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tv   Good Morning America Weekend Edition  ABC  October 31, 2015 9:00am-9:58am EDT

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weather, happy good morning, america. breaking news, plane crash. an airbus with more than 200 tourists goes down in egypt. it was in contact 23 minutes after takeoff. all aboard feared dead. what went wrong here? >> new overnight killer storms reported tornadoes tear through texas. destroying businesses and homes. >> just as i reached down her arms the window exploded. >> as another deluge causes fierce flooding. rushing waters sweeping through come. leah remini, the sitcom star opening up to me about her life growing up in scientology. >> they provide room and board
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and you work there and you sign a billion year contract. >> why she left? the controversial church and would her family stand by her. >> >> spook-tacular morning. we revisit the legend of sleepy hollow. the headless horseman leads the way, the fearless "gma" keep. well, some of us. braving a frightful night of we say -- >> good morning, america. happy halloween, it's saturday, october 31st. it's "good morning america." halloween. we'll blow it out. we have kids, dogs, we've got rob standing by in sleepy hollow, we're all in. look at the kids and it's all coming up just a little bit later in the show this morning. >> oh, yes. halloween. tragic and breaking news.
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board went down overnight. >> it was en route from the popular red sea resort of sharm el sheikh, egypt, to st. petersburg, russia, when it crashed in the sinai peninsula. >> it is an airbus a-321. had more than 200 people onrd board and disappeared 23 minutes after takeoff. good morning, alex. >> reporter: good morning, paula. a short time ago egypt's aviation authority telling us this plane disappeared 23 minutes after taking off from sharm el sheikh, the debris as headline located in the northern sinai peninsula, a very remote region, rescue teams are now on the scene. there were 217 passengers on this plane, plus 7 crew all of them russian all now feared to be dead. it was a technical failure and not terrorism that brought down paula, dan. >> all right, alex, thank you.
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brought it down let's bring in abc's david kerley. david, good morning. we know you cover aviation. we know this plane disappeared as alex said 23 minutes after takeoff and we're hearing the pilot. what are you hearing? >> reporter: this is one report from what would be an official with what is our ntsb on the egyptian side saying that basically the pilot radioed in he had a problem and was trying to land at another airport. if that is true, that suggests a lot of thing, something may have gone wrong at altitude. the pilot got down and something else went wrong or some mistake was made and the aircraft went down. it's really early in this to figure out exactly what happened to this airbus a-321 which is a very good aircraft. >> you mentioned the algd. it was flying at 31,000 feet contact. any idea what the wreckage will tell us, david? >> reporter: absolutely. if the wreckage is spread out, that tells you that the plane broke up at altitude.
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if it it is more contact it means maybe the pilot was trying to land the aircraft and we've had one report it broke into two pieces. if that's the case it'll tell us quite a bit. don't forget this is a conflict zone zone, not quite the same as mh17. we don't believe the rebels the egyptians are fighting have the equipment that was used in ukraine so even though egyptian officials are saying terrorism was ruled out, it's too early to tell. there are so many factors still to be figured out. very early after this plane went down, paula. >> so many factors and the story continues to evolve. david, thank you. dan. we move to the other story breaking overnight, the lethal weather in texas. two people dead, two missing after flash flooding and central part of the state. a foot and a half of rain in just 24 hours. the water is rising so fast people got trapped this their cars, abc's aditi roy is in seguin, texas, in front of a home that got hit by a tornado. good morning to you.
