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tv   News 9 at Five  ABC  November 29, 2015 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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tt4watv# 1t!" jntq c+< tt4watv# 1t!" lzt& [f@ >> they had the jaws of life and they had to pry the doors open. adam: now at 5:00, one person is dead and another is facing charges tonight after a serious multi-car crash in manchester. stephanie: hundreds of people protesting outside the raddison as the three democratic presidential candidates attend the j.j. dinner. adam: and new details about the suspect in the deadly shooting at a planned parenthood in colorado. find out what we' re learning about the gunman. josh: the sun returned today, and there is more where that came from. we' ll take a look at futurecast to see when our next chance of rain arrives this week.
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now, wmur news 9 at 5:00. adam: tonight one person is dead following a car crash in manchester. it happened on lake avenue around 4:00 a.m. good evening, i' m adam sexton. stephanie: and i' m stephanie woods. one of the drivers is now in custody facing a felony charge. wmur' s kristen carosa joins us now live from where the crash happened with the latest on the investigation. kristen: manchester police were here investigating until about noon this afternoon. the scene has been cleared. but there' s devastating news. one person has died and another has been arrested for driving while intoxicated. two cars crashed early sunday at the corner of lake avenue and union street in manchester waking people living nearby. >> seeing the fire trucks the cops, all bustling around the vehicles. >> they had the jaws of life, and they had to pry the doors open. i knew right then, they were going to be hurting. kristen: the crash happened
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around 4:00 am involving a honda pilot and a volkswagon s.u.v. the driver of the volkswagon, 31-year-old alexander burke, is now in custody facing a felony charge for driving while intoxicated. >> upon arrival, we saw two vehicles, extensive damage to one of the vehicles. four victims in the first vehicle. the second vehicle had two victims. kristen: district fire chief al poulin says it was one of the most severe accidents he has seen in 33 years. >> the victims in the first vehicle all severe and critical, taken to the elliot hospital. the jaws of life was the extrication tool used to get two of the victims out. kristen: one of the passengers in the honda pilot died of their injuries. their name is not being released. the others were taken to the hospital and are expected to be ok. investigators remained at the crash scene until noon. neighbors say questions remain . >> how they ended up going backwards i have no idea. that is what i do not understand. it looks like they were coming up lake avenue.
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a memorial created for the victims of the crash. police are reviewing surveillance video of the crash that was captured by a business nearby. the crash remains under investigation. live in manchester, kristen carosa, wmur news 9. stephanie: one person was killed a crash in jefferson. state troopers say the car was driving on meadows road in jefferson just before 2:00 this pole and rolled over. at the scene. state police believe that speed and alcohol may have been factors. the name of the driver is being withheld until the family is notified. adam: now to commitment 2016 coverage. hillary clinton, bernie sanders, and martin o' malley are in manchester tonight. the democratic party is hosting its annual jefferson jackson dinner at the radisson ballroom. that' s where we find wmur' s mike cronin. he joins live with a preview of that event.
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the speaking program will begin on that stage behind me as all three major democratic presidential candidates will be here and joined by new hampshire while the preparations finish up hotel it' hundreds of people lined the streets. and a manchester police detail is set up at the corner of elm and pleasant streets. supporters of hillary clinton, bernie sanders, and martin o' malley rallied with signs. some were surprised that the jim corbo: i think it' there' s so many people out here i' m here today. our family' s divided. and she' so we thought we' d come to support both of them, show them mike: we' tonight' s event on wmur at 11:00. live in manchester, mike cronin, wmur news 9. adam: thanks, mike. two republican presidential
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the granite state this week. stops tomorrow. christie will attend five events over the next two days. tomorrow, christie will is in portsmouth, concord and loudon. and on tuesday, he will be in londonderry and hold a drug recovery roundtable in concord. also on tuesday, donald trump will hold a rally in waterville valley at the white mountain athletic club. and you can find the latest political news by heading over to our website, stephanie: the man police believe killed five and wounded nine others at a planned parenthood court is due in court tomorrow afternoon. new information reveals what may have motivated the shooter to target the clinic. brandi hitt is in colorado with the latest. >> police have not been out a motive yet, but we are learning more about the accused gunman under arrest for the siege that killed three and injured nine
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others. authorities say after robert dear surrendered, he made planned parenthood. law-enforcement says during interviews, he rambles. but other times seems rational. they are trying to understand his mental state. the u.s. attorney general called the shooting a crime against women receiving health care at planned parenthood. the group says the crime was motivated by opposition to legal abortion. >> the tirades against planned parenthood in the last few months have been over the top. good topic on the campaign trail this year. republican candidates have often used strong language against the group that are condemning the attack. >> what he did is domestic terrorism and abominable. >> any hate crime is a horrible thing, no matter from where it strongly.
