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tv   News 9 Daybreak  ABC  November 20, 2015 5:00am-6:00am EST

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talent of those guys. >> a little bit of humor. >> making us laugh. >> big interview with barbara walters tonight and >> now on "daybreak," police swarmed a home in manchester overnight hours after making an arrest in connection with a deadly shooting in the queen city. sean: punitive arrested. a man charged in connection with an overdose death has been caught. police say they found more drugs. kevin: the main fall continuing to pull away setting up afternoon sunshine and a cooler weekend. all of the details ahead. erin: a crane toppled on to the house while two workers were inside.
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>> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now wmur "news 9 daybreak." erin: good morning, new hampshire. the rain is really coming down in some spots this morning. sean: we have needed it. not a lot of rides to work. you'll need them this morning. kevin: i think the weekend trend continues rather quickly. by mid to late morning, we're in the sunshine. we're going to enjoy that through early to mid afternoon before the cooler air wins out. a lot of areas over an inch of rainfall. still coming down at a good clip in eastern and south eastern areas. you'll notice back to the west a drying trend starting to weed in. that's eventually will happen through the day. temperatures because of that start off mild this morning. high temperatures into the afternoon up into the 50's just about statewide before the cool e air starts to arrive later tonight. more detail on what that means for the weekend coming up. let's look at your friday morning ride here in the granite state.
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good morning, deb. deb: good morning. we're going to start off with a crash on 101 eastbound. the left lane is closed. the crash is off to the median. crews are in the process of clearing that up. keep that in mind when you are heading out on 101 eastbound. poet north and south is moving well. it is below the speed limit due to the rain and wet roadways. 293 is okay with just a quick slowdown at the lane shifts between exit five and the everett turnpike. if you are commuting into boston, all roads are incident free and moving well. from the wzid traffic network, i'm deb davidson for 95.7 wzid. >> this is the manchester police department. we have a search warrant for your arrest. sean: dramatic video. developing this morning, they arrested a man
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wanted in connection with a deadly shooting earl why this month. an officers searched a home there overnight. erin: this comes more than two weeks after the death of michael pittman. ray brewer is live in manchester with more on the arrest and investigation. ray: investigators confirming that they have made an arrest of what they are calling a person of interest in connection with the shooting death of michael pittman back on november 3rd. now late yesterday afternoon investigators released this picture showing the man they think was involved with pittman's death. the picture was taken from surveillance video at a local convenience store. the man was later taken into custody. nick willard confirming that he was arrested as part of the police action in the area of dartmouth street. now his name has not been released. it is not clear what charges he may be facing. then late last night
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at 63 dartmouth street, executing a search warrant. they haven't said what if anything they found inside. they have previously said the killing of pittman was not random. they were shot outside of his apartment. once again police confirming that they have arrested a person of interest in connection with pittman's death. at this point, they are not releasing his name. reporting live in manchester, ray brewer, wm accident r news the. sean: ray, thanks. a man wanted for manslaughter in vermont is due in court here in new hampshire this morning. officers caught 25-year-old daniel fogg of west townsend, vermont. he was arrested earlier this week in chesterfield after running from officers. he was released after that. he faces several drug-related charges in new hampshire. he was wanted for manslaughter in brattleboro, vermont in connection with a
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suspected deadly heroin overdose. erin: we are following breaking news from west africa. ten gunman that taken 170 people hostage at a popular hotel in the capitol of mali. soldiers have surrounded the hotel. officials say ten people stormed the hotel. they opened fire, launched grenades as well. the u.s. and french embassies have told their residents to take shelter. meanwhile the fbi says dozens of suspected radicals inside the u.s. are under quote tight urva lens this morning due to concerns over a copy cat attack. abc's kenneth moton reports. kenneth: good morning. they have their eyes on homegrown radicals as they work to prevent an attack. this morning the isis continues. they released the third propaganda threatening the u.s. and prompting
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to turn the white house black with fire. >> we're operating around the clock to uncover and disrupt plots. kenneth: they are monitoring dozens of radicals in the u.s. as isis pumps out 90,000 social media messages a day. there are terror investigations in every state. 900 total. the goal is to prevent a paris copy cat attack. new cell phone video shows the moment europe's first female suicide bomber detonated. her cousin? the suspected master mind of the paris attacks also killed during the wednesday raid. french president hollande gave the military order to intensify airstrikes. here at home secretary of defense, ash carter, says the u.s. is prepared to change the rules of engagement in the fight against isis saying we will defeat the terror group. kenneth moton, abc news, washington. erin: a teenager who worked here
