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tv   News 9 at Five  ABC  October 27, 2015 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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epidemic. josh: a police standoff, they closed down a large area of laconia and lockdown at a school is now over, but the search for a suspect continues. i'm josh mcelveen. jean: i'm jean mackin. this incident started several hours ago and had a lot of people in the neighborhood on end. josh: adam sexton is live with the latest. reporter: just within the last 15 minutes or so we were surrounded by heavily armed police officers, they're all gone now as they have confirmed that this suspect likely fled the area before they got here when this standoff started. the initial call came in from 20 jewett street earlier today in laconia, national just off of church street. and the call came in as an armed man making threats against someone inside his home. by the time police not here they weren't sure if he was inside or not, so they createdded a perimeter and they believe he a
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quite a large perimeter, lockeddown a school and had people shelter in homes. one was detained, not arrested. they used about four flash bang grenades trying to provoke a response from the home, nothing came of it. they eventually made entry and inside. they have not revealed the identity of the suspect at this point, but they do consider him still armed and dangerous. police say they'll be releasing more information within the next couple hours in terms of getting an it d. on this suspect. jean: thanks. in winchester authorities have closed down part of scotland road because of police activity there. they're not releasing many details now, but the bear cat vehicle was requested at the unit. josh: the investigation
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continues into a derry man arrested on child pornography charges, authorities say he used two popular social peed yeah apps to connect with the alleged victims. mike cronin has more now, including the warnings investigators are giving in light of this case. reporter: according to court papers, more than a month ago police began investigating 23-year-old matthew redig after he inappropriately shared pictures with a 10 used. on october 15 they searched his home in derry and seized laptops and cell phones. >> we have plenty to do on that still in terms of analysis, but the initial contact appears that images may have been sent from those devices. reporter: redig was arrested last night on charges including distribution of child sexual abuse images. court documents say some of the alleged victims live in the same community as he does. >> we have three victims so far that we've identified.
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electronics, again, that could change. reporter: police say redig was communicating through snap chat and kick. according to court documents he admitted to police that he sent inappropriate messages through those apps. >> generally speaking parents should be aware of what is on their child's phone, what is on their tablets, their computers. reporter: the internet crimes against children task force worked with derry police. commander says children need to be careful about who they're talking to and what they're saying on social media. sorry. we want to be on the forefront of trying to prevent, this rather than having to react to something and rescue a child. reporter: redig was arraigned monday, he'll be back in court next week. >> meanwhile we have some work to do on the electronics we seized, we need to search the software and see if we find what we expect to find. jean: manchester police are investigating an attempted 7:00 at night.
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two men but still managed to get away with her purse. wmur's amy coveno is joining us live with details. reporter: good evening, jean. we're on penacook street near the rite aid on the east side. there are a couple of surveillance cameras that we can see. the young woman, just 21, was walking home when she was attacked. she fought back and won. this happened around 7:15 last night. the orchestrated attack was captured on surveillance video. police say the woman was walking along penacook treat when she noticed a man quickly approaching her from behind, she felt uncomfortable, tried to cross the street. when a second man jumped in front of her. both men tried to grab her purse, which was draped around her. she was knocked to the ground, but kicked can and screamed enough that she scared the men off without giving up any of her possessions. >> at one point nay use enough force to knock her down to the ground, at which point she had difficulty breathing because the purse was draped across her
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was able to get them off of her, they fled on foot. we believe they got in a dark colored sedan, possible an older model toyota camry missing the right front passenger side hub cap. reporter: another woman heard her screams, she too came to her aid. the suspects ared as tall and african-american, both standing over 6 feet tall, one of weighing 250-pound with a blue and white hoodie. anyone with information is urged to contact manchester police. amy coveno, wmur news 9. josh: on the physician of the heroin epidemic, governor hassan is looking at putting emergency rules into place when it comes to the prescribing of painkillers. many consider opioid to be at the root of the heroin problem. governor hassan's office has floated a draft proposal within the medical community of new hampshire looking for feedback. suggestions include limiting prescriptions to a five-day supply for some patients and the
