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tv   News 9 Daybreak  ABC  November 26, 2015 6:00am-7:00am EST

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erin: now on daybreak, thanksgiving has arrived. that means some busy roads. there are also concerns at airports and train stations. kevin: extra clouds around, but turning milder today. we will have details on how much warmer we will be. erin: the investigation into hundreds of cans of stolen baby formula in the lakes region is growing with police in three towns looking for the same man. a huge community effort is finally done in plymouth this morning. the new high school ski jump is ready for use. >> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now, wmur news 9 daybreak.
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erin: good morning and happy thanksgiving. thanks for joining us. it is going to be quite a different holiday than it was last year for many folks in the state of new hampshire. kevin skarupa joins us with a look at the forecast. when you look at the forecast from last year and the one from this year, they could not be more different. kevin: a lot of folks will actually be able to cook the thanksgiving dinner. today, we are looking at a fairly quiet start. there were partly cloudy skies up in the north country. cloudy in central and southern areas. it is shaping up to be a decent thanksgiving for us. the front back to our west eventually arrives later tomorrow evening. that will produce the change for the second half of the weekend. temperatures in the teens up north. up near 50 and even milder tomorrow. much more on your forecast looking through the holiday weekend coming up in just a few minutes. erin: we have just learned that one person was taken to the
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hospital after a two alarm fire in dover this morning. she is expected to be ok. crews were called to apartment buildings at 29 new york street just before 3:00. they were able to contain the flames to one apartment and say the fire started in the kitchen. they rescued two animals, including a dog hanging out of a second story window. the fire is not considered suspicious. all across the country, turkeys are cooking. the last couple of days were some of the busiest travel days of the year and the roads could be very busy today at times. andy hershberger is live along interstate 93 in hooksett for us. andy: good morning, everyone. happy thanksgiving. there is not much traffic right now. state transportation officials say that today will likely be a
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250,000 people hit the roads and that was a state record last year. about 42 million americans will drive at least 50 miles from home this holiday weekend. yesterday, people were streaming north to the white mountains and vermont and the north country. the average price of a gallon of gas is $2.07 in new hampshire. >> not bad, actually. not yet. we will see what happens. >> it was long. a lot of traffic earlier. >> that is double your usual time? >> double already. we are having a really great drive. andy: the roads could be very busy this morning with people gathering for dinner. tonight, you can expect more traffic, especially around the balls -- malls and other stores. reporting live in hooksett, andy
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hershberger. erin: thank you so much. if you are flying or taking a train, you might notice extra security. the same is true for places like shopping malls. that is due to security sins earns -- concerns less than two weeks after the paris attacks. stephanie: good morning. millions of americans are planning to head out for the holidays. they will face intense screening and longer security lines. terror and the holidays. not what we want to think about. president obama says officials are working overtime and without a break for the holidays to keep americans safe. president obama: we know of no specific intelligence indicating a plot on the homeland. stephanie: with millions of americans expected to travel, the president tried to decrease fears. president obama: i want the american people to know that we are taking every possible step to keep our homeland safe.
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stephanie: doing so with more police officers at airports and train stations. homeland security authorities call it a read -- reinforcement of existing securities. floats and balloons are prepped for the macy' s thanksgiving day parade. thousands of officers are set to patrol the parade route. the new york city mayor and the nypd mayor say enjoy the parade while they do their job to protect. >> we have to stand our ground, continue with our ground, continue with their lives, continue going about our business. stephanie: a worldwide travel alert is still in effect. you can expect security to be much tighter wherever you go. erin: a man is in critical manchester. police were called to the area around veterans park and found a man with several stab wounds. it is unclear what prompted the
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at least three police departments are looking for the man accused of stealing thousands of dollars worth of baby formula in the lakes region. laconia police say the man in these surveillance pictures stole 100 cans of baby formula from walmart on sunday. the same man stole $2500 worth of formula in tilton. investigators say he tried to steal from the walmart in epping , as well. a manchester man convicted of robbing the td bank on franklin street in march has been sentenced to nearly 6.5 years behind bars and must pay back the money he stole. prosecutors recovered the note that shane mitchell handed the teller, as well as the clothing he was wearing and the pad of paper he used to write that note. the owner of a water park in candia has climbed down from one of his waterslides after two and a half weeks.