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>> it is unacceptable and wrong. >> as investigators search for answers, families and communities are in mourning, holding vigils and prayers for the victims, including the police officer. >> it was shocking. >> brandi hitt, colorado springs, colorado. adam: authorities in pennsylvania have taken a man into custody in the shooting death of a veteran police officer last night. pennsylvania state police say saint clair township officer lloyd reed was responding to a domestic dispute in new florence. reed exchanged gunfire with the suspect, 31-year-old ray shelter. shelter then fled. he was caught after a six-hour manhunt. authorities say charges are pending in the shooting. stephanie: a deadly storm is still dumping more rain and ice on the southern plains as waterways are flooded and thousands are without power. 14 people in texas and kansas have been killed in the band of storms since thursday, and one 70-year-old woman whose car was swept away in forth worth on
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friday is still missing. authorities in oklahoma say ice storms knocked out power to more than 78,000 customers. most of north texas is under a flood watch until 6:00 tonight. thankfully there are no severe , storms in the granite state, but some cold air is moving in. let' s take a live look in portsmouth where the temperature is 35 degrees. but we could get some rain as we head into the work week. for your forecast, let' s head over to meteorologist josh judge. josh: the rain in the texas area is still there but pulling away and gradually headed toward us for midweek. we won' t see any problems like they had. it was coming down heavy, even mixed precipitation in texas. around here, clear skies except for the mountains. they did have snow flurries and a few snow showers today. temperatures sinking back in the 20' s in northern new hampshire. 30' s elsewhere. we are going down a lot more tonight.
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7-13 for northern hampshire and teens most everywhere else except for coastal communities in the 20' s. the week ahead in a few minutes. stephanie: thanks. and you can stay up to date with the latest forecast and radar by using our wmur storm watch weather app, available for both apple and android devices. adam: the manchester boston regional airport was busy today as the holiday weekend comes to a close. the u.s. state department issued a worldwide travel alert two days before thanksgiving after recent terror attacks and increased threats. authorities say the airport operated at a heightened level t notice any differences and traveling to and easy. t been bad. the trip home was pretty calm. airports haven' t been took busy. >> it' s been good. no problems. nothing really going on, same old stuff. adam: during the holidays, travelers are asked to arrive 90 to 120 minutes before flights to
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large crowds. stephanie: manchester students will be headed back to school tomorrow at a different time. the high school will start at 7:45 and end at 2:53. middle school starts at 7:35 and ends at 2:20. elementary school will begin at 8:45 and end at 2:50. the new academic calendar also builds in three snow days so . the changes are due to the new contract with the teachers union. still to come on news 9 at 5:00. adam: an endorsement and how it may shake up the field. josh: much of november has seen above normal temperatures. not today. we will look at who continues -- and how long this continues this
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adam: ahead at 5:30, reports of shots fired leads to the seizure of weapons and
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adam: today, presidential
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candidate chris christie received the endorsement of "the new hampshire union leader," a coveted prize for any conservative candidate. the publisher called christie right for these dangerous times and pointed to his accomplishments as a u.s. attorney and governor as reasons for giving him the nod over the rest of the field. thanks for being here to put this in context. what could this endorsement do for governor christie and what can he do with it? >> against governor christie a reason to fight on. this caps off what has been an up-and-down month for him. he got kicked off the national debate stage because of low poll numbers. but his constant politicking in new hampshire is paying off with national media stories about how he seems to be gaining traction. now it topped off with this endorsement. his investors in his campaign, he can say it is paying off. give me 10 more weeks to prove what i can do.
