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tv   News 9 at Five  ABC  November 8, 2015 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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now wmur news 9 at 5:00. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> three people are hospitalized tonight following a crash on 93 south in salem. good evening. i am adam sexton. stephanie: i' m stephanie woods. three people were taken to boston with life-threatening injuries. kristen carosa has all the details. kristen: this is where the car came crashing through. it tore through the guard rail of trees, making it hard to pull the people out of the car and to safety. firefighters are calling this one of the most extensive extrication' s they have ever had to perform. firefighters were called around 5:30 by people living off the highway who said they could see headlights in the woods. once they arrived, they saw that the car had punched through the guard rail and had gone more than 150 feet into the woods. the car was upside down and suspended in the air by trees.
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three people were trapped inside. firefighters used the jaws of life to get them outside. two of them were taken to boston, and one was taken by ambulance, all with serious injuries. crews search the woods for any people who might' ve been thrown from the vehicle. >> they kept mentioning that they believed there were other people in the car. we did a search at night with thermal imaging cameras and another thorough search in daylight, and we did not come up with any other patients. kristen: the investigation is in the hands of state police. they will determine what led to this crash. kristen carosa, wmur news 9. stephanie: a rochester man is accused of hitting a woman walking in a crosswalk last night. rochester police say tyler fernald was driving on signal street just after 8:30 when he
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he was cited for failure to cede to a protester in at a crosswalk. adam: police have arrested the driver who is accused of reckless operation on i 89 early yesterday. it happened between exits 14 and 15 in grant them. can see the allegedly vehicle tailgating another car. trooper say the car lost control and crashed into the guardrail and allegedly left the scene and was taken into custody at exit 13. police have not released the name of the driver. stephanie: it' s been a beautiful day in the granite state. we have enjoyed unseasonably warm weather last week, and it' s now a cool 52 in portsmouth. this sunny and dry weather might not be sticking around. meteorologist hayley lapoint is here. could we see heavy rain this week? hayley: it looks like that' s going to be the case. soak up the sunshine we are going to get tomorrow. in the meantime, it' s going to be a cold night ahead of us with this chilly air mass in place.
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bottom out quickly now that the sun has set. 41 degrees in berlin. 46 in laconia. 48 in concord. 51 degrees in manchester. the winds are relatively light, but we have had gusts up near 10-15 miles per hour. that is cooler air coming down out of canada. here is your evening planner. maybe you are going to be stepping outside for a quick walk of the dog or going out to dinner. temperatures will fall into the 30' s by 8:00 tonight. tomorrow looks good with sunshine, but after that, some unsettled weather. i will have the timeline coming up. adam: a beautiful day for campaigning come although very few candidates were here to take advantage. hillary clinton did have some old friends in state canvassing and sharing personal stories on her behalf, the legendary arkansas travelers. you probably don' t recognize
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faces on the first of the nation campaign trail, the arkansas travelers. they been coming from the natural state to the granite state to support bill and hillary clinton for almost 25 years. they say while time has passed, the character of the voters has remained the same. >> that is one thing we' ve always found, how nice everyone has been. no one is rude to you, even if they disagree. they will talk to you. adam: the travelers are made up of some of the clinton' s closest i' reception. adam: in new hampshire, the travelers are credited with helping rescue bill clinton from scandal in his campaign and hillary from hers in 2008. >> i saw it happen in 1992. both clintons had to come back in new hampshire primary. these people were part of it. >> they are just regular people coming out and telling their stories. it made a big impact in 1992, and i think it will make an
