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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  November 5, 2015 7:00am-9:00am EST

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good morning, america. new details about that passenger jet that broke up midair. intelligence officials now saying it was likely a bomb. flights have been suspended. tourists are stranded, and concerns isis may have infiltrated the airport. why this could be a new nightmare for u.s. national security. live from new york it's donald trump. the gop presidential hopeful takes center stage on "saturday night live" looking for laughs. >> so, let me just say this, ben carson is a complete and total loser. >> but his critics are not laughing. calls for "snl" to dump trump right now. superstar turned superhero. serena williams leaping into action to stop a thief who snatched her cell phone. watch the chase in progress.
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abc news obtaining the video overnight, and now the message she wants to everyone to hear. i can't justin timberlake and best new artist chris stapleton bring down the house at the cma awards. j.t. shows off his southern roots. the entire audience leapt to their feet. >> thank you. lord have mercy. >> good morning, america. how did you know j.t. was going to own that night. >> with chris stapleton who had a big night, as well. >> a lot more on that. performances. we have i acomplete wrap-up coming up. we begin with major developments in the investigation of that passenger plane that fell from the sky in egypt. preliminary information suggesting a bomb may have caused a jet to blow apart in
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we are just hearing from defense secretary ash carter aboard an aircraft carrier in the south china sea. our national security team covering all the angles for you and brian ross is going to start us off. good morning, brian. >> this morning there is growing concern a terror bomb did bring down that russian plane. if so it could represent what u.s. officials call the nightmare scenario for air travel everywhere. counterterrorism officials say new intelligence led them to their conclusion that the plane was likely blown out of the sky. >> we have concluded that there is a significant possibility that that crash was caused by an explosive device on board the aircraft. >> reporter: as officials continue to search for clues in the desert the u.s. secretary of defense this morning echoed the concern about a bomb. in an exclusive interview with abc's bob woodruff conducted on board an aircraft carrier in the south china sea. >> that is one possibility, an explosive device and that is
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i understand that there are other hypotheses. >> reporter: the russian flight left from the sharm el sheikh airport in egypt where now all flights to and from britain are suspended because of what british officials told abc news was lax security. >> there are indications now that the airport itself may have been compromised by the islamic state. >> reporter: within hours, the islamic state there are group in the sinai said it was responsible for the russian jet crash. a claim that was at first dismissed as propaganda but now the group has become a prime suspect and it has posted a second claim of responsibility. citing russia's new role in fighting isis in syria. >> now that russia has begun operating in the region they become a target of the same terrorist groups that have been targeting the u.s. and european nations over the last several years. >> reporter: while there is till no hard evidence a bomb was responsible, u.s. authorities are already considering what steps they could and should take to increase security for u.s. flights that go in and out of the region, george.
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>> okay, brian, thanks very much. more from martha raddatz, and, martha, if this is isis, if it was a bomb it would be a major shift in their strategy. >> reporter: it would, george. if isis got a bomb on this plane, it is a game changer for the fight against them. there have been some intelligence officials who viewed isis as a regional problem, a group that wanted territory in iraq and syria, but were not thinking beyond that. now the intelligence community has got to be saying if they could bring down a russian airliner, what else could they do? and remember that russia just started bombing in syria over a month ago so if isis brought the airliner down as retaliation to the russians, isis got that plan together very quickly. and i would think russia would have to go after them even harder. >> yeah, russia will have to change their strategy and if, indeed, isis is branching out, what does the united states do? >> reporter: well, they're going to be laser focused on the safety of our ire lines oversee overseas.
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i travel a lot and security varies. they will be focused at airlines at homes, as well. we've heard concerns about lone wolves. there would be even more concern about that now, george. >> okay, martha raddatz, thanks very much. we bring in abc news aviation consultant, colonel steve ganyard to talk more about what you were talking to martha about. if this was indeed a sophisticated bomb what does that mean for u.s. security here? >> good morning, robin. i think, i think the important point is it's not so much the sophistication of the bomb but it's where the bomb is placed on the airplane and how big the bomb is. if we remember back to the pan am 103 flight over lockerbie, scotland, that bomb was less than one pound and able to bring down a 747 which is. bigger than this aircraft. >> how will this change the way bags are checked? >> well, you know, our own alex marquardt was telling us yesterday about how bad the security was, even after this incident in sharm and how bad it is in general in egypt so i
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think there's probably a problem throughout the middle east in terms of security but whenever anything like this happens, our own security folks are going to go back and look and see if there was some hole the terrorists might have been able to get a bomb through. might have been able to get an unchecked bag on that airplane but when we go through our own tsa prechecks we times get irritated at having to sit and wait in line but they're there for a reason and remain the first line of defense against something like this happening in the united states. >> we have to keep that in mind, thank you. race for president and donald trump set for center stage on "saturday night live" now facing new protests, latino groups picketing the show as bernie sanders takes tough new shots at democratic front-runner hillary clinton. abc's jon karl is on the campaign trail in manchester, new hampshire, with the latest. good morning, jon. >> reporter: good morning, george. donald trump is now finally spending some of his billions on campaign ads releasing his first radio spots this morning set to air in iowa, new hampshire and south carolina, but he will likely get far more attention
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when he takes the stage on "saturday night live." >> live from new york, it's donald trump. "saturday night live" has released its first promos for trump's appearance this weekend as the show's guest host. >> and because of equal time rules for television, mr. trump can only speak for four seconds in this promo. >> so let me just say this, ben carson is a complete and total loser. >> donald has promised for the whole show he is not going to brag or say he's the best at anything, right, donald? >> that's right, cecily and i'm going to do the best job anyone's ever done not saying it. >> reporter: trump, of course, is predicting the show will be huge. >> a lot of them are going to say it'll be one of the highest rated shows in their history. >> all: donald trump has got to go. >> reporter: overnight hispanic groups delivered a petition claiming over 500,000 signatures calling on "snl" to dump trump over his controversial remarkses on immigration.
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watching is rival dr. ben carson. >> because i think the presidency is a very serious thing and i don't like making light of it. >> reporter: trump prepares for his hosting duties he's also taking to the airwaves releasing his first campaign radio ads this morning. >> if the people of iowa vote for me, you'll never be disappointed. i don't disappoint people. i produce. together we're going to make america great again. >> all: trump, trump, trump. >> to me it feels like a historic day. >> reporter: he became the first republican candidate to file for the ballot in new hampshire. >> this may be a very, very important signature or maybe not so important. we'll have to see what happens. >> reporter: and nearly everywhere you go here in new hampshire you're bound to run into a presidential candidate. george, by my count there are seven would-be presidents campaigning here in new hampshire just this morning. >> you have been on the bus with jeb bush dropping in the polls
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john mccain's playbook going across the straight. >> he's got his new boss, he's going around around the state and we see a clearly energized jeb bush, the most energy i've seen from him since he started this campaign. i asked hip, though, about a media consultant he has hired to help him do better in the debates. this is what he said. >> but you've hired this media consultant to help you with debates. >> yeah, i've had one meeting with the guy. i'm going to be better. >> what is he telling you. >> he's telling me to be me. he's telling me to own what i believe. >> you need a consultant to tell you that. >> yeah, it's amazing, isn't it? probably not. probably not. >> that debate is coming up on tuesday. meanwhile, on the democratic side bernie sanders really shifting gears now and going right at hillary clinton >> that's right in an interview with "wall street journal" he talks about her changing positions on key issues like trade and keystone pipeline saying they raise character questions and then he said this about her e-mails, those damned
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he said they raise valid questions, her private use of private e-mails. i did not say end the investigation. that's silly. let the investigation proceed un unimpeded so bernie sanders taking a. hillary clinton now. even on the e-mail issue. >> opening that back up. much. >> all right, george, we move on to a violent rampage at a university of california campus. a male student stabbing four people before being shot dead by police. all of the victims are expected to survive and investigators are trying to figure out the motive. abc's matt gutman is in merced, california, with the latest. good morning, matt. >> reporter: hey, good morning, robin. the key to untangling why this student may have gone slashing his other classmates may have been in the backpack that he wore. now, there is a brief chase right over that bridge, you can see the lights right there. the police shot that young man dead. now, they detonated his backpack and testing a substance found interside of it.
