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tv   News 9 at Six  ABC  November 11, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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requiring convictions before 1994 to register is unconstitution. heather hamel spoke to the victim at the center of this case and is live tonight, heather. heather: she didn't realize it was happening and finding out recently and she wants her voice heard. she wants new hampshire to know how this affects victims. the >> this isn't a 17-year-old that made a mistake. this is a grown man that hurt a child for 10 years over and over again. heather: this woman whose identity we will not reveal was shocked when the man who assaulted her decades ago in manchester was trying to get off the sex offender registry. heather: when you are a murderer, you don't become a murderer anymore. he is a sex offender. he doesn't get to be not a sex offender anymore. heather: the man who pled guilty has been allowed by the courts to go by john dough. he wanted to qualify for public housing and wasn't allowed to registry. in february, the supreme court
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prior to 1994 before lifetime restrictions were enacted can apply to get off the registry, but the coalition against domestic and sexual violence says there are few guidelines regarding this. >> a handful of sex offenders have already been removed from the registry in new hampshire without hearings and without victims having any participation. heather: and according to court paperwork, john dough decided not to go forward with his hearing to determine if he was not dangerous. the paperwork saying he did not humiliation and stress in open >> i'm not afraid. i'm here. my voice is going to be heard this time. i'm not the scared little girl from 30 years ago from 20 years ago. i'm a grown woman and i did nothing wrong. heather: now, john dough's attorneys declined to comment on this case and the new hampshire coalition says they are working with state agencies
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that will create a clearer framework on how someone can get off the registry including victim notification. heather hamel, wmur news 9. landmark. the owner of the building was the only one inside at the time and he was able to get out safely thanks to the action of a neighbor. details. kristen: the fire started around 4:30 this morning, thankfully a neighbor woke up and called 911. tonight the owner is safe, but the inn is a total loss. police were first to respond to the fire, an officer and a neighbor woke the neighbor out and brought him outside to safety. than more than firefighters from the lakes region and beyond responded to battle the five-alarm blaze. water had to be shuttled in for more than a mile away of the building has now been torn down for safety. according to the historical society, it was built in 1935 and has been a well known landmark in campton.
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the fire chief says they did all they could to save it. >> we sent some crews intentionally to try to stop -- internally to try to stop it. it got into the attic and spread throughout the rest of the building. we had to pull our crews out. kristen: they will determine a cause starting thursday. kristen carosa, wmur news 9. jennifer: to the weather now and some much needed rain that has been falling. the first batch is moving out. more is on the way. let's get over to meteorologist josh judge who is in the storm watch 9 weather center. josh: the rain moved in tonight and through the day. how much rain have we seen? certainly enough that it's helping put a small dent in our drought particularly in southern new hampshire where we saw the most, anywhere from a half inch to an inch fell on average in most spots around the state, a few areas getting over an inch of rain. it's a start, there is more on the way.
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most of them have done just that, but there is some drizzle and light sprinkles in some spots. a bit of a break, but there is the next system off to the west that moves in and that's moving in tomorrow. the exact timeline on, that how much to expect and a look at the weekend ahead coming up in a few minutes. tom: on to commitment 2016, hours after the republican presidential debate in wisconsin, donald trump was in new hampshire for a politics and eggs breakfast. wmur political director josh mcelveen was there and tells us all about the turnout. josh: getting the red eye is user having your own jet. donald trump in new hampshire, this is the largest turnout in the 20-year history of the event. even if he was a bit fatigued, he didn't show it. he spent better than an hour talking about issues ranging from the keystone pipeline to education. he also promises that a trump
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on a real problem here in new hampshire, heroin. donald trump: somehow it affects new hampshire more than any other state and i don't know why. nobody knows why. we're going to help, we're going to do clinics and we're going to get the source stopped so that young people and people generally that aren't hooked yet won't get hooked. josh: he also believes that his border wall idea would be a big deterrent of the flow of heroin into the country. quite a trip for the republican frontrunner, it was wheels up on the jet before 10:00 a.m. josh mcelveen, wmur news 9. jennifer: you're looking at live pictures inside the v.f.w. in kingston. ted cruz will be speaking in a town hall tonight. in a statement released early earlier, he says we owe veterans a debt we can never repay. your service has guaranteed our freedom. tom: the annual veterans day ceremony was held today at the
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state cemetery in boscawen. jennifer: hundreds of people braved the rain to thank current veterans and ones who served honorablely in the past. andy hershberger spoke with veterans and their family about what this day really means. andy: they are honoring the memory of their father and husband, korean war veteran richard robinson. >> we have been coming here since he died in 2006. it's a wonderful place to be. it's an important thing to do. >> for our veterans, they gave so much for us, it's that simple, very simple compared to what they have done for us. andy: and it is those simple gestures that mean so much on this special day, a salute, a flower, a kind word from a grateful neighbor to someone who saved their nation and
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>> honoring all veterans of all wars, that's what i believe. i know it's hell over there. i have been there, done it. >> we owe you a debt of gratitude that we can never fully repay, but please know that we will continue doing our best to try. andy: 5,000 new hampshire servicemen and women are buried here in the state cemetery in boscawen. kimberly brought her three sons great-grandfather. >> our society gets so wrapped up in the fast-paced world that we live in, i thought it was important to take the day to show them something that we really need to be proud of. andy: proud and thankful for service and sacrifice. in boscawen, andy hershberger, wmur news 9. tom: and veterans day ceremonies were moved inside the v.f.w. in portsmith day where young and old turned out
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the master chief of the portsmith naval shipyard reminded the crowd to thank each and every american who have wore the uniform of the arms services to duty and love of country. our coverage of this special day of honor continues next. jennifer: this group of veterans is spending their day giving back. we'll tell you why they chose this specific habitat for humanity project. josh: a wet weather wednesday takes me inside to sky venture and surfs up here in nashua, a rundown of all of the activities you can have fun with here in nashua coming up. jamie: and getting ready for
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playoffs the son of a polish immigrant who grew up in a brooklyn tenement. he went to public schools, then college, where the work
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and inequality, speaking truth to power. won election and praise as one of america's best mayors. in congress, he stood up for working families opposing the iraq war, supporting veterans. now he's taking on wall street and a corrupt political system funded by over a million tackling climate change fighting for living wages, and tuition-free public colleges. people are sick and tired of establishment politics, and they want real change! [ cheers and applause ] bernie sanders -- husband, father, grandfather, an honest leader building a movement with you to give us a future to believe in. sanders: i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message.
