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tv   News 9 at Five  ABC  October 29, 2015 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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in short, we all need to do better and we can do better on behalf of victims. so for all of those survivors who may have never told anyone what happened to them, we would like to remind you that help is available any hour of any day. here in new hampshire by calling the state sexual assault hotline 1-800-277-5570 or by contacting your local crisis center. thank. josh: you are watching news 9 at 5:00. we've been in continuing coverage of the sentencing of owen labrie. he just learned that his convictionings will put him in jail for one year plus probation. he has been released on bail pending an appeal. but this is a case that has raised serious questions about teen-age culture with both side in part blaming the private school where labrie and the
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victim were both enrolled. jean: we'll have live team coverage, but first we're joined by legal analyst david are are ruoff. one year in jail, but also he's been released on bail pending his appeal. so tonight owen pla bree are not be behind bars. >> that's correct. he won't have to serve any portion of his sentence until his appeal has run its entire course and that can take up to 18 months. jean: so this process could go on and on? >> yes. they'll file a notice after peel within the next 30 days and then the supreme court will issue a scheduling other from there, and months. josh: one of the big components of this is the fact that he needs to register as a sex offender, and some charge that amountings to a life sentence. does he have any resource now with this sentence? >> with respect to the sex offender registration, he'll be what they call a tier two
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offender. so 15 years after completion of the sentence for that specific offense, he can ask the judge for permission to get off the list. whether that will ever happen 15 or 16 years from now, we don't know. jean: what do you make of of the one year in the county jail sentence? the new hampshire coalition against domestic and sexual violence called it a small consolation in their press conference just a moment ago. >> i understand. i'm not surprised by the sentence. i would have been surprised if he had received a state prison sentence because of the sentenced. the judge was very careful about parsing out that he wasn't sentencing him for convictions upon which he was acquitted. so, but 12 months is a long time, and it's still fairly close to what the state was asking for. they were just asking for it to be a little more time but at the state prison, with time off if he was able to complete that sex
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offender treatment program. josh: if you're the defense and you're putting together this aappeal, what kind of different routes may they take that would differ from the one that led to a conviction and a year behind bars? >> well, everything is on the table with respect to the ateal. they'll be able to take a look at all the motions that are filed, all the rulings the judge made and reargue those again on appeal. mr. labrie will also probably have the chance to ask another lawyer to review to see whether or not his defense attorney, mr. carney, provided adequate representation of him in the defense of this case. so there are all sorts of things that are still available to him over the next 18 months. jean: we heard during the victim impact statements, members of the victim's family saying make a statement, send a message about what happened here. does the judge factor that into the sentencing? >> absolutely. we call that deterrence, specific and general deterrence. that's one of of the things i
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concerned about was sending a message to other young men that are out there that are similar to mr. labrie. and it's a strong statement that if you're convicted of these types crimes that you will face the consequences and go to jail. regardless of what you already lost in terms of going to harvard and, you know, the stigma that attaches to these convictions. josh: the timeline associated with this, this has been a high profile case, gotten national media attention. i would imagine that both the prosecution and the defense will be very methodical and take their time to make sure that no mistakes are made and that this whole thing doesn't blow up in either of their faces, especially the prosecution. through an apeople. >> absolutely. keep in mind the attorney general's office will handle the appeal for the state. they handle all the appeals, so the case will get transferred to them for hand l.
