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tv   Closeup  ABC  November 29, 2015 10:00am-10:30am EST

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josh: a conversation with senator kelly ayotte. from isis to heroin and her 2016 opponents. money in politics, the amount is anything we' ve ever seen. the new hampshire rebellion explains why it' s time to stop. after they terror attacks in paris, the discussion of how to handle refugees had a new level. there was a human component,
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national security needs to be considered as a top concern. this is one of the topics we will be discussing with kelly ayotte. sen. ayotte: thanks for having me. josh: your initial reaction to what we saw? the fact that this happened in paris? sen. ayotte: what happened in paris, our thoughts and prayers are with the victims. barbaric terrorist acts, planned and coordinated. it shows that isis is not we need american leadership. i would like to see our president step up in a more forceful way as to how we are going to defeat isis and lead efforts to do that. along with others -- nato has an opportunity here. i would like to see the president: nato together to -- c all nato together to help the french. isis would like to attack us and has killed americans.
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isis has also attempted attacks we saw that earlier this year in texas. this is something we need to be focused on to protect our country and our homeland. josh: what is necessary to get five? sen. ayotte: first, you invoke article four, calling nato together. i would like to see the president do that. you can bring all the players of nato to get a to discuss how can we work together as a coalition. after 9/11, the u.s. invoked article five and the nato nations stepped up to support us qaeda. right now, it has surprised me that nato has not even been called together to say how are we going to work as a coalition. you see the french stepping up with airstrikes last week. we finally went after some targets we should have been
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including 116 fuel tanks taken out with ac130 gunships. there are 1000 of those trucks that isis controls. we should be increasing our efforts there. bringing the coalition together, reaching out to our arab partners, how can we more strongly work together to defeat this group. josh: by your estimation, what is the status of the coalition? with the attack on france, it seemed to give more energy to that is not the u.s. trying to board. this is a global war, even the pope called this the beginning of world war iii. sen. ayotte: this is a global or, freedom loving people against a barbaric islamist terrorist group and an ideology
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what they believe in. we saw with what happened in paris, beirut, the sinai, this is a worldwide at war. this is a situation where we need u.s. leadership. s reaction last week where he said essentially we are not going to make any changes in our efforts, it did not seem to have the passion you would expect from our commander in chief at a time when we need it, working with our allies. that is what i would like to see. there are steps we can take to increase air strikes and increase our support for effective fighting forces on the ground like the kurds to make sure that we had the support for our special forces and the raids they are conducting and make sure also, you know that for our airstrikes to be effective, forward air control and things we can do to diminish isis
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and also make sure that we can persecuted. josh: this has led to another discussion which was being talked about a lot before the paris attacks, mass migration, the largest since world war ii. one of the attackers was part of the immigration wave, however refugees. it has sparked a debate on what the u.s. role should be. sen. ayotte: it should. we know one of the attackers in paris came and aunt refugee be investigated. the president has announced he refugees here. we have our director of national intelligence in september saying s concerned that isis may attempt to infiltrate refugees not only in europe but the u.s. fbi, james comey, saying we can
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have the full information. if you query against information you do not have, you' d do not get a picture of whether there is a security issue. we need to halt the program until we can make sure that there is sufficient vetting to ensure that anyone coming here does not have connections to isis. josh: we talk about increasing vetting. what should the benchmark be? a lot of people do not have paperwork or school records. sen. ayotte: if you do not have the information and there is no way to verify who the individual is and what their background is, we cannot bring them here. here' s the situation. the house just passed legislation that would require the director of national intelligence and fbi to certify that anyone coming here is not a important. we also need to look beyond that at our visa waiver program,
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which we have not talked about yet. you have 4500 or more foreign fighters from europe who have gone to syria, gone to iraq, joined with isis. many returning to their home countries. you do not need a visa from those countries to come to the u.s. i hope we take up that issue. i' ve been pushing to reform that program. if you' ve traveled to syria or a rock, you should not be part of the visa waiver program. we do not want to make it easy for you to come to the u.s. you should have to take the extra step of the and person interview to get a visa. josh: just so i understand, this would allow for a refugee or emigrant to circumvent the normal vetting process? sen. ayotte: the issue with the visa waiver program is some countries, there are 38 countries involved, 30 are european countries.
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from european countries to be foreign fighters in iraq and syria with isis -- sen. ayotte: which we know is happening -- sen. ayotte: they u.s. if they are not on our no-fly list, they do not need a visa. we need to make sure that we visit that issue and for this category of people, the visa changed. it is not just refugee status. if people are traveling to the country, we have to have the right protections in place. josh: this has become an issue in the presidential race. do you believe that there are people who mean to do us harm embedded within the immigration? sen. ayotte: we' ve seen isis do
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intelligence is worried about it. i don' t want to wait to find out. we only to the american people to sufficiently find that out in advance, to not risk their security, and to take the steps we need to protect our homeland. josh: one of the ideas being floated a lot, especially within the republican field, is the creation of a safe haven in syria. is this something you see as adequate? sen. ayotte: if we can work together with a coalition to shrink in the territory that isis has between syria and iraq and have that type of american leadership with the coalition to have the efforts not only of nato but our air allies, a safe haven is important. with the refugees, thousands of refugees, there is not going to be enough space to take them all.