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what can a candidate due to maximize the benefit of an endorsement? >> you will see the endorsement early and often on his ads which have been running for months. he will make a point of talking about that in his town hall meetings. he has done dozens by now. the good news is he has a campaign that can use the message, reinforce it over and over again. that will be a big help. "the union leader" will follow-up with additional editorials as well. adam: we have seen governor christie hovering at about 5% in most polls in new hampshire. he is in this competitive triangle with governor kasich and jeb bush. what happens in that triangle as they vie to break into the upper tier? >> one of them will emerge from new hampshire may be. it could be none of them. for all of them, it is win or go home in new hampshire. they are all struggling to reach out to the moderate, somewhat conservative voters. this endorsement gives christie an edge over the two of them.
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the puts them in the shadows. even though christie is only a 4%, donald trump is just in the 20%-20 5% himself, so he is reachable. 10 weeks is going to be a lifetime because a lot of voters have not decided. adam: it is not just this one endorsement. they can continue on the editorial page to boost christie and attack other candidates. >> that will meet january interesting when voters start tuning in for preparation for voting in february. will they go after trump in editorials? adam: this does not name other names but does kick dirt on other candidates. it says we don' t need another fast talking senator trying to run the government. a dig at barack obama, ted cruz, and rand paul. >> it is a departure. "the union leader" in the 90' s and 2000 were willing to roll
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candidates. lately they have been about experience and credentials. they endorsed john mccain in 2008. newt gingrich in 2012, and now chris christie who is no one' s candidate. more of a somewhat conservative candidate. adam: it will be fascinating to see how this plays out. thank you for your time. for more political coverage, visit us online at politics. we have historical footage, including the infamous breakdown outside "the union leader" in 1972. there are interviews on previous campaigns and we add more every week. >> now, meteorologist josh judge with your forecast. josh: it was cooler, but we had plenty of sunshine. it was a nice day but not as warm. a breeze at times as well. temperatures have sunk into the upper 20' s in the northern part of the state. 30' s everywhere else and falling quickly as temperatures drop
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into the teens in a lot of spots. maybe some spots that have not been there yet this year. here are the current sustained wind speeds. we had guests until recently. those have fallen off. i expect the winds to continue to decouple, calm down more overnight. just gentle wind going forward from this point on. clear skies have been evident all day. in northern new hampshire, we have had scattered clouds and even some snow flurries and snow showers. mostly in the mountains. some drifting into parts of the mount washington valley. that could continue off and on for the next several hours. as the winds calm down, this should subside and we will see clearing skies into the north country for tomorrow as well. the cold well to our south. that brought the rain saturday. today, it brought sunshine.
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high pressure down cooler air as well. low-pressure but a warm front moving in for tuesday night into wednesday. that means the chance for showers but also warmer conditions. we have to wait until then for that to happen. a closer look with futurecast showing clearing skies in the north country overnight and remaining mostly clear everywhere else. tomorrow morning, blue skies but a chilly start. most of us in the teens. through the day, mostly sunny. a few clouds through southern new hampshire at times. overall, a generally mostly sunny day is on the way for tomorrow. another cold night. tuesday morning, we start off with sunshine. there comes the system moving in bringing clouds and maybe a passing struggle. most of the day should be dry until late in the day. late day or early evening the chance for showers opens up. scattered showers and perhaps
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on through the day on wednesday and tapering off wednesday afternoon or evening. getting windy and cold are all over again for thursday. let' s take you through these day by day for the temperatures to expect. in northern new hampshire, you could see overnight tonight temperatures as low as single digits, especially in sheltered valleys. other areas with high terrain around low double digits. central parts of the state between 16 and 20. seven new hampshire, same thing. low-lying valleys could be in the mid-teens. toward the seacoast, milder. it is not that mild. it is still cold. tomorrow, another chilly one. there is a look at the high temperatures. lower 30' s in northern new hampshire. mid-to-upper 30' s everywhere else. only one real system we are watching that moves in tuesday night.