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as this attacker was in this class, a contractor nearby overheard the commotion. thought that he was running into break up a fight. instead he encountered the attacker right there. somehow managed to lure him out. now, that contractor buy on price is being hailed as a hero saving lives and caught up with his father overnight. did byron get a good look at him. >> very good look at him and said it's a real weird thing that i'm probably the last guy that stared him right in the eyes. >> reporter: moments earlier john price's son was working here at the class and office building when he heard screams. >> it was mayhem in there. apparently a lot of things were going screaming and as soon as the attacker saw him he went after him. >> reporter: drawing the attacker out of the classroom. >> he was able to kick the guy in the head and got him away. rather than run away from it, you know, not knowing what he was up against he went into it. all of us want to be able to think that we're that guy who can do that when called on.
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says he's going to be just fine. probably will be back at work the next couple of days but this community is still reeling and that's possibly because stabbing attacks are so unusual. the fbi is investigating whether this student who was called anti-social by his roommates was just having a bad day, whether this was a lone wolf attack or possibly an act of domestic terrorism. george. >> okay, matt gutman, thanks very much. we turn now to that stunning twist in the case of the illinois police officer killed back in september. authorities now say lieutenant joe gliniewicz shot himself in a staged suicide. abc's alex perez is in fox lake, illinois, with the latest. good morning, alex. >> reporter: good morning, george. investigators say lieutenant gliniewicz felt the walls were closing in on him and even planted evidence to try to mislead them. from stand-up officer to lying thief, this morning new details about the death of lieutenant charles joseph gliniewicz not killed in the line of duty as initially believed but instead took his own life.
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carefully staged suicide. >> reporter: investigators say for seven years gliniewicz stole and laundered money from the fox lake police department's youth program, a program that he ran and feared he would soon be exposed. using the money to pay for personal trips, his mortgage, gym memberships and even adult websites. >> gliniewicz committed the ultimate betrayal, to the citizens he served and the entire law enforcement community. >> reporter: this a dramatic conclusion to a two-month mystery, gliniewicz radioing for help september 1st telling officers he was pursuing three suspicious men. >> 10-4. did you need a second unit. >> go ahead and tart somebody. >> reporter: by the time backup arrived gliniewicz was found dead. >> send everybody you possibly can. officer is down. >> reporter: 150 investigators spending 25,000 hours following up on hundreds of leads. but the alleged suspects never found. the investigation now revealing
7:14 am
gliniewicz used his experience working mock crime scenes to plant evidence and then shot himself twice with his own gun. and authorities say they are investigating two other people who may have known about the embezzlement, the gliniewicz family in a statement saying they would not comment on the investigation and they're still coping with their loss. robin. >> thanks, alex. now to 345 thaij winter storm dumping feet of snow from california to colorado. it's now moving into texas with gusty winds and the potential for more flash flooding, ginger. >> that same storm blowing through denver overnight. being being in the 60s and wake up the next day and you have your first snow of the season. that's what happened in denver, the thunder snow, that has an associated cold front and it's going to bring severe storms from dallas to wake so to austin, strong winds later this afternoon and evening. large hail, even an isolated tornado. that is the same spot that was with the flash flooding last weekend. flash flood watches up to arkansas. and, again, that heat, i've got
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to get to it. are chester, new york, hit 78 yesterday. >> woo. >> i'll tell you when it cools down yesterday. >> no rush in cooling down there, ginger, thank you. now amy with the morning's other top stories starting with some surprise ing ing headlines from formatter president bush. >> this is being called a political bombshell. in his new buying iographer the elder bush has scathing criticisms and says his son was not supported well by his aides and singles out dick cheney saying he became too hard line and hawkish and calls former defense secretary donald rumsfeld. arrogant. the book published next week. iran appears to be stepping up psycher attacks. those attacks have reportedly targeted e-mail accounts of obama administration officials. "the wall street journal" says the attacks have been on the rise since an american oil executive was arrested in iran last month. well, back here in this country a close call for a woman
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driving down a massachusetts highway when this wood post came crashing through her windshield. amazingly she is okay. police think the post was thrown over it. and there was a big surprise for people eating in this florida restaurant. ceiling tiles started falling down on to them and seconds later a man came crashing down through that ceiling. police say he was a would-be thief trying to break into the restaurant's office. and finally, an unexpected layover for some airline pilots in asia. they had to land in indonesia after the plane's fire alarm went off. but, see, there was no fire. it turns out it was methane gas. apparently from all the gassy goats in the cargo hold. they took off a short time later. yeah, there were over 2,000 of them. i don't know what they fed those goats but diversion. no one wants to comment. >> people are eating breakfast. >> i think we got that. >> we got the gist of it, thank
7:17 am
you, amy. >> you're welcome. spencer stone speaks out for the first time since he was stabbed for a second time. that's in just 0 seconds. 30 seconds. >> we're back at 7:17 with spencer stone, the hero who helped top that terror attack on a french train is now speaking out for the first time since he was stabbed outside a nightclub in his hometown. a suspect has been arrested and abc's david wright has the story. >> i nover thought i would ever get stabbed in nye life. the fact that it happened twice within a two-month period is
7:18 am
>> reporter: staff sergeant spencer stone speaking for the first time since this violent altercation caught on security cameras last month outside a sacramento nightclub. >> they didn't know who i was. they were just out there maybe looking for trouble, looking to get in a fight. >> reporter: just this week sacramento police arrested 28-year-old james tran in connection with the stabbing. police say they identified him partly through the security footage which showed the suspect's getaway vehicle. authorities say they stopped tran's car tuesday near his home. >> then arrested him for the mr. stone. >> reporter: the air force had just promoted stone and the french gave him the legion of honor for his part in stopping a gunman armed with an ak-47 on august. the gunman slashed stone with a box cutter. but he and his friends still managed to hog tie the man and give first aid to a fellow passenger. >> i'm just glad that, you know, i've had enough training to be
7:19 am
>> reporter: stone and his two friends got a hero's well when they came back to sacramento. now the airman is recovering from wounds in the second stabbing. with wounds in his lungs, liver and heart. >> i hope this doesn't define me for the rest of my life. i hope i can use everything that's being offered to me to, you know, do good in other people's lives. >> reporter: even after two close calls in two months, staff sergeant stone counts himself lucky. for "good morning america," david wright, abc news, new york. >> he is a lucky young man. serena williams leaping into action after a thief tried to steal her phone. the exclusive video you'll only
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and they want real change! [ cheers and applause ] bernie sanders -- husband, father, grandfather, an honest leader building a movement with you to give us a future to believe in. sanders: i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. copy welcome back. good morning, everybody. 7:25 right now. police and fishing game officers are looking for a teen missing from rindge from a school that provides services for those with disabilities. julian hasn't been seen since 8:00 p.m. last night. he is about 6 feet tall and has brown hair and last seen
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the red cross is helping several displaced after a fire reported in a three-story multifamily building. firefighters are still on the scene and firefighters were able to contain the flames. no injuries were reported and it's not clear yet what sparked the fire. a small airplane registered to a man from wry was found off the cost of queens. they have found one body and they are not sure why the plane went down but the f.a.a. says no distress call was made. and a beautiful start to our day, kevin. kevin: yes, the sun is felt strong, stronger than usual for this time of year. today it's a lot of sunshine south of the white mountains. turning partly sunny later this afternoon. this is front that eventually changes everything in time for
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that arrives late tomorrow afternoon and ottawa into tomorrow evening. temperatures falling back into the 20's and thirts and we will quickly rebound and get into the mid 60's today and a couple southern spots. low clouds and fog will form in areas tonight. maybe even a little bit of drizzle to start tomorrow and quite a few clouds tomorrow in what should be the warmest of
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welcome back to "gma" and look at that surveillance video of serena williams. abc news obtaining it exclusively overnight. the tennis star stopping the thief who swiped her phone. >> he was not going to get away. a lot of other headlines. the investigation into the passenger plane that fell from the sky in egypt. preliminary information suggests a bomb may have caused it to blow apart in midair. thousands are stranded with flights to the region suspended. a major milestone for facebook. the site now averaging more than 1 billion users per day. that is almost one in seven people on the planet every single day. >> wow. >> unbelievable.