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impact this year. adam: joining the fray of their third primary campaign, the travelers are walking neighborhoods and walking on doors. as always, backing up bill and hillary isn' t just about policy. it' s personal. >> this thing about lack of trust, we' ve known her personally for, as i said, 40 years. everyone up here can say, i trust her with my life. adam: the travelers are usually hear a little closer to election day, that they say they are glad to avoid the bitter cold this time around. they' re finishing up their trip with a house party later. two candidateswu will file to be on the ballot formally tomorrow. republican presidential candidate, former virginia governor bill gilmore, will file tomorrow. donald trump guest hosted saturday night live overnight, sparking protests outside the studio. abc'
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s tonia thomas has the story. tom: overnight, donald trump taking center stage. >> donald, you are the most amazing guy. you' re brilliant, you are handsome, you are rich. you have everything going. the world is waiting for you to be president. why are you hosting "saturday night live"? the answer is, i really have nothing better to do. tom: the gop presidential hopeful hosting "saturday night live" for the second time. his last appearance, 2004. >> nobody' s bigger than me. s better than me. i' m a ratings machine. tom: this time, trump who is known to joke on the campaign trail -- ve never attacked him on is plenty of subject matter. tom: bringing politics to late night making fun of himself, even pretending to live tweet a
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>> is he tweeting bad stuff? tom: a preview of his policies in 2018 didn' t exactly kill. >> i don' t have to get specific. with me, it just works. tom: his dance moves were an instant hit. >> you used to call me on the cell phone tom: outside, protests over the gop front-runner' s hosting gig, one organization offering $5,000 to any audience member who would shout out criticism at trump. >> trump is a racist! tom: guest larry david, taking them up on it. >> what are you doing, larry? >> i heard if i did that, they would give me $5,000. >> as a businessman, i can respect that. tom: deport racism later saying
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arizona police are investigating an apparent murder-suicide at a children' s hospital. police believe a mother shot and killed her son yesterday morning before killing herself. the young boy had serval palsy, a spinal cord injury, and severe anxiety. he had been treated for about a week. investigators are looking to the hospital to figure out what happened. >> obviously, they will provide our investigators with information on the child, the family for what they know, any treatment involved, anything that may assist us and if there is any way to understand, understand what led to this. stephanie: authorities say the mother and son were involved with the state department of child safety before their death. black smoke filled the air after a tire shop caught fire in san francisco. the fire broke out just before 8:00 a.m. to civic time. firefighters said they had to evacuate some homes.
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more than 30 black university missouri football players say they will not go to practice or play in games until the school' s president steps down. the players are protesting the way tim wolfe has handled matters of race on campus, including reports of racist slurs hurled at the black student body president and a swastika drawn in a dorm bathroom. if the tigers cancel their next game saturday at arrowhead stadium, it could cost the school millions. we are working on more for news 9 at 5:00. adam: former virginia governor we discuss his campaign just ahead. hayley: some beautiful weather to wrap up the weekend. tomorrow looks good, but you see the rain there, that' s going to be moving our way as we get into the middle part of the week. i will have the full forecast coming up. stephanie: the patriots were trying to remain undefeated hosting the washington redskins today. jason king will have all of your highlights. adam: coming up at 5:30, two
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people are dead after their vehicle plunged into the charles river. what we are learning about the victims. stephanie: coming up at 6:00, a family in dairy says vandals are
