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tv   News 9 Daybreak  ABC  November 30, 2015 6:00am-7:00am EST

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erin: now on "daybreak" schedule change. students in manchester have new hours. the trail is busy. a republican just picked up a key endorsement. kevin: cold start. at least we enjoy the sunshine. the next system that comes ahead. erin: what happened to gronk. an update after the star tight end was carted off of the field last night. >> no one covers new hampshire like we to. now "news 9 daybreak." erin: good morning, new hampshire on this cyber monday. thanks for waking up
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we hope you had a great holiday weekend. looks like we're in for a chilly morning. kevin: single digits. partly cloudy and mostly clear skies. what should be a mostly sun-filled day. a light wind. temperatures are going to come up shy of what you would expect for this time of year. highs today mainly in the 30's. we have the next system back out to the west. that approaches with an increase in clouds tomorrow. temperatures are in the single digits up north. lower and mid 20's in south eastern spots. highs up in to the 30's. the next system and the warming trend that comes along with it in just a bit. let's look at your monday morning ride here in the granite state. we're joined live by deb davidson. good morning, deb. deb: good morning. we're beginning to see some increasing volume in the state of new hampshire. many cuters are making their way back to work. it does remain incident free and up to speed. we're not seeing any delays as you make your
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to the salem state line. 293 is a good ride through the mill yard. on to the everett. that's moving well. if you are getting ready to head in, we're seeing some delays. it is already very heavy. route 3 is very heavy from the 495 connector down to trouble cove road. this report is brought to you by peter's honda, nissan, and kia of nashua. from the traffic network, i'm deb davidson for 95.7 wzid. rin: thank you. our top stories, the school schedules in the city of manchester are changing. students show up at a different time. that also means that you could see buses out at different times than you are used to. wmur's ray brewer is live in manchester with a look at new schedule. ray: the new schedule is based on a new school contract with the teachers. it means they will start and end a little bit later. now it affects some
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15,000 students in the city of manchester. that's some 22 schools. the new academic calendar has three snow days built in that do not have to be made up at the end of the year. this means assuming there are fewer than four snow days this year, the last day of school is june 9th. that's about a week earlier. here are the new hours. elementary school starts at 8:45 and ends at 2:50. the middle school starts at 7:35 and ends at 2:20. the high school starts at 7:45 and ends at 2:53. the high school graduations are set for june 3rd and 4th. of course depending on those school days. reporting live in manchester, ray brewer, wmur news 9. erin: all right. thank you. the man accused of opening fire at a planned parenthood clinic in colorado springs on friday is due in court today. three people, including a police officer were killed and several
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others were hurt. abc's megan hughes has what we're learning gunman. reporter: they process the snowy scene. the victims families process the lives lost. 29-year-old ke'arre stewart was an iraq war vet. >> he warned them. reporter: he took a phone call outside of the clinic. he was among the first to be hit running back to tell others to take cover. he had questions for the gunman. >> why? you didn't know him. you just said no more body parts. my brother wasn't for abortion. my brother wasn't participating in abortion. reporter: 35-year-old jennifer markovsky was a mother of two. the third victim, a police officer, garrett swasey, was also a pastor at his church. >> he went in to serve the people because their lives matter.
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reporter: during the five-hour siege, people scrambled for their lives. the alleged gunman, 57-year-old robert deer made rambling comments about planned parenthood. deer was on the minds of many throughout colorado this weekend. >> we forgive him. we can't not. garrett's forgiven him. reporter: deer is being held without bond. he's expected in court later this afternoon. abc news, washington. erin: in political coverage, several candidates are wrapping up the month of november here in the granite state. martin o'malley has stops in manchester and somersworth. marco rubio has a town hall in laconia. chris christie will be in portsmouth, concord, and loudon. yesterday he picked up the endorsement of the new hampshire "union
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leader." he is called quote right for the dangerous times. it cites his expensive resume and results of the u.s. attorney and governor. >> this endorsement, i think, will at least encourage people to give him a second look. it comes at a good time for him with about two and a half months left. chris christie has a campaign on tv and again in person that could capitalize on the endorsement. erin: christie has spent a lot of time in new hampshire. he still is behind in the tolls. a democratic event hosted by the party. hillary clinton, bernie sanders, and martin o'malley all spoke. >> we need a revolution in mental health treatment so that all people, regardless of their income, can get the help they need.