7:29 am
>> and big night country music last night, michael strahan. >> big, big duet by justin timberlake that stole the show and carrie underwood and brad paisley got a lot of laughs out there. biggest moment coming up in "the speed feed" but until then i hand it off to you. >> we begin this half hour with serena williams chasing down that man who tried to steal her cell phone. abc news has obtained video of the incident and t.j. holmes got a lot more on this, don't you? >> you shouldn't steal but let's say you decide it steal and the victim you choose is one of the greatest fiercest athletes the world has ever known who just happens to make her living aggressively swatting forehands and backhands, good luck with that. now, watch how this plays out. >> no, it's no the a bird, it's no the a plane. it's not even superman, it's serena, super serena, the 34-year-old chases down a thief who stole her phone. this all started when the 21-time grand slam winner dining
7:30 am
francisco suddenly spots a man coming towards her out of the corner of her eye playing it pretty cool then swipes her phone off the chair next to her. the six time wimbledon winner's self-described superhero sense kicks in. she leaps up, chases after him, the action. the people in the restaurant were shocked. >> she said she thought that was the best approach so that she could avoid any conflict with him. and i just said, good job. >> reporter: serena confronts the man asking if he mistakenly took the wrong phone. the thief hesitates then sheepishly admits he did because it was, quote, so confusing in the restaurant. williams recounting the whole incident on facebook leaving her followers with some advice. always listen to your superhero inner voice, just because you're a lady, don't be afraid to step up to any challenge and not be a victim but a hero. the superstar even posting this photo of herself wearing that classic "s". >> i think that she was very brave, she could set like an
7:31 am
>> okay, you see the picture there. great picture, by the way. and she -- these are here superhero very emption did, the speed, the power, the seduction, the sex appeal, the strength, the leadership and yet the calm to weather the storm. >> hmm. >> she laid her resume out. >> she did lay her resume out there. very happy everything worked out for her. but what do authorities say you should do. >> a big but. generally here she was able to assess the situation and level of danger. they will tell you don't chase after somebody. don't even fight back if someone snatches something from you. you don't know what they're capable of or if they're even armed. this is a cell phone. if somebody grabs your wallet, a few calls you can cut off the credit card. somebody grabs your cell phone, you might chase them down the street. >> you just react. >> in the end the guy does not get arrested. >> we don't know what happened to him. he's not too fast so we should be able to catch him. real soon.
7:32 am
>> thank you, t.j. >> thanks, t.j. we got another caught on camera but no heroics on this. it shows an fbi agent knocking down a teenager in a fit of rage. right there, the agent's been convicted of assault and abc's chief justice correspondent good morning, pierre. george. today that fbi agent faces possible jail time after getting entangled in a friend's messy family situation. >> oh. >> reporter: it was an ugly confrontation. but it began as a simple custody handoff of a toddler. >> sorry, i'm her father. two hours later. >> reporter: gerald rogero berating the child's father for being tardy. rogero is a counterterrorism official but the people he's confronting apparently don't know that. >> it is my business. i just told you who i am. who are you? >> to me it was really scary someone this large coming at me threatening me who i don't even know and he had no involvement in this situation.
7:33 am
both sides rises, a 15-year-old who is with the baby's father confronts rogero and rogero suddenly reacts. >> you're going to get yourself locked up. don't act stupid. >> your future [ bleep ]. >> how is it your problem? >> whatever i feel like. >> you what? >> reporter: the agent pulls out his gun and tries to arrest the boy. >> stop it. you don't touch him. >> get on the ground. >> get on the ground. >> don't touch him. >> if i have to shoot you, i will. don't make me shoot you. >> this agent made two otherers he created a situation. >> reporter: he maintains he did nothing wrong that the agent had a right to defend himself but his career may now be in jeopardy because the fbi has launched afternoon internal investigation. george. >> i'll bet. okay, pierre, thanks very much. coming up, "gma on the lookout" as credit card fraud explodes "shark tank's" robert herjavec vac take takes us inside his
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care of mom, exploding. and abc's linzie janis is here with what you can do to keep those cybercriminals from cashing in. good morning, linzie. >> reporter: 32 million americans had their credit cards breached in 2014. more than three times the previous year and this morning, "shark tank's" robert herjavec who founded a global cybersecurity firm has tips to help us all protect ourselves. he's best known for his role on abc's "shark tank." >> i'm going to make you an offer. >> reporter: but robert herjavec built his empire as a cybersecurity expert.
7:38 am
>> we help very big companies keep them safe and secure online. >> reporter: "gma" getting a behind-the-scenes look at herjavec group's headquarters in toronto where his staff works around the clock to protect major companies from cyberattacks. >> there is a map of the world and those little lines coming out of it are brand-new breaches that are happening right now in realtime. >> reporter: and one of the biggest breaches for consumers, credit card fraud. herjavec says those new emv or smart chips on credit cards are an added layer of security. but you still need to be careful. >> thank you. watch as he shows us just how easy it is to walk up behind someone and quickly swipe their credit card number. >> i stole your credit card. >> very smooth, robert. >> reporter: watch again. here's what he did. by using free software on his phone, he stole the financial information from my smart chip credit card in a matter of seconds. while it's still in my wallet.