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they say this adam: we are in the thick of primary filing season at the statehouse with candidates making things official at the secretary of state' s office. as we noted earlier, the next to file will be virginia governor jim gilmore. thanks for being here. donald trump got 12 free minutes of airtime from nbc last night. do you plan to ask nbc for equal time? you don' t necessarily have to go on "snl"? jim: he gets a lot of free time, but that' s ok. as much time as i can get and be responsive to the people of new hampshire. adam: we' ve got veterans day coming up. only two candidates are veterans, yourself and senator lindsey graham. does that trouble you at all? historically, we have had so many veterans running for president. jim: i think i' m a good voice for veterans. i' ve addressed a veterans group over the weekend, and i' m very concerned about the plight that veterans are experiencing in new
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states, the inability to get proper medical attention, the scandals we are seeing in the veterans administration. when i become the president, i' m going to apply some hands-on management, and we are going to make sure veterans are properly being taken care of. adam: why has it taken so -- every administration, there are promises of help for veterans come and we see the same problems over and again. jim: i was stationed in west europe during the cold war. i' ve come back home again and gone to law school on the g.i. bill. i understand their concerns, and i am committed to it. i' this race. adam: it' the russian jetliner brought down in egypt was the responsibility of isis. if you are the president now, what would you be doing? jim: i chaired the national commission on homeland security for the united states that commissioned and dealt with terrorism and weapons of mass i was the governor in the 9/11 attack and responded to that attack when the pentagon was
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struck. i think this is a harbinger of the danger situation to come. we do have to have strong, assertive american leadership from the presidency. i believe we have to rebuild the united states military so opponents know that we are going to stand strong. it isn' t just the terrorists. it' s the danger we are seeing from russia and china, the iran deal, which is a real problem. we are going to have to have strong leadership and a rebuilding of the military, including rebuilding the navy with more vessels, which is important to new hampshire. adam: what to do about isis? boots on the ground in syria and iraq? jim: i don' t think we are going to put soldiers in there, but i have called for a mideast nato formation group. i have that experience in europe, and i believe with american leadership, we can join our allies in the middle east to take care of not only isis but also to restrain the expansion of iran. adam: in 2012 or after the 2012 election, the rnc try to figure out what to do with the debates.
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they didn' t want it to become a sideshow. here we are again with the debates to finding the republican race. what is the solution? solutions. what we have seen is the networks and the rnc trying to think that is absolutely wrong. you could' ve done it so easily. it would' ve been simple to take the 15 candidates, divided them into two debates, drawn lots so everyone has an equal chance to get their ideas out there. this isn' t about the show. this is about the ideas and leadership and experience a candidate can offer, and i have a unique experience wrote as a governor and in the foreign policy field that no other candidates have. i have specific ideas, and i' ve been denied an opportunity to speak to the people because of this in proper approach. adam: candidates who were in your position often have to choose between iowa and new hampshire. are we going to see you more here or there? jim: my focus is new hampshire.
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i think this is the place where my ideas can get out there, where people are receptive to the experience and approach that i am able to take, and my focus is new hampshire. i' ve been here already 14 times this year, and i will be here much, much more. adam: governor gilmore, thank you. for more first in the nation coverage, visit us online at while you are there, check out historic role footage and interviews with more than two dozen previous campaigns. >> now meteorologist hayley lapoint and your storm watch 9 forecast. hayley: good sunday evening. a beautiful sunset going on right now with the clear skies in portsmouth at market square. doesn' t that look pretty? in conway, it looks like it is too dark for that web camera, but it is gorgeous up in the white mountains as the sun has set and we have the last light of this sunday. it was a beautiful day with clear skies.
