you can see the temperature going to be 55. some scattered showers early in the game but then you should dry out. it won't be too, too terrible. you know what will be a lot colder, when the air comes in
7:54 am
7:55 am
sean: good morning. fire caused heavy damage to a home in portsmouth overnight. the flames broke out last night at a house on stark street that was undergoing renovations. officials say one firefighter suffered a knee injury on the scene, but has since been released from the hospital. portsmouth' s fire chief says the fire was likely caused by the spontaneous ignition of sawdust in a barrel. a milford man has pleaded guilty to robbing a bank in stratham. up the citizen' s grocery store back in february. he now faces a maximum of 20 years behind bars and fines up to $250,000. town councilors in derry say taxes will go down by $.56 per $1000 dollars of assessed valuation per household next year, but that is a far cry from
7:56 am
the $1.21 taxes would have dropped before residents overturned a series of controversial budget cuts earlier this month. as a result of that vote, $1.6 million was added back into the 2016 budget last week. it is a cold, but beautiful start to tuesday. 18 degrees. kevin: 19 a top mount washington. a lot of 20' s to 30 degrees. temperatures continue to make their way to similar levels we had yesterday. maybe a couple of degrees warmer. mid 40' s in the country yesterday. low and mid 50' s elsewhere. this system making a run at us tomorrow. increasing clouds overnight. we will start to see showers pushed into southwestern areas. a jump from the 20' s into the 50' s this afternoon.
7:57 am
skies start to cloud over tonight and tomorrow morning. showers, one to two inches of rainfall a possiblity tomorrow. we should be up either side of 70 on thursday. do you think when you are president you'll be paid as much as if you were a man-male... this is one of the jobs where they have to pay you the same. but there are so many examples where that doesn't happen. i'm going to do everything i can to make sure every woman in every job gets paid the same... the men who are doing that job. r i'm hillary clinton p and i approve this message. this is connor like so many kids,
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it's my life good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. meet the nba cheerleader crying foul over her pay. was it really less than minimum wage? she's taking her team to court and speaking out this morning only on "gma." my heartbeat song new research on facebook. could it be ruining your relationship with a key to saving it. how to turn that sharing up to pairing for the long haul. so smooth right on target. the male model weighing in at almost 300 pounds making headlines for his every dude look. the real reason he snagged the job and who he says gives him the confidence to pull it off. never been in love before she's the famous mom of four
8:00 am
who's here to simplify your morning. the knockout smoothie that's just four ingredients and the easy breakfast your kids can help you make. brooke burke charvet here live as we say -- >> good morning, america. shut up and dance with me >> that's not all. hayes grier, emma slater fresh with "dancing with the stars" in times square, all smiles after that waltz. we'll talk to them in just a little bit. it wasn't all smiles in the ballroom last night because i got to tell you there was a moment getting some boos. we're going to have all that action just ahead. disappointing -- the judging, no. oh, no. >> crowd getting into it this year. they definitely are. that's all coming up. inside to amy for the morning rundown. >> good morning. the big story, a major shake-up in the race for president.
8:01 am
a new poll showing donald trump trailing ben carson nationwide for the first time although carson's lead is within the poll's four-point margin of error. still it gives carson momentum heading into tomorrow night's debate. trump is responding to his recent slide by attacking the pollsters themselves and attacking carson calling him low energy. meanwhile, jeb bush has huddled with his family and loyal donors as he tries to energize his campaign, bush has been cutting campaign taff to save money. president obama is considering a major escalation of the u.s. military's involvement in fighting isis. one option, the president is considering putting air controllers on the ground with iraqi forces to call in air strikes against isis targets. "the washington post" reporting that the president will consider putting special operation forces in syria for the first time. new details about the whale watching boat that sank off the coast of vancouver island. survivors said a sudden rogue wave truck that boat leaving the crew no time to call for help.
8:02 am
a pregnant woman and a woman with a broken leg shared a life jacket until they were rescued along with 19 others. but five people died and the search is reviewing now for a sixth victim. well, a major safety recall this morning. general motors notifying the owners of more than a million cars saying an oil leak could ignite a fire. the cars affected are listed here, some date back to 1997. they were recalled before but the repairs didn't work. only cars with a 3.8-lighter v6 engine are being recalled. details. well, walmart wants to try to use drones to deliver packages like amazon. the company is now asking the faa for permission to test drone deliveries to customers' homes and cars. it may also use them for surveillance at distribution centers. and a rare family night out for the british royals, william, kate and harry all went to the movies together in london and not just any movie, it was the premiere of "spectre," the new james bond film.
