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tv   News 9 Daybreak  ABC  December 1, 2015 6:00am-7:00am EST

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give the gift of dunkin' coffee. get 3 pounds for $19.99, only at dunkin' restaurants. america runs on dunkin'. erin: -- >> all of those were pulled out. >> the bed was flipped up. the house was torn apart. erin: a man says he was held at gunpoint for more than half an hour as three men ransacked his house and stole bags full of items. should dzhokhar tsarnaev get a new trial? lawyers for the convicted boston marathon bomber will start building their case today. kevin: sunshine giving way to clouds today with showers approaching from the west. we will talk about the showers and who sees something different than that ahead. erin: heavy snow is falling on parts of the country this morning, creating dangerous and deadly conditions right on the heels of another storm. >> no one covers new hampshire like we do.
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erin: all right. it is time to turn the page on that calendar. welcome to december, folks. thanks for joining us. i' m erin fehlau. we are in for a cooler day today, but kind of near-normal, so says kevin skarupa. above normal the rest of the week. kevin: if there is not snow on the ground to keep temperatures down this time of year, you will be at or above normal with sunshine. we look for any sort of early sunshine in that chilly start to get the clouds to move along. showers coming in for the afternoon. nothing heavy, but there could be a couple of mixed spots in extreme southwestern parts of the state early this morning.
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the showers may even end as somewhat snowflakes. let' tuesday morning ride. wzid' s deb davidson. if you are starting on at this time. it is also a good ride southbound into the bow junction with 93. 93 is a good ride all the way down to the state line with massachusetts. if you are heading south of the border, 93 south is seeing heavy volume right now. this report is being brought to you by minute man. affordable health insurance is your, new hampshire. join the revolution. erin: the search is on for three people who help a mannequin
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the victim says he was already -- they were already inside when he got home. good morning, ray. ray: good morning. brian hochburg said he returned home at about 10:30 on saturday night, thinking the house was empty. he quickly relies on that was not the case as there were three masked men armed with guns. they ran up the basement steps and pointed their guns at him. they held him for 40 minutes while they filled bags with anything they could find. they also overturned furniture, ransacked the house, as they look for things to steal. he says it was terrifying. >> they started leading me kicking in the door. one of them would stand in the doorway, put me on the ground, as the other two were ransacking the rooms, taking anything
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a nearby bar and called police because the thieves took his cell phone. likely to move out now. durham police say if you have any information or saw anything suspicious on madbury court, a call. erin: thank you. investigators will be back in hopkinton today to figure out what a fire -- what sparked a fire. by the time firefighters arrived, there were flames shooting from the building. firefighters were called back to the scene last night after hotspot flared up. heavy snow is falling across parts of the nation' s midsection today. abc'
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many problems. megan: the storms created dangerous driving conditions in the upper midwest. in omaha, cars spinning out. in minneapolis, cars in ditches and jackknifed tractor trailers. this man pulled off the interstate. >> i did not think you guys got this much snow. >> it was way too snowy for us to continue. megan: that drivers daughter used the brakes to build the first snowman of the season. kids reminding us why the winter weather is fun. >> who couldn' t like snow? sledding is what snow is perfect for. megan: the weather system has also reminded us that it can be deadly. flash floods have killed at least 14 people. oklahoma' s governor declared a
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from streetlights exploding to ice coated power lines. >> it is coming down. it record. >> it is recording. megan: the storm left more than 100,000 in the dark. as for the latest system, some in the midwest are bracing for up to a foot of snow by tonight. megan hughes, abc news, washington. erin: charges have been upgraded against the driver in a deadly crash. alexander burke is charged with negligent homicide. his blood-alcohol level was twice the legal limit when he crashed into an suv killing a woman and seriously injuring several others. a man from alexandria accused of possessing nearly two dozen images of child sex abuse on his elbow and -- cell phone has waived his probable cause hearing. tommy page was arrested in the midst of a homicide investigation surrounding the
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investigators stressed that these are separate investigations stemming from the same address. no suspect or person of interest has been named in the death of sylvester. investigators say he died from blunt impact trauma to his head. lawyers for convicted boston marathon bomber dzhokhar tsarnaev are due in court today hoping to get their client a new trial. they say the trial should not have been held in boston. they wanted the trial held in washington dc. they say a supreme court ruling concerning the definition of a crime of violence puts 15 of his convictions into question. he is on death row in indiana. the defense will start presenting its case at the murder trial of philip chism today. he is accused of killing his teacher, colleen ritzer.
