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tv   News 9 Daybreak  ABC  November 30, 2015 5:00am-6:00am EST

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>> now on "daybreak," schedule change. students in the city of manchester have new hours starting today. the campaign trail to new hampshire is busy. leading democrats are rallying and a republican just picked up a key endorsement. kevin: a cold start to the day. we'll talk about the next system ahead. erin: what happened to gronk? an update after he was carted off of the field last night. >> no one covers new hampshire like we do.
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daybreak." erin: good morning, new hampshire. i'm erin fehlau. kevin skarupa with a look at the forecast. kevin: single digits. teens and 20's elsewhere. mostly cloudy. really no problem beside the fact that you have to warm up the car. we will have partial sunshine. mostly sunny skies. the next system will start to arrive with an increase in clouds. mid 20's up in southern highs for most will be in the 30's. a light wind and a blend of sunshine and clouds. much more in a bit. let's look at the morning ride. deb: good monday morning. if you are going to be
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not seeing any delays down to the everett turnpike. the everett turnpike, spaulding, and 101 are a nice quiet ride. this is report is brought to you by peter's of nashua. from the traffic network, i'm deb davidson for 95.7 wzid. erin: thank you, deb. school schedules in the city of manchester are changing this morning. meaning that students could show up at different times. manchester this morning schedule. good morning, ray. ray: good morning. the new schedule is teachers contract with the teachers union. it is based on the number of hours rather than looking at the number of school days. that school day will start and end a little bit later. the new academic calendar has three snow days built in that do not have to be made up
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at the end of the year. that means, assuming there are fewer than four snow days, the last day of school is june 9th. here are the new school hours. elementary school starts at 8:45 and will end at 2:50. the middle school starts at 7:35 and ends at 2:20. the high school starts at 7:45 and ends at 2:53. the high school graduations are set for june 3rd and 4th. as you head out, be aware that you might see the school buses at different times than you are used to. live in manchester, ray brewer, wmur news 9. erin: the man accused of opening fire at a planned parenthood clinic is due in court today. three people, including a police officer, were killed and several others were hurt. abc's megan hughes has more on the shooting and what we're now learning
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gunman. reporter: while they process the snowy scene, the victim's families process the lives lost. 29-year-old ke 'arre veteran. >> he didn't know them. he said no more body parts. my brother wasn't for abortion or participating in abortion. reporter: 35-year-old jennifer markovsky was a mother of two. garrett swasey was also a pastor at his church. >> he would have gone in to the clinic to serve those people because their lives matter. reporter: during the five-hour siege people scammabled for their lives as a gunman took aim at police and everyone else.
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reporter: police say the alleged gunman, robert deer, made comments about planned parenthood. deer was on the minds of many during candlelight vigils throughout colorado this weekend. >> we forgive him. we can't not. garrett has forgiven him. reporter: deer is being held without bond. he's expected in court later this afternoon. megan hughes, abc news, washington. erin: in political coverage this morning, several candidates are wrapping up the month of november here in new hampshire. martin o'malley has stopped plans in manchester, north conway, and somersworth. on the republican side marco rue -- rubio has a town hall in laconia, and chris christie will be in portsmouth, loudon, and concord. he picked up the endorsement of the "union leader."