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into next weekend, all over again, here we go with average temperatures and maybe above average with more sunshine. adam: i see the highs inching downward. josh: it is depressing to some but others love it. stephanie: when do you think we could see snow? showers in the mountains like we saw today. there could be more thursday but week or two. adam: one place they do have snow tonight is denver. that is where the patriots are playing tonight. jason: the pats in primetime taking on the broncos. they have struggled in denver historic tt2watz'@>4 bt@qv?x tt2watz'@>4 "a@qf3< tt2watz'@>4 bm@qm80 tt4watz'@>4 " dztq g[< tt4watz'@>4 " entq 7_\ tt4watz'@>4 " gzt& .x$ tt4watz'@>4 " hnt& >vh
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tt4watz'@>4 " jntq fop tt4watz'@>4 " lzt& ^", tt2watv# 1t! bt@q%o\ tt2watv# 1t! "a@q5c8 tt2watv# 1t! bm@q>h4 tt4watv# 1t!" dztq b?p tt4watv# 1t!" entq 2;0 tt4watv# 1t!" gzt& +
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>> now, jason king and news 9 sports. jason: patriots play in primetime tonight. the pats and broncos at mile high. 8:30 your start time. defenses in the league. players left and right. danny amendola will not play tonight. tom brady, 6-7 lifetime against the league he does not have a winning record against. we will hear from brady tonight at 6:00. saints and texans. first quarter, brian hoyer finds ryan griffin, the big tight end
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out of londonderry. touchdown texans. griffin had four catches for 72 yards and that score. houston wins 24-6. the season came to an end for the unh football team yesterday, losing to colgate in the first round of the fcs playoffs 27-20. but at least they had the chance to play. new hampshire made the postseason for a 12th consecutive season. after a pretty rough start to the year, the team rallied to win four in a row down the stretch, finishing the regular season at 7-4 and not only making the playoffs, but hosting a game. we' ll hear more from the team tonight at 6:00. division ii college basketball saint anselm hosting post , university. second half, ryan hartung knocks down a three from the top of the key. hawks in front 78-51. then cody ball fires a three from the corner. he had 16 points. hartung again from the far wing, three more.
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he finished with 14. mike mccahey had a double -double game-high 17 points with 10 rebounds. the hawks are 6-0. they win 89-73. that is sports for now. more at 6:00. stephanie: we' re working on more for news 9 at 5:30. adam: a controversial government program expiring today. what the n.s.a. is set to stop collecting. stephanie: and ski season is just around the corner for a number of new hampshire resorts. a look at which ones are opening this week. tt0w!ty%hp! %4@-z5x tt0w!ty%hp! el@-p24 tt0w!ty%hp! ed@-v0p tt0w!ty%hp% )8h-6n, tt0w!ty%hp% kzh-+!p tt0w!ty%hp% n-h-^h\
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tt0w!ty%hp% 0ph-@/d tt0w!ty%hp% s"h-p]$ tt0w!ty%hp% ueh-s?t tt0w!ty%hp% 7hh-o= tt0w!tr'hq! %4@-%[0 tt0w!tr'hq! el@-/\\ tt0w!tr'hq! ed@-)^8 tt0w!tr'hq% )8h-i d tt0w!tr'hq% kzh-to8 tt0w!tr'hq% n-h-!&4 tt0w!tr'hq% 0ph-?a, tt0w!tr'hq% s"h-/3l tt0w!tr'hq% ueh-,q<
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tt2watv# 1t! bt@q%o\ tt2watv# 1t! "a@q5c8 tt2watv# 1t! bm@q>h4 tt4watv# 1t!" dztq b?p tt4watv# 1t!" entq 2;0 tt4watv# 1t!" gzt& +
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josh: the sun returned, but temperatures stay cool. and now we get ready for an extra chilly night. stephanie: shots fired in a massachusetts neighborhood leads to the discovery of an assault rifle and the seizure of a large amount of ammunition. the charges a man is facing in connection to the incident. adam: convicted marathon bomber dzhokhar tsarnaev trying once again to get a new trial. the arguments a judge is expected to hear this week. >> i am just really thankful for me. i appreciate it a lot. stephanie: it was an emotional day for one mother as a local restaurant gives support for her young daughter battling
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>> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now, wmur news 9 at 5:30. stephanie: it is looking like a winter wonderland in the north country with a dusting of snow and temperatures expected to drop into the single digits in colebrook. welcome back. i' m stephanie woods. adam: and i' m adam sexton. could other parts of the state be in for a downright chilly night? let' s head over to meteorologist josh judge for a quick look at the forecast. josh: you bet it is going to be cold tonight for sure. still snow flurries in parts of the mountains as well. or are the current temperatures after only reaching the 30' s in northern new hampshire. you are back into the 20' s. after 40' s. 33 in rochester. a chilly night already and getting colder. there is a look at the clouds