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the destruction is absolutely staggering. take a look. this reported tornado allegedly lifted part of this home off its foundation, moved it in the air 25 feet and dropped it on to that car which as you can see is still on its side and even more chilling, the incredible survival story of the family living inside. record rain, designous flooding and reported tornadoes wreaking havoc across texas. the alvarez family hit hard. violent winds destroying their home while aubrey and two of her children were still inside. >> just as i reached down and grabbed her little arms, the window just exploded. >> mom getting her daughter out of the way just as the storm took a turn for the worse and nearby, a local high school ripped apart by high winds. officials confirming two deaths and reports of more missing. . of the widespread damages from the halloween weekend storm
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rushing through the streets sweeping away personal belongings, even cars. through the night, rescue crews across the state pulling drivers from the rapids and this elementary school surrounded by water. >> dropping a rescuer right now. >> so you can see i'm floating down some sort of creek. >> reporter: carrie packer barely making it out alive. his car filling with water recording this message for family. >> love you guys. >> reporter: they're staying with loved ones until they can figure out their next steps. paula. >> harrowing situations for all those families involved, aditi, thank you. these storms are on the move which means for texans unfortunately they are not out of the woods. rob is tracking it all from his remote location in sleepy hollow, new york. hi, rob. >> another weekend, another weekend of severe weather and flooding across texas.
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and some pictures that we're just getting in from houston where the rain is coming down so hard the streets are flooding. rescues ongoing. you see that car with the water almost up to the roof there. and we have numerous tornado warnings out. especially south of the city where there's some damage being reported. so getting slammed. a flash flood watch up and tornado watch up for the next several hours and heavy rains will pour into louisiana, as well as this cold front pushes to the east slowly and brings a lot of gulf moisture with it so that's where you see the heaviest amount and they will be potent across southeast louisiana and could get severe later on this afternoon and tonight through the overnight in nola. how much do we expect after it gets out, 4, 5, maybe 6 inches across new orleans so that's an area we watch for flooding and heavy rain stretches from all the way up in through parts of atlanta, as well. we'll talk more about this throughout the program and live
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celebrate halloween. >> exciting place and i can't wait till people figure out why you're there. white house, surprise announcement troops will be sent to syria and train ab fight isis but will that lead to combat like it did for u.s. troops in iraq last week. jim avila at the white house for us to answer it. hi, jim. >> reporter: good morning, paula. it's not what the white house had planned and it's not what the president wanted so this morning, the obama administration is promising a short and limited role for american troops in syria. this morning, there are no american troops in syria. within several weeks the first u.s. special forces will start flowing behind the front lines in what is a training mission, says the white house, and not a combat mission. >> they're being deployed to syria with training, advising and assist mission, not an effort to downplay the serious risk they're facing. >> reporter: national security
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opposition forces on dangerous missions such as hostage rescue and while they will not routinely be on the front lines, they will defend themselves. why are they going now? sources tell abc news, american special forces will be used to enable local militias to take and ultimately hold the isis stronghold of raqqah. the border between syria and turkey and degrade the isis supply lines in syria and iraq. >> the president does expect that they can have an impact in intense phiing our strategy. report political reaction has been swift and in some cases critical. some saying the president is a war. others saying he's just not dan. >> tricky line to walk for sure. avila. thank you. a big and potential liang bring meeting. the republican campaigns unhappy about the debates. millions of americans have been tuning in but the candidates are displeased with the tone and the tenor so let's bring in abc's jon karl.
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tell us about this. first of all, good morning. >> good morning, dan. happy halloween. >> thank you. tell us about this meeting tomorrow night and is it true dr. ben carson's team is leading the charge. >> he is. this is a meeting of representatives of all the campaigns coming together. they are angry about that last debate. they all have complaints and all have changes that they want to make in future debate, dan. obviously they didn't like the questions. these campaigns want to have more control over the moderators and how these debates go down. we are verging on lord of the flies time here because while they all agree they don't like what happened last debate, they do not agree on what they want to see happen. >> as long as it doesn't become "lord of the rings." is it possible this thing will fall apart, we would have no more debates or some debates where some candidates and others don't show up. >> the rnc carefully kong instructed them to lip the numbers and have control over who is doing them, the moderators and said you can't go to unsanctioned debates.
9:11 am
they're so upset you could see a situation where they go off on their own. donald trump wants shorter debates. ben carson wants to have fewer and the others want more debates so you could have the whole structure that's been crafted here fall apart. >> combo of "lord of the flies" and "lord of the rings." one candidate that a lot of people are viewing as a breakout star, marco rubio. he scored a major endorsement overnight. >> paul singer gave more money to republican candidates last year than any other person. he was somebody that was sought by jeb bush, sought by chris christie and he has now come out and not only is endorsing marco rubio he is saying he will raise money for marco rubio and he is the kind of guy -- a billionaire but the kind of guy that gets other billionaires and millionaires to give -- to give money to candidates so this is a very big deal for marco rubio and another real troubling sign for jeb bush that his money may dry out. >> jon karl, great to have you here on a saturday morning. >> great to be here.