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the defense will try to prove that philip chism was mentally ill when he killed her. manchester' s winter parking ban takes effect today. during months that are even numbers, like december, you should park overnight on the even side of the street. during odd-numbered months, drivers should park on the audit address number side of the street. still to come, helping people in the city of manchester keep their bikes in top form. you can check out a new nonprofit today and the group is getting a boost from police. you can help change a life this giving tuesday. check out some of the options in the red cross catalog. a strata mom who is dedicated to helping veterans now needs help
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kevin: tuesday morning, december 1. we will look for clouds to move in and a couple of showers to be around by the time we get to the evening commute. coming up. erin: it is giving tuesday and there is a new nonprofit in manchester helping to keep bikes on the streets. the qc bike collective is a community space on the corner of union and spruce used to repair at low cost. local bike shops are working together and volunteers help kids and adults alike work on
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>> it is a lot about learning how to do something, having the confidence, the skills, the self-reliance to be able to get that done and work with others to do it. erin: manchester police are donating about 100 unclaimed bicycles. the community is being asked for community improvement funding. you can help put a smile on a child' s face by donating to wmur' s spirit of giving toy drive. along with our partners z107 and rock 101, we will be collecting new, unwrapped toys this friday, saturday, and sunday at toys "r" us in manchester and at the crossings in newington. i will be out there on friday morning reporting live in manchester. members of the wmur team will be at both locations.
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today is known as giving tuesday. the american red cross has a catalog full of ideas to change lives. options include things like blankets, smoke alarms, comfort kit, or you could donate to providing therapy sessions, medical supplies, and emergency shelter. the magazine is also filled with stories of those who have been helped. to check out the options, go to still ahead, helping senior citizens feel comfortable with technology. i will tell you about a couple of new classes.
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new trend when they told me that i was diagnosed with cancer, all i could think of was my kids to leave them. i beat cancer, but it is still scary. now i have a pre-existing condition. take away obamacare, breast cancer survivors like me could be denied coverage. if hillary's in the white house, obamacare, have to worry anymore. i trust her, and i know she's going to fight for all of us. i'm hillary clinton,
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erin: today is world aids day george clooney or walk the red carpet with meryl streep if you donate to bono' s effort to fight aids. these are some of the once-in-a-lifetime experiences up for grabs for just a $10
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you can watch "jimmy kimmel live" on wmur. north conway is a shopping destination for many people. this weekend, there is an added draw. cranmore mountain will build a tubing hill on saturday for a day of tubing and shopping. you can ride the hill for free from 10:00 until 2:00. the amazon -- amazon is laying out new details about its program. feet. amazon says it plans to launch the program as soon as place. changing, isn' t it?
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there is a plan to help older people learn the basics. one is focused on ipads and the other looks at the basics of the internet. the goal is to help them feel comfortable with their devices. there are several new parking spots in brooklyn, new york, but they are not for cars. they are specifically designed for your pooch. dogs will be safe and owners t have to lead them tied to a parking meter or bike rack. open the doors. signed up. something that would catch on in a city like new york. kevin: this seems like something that would be on "shark tank." to be happy. it is a chilly start out there. and mid 20'
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it is going to be a changeable day for the first day of december. we transition to a normal day to day before heading back to averages tomorrow. it looks like any showers out there this afternoon will be on the light side and will be in liquid form for most cases. there could be one or two areas that see it little bit of sleep or freezing rain before going over to rain showers. it could end is it possible mixed shower with a couple inches of accumulation a possibility further north. there is that first band of showers. it could be just cool enough because we are starting off chilly this morning in the monadnock region that it might be a little bit of freezing rain initially, but i think that holds off beyond the morning commute. i think 9:00 to 11:00 a.m. is
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this batch through the ohio valley comes in tomorrow evening and our most organized precipitation this entire system. we will watch this system make its way into southwestern parts of the state this morning and into the afternoon for the rest of the area. single digits up north, lower s in southeastern spots. temperatures today, a couple of degrees warmer than yesterday. 34-42. you will notice a couple showers trying to move their way into southwestern areas. could be a little bit of mixing their way above the freezing mark in the north country. you can see that area of showers moving through. you will continue to run that risk of showers. another batch moves through
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as areas of light snow on thursday. the chance of a couple of inches of accumulation anywhere from the white mountains northward. after that pulls away, a big area of high pressure settles in . good timing for the weekend with temperatures making their way into the 40' s. very difficult to keep the chilly for more than just a couple of days. you don' t have that snow on the ground to act as a cooling agent. we have a better chance of this evening. may be mixed showers for a couple of southern areas on thursday. slightly cooler air. by the weekend, we rebound. lot of sunshine expected. erin: maybe the dog parking can offer valet, too.