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the editorial cites the extensive resume and results as u.s. attorney and governor. >> this endorsement will at least encourage him to get a second look. it comes at a good time with two and a half months left. he has a campaign on tv and again in person that could capitalize on the endorsement. erin: christie has spent a lot of time here in new hampshire. he still lags far behind in the polls. about 1,400 people packed the annual jefferson jackson dinner in manchester, hosted by the state democratic party. hillary clinton, bernie sanders, and martin o'malley all spoke. >> we have a major crisis and opioid addiction. we need a major revolution so all people can get the help they need. >> to the immigrant-bashing,
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carnival barker, donald trump, let's stand up and say the enduring symbol is not the barb wire februaries, it is the statue of liberty. >> i take a backseat to no one when i say i will do whatever is necessary to protect us. i will also do it in a way that furthers and promotes our values. erin: the party estimates they raised more than $250,000 at last night's event. you will soon notice some changes on the t in boston. this is about what you won't see. starting tomorrow there's a ban on all political ads on the t that debate moral, religious, and social issues. the decision was made last week focused on an ad in the redline davis square station that angered members of the jewish community. it is consistent with policies in new york and also chicago. patriots fans are holding their collective
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star tight end rob gronkowski get carted off the field during the loss to the denver broncos. gronk hurt his right knee. he had x-rays. he was seen walking out of the x-ray room and left the stadium without crutches. bill belichick said he did not have an update after the game. a source told espn it does not appear to be serious. the patriots lost the game in overtime. still ahead, this monday morning volunteers will load thousands of christmas trees today. they won't be sold. instead they are being shipped around the world. the 12 days of christmas is a popular song. if you wanted to give all of those gifts, you'd need a lot of money. the cost is rising. ahead at 5:30, a big show of support in manchester for a little girl who was diagnosed
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with lieu -- leukemia at
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years. something is wrong with our healthcare system and it needs then, it was about health reform and getting eight million kids now, it's about stopping obamacare, and taking on insurance companies to bring down drug prices. i'm not going to let any family be deprived of healthcare. i'm not going to let the republicans rip up obamacare and throw it away.
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>> you are watching "news 9 daybreak" with erin fehlau, sean skarupa. now news 9 continues. 30th. temperatures in the mid to upper 20's. partial sunshine closer to the coast. inland sections mostly sunny skies. for most today, we're up in to the 30's, the coolest day of the week. details of the warming trend and shower chances coming up. erin: kevin, thank you. many people are starting to put up their christmas trees. an effort gets underway today to help service members decorate as well. trees from growers across new hampshire and vermont are being gathered at the rocks estate christmas tree farm in bethlehem. christmas volunteers and
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school children will help load them up and men and women serving in the u.s. and abroad. people are getting in to the holiday spirit right now. the theme for salem's holiday parade yesterday was the more the merrier, features the bands, veterans, and more. organizers invited people who planned to participate after those festivities were canceled due to rain. and we want to see how you are getting in to the holiday spirit. look at this. show us your lights. check out the house all decked out. the braves put up a lot of lights as well inflatables and other christmas decorations. check out this patriots and red sox-themed christmas tree in manchester. the windham mill house has a very classic look. you can share your own pictures on your u local page. beautiful.
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coming up, americans will spend billions of dollars online today. there are plenty of great deals for cyber monday. plus there were several big new movies in the theaters this weekend. could any of them
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erin: welcome back. the university of chicago has canceled college due to a threat. the threat made specific mentions of time and location. students who live on campus are urged to stay in inside. in light of other events on campuses, they decided to be extra careful. security at other campuses will be heightened today. the famous dancing cop is taking his routine across the river. the city cut ties with tony lepore after he helped organize a
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protest. he's been hired to holiday. he gained national fame after he started dancing on traffic duty back in the 1980's. "the hunger games" continues to rule the box office even with strong new competition. "mocking jay: part ii" took in more than $51 million to take the top spot. "the good dinosaur" was a strong second followed by "creed" the latest movie features rocky. today the big deals are online for cyber monday. the deals are expected to be especially good on electronics. many places are offering free shipping. experts predict that americans will spend today. up 12% from a year ago. some cyber monday dealed started over the weekend. retailers are banking on a big day
