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tv   News 9 at Five  ABC  November 30, 2015 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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now wmur news 9 at 5:00. jean: two lakes region schools were put on lockdown today after a threat was discovered on a social media app. good evening, i'm jean mackin. josh: i'm josh mcelveen. wind i squam middle and high schools went into what's being called a soft lockdown when a student alerted school officials to the shooting threat. jean: amy, investigators say they've identified the person who posted this threat. reporter: they have, tilton police confirmed that with the assistance of the f.b.i., the person who posted the threat was identified, investigators went onto say they do not believe there's a credible threat to the staff or students at winnisquam regional school district. >> after seeing all the mass shootings at other schools, it's not something that i'm willing to risk. reporter: the automated call went out monday morning, 20 to 25 parents decided to pull their children out of school, including crystal. >> approximately 8:15 this morning the high school received
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a threat from a social media website. the police department was called and the decision was made to place the high school and middle school on a soft lockdown as a precautionary measure. reporter: nate is a junior at win winnisquam and these this is the app where another student discovered the threat and reported it. >> we take all the threats seriously, so we chose to go into a soft lockdown and call the police department and have them come over and investigate. reporter: officials say a soft lockdown involves locking students into the classroom and monitoring all of the doors. several tilton police officers were stationed at the entrance checking bags. why a soft lockdown instead of evacuations? >> with this particular threat there was no time, there was no specific student or students. and we don't have any time. so that kind of drove our decision to do a soft lockdown. reporter: the superintendent says 494 students attend the
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high school and 383 are at the middle school. both schools shared the same campus, so both schools were included in the soft lockdown. are you happy with how the school handled it? >> yeah, they're doing good, they're right on top of it. i just feel better that they're home. reporter: chief cormier says the message they want to send is that these threats are a serious crime and people will be prosecuted and charged if they put these threats out there. police have not released the identity of the suspect. amy coveno, wmur news 9. josh: prosecutors say the man accused of causing a deadly car crash in manchester over the weekend has a long criminal history, one that dates back to 2003. tonight he's facing new charges connected to the crash. andy hershberger live in manchester with a look at these charges. andy? reporter: alexander burke of bow now faces a negligent homicide charge after a fate crash at the intersection of lake avenue and
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union street early sunday morning. burke was arraigned by video this morning in manchester circuit court. police say burke was at the elliot hospital around 4:00 p.m. say seeking treatment for an injured hand. court records say he left without being seen, drove aaway from the hospital with a woman in the passenger seat. police say minutes later burke's car crashed into an s.u.v. traveling south and a 47-year-old woman in that s.u.v. was pronounced dead at the scene. police say burke was intoxicated at the time of the crash. >> the 31-year-old resident was originally charged with aggravated u.i.l. which means he was twice the legal limit, today the charges were upgraded to negligent homicide. reporter: bail was set at 500,000 cash, he'll have another hearing next month. jean: thanks, andy. patriots fans can breathe a sigh
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dramatic injury tightened rob gronkowski may only be sideline forward a single game. jason king has an update on gronk's scary play. >> good news, certainly looked a lot worse than it was. when you consider gronk's history with injuries we were all thinking the worst, but it happened late in the fourth quarter last night. he took that shot to his right knee, he was carted off the field and did not look good. but x rays at the stadium were negative. then this morning he had an m.r.i. which reportedly revealed just a bone bruise, with no ligament damage at all. so really it's best case scenario, gronk will be listed as week to week but could be ready to go in a week or two. when you think of the rash of injuries that the patriots have had to deal with over the last few weeks, it's amazing that they stayed undefeated as long as they d. but gronkowski will be back and men dole la will be
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become for the playoffs. josh: he still sits in sickle digits in many polls, but tonight chris christie has received two key endorsements and something he calls huge for his new hampshire campaign. first it was the union leader, and today a pair of influential seacoast business people. jennifer crompton joins us live from the seacoast. reporter: renee and danny plumber are well-known republican activists and business owners here on the seacoast and they've hosted luncheon roundtables for nearly every g.o.p. candidate. they say now that thanksgiving has come and gone and the republican primary is just 10 weeks away, it's time to get candidate. >> we are formally endorsing governor chris christie for president of the united states in 2016. reporter: influential business
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leaders and republican activists spoken. >> to win the plumber primary is like -- >> [laughter] -- is a really good prelude to february 9. reporter: christie calls it huge for his campaign, especially endorsement from the new newspaper. >> when you add that it turns out to be in the same 24 hours that we get the union leader endorsement, i think it's shown people that folks are listening here in new hampshire. reporter: plumber sites his debate performance, support of veterans and experience. >> he's got common sense, trust, and i think he would protect us. >> what's what do you in new hampshire, person by person, win the trust and the confidence of folks who are respected here in new hampshire. reporter: he's found the republican primary entertaining, the new jersey governor making slightly veiled references to -- >> new is shiny, new is untarnished.