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whether mr. darn carney stays on as the attorney for the appeal remains to be seen. josh: a year, year and a half, two years? >> 18 months to two years. jean: owen labrie is being released on bail pending his appeal. if he were to serve that one year in the house of corrections, would it be a full year? >> no, it wouldn't be. for house of corrections sentences they actually get a third of the time off if they behave themselves, so it would be eight months behind the wall. jean: from your experience and to our viewers' benefit, what's the difference between serving time in the state prison and ebb serving time at the house of corrections? >> both facilities are very, very different. state prison is where a lot of hard core criminals are, a l. repeat offenders, a lot of people that are there for very serious felonies. the county correctional facilities tend to be, house
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small time offenders, and people that are awaiting trial. josh: quickly, one-year sentence for the conviction, is this considered a harsh sentence or is this pretty much the line with what you would expect? >> i think it's in line with what i would expect. i think it is something that a lot of people that have followed the case are not surprised. jean: we're joined on the set by legal analyst david ruoff. we within to listen to some emotional sound we heard in the krom within the past hour, hour and a half. >> unfortunately the owen labrie my daughter met in 2014 was not the bespeckled pale tweed jacket wearing to expelt divinity student we see in the court. but the vulgar sex obsessed deny until you die entitlessed slay maker who used every trick in
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conquest to his impressive list and extensive collection. >> st. paul's school does a lot of wonderful things. but it fails the students in one glaring respect. it's been called the culture of st. paul's, it's been called the tradition of st. paul's. if any parent did what st. paul's school did in ken urging senior boys to hook up with freshmen girls, that parent would be justifiably excoriated by others, saying are you crazy, have you lost your mind? why would you ever say that to your children? jean: we've learned that labrie has been sentenced to one year in county jail followed by probation and will have to register as a sex offender.
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and an emotional case as well. josh: you are joining news 9 at 5:00. we'll have a bunch more on this case throughout the evening. you can also find complete coverage of this complicated and difficult case on, along with a look at how this case fits into the larger picture of new hampshire case history. jean: we're going to move onto other news of the day and we'll get back to our team coverage of the labrie sentencing. but first one person has injuries after a rockslide on i-91 just over the new hampshire state line. the stormy weather last night triggered that rockslide in vermont. state police had to close the highway for a while this morning until they could clear the rocks and the vehicles that were hit there. and some stormy weather across new hampshire, too, that was earlier today but the sun has cleared, some places got up to three inches of rain. and there were some strong winds accompanied by the storm that
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rocked us overnight and this morning things cleared up and it was pretty nice. lapoint. hayley: incredible how warm the temperatures got today. take a look at where we are now, though a big change of events through. you made note of that if of were outside about an hour or two ago. there were very gusty winds, some ominous looking cloud, maybe a shower and now the temperatures are cooler because through. we're in the 60's at the moment. there is some remaining showers, especially up in the mount washington valley, but most of us it's just clouds moving through. and the wind still pretty strong. but the saucer, maybe up into the conway area, berlin as well, light rain showers, winds still strong, gusts at lebanon, 21 miles per hour, about 23 miles per hour in jaffrey. overnight it will be breezy, but temperatures much cooler than where they were this morning. we'll fall into the upper 30's
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tomorrow our highs nowhere near the 70's. the forecast coming up in a few minutes. jean: thanks, haley. now we turn to the traffic watch. let's see how things are moving out there on your ride home. we'll start with live pictures in manchester, our view over 293. josh: peggy james joins us with a live look at the road home on a thursday. >> hi, josh and gene. we have one trouble spot right now an accident on 93 northbound at exit 4. this has things backed up solid all the way back to 111 and back to rockingham park boulevard. otherwise further north you saw 293 is doing good. 93 through hooksett and concord also a good ride. the everett turnpike has mostly cleared out southbound due to an earlier car fire. northbound you've got your usual delays around exit 10 through merrimack. from the wzid traffic network,
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i'm peggy james.
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jean: there's a new speaker of the house in washington tonight. >> the speaker elect, paul d. ryan of the state of wisconsin. jean: paul ryan now leads the chamber elected by fellow republicans just weeks after former speaker john boehner surprised everyone with news of miss retirement. nine republicans broke ranks to vote for the florida representative daniel webster. neither webster nor ryan cast a ballot in the vote. before today's vote boehner wrapped up his 25 than year political career with an emotional farewell sweep. >> never forget we're the pluckiest peel on earth. in america you can do anything that you're willing to work for, willing to work hard at, and anything can happen if you're willing to make the necessary sacrifices in life. >> boehner shook hands with ryan after the vote.
