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tv   News 9 Daybreak  ABC  October 28, 2015 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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erin: now on daybreak, laconia police are looking for the man they say made a threat causing a standoff yesterday afternoon. there was a problem -- they don' t know what his name is. a family in hanover can' t drink there well water this morning. a chemical from a former animal burial ground at the dartmouth medical school may be to blame. kevin: as the rain and wind approaches, we are expecting the heaviest of it later today. we will have the timeline head. erin: republicans are getting ready for tonight' s presidential debate and the candidates are prepping in a variety of ways as a new national poll shows a bit of a shift at the top.
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now, wmur news 9 daybreak. erin: hi there and good wednesday morning. thanks for joining us today. we are seeing some pretty dense fog out there and spots. kevin skarupa has a look at the forecast. kevin: we have rainfall developing during the afternoon. the could be wind that pushes and early tomorrow. some spots could see over two inches of rainfall out of this. for now, it is the patchy fog and the clouds continuing to drift in. the rainfall starts to build in from the southwest as the afternoon wears on. the heaviest is expected this evening. temperatures are near the freezing mark. we will look for highs today to get back into the upper 40' s to mid 50' s. a milder day tomorrow.
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afternoon. let' s take a look at your wednesday morning ride through the granite state. we' re joined live by 95.7 wzid' s deb davidson . deb: good wednesday morning, kevin. 93 looks great. no delays from the plymouth area down to concord and then from the hooksett tolls to manchester and londonderry to salem -- all up to speed right now. as you make your way through the mill yard, it looks great, especially through the lane shifts. you are moving well through the bedford toll' s down through the lane drops. out on the seacoast, 95 is moving well with no delays. this report is brought to you by peters honda, kia, and nissan of nashua. erin: we start with breaking news from the town of monroe, where crews are battling a fire at pete and gerry' s organic egg
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firefighters were first called to the scene around 2:30 this morning and found heavy fire in one of the barnes. it is not clear if any people or animals were hurt. we do have some video from back in 2011 when another fire destroyed a building under construction at the same farm. we will continue to monitor the situation area a search is underway in the lakes region for a man accused of causing a standoff in laconia. police later discovered the man was no longer at a home they surrounded. police have confiscated several items already, right? ray: that' s right. those items include a double-barreled shotgun and bags of ammunition that police say the man had. officers swarmed a laconia neighborhood in the downtown area yesterday afternoon after a man reported he had been threatened with a gun.
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they surrounded the home and removed a young woman, but later discovered the man who made the threats was no longer there and like he got out his arrived. it still made for a tense afternoon. >> it happened in a very congested part of town. we did set up a fairly large perimeter to keep people away, traffic away, while the investigation was ongoing. >> should this individual be considered armed and dangerous? >> at this point, yes. ray: police do not know the name of the man they are looking for. police of to release more information later today. they do have an arrest warrant out on the suspect. the name of that arrest warrant is "john doe." erin: the republican presidential hopefuls are gearing up for round three, the
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cycle is tonight in colorado. donald trump will once again be ben carson will be standing next abc' s bazi kanani has more. stage. two men placed front and center. >> iowa, will you get your numbers up please? bazi: a humble donald trump acknowledging ben carson' s rise to first place in iowa. in another new poll, virtually tied. >> second is terrible to me. bazi: ahead of the debate tonight, carson is not taking those new numbers for granted area >> i do realize it is a marathon. we are still more than a year away from the election. there will be ups and downs. bazi: while trump and carson are expected to hit hard at each other in tonight'
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candidates are battling to be seen as the alternative. jeb bush declaring marco rubio a gop obama, rubio suggesting bush is part of the past. the candidates tweeting pictures of their debate prep. >> let the chips fall where they may. i' m done with the being polite and listening to this nonsense. bazi: there are 14 republicans still in the race. only the top 10 will be part of the main debate, which will have a significant focus on economic issues. abc news, washington. erin: in light of the heroin epidemic facing new hampshire, governor maggie hassan is considering emergency rules concerning prescriptions for painkillers. many consider opioids to be the root cause of the heroin problem. the governor' s office has
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floated a draft proposal within the medical community for feedback. they may limit prescriptions for a five-day supply and limiting the use of fentanyl. >> the guidelines in the board of medicine rules say that the chance of a patient becoming addicted to an opioid is low. we know that that is not true. we also know from other states that there are best practices we should be implementing. >> all of this needs to be done with public hearings and needs to be done appropriately in a public process to make sure we have not impacted the ability of doctors to practice medicine. erin: if emergency rules were implemented, there would not be a normal public input period. the rules would stand for six months and then a review process would occur. police in newton are looking for a person who they say shot the windshield of it you'