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until you need experience. and then when you need experience, you go i wish this guy was a little tarnished. reporter: his main focus, national security. >> we're 68 days away from the new hampshire primary. it's game time. reporter: he believes most new hampshire voters won't decide until the last week or two. >> so you've really got to work hard to win them over, that's what we intend to do. if at the lex were tomorrow i'd be a little more tomorrow, but it's 10 weeks from now so we'll be fine. reporter: christie describes himself as the most tested, most mature candidate to keep the country safe and prosperous. and to take on what he calls, quote, the most impressive democratic political machine in our lifetime, run by hillary and bill clinton, unquote. jennifer crompton, wmur news 9. josh: thanks. marco rubio returned to new hampshire today, he held a town hall in laconia and right now he's preparing for a barbecue at
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democratic candidate bernie sanders recovering tonight from outpatient surgery, sanders' office said he had a hernia repair procedure today. it was done in washington and sanders expects to return to work in the senate tomorrow. vermont senator will also be back in new hampshire on friday. granite state. he toured companies in manchester and held a town hall in north conway, and is now somersworth. jean: world leaders have gathered in paris for climate talks. as diane robert reports from our washington bureau, president obama says the international meetings show resolve to fight terrorism. reporter: day one of the climate change conference ended with dinner between the french and u.s. delegations. it began with a moment of science for the terror victims. before heading to the summit, president obama paid his respects at a night club in
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memorial for 90 people who died there during terror attacks earlier this month. >> we have come to paris to show our resolve. reporter: with fears of more attacks looming, the two weeks of u. n. organized meetings in france are on extra high security alert. president obama saluted the people of paris for insisting the conference continue despite the november 13 terror attacks. >> what greater rejection of those who would tear down our world than marshalling our best efforts to save it. reporter: president hollande expressing gratitude for support following the attacks, says fighting terrorism and climate change are two great challenges the world must rise to. >> because we must leave our children more than a world free of terror.
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said isis' objective is to disrupt people's lives. >> the goal is to come up with a long-term global agreement to combat climate change. josh: representative annie kuster spent thanksgiving in afghanistan and kuwait. she and other, five other members of congress just returned from a six-day trip when they were briefed on the situation in those countries including counterterrorism efforts and political transitions. they also met with service members and three different bases. jean: let's turn to the traffic watch, we'll start with live pictures in manchester near exit 5, the granite street bridge. josh: peggy james has a look at the road home to start the work week. peggy: hi, yes, we're off and running, no major problems coming up from the massachusetts border. about 25 minutes will get you into manchester, slight
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slowdowns through the salem stretch. into manchester as you saw, 293 is moving well and you've got a good ride all the way up through hooksett to concord. slight slowdowns at the exits at the concord ramps. taking a look at 101 west through bedford, you're slow between 114 and wallace road. everett turnpike getting heavy northbound especially as you go through merrimack. 101 east looking like a good ride. we still have some slowdowns on 95 north at the maine border over the bridge due to an earlier accident. i'm peggy james for wzid. jean: coming up next, the man accused of a deadly shooting spree in colorado has made his first court appearance, as funeral plans for the victims are announced. josh: dangerous weather continues to slam into the midwest tonight, but some spots are stating to thaw. mike: temperatures have returned to a more seasonable pattern, but will the cool air continue or do we warm up again?