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erin: my wheels are turning this morning. doggie treat vending machines. we begin with ray brewer, reporting for us in durham. ray: brian thought he was returning to an empty house on saturday night, only to quickly relies that was not the case as he says he was confronted by three masked men armed with handguns. they ran up the basement steps pointing their guns at him and held him for 40 minutes while they ransacked the home. erin: lawyers for convicted boston marathon bomber dzhokhar tsarnaev are due in court today, hoping to get their client a new trial. his lawyers say the trial should not have been held in boston. investigators are going to be back in hopkinton to figure out what sparked a fire in a home. crews were able to save a dog
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erin: santa is already making the rounds, listening to kids share their christmas wishes. one picture is going viral. six-month-old seek fell asleep -- zeke fell asleep while waiting in line and the two appeared to hunker down the night before christmas. kevin: the picture has been viewed more than 30 million times on facebook. the family returned a few days later for a visit with santa and zeke fell asleep again. erin: he just cannot stay awake.
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week for a chance to buy some of ringo starr' s personal belongings. the drummer is selling off 1300 items that come from his career and his homes. kevin: one of the items is an oyster black pearl drum kit that could fetch several million dollars. some of the proceeds going to charity. erin: money may not buy you love, but you can certainly by some of his stuff. today is giving tuesday and the survivor of the boston marathon bombing is jumping in with a cause that is very important to her. plus, your eyes are not playing tricks on you. these vehicles really just suddenly rise into the air.
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>> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now, wmur news 9 daybreak. erin: good morning to you. we are seeing some pretty color. 23 degrees. a bit chilly out there. we are going to take a look at our forecast for the rest of the week, which does improve when it comes to the temperatures. durham police are searching for three robbers they say held a man at gunpoint while they ransacked his home. planned parenthood in claremont is up and running several weeks after a hatchet wielding vandal caused thousands of dollars worth of damage. a stratham woman dedicated to
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helping -- is asking for help to find a life-saving kidney transplant. the weather has been pretty mild these days. kevin: we start off yesterday with temperatures near or below the average. today, near the average. atop mount washington, 27 degrees. as warm as you will find anywhere across the state. clouds already approaching southwestern areas. a lot of what we will see today will be in liquid form. either side of 40 for most by midafternoon. erin: we do want to check the roads and see how things are moving out there. we do have a live look for you at 93. hour. drive, we' re joined alive by 95.7 wzid' s deb davidson. good morning. deb: good morning. traffic is starting to increase
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if you are traveling right now on 293, we are not seeing any delays on the mill yard and everything is moving well. we are seeing delays in massachusetts on 93 in andover, methuen, and woburn. this report is being brought to you by minuteman health. affordable health insurance is here, new hampshire. join the revolution. from the wzid traffic network, i' m deb davidson for 95.7 wzid. from the wzid traffic network, i' m deb davidson for 95.7 wzid. erin: thank you so much. durham police are on the lookout for three people they say held a ransacked his home. the robbery happened saturday night on madbury court. he did not know inside. ray brewer joins us live with the details in durham.
