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tv   News 9 Tonight  ABC  November 29, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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stephanie: right now at 11:00, three democratic presidential candidates speaking in manchester. how they plan to tackle top issues, including the heroine congress -- crisis and immigration policy. a driver is facing felony charges after one person was killed in a car crash. officers describe what they saw when they arrived. >> the sunshine return for the second half of the weekend, but so did the cooler air. stephanie: a different school schedule goes into effect tomorrow for manchester public schools. what time classes will start and end. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> no one covers new hampshire like we do. >>now wmur news 9 tonight. stephanie: we begin our coverage with commitment 2016.
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and hillary clinton spoke in manchester tonight. the democratic party hosted its annual jefferson jackson dinner. i am stephanie woods. hundreds rallied downtown before the event. mike cronin was there in manchester. mike: inside a crowded ballroom at the radisson in manchester, vermont senator bernie sanders addressed substance abuse, calling it a health issue, not a criminal one. >> we have a major crisis in opiate addiction, and we need a revolution in mental health treatment so that all people, regardless of their income, can get the help they need. mike: sanders announced its prison -- his opposition to a pipeline proposal in new hampshire. >> it would carry frack natural gas through 17 communities, a bad idea. >> every year, the people of new
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not by doing what the polls say, not by following big money, but by following their heart. mike: former maryland governor martin o' malley greeted supporters on elm street. inside, he blasted donald trump' s immigration policy. >> to that in the aggression, con or -- carnival barker donald trump, let us stand up and say the enduring symbol of our nation is not a barbed wire fence. it is the statue of liberty. mike: hillary clinton entered to a sea of glow sticks. in the wake of terror attacks, foreign policy was a key issue for both candidates -- all candidates. >> i take a backseat to know one when i say i will do whatever is necessary to protect us, but i will do it in a way that furthers and promotes our values. mike: clinton closed by portraying herself as the candidate for all americans. >> it is unusual for a candidate
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these divisive times, to say, we need more love and kindness, but america right now. stephanie: that was mike cronin reporting. "the new hampshire and union leader" endorsed governor chris coveted prize. the gop hopeful has been campaigning heavily in the granite state. "the union leader" called kristi "right for these dangerous times." the editorial cited chris s extensive resume as new jersey. [no audio] >> he has a campaign in tv and in person that could capitalize on the endorsement. christie trailing candidates like jeb bush and john kasich.
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three republican presidential candidates will be headed to the granite state this week. florida governor marco rubio will make two stops tomorrow, first for a town hall in laconia, and then for scott brown' s and no bs barbecue in riot. new jersey governor chris christie will attend five events over the next two days. tomorrow, he will be in portsmouth, concord, and loudoun. tuesday, he will hold a drug recovery roundtable in concord. tuesday, donald trump will hold a rally at waterville valley. it' s a cool night to start the week. below freezing temperatures. you are taking a live look at chilly 28 degrees. expect for monday. josh: it' s going to be a chilly start first thing in the morning, and during the day, a chilly day. let' s take a look at your current temperatures. 20' s for many locations, and already down to 20 in both
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whitefield and berlin. let' s take a look at the bigger picture. we had some flurries and light snow showers in the mountains for parts of this afternoon and evening. you can see those have been winding down. most of the action is well to our south as a front is directing all the rain away, but the showers down well to our south, these are going to be returning around tuesday afternoon and evening. for tomorrow and tonight, it' s going to be chilly. tonight, lowe' s down near 10 in the rest of the state will be in the teens. we will talk about the rain on the way in your forecast, coming up. stephanie: one person was killed in an early morning two-car crash in manchester. now one of the drivers is in custody facing a felony charge. the crash happened around 4:00 this morning at the corner of lake avenue and union street. it involved a honda pilot and volkswagen suv. alexander burke is now in
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>> on arrival, two vehicles come extensive damage to one of the vehicles, four vehicles -- victims in the first vehicle. the second vehicle had to victims. the victims in the first critical. the jaws of life was used to get two of the victims out. stephanie: one of the passengers injuries. their name is not being released. others were taken to the ok. arguments for a new trial for convicted boston marathon bomber dzhokhar tsarnaev. he was sentenced to death earlier this year for executing the 2013 bombings. the defense says he deserves a new trial in a different impartial. they say because of the outrage in the greater boston area, jurors could not be objective. arguments tuesday in federal court.
