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tv   News 9 at Seven  ABC  October 31, 2015 7:00pm-7:29pm EDT

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women need to work an extra two hours each day, to earn the same paycheck as their male coworkers. join the fight for equal pay. join the fight for sara and women everywhere. i'm hillary clinton, and i approve this message. stephanie: right now on news 9, mayoral candidates revving up their campaigns before election day. >> it' s about trust, its about experience, and it' s about a record. >> honestly, i could not sit back any longer and watch our city crumble. stephanie: mayor ted gatsas goes head to head with challenger joyce craig. and senator bernie sanders picking up endorsements from 3 of the biggest unions in the state today. hayley: a halloween treat today. it was a beautiful last day of
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october. but tracking rain showers though for the second half of the weekend. my forecast ahead. >> she' s the friendliest little girl in the world and the kindest heart. stephanie: the hooksett community is standing behind a 7-year-old as she battles leukemia. >> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now, wmur "news 9 at 7 6." [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] stephanie: it' s a clear and crisp halloween night. you' meredith right now where the , last trick-or-treaters are going door to door. good evening and happy halloween. i' m stephanie woods. but if you thought today was beautiful meteorologist hayley , lapoint tells us about sunshine and warm weather for your work week. hayley: we just have to get through tomorrow, the one chance of showers we have, but for tonight, spectacular forecast. here is your ghostly forecast. temperatures in the 40' s, lower 40' s in hanover, mostly cloudy skies.
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48 in salem with cloudy skies. 46 in tilton. eventually there will be rain showers off to our west. that comes in on our sunday and it won' t be nearly as bright and beautiful as it was today. there will be a dry time tomorrow as well. temperatures in the 50' s for the most part across the state. then we get into is really great weather for the work week. i will show you the whole seven-day forecast ahead. stephanie: new hampshire state police say a pembroke man ran away from state troopers on i-93 while his girlfriend tried to help him escape. state police say they pulled over 34-year-old brandon holler just after 11:00 this morning in concord. the trooper says after he learned holler had warrants, holler ran from the car. police set up a perimeter while holler' s girlfriend, 23-year-old kaileah tolken, allegedly drove to where holler was hiding. holler eventually turned himself in. holler and tolken are facing several charges.
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city elections. for mayor. mayor ted gatsas is seeking a fourth term while challenger wmur' s kristen carosa caught up with both candidates along the campaign trail today. kristen: the candidates made several stops saturday. both are taking advantage of the this weekend as the campaign comes to a close. the manchester mayoral candidates are hard at work along the campaign trail. it' s the last weekend before the election. >> we are knocking on doors this morning, we will be knocking on some more doors. >> it' s all about getting out and talking to voters, residents of the city, reminding them to vote on tuesday. kristen: both candidates connected with voters in a halloween parade. mayor ted gatsas is seeking a fourth term while challenger joyce craig looks to win her first. >> the campaign has been great. it is no different today than it was in when i ran in my first >> it' s about communicating with the residents of manchester, hearing what their concerns are
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, going to address their kristen: concerns. kristen: craig has worked on the manchester school board and spent six years as an alderman. she also worked in boston at an advertising agency. >> i really think there is a great opportunity in manchester to market the good things we have to outside entities to bring them in. but we do have to address some significant issues such as education, crime, and the heroin epidemic first. >> the most important thing right now is the drug epidemic, that is something we need to get control of. are other challenges facing the city and wants to continue to work on them. >> economic development is very important. we need to make sure that we continue to grow the tax base so that the residential homeowners don' t keep getting hit with tax increases. kristen: gatsas says he believes his record and experience will win him another term as mayor while craig believes manchester city forward. >> i believe this city is looking for a mayor that is accessible and who is going to approach people and really listen to the concerns and take ideas back to city hall and
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>> i stand on my record and people know that. maybe you ask me a question and i may not give you the answer that you like but at least you know where i stand. kristen: again, the election is this tuesday. polls open in manchester at 6:00 a.m. reporting in manchester, kristen carosa wmur news 9. ,stephanie: nine other new hampshire cities will host mayoral elections on tuesday. here are the cities with seats up for grabs. to learn more about the mayoral candidates in each city and find out the polls, head to our website , earlier today, leaders of three new hampshire unions endorsed democratic presidential candidate bernie sanders. the international brotherhood of electrical workers local 490, the american postal workers union in new hampshire, and the service employees international union local 560 in hanover are all backing the senator from vermont. sanders says he appreciates the support. senator sanders: i look forward
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woman here to make a political revolution which says that the united states government belongs to all of us, should represent all of us, and not just the super pacs in the large campaign donors. stephanie: sanders also attended town halls in lebanon earlier the seven and. people in hooksett are coming together to support a little girl who' s battling leukemia. friends and family are raising money to pay her medical bills and do whatever it takes to bring adyson home. wmur' s mike cronin joins us live in hooksett with the story. mike: ady is in the middle of a treatment phase and while the reality of the fight is setting in, her family says she is in good spirits. the seven-year-old has a long road ahead of her, but she is not alone. she has the support of her loving family, friends, and hooksett community as she battles leukemia. >> it has been surreal, the support.