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we need to provide a safe haven in the region and we cannot allow isis to continue growing and metastasizing. we know that not only have they designed on that region and their caliphate, we' ve seen with the attack in paris, beirut and the sinai, their efforts to try to attack the u.s., the failed this is an issue where the safe haven is important and it means also shrinking their territory. josh: obviously, there are people within this wave that need help and are fleeing oppression. sen. ayotte: josh: absolutely. josh: there are those saying this is counter to everything the u.s. stands for. sen. ayotte: we are a compassionate nation but we tell protect our country. we are saying we have to make sure that these individuals can
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be sufficiently vetted. that means that a compassionate nation makes sure that we protect our own people. i think we can do both. our number one responsibility to the american people is to keep them safe. that has to be the first order of business. josh: a recognition of the times we live in. we will continue
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." in our conversation with kelly foreign policy. in new hampshire, a major crisis is the opioid crisis and the heroin epidemic. from the federal level -- we know what is being done or not being done at the state level -- is the federal government doing enough? sen. ayotte: it can do more, absolutely. we facing a public health epidemic. i' ve talked to too many parents, grandparents, sisters and that they love. the federal level. i' ve been a leader on the act. this is focusing on prevention,
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support for first responders, and also efforts -- just this week i asked them to declare that this is a public health emergency in new hampshire on this heroin epidemic. we need to bring that level of attention and pushing the appropriations committee for more funding on substance abuse treatment and prevention. there' s much more to do. i have been leading the effort in the senate. it is bipartisan and i' m going to continue pushing the issue until they get more help at every level. we' to save lives. josh: on the law enforcement side, you are able to lockdown funding for a u.s. attorney to focus on substance abuse crimes. is this. toward the dealers? sen. ayotte: when we had the hearing on heroin in new hampshire, we learned that there
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crime drug task force model. it brings together state and local law enforcement and a federal prosecutor to go after the high-level dealers. we have this issue, it is coming of our southern borders, it is coming up to massachusetts and flooding new hampshire. we want help for those who are addicted but the drug cartels and the leaders who are flooding our streets, that his who we have to go over. josh: let' s talk about 2016. your opponent, most likely, will be governor maggie hassan. she is weighing in on a lot of things, the refugees, the heroin crisis and the war on isis. where do you start seeing stark differences between yourself and your likely challenger? sen. ayotte: i was surprised to hear her comments last week that isis declared war on us when the pair attacks occurred. actually, isis declared war on
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us in 2012. we' ve seen with the murders of americans like kayla mueller, who was raped and murdered, an aid worker. and our own brave james foley. the attack we talked about in texas that they tried to take at for that was foiled. our own guard members have been deployed to the middle east for eight months to counter isis. there is a difference there. that showed a lack of knowledge as to this threat and the past actions that isis have taken where there declared war on us. josh: a lot of people at the national level saying this is going to be one of the fun races pundits are. what are the dynamics that you think will be the ones that shape the race between you and maggie hassan? sen. ayotte: this race is going to be shaped by who is in the best position to get things done
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most partisan senator to work with people to get things done. i have been called a no labels problem solver and had that designation. when you look at my record of standing up and working with other people to put new hampshire first and get results, i think that is what this race is going to be about. josh: during the budget still made in concord, and a lot of republicans cited maggie s hassan' s inability to lead. others said it was kelly ayotte this. what influence do you have at the statehouse? absurd. there. i serve and focus on the senate and the work i' m doing in the senate. as you know from the things we' ve discussed, there are many important issues at the federal level that i need to represent new hampshire on. the notion that i'
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m involved at the state level is absurd. i care deeply about what happens in our state that i am focusing on my job. josh: this is a race that does have a potential to get ugly. no other way to put it. a lot of national come outside money coming into this. how difficult do you think it will be to keep your eyes on the issues that new hampshire voters care about, the economy, safety and the heroin epidemic. sen. ayotte: i wake up every day with a sense of purpose on how hampshire. very personally. the people i' ve met drive me every day to get things done in the senate. the legislation that we talked about that can make a difference in new hampshire to get support at the state and local level. my husband is an iraq veteran. and making sure they get the health care they deserve and
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earned serving our nation. making sure that we have the best economy. as the mother of two children, i want them to have the bright state. . that is what i' and that is what i want to do for new hampshire. josh: on the standpoint of law state attorney general. recommend the state had done differently when it comes to the heroin problem? local law enforcement, any area. sen. ayotte: i had the privilege officers as our state and they do a fantastic job. they are working as hard as they i' ve gone on a ride along with department, the fire department. i know how difficult it is, saving lives every single day. thinking about having served as