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jean: at 5:30, police need your help to find the armed man they say robbed a home near u.n.h. while the victim says he was being held at gunpoint. >> this is scary. josh: a woman who turned her loss into a calling for others now needs help herself. you'll want to hear her story on
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on-the-job training for president does not work. benghazi, beheadings, paris. our lives depend on a commander-in-chief with experience, who understands the world. time is of the essence. negotiation, ambivalence or
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delay, are not acceptable. the first with a plan to destroy isis? john kasich. new day for america is
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josh: welcome back. jury selection is under way for the first of six officers to stand trial in the death of a baltimore man. jean: freddy gray died last spring after being injured in the back of a police van. the case sparked violent protests across baltimore. six police officers were indicted. william porter is the first of those officers to go on trial. the charges against him include manslaughter and reckless endangerment. josh: a man accused of opening fire inside a planned parenthood clinic faced a judge today as the families of that shooting reveal more about the victims. here's abc's brandi hitt. reporter: staring straight into the camera, he appeared before a judge for the first time through video conference. >> the initial charge against you is murder in the first degree.
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reporter: the 57-year-old is accused of unleashing five hours of terror friday. >> we're pinned down. reporter: leaving nine wounded and three dead, including jennifer markovsky. stewart was a war veteran, he leaves behind two girls. >> he tried to get back in and warn the others, to take cover. >> what does that tell you about him? >> that's the big brother i know. reporter: then there's officer garrett swasey, the father of two was once a champion junior ice skater who trained with nancy kerrigan. >> always, you know, putting someone else first. reporter: his family and friend gathered remember the victims at church services, detectives continue searching for answers.
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this shack before moving to this mobile home. some families say they have already forgiven him, they just want to know why he allegedly did it. officer swasey's funeral will be held friday. jean: more than a dozen people have died from the severe weather still rolling across the midwest tonight. in kansas, minnesota and oklahoma ice and freezing rain have coated roads and knocked out power to thousands, and the same moisture has dropped heavy rain in texas and arkansas where several people had to be rescued from flooding. >> i figured i'd make it, didn't look that bad until i got in there. >> they got us out, no problem, it was a perfect rescue. josh: that's ice melting off a speed limit sign. if you look closely you can see the letters still imprinted on the ice sheet itself, this is a picture near oklahoma city. things have turned chilly in new hampshire, but this cold has been a long time coming.
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jean: this has been one of the warmest novembers on record, josh judge joins us. josh: it's been a very warm november and up until hoo recent lit we were in first place and then second place. as of this morning, the numbers are like this. here's the five warmest novembers ever in history recorded history any way in concord, and 2006, and averaged together 43.3 degrees. this month through this morning through midnight, 42.9 puts it in second place and then 1931, 2011 and 1948 are three, four and five. how much snow did they receive or did we receive in the winter following these temperatures? well below average. the average about 64.5 and well below. however, today was much colder, as was last night. the high temperature in concord unofficially is 34. the low was 19. when you factor that in, we're crunching numbers here because it's not official yet, it's looking like we're going to have a change, this
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will be knocked from number two down to number five when you tack for in today's numbers and that would bring it down to an average of 42.4 degrees. a big difference. so from second place to fifth place just because of one cold day today, mike. mike: as long as the pats stay in first place, josh, that's the factor here. amazing to see what can happen. that happened also in september when we talked about one of the driest months on record and in one day it flipped around. take a look at portsmouth today, fair skies and a lot of sunshine. temperatures struggled despite the bright conditions to get up to the average. a lot of clouds did build in during the afternoon, capping the temperature rise, keeping us stuck in those 30's, as josh just showed you. right now on satellite, fair skies in new york state, also mostly clear conditions in northern new hampshire, but a lot of low cloud did build in during this afternoon, they will melt away later tonight for
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mostly clear and cold conditions later on tonight. but notice the changes developing to our south. one system down over the tennessee valley, another one back in the midwest and all of that will eventually con verge on new hampshire, bringing a period of rain our way tomorrow afternoon and lasting right through portions of wednesday night. notice again how cold it is up north, upper 20's and not a whole lot warmer in central and southern new hampshire. between 30 and 36 degrees. overnight tonight we'll bottom out near 10 to 15 up north and on average upper teens and lower 20's elsewhere. so mighty chilly. back in the rockies, northern plains, great lakes, and also here in new hampshire. but notice it's a little milder to our south. then we'll get back into the 40's, at least near 40 plus during the day tomorrow and mid 40's on wednesday. so that means that any precipitation that moves in during that time frame will be in the form of rain.
