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tv   News 9 Daybreak  ABC  October 30, 2015 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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turn back those clocks at 2:00 a.m. on sunday morning. >> we want to wish everyone a happy halloween this weekend. and that's what's making news this weekend. sean: now on "daybreak," breaking in manchester, a three-alarm fire sends one person to the hospital. erin: owen labrie has been sentenced to a year in jail for sexually assaulting a fellow student. he's free on bail this morning. kevin: after milder temperatures, a change after trick or treating. sean: a fire sending more than 100 people scrambling to escape. one person was seriously hurt. >> no one covers new hampshire like we do.
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daybreak." erin: good friday morning. thanks for starting your day with us. i'm erin fehlau. sean: i'm sean mcdonald. we'll get you updated on breaking news in a moment. halloween looking pretty good. kevin: absolutely. looks like things are cooling off. we'll have a breeze today. beyond that we have a good set of circumstances through the weekend. we start off early this morning with a much drier start than what we had yesterday. we have the clearer skies in quite a few locations. there will be the risk of a shower between now and 11:00 up north. temperatures in the 40's to near 50. it will only two up another five or seven degrees in most locations. that puts us from the mid 40's to mid 50's this afternoon. a look ahead coming up. let's look at your friday morning ride. we're joined live by deb davidson. good friday morning. deb: good friday
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right now we're starting the early morning commute with a crash. it is on 93 southbound in hooksett. the center lane and the left lane are currently blocked off. authorities are asking you to stay to the right as you make your way through the area. once you pass the accident scene, 293 looks great through the city of manchester with no major problems through the mill yard. the everett turnpike looks good. through merrimack down into nashua and 101, 111, and 95 are all up to speed. this report brought to you by autofair from the wzid traffic network. i'm deb davidson for the traffic network. erin: we start with breaking news out of manchester. flames ripped through an apartment building this morning. sean: firefighters were called to clifford avenue just after midnight, sending residents running to safety. ray brewer live with the ray: good morning.
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you may still be able to hear the smoke detectors going off in the background. at one point, every fire engine in the city was there were people inside the building that needed to be rescued. multiple 911 calls started coming in reporting the three-alarm fire. when firefighters arrived, they found flames coming from the rear of the building. flames shooting up over the roof. now the 12 unit apartment building was fully occupied with 14 adults and six children. the district chief says there was a lot of smoke. especially in the common areas that was making it very difficult for them to get out. the chief says in fighting this fire, they had two main concerns. >> trying to keep the fire to the building of origin. the primary issue was rescue of the people that were -- couldn't get out or had a hard
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we assisted people in evacuating the building. we did keep it in the building of origin. ray: everybody did make it out. one resident was taken to the hospital. firefighters were on the scene quickly and managed to rescue animals in addition to the people that were having trouble getting out. some residents we talked to said they heard an explosion before the fire. the district chief says as far as where this fire started, how it started, it is too soon to say. live in manchester, ray brewer, wmur news 9. erin: former st. paul student owen labrie has been sentenced to a year in jail. he is free on bail as the appeals process continues. before he was sentenced, the girl labrie was convicted of sexually assaulting addressed the court. she spoke about how this has impacted her life and why she's fighting so hard for justice. the judge then sentenced labrie to one year behind bars, five years of probation, and ordered him to register as a sex offender.