5:29 pm
they will be around a little bit tonight but slowly waning as the cold front continues to push south. we are in the dry spot for a little longer until rain showers return into the middle part of the week. check out the temperatures tonight. single digits to low double digits in the north country. teens to low 20' s everywhere else. we will break it down and talk about the upcoming rain in a few minutes. stephanie: thanks. police searching for a domestic violence suspect stumbled on weapons and ammunition. >> this is a law enforcement officer' s worst nightmare. >> a scary discovery. police found weapons, ammo, and survival gear in and around this main street home during a manhunt overnight for the last year resident -- last
5:30 pm
resident wanted for crimes the chief did not fully describe. a call sent officers to this home. he was already on the run. >> a possible gunshot have been fired at when you the residents. in the back of the home, they found a fully loaded assault rifle with the safety off and determined there was a substance on the rifle that appeared to be blood. they also found a camouflage backpack which appeared to be a survival kit. quit with a search warrant for inside. >> recovered a handgun and a large amount of ammunition. >> police say he escaped across this pond. state police commander applauds investigators for the rest without loss of life. >> the damage or carnage that could be inflicted by the firepower he for you -- before you is a most unthinkable. >> the arrest was made 30 miles
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away in the woods. police say their suspect was wearing a bullet-proof vest and had two handguns. stephanie: thank you. a federal judge will hear arguments for a new trial for convicted boston marathon bomber dzhokhar tsarnaev. tsarnaev was sentenced to death earlier this year for the 2013 bombings. the defense says he deserves a new trial in a different location where jurors will be impartial. they say because of the outrage in the greater boston area after the attack, jurors could not be objective. the judge will hear the arguments on tuesday in federal court. the national security agency will stop its sweeping collection of americans' phone records today. the controversial program began 14 years ago under president george w. bush and was kept secret until edward snowden leaked its existence in 2013. in june, president obama signed a reform measure that took away the agency' s authority to collect the records. the surveillance transitioning period for the n.s.a. expires
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today. adam: world leaders are beginning to arrive in paris ahead of monday' s climate change conference. the gathering is putting an extraordinary burden on the city with nearly 3,000 security officers deployed just at the summit venue alone. that' s after the paris attacks two weeks ago that left 130 people dead. the two-week cop-21 summit aims to reach a landmark global deal on limiting greenhouse gas emissions. meanwhile, 100 people have been detained after small clashes between protesters and police officers near one of the city' s main squares. some in the crowd threw items at the police, who responded with tear gas. protesters are upset that an environmental march was cancelled. officials blocked the march amid heightened security in the wake of this month' s terror attacks. their response was to cover the city' s place de la republique with shoes to symbolize the steps marchers were prevented from taking. stephanie: keene state college
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is being altered for reducing food waste. the e.p.a. is honoring the college and 14 other organizations across the state read keene state' s award is for the best educational and outreach campaign. the campaign involves regular food audits and having a spokes-vegetable -- the carrot. it is displayed around campus with facts about preventing food waste. the e.p.a. say about 37 million tons of food was wasted in 2013. adam: a fundraiser was held today in manchester for a young girl fighting leukemia. athena nakos was diagnosed at just nine months old. she is a high-risk patient, which requires her to be in the hospital for days and sometimes weeks at a time. athena' s mom kalee says treatments are expected to last for at least three years. today, friends and family gathered at penuche' s restaurant in manchester to raise money for athena' s family. >> i see athena being sick and it just breaks my heart. and i just love them so much, and i wanted to see if we could raise money for them and help them out through this hard time so that kalee could be home with athena and be able to care for her.