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s across the state, and in the northern part of the state, temperatures only topped out in the 40' s like we had last week, and this was a big it felt a lot cooler, especially with the winds that got going. the average high for this time in november, 52 degrees. here is where we stand, 30' s in whitefield. 40' s in laconia and concord. 48 degrees in nashua. completely clear skies across the area right now, and because to settle right in. the coldest nights we' ve had in a long while after this stretch of mild weather. tonight, it' frosty. high-pressure settling in in in place over the ohio river valley. that' s going to slide eastward as we go through the day tomorrow. beautiful sunny day tomorrow, but then things get unsettled as we go into the mid week. tuesday, we might have showers s part of this system in the southeastern
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u.s. that is going to move up the coast line and bring us some of the showers once we get into wednesday. futurecast. tonight, completely clear. tomorrow morning, it will be frosty and cool. heading out onto the roads come it will be completely clear. you probably just need your shades because of the solar glare issues, it other than that, no windshield wipers needed. 4:00 in the afternoon, perfect for outdoor activities, temperatures warmer than where we were today, bright and sunny. once we get into tuesday, you . in the northern part of the state tuesday, you get more sunshine than the rest of us. the southern part of the state will have showers moving in i commute time tuesday evening, and then showers start to move into the northern part of the wednesday. frosty. temperatures coldest up to the north of the notches,
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across the southern tier of the state, we fall into the 30' s. here' s a look at the forecast the next few days. 57 degrees for the high temperature, but we will start out on a chilly note. at the bus stop, you definitely need the layers. by recess, 52. 54 degrees for the last bell. 54 and some rain showers in the southern area tuesday. once we get to wednesday, for veterans day, we will have showers, especially in the morning, and a high temperature of around 50. another round of some showers possible on thursday and friday of this week as temperatures get a lot cooler late week. very unsettled after tomorrow' s beautiful weather. adam: it' s almost time to bring in the pumpkins. hayley: they are almost done. stephanie: a beautiful day for veterans day. adam: the weather is definitely perfect for deer hunters right now. stephanie: coming up at 5:30, how many deer did young hunters
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jason: the patriots are still
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over t >> now jason king and news 9 sports. jason: the patriots, trying to improve to 8-0 for the second time in franchise history,
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tom brady and the gang got after it. brady to julian edelman, eight-yard touchdown pass as he dives towards the pylons. then some trickery on the ensuing kickoff. the patriots pull on the onside kick, and they recover it, this for the first time since 2013 that the patriots had a successful onside kick. still 7-0, kirk cousins to pierre garc on, but he can' t handle the catch. logan ryan is there for the touched -- the interception. when blunt takes it in from five yards out. pats running back dion lewis left the game in the second half with a knee injury. we will wait and see what the team has to think about that. 27-10. they play at the giants next sunday. four high school soccer championships played today. portsmouth and hanover, hanover in white.
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1-0, marauders. good ball movement. ruby spitz is going to end up with it, and she scores. that made it 2-0, hanover. portsmouth with a chance. julia half gets behind the defense that can' t get off the shot. hanover wins the division ii championship 2-0, back-to-back state championships. top-seeded derry field and epping, and they needed overtime. sabrina rivers gets the shot off and scores. that evens it at 3-3. gary fields hannah kelsey fields it to brummett. that is the game-winner in ot. derryfield survives. they are the d4 champions for the second consecutive season. in division iii, bo meet -- beat
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we will have other highlights for you tonight at 6:00. stephanie: thanks so much, jason. coming up -- adam: investigators are try to figure out what caused the sudden noise before a russian plane crashed in egypt. stephanie: the holiday season is almost here. how the new hampshire atv this is connor like so many kids, he was missing things in school - distracted - disengaged - just not getting it. we tried tutors but they didn't connect. then we heard about sylvan's new teaching system, sylvansync. personal lessons,
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taught by sylvan certified instructors, using technology kids love. i've never seen him more engaged. r and the results arettruly inspiring. p kids like connor typicallyr see up to two to three p times more growth than if theyr hadn't come to sylvan. and now sylvan has fun, cutting edge robotics and coding classes. call 1-800-educate
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adam: a sudden noise caught on data recorders after a russian passenger plane went down in egypt. hayley: wet weather to our south moves in this week. when it arrives and how it could impact the work we coming up. adam: atv riders hit the trails of bear brook state park to help collect donations for toys for tots. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now wmur news 9 at 5:30. stephanie: two people were killed after a pickup truck crashed through a guard rail right into the charles river in boston.
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welcome back. i am stephanie woods. adam: i am adam sexton. we have learned the names of the two victims from rhode island. >> brian arcand, the father of a teenager, and rebecca smith, both 36 years old from rhode island, died after their pickup truck plunged 15 feet into the charles river. >> the truck hop the curb, hit an electrical box, hit the and then went into the water. >> it happened near the museum of science in labyrinth circle. >> i was doing a lot of yelling, trying to direct people. there was some confusion. >> rescue crews responded, pulling the victims out of the vehicle and the pick up out of the water. >> we activated. teams from cambridge and boston fire. they did a preliminary search of the whole area.