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because black friday was a bit of a flop. according to shop or track, sales fell more than $1 million compared to last year. there were fewer people lining up. 40% shopped online even for black friday. the cost of celebrating the 12 days of christmas is going up as it usually does. you mostly blame the lords of leaping due to those rising labor costs. according to the annual pnc wealth management christmas price intex the set of lifts outlined in the final verse of the song would cost $34,131. that's up about $200. if you bought them each time they are mentioned in the song, you would shell out more than $155,000. the cheapest item is the
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partridge at $25. kevin: there's always the catch. it is the pear tree. the seven lords of leaping. who knew? kevin: good. fixings. nice long run today. day. start. temperatures in the single digits up north. we get up in to the 30's through the afternoon. starting tomorrow. there will be a couple of showers creeping in later tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow night. i think the shower chances, while they won't be heavy or long lasting on wednesday, thereby around likely through early thursday before the milder temperatures hang on in to next weekend. now you'll notice early this morning quite a few clouds located off shore. those are going to try to navigate on shore. there are some patchy clouds out there. not everyone gets full sunshine all day long. at worst, it is parable sunshine in to the afternoon. looks like the clouds are on the move. also on the move the
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next system back out to the west. these showers will be passing to our south. the next system eventually comes at us. doesn't look like extremely heavy rain with the next system or for the most part any kind of mixed precipitation until the end of the system. temperatures as i mentioned single digits up north. mid 20's in southern spots. cold start to the day out there. one of the colder mornings that we've had. through the afternoon, temperatures up in to the 30's. there's the moderating trend. it takes a light wind tomorrow and a southwesterly wind as the system starts to move in on wednesday to get back in to the low to mid 40's. today a lot of areas shy of 40. nashua and salem touching 40 briefly. folks up in to the 30's today after a cold start to the afternoon. you can see how future cast hints at at least anywhere from boston south the chance of a couple of flurries coming on shore with the on shore flow. for us, it will be clouds and mixing with
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sunshine through the afternoon before going partly cloudy to mostly clear later on tonight. start, sunshine tomorrow adding clouds through the day. maybe a couple of showers in western and northern areas. as you'll notice, the shower activity cop continues to come at us. still a couple more showers to be had on wednesday. shouldn't be an all day situation. through thursday morning. then the clearing comes through and sets up fair skies for the end of the week and likely in to next weekend. a warming trend as well. a lot of areas up in to the 40's by the time we get toward the weekend. temperatures today in the mid to upper 30's for most. lower 30's up north. light wind and a chilly afternoon before again tonight with mostly clear skies and light winds topping in to the 20's and teens to a couple of single numbers up north. the forecast has the milder air coming back at us and remaining around. we get in to this time of year, early december, if we don't have snow on
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the ground, temperatures are easy to go at or above normal. any chance of the couple of snow flakes early thursday. in to next weekend, sunshine. if you have the outdoor plans or planning any sort of activities, all is a good. erin: all right. the coldest day of the week is today. kevin: we get beyond this. more 40's in the forecast. thank you. we want to check in on the top stories. we begin with ray brewer in manchester. ray: the times, they are changing for school children here in manchester. it is the result of a new teachers contract. the school day will start and end a little later. here are the new hours. elementary school starts at 8:45 and ends at 2:50. the middle school starts at 7:35 and ends at 2:20 and the middle starts at 7:45 and ends at 2:53.
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erin: they were all in jefferson for the jackson dinner. bernie sanders and hillary clinton spoke at the event. chris christie picked up a coveted endorsement. the new hampshire "union leader" offered its support. happy birthday. there's more to these parties that meets the if you're doing everything right but find it harder and harder to get by, you're not alone. while our people work longer hours for lower wages, almost all new income goes to the top 1%. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultrarich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. i approve this message
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because together, we can make a political revolution and create an economy and democracy that works for all