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earlier this month, kevin dumont chained himself to one of the slide towers hoping to attract investors. yesterday, he posted that he is giving up because he has not raised to the more than $1.5 million he needed and his doctor thinks he is developing pneumonia. work on the new ski jump at plymouth regional high school is now done and it will soon be in use. the original jump was torn down earlier this year due to safety concerns. the community rallied support to build a brand-new one and it took about two months to build. the final touches were added yesterday. >> putting up the lights. all new led lighting, very high efficient, very bright. we' ve been joking with the kids to put on sunscreen. >> we normally have a team of about 14-15. i' m hearing rumors that there may be as many as 30 kids coming out.
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erin: it certainly is. the plan is to start using the jump in december. competitions begin in january. new hampshire is the only state with ski jumping as an official high school sport. still to come, helping people with disabilities live on their own. a local nonprofit needs your help to provide a little extra holiday cheer. tom brady is in the middle of another great season, but he still found time to send a special message to a woman from new hampshire. i had, a disturbing report of an alleged sex assault -- ahead, a disturbing report of an alleged sex assault at a goffstown nursing dunkin's new sweet black pepper bacon sandwich,
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kevin: happy thanksgiving to one and all. we start off with clouds across the area, but we are going to mix in sunshine and if you sunny breaks in southeastern spots -- a few sunny breaks in southeastern spots. erin: in the spirit of giving, the homemakers health services is looking for help making the holidays brighter for people in need. the nonprofit agency provides support for senior citizens and people with medical disabilities to stay in their homes safely and independently. for the last five years, they have also provided gift baskets and they could use donations ranging from mittens to hats to basic needs. >> also, food donations. nonperishable'
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diabetic safe foods, some bedding, tissues, things we take for granted everyday. toilet paper, tape -- paper towels. erin: the gift baskets will be delivered over the next few weeks. tom brady is coming in through the clutch again. jaclyn spotts' family says she is in a boston hospital after being treated for heart failure. she posted a picture on facebook reaching out to her favorite player and quarterback tom brady center a personal post. tom brady: happy thanksgiving. i just want to say thank you for your kindness and your support and take care of yourself. have a great holiday. >> tom brady, thank you so much. you have no idea how happy it made my family and my little sister. erin: she says she is thrilled to hear from her m.v.p. tom brady. coming up, sometimes we all need
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a woman in new york is offering a very unique service. today, we are going to help you
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erin: police in boston have arrested a man they say was making and selling fake patriots tickets. sean phipps bought tickets on craigslist and the tickets were rejected at the gate. he worked with police to buy new tickets from the online seller and police of been looking for the new york man for quite some time. a woman from brooklyn is offering a unique service for people to don'
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if your laundry detergent is getting low, press the button and a new bottle will be on its way. the confirmation will be sent to your phone, so you have a chance to review or cancel your order. there are nearly 30 brands to choose from. amazon buttons are only available for amazon prime members and their $4.99 each. the average american is saving more money. the savings rate is up to 5.6%, the highest mark in nearly five years. that means americans put aside an extra $40 billion in october rather than spending it. the weather looks pretty nice for thanksgiving festivities today, but a year ago, it was a far different picture. tens of thousands of granite stater' s spent the holiday without power.
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pictures on u local, flashing back to thanksgiving 2014. remember this? certainly was a holiday to remember. kevin, i know you said you shared your thanksgiving dinner at a chinese food restaurant. is that right? [laughter] kevin: we normally travel and we were going to travel, but we didn' t have power, so we did not want to leave the house without power, so we stayed here. there we were eating chinese food on thanksgiving night. temperatures are up in the lower half of the 30' s in southern parts of the state. still back into the teens farther north. it should be a warmer afternoon.