7:39 am
year ago and it hasn't changed. but he says there's an easy way to prevent this with rfid blocking wallets like these. >> our e field technology makes your information invisible to hackers. >> or you can use an rfid blocking card, herjavec invested in one on "shark tank." >> i'm in. done. >> yay. i love it. >> you put this next to your credit card. it blocks the rfid screen and the signal from the credit card. let's try it. >> try to steal from me now. >> aha. >> not working. >> reporter: but the electronic payments calista tells us that even though someone might be able to get your credit card number, customers have zero liability when it comes to fraudulent charges. and they say chip cards make it nearly impossible to create fake cards and new verification technology protects against online fraud. and to be extra safe, herjavec says stick to using just one credit card for online
7:40 am
>> i have a credit card that has a very low dollar amount that i use online. >> reporter: a card with a low limit. that way you can quickly identify fraudulent charges. solid advice from a shark to help all of us navigate this scary waters of fraud. and since having your credit card info taken can be a step towards full blown identity theft, herjavec says protect yourself, you should not give out your social security number, of course, but you should never give out your driver's license. that's something that a lot of us don't think about. it's that last bit of need. >> i like his idea about one credit card and a low amount on that. okay, so when it comes to credit card fraud it's not just the big purchases we need to watch out for. advice. he says it's often $10 here, $20 here that the crips are charging so they want to make sure they can pull one over on you so you don't catch it but you should statement.
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coming up, brad paisley and carrie underwood's best moments. what they said about ashley madison that's getting a lot of laughs. that's just ahead. is your head so congested you may be muddling through allergies. to powerfully clear your blocked nose allergy symptoms. so, you can breathe easier all day. zyrtec
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back now with "the speed feed" and it was my kind of night at the cma awards. so many big moments in that show-stopping crossover collaboration, abc's reena ninan has all the highlights. because there's nothing like your love to get me high >> reporter: justin timberlake's memphis roots on full display. i tried >> reporter: stealing the show thanks to his two duets with new artist of the year chris stapleton. tell me baby >> reporter: justin's wife jessica biel spotted savoring the music. all night the stage peppered with favorites. ain't that america something to see baby ain't that america
7:46 am
honey what is your excuse why haven't i heard of you >> reporter: hosts brad paisley and carrie underwood teaming up for eighth year singing about everything from donald trump. and trump's leading in the polls >> reporter: to ashley madison. >> carrie, have you heard that duet he did with ashley madison. >> no, that was with ashley monroe. >> oh, wait, have i been going to the wrong site. >> reporter: little big town performing their single of the year, "girl crush." you want me just as. i got a girl crush >> miranda lambert. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: queen of country miranda lambert nabbing the award for female vocalist. it's amazing the amount of rejection that i see in my reflection >> luke bryan. >> reporter: while luke bryan
7:47 am
took home entertainer of the year. >> whoo. whoo. i can't drink you away >> reporter: the prince of pop summing up the evening best. >> lord have mercy. >> reporter: for "good morning america," reena ninan, abc news, new york. >> whoo! >> whoo is right. >> it was amazing. i mean, i love this show. we were talking, robin. >> it's about the music. >> they play so much music. >> it was great. >> it's never a lull in that show and we also saw jessica biel, she was rocking out to her husband justin timberlake's performance. check out this adorable tweet. they look very happy to get a little date night. look so good. we know what this feels like because we're here on tv. entertainer of the year, luke bryan, he was not having it and didn't want to leave the big stage after his win. >> they're saying wrap it. i ain't wrapping. >> you go, luke. >> telling us to wrap right now because we have to go to commercial. we'll be right back. coming up "gma's" fall concert series presented by
7:48 am
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back here on "gma," a shocking video out of south australia. listen.
7:52 am
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7:53 am
sean: right now, authorities are asking for your help in finding a missing teen. fish and game officers say 16-year-old julian hofstetter disappeared around 8:00 last night. he was last seen at the hampshire country school which provides services for students with disabilities. julian was on foot and was wearing a blue coat. anyone who sees a teen matching his description is asked to call 911. several streets around ray and carpenter streets in manchester' s north end are closed right now as state and federal investigators look for clues in the murder of denise robert. the 62-year-old was shot and killed while walking along ray street back in august, but no arrests have been made and the fbi just joined the investigation and asked residents to sign waivers allowing them to search their yards. a small airplane registered to a
7:54 am
coast of queens, new york and the coast guard says they have recovered a body. the plane is registered to james mcgee of rye but it is not clear if he was actually on board. let' s go outside with a live look. you can see some missed in the background of the sun is shining. kevin: five continues to burn off in the lower valleys, extra clouds in the north country. otherwise, partial sunshine to mostly sunny skies. high and mid-level clouds will start streamlining their way in and blending in with sunshine later on this afternoon. this is our next system, arriving late tomorrow afternoon into tomorrow evening. ahead of that more of the same. temperatures in the 30' s and 40' s, jumping into the 60' s and even low 70' s. southwesterly breeze in the afternoon that stays out today. maybe even a little drizzle to start the day tomorrow.
7:55 am
more clouds than sun. 50' s with a pretty good breeze around, partial sunshine saturday. full sunshine but still a breeze and only in the 40'
7:56 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. found at last, a 5-year-old boy missing for 13 years. the astonishing reason authorities were finally able to track him down. music's hottest crossover couple revealed there together. blake shelton, gwen stefani, yep, they're dating. >> i think he's hot, don't you? >> what they're saying about each other right now. no sleep nation. millions of americans suffer from sleep apnea. this morning the latest research and the easy new solutions to end those sleepless nights. and we are throwing this
7:57 am
thursday with leading man bryan cranston. one loving look as we say -- >> good morning, america. go big or go home go go and good morning, america. you got a little bit of bryan cranston. a lot more coming up. also this morning, tory johnson is here along with adam glassman, creative director of "o" magazine and they have special "deals & steals" in that magazine right there. some of oprah's favorite things for 2015. all 50% off. >> you better believe. lead with that. inside country music's hottest night, brad paisley. >> rocking the nation with "country nation." mascot, cheerleaders joining in on all the fun. they had some really funny moments there.
7:58 am
star inside that stormtrooper costume stealing the stage. that will be revealed in "the skinny" feed. "pop news" investigation. >> that was a good one. right now the morning rundown and amy has ha. >> good morning, everyone. the big story growing concern that the russian passenger jet that crashed over egypt was brought down by a bomb. u.s. and british intelligence officials say a terrorist bomb is likely to blame but this morning russian and egyptian authorities are dismissing that claim as premature speculation saying at this point nothing can be ruled out. the british government has suspended all flights in and out of sharm el sheikh, egypt, because of security concerns and are scrambling to get 20,000 british tourists back home. claims that isis brought down that plane are now being taken seriously. meanwhile, the growing isis threat in syria could draw more americans into the fight this morning. defense secretary ash carter told abc's bob woodruff that the number of americans on the
7:59 am
grow beyond the 50 troops that president obama recently announced. well, in the race for president, donald trump is releasing his first campaign ads now that he is no longer the clear front-runner. the new radio commercials are airing in iowa, new hampshire and south carolina. meanwhile, critics protesting his immigration policy are demanding he be dropped as host of "saturday night live" this weekend. trump's top rival, dr. ben carson says he will not be watching the show because he doesn't want to make light of the presidency. well, a developing story here in new york city. police recovering debris from a small plane that crashed in the water off queens. the pilot who was heading to new hampshire from philadelphia was killed. and a boy from alabama missing for more than a decade has been found in cleveland. julian hernandez was just 5 years old when his mother reported him missing. he is 18 now and the mystery began unraveling when he started applying for college and learned his social security number was bogus and so were the names that
8:00 am
he and his biological father had been using in cleveland. julian's father has been arrested and could be extradited to face charges in alabama. well, it's being called the once in a blue moon diamond and now we know what it might be worth. take a look at this giant nearly flawless blue diamond ring found in a south african mine. it is more than -- it's more than a dozen carats and will be auctioned off at sotheby's. it could fetch up to $55 million, experts believe. guys, put in your bids now. >> 55 -- it is beautiful. >> i'mly if you're looking for a job there is an opening that is out of this world. astronauts. it is recruiting now for future missions. the requirements are tough. a degree in engineering, physics, bulgaria iology plus work experience this those feels and you have to be physically fit. you can't be too tall or too short and you have to love travel. yes, because one of the upcoming missions is to mars.