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while wearing a gorilla mask. this was around 2:00 on monday afternoon when someone wearing a mask in the backseat of an oncoming car fired a bb gun. the windshield did not crack and the driver was not heard. a massachusetts man is accused in exeter. 19-year-old solomon martinez turned himself in and is charged with two counts of second degree assault. the owners of a home near the dartmouth college medical school have been told to stop drinking the water from their well because chemicals from a former animal burial ground at the school may have seeped in. the small lab animals were exhumed a few years ago. last month, a nearby well tested positive for a solvent that is a possible carcinogen. contamination was found on the
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the first time tests have shown in moving off-site. college is offering services and assistance to the affected family. still ahead, a community banding together. >> there are a lot of people coming out here to support. it is cool to see. erin: local groups are stepping up to the plate to help a little league team targeted by vandals. computers are an integral part of life these days. one group is making sure everyone has access without breaking the bank. an attempted purse snatching in
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i thought southern new hampshire university was only online. but then i visited and saw that there was this amazing campus, with a great campus culture. the community was just amazing, i really feel like this is my family. i've made so many friends here, friends that i know i'll have for life. i have everything i need to succeed right here. there's always something happening here. this is such a fun place to be. everybody really loves what they're doing here.
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kevin: a live look from the charter trust building in concord. clouds will continue to thicken up. rainfall moves in this afternoon
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as the wind starts to pick up. heavier rainfall late this afternoon and tonight. we look toward the weekend and coming up. erin: support is rolling in for their clubhouse and concession stand were vandalized over the weekend. last night, the community helped the bedford little league damage. the manchester monarchs, new hampshire fisher cats, primary bank, elliot hospital and cmc combined to donate about $3500. bedford' s own chris carpenter, a world serious champion, is also lending his support. >> i' m sure anywhere in new hampshire would step up and do things like this. new hampshire is a great state with a lot of great people who support their local towns and their local little leagues. erin: primary bank is still accepting donations. there will be a spaghetti fundraiser on monday.
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a local nonprofit that helps boost from southern new hampshire university. the school donated more than 150 pieces of computer equipment to computer technology assistance corp, who refurbishes computers and distributes them to low hampshire. >> if they don' t have a computer, the kids get behind nowadays. it is vital for us to be able to provide this cost. >> this is another fundamental way that we can give back to the community and the people who usable. erin: the organization has already provided more than 1300 computers to the community. it is 5:13. coming up, the winter heating season has already arrived. but if you use firewood, it is this year.
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who has the plan for jobs? jeb. tax cuts for the middle class. eliminates special loopholes. an explosion in growth and new jobs. jeb: cut taxes. grow america. right to rise usa is responsible for the
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woman disappeared well is safe this morning. 19-year-old taylor gammel wandered away from home, got on s home nine miles away. investigating. prosecutors in mexico have searched areas in three states as part of the hunt for the escaped drug lord el chapo guzman. they have seized 11 small airplanes, six homes and buildings, along with weapons, drugs, and vehicles. officials say they located guzman in the mountains and that he was wounded, but escaped during their raid. the largest drugstore chain in the u.s. is getting a whole lot
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walgreens is buying rite aid for $9.4 billion in cash. the deal combines two of the three largest drugstore chains in the country. righted stores will keep the name, at least initially. the deal is expected to keep -- to be completed in the early part of next year. the cost of firewood is going up. more hardwood is being sold to build hydrocracking sites in pennsylvania. -- hydro-fracking sites in pennsylvania. you can expect to pay an average of $375 per cord. just in time for halloween, an incredible discovery in boston. crews working on the mbta project at government center found these old costumes rolled up beneath the blue line platforms. they were found in a small,
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halle section of concrete -- hollow section of concrete poured more than 50 years ago. what a find. can you imagine finding that right there? kevin: a little halloween mystery. i have been enjoying the costumes you have been wearing on open chronicle." erin: i know, all this week. once the year, it is not bad. kevin: we start off early this morning and you will notice that we do have the weather headlines were clouds will continue to thicken as it turns breezy today. the wind will pick up out of the east and southeast and showers push in through the afternoon. clouds will thicken up this morning. the heaviest of the rainfall looks to be tonight through the overnight hours, where we could see 1-2 plus inches of rain. i think the2-plus portion will be localized, especially to the eastern facing higher terrain.