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south of the white mountains, that bank of clouds should thin quite a bit through the day and go to partial sunshine in quite a few areas. there are more clouds trying to come in from the west. while we will hold off on any like by later on tomorrow evening, we will have showers making their way through. readings early this morning are where they were yesterday. the temperatures for your thanksgiving are not too bad as we go into the afternoon. after a cool start to the day, we warm up nicely. lower half of the 50' s for southern areas. quite a few clouds are a possibility. the farther west, further north you go, a little bit drier air. through the afternoon, you
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likely get into the lower range of the 50' s. 40' s up north. overall, not a bad thanksgiving when you compare it to last year, for sure. if you' re going to be heading out later tomorrow night or early tomorrow morning, it should be in the 30' s to lower 40' s. tomorrow, a partly sunny day. temperatures tomorrow going in the 50' s to lower range of the 60' s. that front eventually arrives for the north country late tomorrow night. the early clouds saturday giving way to fair skies. sunday will be markedly cooler. highs on saturday and sunday not out of the 40' s. we will be in the 30' s and the north country. there will be that risk of a shower. you will notice the difference, concerned.
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we go from the 50' s back into the 40' s. monday, in the 30' s to near 40. mid 40' s on tuesday and wednesday. the next system the middle of next week will likely be rain shower activity because of the warmer air involved. erin: what a difference a year makes. kevin: a completely different story. erin: the weather looking good for all of the turkey trots, as well. they give so much, kevin. we do want to check in on our top stories. one person taken to the hospital after an early morning fire on a new york street -- on new york street in dover. firefighters saved several pets from that building. a man is in critical condition after stabbing -- a stabbing in manchester. police were called to veterans park and found the victim with
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the investigation into stolen growing. police are looking for the man seen on surveillance. coming up, what is your favorite part of thanksgiving dinner.
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erin: all across the country, people are serving up thanksgiving dinner. if you want the best, go to new orleans. food network just to name to the creole roast turkey at broussard' s restaurant as the number one thanksgiving dinner in the country. andy: the chef says it is the rhine he uses to create layers of dynamic flavor. i just want to watch this for about a half hour. just him cooking.
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kevin: i' m hungry. erin: potatoes, the gravy, one perfect bite on one fork. roars fill the air in dallas for a wookie calling contest. [laughter] andy: kevin: the winner of the contest says he did not even practice. erin: i love that. we have never done the wookie calling contest. kevin: i would be afraid my voice would get stuck that way. erin: coming up, a man in utah has a brand-new car thanks to a
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through the mill yards to make some noise possibilities we're providing right here because if you don't think greater manchester when you think aarp then you don't know "aarp" movies for grownups series or heard about how our protects families from being we're also helping people achieve their goals with life reimagined get to know us and see all the real possibilities at
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>> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now, wmur news 9 daybreak. erin: good morning. my, you are up early. thanks for joining us. happy thanksgiving to you. if you are in the kitchen cooking, i hope all is well. everything is going to be perfect today, right, when the guests get there? thousands of people will be hitting the roads in new hampshire today as they head off to their thanksgiving destinations. a nashua man accused of robbing a gas station and hitting a police officer with a stolen car has been arrested in massachusetts. a manchester man is facing criminal threatening charges after police say he told they group of driver' s ed students
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hit their car. thanksgiving? do you make anything? kevin: i eat. erin: that is your role. sauce right out of the can. erin: i do roasted veggies. pop them in the oven. kevin: you just need time in the oven with everything else going on. notice that little bit of a sunrise, that sliver of clear skies located offshore. temperatures have dropped back into the teens, the 20' s. clouds giving way to partial sunshine, temperatures in the upper 40' s to lower 50' s this afternoon. all of the details coming up in a few minutes. erin: many people will be hitting the roads today to get to their thanksgiving destinations. here is a live look at 93 in wind them.
