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tv   Nightline  ABC  November 19, 2015 12:37am-1:07am EST

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this is a special edition of "nightline." terror attacks: on high alert. >> tonight, inside a terror takedown. french police using snipers and bren made s s. a barrage of gunfire. a woman detonating a suicide vest. meanwhile the fear at home. mounting anti-muslim sentiment. part of a backlash against incoming refugees. the war on terror igniting a war of words. >> basic assurances for the safety of this country. >> reporter: >> welcoming these people threaten our security? tonight the renewed threat from isis. the new video in which they say
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their next target is new york city. >> this special edition of "nightline," terror attacks, on
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we begin with a fresh round of raids across france as police search for the alleged mastermind of those coordinated isis attacks in paris.
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for a moment they thought they had the suspect surrounded. it turned into a deadly showdown and abc's matt gutman was right there. >> we're hearing multiple blasts right now. we're not sure what those sounds of explosions are. several hundred yards down the road. we're in the middle of a terror takedown. there's another one. police have been announcing their presence here as those explosions sound out. raids french police say that neutralized a terror team on the brink of another attack. explosions explosions. anti-terror police firing nearly hours. one video emerging tonight. showing what appeared to be the first french s.w.a.t. team arriving. and entering this suburban apartment building.
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isis safe house. police received intelligence through surveillance and cell phone data that the alleged mastermind of the terror attacks, 27-year-old abdel what maud adhad, was inside. they moved in using grenades and assault rifles to crack open the reinforced door. once police got inside they were met with return fire. then a woman blowing herself up with a suicide vest. gloria and stefan were jolted away. "i heard shots being fired which worried me so i was looking left and right because there were cops everywhere blocking the street and there were more shots coming from my left." the street that was occupied by the terrorists. sabrina, another resident, lived one floor below the safe house. "we saw bullets, lights, laser beams in our direction that were real explosions. we felt the building shake." she said she was hiding with her
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baby in the bathroom when she heard the terrorists from above. "there were guys upstairs screaming shoot, shoot, there, there, there! they were talking and the policeman well saying, reload quickly!" this neighborhood with a large muslim population locked down, thousands shut in their homes, and this family shut out. we witnessed the tension boiling over when these two young men clashed with gun-wielding officers trying to cross a blocked street in the middle of the siege. clearly they're jittery here. we arrived at the scene just after the shootings started. they continue to push us back, something is still going on back there. in this cell phone video you can see suspects being led away by the s.w.a.t. teams, some of them stripped of their clothes. ultimately, eight were arrested, one woman and seven men. including juwan bendawu, identified as the suspect's
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landlord, before being led away he told reporters he didn't know the men were terrorists. saying, "someone asked me to put the people up for three days and i did them a favor and it's normal, i don't know where they anything. if i'd known do you think i would have done it?" officials have yet to reveal the identities of the others but confirm they don't know the whereabouts of their number one target. tonight police combing the bombed-out apartment searching for clues and signs of the missing jihadist. >> you can see the forensics teams and their headlamps in that building. you can tell how much fire power security forces poured into it. we were listening to it, dozens and dozens of bullets, the top facade full of bullet holes, windows blown out. >> forensics teams are looking for fingerprints of other individuals who were not present when the raid occurred to see if they can find traces to other people.
