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tv   News 9 Noon  ABC  November 30, 2015 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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a political revolution and create an economy and democracy that works for all and not just the powerful few. erin: now at noon the man , accused of driving drunk and causing a manchester crash early sunday faces a judge. planned parenthood attack. the man accused of opening fire inside a colorado springs clinic is expected to face a judge today. what we' ve learned about the case so far. and security is high in paris today. why terrorism is the big topic at a conference on climate change. kevin: a lot of sunshine but chilly temperatures. we will talk about a warming trend and some showers in the forecast ahead. >> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now, wmur news 9 at noon.
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fehlau. the driver charged in a weekend deadly crash in manchester is just about to face a judge. alexander is facing a felony charge of driving while intoxicated and ray brewer is live at the courthouse where he is facing an additional charge. what that is right. he is facing the additional charge of negligent homicide. the hearing concluded moments ago. alexander burke appearing in court by video wearing a special protective vest. it was not clear why he was wearing that best. according to police, he was driving west on the avenue about 4:20 sunday avenue when he collided with another vehicle driving south on union street. police say burke was drunk at the time of the crash. one person was killed in the crash. another person was sent to the officer. burke'
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as a result of the accident, burke faces two charges. the negligent homicide charge and unlawfully driving, aggravated d.w.i. charge. we also learned burke has a long criminal history, 19 pages of crowding -- according to the prosecutor dating back to 2003. his bail was set at $500,000. he is scheduled to be back in court on december 10 for his probable cause hearing. in manchester, ray brewer, wmur news 9. erin: thank you. police have identified the man who died in a car accident in jefferson. the 21-year-old was driving north and a honda civic when he went off the road and hit a telephone poll early sunday morning causing the car to roll onto the roof. he was ejected from the vehicle and killed. police believe speed and alcohol were factors. we do have breaking news this
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suffered in last night' loss to the broncos. says it is possible he may not miss any games. the broncos darian stewart hit him low on incomplete pass. he is expected to undergo an m.r.i. today, but several reports say the injury does not appear to be serious. the patriots perfect record was broken last night with the broncos win 30-24. the man accused of opening fire at a colorado planned parenthood is set to make his first court appearance today. the attack killed three people and today, we' re learning more about them from their devastated families. here' s abc' s elizabeth hur. elizabeth: the terror and chaos inside this planned parenthood clinic -- left nine injured and three dead, and their loved ones trying to make sense of it all. leyonte chandler: he called 911,
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moments. elizabeth: 29-year-old ke' arre stewart, an iraq war veteran and father of two girls, was shot and killed. his brother telling abc news he had just walked outside when the gunman opened fire. leyonte chandler: he started to get back inside and warn the others to take cover, military instinct. >> what does that tell you about him? leyonte chandler: that' s the big brother i know. elizabeth: jennifer markovsky, seen here in this facebook post, a mother of two, lost her life doing what she loves, helping a friend. joey bautista: outgoing, i mean, everybody loved her. you ask her for help, she helped. elizabeth: and 44-year-old police officer garrett swasey gave his life protecting others. he was once a champion junior ice skater who trained with u.s. olympian nancy kerrigan. nancy kerrigan: you can' t explain it. it' s horrific and sad. elizabeth: at swasey' s church yesterday, a prayer for his alleged killer. 57-year-old robert dear, an apparent loner, who once lived in this shack in north carolina
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mobile home in colorado where police spent the weekend searching for answers. the motive remains under investigation. but sources say he made rambling, hostile comments about planned parenthood when he surrendered. elizabeth hur, abc news, new york. erin: the connecticut man accused of jumping over the white house fence will also face a judge today. on friday, a judge ordered a psychiatric evaluation for 22-year-old joseph caputo. caputo is accused of hopping the fence with an american flag draped over him on thanksgiving day. his attorney says caputo was carrying a binder with a rewritten constitution and that he wanted to deliver a message of change. this week, a federal judge will hear arguments on dzhokar tsarnaev' s bid for a new trial. the convicted boston marathon bomber was sentenced to death earlier this year. the defense says tasrnaev deserves a new trial in a different location where jurors
