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tv   News 9 Noon  ABC  November 2, 2015 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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erin: now at noon, we' re down to the wire in the manchester mayoral race. what the candidates are doing in these final hours before the polls open. debate controversy. how gop candidates want to reshape future debates. kevin: this week' s headline will be the milder temperatures. erin: and plane crash investigation. the new developments in the crash of a russian passenger jet that killed everyone on board. >> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now, wmur news 9 at noon. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] erin: good afternoon. i am erin fehlau.
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presidential primary is underway. voters in some new hampshire cities will be heading to the polls tomorrow. in the largest city, it could be a record turnout. ray brewer is outside manchester city hall and had a chance to catch up with the 2 candidates for mayor. benefits from the expected heavy turnout. benefits them. mayor ted gatsas seeking his fourth turn while challenger joyce craig says it is time for a change. with less than 24 hours before the polls opened, joyce craig spent part of her mourning meeting and greeting voters along elm street, after months of campaigning. she says she is ready for the voters to have their say. ms. craig: we have run an honest, positive campaign and had a great group of volunteers. ray: the mayor was waiting for voters at one of the city'
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s busiest intersections. mayor gatsas: the voters are happy it is tomorrow. ray: the voters had many opportunities to combat the candidates side-by-side, such as this debate. both candidates say the issues have gotten a lot of exposure. as to what they want the voters thinking about what they had to the polls -- >> there is a great opportunity in manchester with new leadership, a mayor who is going to listen to voters, listen to their concerns and ideas, and implement those ideas. >> we are better off today than we were six years ago. there are great things that i have been in the city of manchester and we will continue growing on that base. ray: both candidates have a full day of campaigning ahead of them. in manchester, the polls will open at 6:00 a.m. tomorrow morning and close at 7:00. ray brewer, wmur news 9. erin: and you can depend on news 9 for complete coverage of the mayoral races. right now at, you will find video pictures from the candidates, along with info for
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each key city race in the state. t forget to download our free wmur mobile app. happening right now, president obama is signing a two-year budget deal. this comes on the eve of the default deadline. the deal will raise spending by the federal budget. numbers in the race for president top our commitment 2016 this noon. in a survey conducted by on with university, donald trump continues to lead with 26%, 10 points higher than ben carson, who is at 16. marker review is at 13% after marco rubio is a 13%, followed by john kasich at 11, jeb bush rounding out the top five with 7%. by now, senator rand paul is holding a student rally at the university of new hampshire at
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these are life and pictures as he talks about his policy plans and how much the youth vote matters. several presidential candidates will be in new hampshire this week. marco rubio and carly fiorina will return to file for the primary election later this week. and martin o' malley and jeb bush will also visit the state but they are not expected to file until later this month. president are teaming up to try and change upcoming debates. the candidates are angry at moderators and party organizers are demanding changes after last week' s widely criticized debate. abc' s carolyn costello has more on the reshaping of the ground rules. carolyn: the crowded pool of republican candidates has something they can agree on, a list of demands for debate hosts. it comes after last week' s highly criticized debate, moderated by cnbc, which pocket
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governor christie: we have isis and al qaeda attacking us and we are talking about fantasy football? [applause] >> is this a comic book version of a campaign? mr. trump: no, it is not a nice question. governor christie: even in new jersey when you are doing is rude. carolyn: today, the republican party chair says the candidates have the party support. reince preibus: what happened at the cnbc debate was a debacle. the ability to sanction or the sanction the debate is with the rnc. carolyn: some candidates have indicated they what they want change. mr. carson: we should have moderators interested in disseminating the information to gotcha. senator cruz: if you have never voted in a republican primary in your life, you don' t get to moderate a republican primary debate. carolyn: some changes agreed to include largely bypassing the rnc and coordinating with
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network host. an equal number of questions as well as mandatory opening and closing statements. an official list will be outlined in a letter to debate host in the coming days. tell them, abc news, new york. erin: the man accused of leading a chase on seacoast manchester did not face a judge after making bail. a trooper tried to stop 37-year-old joshua buzza in greenland friday night for not having his headlights on. that' s when buzza allegedly sped off, leading police on a chase onto route 101. they eventually caught up with him in manchester. he faces multiple charges. his next hearing date has not been scheduled. a pit bull found severely malnourished in claremont now faces months of rehab. hope is now under the care of the lost my way animal shelter in claremont. she weighs just 27 pounds, can' t walk on her own, and just started drinking water.
