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tv   News 9 Tonight  ABC  October 28, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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>> windswept rain tonight and then temperatures soar on thursday. the hour-by-hour forecast ahead. shelley: money and economic policies were the focus of tonight' s red -- republican debate. presidential candidate hillary clinton addressed democrats in bartlett tonight. her response to criticism of her state. a former st. paul' s school student convicted in a sexual assault case will be sentenced tomorrow. the strategy laid out by owen labrie' s defense team today. a military blimp breaks loose and crashes in insulated. capabilities of the sensitive surveillance equipment on board. >> no one covers new hampshire like we do.
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now, wmur news nine tonight. shelley: we begin with the weather. the granite state is getting a serious soaking right now and overnight. you' re looking live in portsmouth and the seacoast could see a little coastal flooding at high tide. let' s get right over to hayley lapoint who has the timing on this rain. haley: it continues to be heavy, especially in spots in the northern part of the state. look to the south, there is more where that came from. we have another round coming through and there might be some rumbles of under during the overnight as warm air starts to move in. temperatures right now are climbing into the 60' s by the time most of us wake up. a little bit of a low from manchester down into nashua and jaffrey but there' s more to con down to the south so this is not it. the winds have become quite gusty, especially at the seacoast. that'
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s where we have concerns for flooding, especially at high tide which happens just before 1:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. there could be some minor flooding and splash over at the immediate seacoast. school day forecast, get your kids ready for a wet bus stop tomorrow but warm and 60 degrees. jumping off the bus there will be scattered showers but temperatures in the 70' s. more in the forecast coming up. shelley: the former student convicted in the st. paul sexual assault case will learn his sentenced tomorrow. owen labrie' s lawyers asking the judge for probation. today the defense submitted letters from friends and family. stephanie woods joins us live with a preview of his a in court. stephanie: the message repeated over and over in the memorandum
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was that owing made a mistake as a high school senior and should not have to pay for it for the rest of his adult life. 20 year old 01 -- owen is preparing to learn the sentence he will face labrie. he' s accused of using a computer to seduce or dice a child under the age of 16. the defense attorneys asking the judge for only probation. illegal analysts said expect them to paint a positive portrait of him on thursday. >> what you can expect to see is a very fiery presentation by the defense. they know they have their work cut out for them in order to keep mr. labrie am going to jail. >> he has already lost his scholarship to harvard university, look must report as a lifetime sex offender, and will forever be tainted by this case. >> those are all things the defense are going to argue about
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don' t punish him anymore. freshman girl days before he graduated from the esteemed prep school, but the jury did not find him guilty on forcible >> i think the prosecution has to recognize that there are many mitigating facts in this case about mr. labrie that the judge really has to consider. the prosecutor cannot ignore those. >> his mother wrote in her letter that her only child was suicidal after the case and he has been punished beyond any degree that anyone else can possibly understand. >> ultimately, i would be shocked if they didn' t recommend a significant amount of incarceration. >> prosecutors are expected to file their memo before the sentencing hearing begins tomorrow. shelley: on to commitment 2016. as republicans debated in
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colorado, democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton made three stops here in new hampshire. today she spoke at politics and and a before heading to the north country. adam sexton has the story tonight from bartlett. adam: hillary clinton back in new hampshire for the 2nd time in less than two weeks. the last time she was riding high after her debate performance. this time democrats are buzzing over her testimony before the benghazi committee. oh say does that star spangled adam: for hillary clinton what could have been a month of adversity has turned into momentum on the campaign trail. before a crowd of carroll county democrats, the former secretary of state started off saying she' d try to get everyone out in time to watch the republican debate. >> i think we have a pretty good idea of what to expect as they compete to insult eachother, continue demeaning women, double down on trickle down. it really is like a reality tv show. adam: clinton starred in her own
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11-hour television drama testifying before congress on benghazi last week. she addressed the issue in a one-on-one interview with wmur political director josh mcelveen. >> i hope the congress will now take more action and pass some of the bills and make some of the decisions that will provide better training for a diplomatic security personnel and make sure they have everything they need in a dangerous world. adam: longtime clinton ally bill shaheen says clinton is at her best under fire. >> tough as nails, she' s as tough as nails. no one can take her on, and you notice at the end of it, after all those accusations and innuendoes, she went up and shook everyone' s hand. adam: wednesday afternoon clinton offered handshakes of a different sort at a stop at moulton farm in meredith before heading up north. at the attitash grand summit hotel, she said to push back against republican claims that she didn' t really accomplish anything as secretary of state and she sent each gop presidential candidate a copy of her book. >> i thought, you know, hey, if you want to know how to negotiate a ceasefire between
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israel and hamas with the muslim brotherhood president in cairo, you can read about it. i suggested that, you know, there' s so many of you, you could have a book club. adam: clinton will continue her campaign swing through nh on thursday with stops in littleton and berlin. in bartlett, adam sexton, wmur news 9. shelley: the top 10 republican candidates for president faced off again and a national debate tonight. this one was held at the university of colorado -- colorado boulder. cnbc hosted matchup with the focus on economic. jean mackin joins us live with some of the key moments. jean: the gop contest is still so wide open, 10 candidates were on the stage. first, the main event on the main state. out of the gate, donald trump
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>> is this a comic book version of a presidential campaign? >> ben carson also standing center stage, also fighting for front runner status, vowed not to attack his challengers. >> i do believe in reagan' s 11th commandment and will not be engaging in awful things about my compatriots here. >> but the scrimmages came quickly. john kasich issuing a trunk warning. x folks, we' ve got to wake up. we cannot elect someone that doesn' t know how to do the job. >> than his poll numbers tanked and he got nasty. so you can have him. >> jeb bush questioned marco rubio' s voting attendance. >> when he signed up for this, this was a six-year term.