8:03 am
the trio dazzled on the red carpet, kate wearing a stunning black-tie. finally, there are many characters in politics. we know this. but take a look at this scene during one local election that caught everyone's attention. the "star wars" figure chewbacca showed up at a polling place during elections in ukraine. he was arrested with a struggle when he couldn't produce an i.d. yes, he was even hauled in to court and slapped with a fine but the wookie said he couldn't pay that fine because his bink has no branches on earth. earlier he was seen driving darth vader to the polls. both characters are believed to be a group satirizing the political scene for years but now in trouble with the law. back to you guys in i don't know what to say to that. we know voter fraud really is a problem. >> how you delivered that. well done. >> thank you, amy. >> i thought you were going to say chewbacca's response, rrrrgh!
8:04 am
how about i move on to the "morning menu." here's what's coming up on "gma." the nba cheerleader shaking up the game taking on fair pay and she's speaking out only on "gma." and then is facebook helping or hurting your relationship? there's some new research you'll want to hear about this morning. we also have the male model weighing in at almost 300 pounds changing the game with his so-called every dude look. target being applauded for hiring him and the person who inspires his confidence, all that and "dancing with the stars," hayes and emma right here on "good morning america." we'll talk to them coming up in just a minute. "gma's morning menu" brought
8:05 am
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and water, in the air, space and even cyberspace. we operate in a complex world with one simple mission. win. welcome back to "gma" this morning, a dispute over fair play in a business full of millionaires and billionaires and an nba cheerleader is suing the milwaukee bucks alleging that the team paid her less than minimum wage. we spoke with her exclusively and abc's mara schiavocampo is here with her story. good morning, mara. >> reporter: robin, good morning. that dancer has filed a federal class action suit claiming even though that franchise is worth an estimated $600 million, she and the other women weren't even paid enough to live on. it's just the latest battle for
8:10 am
professional basketball is big business with team salary caps at $70 million. players and coaches often scoring multimillion dollar salaries. but this morning, one nba entertainer is calling a foul on low pay. former milwaukee bucks cheerleader lauren herington filing a lawsuit against the team for allegedly being paid less than minimum wage. >> they hold you to such a high standard but yet that's what they pay you so it is kind of disheartening and they expect you to put in so much time and so much effort for it. >> reporter: in the suit, the first of its kind in the nba, herington says dancing for the bucks was more like a full time job with part-time pay. and that during the 2013/'14 season she spent hours practicing, prepping and performing. but was paid only $65 per home game, 30 for practices and 50 for special appearances which she claims was an average of $3
8:11 am
to $5 an hour for the time she worked. well below wisconsin's 7.25 minimum wage. also claiming she was paid nothing for the required maintenance. >> they didn't pay for the haircuts, the nails, the tanning. we're dealing with women that are 19, 20, 21 years old really don't have the resources to pay for those things. >> reporter: the nfl faced similar claims last year when a former cheerleader sued the oakland raiders, suits against the buffalo bill, the jets, the tampa bay buccaneers and the cincinnati bengals followed. the bills and the jets suits are still pending while the others have settled. >> you hear the allegations that some of these women are not even getting minimum wage, i don't think that there's any fan in the country who would say that that's fair. >> reporter: in a statement, the milwaukee bucks tell abc news, we treat all of our employees fairly including our bucks dancers and pay them fairly and in compliance with federal and state law. the nba also telling us
8:12 am
teams to ensure that they comply with all applicable wage and working condition laws. now, herington is seeking back pay for hours worked but not paid for. her lawyer says another woman has joined the suit and that several others are also considering joining so, george, we could really see this grow. >> we sure could. mara, thanks very much. moving on now, "dancing with the stars," halloween came early last night. there were some scary good performance, unfortunately, one couple had to get the axe. hayes and emma join us live in a moment. jesse with the action. >> the vampires and werewolves were out for blood on the dance floor last night or at least high scores. take a look. come with us not. >> reporter: spook-tacular spectacles. things getting hairy on halloween night on "dancing with the stars". wake me up inside >> that was franken sexy, boy. >> reporter: with only five weeks left in the competition,
8:13 am