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in an attack in israel. 18-year-old ezra schwartz was one of five people killed in the attacks carried out by palestinians. schwartz was studying in israel after studying. he also worked at camp yan have. >> why was the young vibrant man cut down. at the time, he was delivering food to soldiers. he was doing an act of kindness. erin: schwartz was planning to return to the camp as a counselor next year. sean: one person is recovering from a folken foot after a crane toppled in merrimack yesterday and smashed on to a house with people inside. the owner says a crane
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hit a septic tank and a sink hole opened up causing the equipment to fall. a worker who was cutting a tree was left dangling and had to jump. >> we heard the big bang. i said the crane -- i can see it through the window over the sink. sean: the injured worker should be back in four to six weeks. ben carson will file his paper work to get his name on the ballot at noon. several other gop hopefuls are here in the granite state campaigning, chris christie, lindsey graham, and john kasich all have stops planned. another busy friday. erin: it is. remember the dancer that lost part of her leg in the boston marathon bombings?
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an airline lost her prosthetic. sean: how a brookline veterans finally got his dog tags back. erin: ahead in the next half an hour, a warning for anybody out and about in rochester, be ware of needles. the steps taken by first
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people are sick and tired of establishment politics, and they want real change! [ cheers and applause ] bernie sanders -- husband, father, grandfather. he's taking on wall street and a corrupt political system that keeps in place a rigged economy. bernie's campaign is funded by over a million contributions -- people like you, who see the middle class disappearing and want a future to believe in. i'm bernie sanders,
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erin: adrienne haslet tweeted out they lost her leg. they are doing what they can to track down the missing bags. you may recall this scene last spring when haslet who is a bathroom dancer danced across the finish line. she just got a new prosthetic a few months ago. sean: i love that video. a vietnam veteran finally has his dog tags in his own hands. don winter-halter lives in brookline now. he lost a set of dog tags. a woman found them in her backyard in 1987. a couple of years she asked her southern of -- son-in-law who liveed vermont. it listed his wrong blood type. what a wild story. they are back. erin: finally. it is now 5:12. coming up, an incredible
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>> we talked and negotiatedded. i bought the toy store. erin: she isn't planning to run a business. it is part of the holiday plan. sean: this week's adopt a pet is princess, the 4-year-old doberman pinscher mix is waiting for you at the animal rescue league of new hampshire. she loves to cuddle, knows basic obedience, and is likely to kiss your hands and hug you
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for more i owe about $68,000. i owe $44,000 in student loans. my plan, the new college compact, says you should not have to borrow money to pay tuition if you go to a public college or university. and you ought to be able to
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and i don't believe the federal making a profit off of lending to young people who are borrowing to be able to get their education. we have got to make college affordable. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. sean: this week's hometown heros are leaders on and off of the field. eric dubois and andrew porusta took the team to the state championship game. both are also members of the national honor society. eric is class president while andrew is the vice
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president. they plan to study engineering at north eastern. andrew has committed to stay soccer at st. joseph's in maine. the patriots will host the buffalo bills next week. you can watch the game on wmur. kick off is monday night at 8:30. that means "dancing with the stars" moves to me-tv new hampshire. it is carried on many cable systems. you can see the various channeled listed on your screen. it is available over the air or watch the show on demand the next day at erin: a woman in new york city says she donates dozens of toys every year to help needy children. this year she's going above and beyond. she noticed a toy and stationary store that was closed but had a for rent. she reached out to the owner and bought the entire store and all of its contents. that means she's
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toys, stuffed animals, boxes, and school supplies to the city's homeless services. >> children is always my focus. that's why. i realized a lot of used things. probably a lot of them never had a birthday gift that they actually erin: how about that? up. they are going to be distributed in a couple of weeks. this woman says she's very glad she was able to help as she did every year. what a mission she's on in helping so many kids. sean: one of the best parts about the holiday is you see the good that people can do. kevin: we're shaping up next week to have quiet weather. looking good there and for the weekend. we get beneficial rain. a quick inch of rainfall was much needed. there are several areas of the state under a situation.