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bashing, carnival barker, donald trump let us stand up together and say the enduring symbol of our nation is not the barb wire fence, it is the statue of liberty. >> i take a backseat to no one when i tell you i will do whatever is necessary to protect us. i will also do it in a way that furthers and promotes our values. erin: the party estimates that they raised more than $250,000 at last night's of event. you'll soon notice some changes on the t in boston. this is about more about what you won't see. starting tomorrow there's a ban on all political ads on the t that debate moral, religious, and social issues. the decision was made last week. it focused on an ad in the davis square station that angering members of the jewish community. it is consistent with policies in the new york
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patriots star tight end rob gronkowski will have an mri today on the right knee after getting knocked out last night. gronk was carted off of the field late in the fourth quarter after getting taken out trying to pull in a catch. he did not return. he did have an x-ray. he later walked out without clutches or a limp. bill belichick said after the game he didn't have an update. a source told espn it does not appear to be serious. patriots lost that game in overtime. going to be talking about that one today. still ahead, volunteers will load thousands of christmas trees today. they are not going to be sold. instead they are being shipped around the world. the 12 days of christmas is a popular sole judge. if you want to give those gifts, you need a lot of money. the cost is rising. ahead at 6:30, a big show of support in manchester for a little
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girl who was diagnosed with leukemia at just nine months old. it is catch holiday-cookie cheer on the tip of your tongue cookie-flavored coffees. after 12:00 p.m., enjoy any medium latte or macchiato for $1.99.
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shopping? just waiting for inspiration to strike. and there it is! genius. give the gift of dunkin' coffee. get 3 pounds for $19.99, only at dunkin' restaurants. america runs on dunkin'. kevin: monday morning, november 30th. you'll notice a beautiful sunrise. quite a few clouds closer to the shoreline. you get inland and we'll have partly to mostny skies. temperatures in the teens and 20's getting back in 30's. details on that and shower chances coming up. erin: many people are starting to put up their christmas trees. in an effort to help decorate, people are getting together trees from growers across new hampshire and vermont that are being gathered at the christmas tree
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farm today for trees for troops. groups of volunteers and school kids will help load them all up. the trees are going to be shipped to men and women serving both in the u.s. and also abroad. almost everywhere you go, people are getting in to the holiday spirit right now. the theme for salem's holiday parade yesterday was the more the merrier, features the bands, veterans, snowmen, polar bears, and more. they invited people who had planned to participate in the parade after those festivities were canceled due to the rain. we want to see how you are getting in to the holiday spirit. show us your lights. they put up a lot of lights. and check out this patriots and red sox themed christmas tree in manchester. the windham mill house
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erin: the university of chicago has canceled classes on the main campus after a threat was made online. the fbi says the threat made specific mentions of time and location and students who live on campus are urged to stay inside. the university says in light of recent events at other shoots they decided to be extra careful. security at other university of chicago campuses will be heightened today. the famous dancing cop from providence is taking his routine across the river.
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the 68-year-old retired officer helped organize a protest. now he's been hired by east providence to protect traffic for the holidays. he gained national fame after he started dancing like this while on traffic duty back in the 1980's. the hunger games continue to rule at the box office even with strong new competition over the thanksgiving weekend. mocking jay part ii took in more than $51 million. "the good dinosaur" was a strong second followed by "creed" the latest movie features rocky. the holiday shopping season is in full swing. the deals are expected to be especially good on toys, clothing, and electronics. many places are offering free shipping. experts predict that americans will spend about $3 billion online today. that's up 12% from a year ago.
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some cyber monday deals started over the weekend. retailers are banking on a big day. black friday was a bit of a flop. according to shopper track, sales fell more than $1 billion compared to last year. there were fewer people lining up at the stores. instead about 40% shopped online even on black friday. the cost to celebrate the 12 days of christmas is going up. you can really blame the lords of leaping due to the rising labor cost. according to the annual pnc wealth management the set of gifts outlined in the final version of the song could cost $34,131. that's up $200 from a year ago. if you bought them each time they are mentioned in the song, you'd have to sell out $155,000. the cheapest item is the partridge. $25 for the partridge.
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to cost you $190. kevin: maybe we just draw them on a picture. that would be cheaper. erin: it is a good thing they are not on the list. kevin: not for most people. really? okay. just making sure. erin: maybe the five gold rings. kevin: there we are. we start off with a live look at mt. washington. temperature there around 10 degrees this morning. you get in to the lower valleys and you have some spots down in to the single digits this morning. a few high clouds early this morning trying to keep temperatures up. other areas where we have the clearer skies have fallen back in to the teens this morning. what should be for the most part a sun-filled day. you'll notice the band of clouds making its way through plymouth through the monadnock region. others located off shore. with a little bit more of a northeast to southwest component to the wind early on. we're noting that we have a couple of snow showers through boston this morning.