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later wednesday night, some cold air will likely change it back over to snow in the mountains and of course they could use that this time of year. so tonight fair skies develop, then the sun quickly gives way continue creasing clouds for your tuesday with a couple scattered showers in the afternoon. not an all day washout and any precipitation should be mostly light. then tomorrow afternoon right through wednesday afternoon a period of rain, we could see up to an inch in some spots, once that clears notice what trails, yes, some cold air. so across the north country, mainly the great north woods and white mountains, we could see a little bit of snow piling up, maybe one to three inch accumulation with a possibility of a mixed or snow shower scattered about central and southern new hampshire. highs tomorrow, slightly above where they were today. but again that's going to set the stage for a wet as opposed to white system that moves on in beginning tomorrow afternoon. so becoming partly cloudy south,
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an unsettled stretch from tomorrow afternoon to thursday. thursday snow in the mountains corks be mixed or snow shower in southern new hampshire, a few flurries up north on friday. outside of that dry. and right now first weekend in december is looking as warm as we'll be over the next seven days. josh: thanks, mike. if you're trying to stay on your best behavior when it comes to holiday treats, we have a list to keep handy, up next which foods are considered to be the absolute worst by dieticians. jean: that there is the sound of a train that narrowly missed a man who got disoriented in the dark at 5:30, the good samaritans who saved him just
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jean: kit be hard to avoid overeating during the holidays with all the treats that seem to appear. josh: but consider a new list from fitness experts on which i stems are the worst for you. number one on the black list, fruit cake, which in my opinion makes it there on flavor alone. that's followed by soda layered cheese dips and cheesecake. keep in mind that naturally fatty foods will burn off faster than foods that are processed with artificial ingredients.
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calories you are drinking. jean: google has released a list of the recipes most often searched, and in new hampshire seems we like our corned beef, that's the recipe that gets the most searches here. in massachusetts and vermont people want to know how to prepare chicken. and in maine the most googled recipe is for boiled ham. just when you thought it was going to be lobsters. so did you know a classic holiday show didn't sit too well with the studio before it aired? >> no, no, no! listen all of you! you've got to take direction. jean: up next, one of the biggest concerns over a charlie brown christmas was the voice of one of the actors. jean: and a close call for the driver of this car, how he ended up with a reflect author post through the windshield. and now to our u local hot shot, this is what happens if you take teen boys black friday shopping, they might just take a break or
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a nap on the display bed, it's actually a great idea. submit your pictures and video. it's been her fight for twenty years. something is wrong with our healthcare system and it needs to be fixed. then, it was about health reform
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josh: a man says three masked armed men held him at gunpoint for 40 minutes while they stole from his home. jean: a man accused of trying to sell stolen property found himself in handcuffs. turned out the buyer was a police officer. mike: tracking one system this week as rain approach degrees the west, when it arrives and how much we could see. josh: and we'll tell you what granite state growers are doing this week. josh: tonight a man who lives near the campus of u.n.h. says he was held at gunpoint for nearly 40 minutes while three people robbed his home. welcome back, i'm josh mcelveen. jean: i'm jean mackin. the victim says the men were already in his home when he got there.
5:28 pm
durham with the latest details. reporter: yes, it was just before 10:30 on saturday night when brian hocberg returned to a home at the end of madbury court, he says that's when three masked and armed men who were already in the house made their way up the basement stairs and 40 minutes. he says the three kicked in the dead bolted bedroom doors and went through the rooms looking for anything they could stuff in the bags they brought with them. >> one of them would stand in the doorway, put me on the ground, ask the, as the other two were taking anything of value. >> the victim was not hurt, he was able to contact us shortly after the three men fled the residence. we immediately responded, conducted checks of the area, and the investigation is ongoing. reporter: police tonight are asking for the public's help, they are asking that anyone who
5:29 pm
may have been in the area of 8 madbury court between the hours of 9:30 and 11:30 saturday night might be able to help them identify the three suspects. suzanne roantree, wmur news 9. josh: in hopkinton, live pictures a house fire, hopefully, on morin road. officials say no one was home at the time and a dog was taken out of the home. we'll keep you posted, but so far there are no injuries to report. jean: a nashua man is facing felony assault charges tonight after attacking a man with a machete. ryan lee attacked a man signed the victim's orange street apartment. when officers arrived the victim had two large cuts to his head. police recovered the pa chet e along with a sawed off style shotgun and marijuana from the apartment. a manchester man is accused of
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trying to sell stolen plumbing items. lawrence stone is charged with felony theft. manchester police say stone broke into a van at la chance plumbing and heating and later tried to sell the plumbing tools to what turned out to be an officer. police say they recovered a number of items from stone's car. jury selection started today in the manslaughter trial of kyle witty, he's accused of killing elizabeth mcquinn after he ran a red light in his dump truck and slammed into her car last year. opening statements start next monday. josh: troopers responded to a crash on 91, a reflector pole jammed straight through be the windshield. the driver was apparently fine. police say he was in the left lane when another driver cut him off. he swerved on the shoulder, hitting the post, which then crashed through the glass. police have yet to catch up with the driver of the other vehicle. jean: okay, here's another close
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call for another driver, this one is in washington state. he got stuck on some railroad tracks with the train heading his way. reporter steve mccarran talked to the good samaritans who arrived in the nick of time. >> a cell phone camera captured nearly everything. >> yeah, it stuck right on the tracks. reporter: the man drove his car on the tracks right in front of their home, seems confused, not knowing how he got there. it. >> you must have taken a left here thinking it was a road. reporter: not able to move his car, they encouraged him to unbuckle his seat belt and get out. as he walks around to the other side they realize a freight taken is barreling down the tracks. >> come con, there's a train coming, sir, come on, sir. >> we gotta go.