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10:30 when he returned to his rental home. he thought the house was empty, but he quickly realized that was not the case. >> he was accosted by three men who were armed with handguns. they were wearing masks and dark clothing. ray: he found the three masked men running up the stairs guns pointed at him. they >> they started leading me through the house door to door. one of them would stand in the doorway, put me on the ground, homes. >> the bed was flipped up. it was all torn apart. living room and laid me down a nice ramik and they eventually exited out the back door and it were gone. ray: he had to run to a nearby
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>> everything we had a value was taken from us. including x boxes, tvs, electronics. >> my laptop was stolen. cell phone, watches. ray: the robbery has left the house mates unsettled. >> i have not felt safe sleeping in my bed the past few nights. ray: durham police would like to hear from anyone who saw anything suspicious in the area of madbury court between 9:30 and 10:30 on saturday night. erin: thank you. planned parenthood in claremont is back open this morning nearly six weeks after the clinic was vandalized. a boy got into the building in october and used a hatchet to destroy computers, phones, medical equipment, and plumbing fixtures. officers are keeping a close eye on the facility, particularly in light of friday' s deadly
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the claremont clinic has added security upgrades. investigators are trying to determine what caused a fire at a home in southampton. the homeowner was sleeping upstairs, but he was able to escape safely. a second person has been arrested in connection with a break-in at the armory in worcester, mass. ashley bixby had one of the assault rifles that was stolen in the theft. the fbi is offering a reward for information leading to the return of the six missing weapons. a father accused of being drunk during a car crash that killed his son has filed an intent to plead guilty to negligent homicide. prosecutors say he was driving
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merrimack when his car flipped over a barrier into oncoming traffic. his 14-year-old son was killed in the crash. prosecutors are recommending up to seven years behind bars. we now know the name of a man killed in a car crash in jefferson. he has been identified as 21-year-old mason cliche. the school has made counselors available to students. a stratham mother is in the fight of her life and is turning to the public for help. joanne clark is a diabetic and has kidney disease. she needs a kidney from someone with type o blood and matching tissue. she is on a waiting list for a years. hopes of finding a match. >> it is humbling to know that perfect strangers will step up
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to help. she cofounded chris' pets for vets and annie' s angels. the group raises awareness about posttraumatic stress disorder. the organization was named after her son christopher, an army veteran who had ptsd and took his own life. republican presidential candidate chris christie continues his campaign swing through new hampshire today. londonderry and concord. donald trump will also be in the granite state tonight, planning to hold a rally at the white waterville valley. a survivor of the boston marathon bombing is asking you to think about holiday shopping and little differently. adrianne was injured in the bombing and now uses a prosthetic leg.
6:33 am
today is giving tuesday, a national campaign to encourage people to donate to others. adrianne wants americans to cause. >> you can get is the same amount of whatever that would cause -- cost and you will give parts to someone who needed them. erin: more than 3000 amputations week. the shoes for schools drive is kicking off today. people can drop off a it' s or shoes at the manchester museum -- people can drop off a new pair of boots or shoes at the manchester museum. a lot of ways to donate this holiday season. coming up, a surprising claim about a family down south. they are blaming a hover board for sparking this fire in their home. a bizarre scene in china.
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these vehicles to appear like they are levitating. kevin: a cold start to the day. eventually, our temperatures for
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kevin: another chilly start to the day. we look for any morning sunshine to give way to cloud. shower chances and a warming trend for the end of the week. erin: repealing the affordable care act. congressional republicans have been trying to do it for years. nikole: senate republicans could get the ball rolling as early as today to fast-track legislation to repeal parts of the affordable care act. mitch mcconnell presented the plan just last night. democrats cannot filibuster the bill and republicans would only
6:38 am
if it clears congress, president obama is all but certain to veto it. erin: what else does the measure include and when could we see a vote? nikole: the senate is tweaking a house bill that has been passed. the senate bill would go a step further by also phasing out the expansion of medicaid, which has been a thorny issue as the law has evolved. lawmakers could also try 2-d fund planned parenthood, which has been an ongoing issue. erin: we will stay tuned. thank you so much. investigators in indonesia released new details about what caused an air asia plane to crash last year, killing all 162
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investigators say a faulty rudder control system and the pilot paul three' s to that caused the plane to go down in the java sea. the pilots attempted to address the problem, but the plane stalled and crashed. aircraft maintenance records show the plane had problems with its rudder system 23 times in the 12 months prior to that accident. police in massachusetts are searching for a killer. they say someone shot a cab driver in new bedford over the weekend. the victim was found near his cab in a parking lot near a park. hospital. sources have video from where he picked up a fair before he was killed. police are looking for two young 18. a family in louisiana as blaming a hover board for sparking a fire in their home. jessica horn says her 12-year-old son had only had the
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she says that he plugged that in to recharge it. moments later, she watched it explode. >> both wheels, it was like you just lit a fire work. before i could yell, the house was on fire, the middle part of claims. -- into flames. >> when it happened, i could not believe. it was hard to put it out. >> she bought the hover board on amazon from a company called fit turbo. she is lanning to sue. the consumer products safety commission has had eight reports of hover board injuries in the last three months, but all of those were related to falls and not fires. turning to sports, some good news for rob gronkowski and the patriots. it turns out the knee injury he
6:41 am
an mri showed only a bone bruise, no ligament damage, which is really the best case scenario. tom brady was asked if he thought the hit was dirty. tom brady: i hate to see it. they talk about -- it is really the only way for the defenders to hit now. if you asked a lot of the players, they would rather you go higher than low probably. when you go low, that is what happens. i don' t think it is dirty, i just think that is the way football is being played now. erin: gronk is listed from week to week, but he likely will not play in the next two games. avery bradley scored 24 points for the celtics. isaiah thomas scored 16. the celtics went on to win 105-95. they will play at sacramento on thursday.