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that did this, please man up. i mean, there is no excuse for this, and they obviously need help themselves. >> she will be needing special diets for a long time and will probably be needing things like massage therapy, and that is not cheap. erin: police say it is accurate if the dog was abused or neglected. they have set up a gofundme page. if your commute takes you across the sarah long bridge between portsmouth and kittery, you may need to find an alternate route. inspectors are working on the bridge today through friday. lane closures will take place between 8:00 a.m. and 3:30 in the afternoon. coming up, plane crash investigation. what airline experts think happened to the russian jet that crashed, killing everyone onboard. and el faro mystery. what has been discovered in the search for the missing cargo ship. kevin: temperatures continuing to warm up over the next couple of days, with a couple of rain
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chances to focus on. erin: and if you need inspiration for dinner tonight we have an idea for you. tt2watv#@5$! bt@q
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and women everywhere. i'm hillary clinton,
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erin: new questions today in the international plane crash mystery that killed hundreds of people. now the airline is saying it is not at fault, leaving questions about a possible bomb. abc' s elizabeth hur is in new york with the latest. elizabeth: a growing the street in the egyptian desert as investigators sifted through debris trying to grab what caused a commercial jet go down midair. aviation officials say it is too early to know. >> there are a couple of things we could look at. we could say it was a bomb that made the airplane, part, or perhaps it was some unknown structural failure where the airplane just came upon. right now we don' t have any evidence that points is one way or the other. elizabeth: the flight left at the resort city early saturday morning without any issues. families posted photos like this as they boarded to go home. over the next 21 minutes, the plane was to 31,000 feet, but
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ascended several times, slowing to 71 miles an hour before losing contact. out in the desert, investigators found the flight recorders quickly, but they may not hold the answers. instantaneously. there may not be any data that would be appropriate or which boxes. the real answers would be done with the record shows us. elizabeth: thousands of miles away, a plane arrived in st. petersburg this morning, carrying 140 bodies. grief stricken families must go to the more to identify loved ones. u.s. intelligence officials say right now there was no direct evidence of terrorism, but they are not ruling it out just yet. for the time being, several major airliners are rerouting their planes around the region as a precaution. elizabeth hur, abc news, new york. erin: federal investigators think they' ve found the wreckage of el faro. the cargo ship that sank during hurricane joaquin a month ago. officials say the ship appears to have landed upright on the ocean floor 15,000 feet down.