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a little bit farther south down through the cape. as far as our own shower activity, looks like it starts to increase later tomorrow afternoon for south western areas and tomorrow night for the rest of us. it will be mostly in liquid form. the backside of the system doesn't come in until the system is done early on thursday morning. we're down in to the single digits in places like pittsburgh, lancaster, jefferson, and berlin. we're in the teens and 20's south. light wind out there today. good deal of sunshine. the air mass in place stays in place until a southwesterly flow develops. by then, temperatures warmer than the chillier conditions today. high temperatures in the 30's with the light wind. with the lighted wind and mostly clear skies, temperatures will fall back in to the teens and 20's to start the day tomorrow. future cast is painting the option here of some extra clouds in south eastern areas closer to where the on shore flow is early this morning.
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it doesn't look like we're going to see much from that. big area of high pressure will be settling in. clear skies we'll do the teens and 20's later on tonight. any early sunshine giving way to clouds. you'll notice a couple of clouds. shouldn't be any rain. the clouds will be thickening. rainfall will be on the door step. it will be moving through tomorrow night and early wednesday. still can't shake a shower chance for wednesday afternoon, wednesday night, or maybe a mixed shower early thursday as the system pulls away. a good 80% of the showers that we see will be tuesday early wednesday and temperatures behind that system really don't cool down all that much. temperatures which get back in to the lower 40's likely stay in the 40's for a good part of the week. we'll be in the 30's. from there, you'll notice the light wind allowing temperatures to drop back in the 20's in southern areas. there will be teens up
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the warming trend and again some shower activity around tuesday and early wednesday. the west chance of the most organized rain. temperatures hold in the 40's. no real blast of arctic air coming in. just a good breeze on thursday afternoon. erin: pretty quiet in the forecasting center these days. kevin: i keep wanting to knock on wood. erin: we want to check our top stories. we start off with ray brewer in manchester. ray: there are some new school hours for children in manchester based on a new teachers contract that counts hours instead of days. the school day will start and end a little later. the new academic calendar also has three snow days built in. here are the new times. elementary starts at 8:45 and ends at 2:50, the middle school starts at 7:35 and ends at 2:20 and the high school starts at 7:45 and ends at 2:53.
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erin: the leading democratic hopefuls were all in manchester last night. martin o'malley, hillary clinton, and bernie sanders all spoke at the event which raised more than $250,000. chris christie picked up a coveted endorsement yesterday when the new hampshire "union leader" offered its support for the presidential hopeful's run. coming up on "daybreak," happy birthday. there's more to these
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it's been her fight for twenty years. something is wrong with our healthcare system and it needs to be fixed. then, it was about health reform and getting eight million kids covered. now, it's about stopping republicans from repealing obamacare, and taking on
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down drug prices. i'm not going to let any family be deprived of healthcare. i'm not going to let the republicans rip up obamacare and throw it away. i'm hillary clinton and i
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erin: there are many great holiday displays going up including some with historic mention. the victoria mansion is decorated.
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each room is decorated by different designers and florist. interior design. nearly 10,000 people are expected to visit over the next five weeks. erin: it is something to see if you are in the portland area for the holidays. many kids look forward to the birthday parties. one woman is in a mission to make sure every child can celebrate. she's a former party and wedding planner. she decided to start an organization to provide birthday parties to homeless kids. kevin: in three years, she has thrown parties for more than more 1,600 children. erin: a new tool available for use in emergency situations. there's almost nothing that can stand in the way of the torch. leaders from 200 countries are gathering
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the agenda: global
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if you're doing everything right but find it harder and harder to get by, you're not alone. while our people work longer hours for lower wages, almost all new income goes to the top 1%. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultrarich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women.