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friends of friends that we have never even met just outpouring the support. mike: ady was diagnosed last week and is receiving treatment at boston children' s hospital, where she is chewing on -- cheering on her favorite football team. >> go, tom brady! woo! mike: she is full of life and love spending time with her little sister. >> the friendliest little girl in the world and the kindest heart. mike: she is also a soccer player. she was supposed to finish treatment on saturday but the treatment is keeping her of the field for now. they all signed a banner which will be brought to her hospital bed. ady is feeling the love. her family has been posting updates and videos to the facebook page "fight for ady." >> thank you for your love and support. i hope i can come back soon. i' m miss you and i love you. bye. mike: her supporters call
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s army. a gofundme page has been set up for medical expenses. it is a challenging journey, but her family says she knows she has a whole army behind her. bad situation. it is the best possible outcome she is up against. mike: if you would like to help the family, visit this story on, where we will post a link to the gofundme page. stephanie: thank you, mike. still to come on news 9, one runner competing in the anthem manchester city marathon will cross a milestone when he crosses the finish line. hayley: no problems for the trick-or-treaters tonight, for tracking this rain moving closer
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the timeline for when it stops stephanie: welcome back to news 9.
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the anthem manchester city marathon, half marathon, and relay kicks off tomorrow morning. more than 950 runners are participating this year. runners headed over to the and pick up their numbers. the race starts on elm street just before 9:00 tomorrow morning. the runners will have six hours to complete the course. among the athletes running sunday is a 73-year-old man from las vegas. john maultsby has been on a quest to run a marathon in every state. and tomorrow, when he crosses the finish line, he will have completed that goal. he says it has taken him 13 years to do it. >> i know there has been runners out there that have done it a whole lot quicker. but i was 60 when i started and i don' t know too many that started in the 60' s to do the 50 states. stephanie: he has run seven marathons this year alone and looks forward to completing the race tomorrow. well, john, i haven' t completed just one, so very good to you. and as you head out the door tomorrow morning, watch out for some traffic changes in manchester. elm street will be closed from bridge street to lake and manchester police say to expect
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bridge and bridge street bridge. the amoskeag and queen city bridges will be open. also expect delays around the mill yard, river road, hooksett road, and around livingston park. if you need to travel across the city, police suggest taking the highways. so quite a bit close there. how about that 73-year-old running his 50th marathon in 13 years? hayley: in one year on top of it, too. very fit and doing well for himself. stephanie: a lot better than me. go on, john. hayley: we are enjoying the halloween kenny. nom nom nom. we will cap those as carbs for the run tomorrow. beautiful weather today. tomorrow not so much. stephanie: good candy-eating weather. ahead in sports playoff , positions were still up for grabs today. jason king will have your high school football scores and highlights, coming up. now to our u-local halloween hot shot. check out this cute little
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pumpkin, ready for halloween fun. and a group of pirates dressed up in auburn. keep sending us your pictures and video and join the thousands of u-local members, by logging
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>> now, meteorologist hayley lapoint and your stormwatch 9 forecast. hayley: happy halloween, everyone. what a great picture to show you. hundreds of people lined up to watch the halloween parade that is going on tonight. it just got started at about 7:00 and it is all a community thing.
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the parade route. quiet evening, lots of trick-or-treaters wrapping things up as we speak. before you head to bed, good idea to shift your clocks back an hour. turn your clocks back one hour. sunset will officially be around 4:30 tomorrow afternoon. big change could this morning we have the sunrise happen at 7:19. tomorrow morning it will happen earlier at 6:20 a.m. the thinking you will notice is it gets dark in our earlier starting tomorrow. the sunset tonight is at 5:39. the sunset tomorrow at 4:38. daylight savings time going away. that means we' re going to have the time change here and it is also a good time to check your smoke detectors and or carbon monoxide detectors as well. take a look at the temperatures right now.