5:32 pm
don't stop on a dime. reporter: not knowing how much time they had, cynthia and ritchie grabbed the man and brought him down a small hill to this spot behind a couple cars parked nearby. he stuffed his cell phone into his pocket as the horn gets louder and louder, less than 30 second later, this. >> the highest amount adrenaline that i've ever felt before. >> they all revisited the tracks, a mazed the man got out in time. >> i was really glad he's okay. >> he seemed really thankful. >> not heros, just four friends who did the right thing. and to think they would have never known the man was stuck if he hadn't gone outside to move his car.
5:33 pm
>> we were all in the right operation at the right time, everything lined up in the right way for him to be alive still. josh: i bet he does feel grateful. still ahead, a data breach at a company that specializes in kids technology, what parents need to know. jean: cyber monday is as popular as ever after a disappointing black friday. could today set a record? mike: plenty of rain to our south and west. when it arrives and the timeline ahead. >> a very special thing you can do. josh: and thousands of students volunteered for extra work this thanksgiving. we'll explain, stay with us. it's called a rigged economy, and this is how it works. most new wealth flows to the top 1%. it's a system held in place by corrupt politics where wall street banks and billionaires buy elections. my campaign is powered by over a million small contributions, people like you who want to fight back. the truth is you can't change
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by taking its money. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message.
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jean: i guess we're all headed back to work now. the dow started this monday with a drop of # points to 17,718. the s&p off by nine, the nasdaq down 18 to 5108. average gas price nationally at 2.04. here in new hampshire 2.08. kids technology maker vtech says the personal information of 5 million customers and their children may have been stolen by hackers. the data base includes the names, birth dates and genders, but not any credit card numbers. in response, the company has
5:37 pm
contacted those affected and temporarily suspended some of its websites. josh: this cyber monday could set a record for online shopping, although many retailers have expanded online holiday deals over several days. today is still expected to bring in more than 3 billion in sales. some proof that shoppers are still responding to cyber monday deals. this was the message that greeted peel on targets website mid morning. a busy signal there. so black friday though is losing some of its luster, it appears. preliminary numbers from in year show that sales fell by more than a billion dollars compared to last year. that doesn't necessarily mean that people didn't go shopping, since a lot of retailers are offering the same deals online, so a lot of people may be shopping from home. jean: if you don't want to be spend all day inside the stores, try heading to north conway this weekend. cranmore mountain will build a
5:38 pm
outlet village, for a die of tubing and shopping, the tubing will be free from 10:00 to 2:00 and coincide with the outlet's tree lighting. we now know how much it will cost in year to buy all of the items from the 12 days of christmas song. a wealth management firm tracks the annual cost, so we report it every year, to buy everything in the song this christmas you'll be shelling out a little more than $34,000. which is about 200 more than last year. despite the prices on 9 of the 12 gifts holding steady, you can blame higher labor costs for the bigger price tag on the lords a leaping, and the bird are more expensive, turtle doves, swans and the fame us partridge in a pair tree. josh: and a christmas tradition for a lot of families is now celebrating its 50th anniversary. up next hear from the son of peanut creator charles schulz on the making of a charlie brown christmas. jean: we have the promising news from foxborough on rob
5:39 pm
in sports. josh: inned the's candidate cafe the candidate had a special guest, we'll tell what you martin oh pally's son had to say to voters. tt0w!ty%hp! %4@-z5x tt0w!ty%hp! el@-p24 tt0w!ty%hp! ed@-v0p tt0w!ty%hp% )8h-6n, tt0w!ty%hp% kzh-+!p tt0w!ty%hp% n-h-^h\ tt0w!ty%hp% 0ph-@/d tt0w!ty%hp% s"h-p]$ tt0w!ty%hp% ueh-s?t
