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tv   News 9 at Five  ABC  November 6, 2015 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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by a bomb. >> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now wmur news 9 at 5:00. josh: this fantastic weather hit new heights today. live pictures from the seacoast where they set a record for today. good evening, i'm josh mcelveen. jean: and i'm jean mackin, thank you for joining us. only one spot reached a new report but a few others came pretty close. josh: we start with mike haddad. mike: amazingly warm over the past several days, all peaking today with report highs at the coast, shattering a record, by the way, and that record broken this morning. there it is the official high so far, 74 degrees. the old record is 62. in concord, 73 was the finish high so far. that's now bumped up to 74 in the last moment. but you notice the record high down there, that's the important number at 75, just shy of that for today. nonetheless, still well above the average with readings in the 60's andler 70's.
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but you know the story about november. it typically gets cool, and eventually the cooler air will roll on in here starting later on tonight and into the day tomorrow. but you do notice also back to the west it's not all that frigid, temperatures are dropping and tomorrow even though it cooler we'll still run above average by at least seven, eight, maybe nine degrees. as that front moves through tonight we're seeing a couple scattered showers. between now and 8:30 there could be a quick hitting shower, and then it's back to dry weather on saturday. what about sunday and next week, all of that straight ahead. jean: it was shorts and short sleeves across new hampshire today. people were out soaking up the above normal temperatures. jennifer crompton talked to people on the seacoast, what a great place to be today. she's joining us now live from portsmouth. reporter: it's been so beautiful today and eve 2010 the sundown it's still so mild, lots of
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something that the state climate says it -- the street today. people were walking around in shirt sleeves, shorts, really taking advantage of the warm weather, more like indian summer than prethanksgiving. some likened to it the weather in california right now. others wondered about global warming but said they'd take this weather any time. enjoy it for now, but let's hope it doesn't last. >> being cold enough to end the fall to, for vegetation and for insects and of course, it's a very important part of our eco system. so mild weather like this much later would be a disruption of
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reporter: coming up, what another expert says about what this may be, behind this, and we'll hear from nonexpert as well about what they think is going on. jennifer crompton, wmur news 9. josh: the search continues for the person who hit a man who was out walking his dog in derry and then drove off. we have new details about what happened yesterday and they come from the victim who's recovering from some significant injuries. heather hamel live in derry with more on his story. report well, police are hoping that the driver's conscience gets the better of them and they come forward. because after all, the man who was hit was thrown several feet and injured, yet the driver never stopped. >> there was no way in the world that they could not have known that they hit something, whether it was a bush or a moose, a dear, who knows. but there was an impact. report joe was walking with a limp and in pain after being thrown more than 10 feet into in derry.
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someone hit him as he walked his dog thursday evening. witnesses told police the driver slowed down by never stopped. >> i didn't even see it, came up from behind me, so i have no idea. >> there's a vehicle out there that will show the signs of that impact. report the s.u.v. is described as dark in color and will most likely are damage on the right front fenner, possibly bumper and mirror as well. neighbors say they saw the aftermath but didn't realize it was a hit-and-run until later. but chester road is highly traveled and be a risky place to walk. >> we never walk our dogs there, we take them somewhere else because ignoring the fact that people go so fast, there's not much pace to walk any way. report he was only 200 yards from his street when it happened, 'numerous people stopped to help. >> a pretty big impact. i think the victim was very fortunate with the a. injuries that he got, could it have been way worse. >> i'd feel more lucky if they caught the guys.