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elimination of the use of fen that mill for noncancer patients, as well as the review of outdated practices. >> the guidelines in the board of medicine rules right now say that the chance of a patient is low. we know that that isn't true. we also know from looking at other states that there are best practices we should be implementing. >> all of this needs to be done with public hearings and to do it appropriately in a process that makes sure that we have not impacted the ability of doctors to practice medicine. josh: doctors involvement is a very important part to all of this. at 6:00 we'll hear more from the governor ask trooks a plan that does forego the normal public input. jean: if you use firewood over the winter, prepare to pay more this year. the executive director of the timber lab owners association says more hardwood is being sold to fracking site in
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demand is driving up prices. averaging $325 a cord, that's 50 to $75 more than last year. the cold is definitely moving in, much of the state was below freezing this morning. boy, did we feel it, especially in the north country. tomorrow some serious but welcome rain will arrive. let's get more on that from chief meteorologist mike haddad. mike: we can see the bright skies still out there, the sunsetting prior to 6:00, so you only have a little time before it does get dark and chilly once again. fair skies continue across new hampshire. there are a few high clouds that will stream in at times tonight, but that will not prevent temperatures from tumbling to freezing or below in many areas north and west of manchester. but clearly sticking out like a sore thumb here on the radar scopes is that system down in the ohio valley, tall way into the carolinas and points south and west. and eventually some welcome rain does move in here. as for the morning, it should be dry for the morning commute. and right through the lunch time hour. we'll start to see some light
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rain showers developing during the afternoon. but later tomorrow evening into the nighttime, that's when those showers will increase in intensity at times, and it will become windy and there could be a passing thunderstorm as temperatures get ready to jump as well. so what follows for later wednesday night, thursday and the end of the week, we'll look at all of that straight ahead. josh: commitment 2016 now. one day before republicans gather for their next debate a new poll is showing that ben carson has take ten national lead. in this latest "new york times" cbs news poll, the retired neurosurge unwas the top choice for 26% of likely voters in the republican primary. donald trump at 22%. both though well ahead of the competition, marco rubio in third place with l%, bush and fiorina tied for fourth with 7%. so the threat of a government shutdown and national debt crisis may be averted. congressional leaders have
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the white house. sally kidd is in washington with details about what some are calling a bipartisan agreement. reporter: josh, the agreement would increase federal spending by $80 billion and conservative locks are not happy. budget breakthrough. >> it's a solid agreement, i told my colleagues there isn't any reason why any member should vote against this. reporter: the two-year plans lifts caps on defense and domestic spending, and raises the debt seal through march 2017. it also prevents a huge hike in medicare freedom yuments and deep reductions in social security disability benefits. >> congress can do its job when republicans push the tea party aside and work with us to get results. reporter: speaker boehner says the agreement helps clean the barn before a new speaker, presumably congressman paul ryan, takes the gavel. >> i don't want him to walk into a dirty barn full of you know what. so i've done my best to clean it up.
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>> i think this process stinks, this is not the way to do the people's business. and under new management we are not going to do the people's business this way. reporter: ryan upset about the lack of transparency, while some conservative lawmakers say it only reflects the will of the lame duck speaker and some fiscal watch dogs agree. >> what americans are going to see is their tax dollars increase as a direct result of this budget deal. it's a concern because we're going to see higher levels of spending. reporter: a vote in the house could come as early as tomorrow, and many expect the budget deal to pass. from washington, sally kidd, wmur news 9. jean: now onto the traffic watch, live pictures from manchester, 293 near exit 5, no problems here from our elliott at rivers end camera. josh: peggy james joins us now with a live look at the head home on a tuesday. >> good evening. we're off to a pretty good start for the ride home on this
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tuesday, coming up from the massachusetts border from salem to manchester only about 21 city. 293 is moving well all the way up through hooksett. and concord is moving right along at this time as well. we did have 101 west bound through bedford is slow as awe purchase mill fielder, and earlier there was an accident on amherst street in nashua, approaching the on ramp for the everett turnpike. that has things still walked up on 101a and 111. the everett has lots of volume with slight slowdowns northbound between exoits 10 and 11. right now everythinges is moving well for you. this report being brought to you by minute man health. i'm peggy james. josh: coming up, the justice department is now investigating this video showing a plaintiff tipping a girl onto the ground while still in her school desk.
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jean: there are new recommendations for preventing diabetes what you should know before your next doctor's visit mike: another chilly night ahead, but temperatures will be climbing above the norm soon. >> president obama heads to his home town to talk crime and law enforcement.