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younges speaker since 1869. josh: commit in 2016 now, and a day after a widely criticized republican debate jeb bush was back in new hampshire and picked as well. the former senator judd gregg was there. class. >> he has put forward more subject -- substantive thoughts than all the other candidates. >> i appreciate the fact that they see in me kind of maybe looking in the mirror, seeing someone with a proven record about success and wants to solve problems. josh: at 6:00 we'll hear more from yeb bush as he was asked repeatedly by a noisy hoard of media about the perception that his campaign is in free fall. republicans lindsey graham and
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to new hampshire after last night's debate. graham will hold eight events. kasich has several town halls. hillary clinton addressed college age voters today. reporter: presidential hopeful hillary clinton is north of the notches, starting her talk here in berlin taking a swing at the g.o.p. debate. >> i heard a lot of insults and a lot of back and forth between the various candidates. you would have been better off watching the world series, because the debate in my view was a swing and a miss. reporter: she made her first stop at the new hampshire community college campus in berlin. talking about college dealt and privatizing social security.
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>> the trust fund for social security has another 18 to 20 years before it's depleted. and i heard one of the candidates say last night that's going to be gone in five years and that people are stealing from you and all of that. that's just not true. reporter: health care costs also a big concern. so far the drug companies have been successful in avoiding having to negotiate with medicare for lower prices. that has to change. it one of my highest priorities because it will help get the cost of health care down. reporter: clinton was also asked who she might consider choosing as her running mate. she said it was way too soon to tell. in berlin, jennifer crompton, wmur news 9. hayley: good evening, everyone. what a wild roller coaster ride we've been on today. we woke up this morning to temperatures that made it feel almost like an august morning and even humidity levels were
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high too, along with the rain showers that moved through and the wind kicked out all of this warm air and we'll start to see cooler air. first stop in claremont, notice all those leaves that are on the lawn there, probably was not helped by all the heavy rain and wind we had overnight. find. same thing in littleton, clouds in place as we look toward cannon and maybe some sun trying to peak through the cloud as the away. so the two big things today, were the heat and also the wind. the wind were incredibly strong. we had gusts upwards of 40, a couple places approaching 50 miles per hour. we had some power outages reported, at this hour still a few communities out. this is the latest, they have significantly dropped off, the wind gusts, so things are looking better. the cold front has swung through.
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still breezy, lebanon 21 miles per hour. jaffrey, 17 miles per hour. so the wind will be moving around as we go through the evening hours and overnight. 76 degrees in concord was the high temperature today. almost close to a record, but portsmouth, you did get to a record. the old record 73. today was 74. the average high for this time in october, 56. so we were a good 20 degrees above that in manchester. here's where we sit right now, 50's up north, that's where the cold air has seeped in, the rest of us in the 60's. so relatively mild evening here that is all about to change because of cloud, showers moving their way through, still some showers up in the mount washington valley area. i wouldn't be surprised if we still have a couple hit or miss showers through the overnight hours as well. big area of low pressure up to the north of us, and this is just sitting and spinning. eventually it going to drag down
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so for the next 24 hours a huge temperature swing instead of 70's like we had today, we're talking more like fifth for highs tomorrow. here we go on future cast, any lingering showers, cloud, should clear by daybreak tomorrow morning, at least in the central and southern new hampshire. there may be lingering showers and even high elevation snow showers early on friday morning up north. then we'll have basically clearing skies for the rest of the day, with temperatures only climbing into the 50's on friday. friday night clear skies, saturday for halloween looking good, perfect for trick or treat first the evening because it will be dry, so a little bit cool. here's your forecast tonight, showers ending, a pretty picture from plymouth. you can see at least some breaks in the cloud, clearing skies overnight and temperatures falling into the 40's up north, 50's in the southern part of the state. big game going on down at gillette tonight, 8:25 the start of the game, pats versus the dolphins, 55 degrees with a bit of a breeze picking up there. here's your forecast for
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tomorrow, 50's across the state and a few 40's up north, a huge change from what we had today. for the trick or treating forecast, temperatures falling through the 40's with clouds increasing, but you don't need the wet weather gear. jean: thank you, haley. cases of breast cancer are