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josh: welcome back. thousands of students signed up for a special project this thanksgiving, collecting stories from relatives for an oral history collection at the
5:41 pm
story corps, recruiting kids and teenagers to record and upload those conversations. so far at least 8 thowl have -- 8,000 have been turned in. >> can you tell me a little about your childhood and what you were like as a child? >> i was a tom boy. and i liked to run around with just underwear on. >> what are your most vivid memories of school? >> tripping the teacher. [laughter] . >> grandma! josh: the granddaughter says she was also surprised to hear how matter of fact her grandmother is about the events that are now considered to be historic. jean: can you believe it? tonight will be the 50th year of a charlie brown christmas, a special look at the holiday favorite starts at 8:00 tonight, followed by the show at 9:00.
5:42 pm
creator charles schulz shared some insight into what made the cartoon such a huge success. good grieve, it's been 50 years! >> all right, quiet everybody. >> the loveable peanuts characters were brought to life on television in a charlie brown christmas for the first time back in 1965. >> my trouble is christmas, i just don't understand it. >> the story of a troubled boy, his dog snoopy and friend coming to the rescue. >> no no no! listen all of you! you've got to take direction. >> back when i was a kid in the 60's you would get your family together and sit down around the tv set and watch it. reporter: and 50 years later schulz' son says the holiday special's themes and emotions still ring true. >> we all feel those things, we're all there when charlie brown loses, we all lose a lot more than we win. reporter: and listen to these voices. >> i always end up playing a shepherd.
5:43 pm
reporter: schulz says these aren't professional actors, they're neighborhood kids pulled from classrooms. >> oh, no, we're doomed. reporter: snoopy is excited, ready to celebrate this golden anniversary. >> merry christmas, charlie brown! mike: we're going to stop it there? don't you want to keep ongoing? they had quite a snowfall during that time, didn't they. out at newfound lake right now fair skies, but we've seen clouds build in during the afternoon into the evening and yes eventually those clouds will take over again with rain as opposed to snow. many started to wonder about when we'll get that first measurable snow in southern new hampshire. the next system will be more wet
5:44 pm
the back side of it we could see a little bit of wintery precipitation. right now low clouds locked in from the southern white mountains south and southeast. but eventually they'll give way to mostly clear skies. with fair skies and light winds, temperatures will tumble quickly. so a dry and chilly one tonight, then an unsettled stretch will follow beginning tomorrow afternoon and lasting right through wednesday night even into thursday in parts of new hampshire, especially up north. mostly in the form of rain. light scattered showers tomorrow afternoon, then a steadier rain on and off tuesday night through wednesday night with some spots possibly getting an inch or. so then it turns colder and that means a changeover to some snow mainly up north as we go into thursday. cold enough for snow right now, down into the upper 20's and lower 30's in many spots, a little milder downtown manchester and right along the coast. but right at an even 30 in marl pro, from 30 to 34 points north
5:45 pm
where it's in tupper 20's. colder up north, pittsburg already upper teens. single digits by overnight. elsewhere. even though it's cold right now, by the time precipitation gets in here, right be too warm to support anything but rain. there's a very slight chance in parts of southwestern new england where the rain arrives early tomorrow morning there could be a touch of freezing rain. i'm not anticipating that here in new hampshire. although in the north country there could be a couple pockets tomorrow afternoon that are right near 32. but again no major issue with freezing as i see it right now. clouds on the increase tomorrow, scattered light showers during the afternoon. then steadier rain will take over at times, tomorrow night into wednesday night before that changeover to snow in northern new hampshire by early on thursday.