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i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message because together, we can make a political revolution and create an economy and democracy that works for all
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>> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now wmur "news 9 daybreak". erin: good morning to you on this november 30th. we're seeing some pretty color out there in the skies. the sun comes up over goffstown. 24 degrees out there. it is going to be a bit of a chilly day. we're going to look at the workweek forecast after the top stories this morning. we start with changes to manchester's school hours. they take effect today meaning that thousands of students will be spending a little bit more time in class. a man from bowe is facing a felony dwi charge in connection with a crash in manchester that left one person dead. and state police say
6:30 am
speed and alcohol were likely factors in a fatal accident that over the weekend. we are seeing some pretty skies out there right now. kevin: there are a lot of areas. with the light winds, they allowed temperatures to drop back in the single digits in parts of coos and teens and 20's elsewhere. there's a bank scattered around the state. those are slowly wandering northwest ward. the next system doesn't arrive until tomorrow. ahead of that today we're in the 30's with a light wind and a good deal of sunshine. erin: weather didn't cause any travel problems. kevin: worked out really, really well. erin: here's a live look at the roads. kevin: for a look, we're joined live by deb davidson. good morning, deb. deb: good morning, kevin and erin. we're beginning to see
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on all of the major roadways. the good news is everything is up to speed. the everett turnpike, 101, and 111 is a great ride. if you are heading in to boston, we are seeing some heavy delays. on 93 southbound as you are making your way from south of andover and those delays will be continue in to the boston area. this report is brought to you by peter's honda, nissan, and kia of nashua. from the traffic network, i'm deb davidson for 95.7 wzid. erin: thank you. starting today students in manchester will be going to school at a different time. they are changing hours based on the new contract with the manchester education association. ray brewer live outside of the central high school now with the details of these changes. good morning, ray. ray: good morning, erin. those changes mean the school day is going to get longer for students here in manchester.
6:32 am
the change effecting some 15,000 students at 22 schools. the state requires 180 school days. under the hour system, slightly longer days will add up. the year will end about a week ahead of schedule. calendar builds in three those days won't need to be made up at the end of the year. the anticipated last day of school excuse assuming there are fewer than four snow days is june 9th. elementary school will 2:50. the middle school starts at 7:35 and ends at 2:20. high school starts at 7:45 and ends at: 53. if you have any questions contact the principal. erin: thank you. a man from bowe is facing charges with a deadly crash.
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it happened about 4:00 sunday morning at corner of lake avenue and union street. police say the crash involved with honda pilot and a volkswagen suv. the victim's name is not being released. we spoke with one man who tried to help the people inside. the emergency crews were not far behind. >> all i remember is they had a jaws of life. they had to pry the doors open. i knew right then, i says, they are going to be hurting. erin: six other people were injured in the crash. they are expected to be okay. the driver of the volkswagen, 31-year-old alexander burke, was arrested and charged with felony driving while pox indicated. speed and alcohol may have been factors in a deadly crash in jefferson. troopers say a car was heading north around 2:00 sunday morning when it veered off of the road and hit a telephone poll and rolled on to its roof.
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the driver was flown from the car and scene. the name of the driver is being withheld until family can be notified. a federal judge to hear arguments on the bid for a new trial. the convicted boston marathon bomber was sentenced to death earlier this year for executing the 2013 attacks. the defense says tsarnaev deserves a new trial in a different location where jurors will be impartial. they say because of the outrage in the greater boston area after the attack, jurors could not be objective. the judge will hear the arguments on tuesday. a massachusetts man is facing multiple gun charges after they found an arsenal of weapons at his home. they went to arrest 32-year-old dean largesse at his home in leecester.
6:35 am
he left behind a loaded rifle and survival kit. a manhunt was launched. several hours after they located him. at the time of his arrest, he was wearing a bullet proof vest and carrying more weapons. >> the damage or carnage that could be inflicted by the fire power before you is almost unthinkable. erin: he's scheduled to be arraigned on carrying a firearm without a license. a special fundraiser for a little girl battling leukemia. athena nakos was diagnosed at nine months old. she is is high risk which requires her to be in the hospital for days or weeks at a time. treatments are expected to last three years. friends and family gathered yesterday to help raise money for the medical expenses. >> i see athena being sick. it just breaks my heart. i just love them so much. i wanted to see if we
6:36 am
could raise money for them and help them out through the hard time so that kayleigh could be home and be able to care for her. >> i'm thankful for everybody coming out and helping me. i appreciate it a lot. erin: tears from a mom. the restaurant donated 50% from the proceeds to athena and her family. coming up, a potentially big blow for the new england patriots. we're doing to have an update on the injury that took rob gronkowski out of the game. a baffling situation for police in san francisco. someone has been chaining spiked bats to poles and parking meters across the city. kevin: cold start to the day. a chilly finish. temperatures up in to the 30's. the next system not only brings showers but
6:37 am
kevin: monday morning, november 30th. we will have a few clouds along with sunshine in to the afternoon. it should be a chilly day. temperatures in the 30's. it comes with a light wind and the fair skies continuing for the next couple of days. we'll look at the shower chances as they approach along with the milder air coming up. erin: thank you. it is now 6:40 on monday. president obama is addressing a climate summit in paris this morning.