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happy to be walking, however heavies frustrated, he had been training for a 5k and now doesn't think he'll be able to run. jean: a rise in the number of people using fake information to get and a half driver licenses, four people have been arrested this week. andy hershberger has more on the arrests. reporter: police say that two people were using some of the same false information at two different d.m.v.'s just hours apart and they say this type of thing is on the rise. 44-year-old g. reyes faces two charges, tampering with public record and unsworn falsification. he was arrested thursday at the division of motor vehicles in manchester where authorities say he was using false information to renew a new hampshire drivers license. in court state police say penna ray easy had three different identities, three different
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dates of birth and two social security numbers. >> if released the state believes the defendant will simply obtain another identity and disappear rutting in his failure to appear for the new hampshire charges. reporter: about two hours after penna reyes was arrested, authorities say alberto martinez was using some the same fake information that penna reyes used, at the salem d.m.v. trying to renew a drivers license. >> he was also in the country illegally and used a false identification to try to get a new hampshire license. during the course of the investigation we also found a possession. reporter: police say four people have been arrested since monday for this type of crime. one suspect, valentin peres, was also arrested on a drug charge and being a felon in possession of a dangerous weapon. police say they usually see only about five or six cases of this
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but so far in 2015, 26 people have been charged with using false identities at the d.m.v. >> the danger is you have very bad that are trying to hide back into society, they're trying to merge back into society, trying to hide from arrest warrants, folks that aren't supposed to be here. court today bail for penna reyes $15,000. i'm andy hershberger, wmur news 9. josh: the file perfect continues in the first in the nation primary state, two more major candidates putting their names on the ballot. ohio governor john caseic arrived at the secretary of state's office and was greeted by a sizable crowd. the republican kasich was in new hampshire or has been in new hampshire with increasing frequency, and after filling out the paperwork he told reporters he believes the selection process for candidates is just as it ought to be. >> this is the way to do it. forget me. this is a great process.
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people of new hampshire make really good choices and then they present it to the country, and then the country takes it from there. josh: in early afternoon it was new jersey governor chris christies turn to take the traditional march into the secretary of state's office, he was joined by his wife mary pat as he often has been on the campaign trail. christie also placed a high emphasis on doing well in the granite state but says this was a trip that he's been looking for to for a long time. >> this is the moment you think about, when you come into the state house in new hampshire and you sign the papers and give them your $1,000 check and you become a candidate for president of the united states in the first in the nation primary. josh: one of the big questions facing christie today though is his reaction to the news that he won't be on the main stage for the next republican debate. fell republican ben carson is also facing new questions about the scholarship he claims he could have taken at west point. aixa diaz has more and joins us live from washington. reporter: josh, ben carson wrote
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in his book that he was offered a full ride to west point. now his campaign is clarifying carson never actually said he applied for admission. according to, a west point spokeswoman says the academy has no report of a ben carson application, even though the retired neurosurgeon see he turned down an offer from the school. his campaign says carson was a top rotc member who was only told by his commanders he could get an appointment to the academy but never applied. >> he's got a lot of support possible that people see this attack as being planted by the mainstream media and the establishment politicians. report a new poll puts carson in second place in iowa, less than three months before the caucuses donald trump comes in first with 25% of support. >> i've been ahead in polls and behind in polls. reporter: failing primary papers in new hampshire, chris christie
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brushed aside his low poll numbers which disqualify him from next week's g.o.p. prime time debate and place him in the earlier less watched event. josh: the democratic candidates are taking part in a for you tonight in south carolina. that's ahead of their next debate next saturday in iowa. jean: a date has been set for the mayoral recount in manchester. votes will be tallied again on monday, november 9th starting at 9:00 a.m. joyce craig who is challenging incumbent mayor gatsas requested the recount after the returns showed her looking by 85 votes. traffic watch time, let's wrap up this work week. we'll start with live pictures 5. a little slow going especially in the southbound lanes. peggy james joining us with more details on the evening commute. >> hi, jean, happy friday to you. the ride home coming up from the massachusetts border hasn't been
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too bad, about 25 minutes will get you from salem up to manchester. 293 is busy but moving pretty well. and further north at the hooksett tolls a slight slowdown as you're going through the toll booth. on up to concord, the bow junction things are moving well. no problems north of the city. taking a look at 101 west you are slow through the beford stretch. the everett turnpike you're heavy through merrimack as you head northbound. 101 east is a good ride to the seacoast, but we do see backups on the spaulding turnpike today. and also a rollover on 95 north in the kittery area could have things backing up to the hampton tolls. i'm peggy james for 95.7, wzid. jean: new security measures have been announced for air travel, up next what homeland security will add in airports with commercial flights to the middle
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east. josh: and president obama has rejected the keystone pipeline, we'll tell you how canada is responding to this decision. mike: a sunny and cool start to the weekend tomorrow with extra clouds in the north country. what follows for sunday coming up. jean: at 5:30, the prison employees who helped two killers escape has learned how much money she'll have to pay. >> 44 years after her murder, her family is still looking for
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jean: president obama rejected the proposed keystone pipeline this morning. the president says it's not in the interests of the united states. the nearly 1200-mile pipeline would have carried 800,000-barrels of petroleum a day from canada to the gulf coast. canada's new prime minister says he's disappointed in the president's decision. the company hoping to build the pipeline may file a new application. josh: the black boxes from that russian passenger plane that crashed last week are still being analyzed. but tonight overseas officials say they believe they know the cause of this crash. now the u.s. is putting some new security measures into place.