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removed 15 years after serving his sentence. the public has been exposed to an undenial truth. predators don't come in only one mold. they can be sell already athletes, teachers, parents, and friends. >> he's going to turn to his family and friends. he's a strong young man trying to make the most out of a difficult situation. erin: he will not begin serving his sentence right away. legal experts say the appeals process could take a year and a half. sean: turning to our political coverage, you could see two presidential hopefuls here in the granite state today. lindsey graham has stopped plans in concord and manchester. bernie sanders will be
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and derry. hillary clinton wrapped up a two-day swing. she started in berlin and ended at littleton high school. she fielded questions from a crowd of 300 people and talked about the need for more foreign diplomacy, student debt reform, and clean energy jobs. >> i want to do everything that i can to make rural america a leader in clean energy. i think the united energy super power of the 21st century. sean: jeb bush came right to new hampshire after the third gop debate. he held a town hall meeting in new london. >> he has put forward more substive thoughts and ideas on the issues than all of the other candidates combined. they are good ideas. >> i appreciate the fact they see in me maybe they are looking in the mirror. seeing someone who has a proven record of success
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about things and wants to solve problems. sean: bush says he will be spending a lot of time in new hampshire. erin: an inmate that walked away four weeks ago has been caught. adam perch -- bergeron, 21, was arrested. he was recently eligible for parole. that had not been approved. he will now face escape charges. a car fire backed up traffic yesterday afternoon. the after that was on cruiser. the good news? we're not aware that anyone was hurt. the cruiser was towed away. sean: more than 20 people were hurt when a plane taxiing from the takeoff in florida burst on
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it appears that the 767 was leaking fuel. reporter: good morning. everyone managed to get off of the plane in time. airport officials say it could have been so much worse. >> fire. fire. reporter: sliding down the evacuation chutes and running to safety. >> i heard a loud bang. i turned around and saw the flights and flames. i ran to the front of the aircraft. reporter: the energy call just after 12:30 as the dynamic jet is taxiing for departure. another pilot spots the problem. >> out of the left hand it looks like it is leaking a lot of fuel. there's fuel leaking out of the left engine. >> do you copy? >> yes, sir. we copy. we'll probably need to go back to the wrap. reporter: just ten
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at least 21 passengers were hurt, mostly from bumps or falls during the evacuation. they tout at the quick response as the faa investigating the extremely close call. airplane officials say the boeing 767 was last inspected in june. bazi kanani, abc news, washington. sean: certainly a scary scene. still to come, it is a sure sign of fall. hunting season for firearms is getting underway. it looks to be a good season. erin: this is leading one of the most potent high school football offenses in the state. he's on record pace. ahead in the next half an hour, a new recovery center to help heroin
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30th. clouds building in. temperatures will be much cooler today than we were yesterday. we are looking at temperatures fairly mild early this morning as the cooler air continues to rush in. look for highs from the mid 40's to mid 50's. a look at the trick or treater forecast in just a few minutes. erin: this week's hometown hero is hoping to lead the team to the state championship. sean: stephen hedberg is a two-year starter. he broke the state record for passing touchdowns with 35. he's ahead of the pace this year leading his team to nearly 50 points per game. >> we all have our eyes on the goal this year which is win the championship. last year was more of just playing the game and all about winning games. this year we really have our eye on the prize. sean: he hopes to play football in college. he's talking to wpi and colby. he says a post-graduate year is also a possibility.
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blaze orange if you are headed out into the woods. muzzle loader season for deer starts tomorrow and runs through november 10th. regular firearm season starts on december 7th. hunters took nearly 2,000 deer. last up 10%. sean: we are honored to report as wmur has been recognized as the station of the year. wmur received 11 first place granite mike awards including newscast for the riots coverage. we won for best feature and best sports feature. andy blacksmith was honored as broadcaster of the year. blacksmith died in june awaiting for a heart transplant. a great honor for him. kudos to all of the staff here who worked hard at the pieces.
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we have a great team. getting a jump start on cosmetology.
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technology to prevent a very i had no idea snhu had this amazing campus. even the walk to class is amazing. i love the sense of community. people actually hold the doors open for you here. all my professors really know who i am here. they genuinely want you to succeed. i've made so many friends here. friends i know i'll have for life. snhu is the place for me.
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erin: manchester school of technology is opening the salon to the public. high schoolers can take classes as part of the curriculum, earning credit toward cosmetology licenses. it is tuition free in a two-year program. the public can come in for appoints with the prices. >> they might have an interest in it. makeup. learn if they want to do it. >> if you haven't had an opportunity to get your hair done in a salon, come try it out. you get to see the
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erin: salon services range from $5 to $25. other schools offer particular discounts. sean: honda is recalling accords because the side air bags can inflate if you slam the door too hard. the ignition does have to be on for the air bags to go off. 19 people have reported of the issue. many new cars have technology to detect other vehicles, pedestrians, and bicycles on the roads and avoid crashes, now volvo is working on a specific kangaroo detection system to avoid crashes in australia where there are more than 200 kangaroo collisions every year. volvo has tested the idea on slower moving animals like moose and cows in sweden. we could use the moose one around here. kangaroos more much more quickly and erratically.
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season is about to kick into high beer. walmart and target rolled out the plans. walmart will start offering sales on thousands of holiday items on sunday. both companies will be offering free shipping with orders of a certain value. target's deal starts on sunday. walmart is adding more food tastings to get people in the door and also rolling out a special new holiday app. app now to get you in. kevin: la la la. sean: you don't want to hear about it. after tomorrow? kevin: yes. sean: sunday is fine. kevin: even monday during the morning show. maybe not sunday. i won't be listening sunday. sean: too soon right now? kevin: let's focus on halloween. the weather is looking good. the timing of the clouds works out as well. for the here and now, clear skies in central and southern areas.