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nearly 60 representatives and senators support the measure. $300 for repeat violators. boston is working to raise the age. tomorrow, parents and manchester will bring students to school at a different time. the school district is changing the manchester education association. elementary school will begin at 8:45 and end at 2:50. middle school starts at 7:35 and ends at 2:20. the new calendar builds in three snow days so the day' year. keene state college is being honored for reducing food waste. the epa is honoring the college and 13 other organizations. keane states award is for the best educational and outreach campaign.
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food audits and a spokesvegetable, the carrot. the epa says about 37 million tons of food was wasted in 2013. the manchester-boston regional airport was busy,, as travelers returned home after thanksgiving. the u.s. state department issued a worldwide travel alert two days before thanksgiving after recent terror attacks and increased threats. authorities say the airport operated at a heightened level of security, but people we spoke to say they didn' t notice any differences and traveling was easy. >> it hasn' the trip home was pretty calm. t been too busy. >> it' no problems. stephanie: a fundraiser was held
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today in manchester for a young girl fighting leukemia. athena was diagnosed at just nine months old. she is a high-risk patient, which requires her to be in the hospital for days and sometimes weeks at a time. her mom kayleigh says treatments are expected to last three years. today, friends and family gathered to raise money for athena' s family. >> icy athena sick, and it just breaks my heart. i love her so much. i wanted to see if we could raise money for them and help them through this hard time. >> i' m just really think for for everybody coming out and helping me. i just appreciate it a lot. stephanie: the restaurant donated 50% of the proceeds to a thing a and her family -- to athena and her family. the theme was the more the merrier at the salem holiday parade. after dairy had to cancel their parade due to rain, organizers
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in salem invited those participants to join them in salem. santa claus stopped in boston today. st. nick arrived at boston common in a med flight helicopter this afternoon. he was checking on the city as its getting ready for christmas. the 50-foot christmas tree arrived, and on thursday, it will be lit up for the rest of the season. coming up on news 9, we are learning more about the victims of the planned parenthood shooting in colorado. plus, what information will not be released to the public. a state of emergency for one state in the midwest. icy roads and downed trees. a winter storm is slowing down travelers tonight. josh: it' s a cold night out there for sure, but milder air will return this week. i will tell you what it brings along with it when we return.
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and democracy that works for all and not just the powerful few. stephanie: now, threats of violence on the university of
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the school canceled classes for tomorrow after an online threat of gun violence. university says the fbi informed the school of a threat from an unknown person. the threat mentioned the campus quad and a time of 10:00 in the morning. faculty and students are asked to stay away from the campus tomorrow. new details in the colorado springs planned parenthood shooting. authorities are releasing names of the civilians who were killed. the luminary reports state that the victims were -- a friend of stewart said he was an iraq war veteran and leaves behind two children. the third victim was officer garrett swasey, a massachusetts native. a candlelit vigil was held in colorado springs for the victims. >> you can' t explain it. it' s horrific. stephanie: police say they will not release what may have motivated robert lewis dear to open fire. police stated they will not be providing a timeline of events.
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a man accused of fatally shooting a pennsylvania police officer saturday was charged with homicide today. 31-year-old ray allen shelter junior was accused of killing officer lloyd read. he was shot while responding to a domestic disturbance call at a home in new lawrence. shelter left the scene, prompting a six-hour manhunt. pope francis is calling for peace in the central african republic. the pontiff celebrated mass at the capitol' s cathedral. violence between christians and muslims militants has forced one million people from their homes in the past two years. the central african republic is the pope' s last stop as he wraps up a six-they too are of three african countries. president obama arrived in paris today.