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fingerprints, hair samples. anything that would lead them to a broader network of contacts. >> reporter: it's all part of a major crackdown in france and belgium. this raid just one of over 400 since friday's attacks that resulted in 64 arrests. and tonight french prosecutors revealing new intel. texts from cell phones found in the trash outside the bataclan theater on one of those phones a message to a member of the terror cell at 9:42 p.m. saying, "we're ready, let's go." intel that the u.s. will also be reviewing closely just tonight isis issued a renewed warning against the united states, these images pulled from a propaganda video that appears to show an isis fighter with times square this threat against new york city coming 48 hours after a d.c. >> the city places great importance on the safety of new yorkers and the almost 60 million visit hoarse will come
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we will not be intimidated and we will not live in fear. >> reporter: paris already attacked. france close to declare what president hollande called a war against the terrorists. marking day four of withering air strikes on isis targets. russia launching strikes of its own, already destroying numerous isis oil depots and command centers. bombing started when president vladimir putin confirmed a downed russian jet in egypt was the work of isis operatives. the terror group today proudly displaying an online post claiming this is exactly how they brought down that aircraft. a bomb in a soda can. they say they smuggled a can stuffed with explosives, possibly ignited by this small detonator with a blasting cap stuck down the can. wired to this, the switch with a timer hidden behind the black tape. >> it has the components
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necessary, a power source which is what we believe is wrapped up inside the tape, a switch to control the function, a detonator, and an explosive charge which was in the can. >> reporter: the whole thing likely costing no more than $50. bomb experts say it could be used to produce a blast much more powerful than the one in this government test, like the one that downed that russian jet. u.s. aviation security officials say screening machines should be able to spot a soda can bomb like this, but there is concern that no security system is foolproof. >> even with the best of security screening machines, if you have an insider willing to place an explosive on a plane, you have a real problem. >> reporter: security concerns here to france. tonight, parisians continue to mourn the 129 victims who died in friday's massacre. as doctors race to treat the almost 200 still in the
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for "nightline," i'm matt gutman in paris. next, a bitter reverberations here at home as politicians tangle over whether america should accept syrian refugees. are they a threat? should there be some sort of religious test? or that is unamerican in the war of words between senator ted cruz and president obama. >> it's contrary to who we are. and it needs to stop. because the world is watching. where new seafood combinations like the new grand seafood feast are stepped up, spiffed up, jazzed up... lobster tail, butter scampi, hand-battered shrimp are that good. or try the new ultimate wood-grilled feast. that bourbon brown sugar glaze gets ya preeetty fired up. like these, why wait to celebrate? time of year, this is too good to last. so hurry in. more "sit" per roll. bounty is two times more absorbent. so one roll of bounty
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the horror in paris has raised urgent and emotional questions about whether america syria. some believe turning these people away simply makes sense saying they pose a terror threat. others say that attitude is simply unamerican. for the tired masses fleeing the war in syria, global sentiment seems to have changed swiftly and severely. just months ago the world was aghast over images like this. a lifeless syrian boy washed up on a beach in turkey after he and his family tried to make it
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his father inconsolable. "everything is gone," he said. it led to an outpouring of empathy and interest. we followed the stories of tens of thousands of refugees crossing borders, searching for safety. this is the largest mass migration in history in europe since world war ii. this is the front lines of it. while they were sometimes met business resistance, for the most part it seemed like the world wanted to help. but now, after paris, that may be starting to change. one of the terrorists killed during friday's attacks was found with a fake syrian passport identifying him as a refugee. stoking fears that isis may be using the human tide flowing out of syria as a way to camouflage its killers. in europe we're now seeing anti-immigrant protests in the streets.
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here at home governors from more than half the states now want to close the door to syrian refugees. a shift that is troubling to refugees who have already resettled here. people like mohammad al halallah and his eight children. he tells us he fled syria two years ago because of the indiscriminate killing, that nobody was safe. he says they were welcomed in this new community in arizona and they felt safe here. but since the attacks in paris, the governor of arizona has said he doesn't want any more refugees from syria. this father now says he is disappointed that the actions of a few terrorists have affected the lives of so many fleeing so much horror. he feels especially badly, he says, about the children who are, of course, blameless. and it turns out, according to the u.n. human rights commission, more than 75% of syrian refugees -- the people many states are trying to block -- are in fact women and children.
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vulnerable people, widows, orphans, families who have lost everything and they're given a new chance here after very careful consideration by very well informed people right across the u.s. government. >> reporter: and today the mayor of new york city, bill de blasio, making the case the children are the reason to keep suffering. >> this is the cost of not bringing in people who are innocent victims of the humanitarian crisis. this child's death was on the front pages of newspapers all over the world. this image gripped the world, literally. governor christie specifically said he did not think it was appropriate for small children to be brought in. is this what he wants to see happen to people? is this what he wants to see happen to children? we don't accept that here in new york city. >> reporter: and even after the attacks on his own country, the president of france seems to agree, saying he remains committed to taking in france's share of the refugees pouring into europe. but texas senator ted cruz and
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others think this kind of policy is simply too risky. he told my colleague jon karl he wants to ban all syrian refugees who are muslims. >> no muslims, but allow the christians in? that's your position? >> from middle eastern countries where isis and lake have control of significant parts of those countries -- >> no muslims, only christians? is that your position? >> jon, can you say islamic radical terrorist? >> i can say radical islamist terrorist no problem. christians? >> christians are different in the middle east. >> reporter: president obama calling that proposal unamerican. >> they've been playing on fear in order to try to score political points. in order to advance their campaigns. and it's irresponsible. and it's contrary to who we are. and it needs to stop. because the world is watching. >> reporter: senator cruz then firing back.