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jean: a new report finds breast cancer is a growing health concern for black women. josh: dr. timothy johnson explains what is being learned and what all women can do to lower their risk. reporter: breast cancer, while detection and treatment have been improving, it's an established fact that black women tend to fare worse with this disease. now new statistics reveal that black women today get breast cancer as frequently as their white counterparts, a surprise since white women have traditionally been more likely to develop breast cancer. but researchers at the american cancer society looking at data from a large national health survey find that in some states rates are now even hyper in black women. these women are also likely to be diagnosed later when more aggressive forms of cancer take hold, a finding that researchers say might be due to a lack of care. bottom line is that when black
5:23 pm
women do get breast cancer, they are 40% more likely to die than white women. fortunately there are steps that all women can take to lower their risk. eat a diet rich in fruits and vegetableses are maintain a healthy weight, limit alcohol intake, and talk to your doctor about screenings. small steps that may figure big in prevention. jean: straight ahead tonight, passengers rushed to evacuate when their plane catches fire on the runway. josh: getting a makeover can can
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people want change, they want reform, they want to see something done, but just carping about it and whining about it and making speeches about it doesn't get it done. nobody has shaken up the system more than i have. i've always been unorthodox in
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get it done. new day for america is responsible for the content of this advertising. josh: owen labrie will spend one year in jail for the sexual assault against an under class man at his private school. hayley: strong win and showers march through as cooler air returns. and a look at the halloween forecast coming up. jean: big changes in the cost of heating fuel this winter. what does it mean for your family? josh: and it is the desk that launched 100 years of history, the role that this piece of furniture played in new
5:26 pm
primary. josh: we continue to follow that breaking news, owen labrie getting a hug from his mother just moments after the prep school grad was sentenced to a year in jail in connection to a sexual assault of a crass mate. welcome back, i'm josh mcelveen. jean: and i'm jean mackin. labrie will not have to start his sentence until all of his appeals are exhausted. the judge sentenced him a little morp an hour ago in concord. in addition to the sentence at the house of corrections, the former st. paul's school student will have to spend five years on probation and will have to register as a sex offender. at the time of the assault, labrie was 18. the victim, 15. josh: jennifer vaughn is in the newsroom with the emotional statements that were made in the courtroom today. reporter: the judge heard from the victim herself by videotape
5:27 pm
mother, father and sister. all of them expressing the immense impact this case has had had on all of them and their entire family. the state focused on what it called the other side of owen labrie, the crude language he used to describe the victim and how seriously he took the game of the senior salute. then the victims mother told the judge she had been unsure sending her two daughters away to a boarding school, but because her husband has been a proud alum she felt they would be safe and nurtured. she said the actions of owen labrie stole all of that away. >> by all appearances he is international, articulate, attractive and engaging, but we'd also like to note that these are often the same qualities that we see in their dangerous sexual predators. our experience has told us that great people in positions of
5:28 pm
members of the clergy, are also sexual offenders. >> all those memories of our children's academic, cultural and athletic successes have been destroyed in the aftermath of labrie's rape of our daughter. tainted by his cruelty, and everything evil labrie has done, he has swept away like a wave of destruction all that was good by association at st. paul's school because of his citizen ster slay making and rape of our child on our sister's graduation weekend. >> there will be entire careers that will be unavailable to him. given owen's intellectual gifts, becoming a teacher or professor would be something that a person like that could entertain as a career. he now can't. there will be jobs that he would be perfectly suited for that he
5:29 pm
won't be able to do, even if he's not publicly known as a sex offender because the sex offender regulations will still apply to him. reporter: this case is being appealed, owen labrie will remain free during the process of that appeal and that could take up to two years. live in the newsroom, jennifer vaughn, wmur news 9. josh: you can read more on the labrie case on our website as well as watch legal signal says from our expert, dave ruoff. jean: in other news, it's tough to think about the price of heating your home this winter when it feels like a spring day out there, but there are clear price trends in place. the cost of heating oil and propane are down, while firewood prices are up. we found families with their winter meeting strategies ready to go. reporter: even when they are out for a stroll on a warm october day, winter isn't too far from their minds. in year nay have special reason to keep the home fires burning. 5-month-old georgia.