8:01 am
time away from the family and the planet earth and reportedly you can make anywhere from 51,000 to $6,000. so, you know, apply now. >> to go to mars, okay. thank you, amy. we are going to turn now to a major legal battle over sugar and high fructose corn syrup. they're battling it out in court over lawsuits worth a billion dollars and at issue the claim that high fructose corn syrup is essentially the same as sugar. >> whether it's corn sugar or cane sugar, your body can't tell the difference. sugar is sugar. >> sugar manufacturers have sued saying that is not true. let's get the bottom line from dr. richard besser. what is the difference? >> here are the two products. this is table sugar. everyone has it at home. it's made from sugar cane or sugar beets and each one of those grains is half gluk coast and half fructose. this is what high fructose corn syrup looks like made from processed corn. >> in lots of things. >> find it in breakfast cereal
8:02 am
and baked good just as you would sugar made up half glucose and half fructose. fructose we know we're learning more and more is not good for us linked to obesity, to diabetes, to heart disease. but the important thing to remember, both of these are about half fructose. >> so what happens depending on who wins this lawsuit? how could our food change? >> it's a battle for our sweet tooth. which one do we prefer but from a health perspective, what we want to do is limit the amount of both of these that we get in our diet. we're not going to see either of these go away but don't be fooled that one is good for you -- one is good and one is not. we want to limit them all. >> that is the bottom line right there. okay, dr. richard besser, thanks very much. to michael with "morning menu." >> what's ahead on the "gma morning menu," music hot new duo, blake shelton with gwen stefani, confirming they're a couple. what's she saying about him now. and snuz solutions. millions of americans suffering from sleep apnea, now new inexpensive ways to help you
8:03 am
sleep better. and country's biggest night, the show dropping moments and the night's hottest looks, we have all that. one of the most talented men in the business, bryan cranston is here. >> michael, how are you? >> coming up live on "gma." how are you doing my brother? >> great, my friend. >> great. i want that voice like you. "gma's morning menu" is brought to you by moen. buy it for looks, buy it for life. [ doorbell rings ] [ male announcer ] don't you wish everything could put itself away like reflex? only from moen.
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8:05 am
>> biggest favorite things. [ barks ] woah, what is it? [ barks ] come on! wait. come on, we're about to light the tree! woah little dude! excuse me! welcome to the annual lighting of the tree. let the holidays begin! [ crowd gasps ] oh that is not good! a bulb has gone out. who will go on the perilous journey to replace it? it's too far. it looks cold. no one's ever gone out there. we will! crowd: huh? we will? yeah! shell ya' later. be careful out there. this is going to be amazing!
8:06 am
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coming up, "gma's" "real money" brought to you by voya financial. changing the way you think of retirement. back here, "gma," great crowd, unbelievable crowd rocking out to blake shelton singing his big hit "gonna." i love that. >> gonna. >> gonna. >> you know, he was betting it out out, girl, i'm digging on hitting you tonight. girl, i'm what -- >> hitting on you tonight. >> girl, i'm digging on hitting you tonight. >> that helps a little bit. >> i'm going to cross my leg like george right now as you say that. >> i wasn't quite sure.
8:08 am
>> what am i saying here? but big news with blake shelton. >> gwen stefani. there have been rumors for quite some time. now it is official. the stars have confirmed that they are a couple. they're beth going through a divorce at the same time and apparently they're seeking comfort from one another. he's a little bit country. she's a little bit rock 'n' roll. >> reporter: and this morning, reps for blake shelton and gwen stefani confirm to abc news they are no longer just co-workers. but are now music's big crossover couple. >> and then there's blake who, again, is very -- >> sasquatch. >> handsome. >> "the voice" co-stars were seen out and about over halloween weekend sparking rumors that they were more than just friends. >> yeah. >> who's blake. >> blake shelton. >> oh, the country guy. >> but stefani dodged questions
8:09 am
about their relationship insuring "on air with ryan seacrest" just this past tuesday. >> i read the stories about the two of you. are they true or not true. >> i'm not going to answer that right now. i think i've given up enough of myself but i think he's hot, don't you? to be super honest like it is kind of crazy like we both went through the same thing at the same time. >> reporter: both announced big breaks earlier this year. >> they've really bonded over their broken marriages, they went through very public and difficult divorces. >> reporter: stefani and her husband gavin rossdale calling it quits after 13 years of marriage. shelton splitting with fellow country star miranda lambert after being married four years. something lambert alluded to while accepting an award at last night's cmas. >> i appreciate it. i needed a bright spot this year. >> reporter: overnight shelton also hit the cma stage. hey hey all right >> reporter: and it's reported at the nanny joined him in
8:10 am
music's newest couple now in perfect harmony. >> shelton and stefani were the talk of nashville last night. a few jokes then their way during the cmas and afterwards shelton's pal luke bryan even joked there is no way he could score a guy like that. leave it to your buddies to be supportive of your relationship. they say they're happy together. >> that's all that matters. >> yeah. >> what was the song. >> i just told robin the power of -- >> there's so many different ways -- ? isn't it amazing a song changes when you move one word. >> just one little word. >> that sounded like a hit too. >> thank you. see, mara, you stay right here. george, you'll take over for me. >> need some sleep. "snooze slugdz olutions." sleep apnea affects 12 million americans. becky worley here. you've beening look at this and new ways to fight this. >> that's right. 50% of apnea cases go undiagnosed.
8:11 am
so finding out what's new in the fight for this incredibly common disease is important and very personal for me. apnea, obstructive breathing while you sleep and it's serious. >> it puts a tremendous amount of stress on the heart and can increase your risk for high blood pressure, heart attacks and strokes. >> reporter: the treatment a mask that forces air into a patient's lungs like jonathan williams who suffers from apnea. it's called a cpap machine but the problem -- >> i would just rip it off within five minutes of me falling asleep. >> reporter: and jonathan's reaction is not unusual. 50% of apnea patients abandon the machine within three months. that's forced doctors to rethink treatment. first categorizing that not all apneas are the same. >> the major breakthrough in the last five to ten years is that sleep apnea is caused by different mechanisms and different patients. >> reporter: while excess weight has long been seen as a major caution of apnea newer research
8:12 am
shows some cases are triggered by the brain, it essentially forgets to breathe. then there are anatomical obstructs, a physical narrowing in the throat. and also signs that the disease can be hereditary. a real issue in my family. o'connell. sleep. apnea. seven of his eight children have been diagnosed with apnea and that link has me on the lookout for my own children. the good news, new options for treatment like surgery to restructure the throat and mouthpieces that support the jaw. >> some patients can be a candidate for these alternative treatments and maybe even newer drugs that are experimental that can activate the throat muscles in the airway to help keep the airway open. >> so let's go through the solutions including new machines in they're fast, they're quieter, pore comfortable. not as invasive so you really should look at the cpap machine
8:13 am
again. there are other options. so we've got these. you've got your mouthpieces. these keep your airway open. we've got faceal plugs. these are call provent and lisa is trying them out. makes it easy to breathe in but provide pressure when blowing out. >> she's a saint for trying this out. >> and then cameron over here, a lot of people suffer from positional sleep apnea. and he has on something called the night shift. when you shift on to your back, it vibrates like a cell phone and then it tells you, hey, you need to go back on your side a little bit more of a homemade solution. you could take three tennis ball, put them in a tube sock and pin that to the back of your jammies. you wouldn't sleep like that, would you? >> no. >> there really are a lot of new options and worth going back to your doctor. apnea is so important to treat. >> your whole family as been dealing with. >> oh, man, it's a big deal. >> becky worley, thanks very much.