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it is part of the reinforcing shot of cooler air. some sunshine for us today. there will be a breeze out of the northwest. at times today, that will gust over 20 miles an hour, continuing to feed in the cooler air. temperatures stay near the norm through tonight and through the weekend. it will be nice for the trick or treaters. as i mention, there could be a shower around on sunday. we are looking pretty good with the well-timed band of clouds moving in tomorrow evening. there's a look at the chance of a couple of showers out there. most of these will be white mountains northward between now and 11:00 this morning. that's a reinforcing shot. the cooler mass coming in behind that. we're talking highs by mid afternoon going from the mid 40's to mid 50's. you notice early this morning, temperatures aren't far. we'll go up five to seven degrees. it is going to feel cooler than that. you can see the cooler air and how far it dives south. all the way down to the tennessee river valley.
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fall back behind the averages for this time of year. high temperatures into the afternoon. mid and upper 40's to mid 50's. enough sunshine. the breeze again is going to feel cooler than that. mostly cloudy skies. partly to mostly sunny skies into the afternoon. clear sky this is evening. winds lighten up overnight. lows in the 20's. maybe some upper teens up north. starting tomorrow with sunshine and cold temperatures. through the afternoon, we go up into the 40's to mid 50's. notice the clouds tomorrow night would have been one of those nights we see temperatures plummet during the evening. i think these clouds are a saving grace, keeping temperatures up a bit during the evening. it won't be much of a wind out there tomorrow either. it is ideal for trick or treating. from there, the clouds that we have out there may give us a quick passing shower. we can't rule out a mixed shower up in the
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that's it as far as the weekend is concerned and going forward into the beginning and middle of next week. highs in the lower and mid 50's. across a good part of the area. skies continue to clear. temperatures continue to fall off. as far as your forecast goes, jumping again. temperatures in the low to mid 60's with sunshine for a good part of next week. the reminder your fall back saturday night and early sunday. erin: does that mean another hour to trick or treat? kevin: or another hour to focus in on the holiday shopping season. erin: okay. sean: right after trick or treating. erin: all right. our top stories with ray brewer. ray: a three-alarm fire in manchester left 20 people homeless and sent one person to the hospital. the fire broke out just after midnight. firefighters say when
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fire coming from the porches in the rear of the building. there were some people still inside that needed help in getting out. the 12 unit apartment building was fully occupied with 14 adults and six children. now the fire is out now. at one point, according to the fire chief the district fire chief every fire truck in the city was present here at the scene. erin: owen labrie has been sentenced to a year behind bars for sexually assaulting a fellow student in concord. he is free on bail while he appeals his conviction. a prisoner who walked away in concord four weeks ago has been caught. 21-year-old adam bergeron was tracked to a home in haverhill, massachusetts. sean: cosming up on "daybreak," this may look like a luxury store or even a really nice
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erin: sometimes you need a touch of luxury no matter what you are doing. sean: that's right. this may look like an elegant store front, but it is a luxury bathroom in sao paulo, brazil. it is designed by mick jagger's daughter, jade. it is part of the ad campaign that will be open for the next month. i'm sure they are hoping it goes beyond the next month after you visit a place like that. just a regular public bathroom. that's all. typical deal. erin: your typical port-a-potty. patriots on a roll. they left no doubt while rolling to an impressive win over the dolphins
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do you think when you are president you'll be paid as much as if you were a man-male... this is one of the jobs where they have to pay you the same. but there are so many examples where that doesn't happen. i'm going to do everything i can to make sure every woman in every job gets paid the same... the men who are doing that job. r i'm hillary clinton p
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>> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now wmur "news 9 daybreak." erin: good morning to you on this friday, october 30th. we're waking up with kind of mild temperatures out there. not too bad. near 50. it is going to be a little cooler out there today. just a few chances for rain up north. sean: maybe a layer underneath the halloween costume. kevin will talk about that in a moment. first the top stories. we're following breaking news out of manchester. firefighters are on the scene of a fire that broke out at an apartment building on clifford avenue. a live report coming up. owen labrie has been
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behind wars after being convicted of sexually assaulting a fellow student in concord. merrimack police are asking for your help in finding a person who shot a cat multiple times with a pellet or bb gun. erin: happy candy corn day. kevin: that's one of the dividing lines. erin: i don't like circus peanuts. kevin: we start off with a nice day. we are expecting a breeze out of the northwest. temperatures in the low to mid 70's yesterday are checked back into the low to mid 50's. maybe a shower up north early this morning. temperatures in the 40's to start the day. getting back into the lower to mid 50's this afternoon. erin: you are not giving out candy corn. the full size candy bars. kevin: when we're home. we'll be out trick or treating like everybody else. erin: this is how things are moving out there.