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we do want to remind everybody coming up next week right here on "gma," donald trump live in our times square studio this tuesday to talk about his campaign and new book out called "crippled america." >> so the donald will be in studio. that's big, it's huge. [ laughter ] more trouble this morning for the online fantasy sports business. one of the major sites fanduel is being sued on behalf of nfl players. it alleges that fanduel uses the players' names and their images, likenesses without their permission. abc's tony reale is here with more. >> you've seen the commercials and heard it come up at last week's republican debate. fantasy sports is a huge multi multibillion dollar business and overnight popular fantasy sports site fanduel hit hard with a lawsuit. >> want to duel me?
9:13 am
>> reporter: pierre garcon suing them saying it improperly exploits the popularity and accomplishments of nfl players. >> they're using the tame to drive millions of players to their website. >> reporter: fangduel along with draftkings and a billion dollar sports industry with 7 million entries each week offering daily cash prizes for high-scoring teams but according to the lawsuit fanduel uses names and likenesses of players without authority or valid license. unlike competing site draftkings which has a deal with the nfl players association. >> fanduel didn't get a license from anyone. >> reporter: a spokesperson for the company says the suit is without merit and fanduel looks forward to continuing to operate our contests. this lawsuit, the latest in a string of legal woes for the top two sites. earlier this month the fbi and justice department launching an inquiry into the practices of both fantasy sports websites. there's no doubt millions have
9:14 am
supports site and fanduel paid nearly half a billion dollar last years it claims. >> it's possible with the increased scrutiny fans might not be able to inc. joy. >> talks about the nfl and fbi and where the money is going. billions of dollars. >> supports too. we're supposed to enjoy this but now got to investigate. >> people enjoy it when they win. >> they do enjoy money, thank you. to ron with a look at the other stories breaking this morning. good morning, sir. >> good morning to you, dan and paula. we begin with a nightclub fire romania. it happened after a rock band's pyrotechnic show sparked an explosion creating a huge fire there. more than two dozen were killed and 180 others injured and officials fear that death toll, it could rise, witnesses saying that some victims were engulfed in flames as they rushed to escape through a single exit door. this is in bucharest, romania.
9:15 am
virginia are recovering from injuries after their school bus flipped on to its roof friday. it was sideswiped by a white minivan driven by a 17-year-old who was trying to pass the school bus an intersection and police say that that caused the wreck. in connecticut the remains of a couple who disappeared in august have been discovered in a yard and now the son of jeffrey and jeanette navin, kyle navin and his girlfriend have been charged. he's been in custody since set on a federal weapons charge. check out your pantry. there is a recall we want to tell you about. hormel foods is conducting a limited recall of its reduced fat peanut butter spread over concerns that metal shavings may have gotten into the jars, 153 cases were sent to distribution centers that publix, target and states. to california where crews will work to try to free a huge whale that got tangled in some lobster fishing line.
9:16 am
the humpback whale spotted about a mile off the coast of newport beach, southern california, the more than 35-foot-long mammal was swimming close to a whale watching boat with nearly 90 passengers on board. you see it there. the divers managed to get part of the line off the whale but they were having a hard time keeping it in place to finish the job of freeing that whale. a homecoming for new york mets, game three of the world series friday night, mets trouncing the royals and royals lead 2-1. york. a showstopping costume at the annual white house halloween party. the president kicking off the holiday getting down on the floor inside the oval office to play with little ella rhodes, the daughter of deputy ben rhodes. the first couple not in costume or dressed up as the president
9:17 am
house halloween cookies to hundreds of washington, d.c. >> check that guy out. he's dressed as the pope in a little white popemobile and he won the top prize given out by the commander in chief for the best costume. it's cool, right? >> it is amazing. >> what do you give out when you're the president? i would want a fresh baked individually wrapped cookie or king-size candy bar. talking. >> they get white house cookies and candies, first prize. that's what you'd like. >> i'll take it. to d.c., guys. >> i want to hear what you're -- >> that pope costumes realizes i need to up my game for my 10-month-old. >> you don't even know what he's going as. >> my wife does. rob, save me with your trick-or-treat forecast. good morning, sir.