bindi tapping into her spooky side for fright night. holding the reign atop the leaderboard with a perfect score. >> that was an argentine tango master class. it was spellbinding dance magic. >> don't get adorable now. >> reporter: tamar braxton making a bold statement. >> i'm probably the best dancer in the competition. >> reporter: but the ups didn't seem to agree. >> for me there's still a disconnect when you guys dance together. >> you didn't feel that? >> no. >> reporter: but at the end of the show, -- >> hayes and emma. >> reporter: vine star hayes grier having a fright night getting sent home after his frightening werewolf waltz? a life-changing event for me. >> reporter: it was the first night ever derek hough has not won the teen dance competition, george if fun fact from jesse there. okay, hayes grier, emma slater join us. i was just telling you caused a
8:14 am
my daughter harper heard you got kicked off saying no! it can't be. >> thanks, harper. >> you had such a great waltz last night. how did it feel to go out on a high note? >> it was good. i was able to go out with a bang. it was nice to win the team dance. that was good and end derek's streak. had a lot of fun and i had an amazing partner and took a lot away from is. >> emma was your best friend, you said. what did you learn working with her. >> how to dance. >> british slang. >> a lot of british slang for sure but she's been great. i couldn't ask for a better partner. >> he really came along, didn't he? >> oh, so much. i think out of everything on the show it's kind of safe to say he had the most improvement. i took someone with absolutely no dance experience and he like showed me that he can really progress and i'm really, really happy. this whole season has been amazing. i adore him. >> now all ready for the prom. in yeah, i mean, i got a little more than an average prom from "dancing with the stars" but it
8:15 am
was fun. >> also i think you're the youngest male ever, what, 15. so do you think that, worked against him, for him. >> i think it worked for him. i think that he had so much energy that i actually had to stop him from like climbing up yeah. so it really helped him in rehearsal he didn't peak. he was with me the whole time. he had a lot of focus so for that i think it was an advantage. >> what was the high point for you, hayes? >> boy, there's definitely ups and downs with being my age and whatnot so you discuss kind of find your advantages and use them and frankly, i think having emma as my partner she used me and my age and my demographic to my advantage and had a great time on "dancing with the stars" and made some really great memories. >> i bet you did and have to ask about the switchup star. the broken nose. what happened there. >> i felt so bad, honestly like and when they took him to the hospital it was just awful. i basically turned and i just
8:16 am
clipped him with my elbow and we heard this awful just crack like sound, oh, i was devastated. but he was still -- we're still close, we're still great friends and i'm glad he doesn't hate me. >> he has you go on this date maybe. >> we did go on a date, yeah. we'll see. >> he danced with a broken nose. >> i should because i'm kind of broke his nose. >> okay. who's going to go all the way? way. >> you got to root for the people you become close with in the season and i became close to carlos. i got to give it to him. he's doing really well. >> a little split right there. great to have you guys on. "dancing with the stars" is on monday at 8:00, 7:00 central right here on abc. now over to amy. >> all right, george. thank you now to our series "modern romance." and an important question, is facebook helping or hurting your relationship?
8:17 am
well, we asked you to share some of your relationship goals and got a wide range of responses making it clear that now more than ever what we say and do online is changing how we live our romantic lives. let's face it social media makes it hard to remain anonymous. >> okay, so after a quick scan of his facebook, tumblr and instagram and pinterest here's what i know. >> even getting the hashtag treatment and researchers began to ask what effect does social media have on our love lives? >> if i have tagged you and say i love you, you're tagging yourself in front of all of your friends and all of their friends and family. >> reporter: some of the biggest negative factors include stalking, distrust and jealousy but social media is still such a new phenomenon that only a handful of studies have been done and the results decidedly mixed. >> definitely take all of these studies on social media with a grain of salt. >> reporter: for example, one recent study looked at 205
8:18 am
of 18 and 82 finding in general that relationships soured for people who had been together for less than three years and had high levels of facebook use. however, another recent study finds that pairs who share everything from their status to pictures on facebook could be in it for the long haul. all right, here with me now the author of the "the modern girl's guide to life," jane buckingham and can you explain that discrepancy? i mean, it seems to counter one another. does facebook or social media help or hurt a relationship? >> well, you know, the study had different criteria, different lengths of relationship, different ages so you have to be careful to see what they're based on. we did a study of 18 to 34-year-olds and what it said was that 81% of people said they were actually fine if their partner never posted about them. so, you know, i think that people really vary in how they feel.