5:34 pm
everybody coming out and helping me. i just appreciate it a lot. adam: penuche' s restaurant donated 50% of their proceeds to athena and her family. certainly, we wish them all the best. stephanie: absolutely. a really nice story. still to come on news 9 at 5:30. adam: an annual holiday campaign for our service members kicks off tomorrow. details on this year' s trees for troops. josh: a much nicer second half of the weekend. returns. stephanie: and the british royal
5:35 pm
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tt2watz'@>4 bt@qv?x tt2watz'@>4 "a@qf3< tt2watz'@>4 bm@qm80 tt4watz'@>4 " dztq g[< tt4watz'@>4 " entq 7_\ tt4watz'@>4 " gzt& .x$ tt4watz'@>4 " hnt& >vh tt4watz'@>4 " iztq t?0
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tt4watz'@>4 " lzt& ^", stephanie: welcome back to wmur news 9 tonight. in "escape outside," trees for troops. ski season is starting around the state. the new hampshire trees for troops campaign kicks off tomorrow at rocks estate christmas tree farm in bethlehem. the farm is collecting trees from across the granite state and vermont and sending them to troops overseas and around the country. the idea of the campaign is for service men and women to have a piece of home when they cannot be home for the holidays. tags are available to cut your own christmas tree right from forest. all you have to do is go to the forest service locations in campton, conway, and gorham and buy a $5 tag. people may only cut one tree per
5:38 pm
and some new hampshire ski resorts are already open for the season, but several others are opening in the coming week. cannon mountain and gunstock are both set to open on friday, december 4. attitash and crotched mountain are expected to open on saturday, december 5. and you can find even more outdoors news on the escape outside section of our website, adam: the holiday season is in full swing, and that means it is busy season for one seacoast business. >> these pans are going to be ready to hit the oven. s "chronicle," we get a look inside the commissary bakery in hampton. now to our u-local hot shot. holiday lights are shining bright at this house. you can submit your pictures and video, and join the thousands of u-local members, by logging onto
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tt0w!tr'hq! %4@-%[0 tt0w!tr'hq! el@-/\\ tt0w!tr'hq! ed@-)^8 tt0w!tr'hq% )8h-i d
5:40 pm
tt0w!tr'hq% kzh-to8 tt0w!tr'hq% n-h-!&4 tt0w!tr'hq% 0ph-?a, tt0w!tr'hq% s"h-/3l tt0w!tr'hq% ueh-,q<
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>> now, meteorologist josh judge with your forecast. josh: it is chilly but clear skies will make it a nice starlit night but not warm. that is for sure. temperatures in the 20' s to the north and 30' s everywhere else at this moment. a lot more temperature tumbling to be done through the nighttime hours. the winds have called down. they were slightly breezy earlier today. just enough to make it feel colder than it was pretty the
5:42 pm
winds have called down over the mountains. that is why do have been clouds even a few flurries and snow showers throughout the afternoon. a couple of spots have seen a slight dusting. everywhere else, clear skies tonight. that should continue through the nighttime into tomorrow as well. a closer look at some snow flurries. you can see how they have calmed down in the last hour or two. you still may see a few flakes in the air the next couple of hours. then it starts to break apart. that happens as the winds calm down. rain yesterday. it was stalled overhead. south. that brought in much more stable air and sunshine. it also brought down the colder conditions. the difference between the cold and milder conditions creates the wind which creates the snow flurries.
5:43 pm
a look at what is to come over the next couple of days. high pressure tomorrow and much of tuesday. it starts to lose the battle to the area of low pressure which will move in. it brings rain showers and a warm front. as the rain arrives around midweek, the temperatures will go up a little bit despite the fact there will be clouds. there are snow flurries and even light snow in parts of denver and colorado. you see the snow arriving. the temperatures have been going down. 23 degrees the patriots game tonight. around kickoff, it will be around 19 degrees and falling through the teens during the game. there could be accumulation of snow in denver tonight. around here, not the case. clear skies for the most part and clearing in the north country overnight into tomorrow. sunshine on the way. we wake up with bright sunshine but chilly. bundle up with the extra layers
5:44 pm
tomorrow morning if you are heading out. a few clouds around southern parts of the state. that is about it. another cold night monday into tuesday. starting off with bright sunshine tuesday morning. the clouds take over. maybe a sprinkle. most holding off until late in the day or tuesday night. there could be heavier downpours out of that as well. let' tonight. race yourself. we have not seen temperatures like this in a little while. some spots in the north country into single digits. overnight lows in the teens to very low 20' s in southeastern areas of the state closer toward the coast. tomorrow, we wake up chilly. we stay chilly and sunny with temperatures in the 30' s and milder by midweek. that brings along some rain showers. adam: in denver, we have two
5:45 pm
snow and horrible in denver. what is going to happen? i' m a huge patriots fan. fingers crossed. it will depend on their new quarterback. see what happens. stephanie: i think they will pull it out. i have faith. adam: the holiday baking season is heating up. s "chronicle," we head inside the commissary in hampton where dozens of baking elves are doing their best to make sure your holiday table is full of goodies. >> the holiday baking elves are hard at work at the commissary whipping up hundreds of beit of the busiest bakeries.