5:28 pm
the guard rail. state police tell us they are looking into speed as a possible cause of the deadly crash. wmur news 9. adam: new details tonight into the investigation of the russian plane crash. the mysterious noise recorded in the seconds before the tragedy could be the key to figuring out if this is terrorism or a technical failure. molly hunter is in egypt with more. molly: a brief click caught on tape. that some could be critical to figuring out how this russian passenger jet crash. >> a noise was heard in the last second of the recording. >> is it a bomb or something we are hearing where the airplane is physically coming apart? >> so far, all signs seem to point to a bomb, and u.s. officials are expressing growing confidence in that theory. the metrojet flight came down 23 minutes into the trip, breaking
5:29 pm
debris across the sinai desert. russia has halted all flights to egypt, and the u.k. has suspended flights to the area. back in america, the u.s. announced increased screenings . >> they have increased patdown will be swabbed. molly: every single airport employee -- [indiscernible] crews at the crash site are explosion. >> every bomb has a chemical signature that will be left on whatever blows up. molly: tonight, 10 additional russian investigators have egyptian government is countries are not sharing intelligence. it has been eight days since that crash, and the egyptian investigative committee says they just don'
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t have enough information to draw final conclusions. molly hunter, abc news. stephanie: the death toll in a fire that broke out at a romanian nightclub has risen to 45. a fire broke out on october 30 during the concert when a spark from a pyrotechnics show ignited the set. the drummer from the band succumbed to his injuries last night. the band' s two guitarists the died last week. dozens of people injured remain hospitalized with serious burns. adam: two hikers in australia were were rescued from a crypt -- were rescued from a cliff. national park south of sydney. one man was taken to the hospital to be treated for a possible spinal injury. stephanie: this month, the state is working to get several construction projects done the for winter. news 9 investigates the state of highways in new hampshire.
5:31 pm
repairing that huge sinkhole on 93 north over the summer, but could it happen again? the department of transportation says to solve the problem long-term, we need adequate drainage. >> the best way to have effective drainage and to prevent those failures we are talking about is to invest in your minutes operations. stephanie: on news 9 tonight, we will look at repair projects going on across the state and a potential new law that could further fund highway maintenance. adam: the new hampshire atv club is ready to get the holiday season underway. the club offered free rides at bear brook state park in exchange for donations at toys for tots. in order to ride, people had to bring new, unwrapped toys. the club wanted a direct way to s. >> we load up the van at the end
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stephanie: the national park service is offering a special for vets this veterans day. adam: learn how veterans can enjoy the white mountain national forest for free. stephanie: could lady liberty be getting a new museum? you want to feel connected. informed, included, inspired. so, when important things happen, we're here. your local tv and radio broadcasters. america's number one source for news, weather and information. on every screen in your life. we are broadcasters, always here for you, wherever here may be. text "tv" to 52886. tell washington
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stephanie: in today' s "escape outside," from deer hunting season to how the white mountain
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national service is honoring service men and women this veterans day, new hampshire fish and game says 368 deer were taken during this year' s youth deer hunt. this number is not yet official, but it appears the number of deer bagged is down 8% from last year. the weekend was october 24-25. youth weekend gives hunters under the age of 16 the chance to hunt with an adult. if you are looking for some new cross-country skiing equipment, you might want to head up to jackson next week and. the 13th annual jackson ski touring foundation ski swap and sale is next saturday, november 14. the swap is collecting items to sell that can be dropped off at the jackson cross-country office monday through friday from 8:00 until 5:00 p.m. the u.s. for service is waving parking fees at recreational sites in the white not national forest for veterans day. the forest service gives all active-duty service members an
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annual military pass for free. the waived fees do not include any overnight camping, cabin rentals, or permits. you can find even more outdoors news on the "escape outside" section of our website. will weather on the white man' s be beautiful for our vets? let' s head over to meteorologist hayley lapoint. hayley: i know there are a lot of things going on on veterans day to honor all of those who have done so much for all of us, parades, ceremonies. unfortunately, a storm system to our south and east looks like it is going to track northward, and there could be showers remaining in the morning. there is hope we might see some sun, about 49 degrees at noon time, and by 3:00, we will reach about 50 degrees. i will have the full forecast in a couple minutes. stephanie: it summers with teacher is showing off his art on a different kind of candace.
