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tv   News 9 Tonight  ABC  October 30, 2015 11:00pm-11:34pm EDT

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monday morning on tom: now at 11:00, appear a fires into new hampshire cities leave people without a place to live. the help they are now receiving from the red cross. shelley: a red cross worker becomes the victim. mike: a cool start to the weekend tomorrow for halloween. when that changes, and temperatures climb again. tom: bernie sanders addressed people tonight, the changes he promised to make it elected -- if elected. shelley: it is the last week of the regular season of friday night football. this weekend' s games are deciding who goes to the playoffs. announcer: no one covers new hampshire like we do. now, wmur news nine tonight.
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to help people after fires took out in apartment buildings in manchester and rochester today. i' m tom griffith. stephanie: -- shelley: and i' m shelley. stephanie woods is live in manchester with more. stephanie: tonight an apartment house on clifford avenue needs $100,000 worth of repairs. but before the red cross stepped in, 16 of the tenants needed a new roof. >> i could see flames stepping down like a waterfall. i heard a bunch of people screaming, and i could smell smoke. i had to go wake up my husband and son, who were sleeping, and get them out as soon as possible. stephanie: flames tore through a manchester apartment house just before 1:00 friday morning. it traps people like christie inside. christie neighbors came over : they were helping, somebody grabbed my son from me because i with trying to get him down the stairs. it was bad. stephanie: firefighters got everyone out alive and sent one man to the hospital for smoke
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inhalation. but the fire heavily damaged the 3-story apartment building and >> i don' t have any plans. one day at a time. stephanie: around 12:30 friday afternoon, another apartment chestnut street in rochester. the residents were able to get out of the burning building arrived. >> everything. i' this isn' t even my jacket. some guy gave it to me because i was standing outside. stephanie: the american red a place to sleep on friday night. >> red cross volunteers are on call 24 hours a day. so when they get a call from the fire department or the city or some other like that that says there is a fire under way, red cross volunteers get up and scramble. stephanie: lloyd ziel of the red cross says halloween weekend can be dangerous for fires. he suggests using electric lights instead of candles in jack-o-lanterns and decorations.
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>> you know it might take an extra minute or two, but if it helps save you or your family some severe injury, it' s certainly worth it. stephanie: fire officials believe both fires were accidental. if you would like to donate to the red cross head to our website live in manchester stephanie , woods wmur news 9. tom: a manchester man is under arrest of charged with leading police on a chase. police say they try to stop him on i-9 i-5 -- i-95. they say the driver got away after several attempts to deploy system -- spike strips. the man faces several charges, including driving with a suspended license. of pitcher from the red sox was
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police say a man pointed the gun at the driver of a car in the parking lot of a convenience store. he ordered him out of the car. of the passengers was richer, brian johnson. -- pitcher brian johnson. officers say the suspect fired a shot during a carjacking. no one was injured. shelley: bernie sanders is back in new hampshire. a place his challenger, hillary clinton has frequented. tonight the presidential candidate told a crowd he believes he has an excellent chance in the new hampshire primary. jean mackin begins our commitment twice 16 coverage. jean: bernie sanders plans to make it official next week, filing for the primary, but first he met with voters here at pinkerton academy. bernie sanders: what are you doing friday night? well i went to this political meeting with a guy named sanders.
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-- what? political revolution. bernie sanders standup to the : billionaire class that has enormous power and whose greed is destroying america. we have got to stand up to them. jean: the democrat from vermont super-pac backing. saying he' s collected 750,000 contributions from individual americans so far. bernie sanders: that is a larger number than any candidate at this point in a campaign in american history. [applause] stephanie -- jean: he told the crowd he wants to raise minimum wage to $15 an hour, make every public college and university tuition-free, and he sent audience members to their feet when he promised to fight for 12 weeks of paid family and medical leave for every family in america.
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: to separate from her newborn baby is not a family value. [applause] jean: senator sanders will spend all day saturday in new hampshire with a stop in concord and town halls in warner and , lebanon. he says voters across the state will see more of him soon when he launches television ads. jean mackin wmur news9 ,. shelley: a pair of republican candidates will campaign in new hampshire tomorrow. carly fiorina will hold a town meeting in newport in the evening. jim gilmore will speak at a veterans day commemoration. the republican national committee is suspending its partnership with nbc news. they will not allow the network to cohost the primary debate in february. the party chairman sent a letter to nbc news after this week' s
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the rnc says the debate is not focus on economic issues as promised. candidates were asked questions that were quote inaccurate, or downright offensive." tom: there has been a heroin epidemic in manchester. there have been 65 drug overdose deaths. those statistics and the epidemic were the focus of a roundtable discussion in concord today. representatives annie kuster and frank ginter are working together to make a task force on heroin addiction. they will try to improve access to treatment. >> our goal is to make that happen on a federal level so that the types of programs that can be brought will respond across the board. >> we put together legislation we think is a good first start at number one, ensuring that problems.