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andy hershberger joins us live along 93 in hooksett to tell us what we can expect. happy thanksgiving. andy: happy thanksgiving. to everybody out there up this early preparing that great meal. everything is going to be great. aaa travel estimates that about 47 million people will be traveling more than 50 miles or more this long holiday weekend. 42 million of those will be on the road. many people were stopping by the hooksett tolls rest stop on i-93 to spend thanksgiving with family. billboard in of the new hampshire dot says that because gas is just an average of $2.07 taking trips. >> because the gas prices are lot to do what people are out it does help us. it helps all of us to keep those
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prices down. department issued a worldwide travel alert, but president obama said there is no specific, homeland. travelers say the security lines are. relaxed, thoreau, but i are doing. it is a scary time. >> i hate flying, so i' m always nervous, but we had not been really following the news the last few days. sort of just not thinking about it. andy: on the roads, thursday could still be busy. according to the new hampshire dot, there were more than 248,000 people on the roads on thanksgiving day of 2013. that was a state record. while there is not a lot of traffic out here right now, that
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rolls on, especially around 6:00 when shopping malls will be opening so people can get a jump on their holiday shopping. reporting live, andy hershberger. erin: a nursing assistant has lost his license to practice in new hampshire after he allegedly sexually assaulted an 80-year-old woman in his care. the assault took place in goffstown. the elderly victim has alzheimer' s and dementia. according to testimony from a hearing, another in her thing -- nursing assistant found timothy morrissey doing something inappropriate with the woman and told her to stop. he said it was the most embarrassing thing in his life. the nursing board suspended his license initially, but has decided to permanently revoke it.
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>> typically, the door remains open at some point in the future for someone to get their license back, so for them to permanently revoke is an unusual result. erin: we stopped by morsi' s home --timothy morrissey' s home and no criminal charges have been filed against him. on tuesday, nashua police went to arrest 28-year-old maurice dejesus on a robbery charge. officers learned he was driving a car that had been reported stolen. when they went to pull him over, he refused to get out of the car, drove off, hitting the car -- an officer on the arm. a former teaching assistant at a school in concord has been indicted on multiple counts of sexual assault. donald levesque is accused of
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manufacturing child sexual abuse images in 2013 and 2014. the alleged assaults happened off school grounds. the st. paul' s graduate found guilty of sexually assaulting a fellow student is now appealing his conviction. the appeal was filed one day after owen labrie' s name was added to the sex offender registry in vermont. his appeal takes issue with the requirement that he register as a sex offender and his felony charge he should never have been applied to in the first place. he was sentenced to one year in jail, but will remain free pending the outcome of his appeal. a rochester man convicted of first-degree murder is also appealing his conviction. tristan wolusky was found guilty in october of killing 18-year-old aaron wilkinson in 2014. zachary pinette and michael tatum pleaded guilty to second-degree murder in exchange for their testimony against
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tristan wolusky. his attorneys say the men light on the stand and their testimony evidence. they also say zachary pinette to polygraph tests before the state -- trial and those tests were scrutinized by an expert. >> he reviewed the polygraph results and came to a clear conclusion that mr. tatum and mr. kennett -- pinette were deceptive during the polygraph. erin: the attorney general' s office subjected to a hearing on the polygraph mattered. in manchester man is facing charges after police say he threatened some driver' s ed students with a gun. three teens and their instructor were parallel parking on chestnut street when they were approached by a man later
6:33 am
identified as joseph duven. words were exchanged and he allegedly threatened to shoot the people if they hit his car. >> they observed the handgun strapped to his hip. called us. including four counts of criminal threatening. the forest service is restoring $400,000 in funding for the milan community forest project. the project will create a new 1300 acre forest by consolidating two town lots with three new parcels of land. the forest will serve as an outdoor recreation area and a source of sustainable timber harvesting. coming up, a touching story of generosity. >> i' ve never seen anybody so kind to me. erin: a man in utah got a big surprise when a couple he barely knows decided to buy him a car. good news for men who eat a lot
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women tend to enjoy their body odor more than those who don' t eat garlic, according to a new study. kevin: chillier air relenting for the time being. we will have the details coming
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kevin: a live look. still in the teens up north. upper 40' s in the north country to lower half of the 50' elsewhere. the current cover in southern areas of the state giving way to sunny breaks. we will talk about on the front arrives and the big change that coming up. erin: thank you so much. a report from maine confirms the s chairlift area. a mechanical failure in a coupling caused the lift to start going backward, but an engage. seven skiers were hurt and 200 had to be rescued. of that left.