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officials now say they believe a bomb likely brought down this jetliner last week, killing all 224 people on board. investigators still working to confirm who could be responsible, after u.s. and british authorities say they intercepted electronic communications of isis terrorists talking about a bomb. the wreckage still being analyzed for traces of explosives as the investigation continues into how a bomb could have made it on board. intelligence officials looking interest the weak security at sharp el shake airport. >> at no point did it go through any scanner. reporter: and whether an isis insider may have had access to the plane's luggage hold. >> if isis had been able to do this at that airport, then how many other airports have they been able to get into, infiltrate. or are they working on right now. reporter: russian authorities responding.
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suspending all flights to egypt. and today the department of homeland security announced additional security measures being put in place for all international flights bound for the u.s. today a white house official said unlike russia, for now the u.s. is still allowing flights into egypt. marci gonzalez, abc news, new york. josh: new security measures from our department of homeland security will affect a handful of airports that fly commercially between the exufs the sinai peninsula, they include expanded security screenings for items, new assessments of airport security and offers to security at certain facilities. jean: the u.s. coast guard is searching for a man who fell morning. witnesses say the man jumped onto a life boat from the 7th deck and clung to the side for about a minute before falling about the atlantic ocean. the the coast guard says the royal caribbean ship was near the bahamas at the time. the cruise line is not releasing the name of the passenger.
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a new problem has cropped up from last month's historic flooding in south carolina. uncontrollable mosquitoes. it could cost millions to exterminate the mosquitoes, but officials say they have no choice because of the diseases mosquitoes can carry. mike: yes, spring-like temperatures big time today. coast. not only is it warm, but even a little on the humid side. take a look at the time lapse in portsmouth today, we had quite a today. some of it quite dense, did you now it's just mostly cloudy with scattered showers beginning to build in from the west. as a cool front slips on through the northeast. that cool front can do a couple things, one it will dry us out. secondly it will start to signal a change in the temperatures bringing us finally back to average, not tomorrow, but during the day on sunday. notice right now on our radar scopes again a couple scattered
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showers moving through the great north woods, parts of the white mountains. a few more in southern vermont will likely eclipse central and southern new hampshire in the next couple hours, then it's back to dry. there are a couple of scattered showers in the great lakes, indicating how much cooler the air mass is and that will move in mostly up north later tomorrow night. as for the here and now, though, temperatures with the southwesterly wind in the 60's and lower 70's. the dew points are way up there for this time of year, almost unheard of to have them running in the 60's. so it does feel a bit on the muggy side from southeast. and the dew points will remain high for the next couple hours as those scattered showers move through. but notice how much dryer it is back to our west. those dew points dip back into the 40's and eventually the 30's over the great lakes and farther north and west even into the 20's. along with the driver air comes the cooldown, initially tomorrow it's just a bit of a drop in temperature, especially in northern areas, we'll see highs
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may hit near 60 in parts of southern new hampshire. so yes, much cooler than today, but still well above the average considering the normal high is around 51 or 52 for tomorrow. then the real chill builds in later saturday night into sunday, and you'll see it here on the jet stream flow. warmest today, that moves off to the east, so we cool down tomorrow. coolest in the next several days will be sunday night into early monday. but then notice once we get into early next week the real warmth stays to our south, and the real chill stays to our north and west, and that will put temperatures about five, six, seven, eight degrees above norm on average a good part of next week. so again the front has to move through for tonight and it's back to dryer air for a good part of the weekend with a l. sun tomorrow in southern new hampshire, a few more clouds up north, we'll see the mildest temperatures of course in southern zones. so on future cast, notice the showers move through and then tomorrow right back into sunshine. it will be on the breezy side right through the course of the weekend.