6:38 am
he's marking the kick off of a two-week conference that's drawing leaders from all around the world. nikole killion is live for us in washington. nikole, this comes about two weeks after the terror attacks in paris. nikole: that's right. just a short time ago the leader held a moment victims. president obama says this is an opportunity to stand in solidarity with france and build a better future for the children. he stopped at the memorial to pay his respects to the victims. later tonight he meets again with france's president. he gathered with 150 global leaders of the start of the u.n. climate conference. he said he's optimistic about what we can achieve. >> i think what we want to do is leave paris with something in place that holds countries accountable and countries agree to. they can meet to cut the
6:39 am
gas emissions. nikole: we're expecting to hear from the president very soon. in the meantime also on his agenda today, meetings with india and china. important to note that u.s. is only second as the world's largest polluter. erin: even though the president wants a big climate deal, how is it playing back here at home? nikole: not so much. the president has proposed that the u.s. cut its emissions by about 20%. many republicans have pushed back against his climate plan saying they could effect jobs and also increase electricity costs. also several states have sued the obama administration over some of these power plant rules. erin: all right. we will be watching. thank you so much. reporting in washington this morning. jury selection begins at trial of one of the baltimore police officers charged in connection with a death of a freddie gray. prosecutors say gray died from injured he
6:40 am
suffered while in police custody in april. the first of six officers charged in his death is now going on trial. officer william porter is charged with involuntary manslaughter, second-degree assault, and reckless endangerment. he ignored gray's cries for medical help in the back of a police transport vehicle. dozens of people were injured when a bus carrying students overturned. one person suffered life-threatening injuries. 33 others were taken to area hospitals when minor injuries. the driver lost control while going around a curve. the bus driver has been charged with reckless driver. authoritying in georgia are investigating a fire that destroyed the smallest church in america. the church was built in 1949. officials say the fire was discovered early
6:41 am
saturday morning and they are calling it suspicious. the state fire marshal will be on the scene today to investigate. authorities in california are looking for the mother of a newborn baby found buried alive near a bike path. the baby girl was found on friday. two sisters were walking in an area near a river bed when they heard an unusual sound. >> she told me can you hear the baby crying? i said i don't know. might be a cat. my sister said, no, it is a baby crying. erin: when the sheriff deputies arrived, they found a hole covered with asphalt and rubble. the baby was inside. she's now in stable condition. an unusual situation is baffling police in san francisco. they say that someone has been chaining spiked baseball bats to poles across the city. police started receiving calls about these bats on thanksgiving morning.
6:42 am
they have sected more than two dozen. they now want help tracking down who is chaining up the weapons. >> it's bizarre. it is weird they are all over the city. swinging. were doing. this was not put together in an hour. erin: the bats are considered deadly weapons. possession of them is a felony. law enforcement, military members, and first responders have a new tool to save lives. it is called the tec it can cut through anything in two seconds. it shoots a metal vapor jet that's 5,000 degrees, hot enough to melt most elements. it can be set up remotely and can even be used under water. turns to sports, a tough blow for the new england patriots.