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could take up to two weeks. several of the 33 people on board had ties to new england. three nightclub owners are suspected of manslaughter and involuntary bodily harm in a fire that killed 30 and injured 180 in romania over the weekend. witnesses say the fire started after a spark on stage from a heavy metal pyrotechnics show , and it ignited foam decorations. the fire caused a stampede to a single exit door of the basement club. at least 90 people are still hospitalized, and officials say the death toll will likely rise. for us, we are at pretty mild temperatures, actually above normal in some cases. kevin: kicking off the month of november on a milder note. we will talk about the pattern going forward. erin: and it is starting to smell good in here. we will tell you how to make
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>> now, meteorologist stevan group of -- kevin skarupa with your forecast. kevin: completely different picture north of the white mountains, where we have the best to northwesterly breeze creating their own clouds in that direction. for the most part we are looking at a pretty nice afternoon across the area. temperatures across the region at the above the average, which is a trend that continues through the end of the week as it stands now. a little bit of a breeze today. that will lineup tomorrow and into the day on wednesday. this west-northwest wind, especially with cooler temperatures. it does not take much to kick up extra clouds to the north. this means the chance to bring out the shower for the afternoon. opposite effect happens with a
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this is what we will see continuing to play out through the afternoon. tonight and early tomorrow morning, between that and thursday night, that really is our truly one rain chance we have out there. a little bit drew brees on these readings, which go from the 50' s up north to 60' s in some spots. as far as the temperatures themselves from running about where they were yesterday at lunchtime by a solid five to 10 degrees in most locations. notice on future guess we continue with the fair skies. tonight, likely the coolest night through friday afternoon. that system is gliding across the north country, quick shower overnight. those should gradually clear in the morning. a little bit lighter of the wind out there tomorrow. temperatures jumping five
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winds will be a little bit more southerly, feeding the ocean air down towards long island. that will keep the air mass where it is. and then the wind strength of the southwesterly direction for thursday come with sunshine on friday and increasing clouds. both of those days like to be the warmest of the days, where temperatures will be well into the 60' s of possibly 70 degrees on friday. eventually the front comes through and we get the cooler air out of canada as the wind direction starts to shift back to the north and west for a day or two. for the weekend itself, as things cool off, and then it looks like we will form right back up again. you notice the overnight lows a not too chilly either.
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later on when the front making its way through. let' s head over to "cook' s corner." erin: we are talking about a big distillers showcase. >> i' m very excited to be here to tell everybody about the spirits. that is happening on thursday, november 12, at the radisson hotel in manchester stop for t join us last year, you won' out. tasting event. we will be auctioning off where i have over a dozen fine restaurants, including the faro supporting animals in need. animal rescue league. erin: that is awesome. you have some shrimp in there. >> we have homemade lemon cello
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-- limoncello. it is a distinct taste. we take some seafood and at as much limoncello as it possibly can. erin: and it gives a lot of lemon flavor as well. an appetizer? >> yes. erin: can smell the lemon in here. >>' s chicken stock. this is the flavor. erin: and of course, garlic, i see. >> if you want to go with garlic. >> put this right in? erin: we are making the -- >> we are making a very high-class italian atmosphere. we have been lucky with some great reviews online and getting really noticed by the locals. very spicy. keep going, keep going. erin: what do we have here? >> some parsley. a little dab. want to throw it?
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boom. event as well. kelly: i really have one. erin: i believe -- >> i believe next visit is the actual date. attend this year. all of the proceeds from the league of new hampshire. for anyone looking for tickets, proceeds will help us get for animals and need. erin: is that herbed butter? pat: i can' t tell you what the compound is great a little bit of a secret good erin: --little bit of a secret. erin: served over bread? all right, this looks great. of the biggest fundraisers that you do. raise from this event. important to offer the care that
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kelly: we care for over two dozen animals in your through the animal rescue league so this is a big part of what we do and it will help us take care of the animals. erin: this is almost on your? -- done here? pat: we will move it off the flame. erin: -- it looks delicious. pat: oh, it is phenomenal. erin: can' t go wrong with sure. -- shrimp. pat: no, you cannot. erin: thank you both for coming out. we' ll be right back. jeb bush was a very strong governor, probably the strongest governor in the history of the state of florida.
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erin: a 97-year-old can add another accomplishment to her diploma. last week, margaret bekema in michigan was presented with an honorary diploma from catholic central high school. margaret was forced to drop out back in 1932 to help take care of her younger siblings. margaret went on to do clerical work for the armed forces and even became a pre-school teacher. but i' m sure this is a happy day for her to have that diploma in her hands.
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least. it nice weather over the next three to four days. temperatures back into the low s. s to even your 70 by the end of the week. front coming through friday will week. erin: this is just great weather. kevin: looks like it may be back three. erin: keep it coming, whether men. your children are really getting? if you are overwhelmed by all the halloween can he enter us can we have some ideas for me couldn' t ways to turn it into healthier treats.
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