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first up was the bataclan concert hall. french president francois hollande and the mayor of paris met president obama at the memorial. the president is in paris for the climate change conference. meanwhile, at least 170 protesters had been detained after clashes with police today. the protests happened at the paris terror attack memorial site. police say protesters threw items, including memorial candles. protesters are upset because an environment of march was canceled. officials blocked the march on its heightened security in the wake of this month' s terror attacks. icy roads and snow are delaying some travelers from returning home after thanksgiving tonight. oklahoma has declared a state of emergency. chuck c burson tells us how the winter storm is bringing down trees and making driving conditions. chuck: for millions of travelers, the home stretch has
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become a slippery slope. >> i' ve got to go to work tomorrow. chuck: the freezing weather has put slow speed travel on ice. >> we weren' t even able to go the speed limit. >> so many trees down. chuck: trees falling under the weight of ice. >> all night, we could hear the limbs cracking and the ice falling, and we didn' t know what to expect. chuck: what did that sound like when this tree came apart? >> it kind of sounded like a shotgun going off. chuck: the winter storm, forcing oklahoma' s governor to declare a state of emergency. >> it' s coming down. chuck: 100,000 homes left in the dark, utility crews braving the elements to restore electricity. >> it' s been quite devastating. we had one ice storm several years ago, but it didn' t to the damage this has. chuck: in arkansas, the driver of this vehicle hydroplaned into
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three good samaritans managed to reach her just in time. >> she was able to reach her arm out, and i got her by hand. chuck:chuck: in texas, water teams rescued this truck driver trapped. the storm is headed east across the plains, spreading more snow, and in some spots, 5-10 inches. abc news, new york. >> now meteorologist josh judge with your storm watch 1 forecast. at the store moving through those areas. oklahoma, texas. a little bit of mixed precipitation on the back edge. that is the system that is going to slowly move towards us by tuesday afternoon and evening. it won' t have quite as much punch as it had down here. high-pressure built-in gave us beautiful sunshine and push the front that brought saturday' s of the clouds with it.
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what it also brought with it was that' s why it got much chillier. s for high temperatures. we will see that tomorrow, tomorrow night, and then pushing towards us. here is that colder air that for now is coming down tonight, tomorrow, and tomorrow night. that. s take a close look at snow, showers, and flurries. almost down to nothing. still very few stray flurries out there, but winding down as the winds died down. the winds have been calm and getting calmer this evening. that' s allowing these clouds to slowly erode away.
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here are those wins i was mentioning still out there. into tomorrow, a mostly sunny day. there will be some clouds that come and go in off the ocean. the big story tomorrow along with the sunshine will be the fact that, yes, it' s going to be a chilly day, chillier tomorrow than it was today. a very chilly start when you send the kids out to the bus
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indications right now are wednesday morning the showers pull away. temperatures tonight bottom out in the teens in central and southern new hampshire, except for the seacoast. a couple spots get into the single digits by early tomorrow. tomorrow, these are your high temperatures, 30' s pretty much everywhere. mid-to-upper 30' s in central and southern new hampshire. sunny to partly sunny, but chilly. here is a look at the rest of the week, tuesday and into the evening. on wednesday, you will see those scattered showers. then we dry out into next week and into next weekend. stephanie: when do you think we are going to see those freezing temperatures during the day? josh: it is certainly going to be cold tomorrow.
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the rest of the week, we are back to around average. stephanie: if you are going to have a miserable day, it might as will be miserable monday, and it' s all downhill. josh: it won' t be miserable. the patriots are going to win. stephanie: how are they doing? jason: they are winning right now.
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when they told me that i was diagnosed with cancer, all i could think of was my kids to leave them. but it is still scary.
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now i have a pre-existing condition. take away obamacare, breast cancer survivors like me could be denied coverage. if hillary's in the white house, she's going to continue so that i don' have to worry anymore. i trust her, and i know she's going to fight for all of us. i'm hillary clinton,
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tt0w!tr'hq! %4@-%[0 tt0w!tr'hq! el@-/\\ tt0w!tr'hq! ed@-)^8 tt0w!tr'hq% )8h-i d tt0w!tr'hq% kzh-to8 tt0w!tr'hq% n-h-!&4 tt0w!tr'hq% 0ph-?a, tt0w!tr'hq% s"h-/3l tt0w!tr'hq% ueh-,q< tt0w!tr'hq% 7hh-0sh >> now jason king and news 9 sports. jason: new england, trying to improve to 11-0, but facing its far. three inches of snow in the forecast.