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i will take brilinta today. tomorrow. and every day for as long as my doctor tells me. don't miss a day of brilinta. erin: there are many great holiday displays going up all over the place. the victoria mansion in portland, maine is decked out. this year's theme is early victoria christmas. each room is decorated by different designers
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kevin: it is renowned for the architecture. nearly 10,000 people are expected to visit over the next five weeks. erin: i used to live right around the corner from there. it is beautiful. they really do deck the halls. many kids look forward to their birthday parties. one woman is on a mission to make sure every child can celebrate. paige chenault is a former wedding planner. he started an organization to provide birthday parties to homeless kids. kevin: in the three years, she has thrown parties for more than southbound lane1,600 children. congratulations. erin: that's a great thing she's doing. there's a new tool available for use in emergencies situations. leaders from nearly 200 countries are gathering with a primary item on the agenda, global
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when they told me that i was diagnosed with cancer, all i could think of was my kids and that i didn' t want to leave them. i beat cancer, but it is still scary. now i have a pre-existing condition. so, if republicans take away obamacare, breast cancer survivors like me could be denied coverage. if hillary's in the white house, she's going to continue obamacare, so that i don' t have to worry anymore. i trust her, and i know she's going to fight for all of us. i'm hillary clinton,
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>> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now wmur "news 9 daybreak." erin: good morning. monday, november 30th. we hope you had a lovely thanksgiving with your family and friends. we're glad you are joining us. we're going to get to your forecast after our top stories. changes to manchester school hours take effect today meaning thousands of students will be spending more time in class. a man from bowe is facing a felony dwi charge in connection with a crash that left
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state police say speed and alcohol were likely factors in a fatal accident in jefferson over the weekend. we're looking at the coldest day of the week. kevin: highs in the 30's. a lot more 40's starting tomorrow. we have partly cloudy to mostly clear skies as you walk out the door early this morning. temperatures in the single digits up north. low and mid 20's elsewhere. the next storm system starts to arrive with an increase in clouds tomorrow. temperatures today will be in the 30's. light wind and good deal of sunshine. there will be a few areas where it will be partly sunny with another chilly night on the way for us tonight. erin: all right. back to work for many people. here's a look at roads. volume is picking up at this hour. this is the shot from our common man camera in windham. kevin: for a look at the morning drive, we're joined live by deb davidson. good monday morning, deb. deforming good monday morning. we are beginning to see an increase in volume.
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the good news is all roads are up to speed and incident free, especially on 93 as you are making your way down in to manchester then from londonderry to salem. 293 is also a good ride. we're not seeing any delays on the everett turnpike on 101 or 111. if you are commuting in to boston shortly, the routes are nice and quiet. this report is brought to you by peter's honda, kia, and nissan of nashua. i'm deb davidson for 95.7 wzid. erin: thank you. students in manchester will be going to school at a different time. they are changing school houred based on the new manchester education association. ray brewer outside of central high school with the changes. good morning, ray. ray: good morning. the school day is going to get longer for
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students here in manchester. the change effects some 15,000 students in the state's largest cities. the state requires 180 school theys per year. under the hour system, slightly longer days will add up means the year will end about a week ahead of schedule. the new academic calendar builds in three snow days. they won't need to be made up at the end of the year. the anticipated last day of school, assuming there are fewer than four snow days, is thursday, june 9th. here's a look at new schedule. elementary school at 8:45 and end at 2:50. the middle school starts at 7:35 and ends at 2:20, and the high school starts at 7:45 and ends at 2:53. if parents have any questions, they should contact their schools principal. erin: all right. thank you so much. a man from bowe is facing charges in
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crash in manchester. the accident happened around 4:00 sunday morning at the corner of lake avenue and union street. police say the crash involved with honda pilot and a volkswagen suv. the passenger and the honda was killed in the accident. at this time, the victim's name is not being released. we spoke with one man
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it's called a rigged economy, and this is how it works. most new wealth flows to the top 1%. it's a system held in place by corrupt politics where wall street banks and billionaires buy elections. my campaign is powered by over a million small contributions, people like you who want to fight back. the truth is you can't change a corrupt system by taking its money. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message.