5:30 pm
>> she's always be warm, though. reporter: so they have heating options for a new hampshire winter. >> we had oil for a while, then we went pellet a few years ago. bought a nice pellet stove. but this year oil is cheaper so we're just running oil. >> it's good to have both because it's always going to fluctuate. reporter: there is price fluctuation this year for popular heating sources. the average heating oil price in new hampshire is around $2.27 a gallon. down more than a dollar since last year. propane is averaging 2.70, about 50 cents lower. but the price for firewood is going up for people in the northeast. the timber industry says hardwood is in demand for building hydrofracking sites in pennsylvania. so homeowners are paying about $325 a cord, up 50 to $75 this year. >> we had some people, there's --
5:31 pm
bother this wife and mother from manchester, semi them wood does her name proud. >> the last name is wood, ironically. reporter: her home is heated primarily by firewood, they save money by chopping it themselves at a family farm in maine, stacking up seven cords for the winter. >> we're probably the only house in the city when it's cold and we've got the windows open in january and wearing shorts. jean: firewood businesses say they are feeling the demand, near working long days delivering firewood and they say it is possible there could be another firewood shortage like last year when it became hard to find toward the end of the season. josh: merrimack police say a cat was shot several times with a pellet or bee-bee gun. police say it happened in the area of waterville drive last week. the owner told police the cat was found limping last week and the next morning a veterinarian found a pellet inside the cat. the cat did have to be euthanized because the injuries were so severe. the natural association of broadcasters teamed up with the
5:32 pm
partnership for a drug-free new hampshire to hold the stronger together drug summit today. people in attendance heard from the governor about the state's epidemic and were able to ask questions to members of a media panel which included our own amy coveno. a man accused of making bomb threats at logan airport went before a judge today. the massachusetts state police say that 55-year-old dennis last night. he was aboard a united airlines flight to chicago, in court the defense said the entire thing was a misunderstanding and that he only meant that the bag could fall out of the overhate come compartment, like a bomb. jeerpz passengers on board a ft. lauderdale fly had to jump down the emergency slides after the plane caught fire on the runway. a pilot had reported another aircraft leaking fuel. it was scheduled to fly from florida to venezuela. josh: still ahead, stores star planning for seasonal shoppers
5:33 pm
long before the holidays roll around. so we're going to take you behind the scenes to see how they pull it off. >> when you buy wild salmon, do you trust the label? a new study says maybe you shouldn't. hairps a few showers moving through tonight, about tomorrow a huge difference in how it feels. jean: if you need a spa day there's a new way to get
5:34 pm
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jean: the dow took a 23 point tumble today to 17,755. s&p off by less than a point, the nasdaq dropped 21. average gas prices, nationally at 2.19. here in new hampshire 2.11. manchester school of technology is opening its cosmetology salon to the public. josh: high schoolers take classes here and can earn hours towards a cosmetology license, and it's tuition free. now one day a week the public can come in for appointments with students at reduced prices. >> they might have an interest in fashion, hair, makeup, so they'll come here and they'll learn about it and decide if they really want to do it. >> if you haven't had the opportunity to get your hair done in a salon it's a great
5:36 pm
place to come try it out, see how you like it. you get to see the students in action. josh: the salon services range from 5 to $25. you'll find more details at jean: a new report says wild salmon may not be as wild as you think. the group oceana says 43% of the samples it tested in restaurants and supermarkets were actually farmed fish. it also found problems with three times more likely in restaurants than in stores. the national fisheries institute says the research project is incomplete and doesn't give information about the supply chain. josh: retailers have started hiring extra employees for the holiday season, but the plans for that staffing started months ago. karen caifa got a behind the scenes look at how the hiring all comes together. reporter: amanda gives thought to your holiday shopping before you do. >> we start in the summer, crunching numbers, getting our inventory estimates together and placing larger orders.