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>> now meteorologist hayley lapoint and your storm watch 9 forecast. hayley: i hope you got to enjoy a little bit of time outside today. temperatures are cooling up pretty quickly here. as soon as the sun has gone down, which has been almost an hour since that happened, the temperatures have started to plummet, already in the 30'
5:38 pm
s and white field. 41 degrees in concord. 50' s across the state. we' ve fallen into the mid-40' s in keene and jaffrey. this is just the beginning. we are going to have temperatures continue to go down through the next few hours. the winds have diminished a little bit, six miles per hour. that is the sustained wind in concord. most of the winds, pretty light across the state. earlier today, we had gusts up near 10-15 miles per hour as colder in your starts to -- colder air starts to come in. tonight will be a great night for stargazing or seeing shooting stars. a lot of you have been reporting to us that you saw those. tonight would be a good night to check that out. over the next couple nights, we have unsettled weather on the way. tomorrow, no problems with the weather. tomorrow looks great, no sunshine.
5:39 pm
once we get into tuesday, wednesday, this system begins to move up closer to us and gives us a threat for what weather. here we go through time on futurecast. this is about 8:00 tonight, and we are completely clear, and that is why the temperatures tumble so quickly. tomorrow, it' s frosty. if your car is parked outside, you need to do some scraping tomorrow. 7:00 a.m., no problems getting in to work. you might need sunglasses with a solar flare. all day long, mostly sunny by 4:00 in the afternoon, and temperatures will have climbed into the 50' s for most of the state. in the morning time, this is about 7:00 a.m. tuesday, the clouds will start to fill in, but they kind of linger in southern new hampshire. up north, you will get a brighter day than the rest of us, but by 5:00 in the evening, rain showers start to move in. by wednesday morning, it looks like we will have widespread showers across the area.
5:40 pm
tonight, 20' s up north and 30' s across the state with clear skies and calm winds. as we all get back to work and school, temperatures in the 50' s across the state, maybe a couple spots trying to hit 60 like manchester and portsmouth. light winds will be out of the west. tuesday, showers arrive, especially in southern new hampshire. about 50 degrees will be the high temperature, and that' s all we will be able to get on wednesday. you can see that most of the showers will happen in the morning, and then by about 6:00 in the evening, probably earlier than that, we should see the rain wrapping up. another system comes in thursday and friday, and next weekend somma -- weekend, much more typical november weather. time to bring out the winter jackets. adam: our nice break comes to an end. hayley: it was nice. stephanie: we'
5:41 pm
the pumpkins in. pumpkin ice cream. recently came across a cheerleader of sorts. t a cheerleader with pom-poms. he spread school pride with a spray paint can. take a look at how his art work is spreading love throw the time. s and is a familiar face in the city of somersworth. >> i am a proud alumni of somersworth high school. i' ve been teaching in the city of somersworth since 1988, about 27 years. >> he doesn' t consider himself a traditional artist. >> i never really studied art.