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kevin: monday morning, november 30th. it is one of the warmer novembers we've had on record. temperatures in the single digits in parts of the north country. a quick jump in to the 30's. a good deal of sunshine and light winds. we'll talk about the milder temperatures and eventually the increasing rain chances coming up. erin: it is now 5:40. president obama is
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addressing a climate summit in paris this morning. he's marking the kickoff of a two-week conference that's drawing leaders from around the world. nikole killion is live in walk. this comes about two weeks after the paris terrorists attacks. nikole: that's right, erin. just a short time ago the leader of the senate held a moment of silence. president obama says this is an opportunity to stand in solidarity with france and also for the world to stand as one to build a better future for our children. ahead of today's climate conference he stopped at the memorial to pay his respects to the victims of the paris attacks. tonight he meets again with france's president. this morning he gathered with 150 global leaders for the start of the u.n. climate summit. he said he's optimistic about what we can achieve. >> i think what we want to do is leave paris with something in place that holds countries accountable and countries agree to that
5:36 am
they can meet to really cut greenhouse gas emissions. nikole: also on his agenda, meetings with the leaders of india and china. the u.s. is only second to china as the world's largest polluter. erin? erin: i understand the president is teaming up with microsoft summit today. what are they announcing there? nikole: he, bill gates, and france's president, francois hollande, want to help with investigating in technology. mark zuckerberg signed on. erin: even though he wants a big climate deal, how is it playing here at home? nikole: not so well. the president wants the environment to be a key part of the legacy. he has proposed the u.s. cutting emissions by about 26% over the next 15 years. many congressional
5:37 am
back saying it could hurt jobs and increase electricity costs. several states have sued the administration to try to block some of these power plant rules. erin: all right. live in washington this morning. thank you. jury selection begins in the trial of one of the baltimore police officers charged in connection with the death of freddie gray. prosecutors say gray died from injuries he suffered while in police custody in april. the first of six officers charged in the deaths is now going on trial. officer william porter is charged with manslaughter, second-degree assault, and reckless endangerment. prosecutors say he ignored gray's cries for medical help when he was in the back of a police transport vehicle. dozens of people were injured when a charter bus carrying college students to three virginia campuses overturned. rescue crews say one person suffered life-threatening injuries. 33 others were taken to area hospitals with minor injuries.
5:38 am
the bus overturned when the driver lost control while going around a curve on a highway ramp. the bus driver has been charged with reckless authorities in georgia are investigating a fire that destroyed a historic building known as the smallest church in america. the church was built back in 1949. the fire was discovered early saturday morning. suspicious. the state fire marshal will be on the scene today to investigate. authorities in california are looking for the mother of a newborn baby found buried alive near a bike path. the baby girl was found on friday. two sisters were walking in an area near a river bed when they heard an unusual sound. >> she said did you hear the baby crying? i said i don't know. i said might be a cat. then my sister said no, it is a baby crying.
5:39 am
there was a hole covered with asphalt and rubble. the baby was wrapped inside a hospital blanket. she is in stable condition. an unusual situation is baffling police in san francisco. someone has been chaining spiked base bats to poles. police started receiving calls on thanksgiving morning. so far they have collected more than two dozen. they are asking for the help in tracking down whoever is chaining up these weapons. >> it is pretty bizarre. it is weird that there are so many all over the city. at least they are not going around swinging at people. >> they were bolts and drill holes. this was not put together in an hour. erin: police say the bads are considered deadly weapons. possession of them is a felony. law enforcement, military members, and first responders have a new tool to save lives. it is called the tec torch.
5:40 am
it can cut through anything in two seconds. it shoots 5,000 degrees hot enough to melt most elements. it can be set up remotely and can even be used under water. turns now to sports, a tough blow to the patriots. rob > gronkowski was carted off of the field. he was trying to make a catch. darian stewart dove in to try to break up the play. stewart hit the right knee and the tight end went down in pain. a source said gronk will undergo further testing. it does not appear to be serious. he was present in the locker room after the game. as for the game itself, the patriots perfect run ended in denver. 26 degrees with snow throughout on the patriots first possession. tom brady passed to gronk for a 23-yard touchdown.
5:41 am
brady found bolden down the sidelines. this put new england up 27-7. the broncos battled back. 1:10 left in the game. caldwell hauled in a touchdown catch to give denver the first lead of the game. tom brady led the patriots down the field. steven gronkowski kicked a 47-yard field goal to tie the game at 24 and send it in to overtime on the first possession rather of ot. c.j. anderson had a 48-yard touchdown run. the broncos went on to win 30-24. winning streak is over. on to the hard court we go, the celtics played in orlando. they led the game 21-20. isaiah thomas hit a three pointer. boston got within 12 points twice.