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it' s been snowing the entire game. patriots holding onto a 21-17 lead late in the fourth quarter. hauled in a 63-yard touchdown catch. ronnie hillman and cj anderson have touchdown runs for the broncos. they' ve added a field goal with 4:00 to go. the pats, holding on to that slim lead. we will see if they can stay perfect on the season. elsewhere, dolphins and the jets, picking it up in the fourth quarter. chris ivory with a great run, breaks all kinds of tackles. brandon marshall had 131 yards receiving. the jets win 38-20. the bills, they lost today to the chiefs. here is the afc east standings, the patriots hoping to improve to 11-0.
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second place. saints and texans, this one in the first quarter, brian hoyer the tight end out of londonderry, new hampshire. griffin had four catches for 72 yards. it was the first time in 45 straight games that drew brees did not throw a touchdown pass for the saints. basketball, the celtics were on the road taking on the magic down in orlando. we pick this one up in the second quarter. 21-20, orlando. boston gets it to isaiah thomas who knocks down the three. third quarter now, and victor all the depot knocks down the three ball. he had a team-high 19. thomas kicks it out to avery bradley who knocks down a three from the corner. boston got to within 12 points twice.
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orlando wins 110-91. the celtics play in miami on monday night. new hampshire' s michaela shifrin captured back-to-back world cup slalom races in aspen. she won saturday' s race and did it again today. this was her fifth straight slalom world cup win dating back to last season. the season came to an end for the unh football team yesterday, losing to colgate. at least they had a chance to play. new hampshire made the postseason for a 12th consecutive season after a rough start to the year. the team rally to win four in a row down the stretch to finish the regular season at 7-4. >> i know we are a better team. i know we are a really good football team. i think we showed a feel for the seniors. they have invested an awful lot in this program. >> kind of down and out. we didn' t play the way we felt like we should of been playing, but we fought all the way through.
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always known, you can' t count us out, and the same goes for this season. they counted us out of the playoffs very early. we fought back and came here. it' s just unfortunate we couldn' t get a win at home. jason: those wildcats will be back next year. still ahead, some college basketball from the hilltop. a record-tying performance in hanover. jeb bush: here's the truth you will not hear from our president: we are at war with radical islamic terrorism. it is the struggle that will determine the fate of the free world. the united states should not delay in leading a global coalition to take out isis with overwhelming force. their aim is our total destruction. we can't withdraw from this threat or negotiate with it. we have but one choice: to defeat it. vo: right to rise usa
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jason: division ii college hoops. this is saint anselm college hosting post university over at stoughton berg jim. knocking down a three. the hawks in front 78-51, and then cody ball of londonderry fire is a three from the corner. mike mckay he had a double-double. the hawks are 6-0. sophomore miles wright scored a career-high 39 points to tie the arena scoring record at dartmouth to lead dartmouth to their first win of the season, 79-56 over lu
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a perfect 5-5 in the second half. in the annual hockey tournament at the ice den, this is southern new hampshire university and daniel webster college. they played in the consolation game. sam jenkins throws one on that, but morgan hudson makes the save for the eagles. paul perrault' s oh feeds devon murray for the goal. again, the patriots are hanging on to that 21-17 lead, but rob gronkowski just went down with what looked like a right leg injury. he was carted off the field, although he was walking to the cart under his own power. we will keep you updated. stephanie: it didn' t look good. hopefully, gronk pulls through. is the weather going to pull through? jason: josh: tomorrow looks good. it' s going to be a chilly start and chilly day. we start to gradually get milder, but as you see, the shower chances increase as we
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get into the tuesday and wednesday timeframe. stephanie: that does it for news
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