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this kind of all sinks into the water. folks, this is all much this morning. a lot of it continues to wind down by the time we get toward the height of the morning commute. from there, quick clearing behind that setting up a milder afternoon. a lot of folks up into the 50's today. a few spots between 50 and 58. the cooler air starts to rush in after 3:00 this afternoon. you may notice if you are outdoors temperatures starting to fall off a bit. we have fair skies for saturday. temperatures will be in the 40's. then either some snow showers or a couple of mixed showers early on sunday before heading back to fair skies sunday afternoon and for a good part of next week. the beneficial rain exits stage east. you'll notice still a lot of leftover lighter showers and a brief downpour. that will all angle eastward early. you'll notice steady progress to the west. by late morning or early afternoon, we're into the sunshine. we should enjoy that through a good part of the afternoon with a breeze out of the west
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between 48 and 58. if you are heading out this morning, there will be some ponding on area roadways. obviously you are going to want to factor in a few extra minutes. temperatures mild early this morning. in a lot of cases above our normal highs for this time of year even as we start the day. temperatures will continue to respond. yesterday we started off mild in the morning and we're still about ten degrees above that. really haven't fallen much during the evening and overnight hours. but as you'll notice on the national map back to the west, temperatures are in the single digits early this morning in the northern plains. won't be quite that cold around here. temperatures are on the way. after highs today ranging from 48 to 58, a breeze starting to pick up later this afternoon. it will continue to dry us out as we stop the clock. most areas into partial sunshine. as that continues to move away, clearing skies starts to arrive after 3:00. sunshine and clouds for us tomorrow. temperatures up into the 40's. then later tomorrow night, we'll start to
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see the clouds. a fairly weak disturbance could mean a couple of showers or an hour or two of light snow. once that pulls away, that's it as far as anything to track through next wednesday or next thursday. temperatures up into the 50's. then we drop back a lot of areas into the 20's overnight tonight with a light wind and clear skies. really nice late autumn day for us tomorrow. maybe a mixed shower or light snow in a few spots. not expecting any travel problems. if you are going to be traveling around. you are in the lower 40's for highs monday before starting to recover. up near 50 by thanks giving. 40's throughout a good part of next week. erin: wow. great weather for the family football games. sean: interesting. i didn't know she played football on thanksgiving. tackle? kevin: you learn so many things here. sean: let's check out the top stories with ray brewer.