8:14 am
outside to robin. >> tory johnson here with a look at some of the items of oprah's favorite things list 2015. adam glassman, a good friend, creative director of "o" magazine is going to help us out. >> i love the cover of this. >> isn't it gorgeous? our biggest favorite things list ever. let's start. let's start. >> here we go. >> okay. >> tell us about this -- oh, nice. >> barbie. the fashionista barbie, the new one allows all girls the ability to see themselves in their dolls. you know why oprah loved this. growing up she could never find a doll that looked like herself. now barbie has all skin tone, all body type, all hair colors and hairstyles. >> perfect, adam. >> a huge deal on these. so normally $20 for two of them. you're going to select any two from the 18 choices, $10 plus free shipping. >> i like that. okay, this one. is. >> all about fitness, the best
8:15 am
fitness tracker out there. >> she uses the jawbone 3. i love mine for sleep. itting tras your sleep and rate. >> fashionable, too. >> it's fashionable but wearable tech. all about wearable tech. >> never been offered at a student like this. normally $180. today only for "gma" viewers, >> that's it? okay. >> you were mentioning sleep here. >> i mentioned sleep. you have got to feel these night shirts, robin. feel how soft and cozy and great these are. >> hmm. >> look at this one. >> i wish you looked at me the way you look at your phone. this is what made oprah crack up too. namaste in bed. generousry cut and made in the usa. >> also available in plus size as well. big assortment and amazing deal.
8:16 am
only slashed in half, 34 $34. >> here we go. oh. >> oh, no. this is the most delicious, delicious tomato sauce. oprah's neighbors across her fence in santa barbara. she passes it through the fence to oprah. when oprah doesn't make her own sauce this is her own go to susan, hand made, no artificial flavoring. oprah approved and really delicious. >> four different flavors for all four $35 slashed in half, $17.50. >> that is last but not least. >> clarisonic, the best in skin cleansing ever. it removes up to six times more dirt and makeup than if you were to wash your hands with -- wash your face with your hands.
8:17 am
special edition keith haring one one, bought it for all her students. dermatologists love this. it will transform your skin. truly. >> this is one the company told me they had never offered a discount like this. normally $149 slashed in half today only $74.50 and free shipping and there's several more devices available online, not just this one. >> these are some great savings and great ideas. >> robin, thank you. >> 82 more in the magazine. 82 more things in the magazine. >> you heard what the man said. we want to thank all the companies for providing these great deals. you can find three bonus deals on our website but you got to check out this. the cover one more time. yes. of "o" magazine. beautiful, beautiful. thank you, adam, again. you got nice little gifts, ginger. >> this is tatum, everybody. she is 7 years old and she made a very -- can you give them a big smile, tatum? that's big. we're getting there. anyway, we want to check the
8:18 am
weather forecast. not even wearing a jacket outket out here but down in the southeast marion county, that's between florence and myrtle beach, the rain of yesterday washing out roads and bridges and the heat sticking for at least one more day. tampa could hit 90 today and that would be a record. kevin: some extra clouds up north early this morning. we continue on with sunshine this afternoon. partly sunny, but temperatures continue to inch upward. s and 40' s and lower 70' s this afternoon. a little more of a breeze out southwest later today. we are able to eek out one more warm day tomorrow with a risk of a shower late in the day and >> all right. thank you, ginger. and now here's "pop news," everybody. country music's biggest night was out of this world. literally.
8:19 am
galaxy far, far away with a hilarious "star wars" spoof. hosts carrie underwood and brad paisley channeling princess leia and han solo and later they were joined on stage by a surprised guest disguised as a stormtrooper. >> "star wars" is my famous science fiction movie franchise of all time. >> that was great. i love seeing william shatner there and then as any great awards show host knows, there has to be a showstopping moment so brad, he tries to outdo miley cyrus' wild wardrobe by tripping down to his boxers. i expected them to be tighter than that. he was feeling right at home on the cma stage and i couldn't believe he and carrie hosted this for eight straight year. >> they do so well. >> they are awesome together. >> now we know he's not a briefs guy. >> i expect him to be a little brief guy. i am glad he wasn't a commando guy.
8:20 am
>> that would be uncomfortable for everybody. there was just as much excitement on the red carpet for everybody. fans were literally blown away when host carrie underwood stepped out looking ravishing in an elegant peach colored gown. look at that and although miranda lambert's dress was beautiful, everyone was talking about the platinum singer's new pink hairdo. i like it. yeah. looking good. and meanwhile, kelly pickler was having one of the best days of her life. if you haven't noticed all those -- >> yeah, we got it. >> i want to sing them but don't want to offend the artist. she made a grand entrance in this regal ruben singer gown and not to be outdone, garth brooks, he paired his finest cowboy hat with a snazzy looking tux looking classic there and the man of the night, luke bryan and his wife caroline, yes, luke, they brought their "a" game with effortless nashville style. >> looking good. >> i got fashion -- i do what i can do.
8:21 am
you're looking good yourself, buddy. in honor of the cmas, our good friend, jimmy kimmel put together a little special country music addition of mean tweets. let's take a look. >> you ever gotten so drunk you said a luke bryan song actually wasn't that bad? me neither. >> sam hunt is the male version of taylor swift except his songs suck. >> they're such good sports about it. i love that. the cmas, what an awesome show and they were great with the mean tweets and, hey, that's all i got. that's "pop news." >> thank you. all right. thank you, michael. coming up it's time to make over your skin care routine. how to make your skin glow this fall. >> and glenn close opening up about her very personal mission
8:22 am
>> now from wmur news 9 -- sean: several streets are closed in manchester' s north end is police and the fbi search for clues in the murder of denise robert. ray: here in manchester' s north end, members of the fbi and manchester police have gathered at the scene where denise robert was shot and murdered. they are about to begin the search of the area for clues in her murder. several streets are blocked off. the search is expected to get underway at any moment. sean: longtime seacoast businessman and former state securities regulator mark connolly will officially announce his candidacy for governor in manchester today.