8:19 am
and they also said that 33%, they actually never do post about their relationship so i think some people are. more private than we think and you have to be careful about your relationship and some people want to be private about it. having said that 48% of them did say that they do stalk other people's relationships on social media so they're looking to see if people are breaking up, what's going on. >> or comparing their relationship to others. >> yes, and i think that is one of the problems and when we look at sort of the dos and don'ts in your relationships that's actually one of the first don'ts which is don't try to keep up with the joneses because i think when you do that, you're always thinking, my partner is not as romantic. >> people usually only post the beautiful vacation photos and all the amazing things they're doing. >> exactly and it's cumulative so it's not just your life, it's everything's life. comparing it to so how could anybody keep up to that and it's impossible. >> no one is posting the fights. >> no. everybody's life is perfect on social media and your life seems really, really boring and then,
8:20 am
you know i think one of other don'ts is that social media makes it so much easier frankly to be bad, to cheat. dieting. i could barely keep my hands off this candy for five minutes so if you download -- >> yeah, right, no, not yet. but if you download the bad apps and download the things that make it easier to have temptation in front of you, then don't. >> there are some app recommendations you do have for couples online. these are interesting ones. i didn't know about them. >> one is fix a fight. if you get into a fight you can just sort of download it. now, look, it's not going to replace in person. if you're away or feeling like you're in trouble then you do that. you can look at the intensity, wasn't too bad, this one. and then there's another one called after vocado where you send your spouse or partner a happy face. this i love. i'm obsessed with calendaring and calendarer with your partner
8:21 am
lockbox so on their lock screen you can send them a little heart. you can send them something to let them know that you're thinking about them. >> even if you don't have words, maybe you just have a heart or an emoji. >> or a "hi." don't treat them like you do your co-worker or don't treat them like you do your best friend. don't do a dtg or winkie face. >> i don't even know what that means. >> don't do something that makes them feel like someone else. do something that makes them special. >> that in person thing can't be represent placated. jane, thanks. ginger, i'm saving candy for you. >> i see that temptation and i will bite. this is reagan from north carolina and these ladies are kansas city royals fans. they're royals fans. get 'em, mets. they said keep it quiet. not that quiet but let's go o ahead and talk about the forecast which is also not quiet from kansas city all the way through tennessee and kentucky this morning. check out what's happening by tomorrow morning and afternoon. it moves into west virginia,
8:22 am
some areas could see more than 3 inches of rain. kevin: when the rain gets here, it will be a fairly quick moving system. a window of 18 hours from tomorrow afternoon through thursday morning. there is the potential of 1-2 inches of rainfall out of this system. we start off cold this morning. teens and 20' s foremost. we will get back to the low to mid 50' s this afternoon. we will see clear skies tonight with the clouds moving in. one last >> what a great day out here. hey, by tomorrow it's rain so you guys got a good one. lara. >> thank you. come on in. "pop news," everybody. and we begin with this guy, ed sheeran. well, he is a good friend. i mean a really good friend. listen to what he did. he just opened up about his biggest hit revealing he
8:23 am
co-wrote "thinking out loud" with a childhood friend to help her with her financial troubles. his pal, amy, stopped by ed's house to ask him if he'd include a song they had written years ago on his upcoming album which is now out so that she could make a little money. had to pay her mortgage and pay some bills. while she was there they ended up writing "thinking out loud" and now, well, amy never has to worry about money again. >> wow? that song has sold over 4 million copies in the u.s. alone and, guy, it's the most streamed song of all time. >> it is so good. the first time i heard it i was like, this song is amazing. so good. >> it really is. it's such a beautiful song and two great friends wrote it. >> i want to help him on a song. i got some mortgages i need help you with. >> you said mortgages that you need help with? that's a problem. >> i got to write a lot of songs. maybe an album. >> you get working on that and
8:24 am