5:37 pm
washington salt and sundry boutiques has been preparing for the holiday rush for months. that includes staffing. the strategy, similar for large chains like the container store where holiday items are already on the sales floor. washington d.c. area director cynthia says the hiring process started in september. >> we have a lot. seasonal employees who like to come back with us every year and we take a look at what we expect to have in business for the holiday season. from there we determine how many employees we'll need. reporter: retailers have determined they need to hire at roughly the same levels as last year. outplacement -- they expect to add employees to payrolls. >> we don't expect to see big changes in the total hiring. another good strong year, probably similar to where we hiring. reporter: the drop in the nation's unemployment rate means stores are already well staffed.
5:38 pm
but also that fewer americans may be looking for part-time holiday jobs. a shift in consumer habits is changing where to find them. e commerce giant amazon will boost holiday hiring by 25% over last year to 100,000 new positions. that's more than macy's plans for, 85,000. target, 70,000. wal-mart, 60,000. and coal's 69,000. >> looks like you're in pretty good shape. reporter: at this kohl's in new jersey, the manager says seasoning hires may work in distribution centers or other areas that support online orders. >> obviously it is our busiest time of year so we are looking for flex it with hours, they would be working on the holidays, nights and weekends. reporter: flexibility in scheduling and flexibility in the roles, qualities sought by retailers as they gear up for their busiest season of all.
5:39 pm
shopping. all right, today marks three years since super storm sandy hit the u.s. up next we'll check in on the rebuilding effort still under way. josh: this doctor from new hampshire is ready to tackle the
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josh: three years since super storm sandy arrived on u.s. shores and thousands of people still have not returned home.
5:42 pm
state that was hit very hard. jean: many home own first new york are also waiting to rebuild. and new york city says it needs another three years to finish rear pairing its transportation system from sandy's flooding. josh: sandy was the largest hurricane ever recorded in the u.s. and was felt in new hampshire as well. it dropped several inches of rain, wind and knocked power out to about 140,000 customers. jean: we saw fallen trees and flooding. and the wind on mount washington registered 140 miles per hour. hayley: crazy to think that storm had those impacts on us here in new hampshire, even though we were a couple hundred miles away from the storm center as it made landfall in the northern portion of new jersey. much quieter weather here today,. look at the lakes region picture there, isn't that gorgeous, the
5:43 pm
sun going down with the last bit of clouds exiting the area. you get those beautiful colors that have formed there and just looks very nice. 61 degrees in the lakes region, still 67 at the seacoast. it's been quite a mild day to say the least. rain totals, we've gotten a few of them and counting this afternoon's rainfall, tuftonboro got over three inches of north field 2.17. jackson just over two inches. then lebanon, manchester just over one inch of rain. this has been a very beneficial rainfall. some of us especially at the seacoast really still do need it. even at the seacoast you're technically still in a moderate drought, so this rain is helping things. in the meantime, showers still lingering in the washington valley, maybe interest berlin, coos county as well. but the clouds breaking apart. you can see this area here of clearing, there may be a few scattered showers that move in during the overnight, especially
5:44 pm
but essentially this low pressure system you see twisting and turning is going to continue to move up toward the north and east and really the big thing we're going to feel from this system, not rain, but winds, can also colder air starting to funnel in out of canada. winds were incredibly strong today, as that cold front came through this afternoon. some of us had gusts up near 30, 40 miles per hour. wind damage reports in pelham, and cheshire county him now it looks like they have gone down a built more, 18 minor the latest wind gust in manchester. so we're in the 60's central and southern new hampshire. up to the north in the 50's now. we'll fall into the 30's overnight tonight. maybe a couple snow showers early tomorrow, but we'll break out clouds by midday, and a nice afternoon tomorrow, but
5:45 pm
not the 70's like we had today. tonight showers ending, clearing skies. finally the winds diminish tomorrow. temperatures in the 40's up north, 50's in the southern part of the state. a good 20, even 30-degree temperature difference, as we look at the next couple of days here. so for trick or treating, looks like we'll have clouds moving in and it will be chilly with temperatures that fall into the 40's as we go through the next couple of hours there. so on monday and next week, look at that, getting up into the 60's, so looks like we do warm up a little. josh: thank you. melts fans are thrilled to have their team in the world series for the first time in 15 years. jean: but some seats are selling for more than $17,000. no, that's not the original price.