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make sure that we are all working together. i' m going to do everything i cannot the federal level to get the support for state and local efforts. same thing at the state. this deserves our full attention, it is not a partisan issue. this is about people in new hampshire and making sure that every person in new hampshire can have that quality of life, that we deal with addiction and we help the people that are addicted. we try to reduce the stigma so help. that is what i would say. be out there and be supportive. do everything we can and with a sense of purpose to address this epidemic, to fight it and end it. watching the 2016 race for the do you plan on making an endorsement? sen. ayotte: we are all watching
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at this point, i' m really watching the candidates, just like everyone else. seeing how they are doing in the town halls. are they answering hard questions? do they have a positive vision for this country to make sure we remain the best country in the world. josh: you are undecided still? sen. ayotte: absolutely. we are going to have an important role in february. the people of new hampshire take it very seriously. josh: let' s hope it stays that way. good to see you. sen. ayotte: i appreciate it. josh: we be back with more on new hampshire rebellion. er wages, almost all new income goes to the top 1%. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultrarich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message because together, we can make a political revolution and create an economy and democracy that works for all
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josh: welcome back to "close up ." the world of super pacs, because of campaign finance reform is alive and well. joining us are two members of new hampshire rebellion, john broderick and danny weeks. tell us what you are about. >> for over a year now, we' ve been marching around new hampshire in the freezing cold of winter and the hot summer to declare our independence from big-money politics. we go back to our state constitution, which says government must represent the people. when it stops representing the people because big money is reeling the agenda, we are demanding that all the
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what will they do to end the influence of money in politics so super pacs are not determining the race and every issue can actually be addressed, not be undermined by big money in politics. josh: it certainly is an issue. justice broderick, how did you get into this? >> this is a persuasive man. what people do not realize is it is not just the amount of money in politics. it is the concentration of that money. "the new york times" reported a few weeks back, 158 families had donated half of all the money raised by all the candidates does far. that should concern us as americans. there is a money primary before the rest of us gt to vote. i think we want to bring democracy back to the people. we want the average voter to have an impact. $100 or $1000 should mean something, it means less and
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less. that is frightening to me in terms of the vibrancy of our community. josh: short of overturning turning citizens united, what do you hope can be done? >> there are six core reforms as part of a weedy people pledge that we have launched, challenging 10,000 granite stater' s to sign this pledge" call on the candidates to support these reforms. one of them is to address the citizens united ruling that said no limits can be put on money. 80% of republicans and 83% of democrats want that overturned. beyond that, what we could do court is moved to a system of small, donor driven public funding of elections. you could do it through a tax credit, you could use of vouchers. families who provide half the
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money to a system where millions of americans are determining who can run and what they stand for. we need to get rid of the pay to play system where lobbyists fund campaigns, even as they are trying to get officials to vote for them. josh: you are talking about things that go way back, this is almost a tradition in politics. i' m not saying you are talking about money. the argument can be made, how effective is the money? in new hampshire, we are voters and we know what is going on. >> is quite effective. there is a money primary before we get to vote. citizens united allowed, for the first time, unions and corporations to funnel huge money into the so-called independent entities. if they were truly independent, it might be ok.
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we allow corporations to do indirectly what they cannot do directly. they cannot give a candidate money but they give a super pack a lot of money. usually people funding the campaigns are not like you and me. they are huge spenders and they have very direct and specific interests. we need to change that. and we need more transparency about where the money' s coming from. josh: we are talking about an overhaul of the system. this has to be done in pieces. how many people are on board? >> we' ve had many granite staters join us along the way, walking in the new hampshire primary. we have several hundred have gone out and asked candidates what they will do to end the corruption. we are seeing people who care about the environment, the debt and deficit, foreign policy and health care, get on board.
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they see that their problems will not be addressed. i got to work with the former late senator warren rudman. no better deficit hawk. he decided we would not be able to get control of government spending and huge debts if we did not limit the tremendous influence that special interest has been setting tax policy, getting tax breaks and so on. josh: i know there are a lot of people who feel the same, best of luck moving forward. good to see you. that is going to wrap up this edition of "close up new hampshire. we will be back here next week. until then, be safe and go patriots. we are at war with radical islamic terrorism. it is the struggle that will determine the fate of the free world. the united states should not delay in leading a global coalition to take out isis with overwhelming force. their aim is our total destruction. we can't withdraw from this
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we have but one choice: to defeat it. vo: right to rise usa is responsible for the content of
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