i'll pull you guys in on what else is going on in "pop news." while the rest of you all might be wishing on a lucky star i myself will be wishing probably with amy on comet lovejoy. comet loveyoi is known as the happy hour comet because -- >> now it all makes sense. >> astronomers say as it hurtles through space it leaves behind a wake of alcohol and sugar. a team of scientists at nasa and several european agencies studying the atmosphere and the glow of comet lovejoy say at peak activity lovejoy was releasing the equivalent of 500 bottles of wine a second. >> that's a party. >> the taste, out of this world. >> is this one of those "pop news" investigations. >> yes, it is. i am going to space. >> forget the poison and all the other things it was spewing, as well. formaldehyde. >> good-bye, cruel world. hello to comet lovejoy. i'll be happy out there by myself. and finally, this might make
8:25 am
you know that feeling, go ahead, roll it where you just don't want to get up. it's like, come on. you got to get up. >> get up. you got to go play. let's go. >> flying to wake him up or giving him dog cpr. so it's a massage. >> that other dog -- >> that other dog is not feeling it. >> but maybe you'll be feeling this, jesse. one more video for you all. >> yes, animal videos. >> it's the twerking turtle. is that a toothbrush? >> yeah, that always gets me twerking. [ laughter ] >> drop the mike. >> yeah, that's it. >> drop the mike. >> we'll be back. >> thank you, everybody. >> greetings from planet
8:26 am
>> now, from wmur news 9. sean: hudson police are on the lookout for a fair of the. -- a pair of thieves. they distracted and 89-year-old woman at a walmart and stole her wallet and sentimental items. police believe the pair is experienced in this type of crime. u.s. marshals are asking for your help in finding a man they say sold heroin that led to another person' s death. felix aguilar is facing charges in connection with the 2014 death of thomas drake in a can sin. he has ties in massachusetts and new hampshire.
8:27 am
nicholas austin was arrested earlier this year in connection with drake' s death. let' s take a live look at the full foliage. a little chilly if you were going to look at the full foliage. kevin: we had a lot of 20' s overnight. we start the day with almost complete blue sky. temperatures will climb quickly into the afternoon. low and mid 50' s. this will not produce the prolific rain we have seen back through texas and the gulf coast. by the time it gets up here, it will be fairly quick moving. we will have an 18-hour window when the rain could be falling starting late tomorrow afternoon. those chances linger into tomorrow night before wrapping up early on thursday. low and mid 50' s today. the clouds start to drift in overnight tonight. we will continue to see them thicken up.
8:28 am
the cooler air rushes in on for friday and the weekend. sean: we jeb bush was a very strong governor, probably the strongest governor in the history of the state of florida. he was a young guy and i think there were some folks in the legislature that thought they might be able to run over him. that didn't happen. one tax cut wasn't enough- he had to do more. it wasn't enough to have 15,000 kids with school choice in florida, he wanted to have 100,000 kids. if he didn't like a project, it was going to be vetoed. it didn't matter if you were a republican. it didn't matter if you were his best friend. he said: 'this is where we're going, this is how we're going to reform state government...' every politician comes in talking about making change, and generally there's not much change. but governor bush made a lot of changes. he got the nickname veto corleone. if he saw something in the budget that he thought violated his conservative principles, you could guarantee it was gonna get whacked. he vetoed a bunch of my stuff and i was the senate president. the message to washington, d.c., is 'get ready...'
8:29 am
because there will be change. nright to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. put me in coach game on of the world series matchup kicks off in kansas city tonight. the mets taking on the rois. leads us to the countdown of the "top 5." if your team didn't make it to the championship we have possibly your mascot. a real list, you guys, of the top five mascots in baseball. at number five you'll see him at the world series as part of the dynamic duo right now, please welcome, everybody, live here on "gma," mrs. met, mrs. met. look at her. legit, number five. very elusive. don't see mrs. met a lot. you see mr. met.
8:30 am
>> i like the ponytail. you look good. >> there you go. hi, mrs. met, number two he'll lead the charge against you guys in the world series, the kansas city royals very own sluggerrr. >> he's ready. >> yeah. >> i love sluggerrr. these guys are big sluggerrr fans. number three looks a little like mrs. met. like a distant cousin, mr. mr. redlegs from the senate reds. >> you know redlegs. >> mr. redlegs and his posse look lire they're getting it on there. the second at bat number two, bernie the brewer. >> a lot of mustaches. >> who could be number one mascot. don't look at the prompter. you peeked. >> i read it earlier. >> the number one mascot according to our list, the phil p phillie phanatic.