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30' s up north. definitely chilly for the kids in berlin right now. 48 degrees in concord. 51 still in manchester. we do have clouds on the increase. you might notice that late in the day starting to fill in and block out the sun a little bit. overcast throughout the overnight here is this storm system starts to get closer and closer to us. we are not going to have this heavy rain that you see through the middle of michigan, but there will be some scattered showers that moves through during the day on sunday. not an all-day rain or a complete washout, but there will be some scattered showers that move on through. tonight is quiet and once we get to the predawn hours, tomorrow, there will be some showers, especially in the northern part of the state, and anytime throughout the day tomorrow, it will have scattered showers off and on. but if you try time, too, if you have to go outside for a couple of minutes.
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tomorrow at 6:00, a few passing showers, and then we clear up and it sets the -- sets us up for a beautiful week as we push forward here. lower 30' s part of the state. winds out of the south at five miles per hour. scattered showers on sunday, high temperature of 57. of us. man, it looks beautiful. seasonal averages for this time in november. 68 with sunshine on wednesday and, yes, friday, approaching 70 degrees. very warm for early november standards. next chance for rain showers comes in on friday and possibly next saturday. >> now, jason king and news 9 sports. jason: after 2 tough games on the, the unh football team returned home to host rhode island. another good crowd at cowell stadium hoping to see their the season strong. jae'
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wuan horton, and daniel rowe help stuff the run in the back field. that rhode island drive would lead to a field goal, 3-0 rams. then in the second quarter, wesley mckoy swings it out to harold cooper, who takes it in for a rhode island touchdown. the rams led 17-zero at halftime, but unh rallied in the second half. dalton crossan scored twice and unh wins it 2017. they are for-four overall. they host richmond next week. freshman qb eric fairweather had 344 yards of total offense with 2 touchdowns, but stonehill beat saint anselm, 35-24. connor dicesare of hampton threw for 140 yards for plymouth state. but they lose in overtime, 30-27. high school football, nashua north and keene. a win for north would put the the titans in the playoffs. jared levesque goes up top to second quarter, levi gosselin.
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35-10, titans in front. all kinds of costumes in the stands today. second half, keene' s sean corrigan connects with hunter massucco for the 15 yard score, making it to 5-17. levesque threw for 3 touchdowns, and ran for another, sclyler boykin racked up 257 all purpose yards with three touchdowns and north wins 62-31. the titans will face goffstown in the playoffs next week . they will miss the playoffs. in division iii, both these teams will make the playoffs, and the newport will be the top seed in the north. they finished at 8-0. they host somersworth next week. in her legs today but both teams
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inter-lakes beat franklin today playoffs. and also in moment in last night' s spaulding of all the touchdowns scored this season, this one stands alone as the single best. spaulding sophomore teagan house has muscular dystrophy, but is a football team. late in the 4th quarter, teagan took the hand off and scored. a huge shout-out to the officials and the winnacunnet coaches and players for allowing it to happen. teagan is an honorary captain for the team and attends every single practice. last night he got his moment to remember. the cross country division meets will were held at jerry kill park today. -- zach richards and evan gary velpar today. tanguay were the top finishers for coe-brown who took the team title with a score of 65. girls division two, elisabeth
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for the coe-brown bears as they take the title. jaclyn of exeter is the winner. she is just a sophomore, but pinkerton won the team title. for the boys, it was former hometown hero liam kimball of timberlane. cameron daly of inter-lakes wins the individual race. for the girls monadnock wins the , team title. sarah nadeau of hopkinton won
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jason: the unh hockey team is on the ice at merrimack college tonight. the wildcats jumped out to a 2-0 lead. here are their thoughts on the game. >> we are going to play a very
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they are big, they are strong. arena. but we feel we are getting get better. >> they are a good team, they and we will have to match it and come out ready to play. jason: only one game for the manchester monarchs right now, jackals. >> honestly, it is a big game for our team. it is a chance for us to make a statement and our schedule is a little light in games right now so you got get the points and get the ship going in the right direction as quick as possible. jason: dartmouth hockey home have highlights after football. stephanie: thanks so much for
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