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tom: both will be headed to washington next week to discuss with you heard in these -- in today' s discussion. also today in washington, senator jean will be talking about forensic labs. employees at the forensic labs have been working 12 hour days. the new bill would be authorizing $10 million a year to be used in state for forensic lab staff, equivalent, and overtime. shelley: and nasa has nicknamed it be great pumpkin, but it is an asteroid. why scientists are so excited about the close flyby of a giant rock. >> cloudy and cool for the weekend tomorrow. plus, when temperatures take off again. >> hello, we are the high school cheerleaders, get ready for friday night football on channel nine.
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the halloween edition of fri discovered 20 days ago flies past the earth tomorrow at 1:00 p.m. tom: it comes within 300,000 miles of the earth relatively close by state close by space standards, but further away than
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the moon. scientists say because the asteroid will be so close it , will be one of their best opportunities to get radar images of the rock' s surface and shape. the 1300 foot-wide asteroid won' t threaten the earth or the moon. halloween got off to a spooky start in several communities tonight. >> happy halloween. tom: you bet. rochester and 25 other cities and towns held trick or treat tonight. for a full list of trick or treat times in your area, head over to and get dressed up. shelley: i think everyone is watching the forecast. >> i cannot believe it is that time. here we go, trick-or-treat time, fair skies locked in across new england right now. great news for tomorrow, and more importantly, tomorrow evening. temperatures are beginning to
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mike: the winds continue to come down a little bit. they were gusting up to 25 miles per hour it sometimes today. temperatures will fall into the upper 20' s and lower 30' s for many. if you lower to mid 20' s in a great woods. a warm wedge of air is building in the deep south. a lot of that initially passes south of new hampshire. sunday and monday we will get average. s come around 60 degrees. the normal high is around 53. notice by late monday, tuesday, and wednesday, a big wedge of more builds in to the great eventually new england. putting temperatures well into the 60' s, possibly low 70' s as early as wednesday and thursday next week. are going light.
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morning. sunshine tomorrow morning, right through about lunchtime and early afternoon. will filter that sunlight a little bit. it will be bright a good part of the afternoon. a sun goes down around 5:40. it stays dry not only through your -- trick-or-treat time, but you -- beyond that. by the daybreak on sunday, a couple of scattered showers. sunday afternoon. all in all a fairly dry weekend. tomorrow, 50-55 portrait of treating -- four to treating. tomorrow night, temperatures around 50. we end up in a low 40' s by the early part of the evening. we' ll be back into the lower 40' s by 8:00 or 9:00. upper 30' s by 9:00 or 10:00. mara night, don' t forget,
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setting the clocks back one hour before you go to bed. a reminder to check the batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. sunset, 4:38 sunday afternoon. here we go, cool air for the next few days. a couple of scattered showers on sunday. here comes the taste of spring -- pushing the near 70 on wednesday and thursday. it is not giving up. tom: warm air. playoffs are next weekend. jason: they have good weather, we have to find out how they fared tonight. plenty of playoff positions on the line tonight.
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>> one him a 2, 1, 2 -- 1,2,1,2. jason: that is the exeter the halloween finale, week number 9 of fnf starts right now . >> happy, haunted halloween. >> are you ready for frightening night football. jason: thank you to the folks at haunted hill. wow, did 9 weeks fly by, the final friday night of the regular season, and plenty of playoff positions still up for grabs. we will start in division one
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where the defending champs were trying to to avoid postseason elimination. this is pinkerton at, the astros needing a win. exeter in blue first quarter, kyle ball 7 yard td pass to mason wallace. blue hawks up 6-0 missed the extra point, which turned out to be big. more from wallace who burries , pinkerton quarterback ryan albrecht in the second quarter for a sack. it was part of an 88 yard drive by the astros, albrecht with a nice screen pass on the far side to brett, pick up a first down. that led to this 2 yard td run by mark -- mike curley. pinkerton took the 7-6 lead . before halftime ball with a long , pass to hunter long that set up a short td run for ball. 12-6, exeter, as they missed the two-point conversion. nick buccieri scored a pinkerton
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pinkerton wins 13-12. they will be the number one seed in the bracket. timberlane at merrimack the owls are in the postseason, they win 24-0. 35-8. in there bracket it will be pinkerton one, exeter two, salem three, and timberlane for -- number four. cardinals up big in the scond half, sam raitt takes the snap and and takes it himself around the left side, touchdown. 48-7. then jodan hiscoe, read option keeper, another cardinal touchdown, bg clinches the west conference with a 61-7 victory. dover and portsmouth are not going to the playoffs. jack brandin scored on a 12 yard td run with 59 seconds to go to lift the green wave to the win on the road.