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jean: classes in one kentucky school district were canceled for the second day in a row while police search for the man suspected of shooting at officers. josh: floyd cook is accused of wounding an officer in tennessee and shooting at a trooper just over the state line in kentucky. his criminal history includes rape, robbery and drug trafficking. the school superintendent in cumberland county says he doesn't want students waiting for busses in the rural area while cook is still on the loose. a federal investigation now under way after a classroom confrontation involving a female student and a high school police officer. several other students captured this on their cell phones. karen travers has the story. reporter: one spring valley high school student who witnessed the police takedown tells abc news it all started when his teacher asked the female student to turn
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>> she said, you know, i'm not doing anything, you know, please you don't have to take by phone. reporter: the teacher then asked a school administrator to help and also asked the student to leave and again she refused. that's when ben fields, the school e resource officer got called in. and things escalated. cell phone video shows field grabbing the student by the neck and throwing her across the floor. several frightened classmates grabbed their phones and recorded the encounter. >> my first judgment call is get your phone out so that everything after this is recorded. reporter: officer fields is now on unpaid administrative leave and banned from school properties pending the outcome of the investigation. >> everyone knew that he could be bad tempered. >> it was not the right way to respond. reporter: but the sheriff says deputy fields received a culture of excellence award for proving to be an exceptional role model in 2014. the disturbing video has sparked
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an outrage across the internet. hillary clinton tweeted today about the incident saying that any violence at school is unacceptable. and actors kerry washington tweeting heartbreaking, ridiculous. jean: the reporter and photographer shot to death on live television this summer have posthumously. members of alison parker and adam ward's families were on hand to accept the awards from station representatives, and an emmy was also given to the employees of wdbj for their courage in the face of tragedy. >> a crew at a florida tv station became unexpected heros after a small plane crashed right in front of them. an engineer and a pilot had take ten station helicopter up for maintenance but they quickly made an emergency landing and ran to help. >> lot of water between the plane and the land, so we have
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to jump and you can see that the back of the plane broke. josh: the pilot was stuck and badly injured, but that engineer helped him until rescue crews were able to arrive at the scene, the station pilot directed them to the crash site. mike: quite a chilly start to the day, betweens, 20's, low third from north to central to south. right now to the north atop mount washington, still some sunshine to be had out there for a short time to go, then we'll start to see the sunsetting. and a few more clouds rolling in by early tomorrow morning. clearly you can see changes moving in from the south and west, remnants of that once powerful hurricane patricia continue to plague the deep south and now the ohio valley with some rainfall. by the time that system gets in here it will bring beneficial rain for new hampshire since we are at least two inches below normal. for the month of october. temperatures right now running in the seasonably cool range in the 40's north, lower to mid fifth central and south.
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on average tonight we'll dip back just a little above where we were late last night and early this morning. solo 20's will do it north, upper 20's and low 30's elsewhere, a few mid 30's along the coast. but after another cool day tomorrow, some of this spring-like warmth building in the deep south will race in here for one day on thursday. it actually will move in later tomorrow night, so a good part of wednesday is quite chilly, but temperatures will warm during the nighttime hours, setting the stage for a very mild day on thursday. as for the timing of the rainfall, looks to arrive sometime shortly after the lunch time hour in southwestern new hampshire. you'll notice the morning with a little filtered sunshine, especially the farther north you go, then the cloud lower and thicken. light rain will arrive during the afternoon. then later tomorrow evening into the overnight stretch, we'll be dealing with showers, some downpours and a possible thunderstorm as wind begin to
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crank up as well and temperatures actually rise. by early on thursday morning, most of the scott brown pours are gone, could be a lingering shower through mid morning, then right into pocial sun and that will help temperatures jump interest the 70's possibly in some spots. as for projected rainfall, the purple shade indicates an inch and a half to two inches of rain, that is a possibility, although a few spots could get a little less. farther to the north the numbers could change, but on average one to two inches rain on average. wind will also become an issue later tomorrow night, a bit breezy in the afternoon. but this is a look at future wind gusts later tomorrow night early thursday morning during the predawn hours. notice the wind gusting up over 45 miles per hour at the coast and across the higher terrain before the winds abate a little bit on thursday. those wind could be enough to result in a few widely scattered power outages late tomorrow night early on thursday morning. fair, chilly tonight.