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arguments will be held tomorrow. today, more evidence is being presented at the trial of philip chism. chism is accused of killing danvers, massachusetts, high school teacher colleen ritzer in 2013. last week, jurors saw the jeans chism allegedly wore while police say he killed ritzer. jurors also saw surveillance video, including images of chism at a movie theater just hours after that killing. new this noon, durham police need your help solving an armed robbery. it happened just before 10:30 saturday night. police say a resident returned home and found three masked men inside. two are described as white men about 5' 10" and 6' 1", and an african american man about 5' 10". all wearing dark jackets. if you have any information, please call police. in commitment 2016 this noon, a handful of political candidates will be in the granite state
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today. right now, chris christie is at an event where he is being endorsed by renee plummer. this is his second big endorsement in two days. on sunday, he picked up the endorsement of "the new hampshire union leader." this morning, martin o' malley took a tour of velcro companies in manchester. this afternoon, he will attend a town hall in north conway and a meet and greet in somersworth. republican marco rubio also has events in laconia planned for this afternoon. coming up, world leaders are in paris to discuss climate change. but that won' t be the only topic of discussion. severe weather, what parts of the midwest are dealing with and problems it is causing. kevin: it was a cold start. we have fair skies ahead of the next system. when it arrives and what it brings with it a head. erin: we are making chicken and
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erin: welcome back. security is extremely high in paris today as leaders from around the world gather in the city of light. president obama and nearly 200 others are there for a climate change summit, but terrorism remains a top talking point just weeks after those deadly isis
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attacks. abc' s lana zak has more from washington. lana: in france, climate change is on the agenda but terrorism is on the mind. president obama: we salute the people of paris for insisting this crucial conference go on, an act of defiance that proves nothing will deter us from building the future we want for our children. lana: interspersed among the speeches about the environment, discussions continue on the growing threat of radical islamic terrorism that little more than two weeks earlier led to the deaths of 130 people in paris. president barack obama paying tribute to all the victims with a single white rose. and with nearly 200 world leaders in paris so soon after the terror attacks, the city is in lockdown. all public protests are banned. yesterday, some tried to assemble in defiance. police and protesters clashing.
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while inside the conference, major meetings between world leaders, including president obama and chinese president xi jiaping. the chinese considering a greater role in the terror fight after a chinese hostage was killed recently by isil. president obama: it indicates that this is a threat to all of our nations, and i look forward to discussing how china can play a greater role in addressing this crisis, especially supporting a political transition in syria and assisting on humanitarian needs. lana: at the same time, china' s president is discussing climate change, beijing issued its worst pollution report of the year, 25 times beyond what is considered safe. lana zak, abc news, washington. erin: students at the university of chicago won' t have to go to class today after someone posted a threat of gun violence online. the university says the f.b.i. tipped them off to the threat. it mentioned a popular gathering place on campus at 10:00 this morning.
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were asked to stay away from the campus today, and students in college housing were asked to stay indoors. the deadly storm that has caused severe ice and flooding across in parts of north texas and arkansas today. the storm has been moving through the midwest since thursday and displaying for at least 14 deaths. the storm caused 78,000 power outages in oklahoma alone. share of rain already. kevin: it has been the central plains and out west that has been seeing stormy weather. here we remain at or above normal most of the month. we will see if that starts to change for the weekend. erin: your weather forecast is after the break. also, we will show you how to make a tasty chicken and biscuits dish sure to keep you warm. not everyone was excited about black friday shopping. this 17-year-old snuck off for a quick nap inside a store while
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>> now, meteorologist kevin skarupa with your forecast. kevin: started the day with high clouds, especially offshore. that has continued while we have seen breaks of sunshine. there are a lot of areas with high and mid-level cloudiness that would normally burn off in the middle of the summer as you start the day. now we have the much lower sun angle and only three weeks away from the shortest daylight hours, it is tougher to get rid of that. the wind chill at the present time still in the teens. high overcast in spots. other areas enjoying at least partial sunshine and a lighter breeze at about five or 10 miles an hour. watch as we go through the morning. this is starting to expand farther north. a lot of thin, mid-level clouds more than anything else. that will not produce precipitation for us.