9:18 am
chilly out here in sleepy hollow. what better way to celebrate than in sleepy hollow. all sorts of spooky things happening here. let's talk about -- including the music. across the country, eastern third looks nice although chilly this morning and chilly tonight. just get your jack-o'-lanterns out there and keep them dry across the south. flooding in texas will spread through louisiana, mississippi and alabama and a little bit of shower activity from chicago and detroit and pacific northwest, an onslaught of storminess. flood watches posted and wind advisories up, as well. heavier rains, windy condition, could see more in the way of power outages as that cold front pushes through the day tomorrow and east of there is where the chilly stuff is so not only across the northeast but a halloween chill across the inner mountain west. temps below freezing across the northern plains, as well. so there will be areas where you're certainly going to have
9:19 am
to dress in layers. happy halloween, america. >> all right. well, we're seeing temperatures finally starting to warm up. relative term. we're in the 20's and now into the 20's and mostly 30's, closer to 40. and we'll get through the 40's and 50's as we get through the day. next up, the weather system to our west that rolls through with clouds and showers hold off until tomorrow and just some scattered showers tomorrow at that. here are temperatures for today. not bad at all. halloween, the trick-or-treating forecast is >> we have swung the cameras around to reveal where we are, sleepy hollow cemetery. >> have you seen them? >> who? >> the headless horseman. he haunts these hollows. word is he lost his head in a great battle many years ago. >> oh, i haven't seen any headless horse man horsman. >> wasn't that him?
9:20 am
>> who's your friend? >> he's here to tell us about the weather and tonight the horseman might ride, tonight? >> you're so silly. >> 2015, guys. i don't know about a headless horseman but we'll get to the bottom of this and we'll see you a little later on in the show. >> i love even ladies from the 1700s are hitting on rob marciano. that tells you his appeal is across generational, chronological --. more coming up from you and from us. we'll talk about halloween in hollywood. celebrities going all out in some crazy costumes. we'll show you coming up. >> loving that. >> plus more from our abc news exclusion ve with leah remini. her life growing up in scientology and why she says that it was time to leave the church behind. we'll be right back. "good morning america" is brought to you by carmax, the bright side of car buying. to the car that just survived hours of reconditioning... sorry, we know that was a bit...
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>> all: good morning, america. >> you're never going to take us seriously again. >> they never did, dan. >> see it in "pop news." >> i'm never wearing a tri-corner hat again. >> you looked cute. >> you did look cute. >> i don't know about that. >> how about my outfit? >> what did you say you looked like. >> i looked like an afghan warlord. which maybe is not a bad thing. >> just as intimidating. just as intimidating. >> the headless horseman. >> we'll be telling the story in a crack style of sleepy hollow. that's coming up on "gma." keep it here.