8:23 am
the newcastle democrat has worked in the private sector as a financial advisor and served in government as a deputy secretary of state. he says his top priorities are jobs and the economy. let' s talk weather. it has been a gorgeous stretch this week. kevin: just a few fairweather clouds for central and southern areas. a partly to mostly sunny sky today with temperatures a few degrees warmer than what we had yesterday, which puts a lot of folks from the mid-60' s into the lower 70' s this afternoon. still ahead of that front that arrives later today and into the evening -- later tomorrow and into the evening. 64-72 from north to south into into the 50' s later tonight. morning. more clouds and sun tomorrow. 60' s and lower 70' s. there may be a stray shower tomorrow.
8:24 am
it is the wind behind that brings in the cooler air. 50' s for saturday. 40' s for sunday.
8:25 am
you will remember me happy crowd out here in times square this morning. a little warm november morning. we got a lot coming up this half hour. everything you need to know about your 401(k), important information. and he is so talented. bryan cranston is also coming out. got a brand-new movie already generating a lot of oscar buzz. >> looking forward to that. why do i have on a winter coat right now. it's not even cold enough. >> it looks nice. >> there we go. time to yahoo! your day and make over your skin care regimen for the fall. bobbi brown is showing us some adjustments to how you can take care of your skin best this time of year. yahoo
8:26 am
your skin care regimen. when it gets cool it's time to really take care of your skin. if people follow these tips i hope that your skin looks more vibrant, healthy and just even and beautiful all around. tip one, switch to a heavier moisture moisturizer because your skin definitely needs moisture in the fall when the weather turns a little bit coal. in the fall you definitely need your nighttime moisturizer because your skin needs to really hydrate overnight. it's really great to layer your moisturizers in the fall because it really locks in the moisture. one suggestion is to try a serum, first on the skin then a moisturizer and then your foundation will look perfect and last, don't forget spf. the sun is still out there. not as strong, but it still gets you. make sure you're wearing it. here's to a beautiful fall. >> and soon enough, ginger it'll be cold enough to wear a jacket $ for fall. all right. robin, inside to you. >> thank you, bryan cranston, just hanging out with him.
8:27 am
isn't "breaking bad," his latest film "trumbo" is great. he's breaking the rules as a blacklisted screenwriter who wrote some of hollywood's classic names under fake names, two oscar winners and cranston is generating oscar buzz. yeah, you are. i told you, i watched this last night. i haven't enjoyed a film like this in a long time. start to finish and i think many people don't know about your character, dalton trumbo, the fact he wrote all these great informant movies. how. did you know about him. >> that he was a member of the communist ten, member of the communist party of america. political wing of unions and he was very active, very prolific, beautiful wordsmith and at the top of his game in 1947 he was the highest paid screenwriter in the word. and then the house on american
8:28 am
him along with nine others and asked them that infamous question are you now or have you ever been a member of the communist party and dalton trumbo was trusting that the question itself would be found to be unconstitutional. freedom of speech, freedom to assemble. freedom to practice whatever religion or political affiliation, it doesn't hole up. they sent him to prison along with the other ten and after he got out of prison for a year, he couldn't work. there was a blacklist. no one who was a known affiliate or even suspected to be associated with a known communist is off the list. you can't work. trying times. >> but you know what, when i was watching it, bryan, i was thinking about today and how even though that was a cold war as you said, there's some aspects of it that make you look around and saying, are we
8:29 am
experiencing a little bit of that even today? >> i think we are. i mean, any time that civil liberties are in jeopardy of being lost or suppressed, i think it's time for the public to take notice and not allow it to happen. you have homeland security that the number one responsibility of a country is to keep its citizens safe. >> absolutely. >> 9/11 changed many dynamics of that. what i'm saying and what i think the message of the movie is, never discount the value of those civil liberties and have that paramount in the discussion when you're talking about government policy. >> got to keep that in mind, i want to play a clip. helen mirren, first of all, you and the cast, helen mirren plays this gossip columnist. >> hedda hopper. >> yes, she's trying to dig up a little dirt.
8:30 am
>> drinking alone? >> preferably. >> and what are you up to these days? >> you know, hedda, another one of these and i just may tell you. >> oh, then i'm buying. >> i'm telling you, the cast top to bottom as i said and helen talked about you and saying one of america's greatest actors in her tim nation. has a little crush on you. is it mutual. >> it is. she is one sexy woman. and a deep, deep talent. she's the queen. but she doesn't act at all like -- she's not the queen. she's a very accessible human being and she's wonderful and i'm, you know, grateful that she wanted to be in this with me. >> it had to be wonderful to be on the set and also for you, bryan, the fact that first of playing lbj.
8:31 am
we all, of course, love walter, love that character. you don't get typecast. you're able to be able to do these different types of roles as an arc. that must be so gratifying. >> because i have no distinguishing look, i don't look striking by any regard, so i can walk down the street and people are looking at everything else. and in a way that truly is, i mean that, it helps me to get into a character and look completely different from character to character. >> i know we have to go but, it's throwback thursday. can't we just throw the clip -- he was part of the abc family. can we just see "loving." >> the most beautiful thing -- you okay? >> yeah, why? >> i don't know. you seem a little preoccupied ever since we arrived. >> thanks, yes, i haven't changed at all. >> you'll always be a part of the family here, bryan. hey, continued blessings and all good things and thank you for "trumbo."
8:32 am
it is in select theaters beginning tomorrow. check it out. let's get outside again to ginger. >> good morning, bryan and robin and good morning, everybody. we've got such a great crowd. this is this issally. these 70 from burton, texas and talking about rain, we here are talking about the heat and the severe storm, look where it's happening, dallas to waco, it is kind of extended into eastern oklahoma, wanted to show you that and also wanted to show you record heat potential, if you all are sticking around for the beginning of the weekend, tomorrow mid-70s in new york. that's the big kevin: certainly, the warmth all week does not last into the weekend. this front comes in late tomorrow afternoon with a risk today. we are in the 60' s to the lower ranges of all that weather brought to you by target. so this you can have for the weekend. >> all right. it's going to get colder. good to know. coming up, glenn close opening up about her very
8:33 am
the trailer for "alice through the looking glass," the sequel to "alice in the wonderland." take a look. >> when the day becomes the night and the sky becomes the sea, then the clock strikes heavy and there's no time for tea. and in our darkest hour before my final ride she will come back home to wonderland and turn back the hands of time. >> young lady, your time is up. >> hello, alice. >> aaagh!
8:34 am
th the son of a polish immigrant who grew up in a brooklyn tenement. he went to public schools, then college, where the work of his life began -- fighting injustice and inequality, speaking truth to power. he moved to vermont, won election and praise as one of america's best mayors. in congress, he stood up for working families and for principle, opposing the iraq war, supporting veterans. now he's taking on wall street and a corrupt political system funded by over a million contributions, tackling climate change to create clean-energy jobs, fighting for living wages, equal pay, and tuition-free public colleges. people are sick and tired of establishment politics, and they want real change! [ cheers and applause ] bernie sanders -- husband, father, grandfather, an honest leader building a movement with you to give us a future sanders: i'm bernie sanders,
8:35 am
tonight i have the pleasure of hosting the webmd health heroes awards gala. people choice award going to glenn close for her tireless work to end the stigma surrounding mental illness which has touched her own family. when award-winning actress glenn close talks about mental illness, it's more than a mission, it's a family matter. >> one day my sister we were visiting my parents, my sister came up to me and she said, i need help. i can't stop thinking about killing myself.