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tomorrow that win is out of the west northwest and on sunday it shifts around to the northwest with a lot of sun after some flurries up north saturday night, indicating how much cooler it will be. but again it's not all that bad tonight, lower 40's north, lower 50's south. that's right around the average high for this time of year. so even though we drop the temperature quite a bit over the weekend, it's still above average by seven or eight degrees on saturday, right back to average finally on sunday. but wouldn't you know it, temperatures jump, not as warm as we've seen, but above average again starting on monday. jean: thanks, mike. josh: up next, restaurants and kids can be a controversial mix sometimes, but are house rules going too far? >> just take responsibility for your kids. jean: and at 5:30, you've probably heard of tiny houses, if you're curious but not ready to commit, there's a new way to
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give them a test run. >> when you're -- it completely smooth even though
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2,000 feet a the son of a polish immigrant who grew up in a brooklyn tenement. he went to public schools, then college, where the work of his life began -- fighting injustice and inequality, speaking truth to power. he moved to vermont, won election and praise as one of america's best mayors. in congress, he stood up for working families and for principle, opposing the iraq war, supporting veterans. now he's taking on wall street and a corrupt political system funded by over a million contributions, tackling climate change to create clean-energy jobs, fighting for living wages, equal pay, and tuition-free public colleges. people are sick and tired of establishment politics, and they want real change! [ cheers and applause ] bernie sanders -- husband, father, grandfather,
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building a movement with you to give us a future to believe in. sanders: i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. josh: there's a restaurant in texas that's getting mixed review itself for its approach when it comes to unruly kids. jean: anyone who comes in with young diners gets a rule card
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along with a menu and lets patrons know that children are welcome, but they're expected to behave. the owners came up with the idea after a series of customers who let their kids get out of control. >> the child jumped on top of the chair and then started going off. >> a child took a coin, a quarter, and again marking and drew tick tack toe. >> they don't realize how fragile some of the items are. >> just take responsibility for your kids. jean: the owners say they've gotten some bad reviews on social media because of their policy, but in general they say the idea seems to be working. josh: a restaurant owner in california had egg on her face after venting, that's right, after venting her frustrationa bad day. she thought she was putting it on her personal facebook page. she said several people let their kid run wild including throwing food, running around the restaurant, hitting other customers, but her irritation
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was not confined to her friend because she actually posted it, yes, on the business facebook page. jennifer bennett wrote, this may shock you but choosing to are children means you can't go out to eat for roughly three years, please accept your fate, you're killing me. >> now that we are all going to take our kids to restaurants and wonder if people are judging us. >> what she said on facebook was something we've all done, you throw a comment out there, who hasn't been annoyed by a toddler in a restaurant at one point in her life. josh: welsh bennett did apologize for the post and says her restaurant is committed to being family friendly. jean: maybe the rule here is don't throw a temper tantrum on facebook. straight ahead, an unusual safety note from one new hampshire police department, how it wants you to check on its officer this is weekend. josh: a fiery rescue off the coast of new england, we'll tell you the sorry behind these pictures. jean: and now to our u local hot shot, the morning fog on lake
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toward rattlesnake island. submit your pictures and video, by logging onto u local.wmur.c [sfx:] all candidates' voices talking over one another my dad carried mail on his back. they called him "john the mailman" and they loved him because he looked out for everyone in those neighborhoods. i learned something from my father, do your best to look out for other people. we turned ohio around and we created jobs and cut taxes and balanced our budgets. john kasich's for us. responsible for the content of
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mike: the spring-like pattern about to move out as temperatures get ready to drop. how much cooler it gets this weekend. jean: she played a key part in a prison escape, now joyce mitchell is getting the bill for the damage done during that breakout. >> the difference here is that people are dying. jrm one of the teams struggling to keep up with new hampshire's heroin epidemic gets to show senator shaheen what they face each day. year and we've taken you to several tiny houses under construction, now there's a new way to try them out for yourself. >> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now wmur news 9 at 5:30. jean: our spring-like november shattered a record today, but looks like it will be back to normal november this weekend. mackin. josh: i'm josh mcelveen. the seacoast reached well into the 70's today and that folks is a brand new high. jean: hayley lapoint has a look at how this fits into other november records.
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hayley: this ports youth that's where we broke the record, we came close in other communities as well. in portsmouth, this is a live look at market square, looks like a few people still out enjoying in the short sleeves, it's a mild evening. the temperature got to 74 degrees there today. and that smashed an old record set back in 1961 of 62 degrees. so over 10 degrees was this new record of 74. we came within one degree in concord, the old record, 1948, did not beat that today. but mash with a reached 74. even in the great north woods temperatures got into the 70's there. franklin hit 72. here's how things are going to cool down. it going to happen in a big way. sunday. but look at today versus tomorrow. a lot of locations a good 20 degrees cooler.