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it's a cool day tomorrow as cloud roll in. light rain in the afternoon. heavy rain at times wednesday night. it ends early thursday, could be a passing shower in the afternoon, breezy and much warmer and back to dry and seasonably cool for friday and halloween, don't forget we fall back to standard time as we go into early sunday. and maybe a bit of a warmup early next week. josh: so an extra hour of weekend. mike: yes, make your plans accordingly. jean: thanks, mike. josh: you'll no longer be able to pack electronic cigarettes in your checked bags when you fly, we'll tell you the reason for the new rule. jean: then, the man accused of a murder dating back to the 1980's
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josh: a 90-year-old woman and her son are outraged after she was strip searched by t.s.a. agents. this happened in portland, oregon, harriet charny had a small pocket in her bra to hold extra dollars, but that showed up on the body scanner, flagging the attention of security agents, her son says the search was handled badly and left his mother shaken. jean: airline passengers will no longer be able to pack electronic cigarettes that their checked bags, the new rule is meant to protect planes from
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inflight fires. passengers will still be allowed to pack ecigs in their carry on bags but will not be al rawed to recharge the devices while on the plane. the rule goes into effect in the next two weeks. josh: as manchester imposed some of the highest -- the u.s. preventive services task force is recommending overweight adults between 40 and 70 be checked for abnormal blood sugar or prediabetes. the new guidelines may help doctors get those patients on a healthier path before the disease sets in. >> so we identify it and then hopefully we can start to change behavior, lifestyle to improve your risk for developing diabetes or even delay it. josh: a diabetes prevention program is still being finalized by the state. it should be available for use in hospitals, that does include cmc, by springtime. we'll keep you posted.
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straight ahead, it's baseball's big night, but it's been a decade since either of these pennant. jean: and at least one black friday fan has already staked out his spot. we cannot make this up. he does have another reason for being in line so early. and we have a very special u local hot shot tonight, it took 67 pumpkins to spell out a proposal, those say marry me, and we're told nicole said yes.
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jean: a key suspect in a murder from decades ago has asked a judge to lower his bail. josh: this man is accused of choking a 5-year-old girl while me was a guest inside her family's home. mike: from dry and cool to wet, breezy and eventually warmer, way. hampshire. jean: and families who can't afford computers will now get them any way.
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local school. jean: it will be up to a superior court judge to decide whether a man charged with murder in a 1988 cold case should be allowed to be released on bail. welcome back, i'm jean mackin. josh: i'm josh mcelveen. anthony barnaby was in court today for a hearing that could determine if he is released prior to his trial. andy hershberger joins us now live from nashua. reporter: it took prosecutors several years to get anthony barnaby back to the united states from his home in canada. now a judge may consider whether he should be granted bail. anthony barnaby faces two counts of first degree murder and is being held without bail. but his lawyer is trying to get that changed. barnaby is accused along with david cape land of killing
5:27 pm
strom in 1988, a cold case that was reopened in 2010 by a former nashua police detective who testified at this hearing that just days after the murder barnaby allegedly confessed to the crime. >> he stated that he had initially stabbed her in the abdomen, inside of the door before he dragged her into the bedroom, charlene, yes, consistent with what was found at the autopsy, several stab wound to the abdomen. and then he talks about how stabbing warn fear the back. reporter: he was tried three times with each jury failing to reach a verdict. kaplan was charged but never went to trial, after critical evidence against him was thrown out. but prosecutors say advances in forensic science and new witnesses allow them to reopen and recharge both defendants. barnaby's lawyer questioned the validity of an alleged confession given after 0 hours
5:28 pm
of interrogation and says there is no reliable scientific evidence that links barnaby to the crime. >> no hairs, no blood, no transfer evidence whatsoever from either of the two victims in this case. >> as of the time that i testified to in the probable cause hearing, that's correct. reporter: this hearing is going to stretch into another day before the judge dies what she's going to do. andy hershberger, wmur news 9. josh: a massachusetts man is accused of choking a 5-year-old girl in exeter. exeter police say that 19-year-old solomon martinez turned himself in to face two felony assault charges, martinez allegedly choked the girl at a home that he was visiting last week. police say the two are related. martinez is now being held on $10,000 bail. jean: two of the men convicted in the deadly stabbing of a teen from madbury will be sentenced next month.