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trick or treating. i'll be following him around. erin: yeah right. kevin: good morning, deb. deb: good morning. authorities are on the scene of a crash. it is in the center and left lane in hooksett. traffic will be moving out once they get it cleared. it looks good through the city of manchester. no problems. it is about a 21-minute ride to the state line. the everett turnpike looks okay through the bedford tolls, the lane drop, and from merrimack down to nashua. right now 101, 111, 95, and the spaulding are all up to speed. this report is being brought to you by autofair. from the traffic network, i'm deb davidson for 95.7 wzid. sean: thanks. firefighters remain on the scene of a fire that broke out early in manchester. erin: the fire started shortly after midnight at a building at
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that's just off of mass beesic street. was anyone hurt in the fire. ray: we're told one person did have to be taken to the hospital. aside from that, everyone made it out safely. residents say they heard a large explosion and started to smell smoke just after midnight at 27 clifford avenue. when firefighters arrived, the porches in the back of the building on the second and third floor were covered with flames. firefighters say the 12-unit building was fully occupied with 14 adults and six children. when they arrived, some of the people were still inside and needed help getting out as the thick smoke was making it difficult to see. one woman who was up making a halloween costume for work says after hearing the explosion she started to smell that smoke and could hear people screaming. >> i went to my door. i could see flames dripping down, like a waterfall. i just heard a bunch of people screaming.
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i had to go and wake up my husband and son. get him out as soon as possible. ray: the fire spread quickly. they also credit the fire department. close to other firefighters were able to keep it confined to the apartment house. as far as how the fire started or where it started, investigators say it is too soon to say. live in manchester, ray brewer. wmur news 9. erin: the st. paul school graduate convicted of sexually assaulting an underclassman last year has been handed a one-year jail sentence. sean: owen labrie was sentenced to five years of probation and will have to register as a sex offender. jurors reached the mixed verdict finding him guilty of a felony charge of using a computer to lure a minor for a sex act as well as three misdemeanor assault charges. the jury acquitted him
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it is a distinction that was important to the judge. >> it seems that the judge was -- he was very certain to make sure everyone knew he was sentencing mr. labrie on the offenses for which he was convicted. not on the offenses for which he was acquitted. i think the state's argument was more focused on perhaps the offenses for which he was acquitted. sean: legal experts say the appeals process in the case could take a year to 18 months. labrie is allowed to remain free on bail while he appeals. erin: you are asked to help find the person responsible for shooting a cat. the cat was shot multiple times in the area of waterville drive. the animals owner says the cat returned home limping. it was taken to a vet but had to be put down due to the extent of the injuries. anyone with information is urged to call the merrimack police department.
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charges after crashing his suv into a utility pole. 39-year-old jared sparks was driving drunk last night when it slammed into the poll, causing it to fall across the road. sparks tried to flee the scene. he's due in court next month. erin: nine people from lebanon are facing trug-related charges this morning. robert towe -- tobin, david aspen, and others were arrested. the rest of the suspects were accused of selling drugs. brown and martin are charged with conspiracy to sell heroin. sean: for generations, c.a. hoitt furniture was a staple in the manchester community. now the landmark building has been sold
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to use it as a drug center. for the 37,000 square foot building will house hope for new hampshire. the upper floors will offer residential housing. >> this is a vision that many, many people had for many, many years. it is just finally coming to fruition. sean: the hope is to get the recovery center open within the next few months. erin: next year marks the first in the nation primary. gathering at the gardeners office marked the occasion yesterday afternoon. several objects were on display including antique ballot boxes and the desk owned by the author of the law that created the 1916 primary. a descendant of grover cleveland was also there.