9:26 am
>> now from wmur news 9. amy: good morning, i'm amy coveno. a check on what's making news at this hour. an overnight crash in nashua closed roads for hour. prospect to harbor still blocked
9:27 am
police say someone hit a telephone pole. this is a new image from the scene and crews are still out there repairing damage. just to reminder, daylight saving time ends tomorrow and it's not just time to change your clocks back by an hour. experts say switch out the batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. batteries should be replaced in both of those at least once a year, right, josh judge? >> absolutely, it means your sunrise will be earlier later-- earlier, too. so you'll notice that sunsetting in the 4:00 hour tomorrow, probably. 50's are where we are headed for most of us. 20's and 30's. look at the sunshine and showers
9:28 am
dark fire now gypsy it's your turn >> spook-tacular house. youtube user has named this -- created this epic halloween lights extravaganza. it's all s ynced up to disney songs. it raises money for homeless families. good for him. on that we say happy halloween on this happy saturday. >> i like that he's doing it for a good cause. i would not however like to be one of his neighbors. >> i so would and would sell tickets in the front yard. entrepreneur. ding, ding. >> you would sell tickets for --
9:29 am
>> no, you just give out front seats and i'll let you sit in my yard but you have to pay for it. >> sara is preparing for a tour of duty on "shark tank." what's coming up in the less distant future, let's say, a hint of what's to come later this morning by way of a headless horseman and flaming jack-o'-lantern. what happened when the "gma" team decided to investigate and use that in the lightest possible way. >> full-out investigation. >> i was part of an investigation. >> it really wasn't and tried to investigate in quotes, the legend of sleepy hollow. lots of surprises coming up on "gma." >> first we have more from our exclusive interview with leah remini. the former sitcom star and former scientologist with her new book called "troublemaker" soon hitting the shelves. >> a lot has been made of her criticisms of high-profile church member tom cruise but there is a more personal story about leah's family and its relationship to this controversial thing. >> i'm going to get there. first!
9:30 am
>> reporter: years before she would star in the hit cbs show "the king of queens" leah remini joined scientology as an 8-year-old because her mom recently divorced had thrown herself into the faith. >> she was never home. really from at the church morning, noon and night. >> what was told to me was look at what you're doing for the world. this is more important than your family. >> reporter: when leah was a teenager her mom decided to enroll her in the sea org, the pious uniformed religious order of the church. >> they provide room and board and you work there and sign a billion year contract. >> a billion year contract. >> correct. >> scientologists believe in reincarnation and sea org members are expected to keep working every time they come back. leah quickly got in trouble in the sea org in part because of her involvement with boys. >> i allowed my boyfriend, my first boyfriend to go like this over my shirt. >> that was enough to get you --
9:31 am
>> that was light, very light. it wasn't a real grab, dan. >> very hard to have this discussion with a straight face. >> sorry. >> reporter: leah didn't make it in the sea org but as her star rose she and her family stayed deeply involved in the faith. even as she began to develop deep doubts about church leaders. tom cruise and even some of scientology's core beliefs. >> this is some crazy [ bleep ]. >> you thought it was crazy but you stayed in the church. >> so what do i do? i'm walking away from my mother? i'm leaving my mother? i'm never talking to my mother again? >> but when she left, her mom and everyone else in her family stood by her. >> did you ever have a moment of thinking, maybe i'll stay with the church? >> never. it was never a thought. >> how much did it mean to you that your family stood by you? >> it means everything. >> in fact, leah says leaving scientology has made her family closer than ever but led to a major war of words with the
9:32 am
statement to abc news has called leah an i'm quoting here a liar, self-absorbed, rude and embarrassing. >> cudd dough to you, you're a pro and looking forward to have week. >> another sighting of the okay? >> i haven't seen headless horseman. you saw earlier we saw ichabod crane from "the legend of sleepy hollow." what a beautiful morning. it is cold. beautiful colors up here in the hudson valley but certainly on the chilly side. let's go over some halloween type of towns. spooky areas of the country and go through that. spook-tacular cities, thank you, dan. sleepy hollow, 56. casper, wyoming, 62. mystic, connecticut, love it, 55. tombstone, arizona, i'll be your huckleberry, 71 and pumpkintown,
9:33 am
south carolina, 61. doing trick-or-treating, chilly in spots so layer up, kids. don't make mom put that big old down coat over your fantastic costume. should be all right there. and the rain across the pacific northwest. that's a quick check on your national saturday. lots of sunshine out there. temperatures topping off generally between 50 and 55 degrees with some afternoon clouds that will be thickening up through the evening hours, but we stay dry through trick-or-treating. tomorrow, ear >> this weather report brought moisturizer. >> fine weather we're having. >> a beautiful majestic anti-cyclone to bring us beautiful blue skies. >> rob, have you seen him yet. >> who? >> the headless horseman, of >> come on. he does not exist. it's ridiculous. >> rob, of course, he do, darling.