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ray: police have made an arrest in connection with a shooting on november 3rd. police released a picture showing a man that was involved in the granite street death. a picture taken from surveillance video. police have not released the man's name nor said how he was wanted in connection with the shooting. sean: a vermont man charged in connection with a deadly drug overdose is due in court in new hampshire this morning. daniel fogg faces several charges and has been arrested twice in the last week. a teenager who worked as a camp counselor in northwood has an killed in an attack in israel. 18-year-old ezra schwartz was one of five people killed in a series of attacks carried out. erin: coming up, home at last. maggie hassan hosted a celebration at the state
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erin: the search is on this morning for the newest millionaire. sean: i wish they were looking for me. a powerball ticket worth $1 million was sold at the antrim marketplace on main street in antrim. so far the winner has not come forward. the winner numbers are there on your screen. if you haven't checked, you might want to check your ticket right now. wow. tickets. sean: good news for somebody. erin: also the store. governor maggie hassan has proclaimed this to be adoption awareness month. she was joined by special guests. sean: the 122 children were adopted over the past year. the parents who opened up their hearts and homes were honored including the family
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which grew from four children to six. >> open your hearts wide. there are children who are in need of home and in need of love and love multiplies. sean: yeah. maggie hassan awarded a citation to the home at last which features children looking for adoptive families. they accepted the honor on behalf of home at last which has been successful in finding children permanent homes. a great reward for them. well deserved. kudos. erin: they are quite the team. they were just honored in washington, d.c. as well for the role with that. congratulations. coming up, we're going to lend a helping ham radio drive. sean: a local basketball player is giving back in making sure younger players have the proper
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>> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now wmur "news 9 daybreak." erin: driving to work was almost like driving through a horror movie at a point. it was foggy and rainy. i don't know. that's how my morning started. welcome to the friday, november 20th. it is not friday the 13th. it felt like that. sean: are you feeling better now? erin: i am. i'm inside. the rain is really coming down. sean: it was messy. we'll that weather in a moment. first the top stories. manchester police have made an arrest in connection with a deadly shooting of a 37-year-old man on granite state earlier this month. officials are issuing a city-wide health alert as more and more needles are found. and a non-profit organization has filed a lawsuit saying the project application is
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improperly trying to make use of land the group owns. erin: as we near the busy travel day, i don't envy you, the weather man. i guess we're looking at pretty good weather; right? kevin: don't envy me until we good. we're looking okay. wednesday. we focus on the rainfall. it will be pulling away. you can see the state divided be the rain shower activity in eastern areas. clearing skies trying to take hold back to the west. allowing temperatures to nudge up only to start falling off after 3:00 this afternoon. erin: all right. we're going to deal with the rain as we hit the roads. here's a live look at how things are moving out there. this is the windham stretch. kevin: for a look, we're joined live by deb davidson. good friday morning, deb. deb: good friday morning. the rain is causing some crashes that we need to be aware of. we're just getting word
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at mile marker 14.2. it is in londonderry. crews are just getting on the scene. stay to the right to get through the accident scene. 93 north is moving well through londonderry and back up through concord. the speed limit. you are a bit below the speed limit as well on 101, 111, the spaulding turnpike, and on 95. if you are heading into boston right now, 93 south and route 3 are delay free and an easy ride. this report is brought to you by autofair. from the traffic network, i'm deb davidson for 95.7 wzid. sean: police have made an arrest in connection with a deadly shooting in manchester. erin: michael pittman was shot and killed outside of the granite state apartment on november 3rd. manchester police chief, nick willard, said they took a man into custody on dartmouth street. ray brewer live from the area with the latest developments.
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ray: the arrest came just hours after the attorney generals office released surveillance pictures of a man they said they wanted to talk to. at this point, authorities are not releasing the man's name or saying what charges he may be facing. they say the photos for taken at a convenience store near the scene of the shooting shortly before the gunshots rang out. now police say that the suspect was arrested outside a home on dartmouth street. hours later, officers were scene searching the home. >> residents this is the department. we have a search warrant for your arrest. ray: now the officers eventually broke out some windows and busted down the door. after going inside the home, they came out with a pit bull. they did not see them take any people away. the victim in the
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shooting, 37-year-old michael pittman, left behind a wife, 2-year-old daughter and teenager stepdaughter. he died from a gunshot wound to the torso. the shooting was not random. authorities have not identified the man taken in to custody nor said what charges he may be facing. stance we get any more information, we'll pass it along to you. live in manchester, ray brewer, wmur news 9. erin: we are following breaking news this morning out of mali. right now at least 170 people are currently being held hostage by ten gunman. it is all happening inside the raddison hotel in mali's capitol city. here's what we know. the hotel says 140 guests and 30 employees are being locked inside. three people are dead, including one french national. right now the u.s.