8:31 am
so, please, this is not us choosing those. we want to know what you think. go to "gma's" facebook, twitter, let us know your top five and we may count them down. robin, let's get inside to you. >> good thing we went with the phillie phanatic. i'm here with brooke burke charvet. she dazzled us, of course, "dancing with the stars." now showing off her skills in the kitchen hosting a new show. it's brilliant called "breaking bread with brooke burke." i love the idea of the show. i want to show everybody a little bit of a clip, first of all. you spoke with jane seymour, a dear, dear friend. let's take a look. >> did you get into the kitchen with your mother as a young girl? >> absolutely and to this day, my sisters and i cook all the time. it's like a joke because whenever we get together, the first thing that happens is we kind of get the chopping boards out and we obsess about what are we going to eat today? >> you learn so much about
8:32 am
it's like a walk down memory lane, isn't it? >> through their palette and the reason i love the show so much it's about food and how it connects us but so much of it is go love and family traditions and values and how one grew up and where they are today and how that -- those memories sort of transition and i grew up with a 5:00 family dinner every day. i counted on that. i have that with my family. and thas ae t's the memory of meals and recipes we pass on is so meaningful. >> we always gravitate to the kitchen. >> the conference room. i spend most of my time in the kitchen mostly with breakfast. david's mom is french and taught me how to make amazing crepes and i threw probably 20 of them away before i perfected it so i like to come down in the kitchen on the weekends with the kids. it's all in the wrist, too. if shia was here he's. better than i am. >> don't we have video of your son? >> we do. you know what i love about that video and learned it from carnie
8:33 am
it away or let it screw up. he's so good. it fell on the floor and he was like, oh, my gosh, are you going to get upset with me. i said you have to laugh it off. he likes them with a little nutella and strawberries and put different types of fruit on the crepes so you can sneak in the health can stuff. what i love about this, you make extra so on a busy morning i have excess batter in the fridge. >> you talk about those shortcuts to take especially as busy -- >> i'm a busy mom so i love the homemade breakfast but if i prep in advance i cut up the fruit, if i make extra batter the next day i can throw it in the kitchen with them, they love it. >> perfect idea and don't have to say, no, i don't have time for the homemade breakfast. yummy, delicious and homemade. >> on the go -- >> i never skip breakfast. this sets me up. my winter smoothie so every mom needs a great breakfast even on the go, almond milk, dates that give it a little sweetness,
8:34 am
almond butter. this is maka, gives you amazing energy and a little bit of cinnamon, an antioxidant and i freeze pears so preprepared, put them in the freezer. >> may i taste it. >> look at this. >> easy, it's a few seconds. i can make extra for the kids. >> the taste test. >> cheers for the morning for setting us up for success. >> i love how the dates give it a tad of sweetness there. you found a way to stay connected with your friends all during the day. >> that's what the show is about. food. i love lunch box love notes. have a great day, good luck on your test. i miss you. love mommy. i sneak them in there and it gives them a little love when we're separated. they look forward to this so much and sometimes they'll put a yoke on the back. just a little x and o and reminds them mommy is thinking about them even when i'm at work and they're at school. easy to do. >> must haves for every pantry. >> what i learned on the show working with a bunch of different chef, it's the same
8:35 am
ingredients all over the world. it's just how you put it together, salt, olive oil and garlic, you can mix up a chicken, a sauce, make a great eggs. it's simple flavors and don't have to be intimidated. that's what i like to tell moms. you don't have to be a chef. you can figure it all out >> that's the beauty of cooking, brooke. you know, you just get in there and there's something that -- a connection with all of us. >> i enjoy it and it's the love that you put in and those memories you share with the family and it's that, you know, the energy that goes into that that you can, you know, bring it home. i hope my children will remember that because i do. >> and they're going to remember you showing them with the darn. >> drop the crepe on the floor. >> continued blessings in all that you do and thank you. >> i really appreciate it. >> looking forward to the show. "breaking bread with brooke burke" can be seen exclusivelien 0 the feelin' online streaming service and get the recipes at on yahoo! >> thanks so much, robin. back to lara. >> we'll eat good.
