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tv   News 9 Noon  ABC  October 27, 2015 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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sean: now at noon, robbed at walmart. how these two sneaky crooks took advantage of an elderly woman. kevin: the next system approaches with wind and rain . we will have the latest timeline and how much we might see ahead. sean: keeping the government open. the tentative plan that would prevent a government shutdown for two years. and video of an officer removing a teen from a classroom goes viral. why an fbi investigation is now open in the case. >> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now, "wmur news 9 at noon. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] sean: beautiful day, as you can
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see come outside manchester. things are changing. good afternoon. i am sean mcdonald. heading our way are remnants of hurricane protection. meteorologist kevin skarupa is here to tells about that. kevin: it doesn' t nearly have the strength it once did. second, it will be moving at a faster rate. for here and now, a few high clouds out ahead of that. you will start to see the clouds move in. the clouds thicken up tomorrow morning. the main rain event is mid-to-late afternoon tomorrow through early thursday morning. rainfall really starts to pick up during the evening commute tomorrow. it is later tomorrow night and early on thursday morning that we will see this move through. milder day on thursday only to cool back down on friday. we will have details in futurecast in a few minutes.
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sean: while it' s getting colder, many granite staters are buying firewood for the winter. but you' ll have to dig a little deeper this year. a timber industry representative says loggers are increasingly selling hardwood to contractors building fracking sites in pennsylvania. they use the wood for foundations to help move equipment over wet, soft ground. the increased demand means wood prices in parts of new england are averaging $325. $50 to $75 more a cord than last year. manchester police are searching new this noon, for two men who tried to rob a woman last night . this is video of what police believe other two suspects. the victim told police that two of them and try to remove the purse from around her neck. one of the men grabbed with enough force to knock her to the ground. police leave the men got into a four-or sedan, possibly a toyota camry, that is missing the front hubcap.
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two of the men convicted in the stabbing death of a madbury teen will be sentenced november 10. zachary pinette and michael tatum, along with another man, drove to aaron wilkinson' s house last june armed with two knives and a machete, with a plan to rob the victim of money and drugs. wilkinson' s body was later discovered on the side of a maine road. a man from derry is accused of sharing child sexual abuse images. matthew rettig faces charges including attempted possession of child sexual abuse images, solicitation to manufacture child sexual abuse images, and indecent exposure or lewdness. police say his alleged victims range in age from 11 to 22 years old. police in hudson are looking for two people who targeted an 89-year-old woman at wal-mart. police say a man distracted the victim yesterday and then a female reached into her cart and grabbed the wallet. the pair left in a silver, four-door hatchback.
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man has experience with this at one point he took his hat off camera. definitely in the new england members of the public can recognize them from somewhere. described as possibly hispanic s. house and senate republican two-year budget deal with the white house that would avert a potential credit default and lower the odds of a government shutdown in december. abc' s lana zak has the latest. rep. boehner:l having listened to our members and the american people, we have a budget agreement. lana: announcing the agreement, house speaker john boehner. rep. boehner: this is good for our troops. lana: they came out in support
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of a budget agreement without threat of a budget default hours like it it will raise spending by $80 billion, about a 1% increase in the federal budget. cuts will come from other programs such as medicare and social security disability. for boehner, it delivers on up that she gave to give paul ryan a fresh start. rep. boehner: i wanted to do my best to clean the barn and not have him walk into a dirty barn full of you know what. lana: now the threat of a government shutdown and he fell are off the table until after president obama leaves the oval office in 2017. rep. boehner: in a town not known for bipartisanship, you will see rex line from those who don' t like the fact that there is a bipartisan agreement. lana: it is a swansong for the embattled speaker, who struggled for years with members of his own party. rep. boehner: i like the fact that i see light at the end of the tunnel. [laughter]
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>> i think history will be kind to this man and i want to thank the speaker for his service. lana: there are members of both parties critiquing the deal, but in a show bipartisan support, democratic leader nancy pelosi said "together we have found a way forward for the american people." lana zak, abc news, washington. sean: in commitment 2016, for the first time in months, a national poll shows donald trump is not leading the republican presidential race. a new cbs-"new york times" poll says 26% of gop primary voters surveyed back ben carson for the nomination, compared to 22% for trump. the poll has a 6% margin of error. three other polls show carson leading trump in iowa. wmur has learned that former secretary of state madeleine albright will be in new hampshire next week campaigning for former secretary of state hillary clinton. the visit was first reported by wmur political director josh