5:46 pm
but demand is so high that the mets get ready to host game three saturday night. josh: they're starting two games in the hole to the royals because the royals are good. here's jamie staton. jamie: game three tomorrow night in new york at city field. all time in world series history teams that have gone up 2-0 have won the series 42 of 53 times. this one may have snuck up on oh you, the patriots play tonight, thursday night football as they host the miami dolphins, patriots favored by 8.5 points. it's one of the biggest races in the world and it's this sunday, the new york city marathon, 50,000 runners the field, that includes 114 runners from new hampshire, that includes hooksett's dr. laura handlan, she's raising money for the leukemia and lymphoma society. all too often she's had to deal with the disease. >> it's affected my life, my mom, and lots of people, lots of
5:47 pm
friends, lots of family members have been affected. a couple special kids i'm running for in year, able martin and addie, two kids that are fighting the battle and doing great. i think it's just the energy in new york city that makes it so special. you run through each of the five borrows in the city and they all have a different feel, different music, different vibe and the crowds are enthusiastic, it's a great day. jamie: if you'd like to donate in support of laura's run, just go to -- we also say happy birthday to her, and she will not be deliver anything babies at the elliot hospital for at least the first half of sunday. jean: all right, and congratulations to her, it's a great feat to do that. a piece of new hampshire primary history now sits in a place of honor. josh: we'll tell you what makes this desk so special when we come back. tom: coming up, a year in the house of corrections after lengthy victim impact
5:48 pm
statements, the judge sentences st. paul's grad owen labrie to jail, his message to both labrie and to the victim in this high profile sex assault case we have team coverage ahead. and after what critics call a lackluster debate performance, jeb bush back in new hampshire.
5:49 pm
do you think when you are president you'll be paid as much as if you were a man-male... this is one of the jobs where they have to pay you the same.
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examples where that doesn't happen. i'm going to do everything i can to make sure every woman in every job gets paid the same... the men who are doing that job. r i'm hillary clinton p
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jean: can you believe next year marks the 100th anniversary of new hampshire's first in the nation primary? josh: yes, and a gathering at the secretary of state's office this afternoon marked the occasion. several historic objects were on display including antique ballot boxes and the desk owned by the author of the law that actually created the new hampshire primary back in 1960. also the grandson of grover cleveland, the first president elected through the new hampshire primary, was also in attendance. >> it's a really important thing to the state of new hampshire and anybody who studies history, and kids that come to the state house will be able to learn about this and why did first in the nation primary is such a historically important thing.
5:52 pm
josh: the first new hampshire primary, in case you were wondering, was held on march 14, 1960. and no one jumped the calendar that year. jean: it will be in february this year as far as we know. as we move toward the primary, many candidates are trying to show their more personal side. news 9 has added a special section to our politics page with fun facts about each candidate from their first jobs to their favorite sports teams. you can head to the primary page of the politics section at josh: marco rubio likes the dolphins.
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tom: breaking news at 6:00. owen labrie sentenced to one year in yale and probation for the sexual assault of an under class man at st. paul's prep school. the judge telling him he is not
5:54 pm
the victim the this case and the sex was not consensual. >> the owen labrie my daughter met on graduation weekend in 2014 was not the bespeckled, pale tweed jacket wearing poet and divinity student we see the the court. jennifer: the victim and her parents addressed the court before labrie was sentenced telling the judge their daughter's life will never be the same. hayley: feet like late summer 70's. when cooler air returns, and the halloween forecast coming up. tom: plus after some reorganizing of his campaign, jeb bush is back on the trail in new hampshire, the key republican support he picked up today. >> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now wmur news 9 at 6:00. tom: we do have breaking news right off the top tonight. st. paul's graduated owen labrie will serve a year in jail, in connection to the sexual assault
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