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tom: in rochester today an example of veterans honoring veterans on this day. jennifer: about a dozen members of team rubicon, a veteran service organization chose to spend their holiday continuing to help build a habit for humanity home for the nickerson family of six. matthew is a u.s. army veteran who served at the pentagon around 9/11. matthew had to work today but his wife and four children stopped by to say thank you. tom: in tonight's spirit of giving, a look at the grassroots organization helping families called sea coast santa. the organization is seven years old now and will help 200 families in kneeled this holiday season. the plan is to give everything to families the weekend before christmas. collection boxes are up at b.j.'s. they hope that individuals and businesses will donate to help make holiday dreams come true. >> we are looking for new and gently used toys, clothing for children. they have to be in really good shape.
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christmas ornaments, christmas lights and anything that even the adults can use. tom: for more information about how you can help, head to our website at josh judge in with the forecast tonight. josh: hard to believe it's that time of year. it's feeling more like it today as we have beneficial rains over the grin it's state. they're coming to an end, but
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it took alexis 4 years to earn her college degree. but it will take her 25 years to pay off her student loans. join the fight to make college affordable. join the fight for alexis.
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tom: we have a quick traffic note to pass along on 293 north right now, an accident involving four cars is blocking the middle lane between exits 1 and 2, that's on 293. jennifer: be mindful of that. tom: it's weather wednesday, our travels to nashua. jennifer: if you are looking for some indoor fun, we have one place that is full of advent fewer for you. let's check in with meteorologist mike haddad. what are you up to, mike? mike: it is such a busy place because of the weather today, the simulator for sky diving is very busy at this moment. joining me to talk about this great spot in additionia, the owner, rob, thank you for joining us and inviting us. for coming. mike: this space was not always this big. you added activities over the last couple of years.
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tell us about those. >> we added 11,000 square feet, a 24-foot rock wall. we added the largest surf stream in the world and the first one in north america. we have a fish pipe waterslide and a full service cafe. that's all part of the addition. mike: you started nine years back? >> a little over nine years ago with the indoor sky diving which is the main stay. mike: you have many in there right now, and also the wind can be adjusted depending on the ability, depending on your weight and what not. what is the fastest speed you can get up to in here? >> i have had the tunnel up to 196 miles an hour which i believe is the fastest of any sky diving simulator in the world. mike: you have people from all over the world to simulate that and they go out and take real flight. >> absolutely, a great training tool. mike: you were telling me earlier, you had quite a few jumps yourself, how many? >> 500 jumps. in sky diver world, that's not many at all.