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the rainfall pushes away tomorrow, although there could be a shower in the afternoon. temperatures in the upper 60' s to the mid-70' s before the cold front arrives later in the day before temperatures start to return to normal on friday afternoon. the clouds continued to thicken up this morning. enough breaks in that overcast. you can see the rainfall making steady progress northeastward through central parts of york. that kicks in for southwestern parts of the state in the early afternoon. i don' t think that the evening commute will be heavy in most locations. the could be a couple of spots where we have a couple of heavier downpours. any sort of ponding holds off to later on this evening, when we are looking at the heavy of this -- heaviest of this to continue later on this afternoon. by the time the air mass gets here along with the rainfall, temperatures should have sufficiently warmed. we will be in the upper 40' s to
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the mid-50' s tomorrow afternoon. high temperatures today, upper 40' s to mid 50' s. the wind starting to pick up out of the east southeast. it will be a raw feel in the air as the rain all pushes in. futurecast is probably a couple of hours farther back to the west to my liking at this point. rainfall pushing an early afternoon in western areas and then going into the rest of the state in the rest of the afternoon. there could be a couple of rumbles of thunder out there. we will start in the 50' s and lower 60' s tomorrow, which should be the launching pad for the brakes of the rainfall -- breaks in the rainfall. we will eventually cool off tomorrow night into friday. clouds will continue to thicken. the brees continues to pick up. the rainfall could be heavy at times during the evening and
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tomorrow, we go up into the lower half of the 70' s before the cooler breeze kicks in tomorrow night and then we drop back down to the lowest mid-50' s. looking good for the trick-or-treaters on friday night and on saturday. clear skies for both days. erin: there are some people who were -- will trick or treat both nights. kevin: the recommendation from what football coach was to get to costumes and go through your football coach twice. -- the recommendation from one football coach was to get two costumes and go through your neighborhood twice. ray: the search continues for a man who caused the standoff in laconia. officers swarmed the downtown neighborhood. a man reported he had been threatened with a gun. the man who had made the threats was no longer at the house and
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erin: as the heroin epidemic grows in new hampshire, governor painkillers. some suggestions include five-day supply. a family and hanover has been told to stop drinking water from their well after it tested positive for a potential he dangerous chemical. the chemicals may have come from a former animal burial ground school. still to come, a twist on the roadkill cafe . a hotel in vermont is preparing the menu for a unique dinner,
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if you think while ignoring climate change, think again. america's are already moving to clean energy using existing technology now we need a plan to help businesses and families across america to save money on electricity and create millions of new jobs. it all starts with 50% clean energy by 2030.