8:36 am
ours was a family that never ever ever talked about mental illness or the possibility of some sort of mental disorder. >> reporter: glenn's sister jesse lived with mental illness her whole life but was not properly diagnosed with bipolar disorder until her 50s. why do you think that is? >> i think largely it was the stigma around mental disorder. the stigma and what stigma can do to make it difficult for people to just negotiate, you know, daily is real. misconceptions. there are many myth, there are many -- just not having an understanding. >> stigmas are still very -- it's a very, very tricky thing to try to change. it can be very, very difficult. you know, that's why we're out there saying you've got to start the conversation. >> fighting the stereotypes associated with mental illness is exactly what inspired glenn
8:37 am
change to mind in 2010. >> one in four of us are touched in some way by mental illness, one in four in this room walking down the street, so it's always seems ridiculous to me we aren't more courageous about talking about it because it touches august of us. >> with glenn as its driving force and strongest advocate her organization's campaigns are already transforming the way we talk about mental illness. glenn also joined others on capitol hill in washington, d.c. to help pass a groundbreaking. >> change is going to come on a grassroots level. >> reporter: that will provide $1.1 billion to strengthen the mental health care system where do we go from here, glenn? what do you want to see lap? >> i want to give people, you know, the strength and the support to talk about it. that it's okay. it's a human condition. that pretty such says it all.
8:38 am
>> another person being honored is dr. bennett amalu. he discovered cte and will smith is portraying him in the upcoming movie "concussion." >> one of the most popular ways to save for retirement is through an 401(k) and rebecca jarvis tells us how you can make the most of yours. >> reporter: it's lunchtime in new york city. mind if i sit for a second and the furthest thing from these folks' minds, their 401(k)s. >> i don't know anything about retirement. >> are you saving for retirement. >> yes. >> how much? >> i haven't the slightest idea. >> do you put money this your 401(k)? >> no. >> you don't? they're not alone. a recent survey finding nearly 90% of participants say 401(k)s are a must. but half say their planning can be confusing of how much money do you need for retirement? >> oh, gosh. >> some percentage, 1%, 2%, 3%.
8:39 am
>> the amount you set aside today should be at least enough to get your employer's full match, often 50 cents for every dollar you contribute. if you chip in $6,000, that's another $3,000 from them. a tax-free raise. it's all about the match. because that's the money. >> of course. >> still, the more you can add early the better off you are. under 50, contribute up to $18,000 a year. over 50, and you can do up to $24,000. where do you put the 401(k) money. >> just invest it and that's all i know. >> reporter: the answer, choose a target date fund. these automatically balance your investments, stocks, bonds and cash with a target retirement date in mind. but fair warning they tend to come with higher fees when are you going to retire. >> today if it were my choice. >> reporter: for "good morning america," rebecca jarvis, abc news. new york. >> all right, thank you, rebecca. come you go up we have
8:40 am
take a chance on a secret potion i'll make you fall in love for a spell that can't be broken why not be in love i got the recipe and it's all black magic and it's all black do you think when you are president you'll be paid as much as if you were a man-male... this is one of the jobs where they have to pay you the same. but there are so many examples where that doesn't happen. i'm going to do everything i can to make sure every woman in every job gets paid the same... the men who are doing that job.
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8:42 am
ting back now for our fall concert series with little mix. they have sold millions of records around the world. their "black magic" hit 100 million views on youtube and have a new album out tomorrow, "get weird." here's little mix now with "love me like you." sha-la-la-la sha-la-la-la he might got the biggest car
8:43 am
don't mean he can drive me wild or he can go for miles said he got a lot of cash darling he can't buy my love it's you i'm dreaming of they try to romance me but you got that nasty and that's what i want that's what i want so baby baby come and save me don't need those other numbers when i got my number one last night i lay in bed so truth they can't love me like you i tried to find somebody new baby they ain't got a clue
8:44 am
you still get it what i want i could never get enough now i'm dealing with these boys when i really need a man who can do it like i can they try to romance me but you got that nasty and that's what i want that's what i want so baby baby come and save me don't need number one last night i lay in bed so blue 'cause i realized the truth they can't love me like you i tried to find somebody new baby they ain't got a clue can't love me like you sha-la-la-la woo-oo sha-la-la-la oh oh oh oh oh can't love me like you
8:45 am
oh oh oh oh oh l-o-v-e love the way you give it to me it every day l-o-v-e love the way you give i want it every day last night i lay in bed so blue 'cause i realized the truth they can't love me like you i tried to find somebody new baby they ain't got a clue can't love me like you last night i lay in bed so blue love the way you give it to me cause i realized the truth they can't love me like you l-o-v-e i tried to find somebody new
8:46 am
can't love me like you >> thank you. "gma's" fall concert series
8:47 am
8:48 am
gladiators unite. exciting new episode of "scandal" is on tonight. before that abbie boudreau went on a set visit. >> reporter: from salacious headlines. >> are you the president's mistress.
8:49 am
>> yes. >> reporter: to political twists and turns. >> i have a guy who says they were blackmailed. >> reporter: abc's hit drama "scandal." >> i don't want to lie to you. >> reporter: "gma" getting an exclusive behind-the-scenes tour. >> this is -- >> this is voila. bedroom of the president. >> bedroom. >> here it is. >> reporter: portia de rossi as chief of staff elizabeth. >> super fan of the show before she booked the show of the it was like her and ellen's favorite show. >> and darby starch field. >> the photo is real. >> voila. >> ah, the press room. >> the press room. >> love it. >> so after taking our rightful places i fire off a few super fan questions from twitter. >> anyone, anyone? >> how would you describe season five in one word? >> treacherous. >> satisfying. >> are you two friends or frenemies? >> i really don't think elizabeth north has a friend anywhere. >> oh, no, that's not true. >> reporter: just one more tough
8:50 am
how does it freel to be a sex symbol? >> i want to laugh when you say that. it feels funny. >> reporter: for "good morning america," abbie boudreau, abc news, los angeles. >> he is so sweet. >> funny is sexy. >> that is. tgit, "scandal" 9:00, 8:00 central on abc. >> say good-bye to little mix. thank you, guys, that was great. somebody new
8:51 am
sean: welcome back. authorities are asking for your help in finding a missing teen. 16-year-old julian hofstetter disappeared around 8:00 last night, lasting at the hampshire country school in rindge. he was on foot and was wearing a blue coat at the time. anyone who sees a teen messing his description is asked to call 911. several streets in manchester are closed as state investigators look for clues in the murder of denise robert. the 62-year-old a shot and killed back in august, but no arrests have been made in the fbi has just joined the investigation. let' s take you outside. a beautiful look out there. it is starting to get a little warmer out there. kevin: it is going to warm up into the afternoon. we are up into the 60' s, 64-65 about as cool as it will be by 2:00 or 3:00 this afternoon.
8:52 am
we have areas up into the lower 70' s. plenty of high clouds back down to our south and west. we will start to see a little bit more of a southwesterly breeze head of a front in the northern plains that gets here later tomorrow afternoon. a quick jump tomorrow. it should be another really one day tomorrow for this time of year. that is ahead of a front that comes through late tomorrow afternoon and into early tomorrow evening. that could mean, after a little bit of fog burns off tomorrow morning, a broken line of showers coming through. then the clearing skies friday night, the cooler air rushes in and that brees is around with partial sunshine and temperatures in the 50' s on saturday. highs only in the 40' s on sunday.
8:53 am
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