9:34 am
>> behind you. >> oh, my god, he does exist. i've got an umbrella. i'll save you. he does exist, guys. i'll defend the fair katrina. we'll be right back. let me go. >> i love -- rob has some acting chops. >> hope that works out, rob. >> exactly. >> he needs like to be carrying a dagger in his mouth. coming up on "gma," our halloween party. it will be raging on and we have canines in costume and sara, who are you hanging out with. >> i have found some of the cutest halloween -- well, some are cute. look at this headless guy right here. i think we met him at sleepy hollow. look at all these amazing costumes. you guys can wave. you're on right now. all the swords up and we've got so much more coming up, though, here on "gma." so stay tuned. >> this is just part of the spookiness in store for "good morning america's" halloween extravaganza.
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alright. letting go... don't say a word. it's a little easier when you've saved for college,
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watching the story of "the legend of sleepy hollow" has been terrifying kids for years. >> the "gma" weekend crew
9:39 am
reimaged the legend and delved into the supernatural and admittedly we had a devilish time. >> once upon a time washington irving gave us "the legend of sleepy hollow." but there's more to the galloping ghastly headless horseman's tale. >> i've heard the legend of sleepy hollow but i don't know all of it. >> what you don't know is that the headless horseman has cursed all the villages. >> is there really a headless horseman? >> oh, yes, dear, the headless horseman is quite real. there's nothing to worry about at all. let's come this way. >> excuse me. >> whoo-hoo. >> as a schoolmaster, you must heed my warning. we barely escaped. you must not linger on this path. >> where are we going now? >> ichabod's schoolhouse. >> ichabod used to teach here. >> still does. >> do you know all the people
9:40 am
>> no, dear, i'm simply trapped here like you. >> i'm trapped here. >> oh, yes and the horseman's curse. >> you're not my favorite person right now. so where are we going, into a mausoleum. >> the mausoleum just this way. >> should you really go in these things if you don't know the people? >> it's nice to come in and pay respects, don't you think? >> oh, my gosh. [ screaming ] >> henry, thank you very much for your time but i don't really care how this myth ends. i have to go. i'm so freaked out now. [ screaming ] >> she fled and found a safe haven with a strange company but she didn't know this happened on the very night of ichabod's disappearance marking the beginning of the horseman's reign of terror. >> oh, my gosh. oh, my gosh. i'm so happy to see you guys and i'm usually not but this is amazing. >> who are you?
9:41 am
you're my team. we're paid to hang out. out there. he's trying to kill me. >> what happened to his head? >> i didn't have time to ask him. >> but he's riding the horse. >> he's riding the horse. >> with no head chasing me. we need to get out of here. >> i have an idea. i have ang idea. dan, why don't you volunteer to check this out? >> just because i was talked into wearing this stupid hat doesn't mean i'm actually stupid. >> no, it actually does. i know you. you believe anything. you've got this. you're going to want to take another shot. >> wow, i guess the silly woman lying. aisle out. time. >> probably dead. definitely dead. >> here, to dan. >> to dan. >> ichabod crane wasn't the only one to perish that day.
9:42 am
but in sleepy hollow if you concentrate, you can still sense him meditating even today. >> i like the sly reference to my meditation practice. >> i don't think anyone was concerned about you. >> i certainly did survive. >> special thanks to the historic hudson valley for making your little excursion possible and dealing with all of us. all of sara's screaming, we should say. >> and all the things that we thought was funny that they probably didn't. >> you looked good. we all looked great in the period costumes. >> many so of us looked better than others. >> you blended in. >> which i mean by you -- >> coming up on "good morning america," scary science. a reason why we go crazy for horror movies like "scream" all ahead in a very crazy version of "pop news." >> plus, dogs in cost tomb. >> yay. >> dogs in costume.