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embassy has asked american citizens to take shelter. we'll continue to monitor the breaking situation throughout the morning. sean: a health alert has been rochester. they are finding more public places. that's causing a serious public health threat. first responders in rochester say they are getting calls several times a week from people finding needles in city. they are putting those things, sharps biohazard containers in every ambulance and police cruiser. they are encouraging the public to call them if they see a syringe. >> it is on the side of the street. children could be playing in the areas. >> things like hepatitis and hiv would be passed along if they get stuck with these. >> we join forces with the hospital and the police department to come up with a way to dispose of these needles properly. sean: this is the latest move they have taken in the battle against the heroin epidemic.
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rochester police police departments were the first in the state to meet all of the requirements to be able to carry and administer narcan, the overdose drug. erin: a mother charged in death with her teenager daughter was in court. a rochester police detective testified that rood knew her 17-year-old daughter, eve tarmey, was getting heroin. eve was in the room when the three adults shot up. jazzmyn believed her boyfriend was going to give eve heroin as well. >> did she say anything about why she would want to be in the room at that point? >> she didn't want to see it. she was the mother. she had made a motion. it was a curtain. she didn't want to see it. erin: the defense argues because the mother doesn't in the room she had nothing to do with the deadly overdose. sean: the society for the protection of new hampshire forest has taken the fight to
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court. they filed a lawsuit yesterday in coos superior court. it is concerned that some of the transmission lines would cross through land owned by the society, and it has not given eversource permission to use it. >> in order that for to be permitted, they need control of the site. they don't have our permission to build their facility through our washburn family forest and through the frontage that we own river. we're followinging -- the site can't make the determination about property rights. the place is in superior court. sean: eversource called the lawsuit irresponsible and says it is confident it meets state law. erin: a salmonella outbreak has sickened people in 38 states linked to cucumbers. one of them is in new hampshire. 165 of those people were hospitalized and four of
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two separate recalls of cucumbers were issued in september. the cdc and fda continue to investigation. sean: a new report shows an increase in the number of homeless veterans and families here in new hampshire. according to the department of housing and urban development, veteran homelessness increased 5.9% between 2011 and 2015. family homelessness rose 3.4%. on a more positive note, chronic homelessness dropped by about 21%. erin: in the spirit of giving, wheb the can radio auction is underway. one in nine people in the state are food insecure. this auction raises money for 11 agencies that peed people all across new hampshire. the morning buzz crew is on the air from now until 7:00 tonight encouraging listeners to help out. >> we've got everything from concert tickets to
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boston pops packages to an entire suite for the jason al dean show. scotty has no shirt on back behind camera. this is what i deal with every day. this is my life. it is two days of trying to do the right thing for people here in new hampshire. erin: for more information, go to sean: hopefully she's found a shirt by now. middle school basketball players in manchester are sporting some new kicks thanks to the players. the players at parkside middle school got brand new nike basketball well. it was organized by zachary kerr. he host a youtube channel on all things basketball. >> a bunch of people donated for the project. >> what do you think? >> they are grippy. comfortable and nice and padded. sean: they like the shoes. zachary kerr hopes to start a campaign to
5:35 am
for the girls team. we'll see what happens. very nice effort. erin: great effort. sean: coming up, a major toy company has come up with the product that's meant to keep you company. we'll tell you about a new robotic cat. erin: and a new study is revealing interesting information about men who date. each much more food in the company of ladies. kevin: last of the rainfall out there this morning. a quick clearing before the cooler air arrives.