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for you in a few minutes. josh: the upstate new york prison worker who helped two convicted murderers escape will have to pay the state nearly $80,000 in restitution. prosecutors said that joyce mitchell will pay the cost to repair the dan caused by david sweat and richard matt when they broke out of the clinton correctional facility in june. mitchell admitted to providing the two with hack saw blades and other tools, the former prison seamstress is serving up to seven years in prison for her part in that escape. jean: prosecutors are asking a judge to revoke the bail of a man who has been charged in connection to a drug overdose death. brian watson is accused of sell a deadly dose of fentanyl to a tilton man last april, he's been free on bail until his trial, but prosecutors say he violated his bail conditions by having contact with a woman who is a witness and a possible codefendant. family members of watson's alleged victim were in court today. >> he and his attorney are playing the game and they're
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playing the system and they're playing it well, but in the meantime people's lives are being impactinged. jean: no decision will be made until the 16th, so the court has time to hear from that codefendant. josh: new numbers show a spike in deaths because of fentanyl. that's more than 50% higher than the year before. it's not clear if fentanyl was the specific cause of all of those overdoses. senator shaheen got an up close look at the demand being put on the lab staff who play a key role in heroin investigations. ray brewer was there as the senator toured the state drug lab, which is struggling to keep up with demand. reporter: at one point there were 50 people working in this lab, now that number is down to 47. and because of that, another number is growing. this is the backlog of cases in the state lab, some 3800 folders. and each month that number
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the lab friday to get a look at the problem. currently the lab is getting about 750 requests each month for analysis but can only process about 500. senator shaheen is sponsoring legislation to get the lab additional funding. >> it would take a certain percentage of grants and say those should go back to forensic labs to address this issue. reporter: the lab director says they dealt with drug epidemics in the past like the crack cocaine binges in the late 80's and 90's, but this is different. >> the difference here is that people are dieing and that's what we really need to really look at and focus our attentions on. reporter: law enforcement says the amount of drugs flowing into new hampshire is unprecedented. and the lab director says it's impossible to tell what you're dealing with with a glance. >> this is an oxycodone tablet, if you look at it it looks the same, but turns out it's fentanyl. >> we need to find out exactly
5:33 pm
what's in the samples we're seeing on the street. reporter: the director says with about $300,000 they could begin clearing the backlog of cases. as for a solution to the problem of substance aabuse, senator shaheen says that will require a multifaceted approach. >> everything from education for folks to treatment to enforcement to things like the crime lab. reporter: the state legislature is coming back in special session to deal with the opiate crisis. the lab director says if they adopt drug court that could help ease the workload. however increased penalties for fentanyl could add to it. ray brewer, wmur news 9. jean: an unusual message from weare police if you're pulled over by an unmarked police vehicle, don't hesitate to call the police station and confirm that it's a real officer. five of the department's cruisers have been recalled for mechanical reasons, site will be using unmarked cars while repairs are made. if a plain car tries to pull you
5:34 pm
over, police are encouraging drivers to slow down, turn an hazard lights and use hands-free devices to confirm that it is a legitimate police officer. a lobster man abandoned his boat after it caught fire and sank just off the shore in ipswich, massachusetts. the coast guard says the operator of the boat called for help around 9:30 this morning. another boater rescued him from the water. the coast guard says the fire appears to have started when the engine overheated. and still ahead on news 9 at 5:30, millions of dollars will go to homeowners whose mortgages were mishandled by one bank. josh: there's a special chance to see behind the scenes of new hampshire producers, but it doesn't last long. mike: after an evening shower for some later on this evening we dry out and it's back to dry and cooler for the weekend. jean: first a strange situation for bindi irwin, why she can't clet her paycheck from "dancing
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her famous on average, women need to work an extra two hours each day, to earn the same paycheck as their male coworkers. join the fight for equal pay. join the fight for sara and women everywhere. i'm hillary clinton,
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josh: kind of a mixed day on wall street. the dow jones up 46 points. a little movement with the s&p 500, nasdaq picking up about 20 points. wells fargo will pay more than
5:37 pm
$80 million as part of a settlement for mishandled mortgages. jean: the justice department announced the deal yesterday. tens of thousands of home ownser cobble jibl for part of that money. investigators say wells fargo didn't give people enough notice for changes avenue bankruptcy rules took effect in 2011. shoppers are expected to spend more money this holiday than last year. new numbers show 40% of americans have bigger holiday budgets, that's up from 25% who spent more in 2014. retailers are hoping to catch shoppers' attention by having sales start earlier, the first september. many of the gifts being shipped will arrive on december 21, that's the monday before christmas. the post office says that will be its busiest delivery day of the year. it expects to deliver day. josh: before christmas though we do have thanksgiving and
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us on the move this year. airlines for america is predicting a 3% increase in air travel for this thanksgiving. that translates to 65,000 extra passengers. if you've been craving a slurpee, tomorrow is your day, you can name your own price, 7-11 will donate all the proceeds to feeding america, leaving it totally up to you what you want to pay whether it's 100 bucks or one cent or somewhere in between. jean: it a good cause, so you better give something for your slurpee. josh: in sports it's a friday night full of action including
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oppone the beast was as long as the boat. for seven hours, we did battle. until i said... you will not beat... meeeeee!!!
