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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  November 20, 2015 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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tonight, as we come on the air, we have just learned that at least one american killed in the hotel under attack. several american guests inside. terrorists storming in, armed with guns and grenades. was this all connected to paris? meantime, the fugitive from the attacks. believed to be seen in that video. reports of his phone call. is he now afraid of isis? ryan ross reporting. and the plane die dy
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diverted. and melania trump. >> and the moving moment that left millions speechless this week. who is our person of the week? good evening. it's great to be back home as we end the week. but we begin with a new scene of terror unleashed. americans among the victims inside. a hotel under attack, with at least one american killed. s.w.a.t. teams moving in, 170 people held hostage. several americans inside. tonight, at least 27 dead. a pane of glass shattered. snipers peering through the window. and tonight, the major question,
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was this connected to the terror unfolding in paris one week ago tonight? martha raddatz leads us off. time. the terrorists, armed with guns and grenades drove up to the radisson blu, a luxury hotel in bamako, mali. trapped inside the hotel, 140 guests, 30 staff. they started to shoot everywhere, this man says. and they were shouting allahu akbar.
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from the koran. a cameraman crouching behind this officer as authorities approach the scene. shattered glass on the floor. guns raised, prepared for anything. sirens blaring all around as they evacuate the citizens. >> i opened the door a little floor. i walked out, it was full of police and special forces. >> reporter: guiding them downstairs, to safety. this employee, blood staining her sleeves. the united nations says at least 27 in all, and the state department confirming at least
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mali a former french colony. at least three of the hostage takers were killed. french officials say they were a part of a north african group. and we know a state department security agent happened to be on the scene, and he helped pull people out of a smoke-filled room. >> martha, thank you. it was one week ago tonight, we were just beginning to learn the scope of the horror in paris. and tonight, a major development. the alleged eighth attacker on the run. making phone calls after his escape. what was he calling for? he's believed the be the gunman we saw. taking aim, his gun appearing to jam. friends telling abc news he made a calling pleading for help as he now hides.
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brian ross with where authorities believe he could be now. >> reporter: he is believed to be the gunman seen shooting victims outside the window in that dramatic video at a parisian cafe obtained by the "daily mail." but salah abdeslam did not blow himself up, he fled the scene, and is now described as armed and dangerous. and tonight police in the international manhunt say they believe he is hiding somewhere near his hometown in brussels, belgium. and so do two of his neighborhood friends, who tell abc news that abdeslam actually called them on tuesday night, saying he was nearby, desperate for help to avoid the police and get to isis in syria. those friends told abdeslam's brother, mohammed, about that call, and mohammed issued a new plea today for his brother to turn himself in. quote, "because it's the only way to avoid being shot down by police." salah abdeslam's friends say he
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also feared isis, apparently because he did not detonate his suicide vest. he was particularly scared of the mastermind of the attack, abdel hamid abaaoud. but abaaoud was killed in wednesday's bloody police raid. and tonight, the fugitive's brother sent this message. "abaaoud is dead. he doesn't need to be afraid of him now." we contacted belgian authorities and the fbi about the friend's account, and they had no immediate comment. >> do they still believe he's in belgium tonight? >> yes. and we've been reporting on the fake passport discovered next to one of the attackers. it's believed he posed as a refugee. and tonight, new evidence that he may not be the only one.
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tonight, french authorities saying fingerprints have been found. and a woman, a new mystery, authority ies believe it was someone next to her detonating their vest. here's matt gutman. >> reporter: tonight, two attackers blowing themselves up during this game, both passed through greece on the same day, october 3rd, following the same path as the wave of syrian refugees. finger fingerprints matching those registered on the island. and the dramatic scene on the streets of paris wednesday. the target, abbaoud.
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their account of that explosion. saying the woman was not the one that detonated the suicide vest. and tonight, a third body in the wreckage, identity still unknown. police teams are still combing through that building, dumping debris into that dumpster, and putting evidence into that white van. someone would detonate that vest. then the s.w.a.t. team sending in its dog, diesel. >> when she got in the flat, we didn't see her anymore. she saved the lives of colleagues of mine. >> reporter: exposing that last shooter to snipers. that officer telling us he was surprised about how selectively they chose targets,
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. the state of emergency has been extended for another three months. >> and tonight, the possible of another attacker fueling the debate over refugees here at home. donald trump, clarifying his comments about whether this country should have a muslim registry. jonathan karl with what trump said, and what he's saying now. >> reporter: trump's answer to this question about setting up a national database of muslims in america has set off a furor. >> there should be a lot of systems, beyond database. there should be a lot of systems, and today you can do it. but right now, we need a border, strength, a wall, and we can't
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>> how do you get this registry? >> good management. and we can do that. >> i find it abhorrent that people. that brings you back to a time that no one wants to get back to. >> reporter: trump later tweeting, i didn't suggest a database, a reporter did. we need to defeat islamic terrorist to protect america. and he insisted he has nothing against muslims. >> you have good christian people, and the muslim people are good, too. >> and trump saying he never suggested a database for muslims, it was a question posed to him? >> that's right. and it's true. he didn't suggest it himself. but in all the back and forth, he did not say that he opposes
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>> and we have trump and his wife here on the broadcast a little bit later. and three new isis videos in the last three days with images of new york city and washington, d.c., vowing to take aim at the white house. and tensions running high. a spirit airlines flight diverted, a passenger taken off the plane. david kerley covers aviation. >> reporter: it was a reported bomb threat on board triggering the spirit airlines jet to immediately return to ft. lauderdale. a passenger taken off, but authorities say it was all a misunderstanding about an overheard conversation. the man, a u.s. citizen, taken off believes that wasn't the only reason. >> they treat me like a terrorist guy. i have to pay a price for my appearance. >> reporter: just the latest incident as more than 25 million americans start flying for the thanksgiving holiday.