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new hampshire and anybody that studies history. kids that come to the state house are going to be able to learn about this and why the first in the nation primary is such an important thing. erin: the first in the nation primary was held on march 14th, 1916. sean: up at the state house, the desk is sacred up there. it has been so for decades. coming up, an unsettling situation at a school in massachusetts. the building was evacuated after dozens of students fell ill. >> need to calm your crying baby? a new study shows that singing to your child will work better than simply talking. kevin: cooler air rushing in. we'll talk about the weekend and for the
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all of the details kevin: friday morning, october 30th. starting out with temperatures in and around 50. still running ten to 15 degrees cooler than yesterday. highs through the afternoon getting back into the mid to upper oo 50's. we'll talk about the changes for the weekend in your trick or treating forecast coming up. sean: kind of felt like late summer. while you are sleeping,
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senate took action on a major budget and debt deal. nikole killion live in washington. why were lawmakers up so late? reporter: the senate finally approved the budget deal, sending to over to president obama. >> the yays were 64 and the nays were 35. reporter: in a rare early morning vote, they green lighted the package. it also raises the borrows limit through march of 2017 avoiding default. the agreement drew strong protest from senators and presidential candidates, ted cruz and rand paul. they both left the campaign trail and returned here to washington. >> on the right they say we need more money for military. on the left they say we need more money for welfare. they get together. there's a secret handshake. we send more money on everything.
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went into the wee hour. which is one of the reasons why the vote happened so late. that didn't go over well of some of his senate colleagues who accused him of trying to get attention for his campaign. sean: talk about what's in the deal and how it might impact folks here at home. reporter: it does ease some spending cuts that have been in effect by providing $80 million for military and domestic programs. it also prevents a hike in some medicare premiums and also avoids social security benefits for the disabled from being slashed. sean: all right. live in washington, thank you. erin: a school in lowell, massachusetts is expected to re-open today after the entire building was evacuated yesterday when dozens of people got sick. cleaning crews stayed late into the night cleaning and sanitizing sullivan middle school. just before noon, they evacuated the school. at first, officials were
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monoxide maybe to blame. several readings showed that was not the cause. the students campaigned of headaches and nausea. teachers handed out water to try to help easy their symptoms. >> my best friend, she said she drank the water. you could see in her face she was about to throw up. erin: so many students fell ill that a doctor went to the school to evident them. it is still unclear what caused all of the kids to get sick. sean: scary stuff. an american airlines had to be diverted because of an unruly passengers. the flight was heading from los angeles to philadelphia when it was diverted to phoenix. a man walked in shortly after take off and refused to return to his seat. he made several statements that caused alarm. crew members and passengers were able to subdue him until the plane landed. >> we got duct tape and handcuffs. we had to hold the guy in the seat and fasten the seat belt. if you get up, we're
5:42 am
phoenix. we got rushed by the landed. scary. the entire plane was nervous. you can feel the energy plane. i was towards the back. everybody was anxious. >> there was duct tape and handcuffs on board. when the plane did land, off. the flight arrived about seven hours late. erin: china will no longer limit couples to just one child. it is not entirely lifted its control over family size. the government announced yesterday it will allow two children per family. china implemented the one child policy more than 30 years ago. saying it was necessary to prevent shortages of water and other resources. it has allowed rural families to have more children, but until now, have one baby. a new study shows that singing to your crying baby is much more
5:43 am
just talking to them. researchers at the university of montreal found that singing or plane music will keep the child calm for up to nine minutes. the study found that simply talking calmly in your own voice will only work for about four minutes. sean: maybe the patriots are singing this morning. the patriots took on the dolphins last night. tom brady has never lost on thursday in his career. he wasn't about to end that streak last night. first quarter brady hits rob gronkowski over the middle. gronk -- he'll do the rest. he picked up a great block down the field. a 47-yard touchdown to give the pats a 7-0 lead. dolphins are backed up in their own end. he was not expecting to snap. there it goes. new england gets the safety. the pats were up 12-0 with less than 30 seconds in the half.