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an honest leader building a movement with you to give us a future to believe in. sanders: i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. josh: looking for something to do, restaurant week under way on the seacoast, it runs through next saturday. close to 50 restaurants are offering fixed price menu options for lunch or dinner. related businesses like local inns are also offering special deals. and you can sample lots of new hampshire's best products during open doors weekend. jean: on saturday and sunday, dozens of places from chocolate shops to wineries will be offering special discounts. this is the 10th year for open doors, and you can find the whole list of all the participating producers including a map that shows their locations, that is in the escape outside section at and there's also a new way to
5:42 pm
become such a hot trend. josh: we explain how can you sign up for a tiny house tryout. reporter: downsizing, for some a fa saysity, for others a choice. >> we're basically here because we wanted to do a trial run of tiny house living. reporter: to tap into those seeking a more sustainable lifestyle, harvard graduate students created the millennial housing labs get away vacation rentals. people considering joining the tiny house movement can give it a try for a night or two. >> i think the thing i wanted to see for myself, do you feel claustrophobic when you're in here. i was pretty surprised, i do not feel that closed-in feeling. report they've been contemplating the move for a couple years now. >> i was surprised, the toilet was different but at least i know what it is, how it works it. but from the electric and everything else it wasn't that bad.
5:43 pm
square foot home three years ago to live off the grid. >> you have to get more comfortable with having limits on your resources, so this is kind of where all the energy comes from the sun, gets converted into battery power. reporter: austin says he's been fortunate enough to find an urban farm in the middle of washington d.c., but he says others were looking for locations need to be persistent. >> if a city, zoning or town official tells you that a tiny house is not legal, ask for that citation, be prepared for more work than you might expect. but also you don't expect that the, you expect that the reward will be worth mit the end. reporter: the national association of realtors says the number of boyars purchasing small homes, less than 1,000 square feet, has remained around 1% for the past five years. but fans of tiny homes think the appeal will only grow. >> i hope that we will sort of
5:44 pm
destigmatize that notion that living small is bad. reporter: as for hillary and shane, they say their weekend stay put them a little closer to making the big leap into a tiny home. mike: record warmth out there in one spot today, that was at the coast. inland just one shy in concord and two shy over 6 now feet up atop mount washington. a foggy start at newfound lake. the fog was quite thick. between around six, seven, eight in the morning, even in parts of southern new hampshire we had low visibility out there. the clouds and fog breaking up a little by late morning and afternoon. with the partial sun some warmer air moving in, temperatures jumping well above the average as early as daybreak today and taking off close to if not hitting record as early as mid morning at the coast and close
5:45 pm
to records inland by this afternoon. but the warmth is ready to move out. that means cooler air for the weekend, evening showers will be scattered in nature as we go through the next couple hours, and the next several days to follow look to be on the dry side. coldest will be sunday afternoon and night, and then we warm up a little bit. not as warm as we've been. this front will clear in the next couple hours, could be accompanied by a brief shower and brief gusty winds up to about 30 miles per hour. eventually temperatures will start to fall. but right now running well above the average and close to record highs still, down from thigh of 74 in portsmouth. but they were up to 74 again an hour ago. concord right now at 71. the dew point is way up this, running on average in the upper 50's and lower 60's. the winds eventually turn around
5:46 pm
to the west, that will start to dry us out a little. also i drives in colder air. overnight tonight, low 40's up north, around 50 at the coast. these temperatures close to daytime highs. so will it be another warm day tomorrow, well, not as warm as today because this again is moving to the east. it gradually cools down on saturday, and then very chilly on sunday, and early monday morning. then some of this milder air will start to budge back in here a good part of members week for monday through at least thursday before we cool back down next friday. highs tomorrow again nowhere close to where we were today but still well above the average. upper 40's far north with sunshine and clouds mixed. the emphasis though in the north country will be on the cloud cover, mid 50's central and monadnock region and upper 50's to near 60 could be cord points south and southeast. highs on sunday will be right back to average, low 40's north, lower 50's in southern new hampshire. it will be a bit breezy at