5:29 pm
the judge set the sentencing of zachary pinette and michael tatum for november 10th. prosecutors say the two met along with tristan wolusky, drove to aaron wilkinson's house last june. they had knives and a machete and planned to rob the victim of money and drugs. wilkinson's body was later found along a road in maine. josh: invest in opportunity and stop crime before it starts, those are prawbs' words to law enforcement and communities across the country. aixa dias is in our washington bureau and the president touched on several police related issues today. reporter: he did, josh. the president talked about police community relations, prison overcrowding, and gun safety at a conference for police chiefs today in chicago. the president says he rejects the narrative of us against them, when it comes to communities of color and police officers. he says police must get the resources they need to do their
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goated for broader failures. president obama: we can't expect you to contain and control problems that the rest of us aren't willing to face or do anything about. problems ranging from substandard education to a shortage of jobs and opportunity. reporter: the white house says evidence does not show that more cops now are shying away from their jobs, and this comes after the f.b.i. director last week said that he's finding some police officers have anxiety about a face to face en count we are the public because of cell phone cameras now and viral videos. live in washington, aixa diaz, wmur news 9. josh: thanks. jean: still ahead, another g.m. recall, it's the third time new vehicles have been pulled off the road. why they're still considered dangerous. josh: if you're hoping to beat the shipping rush this holiday season, we might be able to help, we'll tell you the days that are expected to be the busiest for holiday packages.
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now, it's moving on in, when it arrives plus what it bring ours way. jean: spring and summer usually get the attention for home
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bring their o do you think when you are president you'll be paid as much as if you were a man-male... this is one of the jobs where they have to pay you the same. but there are so many examples where that doesn't happen. i'm going to do everything i can to make sure every woman in every job gets paid the same... the men who are doing that job. r i'm hillary clinton p
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dow jones losing just over 40 points, s&p 500 and the nasdaq also dropping a handful. but we do have some breaking business news at this hour. walgreens says it will be buying rite aid pharmacies, a nearly $9.5 billion cash deal will combine the largest and the third largest u.s. drugstore chains. last year walgreens acquired alliance boots, that's the company that runs the biggest kingdom. recalling more than a million vehicles for a third time after repairs for potentially dangerous leak didn't work. jean: the vehicles in question can leak oil and then catch fire, in some cases those fires damaged garages and homes. the recall covers nearly 1.5 million vehicles dating back to 1997, ranging from buick regals to chevy impalas. to see if your vehicle is on the
5:35 pm
josh: wal-mart has become the latest retailer to ask the f.a.a. to start test drones outside. the company has been using drones inside buildings for months now. it wants to use them to create a more efficient distribution system and eventually use them for store and home deliveries in some areas. jean: u.p.s. is forecasting a 10% increase in holiday shipping, that news comes the day after fed ex announced it expects a record year. today we're also learning which days are likely to be the busiest for shipping. u.p.s. expects to move the most pans on december 22, that's the tuesday before christmas. other shippers have slightly different expectations. you'll also find particularly long lines on the monday after thanksgiving and the first two mondays in december. and how about this, outdoor retailer r.e.i. says it will close on both thanksgiving and the day after. saying that black friday has gotten out of hand.
5:36 pm
customers can still shop online, but the website will display a page urging shoppers to get outside and enjoy the day. the company's 12,000 employees will still get paid for those days. good job. josh: we're still a few days from halloween, but the die-hard out. this guy camping outside a best buy in orlando, he'll be the first one in line to get this year's deal on a new television. he does have another goal though, he's raising awareness of homelessness. the man who also hosts a radio show is accepting donations for a local shelter and he's relying only on donated food and water to get him through the next two months. but if you're going to do that, orlando is not a bad place. jean: and a good deed he's doing. an injured deer knew just where to go for help. >> i heard the call come out. josh: startled doctors found the animal walking into an emergency room.