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erin: a chef in vermont is getting ready for a special dinner with some rather unique menu options. everything for the fish and wild game supper at the hotel vermont is donated by local fishers and hunters, including things like trout, bear, moose, muskrat and beaver. kevin: the menu will also include roadkill. state fish and wildlife officials will provide three animals killed on highways. the proceeds for the dinner will benefit the fish and wildlife lake champlain international. erin: interesting. if you like to maybe try something new? different? that will be for you. kevin: that is definitely different. erin: wales are pretty big. biologists have first ever -- have released pictures of the omura' s whales living in the wild. biologists do not know much about omura'
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kevin: they range in size from 33 to 38 feet long. they are only identified as a 2003. though. still ahead on news 9 daybreak,
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do you think when you are president you'll be paid as much as if you were a man-male... this is one of the jobs where they have to pay you the same. but there are so many examples where that doesn't happen. i'm going to do everything i can to make sure every woman in every job gets paid the same... the men who are doing that job. r i'm hillary clinton p
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like we do. now, wmur news 9 daybreak. erin: good morning to you on this wednesday, october 28. you are going to face some pretty dense fog in some spots out there in your travels. it is body out there. we will take a look at the forecast after today' s top stories. crews are on the scene of a fire at an organic egg farm in
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monroe. no word on any -- whether any people or animals were hurt. police are searching for a man they say prompted an hours long standoff in laconia after allegedly striking a man with a gun. they winchester man is due in court after authorities say he held them at bay during a standoff for four hours on jones road. we do have this fog out there this morning. kevin: yeah, and that should burn off in the next few hours. the rainfall is really on the doorstep into the afternoon. the rainfall starts to edge into western areas of the state and will be lifting northeastward from there. we will have rainfall around for the evening. we could see one-to plus inches -- 1 to 2-plus inches of rain by the time it winds down
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erin: we get the ran out of the way for the trick-or-treating? kevin: yes. erin: we do want to check the roads. here is a live look at how things are out on 93. kevin: for a look at a drive, we are joined live by 95.7 wzid' s deb davidson. good morning. deb: good morning, kevin and erin. 93 does look great through the entire state of new hampshire. no problems as you start your commute. 293 looks great, as well. just a minor cap of the brakes -- tap of the brakes due to rid -- bridge construction. 101 and 111 are trouble-free right now. as is the spaulding turnpike. this report is being brought to you by peter' s, nissan, and kia of nashua. i'
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erin: back to that breaking news we are following out of monroe. firefighters are on the scene of a fire at an egg farm on buffam road. the fire broke out around 2:30 this morning at pete and gerry' s organic egg farm. when crews arrived, they found heavy fire in one of the barn. at this time, there is no word on whether any people or animals were hurt. this is the same far more fire destroyed a processing plant back in december 2011. the building was under construction at the time. we will continue to follow this recent fire for you through the morning. a search is underway for the man police say set off a tense standoff in laconia yesterday afternoon. police did confiscate a shotgun and several bags of ammunition from an apartment was a man prompted that stand up area authorities do not know the man' s name. ray brewer joins us live with
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ray: the gun police seized is what had them concerned. not only did the suspect have the gun, but he was allegedly threatening to use it. investigators left laconia with a double-barreled shotgun and bag full of ammunition tuesday evening. the items were taken into evidence following a tense afternoon. >> we attempted to make contact with individuals and were informed that one was armed with a rifle or a shotgun. we knew it was a long rifle gun. ray: after detaining and removing a young woman from the scene, the special operations group try to determine if the suspect was still inside. after initially getting no results, officers determined the suspect was gone. he most likely made his escape scene. the scene. >> this happened in a very congested part of town.
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perimeter to keep people away while the investigation was ongoing. ray: this individual should be considered armed and dangerous? >> i would say, yes. arrest. >> i was terrified for the community, my grandkids, myself. t know the suspect' s name, in part because the people he was full name. police hope to release more information later on today. reporting live, ray brewer. erin: police in winchester also dealt with a standoff yesterday and come of this morning, the suspect is due in court. officers were called to a home on jones road for the reports of a gunshot. the shot was fired during a disagreement that led to 35-year-old joseph legere barricading himself inside his home for about four hours. he eventually surrendered and
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incident. he will be arraigned on charges of reckless conduct with a deadly weapon and criminal threatening. belknap county is moving forward with a new jail programming that heroin addiction in another county. the county met yesterday to discuss a new community correction center. the proposed facility would have 30 treatment beds and 34 work release beds all aimed at making sure people do not relapse and reoffend. >> the concept is that there is a punitive component, but also a focus on reeducation and job skills and moving the person or community. erin: the new community correction center would cost about $7 million. a former planet fitness employee has pled guilty to defrauding
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over two years, nicolas selby bought more than 1800 ipads with company money and then sold them to other companies. in his invoices, he falsely described how he was spending the money. the scam unraveled when another employee took a call about an ipad order that led to a discussion about his orders. manchester police are trying to track down a pair of man they say tried to steal a young woman' s purse. she was walking near the right aid on elm street about 7:15 on monday night when a man quickly approached her from behind. she tried to cross the street, but a second man jumped in front of her. they tried to grab her purse, which was draped around her neck. she was knocked on the ground and managed to fight back and her screaming scare them off. the suspects ran to a waiting vehicle. anyone with information is urged to call the manchester police department.