6:43 am
gronkowski was carted off of the field after suffering an injury. gronk was trying to make a catch. the defensive back, darian stewart, dove to break up the play. stewart hit the right knee and the tight end went down in pain. a source said gronk will undergo further testing. the injury does not appear to be serious. gronk was present in the locker room after the game. as for the game itself, the perfect run ended in denver. 26 degrees. snow throughout. on the patriots first possession, tom brady passed for a 23-yard touchdown. in the fourth quarter, brady found brandon bolden down the sideline for a 36-yard touchdown that put new england up. the broncos battled back with 1:10 left. andre caldwell hauled in a four-yard touchdown catch to give denver its
6:44 am
first lead in the game. 24-21. tom brady led the patriots down the field. a 47-yard field goal to tie the game and send it in to overtime. on denver's first possession, c.j. anderson had a 48-yard touchdown run. the broncos went on to win the game 30-24. on the hard court we go. celtics played in orlando last night. they led the game 21-20. isaiah thomas hit a three pointer. he had a game high 20 points. boston got within 12 points twice. they could not get any closer. orlando wins 110-91. the sel ribbings are going to play at miami tomorrow. l.a. lakers star, kobe bryant, has announced he's retiring. he made the announcement
6:45 am
on the players tribune web site. my heart can take the pounding, my mind can take the grind, but my body knows it is time to say good-bye. he's a five-time nba champ. this is the 20th season with the l.a. lakers. mikaela shiffrin captured back-to-back world cup races in aspen over the weekend. he won saturday's race and did it again on sunday. it was the fifth straight slalom win dating back to last season. >> now your forecast. erin: all right. great weather for the long holiday. a little bit of rain. we're kind of behind when it comes to the rain, aren't we? kevin: we are. after today being the last day of the month of november, we're going to wind up top five warmest novembers going back about 150 years of the records for concord. erin: we had a lot of sun too. kevin: yeah. that's uncommon for the month of november. it is known as the
6:46 am
cloudiest month by averages. across a good part of the state. we're going to notice we have high clouds in certain areas. temperatures starting off as you saw there in colebrook at six degrees. we're in the teens and 20's south of the white mountains. there's a look at high clouds. plenty more located off shore. a couple of those will work their way on shore. if we're going to see partial sunshine for a good part of the day, it will likely be closer to the shoreline. inland sections at least get several hours of sunshine involved. this is our next system here. while this moisture will be passing to our south, we're left with this one moving up through the great lakes leaving us on the warmer side. it will make its way toward us later tomorrow in to wednesday. in the lower half of the 20's across the south eastern parts of the state. there are the lower valleys with the normal cooler spots that wind up chillier than most early this morning down to 19 in richmond. notice the 13 up in london. we'll see a lot of teens
6:47 am
and 20's. then we get to the other side. it is between five and ten this morning. between ten and 15 by this time tomorrow morning. high temperatures ranging anywhere from the mid to upper 30's in parts of the north country. you are in the single digits to near 40. we're going to have a breeze out there today. it is going to be fairly light in to the afternoon. only around five miles an hour. along with it, the general increase in high to mid level clouds later on today at times partly cloudy skies. you can notice that here hinting that south eastern parts of the state, especially the better chance of seeing a thicker cloud cover. we'll go back to partly cloudy skies tonight. that will allow temperatures to go back in to the teens and 20's. tomorrow more of a jump. 30's to lower range of the 40's. you'll notice it will be with a general increase in clouds. a couple of showers afternoon. better chance tomorrow night as the entire weak area of low pressure moves through. still left behind quite wednesday. there may be a couple of
6:48 am
there in to wednesday night as the cooler air rushes in behind the thursday there could be a couple of mixed country. that's it. timing of the system is to move away setting up an area of high pressure friday. it likely lasts in to temperatures in the teens and 20's this morning. most will be seeing highs in the 30's with a sunshine. quite a few more clouds will be building in afternoon. i think that will give us the chance of a couple of showers late in the day. a couple of showers around on wednesday. those could linger as a couple of mixed showers early thursday morning. then we clear skies out thursday afternoon and thursday night setting up what should be a string of sunny days. temperatures not all that bad to take for the end of the week. erin: not at all. 6:51. still ahead, a final check on your top stories. including some changes for manchester students.
6:49 am
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erin: 6:54. updating our top stories. changes to the manchester school hours take effect today. here's ray brewer. ray: the changes are result of a new contract with the teachers here in manchester. the hours are now changing so that the school day will start a little bit earlier in some cases. elementary school will begin at 8:45 and end at 2:50. middle school starts at 7:35 and ends at 2:20. the high school starts 2:53. school officials say parents who have any questions should contact their schools principal. charges. the accident happened early sunday morning at the corner of lake avenue and union street. one of the drivers was arrest the and charged with felony dwi.
6:52 am
state police say that speed and alcohol may have been factors in a deadly crash in jefferson. the driver was thrown from the car sunday morning and pronounced dead at the scene. right now the victims name is being withheld until family can be notified. patriots tight end is on the mend after suffering a new injury in last night's game. a source said that gronk will undergo further tests. the injury does not appear to be serious. kevin: partly cloudy to mostly clear skies. a lot of clouds and even a couple of snow flurries and snow showers south of boston. today will be the chilliest of the next several. highs in the 30's with the light wind. wind. showers tomorrow evening. that pulls away and we're back to fair skies for the end of the week. erin: weather looking good for us. the latest on the severe weather that's been
6:53 am
of the country. storm that is prompted mr. jr. flooding are blamed for 14 deaths in kansas. they are going to kick off star wars week on gma. we'll see you back here
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