5:37 pm
for the world series and the u.s.a. women's soccer team gets their trip to the white house. josh: and a little league team
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jean: welcome back. there are advantages to shopping for a new home during the colder months. josh: from aesthetic reasons to sellers motivations, karen caifa explains why this could be the
5:39 pm
perfect time to look for your new place. reporter: with children in school and the holidays around the corner, the real estate market tends to slow down in november and december. laura schwartz, a real estate agent in northern virginia says inventory in the fall and winter tends to be about half of what it is during the spring and summer months. but there are some advantages to home shopping in real estate's off season. >> fall and winter tend to be more of a buyers market, so buyers have advantages in that usually sellers have to sell, so they may be able to get a better price, and there's usually less competition. reporter: most sellers putting a home on the market in the colder weather months have to move out for a specific reason and may be up against a certain deadline, giving the buyer the upper hand. the drop in temperatures in the fall and the arrival of snow in winter can provide an important perspective for potential buyers. >> because the, does the basement flood, is the roof leaking, is it sunny at the house, are there patches of the grass still covered in snow
5:40 pm
three months later. it's a really different vantage point than looking when it's sunny and the trees are full and the flowers are blooming. reporter: and be mindful of scheduling closing dates around the winter holidays when banks and courts may shut down for a day or two, slowing or halting transactions. i'm karen caifa. mike: lots of changes heading down the cross across new hampshire over the next couple days, temperatureses jumping big time. we also have quite a bit of rain and wind. but before all that happens another chilly night out there. take a look at our live web cam network in warner where the sun just beginning to set and temperatures will tumble once again into the 20's and low 30's in many areas. but clearly you can see changes coming in through the ohio valley, and the midwest, with the latest system that will bring some beneficial rain to new hampshire. out ahead of it again it's chilly but seasonably so. temperatures running right at
5:41 pm
the average for this had time of year in the 40's and lower to mid 50's in many years. overnight tonight we bottom out in the 20's and low 30's. a few mid 30's hanging around right along the coast. temperature wise right now seasonably cool all the way back into the midwest. however there's a little wedge of spring warmth building in the tennessee valley, and once the steady rain moves through tomorrow night to about daybreak on thursday a little piece of this warmth will rush in here for one day on thursday. not out of the question that we could see a few parts of southern new hampshire well into the low, maybe even mid 70's. but before that happens, we're tracking the rain. remnants or some of it from hurricane patricia that barreled into mexico last friday and early saturday. we will not see anything like the rain and devastation they saw down south. one of the reasons, the storm is a quick mover. early tomorrow morning some high clouds, then the rain takes over during the afternoon. but it will be on the light side through about sundown. shortly after that we'll start
5:42 pm
to see heavier showers, downpours and a possible thunderstorm. accompanied by some gusty winds. wind could exceed 35 to 40 miles per hour, especially in southeastern new hampshire and across the higher terrain of northern parts of the granite state. then early on thursday rain is out of here but after that moves through some partial sun and temperatures begin the jump. for tonight we'll see a few clouds rolling in. during the day tomorrow the cloud will lower and thicken, and during the course of the afternoon here comes the rainfall. some of it again increases quite a bit as we advance into and through the nighttime stretch, ending by early thursday. as for highs tomorrow, anywhere from the low 50's north to the mid 50's south, right at the average for this time of year. but a big jump in those temperatures again, will take over as we go into thursday. tonight chilly, near 20 north, lower 30's on average south, fair skies, a few extra clouds in southern new hampshire.
5:43 pm
light rain in the afternoon tomorrow, showers, maybe a thunderstorm and locally heavy downpours for wednesday night, ending early on thursday. but notice the big jump into the low 70's on average, drying out later thursday night and friday and halloween looking good. sunday a couple of scattered showers, maybe a few more on monday before it dries out on tuesday. another reminder we keep tell you, falling back to standard time, so that sunset sunday, 4:38. josh: get batteries for your smoke detector. mike: do it all this weekend. jean: thanks, mike. josh: an injured deer in upstate new york found its way into an emergency room. jennifer: it walked right in through the automatic doors, it did have broken bones and apanel had had been hit by a car. two sheriff's deputies already in the hospital helped catch the deer. >> we're just a couple hours away from the start of the world series. both teams lost in their last fall classic appearance, but for the royals fans the sting is
5:44 pm