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hillary clinton is returning to the granite state today. she will speak at an event at saint at some college this afternoon. she will also attend the carroll county' s grover cleveland dinner tonight. former secretary of state madeleine albright will be in new hampshire next week campaigning on behalf of clinton. meantime, the republican presidential candidates are gearing up for another debate tonight. the gop contenders will take the stage for a third time. nikole killion has a preview. >> this is the first time the gop hopefuls are debating since scott walker got out of the race. tonight could be make or break for the rest of the field. donald trump is seeking a comeback. others to watch, jeb bush, who is expected to come out swinging with his campaign on the ropes. the top candidates will be featured in primetime, preceded
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>> this will be focused on the economy and how we can move the country forward. that will be the focus of this debate. it is going to be another interesting one. >> among the hot topics expected tonight, taxes and job growth. erin: the principal of concord high school is stepping down at the end of the high school. gene commonly is battling als and he knows he will not be able to physically do his job after june. he was diagnosed last year. he has been using an ipad program to speak for him at school this year. coming up, the effects of america' s incarceration rates. a new report shows a surprising number of kids have at least one parent in prison or jail. it was a long night for the kansas city royals and the met. game one went to 14 innings.
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kevin: it looks like a soaker later on this afternoon and this evening.
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you ar
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lower half of the state in the 30' s. clouds thickening up this morning. it is a dry morning commute, but it will be far from that by the time we get to the evening. rain pushes in this evening. certainly, tonight, we could be looking at 1-2 inches of rain. we will have the details coming up. erin: it is now 5:43. wisconsin congressman paul ryan is expected to be formally nominated for the speaker of the house today. he is facing florida gop congressman danny webster in today' s election and is expected to win. trey gowdy said he will be the one to nominate ryan. full house will approve his nomination tomorrow. police in stone, massachusetts are searching for they suspects behind a brazen robbery. two men tased a pair of
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employees and sit tied them at a coin and jewelry shop. the suspects took off with an undisclosed amount of coins. they are trying to determine if this had any connection with a smash and grab at the same business seven months ago. thieves made off of the quarter million dollars and valuables during that robbery. in oregon, and explosion inside a world war ii era tank left two people dead yesterday. the tank was located at a public firing range. authorities are not yet sure what caused the explosion. police in china had to come to the rescue of two children whose heads got stuck in samarra places. one of the children got his head stuck between a parent steel railings. police also arrested a -- rescued a 10-year-old boy after his head got stuck between two glass doors. more than 5 million children in
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parent behind bars, a new study says. one in 14 children have a parent in jail or prison. the rate is higher for poor children and african-americans. one in nine black kids have a parent behind bars. poor kids are three times more jail or prison. turning now to sports, game one of the world series was a hard-fought battle. the royals and mets went 14 innings last night. in the bottom of the first, escobar hit a homer and gave the royals a one-zero lead. this is the first inside-the-park home run leading off a world series since 1903. five hours later, escobar score the winning run. the royals took game one by a final of 5-4. game two is tonight in kansas city.
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fox lost coverage over and electronics failure in the production compound. it looks like taco bell will be buying breakfast for everyone in the u.s. if any player stolen base, they said they would give everyone a free a.m. crunch wrap. there were two steals. customers can redeem the breakfast this coming monday. if any bases are stolen from games 3-7, they can redeem on november seven. less than 2.5 minutes into the game, the puck got tucked inside the post to give the bruins a 1-0 lead. in the second period, jimmy hayes scored his third goal of the season.