5:44 am
julian edelman caught two touchdown passes and the patriots went on to win 36-7. erin: what a great season. the u.n.h. football team is gearing up to host rhode island tomorrow afternoon. former bedford high school star, james capparell, should be the starting quarterback. wildcats lost their two games at william and mary and delaware. they are favored to win this one. tomorrow's game starts at 1:00. sean: a 90-year-old kansas city royals fan got a chance to attend the first two games thanks to fans. >> what do you think about that, charlie? for it. >> don't give me a hug. sean: she got one anyway. charlie blyston was a fan for decades. tickets. they decided to give him tickets to the first two world series games. >> it is always great, i think, to get an actual
5:45 am
the sport and loves his team as much as charlie does. to follow a team for this many years and to finally get to go to a world series game. sean: charlie is smiling. win both. new york. >> now your storm watch 9 forecast. erin: we had a bit of rain yesterday. looks like the rain is going to hold off for trick or treating. kevin: it looks that way. we'll have clouds moving in. it will keep temperatures from falling too far too fast. it is all good news all the way around. as far as the sunshine, looks like more of it will be around saturday than on sunday. a couple of notches warmer by sunday. that will be the trade off. we continue to expect partly to mostly sunny skies by the time we get there. early this morning, we have the clear skies. a lot of locations early morning starting off with clear skies across the region. we are looking at temperatures into the afternoon to be much cooler than the low and
5:46 am
southern starts of the state yesterday. we are looking at temperatures today from the mid 40's to mid 50's. it is close to where we should be. notice a weak disturbance gliding southeast out of canada. extra clouds for northern and western areas. this begins a typical fare in northern and western parts of the state with more on the way of cloudiness than south and eastern areas. it downslopes and creates the opposite effect. notice behind that disturbance where the wind is coming out of it. it is north, northwest. that means the temperatures will continue to cool off. lows tonight likely in a lot of areas down into the 20's. right now we're in the 40's to near 50 degrees in and around manchester. in the 40's just about everywhere else. there are a few 30's the farther north. for the most part, that's with extra clouds up in the direction. we'll produce the chance of a shower and maybe a
5:47 am
high temperatures into the mid 50's. with a northwesterly breeze, it is going to feel cooler than that. highs in the lower 50's will feel more like 40's through a good part of the day. that will be with a blend of sunshine and clouds. in the north country, you have a lot of extra clouds this morning. notice on future cast into the afternoon though, we clear skies out. even up in the north country. we go to partly to mostly sunny chis. temperatures drift back as the wind lightens up. we should be in a lot of areas. lower 30's in southern spots. tomorrow sunshine to start and clouds increasing in the afternoon. after highs get back to the lower 50's in southern areas, those clouds will keep temperatures from moving too far too fast southward later on tomorrow night. there may be a stray shower around early sunday. that's it. more clouds than sunday. a couple of notches warmer into the afternoon on sunday. temperatures up into the low and mid and maybe even a few upper 50's. the next system is
5:48 am
doesn't get here until sometime thursday or friday. as we start next week coolish at the beginning. then a gradual warming trend thereafter. high temperatures today up into the low to mid 50's with the breeze out of the northwest. tonight cooling off into the 20's. tomorrow 40's to lower range of the 50's. should be in the 40's tomorrow night. then back into the 50's to even 60's by early next week. as far as it's looking warmer by the time we get there. as far as the trick or treating for tonight, clearing skies, breeze lightens, then tomorrow night should be a light wind with mostly cloudy skies and temperatures in the 40's. i hesitated putting the spider on there. erin: i don't like spiders. halloween is tomorrow. some new hampshire communities will be giving out candy tonight. you can find a list of trick or treat times for today and tomorrow. sean: a lot going on. be sure to snap a picture of your costume.
5:49 am
caterpillar. sean: we've received lots of photos, like little lucy. and ernie the dog. he's looking forward to making his rounds in the pope costume. erin: that looks like it is a home made costume. sean: impressive. take pictures. we'd love to see them. do you know how much the average person spends on halloween? the answer to that and fun facts coming up. now time for the u local hot shots. check out the beautiful shot. beautiful photo there. you can submit your pictures and video and join the thousands of u
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on at sean: uber offered a special service yesterday in honor of national cat day. i'm sure kevin took advantage of this. comfortability of course. sean: they delivered kittens to
5:53 am
people got to snuggle minutes. they had to fill out a questionnaire and confirm they had a confined area for the kitten. more than 20 kittens have been adopted since it began. this is a great way for people to maybe test the waters. erin: we're seeing a lot of this pop up. in the spirit of halloween, we want to share some fun facts. the average person will spend $7.34. a total of $950 million will be spent on children's costumes. $1.2 billion is going to be spent on adult costumes. kevin: 41% of people plan to carve pumpkins. check out more by heading to the web site. carve the pumpkin and roast the seeds; right? erin: those are delicious too. sean: i'll be going as a speed skater.
5:54 am
erin: an interesting -- sean: i wanted to introduce that image to your head. thank you. coming up, a super hero is patrolling the streets. this is not just for halloween. he's making it his mission to protect his community. ray: 20 people are homeless. one person sent to the hospital following a fire in manchester. coming up, you'll hear the main concern when they arrived at the scene. reporter: a scramble to escape a burning plane. the latest on the investigation coming up. erin: looking for a great place to get a surprise?
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