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you should be showing up for work and quick someone has convinced you that attacking me is going to help you. >> the debate was designed to mainly focus on economic issues like taxes and debt. >> i' m worried about bankrupting the american people. >> it' s like a 400 pound man saying i' m going to go on a diet, but i' m eating a sack of krispy kreme' s before i do. >> there were attacks aimed at democrats. >> it is the height of hypocrisy for mrs. clinton to talk about being the first woman president when every single policy she espouses and every single policy of president obama has been demonstrably bad for women. >> you put me on stage against hillary clinton, she will not get within 10 miles of the white house. take it to the bank.
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>> we have isis and al qaeda attacking us and we are talking about fantasy football? tonight. get over that one. >> now it is wait and see how . gain some traction. the first votes in the nation months from now. jean mackin, debbie him you are news 9. shelley: earlier in the evening the four candidates at the bottom of the polls had their debate. bobby jindal, santorum, george pataki lindsey graham covered issues like climate change, hacking, and digital security. they also discussed the budget bill congress is set to prove this week. >> i think it' s a very bad deal.
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>> it' s a bad deal, but to protect our military, i would have signed it. >> this budget, if it' s paid for, will put $$40 billion back in the defense department. >> and im the one on this stage, and frankly both stages, who has actually gone to washington, said we would shake things up, and actually delivered on a conservative cause. shelley: during a lightning round of questions, bobby jindal admitted he still has a donald trump had not given out his phone number earlier this your, he probably wouldn' t have a smart phone. jeb bush will arrive in new hampshire tomorrow afternoon. he will meet with voters in portsmouth and hold a town hall meeting in new london. our commitment 2016 coverage continues on with the breakdown of where all the candidates stand on the major issues. massachusetts state police say they arrested a man for making a
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international airport. police say the man was on a back. police did not find a weapon and false bomb threat. minutes. a former plant on south willow a new purpose. coming up, the redevelopment plans for the former sylvania plant and when new businesses could be opening up. a military blimp goes on the run, floating from maryland to pennsylvania before crashing. the sensitive technology that was on board. haley: we' ve already had a few
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do you think when you are president you'll be paid as much as if you were a man-male... this is one of the jobs where they have to pay you the same. but there are so many examples where that doesn't happen. i'm going to do everything i can to make sure every woman in every job gets paid the same... the men who are r i'm hillary clinton
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shelley: today family and friends said goodbye to a nine euro void known for his kindness. christopher chester died while walking to a neighbor' s house to deliver cookies. he had a genetic heart condition which causes the heart to enlarge. a fund was created to help pay for funeral expenses, something that this family needed help with. >> sometimes its 5 and sometimes it's 25. people have donated hundreds of dollars that we don'
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t know us. >> i have seen such good in people that i have never seen before in my life. it has absolutely restored my faith in humanity. i can' t believe what people have done for us. shelley: our hearts go out to that family. more than $25,000 has been donated so far. tonight the house passed a bipartisan budget deal that also raises the debt ceiling. the vote was 266 to 167. the bill gives the government authority to freely borrow money through march 2017 and increases spending on defense and domestic programs that $80 billion. the senate is expected to pass the bill before next week' s deadline. wisconsin congressman paul ryan is one step away from becoming the next house speaker.