5:46 pm
temperatures run at or slightly above the norm. we get into friday, another weak system could produce flurries in the mountains, then it's dry, breezy and seasonable for saturday, even a little warmer as we go into sunday. so, no big snow that i see in southern new hampshire. ski country could do well in some spots up north on thursday. josh: all right, thanks, mike. an effort gets under way tomorrow to get service members into the holiday spirit. jean: trees are being gathered at the rocks estate christmas tree farm in bethlehem for trees for troops. they'll be loaded up by volunteers and shipped to men and women serving both in the u.s. and abroad. >> the patriots loss last night everywhere. but the blow to gronk's knee koa have been devastating. x rays on his right knee last night were negative, and today
5:47 pm
an m.r.i. revealed nothing but a bone bruise according to espn. the nfl is also reporting it's a knee strain. damage. he's listed as week to week and shouldn't mistook much time. tom brady was asked if he thought the hit on gronk was dirty. >> i hate to see it, but it's the talk about, you know, it's really the only way for the defenders to hit now, i bet if you ask a lot of players they'd rather go high than low. but when you go low, that's what happens. but i don't think it's dirty, that's the way football is being played now. >> and kobe bryant says he'll retire at the end of the season. he made the announcement last night. bryant 37 years old, spent his entire 20 seasons with the lakers. he's won five nba championships, a future hall of famer for sure. but this is his farewell season. josh: the ornaments that will represent new hampshire on the
5:48 pm
national christmas tree have been selected. jean: we'll show the winners when we come back. tom: coming up at 6:00 a deadly collision in manchester leaves one person dead, and police say this man was intoxicated when he slammed into the victim's s.u.v. the upgraded charges filed today. she has dedicated her life to helping veterans like her son who struggle with ptsd. >> that's honestly what keeps me going. just doing something -- tom: now she's the one who skiing for help in the fight of
5:49 pm
jean: manchester students started a new schedule today. elementary schools begin at 8:45 and end at 2:50. middle schools started a7:35, ending at 2:206789 the high schools will be starting at 7:45 and ending at 2:53. this schedule is a result of the new contract with the teachers union based on the number of hours in the classroom instead of days. josh: if you'd like to light up a child's face this holiday
5:50 pm
of giving toy drive. we'll be collecting new unwrapped toys this friday, saturday and sunday at the toys r us in manchester. and at the crossings in newington. all donations will go to the toys for tots campaign. and the national christmas display outside the white house will include hand made ornaments that capture the spirit of new hampshire. jean: nay crafted a dozen ornaments that will hang on new hampshire's tree, they include paintings of gifts and snow men and snowy winter landscapes. the national christmas tree lighting will be taking place thursday afternoon. very pretty. josh: the holiday season is here. jean: it sure is. josh: thank you for joining us. jeb bush: here's the truth you will not hear from our president:
5:51 pm
we are at war with radical islamic terrorism. it is the struggle that will determine the fate of the free world. the united states should not delay in leading a global coalition to take out isis with overwhelming force. their aim is our total destruction. we can't withdraw from this threat or negotiate with it. we have but one choice: to defeat it. vo: right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message.
5:52 pm
than verizon and at&t for the same price. but i wanted a pony. [ gasps ] you're getting data. pony-sized data? no. u.s. cellular sized data. good, strong data you can actually use because it works in the middle of anywhere. i'd like $100! you're getting $400 in promo cards! yes! switch to u.s. cellular and get 50% more data than verizon and at&t. plus $400 per line. see ya soon. tom: now at 6:00 the man accused of driving drunk and killing a person in a crash appeared in court today. the upgraded charges he now faces. jennifer: a threat posted on social media puts schools in
5:53 pm
the extra precautions taken at the school today. mike: after a dry chilly monday, way. when the next system moves in and what it brings our way. tom: two major endorsements for chris christie in two days. a pair of republican activists explain what makes him stand out from other presidential candidates. >> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now wmur news 9 at 6:00. jennifer: a man from bow went before a judge this morning in connection with a fate crash in manchester yesterday morning. good evening, everyone, i'm jennifer vaughn. tom: and i'm tom griffith. police say that alexander burke's blood alcohol content was two times the legal limit when he crashed into an s.u.v., kill a woman. today the prosecutor said he has a long criminal history dating back to 2003. wmur's andy hershberger joins us now live from the scene with more. andy? reporter: it may be difficult to
5:54 pm
see, but there is a small
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