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people are sick and tired of establishment politics, and they want real change! [ cheers and applause ] bernie sanders -- husband, father, grandfather. he's taking on wall street and a corrupt political system that keeps in place a rigged economy. bernie's campaign is funded by over a million contributions -- people like you, who see the middle class disappearing and want a future to believe in. i'm bernie sanders,
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kevin: starting off friday rain. a lot of areas over an inch of rain. bear in mind a couple of areas of ponding. the kids aren't going to need much of the rain jacket unless they are headed out in the next hour or two. we're look at sunshine 50's. we'll look ahead to the weekend and the air mass that comes in coming up. sean: you saw the colors of the french flag there in portsmouth. today marks one week since the terror attacks. the fbi says there's no u.s. concern remains high as
5:39 am
the house approved new screening measures. nikole killion live in washington. what else is the fbi saying at this point? nikole: his agency is tracking dozens of people giving extra scrutiny. they tried to quench concerns and admit new threats that it could strike washington or new york city next. the administration's push wasn't enough to stop the house from moving forward on a measure to toughen the screening measures. that bill now heading to the senate where some leaders are threatening to block it. now the senate is out on recess already. they may take up the refugee bill sometime after the thanks giving break. sean? sean: talk about the screening measures there. how are they different? nikole: basically the
5:40 am
them to go through more stringent checks to certify they aren't dangerous. now the administration responded by saying that this would effectively end the program and they argue that again these refugees already go through some pretty tough screening measures from fingerprinting to background checks, questioning a process that's sometimes takes up to three years. sean? sean: already. live in washington. thank you. erin: police in massachusetts have made an arrest in connection with a break in at an armory in wooster. james walker morales is expected to face a judge today. she was arrested in may on sexual assault charges. investigators say he was wearing a monitoring bracelet when he broke in to the armory. 16 weapons were stolen, but there's no word whether they were recovered. authorities say bloodstains found inside the armory matched morales' dna. sean: jared fogle has been sentenced to more than 15 years
5:41 am
he learned his fate after pleading guilty to child pornography and crossing state lines to pay for sex with minors. he was also ordered to pay $1.4 million in restitution to 14 different victims. a new study by cornell university found that men tend to eat double the amount of food when on a date with a lady. the study claims that overeating is a show of prowess to potential mates. they found that men ate 86% more salad in the company of women. as for the ladies, big shocker here, the study shows that women tended to eat less on dates. they still felt like they overate. erin: you know what's happening? the ladies are doing all the talking. he's just eating. sean: one way to avoid questions, just keep shoveling food in your mouth. erin: she's doing all of the talking, she's doing all of the
5:42 am
sean: in sports. bruins against the minnesota wild. erin: each team scored two in the second. loui erikkson ended up with a hat trick. 4-2. you love cats but can't have one of your own, maybe you have allergies, hasbro has a solution. a robotic cat. the toy company's joy for all companion pet acts just like a real fee lean thanks to state-of-the-art technology. it purrs when you pet it. i don't think it will scratch you. you can even feel the vibrations of the purr. it also meows and cuddles up to you. it is recommended between the ages of five and 105. pets cost $99. sean: from the picture, they all look very happy. erin: you don't have to buy it food. sean: that's true. cats are pretty self-sufficient. will it shed too? that's another big concern.
5:43 am
that's nice. erin: i don't know. actor harrison ford made the day for several fans. sean: he surprised fans who donated to the charity omaze by talking to them on skype. >> and a picture of your boyfriend. lady, you can do so much better. >> oh my gosh! >> hello, han solo. aren't you the handsome one. sean: he's pretty funny. after surprising the star wars fans, he announced that omaze is holding a contest in which two winners will the premiere. the contest ends december 4th. the movie will be in that's rights december 18th. how cool would that be? skypeing.