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the bruins easily won this game 6-0. it is off to the conference championships for the unh cross-country teams. the meat is being held at the stony brook campus. the veteran team has four seniors. the men have four sophomores and two freshmen running. the u.s. women' s soccer team had their day at the white house yesterday. abby want back announced her retirement -- wombach announced her retirement after the event. it is looking a lot more like winter in parts of colorado. there is so much snow that is section of one highway had to be shut down yesterday due to avalanche danger. multiple accidents were reported. chain requirements are in place
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for some stretches of the highways out there in colorado. we have not really seen anything like that, at least statewide. when do you think the first big snowfall will be? kevin: last year, it was thanksgiving, which is creeping up closer, quicker. usually, our first big, widespread snowfall is the first week of december. that seems to be the middle ground. we will have to see. erin: it is not in the seven-day forecast. [laughter] kevin: there are no maps hinting at that, at least for the time being. we start off early this morning with the clouds that continue to make their way in. this system will be all rainfall. in some places, it will come down heavy this afternoon and this evening. going all the way back to last week, this is what is left of that large, record-breaking hurricane patricia. it was lingering around with
5:45 am
flooding rainfall in texas and the gulf coast the last couple days and now finally it makes its way to the northeast and gets involved with the northern jetstream. it is going to be moving a lot faster than anything they had down there. we do have a coastal flood advisory within a few hours of high tide today. there could be some minor splash. the breeze will start to pick up as the rainfall starts to edge in. occur as quickly as 11:00 this morning. temperatures starting the day and the 20' s to the lower range s. we will see the temperatures work their way from the 40' s into the 50' s this afternoon. a high in the lower range of the s. the water temperature is 52 degrees on the beach. it will be gusting at times over
5:46 am
guessed over 30 miles per hour new the coasts. we are expecting rainfall to go heavy later on tonight and early tomorrow morning. that is the window of time for the heaviest rainfall. temperatures anywhere from the upper 40' s to mid 50' s this afternoon. don' t be surprised if you are woken up by rumbles of thunder overnight tonight or tomorrow morning. from there, we could see it little bit of a break late breaks in the overcast. this is the front that comes through later tomorrow. out ahead of that, temperatures s and lower half of the 70' s. as far as today is concerned, clouds continue to build and thicken this morning. temperatures climb into the
5:47 am
look for an overcast sky by lunchtime and then periods of rainfall by 3:00 or 4:00 this afternoon. there is the one warm day we will have enough forecast as the showers wind down tomorrow morning. there still may be a stray shower in the afternoon. from there, the cooler air arrives. we are looking at some chillier evenings, but it does look like fair skies friday into saturday. most of sunday should be dry. saturday night into early sunday, it is time to end daylight saving time and fall back come as a get an extra hour to the weekend, which is much needed for a lot of folks with the trick-or-treating on saturday. erin: or maybe it is an extra hour of trick-or-treating? kevin: i think it falls back [laughter] erin: i know. the final numbers are in for the
5:48 am
51 of the 57 high school varsity football programs were collection sites. 57,000 pounds of food were donated. all of it stays with the local pantries and families in need in the local communities. in efforts -- hanofford' s is giving gift cards pinkerton, plymouth, and fall mountain for winning those. still ahead on daybreak, it may not look like much, but this cracker was apparently worth a lot of money to someone out there. we will explain why they paid thousands of dollars for it. our u local hotshot photo of the morning. take a look at this downy woodpecker getting ready for
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erin: a guinea pig in california has a new set of wheels. estella suffered a broken back after a child squeezed her too hard. she now uses a wheelchair to get around. the chair improves her activity level. the sanctuary says she is enjoying life to the fullest and is now married to a guinea pig friend. kevin: how about that. erin: life goes on. a cracker thought to be the oldest one in the world has sold at auction for $23,000. kevin: that is $8,000 more than fetch. the english biscuit was part of a survival kit used on the 1912. one of the passengers saved it. a collector bought it at a british auction. erin: i can' t believe this thing hasn' t crumbled over all these years. kevin: that is a good point.
5:51 am
that may be awfully hard by now. erin: coming up in our next hou r, the latest on the breaking news out of the north country. firefighters on the scene of a fire at an egg farm in monroe. ray: laconia police still searching for the man responsible for a standoff in the city yesterday. we will let you know why the name on the arrest warrant is john doe. >> republican round three. the gop presidential candidates set to clash in colorado. i' m nikole killion with what to expect in tonight' s debate coming up. erin: a woman in ohio was getting a lot of attention all because of her pumpkin
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each feature maxx your thing at t.j.maxx with better brands, at prices that work for you. make each day a little better.
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