5:42 am
they could not get any closer. orlando wins it 110-91. the celtics play at miami tonight. l.a. lakers star, kobe bryant, has announced he's retiring after this season. the 37-year-old made the announcement in a poem that he posted on a web site the players tribune. he said my heart can take the pounding, my mind can handle the grind, but my body knows it is time to say good-bye. bryant is a five-time nba champion. this is his 20th season with the lakers. mikaela shiffrin captured back-to-back races. she did it on saturday
5:43 am
it was the fifth slalom win since last season. kevin: 37, 38, at least a light wind and partial sunshine. we're looking at fair skies today. despite the cold start, really no adverse weather otherwise to impede you as you head out on the morning commute. we're looking at a blend of sunshine and clouds today. a very light breeze, if anything. with the sunshine continuing to warm things up through the day, it will be an impressive climb up north. temperatures in the single digits and lower teens. temperatures in the mid 20's this morning, we're not expecting anything more through the afternoon than just the occasional shower here or there over the next couple of days with the next system attempts to arrive. you'll notice it here. there's some snow on the backside of the system. any chance of mixed showers would be very late wednesday or early thursday as the system starts to pull away. we'll be on a southwesterly flow ahead of the system. that will provide some warmer temperatures through midweek. a look at the readings.
5:44 am
lower 20's in the merrimack valley. you get back and some of the lower valleys are in the mid to upper teens. 13 in new london. we're in the lower 20's. up in the north country. single digit this is morning. berlin down to 5. pittsburgh at 8. 9 in jefferson. you get the theme here. it is plenty of cold air out there. again tonight it is either side of 10. the rest of us will be in the teen and 20's. high temperatures today we're going to try to get back to near 40 up and down in to the afternoon. upper 30's with more of an on shore component to the wind at the coastline. mid to upper 30's. mid to upper 30's from the capitol city going out through the upper valley. temperature around 38 in rochester. 35 in ossipee. we should be in the lower range of the 30's. an impressive climb here near the freezing mark with temperatures in the single digits. as we go through the day, you'll notice a few clouds trying to linger around.
5:45 am
there may be the occasional overcast in a few spots. not everywhere. up north and out west the better chance of a mostly sunny they. then any partly cloudy goes to clear skies. the light wind allowing temperatures to go back in to the teens up north and out west. we'll be in the 20's in southern areas. any sort of morning sunshine giving way to clouds. there may be a stray shower through the evening commute. the better chance will be tomorrow night and early on wednesday. still the chance of lingering shower on wednesday. then the system pulls away. there may be a stray mixed showers for the mountains. beyond that, we're looking at dry conditions. timing. you'll notice the trend here temperature-wise after highs today mainly in the 30's. some lower 40's for southern areas. 40's on wednesday. best chance of showers early in the day. there may be mixed
5:46 am
especially up in the mountains. 40's mainly the theme with a blend of sup shunner and clouds. as we get in to the second week of december, you have to think things are going to be more active. nothing on the maps. you'd have to think at some point. erin: thanksgiving weather was great. kevin: ideal for traveling around. erin: it was. looking for something tasty to cook up for dinner? the most searched for dinner recipes for each and every state. here's new hampshire. corned beef is the most googled res pew. massachusetts and vermont it is chicken. in maine they like their boiled ham. we go for the corn beef. kevin: apparently. erin: i guess so. a scuba diver found a
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erin: look at this.
5:49 am
kensington palace has released two new photos of princess charlotte. they were taken earlier this month. the second child of prince william and kate middleton was born in may. he's a cutie. kevin: they are so cute at that age, aren't they? erin: they are. a scuba diver made an interesting discovery. he found a bottle of beer with the brew still inside. kevin: it has an alexander keith's brewing insignia. it has been traced to 1872 and 1890. the brew master of the company says it is probably not a good idea to drink the beer. >> i don't think i would be drinking it. i would put it on a shelf and admire it from afar. it has lasted that long. who knows who what it went through.
5:50 am
it was last over a 100 years. kevin: if you brewer is telling you not to drink it -- they have offered to do a free analysis to determine the ingredients that were used. erin: beer is not like wine. kevin: not in this case. erin: do you think a little salt water made its way in there. kevin: maybe not. the fact it was sitting there in the ocean. erin: i know. online shoppers will be scooping up deals today. we'll tell you about
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