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in los angeles -- >> people are now in fear. it's the new reality. >> reporter: -- to washington. >> i'll look -- my head will be on pivot and i'll be looking. >> reporter: the bombing of that russian jetliner, possibly using a soda can, and lingering fears it may have been placed in the jet by an insider, an airport worker. could that happen here? the responsibility for screening airport workers is left to the airports. in miami, nearly 100% of those workers are screened before entering secure areas. >> our threat is the insider threat and we know what we have to do to deal with that. >> reporter: but tonight, miami is only one of three u.s. airports which conducts 100% screening. there is no mandate for airport worker screening. some say it's time for congress to require exactly that.
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weather alerts up this hour. the heartland getting slammed. a winter blast, whiteout conditions. and a pickup truck flipped. up to a foot of snow expected in some parts. chicago in the path. let's go to rob marciano with the trick. >> for the big cities like chicago, it's the first real snow storm of the season. stretching from wyoming to michigan. and snowing in iowa, over a foot in some spots. moving into chicago by tomorrow morning. especially away from the lake, and a good chunk of accumulating snow. in some spots, over 10 inches, just outside of chicago, and very, very coal. windchill near zero in chicago.
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now to a case making global headlines. convicted spy jonathan pollard, out of prison, and already challenging terms of his parole. he went to federal court, objecting to wearing a monitoring device. and also can't leave the u.s. for at least five years. coming up, an abc news exclusive. the interview with donald and melania trump. and the children also speaking to barbara walters. also, the popular hotel chain hacked. dozens of locations, personal credit card and debit card information. and hotel guests. and the amazon black friday deals. they change them, coming up.
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we're going to turn next to an abc news exclusive. donald and melania trump talking to barbara walters. trail. how do you feel? >> it's my choice not to be there, i support my husband 100%, but we have a 9-year-old son, and i'm raising him, and this is the age he needs a parent at home. >> do you give your husband any advice on the debates? >> we discuss, i tell him my opinions. taken. >> i will keep it private. >> i can tell you, she's told me a couple of times, she's very happy with my performances, if
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but she said, you can tone it down a little bit on occasion. >> biggest criticism you can clear up? >> i would say, that he's nasty. he's not. >> i also sat down with his grown-up children. your father has said, he was not very present, using his words, when you were growing up. >> i would challenge him on that. he was very available. >> regardless of who he was meeting with, if we called, he took the phone. >> who was his favorite? >> i'm going with ivanka.
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barbara's exclusive with donald and melania trump and the eastern. when we come back, the hack on the major hotel chain. and news on the e. coli outbreak at chipotle. and the black friday sales the "index" is next. look, the wolf was huffing and puffing. like you do sometimes, grandpa? well, when you have copd,
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sheraton, westin and "w" hotels. that e. coli outbreak we knew. not just in the pacific northwest. six states coast to coast. investigators still trying to determine which ingredient made the cdc saying the outbreak appears to be over. amazon, starting its black friday deals one week before black friday. going live tonight, lasting through the 28th. some device prices cut by 40%. in some cases, the sales change every five minutes. when we come back, the moment as the camera was rolling that left so many of us speechless. can you guess our person of the week? you get a cold. you can't breathe through your nose. suddenly, you're a mouthbreather. a mouthbreather! how can anyone sleep like that? well, just put on a breathe
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finally tonight here, our persons of the week. so many faces we met in paris. and the father with his little boy, still afraid of the men with guns. so many young faces. we saw their beautiful smiles at every one of those scenes of horror unfolding one week ago tonight. and there were also the faces of those who knew them, and many who didn't. all out to pay tribute, stifling their tears. >> we have to continue on with life. we can't hide. we can't stop our lives. >> reporter: the bartenders, the waiters, all serving again, they >> it's our life. it's our life. the restaurant, the cafe, the bar. >> reporter: this bar. and the father reassuring his 6-year-old son.
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those men with guns. [ speaking foreign language ] . >> reporter: and tonight, that symbol everywhere. and that song, from the man who simply showed up to play. [ applause ] >> and we thank you for watching
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