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indiana to pleading -- to stealing brains from a museum. he stole jars of human brain tissue in order to sell them. david charles was arrested in 2013 after a san diego man who bought six jars of brain material on ebay alerted police. a man in utah has a lot to be thankful for this thanksgiving day. a couple ended up buying him his very own car. >> sunroof. [laughter] his new set of wheels, a 1997 nissan maxima, changed his life. >> four different transportations. >> the car just showed up on his doorstep. >> i cried. because the never had a gift like that in my life. i' ve never seen anybody be so kind to me. >> it was hard to not get
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teary-eyed. >> sean and his wife delivered the car to robert after meeting him days earlier walking in taylorsville late at night. >> he seemed kind of exhausted walking down the street. we both were kind of thinking it and then sean said, if you weren' t in the car, i would pick that guy up. i said, pick him up, let' s pick them up. >> robert was exhausted from his job as a school custodian. >> it was a good feeling. >> they heard his story and they were touched. >> he kind of has had a bad string of luck in his life area -- like. >> they started collecting donations to get robert a ride. >> sean was a mechanic and went to work on the used car they bought. >> it is honesty 20-year-old car. >> in five days, the car was ready for delivery. >> it still boggles me that they would do something like this.
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>> we felt he was deserving of something. >> we really want him to feel like he can succeed and that he can provide for himself and support himself. erin: what a sweet story, right? turning to sports, the boston bruins took on the red wings in detroit last night. this one went to overtime and here is how the bruins were able to win it. a great win on the road for boston. they host the rangers tomorrow. the 76ers played at the celtics last night. isaiah thomas has been having a great season and he showed no signs of slowing down in this one. he scored a three pointer early on to put the celtics up. second quarter. boston rallied and went on to
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the 76ers have lost 26-straight games dating back to last year. the first annual turkey day dash to the sea is being held on the seacoast today. about 130 runners have signed up and all proceeds from that race will go to benefit hampton school related causes. garlic. a series of studies showed that eating garlic can make men' s body odor significantly more attractive to women. women described the odor as more attractive, pleasant, and masculine than the body odor of men who did not eat garlic. hear, smell this body odor. [laughter] erin: researchers say this could
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asking what you think about the study. [laughter] t know. scott writes. [laughter] kevin: you always wonder who comes up with the study. erin: i can' t imagine being, this would be part of the study. kevin: couldn' t this be coffee or cranberry sauce? why does it have to be garlic? erin: garlic is delicious. kevin: just by itself? you can' t eat it like an apple. you could. erin: what would you want to? kevin: it could ruin your thanksgiving meal. we start off with quite a few clouds out there early this morning.