5:44 am
i would love to do that. sean: people love him as han solo and indiana jones. he has a lot of great roles. kevin: that's the thing. he looks like he was truly enjoying himself. that's kind of frightening. imagine the surprise of the folks. we start off this morning with the rain fall moving away. one little creature there on the webcamera. yes. come up with a name for that spider. we continue on with the rainfall early this morning. then skies will clear quickly as we go into the afternoon. temperatures start off on the warm side. we're in the 40's to lower half of the 50's. above our normal highs for this time of year even as we start off the day. the last of the rainfall just the next hour or two. then behind that skies trying to break apart and truly doing so through central parts of new york. that will be in here by mid to late morning with a breeze into the afternoon. cooler air doesn't arrive until mid afternoon or later. we have the few hours to allow temperatures to bump up if we get enough
5:45 am
sunshine. i think there will be a lot of areas up into the 50's today if you aren't already and eventually we start to cool off starting after 3:00 or 4:00 this evening. notes that we continue to see temperatures in the mid 50's out there early this morning. there's a very light breeze initially and the wet highways as you walk out the door. i think a lot of folks low and mid maybe a few upper 50's before the cooler air starts to win out. eventually it is any clouds or rain that is leftover early this morning after an inch or more to give way to sunshine. how high will temperatures go today? the cooler air arrives first. highs there will be in the lower half of the 50's. mid to even a few upper 50's in south eastern areas of the state. you'll probably start to notice the difference if you are outdoors or working outdoors through the day today. it will be fairly mild. the breeze will start to pick up. then you get to about 2:00 or 3:00, all of the sudden you'll start to feel it get cool person that's the cooler air starting to come in.
5:46 am
everyone falls back into the 20's later on tonight. one or two hold outs around 32 degrees. there's a look at it by lunchtime. we have the clear i skies. continuing on with the clearer skies and a lighter wind, 20's for most. partial sunshine for us tomorrow. it should be with a light wind and a pretty decent late all testimony day. temperatures up in the 40's. 40's to 48. then after a clear start to saturday evening, clouds will start drifting in. weak system coming through. not a lot of moisture involved with this. this will be the potential there of a couple of mixed showers with temperatures around the breezing mark and maybe just an hour or two of light snow or snow showers for western and northern areas with just a scattered light coating of snow. from there, big area of high pressure settles in behind the system. it is likely we will go with almost wall to wall sunshine not only monday, tuesday, wednesday, but likely into thanksgiving as well. so there won't be a lot to track as we get into the busy travel day next week for the here and now. the rainfall exit this
5:47 am
is morning. the weak disturbance for sunday morning. then after a chilly day on monday, there will be a lot of areas not out of the 30's on monday with sunshine. we climb back through the 40's by the time we get through thanksgiving sean: mild on thanksgiving. erin: it is getting better. the new hampshire motor speedway is kicking off its gifts of lights tonight. more than 60 holiday scenes planning over two miles will be lit up, including the popular tunnel of lights. check out the gift of lights from 4:30 to 9:00 p.m. for more information head to and a cake maker that made the top five in the world championship. and the picture of the morning. check this out. this happy couple is from windham. they are celebrating a marriage milestone. hope and wally have now
5:48 am
been married for 60 years. congratulations to you. you can submit your pictures and video and join the thousands of members by logging on at
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erin: a new hampshire cake artist made the top five in the cake designers world championship held in milan, italy. bryson perkins is a master cake artist and creative director at triolo's bakery in bedford. he was the only artist from the u.s. take part. perkins walked away from the number four rankings in the world of cake artists right here in new hampshire. sean: if you've never been in the bakery, it is incredible. it is like pieces of artwork that are cakes. erin: amazing. sean: the world's second biggest diamond has been discovered in
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it was more than 1,100 carats. it is owned by lucara. kevin: they haven't said when they will sell the diamond. it is almost impossible to price. can't you just break it into a whole bunch of diamonds? erin: they don't want to break it up. they want to do something. sean: erin will have it on her finger. erin: it has to go around all of your fingers. sean: a worker was forced to jump from a crane has it fell. what the home owner said caused it. ray: a person of interest in
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