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>> i would encourage you, mr. president, insult me to my face. let's have a debate on syrian refugees right now. >> reporter: one governor isn't out. me. >> reporter: carlene miller, a refugee court 98 nater er coordinator was about to place a family from syria in indiana when she was the program. >> the letter said the governor had directed them to cease services to refugees. >> reporter: miller says she had to act quickly to find the family another home. tonight this family, starting a new life in connecticut, where the governor met them with open arms. >> i have to say they were absolutely wonderful and charming folks. >> reporter: but others are concerned that this anti-refugee sentiment is exactly what isis wants. >> as isis has written about extensively in their magazine, they seek to destroy this "gray
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zone" of coexistence between muslims and western societies. because we're starting to see the largest refugee exodus since world war ii, they definitely want to see this anti-muslim backlash in the west. they want to see this islamophobia in america and the republican presidential campaigns because it will show to muslims around the world that muslims are not welcome in the west. >> reporter: critics point to cases where the screening process in america has failed. in 2009, two men from iraq with terrorist ties were resettled in kentucky. they were then arrested in an fbi sting accused of supporting insurgents back in iraq. after suspending the resettlement program for six months officials say they've tightened the security protocols. >> we have a much better process. and if there is any doubt at all about someone, if some aspect of their story, their biography that they give, can't be verified, they don't get in. >> reporter: for this kind of perspective and reassurance may
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ultimately not carry the day. because while the needs of the refugees may be great, so too is the fear. we should say we'll have the latest developments on the investigation into the attacks in paris first thing in the morning on "gma." speaking of "gma," coming up next on "nightline," something a little different. abc's nick watt on an epic and sleepless journey, part of "good morning america's" 40th anniversary. he encountered truly extraordinary stories along the way. >> this special edition of "nightline" brought to you by nissan. welcome to the most social car we've ever designed. the 2015 nissan murano. recipient of autopacific's best-in-class vehicle satisfaction award. now get great deals
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away from "good morning america's" 40th birthday bash. to mark the event abc's nick watt is making an epic road trip. >> reporter: that bus with eight of us living on it is driving across the country celebrating "good morning america's" 40th birthday. pittsburgh. we are in downtown detroit! we are in the procter & gamble plaza in cincinnati! i'm riding shotgun, yep, that is me with the cake. this is our living room. look at that shower, rebecca. that's a legit shower. on this trip a very special travel companion. mother's day 2004, emeril delivering breakfast in bed to one deserving mom. after losing her best friend sally to cancer, judy quit her job and came home to michigan to raise her friend's children as her own. >> she's definitely most deserving of this. this woman gave up her entire
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i'm proud of her. because we don't always tell her how much we love her, how much we're thankful. >> reporter: fast forward 11 years. i'm picking her up in detroit, road tripping across the country. i made her recreate that scream from so many years ago. >> aahhh! >> reporter: on our travels we met over the top one direction fans at the rock and roll hall of fame in cleveland. >> we love you! >> amazing. i'm so proud of them. >> reporter: enjoyed a pa capella from columbus to pittsburgh. it's nearly a four-hour drive. tonight chowing down on famous pittsburgh sandwiches as we roll onwards towards the big apple. we'll check back in with you later. hopefully we'll be in times square during the show tomorrow. i think we're going to make it. i'm nick watt for "nightline" somewhere in america. >> our thanks to nick, our thanks to you for watching abc news tonight.
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stream event at we'll stay on top of the latest developments overnight on our "nightline" facebook page and at tune into the real gma, the broadcast version, first thing in the morning. thanks again for watching and good night. tom: right now on news9 tonight at 11:00 -- a seven hour operation in paris ends with suspects behind bars. but it' s unclear if the alleged mastermind behind the attack was
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