8:36 am
i want to try the crepes. thank you. we are counting down to the "gma" halloween super party. it is now just three days away. but first this morning we'll yahoo your day with tricks for costumes that will get you treated like a star. here's sara haines. >> reporter: halloween isn't just for michael myers and jason. >> aaagh! >> reporter: this year it's all about screaming for your favorite celebrities. >> it's the one day a year we can be a celebrity an not be creepy about it. >> reporter: sometimes it cops down to one signature piece. >> like our everyday life. >> here at the ab bra ka dab dra shop, five interns will be transformed into the hottest celebrities of the season. >> reporter: this is from the iheartradio performance where she was wearing head to toe green and it was really seriously instagram dream of the it was on everybody's feed. it was such a hot look and, of course when we talk about the
8:37 am
one signature piece it's the green coat. throw it over anything you have. golden gloves. amal clooney. >> i hope george came -- >> we saw her at the globes and this was the big fashion statement of the night, the white gloves. next up we have sia. >> will she be able to sia us? >> so good. >> oh, my gosh. >> forward, forward, come step forward. i'm obsessed with this because all of it is two wigs with a black suit from your closet. >> sia, thank you. we'll sia you later. >> isn't halloween fun. >> yes, that is fun. >> next, i mean we're talking about the couple that is always in the headlines. a very sort of easy costume to pull off. we all have those cool sweats in the back and in our closet. >> did you have this in your closet? >> i did not. >> is your lady coming? >> no, i different lady. >> oh. >> north west.
8:38 am
>> how cute? >> i know that skirt anywhere. >> so, look, you can kanye. you can be north west. >> where is my favorite? >> there you are. >> hello. >> i heard my name. here i am. >> i, the whole family is here, i love it. kim, kanye and north west. what a good-looking family. >> sara looks awesome. >> she does look good as kim. >> what's happening with weather. >> let's do some "ask zee." we're about to learn. all brought to you by belforbelfor. our question this morning comes from 3-year-old sofia santinis. she loves paint and color, you can tell. >> i want to know why the sky is gray and not blue. >> hopefully it's not always gray for you. cloud, though, are made up of water and ice so, sofia, those scatter height and when the clouds get thick enough the
8:39 am
it has a tough time and we see gray instead of seeing the color. you can see right there all the colors trying to get through. parents, we want you to send your kid's video weather questions. use the #askzeegma and put it on facebook. waitin kevin: a jump into the low and mid 50' s in the afternoon. a good deal of sunshine. clout start increasing overnight tonight. rainfall is likely heavy tomorr >> more on that male model. >> coming up on the male model changingle game with his every man look. he's here live on "good morning america." stay with us. "gma's" halloween countdown is brought to you by ihonor. bring the kids to ihop on
8:40 am
plus size models have made stunning breaks in changing the face of fashion for women and now one arc and model says he out to do the same for men. meet target's first and only plus size male model, zach miko. thanks for being with us, zach. i was just saying, you hear about plus size female models but never a male model. you are an actor but your wife helped you change some
8:41 am
perceptions of yourself and it led to this campaign. tell me about it. >> yeah, well, my wife, laura for one is the most amazing woman in the world. she always from the very beginning found me attractive which if you grow up my size, it's not something you think very often. you know, you grow up -- i grew up with a lot of body image shall ares, i was always the big kid, picked on a lot but it made me who i was essentially and i was always being funny because of it. my wife actually told me after dating for a little while that she made me a bet for $500 i would be 0en the "people" magazine top 100 sexiest men, we laughed >> awesome. >> and look at you now. >> then a couple weeks ago i got a call from "people" magazine to do an interview. we started laughing. i thought maybe it's not the farthest thing from the world. >> you're 6'6". 275. xxl. >> yep. >> and what did agents say to you?