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-- the bulldogs are 8-1, they win big, 62-14. connor roberts had two touchdowns. winnacunnet at spaulding . warriors win 39-13 . brian auffant 240 yards rushing and three touchdowns. he went over 1000 yards for the season. winniconic will miss the playoffs because of that pinkerton win tonight. top ranked goffstown at memorial the only undefeated team in division one goffstown wins 42-12, they are 8-0 and the top seeds in their bracket . bedford and bg and north will likely be the other three teams in a playoff. the titans play tomorrow. concord and i' ll burn, tied. the playoff picture in division ii is more complicated. a win for kearsarge would be good enough to get the cougars
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laconia, third quarter, the cougars were up 24-13. the stations would answer, riley lloyd for 11 yards and a touchdown. 30-22 game after their two-point conversion. kearsarge comes back, 25 yard scamper. kearsarge wins, 54-48. the cougars should be in at six and two. the eagles win 37-0. they get the north conference championship. [cheers] this is 11 and and combo --
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25 yard game. five yard touchdown made it their team-seven, -- 13-7. the raiders scramble for a 15 yard pickup. the raiders when, 49-32 -- win 49-32. gwendolyn monadnocks, jaguars . monadnocks will likely win the west conference title at five and four. this is plymouth and hanover. hanover in black.
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the bobcats into a drive. 35 yard run, taken down at the five yard. eight-nothing, plymouth. plymouth wins, 36-6. this is st. thomas and trinity over at gills stadium. third quarter, trinity and in red. the saints led 41-12 at this point. they were up big when we were there. the saints go up 47-12. that is the final, the same finish the regular season at eight and zero and are the east conference champ. the only unbeaten team in division ii. savers
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jack briggs caught a touchdown pass and had a pick six on defense. merrimack valley home with pembroke, 20-6 to close out the evening. and the rockets red glare two games in division iii tonight. the cougars holding on the board of the first quarter. six-nothing, campbell. cougars looking for more. raymonds, give the comes up. gannon takes it in for another score. campbell wins, 26-0.
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the falcons when 23-nothing. chris robbins went over 1000 yards for the season. a reminder, you can watch all of our friday night football shows on our website in fnf. there are eight games tomorrow and the regular season is over. congrats to all the teams that got playoff spot. still to come, dartmouth and harvard. highlights and more after the
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people want change, they want reform, but just carping about it and whining about it
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and making speeches about it doesn't get it done. nobody has shaken up the system more than i have. i've always been unorthodox in this and against the grain. but you know what? i know how to get it done. new day for america is responsible for the content of this advertising. announcer: now, jamie staton and news nine sports. jamie: not a must win for the mets but pretty close to it. ,they will get it done it looks like. rails down to the last out. if they hold out, they will trail in this -- series 2-1, game four coming up tomorrow night. bruins and the panthers on the road. the captain got his first goal of the year. bruins win, 3-1, they play at
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celtics host to the raptors. avery bradley with a three-pointer. toronto takes it hundred 13-1 of three -- 113-103. a huge game in the ivy league, undefeated harvard and dartmouth. writer stone with a touchdown run. dartmouth went up 13 nothing in the fourth quarter getting it done on defense in the third. with 38 seconds to go, after dartmouth turned the ball over, harvard found the end zone. dartmouth with a chance to win, a last second field goal -- stunner, dartmouth loses 14-13. rhode island at unh. p from the wildcats back at home
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after a couple of losses. >> a terrific running back. they have a good swarming defense that has grown up and they are getting to the football in a lot of different ways. >> probably one of the best in the conference. we have seen great running backs. he is one of the best. the receivers are big and strong. it will be a challenge. jamie: the game is on channel nine tomorrow. maryland, iowa at 3:30. and then notre dame at temple. voice division for soccer second half, lisbon' s teran fontaine puts a shot on net, but turned away by the cougars defense. derryfield with a great chance kelsey' s shot goes off the cross bar. the cougars hold on to win, one-nothing. the mets won game three. tom: thank you. shelley: thank you for joining us on news nine tonight at tom: jimmy kimmel live is next,
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