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>> 3,000, 4,000. mike: if this is your thing, you want to take part of it, head indoors to nashua. these people have all paid. i can't boot them out just yet. maybe a little later on in the evening. the will the weather improve as we go through time? josh is standing by with an outlook. josh: what a fun time that is. not quite as fun being out in the rain today, of course, but we really needed the rain, good to get beneficial rain in here. the highest amounts in the southern half of the state, a inch and a few more than that. the temperatures are uniform across all of new hampshire in the mid to upper 40's, a little bit below average, but closer to where you would expect this type of weather to be. statistically, november, the cloudiest month of the year, that has not been the case so far. we got a little taste of that today and tomorrow it will be more of the same. you see the rain winding down, still a few leftover sprinkles
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drizzle and a few sprinkles in southern new hampshire. by 8:00 or 9:00 tonight, we're pretty much all done and dried out and a little brief dry period in-between systems here before this next system moves on in. this one is very severe right now, a severe weather outbreak. look at all of these colors. these are all wind warnings, the yellow is thunderstorm warnings or even some tornado warnings in iowa right now. there have been four touchdowns of tornadoes so far today in iowa, one of them at the des moines international airport causing some damage to the national guard building there, i believe, but this system as it comes toward us, it continues to rotate and spin, but it loses a lot of its luster, by the time it moves in here tomorrow afternoon, it's just showers and some downpours perhaps, but no severe weather expected from it. drier weather tonight, but mostly cloudy skies for tomorrow morning when you wake up. it will be cloudy and maybe a glimmer or two of sun in the
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morning hours tomorrow, not all that likely. by tomorrow midday and afternoon, here comes the next batch of rain from that weather system. it pulls through with some showers, some heavier downpours at times and then scattered showers right through the evening. by the time we get to friday morning, it's drying up, at least in southern and southeastern new hampshire. the farther north and west you are, the better chance of a friday afternoon shower you could see and as it goes-through time, friday night, some scattered showers through the mountains, colder air wrapping around. yes, there could be some snow showers in the mountains friday night into saturday morning. the rest of us, saturday is windy but partly sunny and sunday is mostly sunny. a decent weekend on the way but cooler. here are your forecast temperatures, 30's to low 40's in a few spots for tonight with mostly cloudy skies, kind of damp out there with drizzlele for the next couple of hours. tomorrow we start off cloudy and then afternoon showers arriving. it does get better for friday, though. those temperatures will make it well into the 50's in southern
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new hampshire, about 50 to the north. your seven-day forecast showing right into and through the weekend, saturday we start off with snow showers in the mountains. it turns partly cloudy, windy, sunday, a nicer day, still cool, next week, milder conditions and lots of sunshine, go back up again. jennifer: that's ok with us. tom: becoming a kentucky wildcat? jamie: this is huge. we'll talk about that, plus
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football practice and [sfx:] all candidates' voices talking over one another my dad carried mail on his back. they called him "john the mailman" and they loved him because he looked out for everyone in those neighborhoods. i learned something from my father, do your best to look out for
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we turned ohio around and we created jobs and cut taxes and balanced our budgets. john kasich's for us. new day for america is responsible for the content of
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>> now jamie staton and news 9 sports. jamie: this is as big as it gets. london gabriel signed to play college basketball at kentucky. this is from his twitter feed. he plays in massachusetts and was kentucky's number one recruit. good luck to him. when all is said and done, the accomplishments of the belichick-grady era will be something to marvel at. they already had. two things to haunt them, the super bowl losses to the giants, every other meeting between the teams is a chance for the patriots to gain a small measure of revenge. they play this sunday, 4:25 kickoff in new york. tom: i would much rather have won them than lost them. it won't have any bearing on this week or what the matchups are. it's a totally different team and game and situation and so forth. they have a great organization. they have had a great
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organization for a long time. they got some great history with a lot of players, one of the oldest franchises. jamie: if you want to win a state championship, you need to practice and need to be tough which is why many of the 12 remaining high school playoff teams were outside in the rain today on the wet fields gearing up for the semifinals in their divisions. that includes the jaguars, the coach's bunch will host the eagles on saturday afternoon at 1:30. >> certainly we got to be physical. that's hour m.o. for this offense and certainly for the defense. we come out guns appraising and if we're physical, then i think we'll be in pretty good shape. >> the coaches are getting us prepared looking at the type of offenses they run and the defenses they run, just preparing like we do every other week. we know our opponent and what we need to do to compete on saturday. jamie: the two teams have not played this week. we have reached week 11 of our friday night football report.
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celtics have won two games in a row, going for three at home at 7:30. they host the pacers. they won in milwaukee last night, isaiah thomas 20 points. the hockey team is gearing up to play on saturday night after a couple of solid weekends on the ice, they ran into a wall last weekend, back-to-back losses at michigan state leaves u.n.h. trying to recover. >> we got to find ways to play better defensively. we give them zone time and before you know it, it's resulting in the puck in the back of our net. so got to do a better job of keeping shots off the net and zone. >> they gave up 12 goals over the weekend, but i think we just keep working this week, work together as a team, focus on our systems and play together and that should be a big difference coming up. jamie: tons of talent putting it together early in the year. tom: very good. tune in for "new hampshire
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jennifer: good night. if you think there's no solution to the climate crisis, think again. in america, clean energy is already producing enough power for 18 million homes, reducing our dependence on foreign oil and supporting over one million jobs. i'm tom steyer. with bold leadership and an endless supply of wind and sun, we can do even more. the goal is 50% clean energy by 2030.
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the son of a polish immigrant who grew up in a brooklyn tenement. he went to public schools, then college, where the work of his life began -- fighting injustice and inequality, speaking truth to power. he moved to vermont, won election and praise as one of america's best mayors. in congress, he stood up for working families and for principle, opposing the iraq war, supporting veterans. now he's taking on wall street and a corrupt political system funded by over a million contributions, tackling climate change to create clean-energy jobs, fighting for living wages, equal pay, and tuition-free public colleges. people are sick and tired of establishment politics, and they want real change! [ cheers and applause ] bernie sanders -- husband, father, grandfather, an honest leader building a movement with you to give us a future
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