5:46 pm
>> we are making 100 vanilla cakes at a time, 80 pounds of buttercream at a time. everything is large. we go big or we go home. the oven. >> in 2006, the owner teamed up with the chef and master baker at the grand resort. together, they launched popovers on the square, which is such a popular stop they have opened a second location in acting -- epping. most of the banking is done here at a commercial bakery in hampton. no storefront, just lots of bakera s, large quantities of ingredients, and heavy machinery. >> today i have a helper. he is here today. you will see him peeling apples.
5:47 pm
putting out 50 of each variety of cake. 140 apple pies. 100 chocolate cream pies. we will do close to 500 pies the week of christmas. >> we have got some snowflake wedding cookies. we have some double chocolate crinkle cookies. hershey' s kisses, my favorite. and ginger-molasses cookies. this time of year, we make cookies nonstop. we are cutting, decorating. it is a nonstop cookie machine all day. >> he has about a dozen baker' s at the commissary. all have experience but their resumes must include the ability to get up early. the banking starts at 4:00 a.m.
5:48 pm
lift heavy bowls of confections. >> we want every fruit tart to look the same in every restaurant. we want the standard to be the same. >> one of the busiest departments at the commissary is the cake room. >> our cakes have taken off. this year alone, we have done over 100 wedding cakes. >> have a lot on my list. >> she has been with our company for over six years. seven years. misty started when she was in high school. she started as a dishwasher in portsmouth, and she is down we had cake decorator at the commissary -- the head cake decorator at the commissary. >> like any professional doing their job for years, misty makes decorating a flawless cake look
5:49 pm
easy. >> that is called feathering. take the knife, go down, and then up. that is a lemon-raspberry cake. >> happy first birthday. >> the good thing about cakes is cover up. a holiday staple at the fruitcake. two weeks. >> the fruit is candied cherries and candied pineapple. we mix that with an ungodly amount of brandy. we usually soak it around halloween for a month or more. this will become the fruit
5:50 pm
>> jason came over to popovers. as one of the veterans in the kitchen, he literally has his hands in almost everything they turn out. >> this is 18 pounds of dark chocolate, nine pounds of butter, and three cups of dark brown -- rum. some days, i like icing cakes. other days, i like scooping cookies. >> she says it is a great team of baking elves they keep everything running smoothly on year. but she admits the holidays can get crazy. the next time you pick up a batch of christmas cookies or a fruitcake, now you can say you have been behind the scenes at the workshop. and it might just make it taste
5:51 pm
>> i think it is the consistency, the variety. and we really try not to mess things up. flour, and eggs. we want to get it from point a to be as fresh as possible. just be a good caretaker of the food and pass it along. adam: coming up monday on "chronicle," think you could pack up and call a storage container home? we' ll introduce you to a new hampshire builder who is making chic and functional homes and offices out of cargo containers. stephanie: where do you fall on the fruitcake debate? adam: anti-fruitcake. stephanie: i like them when they ferment for a couple of years. they age like fine wine. i' m not selling you on this, i can tell. great britain' s newest princess is now six months old.
5:52 pm
adam: coming up, we take a look at the newest pictures of princess charlotte. stephanie: ahead at 6:00, a driver facing charges. adam: chris christie picks up a
5:53 pm
adam: an unexpected celebration took place aboard the papal
5:54 pm
plane shortly before pope francis landed in the central african republic. the pope and his staff learned that two journalists had birthdays while covering his trip. and to everyone' s surprise, they presented a cake with the words "happy birthday." the cameras kept rolling as everyone on the plane sang and cheered. stephanie: that was nice. that was "happy birthday" in italian. some cute pictures. adam: kensington palace released two photos of princess charlotte. stephanie: the pictures of the six-month-old princess were taken earlier this month at the norfolk home of her parents the duke and duchess of cambridge. a second child was born in may. how adorable. adam: she favors her mother. stephanie: so cute. i love it. we will have to see if she favors her more as she grows up. adam: a piece of history is celebrating a golden anniversary.
5:55 pm
brown aired for the first time on television. thanks so much for joining us on
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