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mcelveen. the trip is scheduled for november 4. that' s also the day the filing period opens for candidates to officially complete their papaerwork to be part of the the new hampshire primary. a case of spontaneous combustion caused heavy damage to a home in portsmouth overnight. the flames broke out around 11:30 last night at a house on stark street. officials say one firefighter suffered a knee injury on the scene. the fire started in the back of the house, which was undergoing renovations. the chief says it was likely caused by sawdust in a barrel. manchester police are working to track down a man wanted for a shooting in the center of the city. neighbors reported hearing shots near enlight park off lincoln and laurel streets around noon yesterday. shortly after, a 25-year-old man was dropped off at the emergency room with a non-life threatening gunshot. police say they think this was an isolated incident and that the suspect and victim know each we could learn new details tomorrow on the marathon bomber' s life in prison. at the supermax prison in
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he' to indiana where he' ll face lethal injection. we could hear the restrictions he' s been living under, like visitations or how he is being protected from other inmates. coming up, family and friends remember a young road rage victim. what her a had to say. uplus, shocking video of a classroom. kevin: storm system lifting northward and eventually that will mean rain in some kind to contend with before we get to the other side. sean: and in "grow it green," how to keep your garden looking beautiful by eliminating
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sean: outrage and an investigation after a police officer on duty in south carolina is caught on camera slamming a student to the ground before arresting her. karen travers has the latest. karen: a disturbing classroom confrontation involving a female student and school resource officer in south carolina caught on camera. several videos of the incident
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officer, identified as ben fields, grabbed' male student from her desk -- grabbed and tossed a female student from her desk. officials say the student had been ordered to leave the classroom, but refused. the officer was called in. the officer puts his arm around her neck and wrestles her to the ground before flinging her across the classroom. tony robinson is one of the students who recorded the incident during monday' s algebra class. >> i was scared, terrified. that was my first judgment call, get your phone out so that everything after this is accorded. karen: as terrified students set frozen at their desks, one decided to intervene. >> it was like, "you want some of this, too? you are going to jail, to." he put me in handcuffs. karen: he received a culture of
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>> i have a lot of questions i want answered. karen: he was left on unpaid administered a fleet and banned from school grounds while the investigation takes place. district officials called the video "extremely disturbing," telling abc news they are deeply concerned. the fbi is also investigating the incident. karen travers, abc news, washington. sean: loved ones are saying their final goodbye to a four-year-old girl shot and killed in a road rage incident in albuquerque, new mexico last week. lilly garcia was in a truck with her father and brother when police say tony torrez allegedly pulled up beside them and opened fire. >> i wish it would have been me. not a baby. sean: the family says in her obituary that she had just finished her second day of preschool when she was killed. we had a cold start to today but
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kevin: it is the up and down we go through to get to the cooler air again. css for the weekend. sean: plus invasive species of , plants can ruin a garden. but there are simple ways to stop them. details in "grow it green." to our u-local hot shot. this is victor doing his best impression of beetlejuice just in time for halloween. send your pictures and join
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onto >> now, meteorologist kevin skarupa with your stormwatch9 forecast. considering where we started the day. day. these are way out ahead of the next storm system, which starts to arrive early to mid afternoon tomorrow. until later in the day and into tomorrow evening. with that, one to two inches of rainfall are possibility. as quickly as that moves in, it
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will push away, leading us to a milder day before we fall back again before the air mass in place for friday and the weekend quite a few high clouds streaming their way in from the west. this is well ahead of the rain shield that starts to arrive here, give or take is a set of lunchtime in the southwestern parts of the state. tonight and the morning commute tomorrow. 51 you saw in portsmouth on the sky camera just a minute ago is the warm spot. there are a lot of areas in the lower half of the 50' s with a few more hours of heating to go. you notice the surge of warmth with the rainfall. there was extensive rainfall going on with this system. understand the stats here, a little get up and go. by the tenant moves in, it will be long gone by midday on thursday. temperatures again tonight fullback and a lot of areas will
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be back into the 30' s to the 40' s. konstantin up tomorrow morning. eventually by lunchtime, we should see a few showers in the pockets of heavier rainfall. there may just wanted to spots that see that in time of the evening. . even by then they have your of the rainfall will likely pushing during the evening after dark. continuing to extend their way through the area by early thursday morning. from there, the front back to our west with the cooler air. get clearing. once we do, temperatures likely jump into the 60' s to low 70' s on thursday afternoon. later in the day and into the day on friday. that will be the air mass that will be in place for trick-or-treaters friday night it looks like both of mainly fair skies.