8:42 am
an actor. >> i was too big for every role i ever went out for. one time in particular i landed a lead in a miniseries and i thought it was my big break. i went down, flown to the hills of west virginia to film. we did three days of hair makeup tests and then we had a producer's last look and the executive producer walks in the room and first thing he says, there. first thing he says, he looks at me and says, why is this guy so big? it looks weird and i was on a plane the next day home. >> wow. >> a very different experience, though, with target. tell me what happened. >> my -- it was luck. it was wonderful. basically my acting manager had a friend who was working as a stylist, hair and makeup stylist and target was looking for someone who was big and tall and so my manager rings her up and -- >> i know just the guy. >> i got one. >> and after your second day modeling all those lifelong and body issues and self-esteem
8:43 am
issues went away. tell me what happened on that second day. >> it was the first time after coming back everything fit right, everything -- i sit down with my wife and i was like, i've never felt good about the way i looked before. and not okay about the way i looked. i felt good. i felt great about the way i looked and after talking to my wife and others, i was like, i like being the big guy. i'm happy to be the big guy. i've been trying to change for years because that's what the industry is telling me to do and i don't want to do that. >> now you're setting new forms for so many out there so, zach, congratulations on being a role model and rooting for you on the "people" magazine thing. >> hopefully that ends up happening. >> okay, thank you so much. coming up next, we have
8:44 am
live. i had no idea snhu had this amazing campus. even the walk to class is amazing. i love the sense of community. people actually hold the doors open for you here. all my professors really
8:45 am
know who i am here. they genuinely want you to succeed. i've made so many friends here. friends i know i'll have for life. snhu is the place for me. visit snhu and see for yourself. if you think we can grow our economy while ignoring climate change, think again. america's most innovative companies are already moving to clean energy using existing technology to improve their bottom line. now we need a plan to help businesses and families across america to save money on electricity and create millions of new jobs. it all starts with 50% clean energy by 2030. so, what are we waiting for? >> what a treat to have andrea bocelli back on "gma."
8:46 am
back out with a new album. "cinema." so great to see you. so many great soundtracks out there. must have been hard to choose. >> well, i tried to -- i researched in my memory most of the most beautiful -- many of the most beautiful songs that i loved when i was a child and i discovered that many of that was masterpiece of movies. so -- >> the album is creative and you have the duet on this album with ariana grande. >> yes, absolutely. because she's beautiful, she's a good singer. she's young and she's the idol of my sons. >> very good reason. you're about to go on tour and already sold out madison square garden but we don't want to wait another second here with david foster. you're going to play the great soundtrack from "breakfast at
8:47 am
[ applause ] moon river wider than a mile i'm crossing you in style some day
8:48 am
whereever you're going i'm going your way two drifters off to see the world there's such a lot of world to see we're after the same rainbow's end waiting round the bend
8:49 am
[ applause ] >> thank you. do you think when you are president
8:50 am
this is one of the jobs where they have to pay you the same. but there are so many examples where that doesn't happen. i'm going to do everything i can to make sure every woman in every job gets paid the same... the men who are doing that job. r i'm hillary clinton p
8:51 am
basketball star an fashion icon russell westbrook. of anywhere from u.s. cellular, he can find some new ones. like, farmer. russell's brussels. russell speaking. paleontologist. hashtag t-rex. park ranger. where am i? and t.v. spokesperson. that's my line. i got it. with u.s. cellular, you can do all the things you like, from the middle of anywhere.
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"good morning america" is brought to you by the u.s. army. maria maria >> a little bit of country. a little classical from andrea bocelli. love hearing that soundtrack. can't wait to hear more. thank you, andrea. >> great to have david foster here for the second morning if a way. what a way to start the week both yesterday and today with wonderful, wonderful soothing music.
8:53 am
8:54 am
sean: good morning, everybody. fire caused heavy damage to a home in port smith overnight. fire broke out at a house on stark street that was undergoing renovations. one firefighter suffered a knee injury, but has and released from the hospital. the fire was likely caused by the spontaneous ignition of saw dust in a barrel. in the for man has pleaded guilty to robbing a bank in stratham. 33-year-old seamus murphy held up a citizens bank in february and he faces a maximum of 20 years behind bars. it was a chilly start to our day. it still is. it is sunny. kevin: we are going to see temperatures which, in a lot of locations, jump into the low and mid 50' s this afternoon after starting in the 30' s. high-pressure pressure remains in control for one more day. is that moves offshore, the clouds start winning out.
8:55 am
those will thicken up tomorrow morning and the shield of rain starts to make its way in either side of noontime in southwestern areas. temperatures out ahead of that today should be up in the low and mid 50' s. a couple of other 40' s and farther northern parts of the state. the light wind will start to pick up tomorrow. as the clouds start to pick up, southerly and southeasterly winds start to pick up to read will be a breezy day tomorrow. the rainfall starts to make its way and in the afternoon tomorrow. it will be heavy at times tomorrow night and on thursday morning. the colder air does not come in until sometime on thursday morning. temperatures could spike up around 70 before dropping back closer to averages on friday and the weekend.
8:56 am
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