5:42 pm
you just kind of learn as you go. then i grew up and became a teacher, and of course, you think back and say, i didn' t become an artist. i just have a different perception of what an artist is. >> air it uses his artist h to better the community he loves. >> i think it just comes out of whatever the need is. i don' t think there is a need for me to sit there and paint portraits that are going to hang on the wall, but there' s always a need for uniforms. there is always a need for logos to put on your field to bring pride to your city teams. >> it all started when the elementary school that he teaches at needed -- [no audio] >> they always said, you can' t do that. they always said, the rooms will
5:43 pm
i said to them, we will put up new ones. >> after he spiffed up all the courts in town, he moved on to the football field. >> i think one of the things that you notice is that you go to other places, and it always seems like wherever you go for an away game, they always have something we don' t have. you kind of start to see that attitude in kids, other places are better than we are, and i don' t think there' farther from the truth. >> that is where his mission to do what he could to break pride -- bring pride to the one can of spray paint at a time. >> back in the early years, i was better about keeping pictures. these days, not so much. just doing some things to bring pride, i think it' s really easy to get kids to have pride in don'
5:44 pm
t to the simple things that we need to do. that first year, we had the hill toppers, a little room for each, and we got that done. we said, we will paint a football helmet on this end and put a football. somewhere, there are pictures of the simple ones i did that first year. i look at them now, and i laugh. they are also simple. >> eric' s art isn' t just relegated to the end zone. >> i started to realize it wasn' t just about football. it' s about everything -- every team. pride is pride, and i work with
5:45 pm
>> we are out on our front lawn of somersworth high school, and i started a logo for our somersworth high school volleyball team. each year, they do a nice game where they bring awareness to breast cancer, and people in our community who are battling breast cancer. >> eric has a few rules before he starts. first, he never draws the same thing twice. second, he never uses a stencil. nfl game with me. i will flip through, and i will i will watch nfl. i will watch anything. other than the patriots here it obviously, the patriots, i watch the whole game. everything else, i look at the fields and the logos. >> he works during odd hours, often after dark, and he paints in all weather.
5:46 pm
ve painted sometimes -- it will be like 90-something degrees. a lot of times at night, the do or the frost sets in. -- the dew or frost sets in. i always get a lot of positive feedback. a lot of times, people say that kids don' t appreciate things. the kids in this community certainly appreciate every single thing i do. at first when you start doing this, it really is developing the logos and the artwork and the paint, but after i' ve done this so many years, it is a whole lot less about the logos and more about the kids and the
5:47 pm
stephanie: what a cool story. coming up next week on "chronicle," the barber is back, a look at how barbershops are bringing back and updating on old art. that is tuesday night at 7:00. adam: in poland, and historic ocean liner brought to life in a unique way. stephanie: we take a look at the exhibit of this giant lego titanic. adam: i had at 6:00, a serious early morning crash in salem. why one firefighter says this was the toughest extrication he has ever been a part of. mike: vandals target this van owned by a disabled couple in derry, and it'
5:48 pm
5:49 pm
stephanie: if you are hungry, why not head to the seacoast? restaurant week is underway. it runs through saturday with close to 50 restaurants offering fixed-price menu options for lunch or dinner. businesses are also offering special peers adam: it sounds tasty. poland is celebrating some of the world' s most iconic buildings and items, all built out of legos. stephanie: millions of the little bricks are on display. the exhibit includes a giant model of the titanic. the lego titanic took hours to build and is about 10 feet tall and 33 feet long. other items include "star wars" ships, world landmarks, and a robot building group excuse.
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adam: that shift most of taken hours to put together. the national park service is trying to replace and build a new museum for the statue of liberty. stephanie: currently, the museum is located inside the pedestal of lady liberty. the proposed new museum would be a 20,000 square foot building. right now, only 20% of visitors to liberty island can get tickets to go into the pedestal. >> the entire history of the statue and also what she means to people, to take that all out to a place where more people can experience it really strikes us as a good idea. stephanie: officials say the project would not be funded by taxpayer dollars. the national park service is looking for the public to give comments online until december 9. i think i could fork up a couple dollars for lady liberty. adam: the statue of liberty and ellis island come it' s always a great time. stephanie: then go to coney island and get a hot dog. thanks for joining us for news 9 at 5:00.
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