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the famous under cast the top not washington. -- a top mount washington. it is a low and mid level cloud deck that has developed overnight. enough breaks that we go to partial sunshine in a lot of areas in the afternoon. more high clouds back to the west. for the rest of us, later on tomorrow night, cool enough behind that front that it is falling in the form of light snow for the north country early on sunday morning. notice the temperatures early this morning. certainly milder than what we have had out there lately. the last couple mornings, we have been going back into the teens and 20' s. north of the notch, it has been a partly cloudy sky out there. we are seeing a couple of places with breaks in the overcast. other ways -- other places
6:42 am
working their way back into the warmer air. we get it down to where most of us live below 4000 feet into the afternoon and we are talking 40' s to lower half of the 50' s. the clouds doing their best to break apart, only to redevelop in a lot of various later tonight. partial sunshine tomorrow, the warmest of the days. we will see temperatures climbing into the 50' s. there may be one or two lower 60' s in southern areas of the state. a chance of a shower or two late in the afternoon. any clouds early saturday giving way to sunshine. that will be the difference area front coming through in the lower and mid 50' s today. behind it, highs in the upper 30' s to upper 40' s. a fairly quiet pattern the next rain chance for us.
6:43 am
today, some breaks in the overcast and we will see temperatures going between 46 and 54. the clouds will start building back in later tomorrow afternoon and we get late in the day and the could be a shower or two up north. by the time we get to later tomorrow night and early saturday, there could be a passing shower. any early clouds saturday giving way to partial sunshine. temperatures will be in the 40' s for the weekend. a little bit of a breeze around on saturday. highs likely only in the 30' s to near 40 on monday. some cooler air coming in behind that second push of cooler air. the next system looks to be all rain shower activity by the middle of next week. we are on pace for the top five warmest of novembers. the reviews usually a little
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erin: we will see if that pans out. a holiday tradition is returning to the palace theater. the southern new hampshire dance theatre will be presenting "the nutcracker" for the 15th year this friday, saturday, and sunday. they are currently rehearsing for the production at the bedford studio. this is me. i' m filling in as mother ginger on friday night. kevin: fantastic. erin: that looks like it is a dress and you just step in it and are rolled onto the stage and some dancers come out from underneath it. i' m honored to be on the stage. yes, i will not be dancing. kevin: how could you dance in that thing anyway? [laughter] erin: i don' t know. i will be doing a lot of dancing with my hands. i' m looking forward to it. it is going to be fun. nashua' s winter holiday stroll kicks off on saturday.
6:45 am
a candlelight walk leads to holiday square where the city will light it' s christmas tree. as many as 35,000 people are expected to attend. for more information, head to the escape outside section of kevin: by the time we get to saturday, the weather should be much better for the ice sculptures. erin: many of you will likely have leftovers from your thanksgiving meal, but how long should you wait before throwing that food away? according to the u.s. department of agriculture, cooked food can stay in the fridge for 3-4 days. if you put it in the freezer, it will last indefinitely. at some point, the food will start to lose its flavor. keep those fixings for 3-4 days. still ahead, a final check on your top stories, including the arrest of a fugitive wanted in
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erin: a nashua man accused of hitting a police officer with a
6:49 am
officers went to arrest 28-year-old maurice dejesus on a robbery charge when he drove off, hitting the officer in the arm. one person was brought to the hospital after an early morning fire on new york street in dover. crews were able to contain the flames to one apartment and firefighters saved several pets from the building. a manchester man is accused of threatening a group of driver' s ed students and their instructors. joseph duven told the people in the car he would shoot them if trying to parallel park. thousands of people will be hitting the roads in new hampshire today. aaa travel estimates that nearly 47 million people across the country will be traveling 50 miles or more this holiday weekend. kevin: it is a cloudy start across a good part of the state. a lot of that will mix out to a day. it should be a milder afternoon.
6:50 am
even milder tomorrow as most areas are up into the 50' s. eventually, the chance of a shower late tomorrow or early saturday. highs will be in the 40' s over the weekend. erin: it is looking great. almost 60 degrees tomorrow. kevin: we will be approaching that in southern areas. erin: hard to believe. coming up next, there will be a live report from the macy' s thanksgiving day parade route. find out how this route and others are being protected amid high security. we will see you back in about 25 minutes. happy thanksgiving.
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