still fresh. two teams desperate for a championship. who will end a generation long drought? it's been 29 years since the new york mets won the world series, 0 years for -- 30 years for the royals. both teams are playing great baseball, their playoff runs electrifying, the royals had the more experienced squad known for their defense, a degreesive base running and powerful bullpen. >> we're not a team that strikes out much, we're going to go out there and put the ball in play. reporter: they have the same core roster that nearly won it all last year. >> last year was heart breaking for us, not only did we lose the the world series, but to lose it at home. reporter: mets fans are used to being second fid nell new york city, just five pennants to the yankees' 40. >> you got to believe. reporter: but the big apple has fallen the love with this group of players, rallying behind the team nicknamed the amacings. the mets heads by second baseman
5:45 pm
stat sheet looks more like something you'd see in a video game, seven home runs in the playoffs, including a long ball and a record six straight games. new york comes in with a better pitching rotation, young, brash and on fire. >> it's the ability to come together as a team. >> if fans like what they say the this series they'll be psych forward next year's opening day, the melts and royals will pick up where they leave off, squaring off in kansas city to kick off the 2016 season. now, it is raining there, but the first pitch is scheduled for around 8:00. the royals have home field advantage because the american league won the all-star game in july. and this is the awesome time of year when we're still talking baseball, but we're also talking football, basketball and hockey. the bruins host the arizona coyotes tonight. celtics play their season opener tomorrow at home against the 76ers. patriots play on thursday night football, hosting the miami dolphins. college football, dartmouth having their best season in years, they're 6-0, they have a lot of depth on the team and a
5:46 pm
he's accounted for 18 touchdowns already this year. we'll have much more on him at 6:00. there are two good races in new hampshire this weekend, the ninth annual anthem and manchester city half marathon and relay, and a great half march month at castle in the clouds in moultonborough, those are both on sunday. the world cup champions had their day at the white house, the u.s.a. women's soccer team made sure to take a selfie with the president, sign of the times. after the trip to the white house abby announced her retiermd, she's the all time leading scorer in international soccer for men or women. josh: thanks, jamie. an experiment in one school district is getting mixed results. jean: why scoring 10% on the test will now get students the same grade as much higher scores. tom: up next, the police situation up in laconia has
5:47 pm
chief will uptate us on what led to this scene downtown. and a woman assaulted by two men who charged at her and attempted to steal her purse, the victim just walking home from work when police say the suspects moved in. tt2w`tiy %t, bt@qp%$ tt2w`tiy %t, "a@q@)@ tt2w`tiy %t, bm@qk"l tt4w`tiy %t," dztq 8ed tt4w`tiy %t," entq ha$ tt4w`tiy %t," gzt& qf\ tt4w`tiy %t," hnt& ah0 tt4w`tiy %t," iztq +!h tt4w`tiy %t," jntq 9q(
5:48 pm
people want change, they want reform, they want to see something done, but just carping about it and whining about it and making speeches about it doesn't get it done. nobody has shaken up the system more than i have. i've always been unorthodox in this and against the grain. but you know what? i know how to get it done. new day for america is responsible for the content of
5:49 pm
josh: one school district's experiment with grades isn't sitting well with parents. jean: in this california district it now impossible to get a grade under 50%. before students would get an f if their percentage fell between 0 and 60. a 50 now. the district says it's good motivation for kids who might be discouraged if their grades fall too low. >> this is that area that we're talking about where students with be in a deep hole. and what we're saying is, okay, we don't want you so deep in pass. >> the kids can show up, they get their 50, and then they're done. jean: the district says even though the numbers may stay failing. some new hampshire schools have
5:50 pm
tried a lar idea. josh: this morning a school donated computer equipment to computer technology assistance core, an organization that refurbishes computers and provides them to low income families across the state. >> if they don't have a computer, the kids get behind nowadays, and it's sad, that's why it's vital for us to be able to provide this at a cost that any family can afford. >> this is just another fundamental way that we can give back to the community and to the people who really need to use some items that are still usable. jos: they have provided more than 1300 computers to the community.
5:51 pm
tom: now at 6:00, a section of laconia is shut down with evacuations and school lockdowns. what we're learning about the situation that led to it all. jennifer: tonight the search for to men seen running after they
5:52 pm
in downtown manchester. and she wasn't giving up without a fight. mike: quiet and cool for to you, but eventually rain, wind and warmer temperatures all move through. tom: plus the governor considers emergency orders to crack down on the amount of prescription drugs being handed out. but some are saying not so fast. >> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now wmur news 9 at 6:00. tom: right now at 6:00 a standoff that shut down a section of laconia this afternoon is over. but the search for a suspect has just started. jennifer: police had surrounded an part billion on jewett street and evacuated some nearby buildings too. wmur's adam sexton live now with the update on the situation from the chief. reporter: well, as police search for this suspect they've also been going through that residence at 20 jewett street that was the focal point of that massive police presence earlier
5:53 pm
this afternoon.
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