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here are the ups and downs. heaviest of the rainfall anywhere in the seven-a forecast, later tomorrow afternoon. temperatures ahead of that in the mid-40' s to mid 50' s. right behind it, we are in the 60' s to low 70' s. highs anywhere for the mid-40' s to mid 50' s. friday and saturday promise a good deal of sunshine with chillier nights and then we will see a shower to push into the area. all in all, not a bad trick-or-treating weekend for the ghosts and goblins. let' s head to "grow it green." sean: new hampshire is being invaded by invasive species, and here today is margaret hagen good how importantly -- more important, how do we get rid of this stuff? margaret: it is not easy, because the invasive species have no natural predators because they did not evolve here. they grow very quickly. they tend to reproduce and
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spread a seat very quickly. and they will choke out native plants as well as make it harder for wildlife because wildlife need native plants to feed on. they are basically on a good thing. that' s not a good thing. common ones. this particular one you find a lot, sometimes in the fall, because it is very attractive. japanese bittersweet. the birds like to eat the very sound in the seats go through the digestive system. you will find all over the river banks, places that don' t get mow ed very often, possibly in your own yard. sean: i' ve seen it before. margaret: this has a white flower that smells really sweet. it is lovely. this is the japanese knotweed, or the japanese bamboo, that grows by the side of the road, a to 10 feet tall.
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before it becomes a problem. japanese barberry. the thing they all have in common is they have seeds. this is not the best time of the year to try and cut them back and move them, because chances are the seats will drop and you will get more plants. sean: making the problem worse. margaret: the time to do with them is in the summer or spring before they flower and start to go to see. sean: how do i get rid of it? different ways. margaret:if you have' s vines, you can cut them at the base and use herbicidal weedkiller, and hopefully it will translate to the roots and take care of the problem. in the winter, if you have a big stand of barberry or rose, you can get them it -- you can dig
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five-year process because they come back. they are resilient! you can use plastic, either black or clear plastic, that you can tightly to the ground so the sun bakes them. those are the more common ways. the big deal in new hampshire is that it is illegal to move a lot of these plans around when they have living or potentially living plant parts, because we don' t want to spread them. sean: i don' t think a lot of people know that. margaret: we have an extension on how to dispose of them learn more about the plants themselves, the department of agriculture has a book on invasive species that you can download for free. sean: if you see these on a wreath summer, they are spreading. even though they look nice.
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sean: halloween is a few days away and you -- and we have posted a list of trick-or-treat times on our website. you can check out the dates and times by heading to also we' ve put together a list , of the most popular halloween costumes this year.
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you can find some great last minute ideas. what do you got? kevin: a little collegiate evening for the trick-or-treaters, whether it is friday night or saturday night. try conditions and clear skies for both. a bit of a breeze friday night. sean: you don' t necessarily need to check it over the custom. tonight at 5:00 the story of a , 90-year-old woman, strip-searched by airport security, has been making the rounds today. but the tsa says its agents had good reason to go that far. and we' re helping your holiday calendar. which days will be the busiest for shipping gifts this season so you can plan around them. that does it for us.
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do you think when you are president you'll be paid as much as if you were a man-male... this is one of the jobs where they have to pay you the same. but there are so many examples where that doesn't happen. i'm going to do everything i can to make sure every woman in every job gets paid the same... the men who are doing that job. r i'm hillary clinton p
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