5:47 pm
times. so it will feel a bit cooler as we go through the early morning and late in the day. monday morning we may wake up to 20's, so that fall chill gives way to a winter feel for a couple hours, then it's back to pleasantly cool monday through thursday. next chance of a few showers probably not until later thursday and early friday. josh: not much to complain about. one of the favorites on this season's "dancing with the stars" has run into an unexpected financial problem. jean: a judge has ruled that bindi irwin can't collect her paychecks from the show until she proves her father is dead. her father, steve irwin, died nearly so years ago after a much publicized sting ray attack. since irwin is just 17 she to have a special contract with abc, her mother signed it but the judge says she needs to file proof of her father's status paychecks. josh: the new star wars movie screening.
5:48 pm
has been told he may not live until the movie's december release. in response to a social media campaign, the studio reps took the film to him, showing daniel fleetwood an unfinished cut of the movie yesterday. he also got a call from its director, j.j. abrams. jamie: friday night football, friday night hockey, volleyball, basketball. we will have it all for you starting with the celtics. they host the washington wizards at 7:30. streak. this is the matchup for the u.n.h. hockey team this weekend, two games at michigan state tonight and tomorrow night. the spartans around scoring much but they are stingy on defense, particularly on the penalty kill where they've only allowed one power play goal. wildcats. >> it all about travel when you are playing a big 10 school, it a great facility, great tradition with michigan state. we have to play two games in their facility, so we're looking
5:49 pm
forward to that, and it's again putting 60 minutes of hockey together. >> check out the lineup. you can see them all right here on channel 9. jean: thanks, jamie. changing a school mascot is a big and expensive decision. josh: now one of america's biggest sports companies is offering to help certain schools, that story next. tom: then coming up at 6:00 tonight, records smashed on the coast as temperatures soared into the 70's. plus a derry man out walking his dog struck by a car that then took off, what he says about his injuries and the driver that left him on the side of the road. and more signatures added to the
5:50 pm
5:51 pm
josh: adidas offering special help for schools that want to move away from their native american mascots. jean: many are reexamining their mascots after complaints that they may be seen as offensive. now they can get help from the adidas design team. the sports company is in oregon, that state has ordered its schools to get rid of awe native 2017. josh: waiting the whole show for this video.
5:52 pm
a school in virginia, a deer crashed through the window. but it's not as funny as i thought it was going to be, i feel bad for it. the school posted you never know what you might find in the middle school. after a while it managed to get to its feet. jan: someone buffed the floors there. josh: and they were able to get the deer out the door, so there's the good news. jean: and no one was hurt in the making of this surveillance video. josh: thank you for joining us. jean: we hope you'll stay with us for news 9 at 6:00, that's next.
5:53 pm
mike: record warmth in parts of the granite state today, but spring-like temperatures come to an end over the weekend. how much cooler we'll be tomorrow. tom: people at the seacoast were enjoying this weather, but some
5:54 pm
wonder if this warm start to november is cause for concern. >> the next thing i remember is waking up at the hospital. jennifer: hear from this man struck while walking his dog, he knows he's lucky, but is hoping police fine the driver who left the scene. tom: and in commitment 2016 the first in the nation primary ballot is filling up, two more names were added today and each candidate is talking about the health of their campaigns. >> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now wmur news 9 at 6:00. tom: off the top tonight, a live look at portsmouth, there it is, where at this hour it is tough to tell just how beautiful a day it was. but with record breaking temperatures there today, it was a great one. good evening, new hampshire, i'm tom griffith. jennifer: and i'm jennifer vaughn. this warm start to november can't last forever. chief meteorologist mike haddad looks ahead to when it comes to an end.
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