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look at that. three vehicles appear to levitate off the street. you can see two vans arise after the other and then a car heading in the opposite direction also jumps. it turns out the cause of this had nothing to do with magic or the weather. a steel cable that got caught on a sanitation vehicle is what tripped up those cars. two brothers are gaining coming to the rescue of a bald eagle in canada. they were hunting in the woods when they found the bald eagle. one of the talents was locked in a trap and the bird could not fly a way. they managed to get the bald eagle out of the trap. they even snappy selfie with the bird. four minutes after they found it, the bald eagle was set free. kevin: do the selfie, otherwise
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glad they saved it. we start off with a pretty nice start to the day. single digits up north. teens in western and central parts of the state. i want you to notice in southwestern parts of the state, the clouds starting to make their way in as part of the system that eventually brings afternoon. nothing heavy, but they will be around later on this afternoon. it may come down in rain form, but there may be a couple of patches of freezing drizzle. the on, temperatures warmed sufficiently across southern parts of the state. sheltered valleys in the north country may not. we are not looking at heavy rainfall from that first little
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tomorrow night, we have another wave of moisture moving through. it is cool enough behind the system that there could be light snow for northern new hampshire. the cooler temperatures are out there in place, as well. several sponsor down to the the single digits. high temperatures today will be part of the state. showers try to work their way half of the state into the afternoon. it certainly is not an all-day rain today. mostly in liquid form. you can see the showers moving through overnight area tomorrow,
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in the day tomorrow and into tomorrow evening. once that goes by, cold enough the state. maybe an inch or two of accumulation. that is the end of this system. temperatures are cold. on and off tomorrow, but not an all-day rain. it ends with mixed showers. a big thank you to the third grade crew at lead street elementary school in nashua. we talked about the weather. they have been busy doing it weather unit, so we talked about the water cycle, different types of clouds, and they wanted to
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a big thank you to them. they wanted to see their autographs on television. erin: you were collecting autographs. kevin: i most certainly was. erin: the national christmas display outside the white house will include handmade ornaments that capture the spirit of new hampshire. the special olympics athletes from androscoggin crafted ornaments that will hang on the christmas tree. the christmas tree lighting will take place on thursday afternoon. still to come, a final check on your top stories, including the search for three men police say broke into a home in durham and while they robbed the place. the morning. josh created this scene in
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it is all to raise funds for the make-a-wish foundation. great effort area you consomm it
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erin: it is now 6:55. updating our top stories, durham police are searching for three robbers who held a minute gunpoint what they robbed his home. ray: he says he thought his rental home was empty on member record when he returned late saturday night -- madbury court when he returned late saturday night. he was confronted by three masked men who pointed pistols at him and held him hostage for 40 minutes while they ransacked the home. erin: lawyers for dzhokhar tsarnaev will be back in court
6:51 am
they say his original trial should not have been held in could not be objective. a father accused of being drunk during a car crash that killed his son in merrimack last year has filed an intent to plead guilty to negligent homicide. he is sentenced -- scheduled to be sentenced tomorrow. planned parenthood in claremont is open nearly six weeks after a hatchet wielding vandal caused thousands of dollars worth of damage to that clinic. officers are keeping a close eye on that facility now. kevin: it is a beautiful sunrise. it turns cloudy with temperatures a couple notches warmer into the afternoon. showers are scattered about and light this afternoon. a little bit more organized later tonight. cooler air could wrap in. erin: we haven' t seen a whole
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coming up next, we will have more details on the final report on that air asia plane crash that killed 162 people last year. investigators say the crash was caused by a faulty ryder system and that the pilots response also played a role in that crash. also ahead, harrison ford is going to be live talking about the new "star wars" movie. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] spend less time chasing sales and more time making room at the table.
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