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sunshine or even overcast sky at times. the system west continues to head northeast. by the time that moves through the great lakes, that puts us on the warmer side of the system. over the next couple days, we warm-up. precipitation from that system will likely be in the form of rain. 20' s in the north country after starting the day in the single digits. impressive climb with sunshine. southern areas, high to mid-level clouds. temperatures above freezing headed into the upper 30' s this afternoon. you can see the difference between noon yesterday and now, five to seven degrees cooler thanks to the clouds and cooler start. we do have a surge of milder air back to the tennessee and ohio river valleys. you get into a southeasterly breeze tomorrow and wednesday. we start to warm up. not a major push of cooler air behind this system that moves through. we have partly cloudy skies tonight.
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quickly give way to clouds in the afternoon. and a chance of scattered showers continues. probably the most organized rain early wednesday morning. that does not mean we are completely done. there will be the risk of a shower wednesday into wednesday night before the system finally lifts and pulls north and east on thursday. that should set up fair sky type days that late -- starts thursday into friday. the timing the goods into next weekend if you' re looking that far had. s this afternoon. a cool afternoon. we start a warming trend midweek. rain chances tuesday night into wednesday. another quick moving system wednesday night into thursday gets us back to sunshine and temperatures in the 40' s for the end of the week. erin: we'
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nardi, owner of the everyday cafe, and devin clark, the head chef. today, we' re making chicken and biscuits. >> it is winter time. we need warm, captioning -- comforting food. we are going to get those nice and crispy in the pan. this is kind of like grandma' s house. you want to enjoy it and feel full. erin: this is one of those times i wish we had smell-o-vision because it smells so good. what do you have? >> chicken thighs. we are going to add celery, carrots, and onion to develop the flavor of the gravy. we have that going. we are going to get that sweated out a little bit. when we get color and translucent, we will add in white wine.
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we will deglaze that a little bit. we will add in a little bit of vegetable broth which we make in-house. it is a good way to fortify the flavor. we will add bell peppers for color and sweetness and a bit of garlic. good building blocks of flavor with the vegetables. erin: you brought in a bunch of things you also sell at the cafe. >> we have a store in the front of the cafe that sells all local products. a lot of these people, we use their products in our cooking. erin: we should tell people where you are located. >> exit six off 89. when you are there, you know what you are eating. erin: you have a lot going on. not just come cooking. >> we are in the process of putting in a bar for all our new hampshire years because we only
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there are a lot of years -- beers so we might as well highlight where we are from. erin: the smells delicious. >> the gravy has been cooked down. the chicken thighs have nice color. we are going to add some herbs, rosemary, sage, and parsley. we put those in at the end so they don' t get cooked in the oven. we are going to sauce that. we have buttermilk biscuits. it is like a hug from grandma. erin: thank you both. i know you spent time down south. this is a perfect southern meal. it smells delicious. thank you both.
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generosity. all donations will go to the toys for tots campaign. i am going to be light in we hope you come on down. by the time we get there. a lot of 40' s on the map after a cooler day today. erin: starting tonight at 5:00 , if you are trying to conserve to avoid. cyber monday busy enough to create virtual lines. we will tell you about that. thanks for joining us. have a great afternoon. jeb bush: here's the truth you will not hear from our president: we are at war it is the struggle the fate of the free world. the united states should not delay in leading a global coalition to take out isis with overwhelming force. their aim is our total destruction. we can't withdraw from this threat or negotiate with it.
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