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current speaker john boehner abruptly announced his resignation last month. the full house will vote tomorrow. manchester will soon have a new mini mall in the space of the former sylvania plant. the olfactory and south willow street is being transformed into a 3000 square foot retail space. the building structure but some sections will be not down. the mayor says the project will bring more people to the area. >> there are people that have been calling in the have heard about this and they talked about christmas tree shops and trader joe' s in a variety of other things. i will leave it up to the developers to see what they are going to bring in. shelley: the mayor says that could be tenants within the new complex with any year. a military blimp that spent hours floating over maryland and pennsylvania is on the ground
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it somehow broke loose from its mooring in maryland and came down in pennsylvania about 80 miles north of harrisburg. the army surveillance blimp is technology. >> it' s designed to carry a radar systematized 10,000 feet degree view of surveillance. it' s part of a testing program to see if they can detect cruise missiles that could be coming in for the nations capital. shelley: because about 18,000 how are outages. haley: we started out with an incredible sunrise and then we basically had lots of clouds through the day before the rain began. enforcement that was just after 4:00. it was pouring after that time
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and throughout the evening it has been pouring. the winds are starting to pick up and whip around all of this rain. you can see on radar with the heaviest rain is right now. wherever you have those yellow shades, those are the pockets of heavier rain, especially up into the upper valley bear from lebanon, hanover and in the mount washington valley there are pockets of heavier rain. this is temporary, we have heavier rain down for the south of us. so we are not done yet. another few hours throughout the overnight and early tomorrow morning we will have some the showers passing through. out to the west we see more scattered showers. even once it ends in the early morning hours tomorrow we will still have on and off showers throughout the day.
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and much warmer air is on the way and it will be more humid air. almost like a tropical air mass moving through. we will get the warmer air, wins popping up and humidity starting to crank up and it will be noticeable. wind speeds are going up as well. manchester, 50 miles per hour, 21 in portsmouth. a little lighter in the monadnock region, which is a good thing. overnight the winds are going to pick up and become gusty particularly at the seacoast where we do have the threat for coastal flooding due to the winds. and the higher tide we are in due to the full moon we have had recently. coastal flood watch goes until tomorrow morning with a high tide at 12:51 a.m.. that' s when there could be some splash over and minor flooding due to high astronomical tides and a wind advisory for gusts up
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during the overnight hours and only two more morning. heavy downpours throughout the overnight and probably when most of us wake up tomorrow morning. by lunchtime we will start to have some dried times. scattered showers around but there will be some breaks for you might see the sunshine. finally the whole system pulls out of your thursday night. friday looks much brighter, maybe a couple of showers in northern new hampshire. friday will be cooler and clearer with more sunshine. look at the forecast temperatures for tomorrow, upper 60' s up north and 70' s to mid 70' s in nashville and salem. the warm air pumping in quickly. then we fall back into the 50' s on friday. showers up north. saturday mostly sunny, 52 for halloween and a spook tack your forecast for trick or treat her'
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temperatures in the 40' s. a quick heads up tomorrow morning with the showers and windy conditions, could be some slick spots on the roads now that all the beautiful foliage has blown down, leaves can make ends really slippery on the roadways, so be careful of that tomorrow morning. shelley: jamie staton is in with a preview of sports. jamie collins season opener for
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their season kicked off tonight in boston. they hosted the philadelphia 76ers. nole with an excellent spin move and score inside. he played at the tilton school in new hampshire. isaiah thomas to jerod solyndra. celtics were down by seven points. thomas was huge off the bench with 27 assists. a first half but as a reader. marcus smart drills the three-pointer after trailing for a good part of the first half. celtics led at the break by 11. jonas with a three-pointer. they win the opener for the 43rd time in history. 112-95 and the host toronto on friday. that' s a models, bottom of the fifth. jacob degrom on the mound for the mets. kansas city broke through.
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escobar with an r.b.i. single scored alex gordon. eric hosmer with a two-run single. alex rios and escobar will come around, four runs in the inning. johnny cueto was awesome on the mound the royals. a complete two-hitter and they win 7-1. they will head for game three in new york on friday night. mls playoffs, their season is done. reds get the first goal, an incredible bicycle kick. that would be their only goal of the game. chris rolfe with the goal for the home team is the game-winner. d.c. united wins and the season for the revolution is over.
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first overtime, memorial things they get a goal. the referees call no goals so it went to a second overtime tied at one and zachary elliott gets the game-winner for the little green. central wins 2-1 in double overtime. they advance to take on top seeded bedford on saturday afternoon. division ii portsmouth and trinity, second half, alan shoot . a commanding lead, good-looking shot right there. trinity finders came back. oliver thomas down the sideline, launched it over the goalie' s head for the goal. renner will score and it went to overtime. then penalty kicks and portsmouth wins and advance to play limit in the quarterfinals. wildcats pulling some momentum after a tie against umass friday night. they rebounded with a nice
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wildcats have two wins and two losses and a tie on the season. they play at merrimack college on saturday. >> they got off to a great start . they had two great games. it' s going to be tough, but we feel we are getting better and we will continue to get better. >> i think were going to be really good. shelley: still to come, it takes some training to become a superhero. the visit to the boys and girls club in manchester today that had kids ready to don their
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shelley: super heros and villains showed kids at the manchester boys and girls club how it' s done. six cast members from the traveling show " marvel universe live" held a super hero training camp. in an obstacle course inspired by the avengers. kids threw thor'
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s hammer played with captain america' s shield
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