9:43 am
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sometimes ron welcomes -- >> there's just like an impossible level of cuteness on the set. >> i'm overwhelmed. >> take this all in. it's amazing. sara, you have a bewitching "pop news" this morning. >> and tons of adorable little guest hosts here so please make sure to check them out. hollywood is hyped up for halloween as well but the parade of costumes has really just begun. celebrities showing off in a big way. can you guess who's playing winnie the pooh? >> who is that? >> he's really hot in real life. >> changing tatum. >> channing tatum. don't read the prompter trying to make it look, oh, so casual. this is going to be beyonce dressed as the superhero storm. do you recognize that one wearing all white and she's
9:46 am
>> that's what it is, her eyes. >> a little spooky. >> perennially amazing. >> she has to be. there's a lot of pressure on you when it's halloween. nick jonas, the hamburglar. these kids probably don't know who that is. >> yes i saw it in macy's. >> robert downie jr. in that tigger outfit. looks like he's meditating or doing something so we've got lots. . more to come as we see people posting on social media. tons of costumes and fun stuff. with plenty of people sitting down to watch some classic horror movies tonight, you've got to wonder why it is we love to be scared and i'm one of those people. apparently it's because fear and pleasure are very closely related which is kind of crazy to me. watching "carrie" can give you the same physiological reactions, earmuffs and eye guards as being really excited and a recent study from vanderbilt university some
9:47 am
their brains don't pump the brakes on the feel good chemical dopamine. if you need further proof don't forget the tickets being sold to horror films, a billion dollar industry and so much is made on nights like tonight, i guarantee you. >> i'm still scared of the dark. i don't like scary movies. >> me too. >> this is not the crowd to ask about scary movies. >> see, maybe they do. parent, right here. halloween is all about the candy, but what's sweet to some kids around the world is definitely an acquired taste to others. check this out. salty black licorice from finland. they also tried candy from thailand and fizzy candy from the ukraine. it's not you will created equal. i'll stick with me reese's pieces but it's not just the kids having awe the fun.
9:48 am
husky dressed up as a pirate. we're going to get to that in one second after we see these poor kids trying candy. >> ew. >> let's stop torturing the children. >> and here we go. there he is. and we've got these extraterrestrials who are trying to phone home. they're going to jump up here, the long arm of the law caught up with this pooch. look at how cute these dogs are. >> aren't those dogs cute? >> instagram celebrity doug the pug is proving he ain't afraid of no ghosts. this morning they're dressed up by petsmart available for adoption. the crucial part through the aspca. the kids held the kitties. you said you love the cats. >> yes. >> adopt a cat today. >> that's right. i've got a black cat right here. you can for free save a life. this is one of my -- excuse the
9:49 am
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"good morning america" is brought to you by a zillion things home. >> trick-or-treat! >> thank you to the kids up in sleepy hollow and to the aspca and everyone in the studio. >> happy halloween. >> now from wmur news 9. amy: good morning, it's 9:56. here is a quick look at our local headlines. an overnight crash in nashua has some roads closed in the gate city. east hollis to harbor avenue and east prospect to harbor blocked off force hours now. someone hit a telephone pole and crews are out there repairing damage. muzzle loader season for deer
9:53 am
hunting officially begins today. and the season runs through november 10th, then regular firearms season runs through december 6th. hunters took nearly 2000 deer in the first month of the archery season. and hunting should be good this year. better get the hunter orange on your pets. get a list of trick-or-treat times on our website. as you get ready to head out snap a picture of your costume and we love to see it on the u local page. is that a john deere tractor? >> john deere green there. it's a blue sky and nice start to the day. chilly 20's most parts of the state, but we're rebounding and 40's are appearing and headed to the 50's for most of us. most of us between the 50's and the next weather system thickens
9:54 am
and a couple of showers around overnight and tomorrow morning, but for the most part even tomorrow won't be that bad. just a few scattered showers at times. here is how it looks for the trick-or-treaters. as you're headed out later today this evening, between 5:00 and 9:00, try to cover as many communities as possible, temperatures starting off in the upper 40's and lower 50's. by the time we get to the end of the window, 30's to lower 40's out there. the forecast looking good, 50 to 55 and tomorrow, a degree or two warmer. breaks of sun and warming up this on average, women need to work an extra two hours each day,
9:55 am
to earn the same paycheck as their male coworkers. join the fight for equal pay. join the fight for sara and women everywhere. i'm hillary clinton,
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