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tv   News 9 Noon  ABC  December 1, 2015 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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erin: now at noon, a clerk shaken after an unusual robbery and threat at a manchester gas station involving lighter fluid. back in court. why lawyers for the convicted boston marathon bomber say he deserves a new trial and a change of venue. kevin: clouds moving in and now the first chance of showers for -- we' ll talk about how much we will see. erin: and spreading the holiday cheer. how our troops will get a little bit of home delivered to them this christmas. >> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now, wmur news 9 at noon.
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which is responsible for its visit] erin: home delivered to them manchester for a robber with an unusual m.o. m erin fehlau. police say the man approached the booth at a city gas station, and threatened to set it on fire cash. gas station. ray i understand the robber lighter fluid while the clerk was inside? ray: that' s right, erin. you can still smell the lighter fluid outside the catchers window. the clerk was too upset to talk about the incident. >> it is certain the unusual. ray: these photos show the robbery that is in manchester. it may not have been the first of its kind, but manchester police cannot recall another robbery like this one. >> an unknown assailant walked up to the cashews foods and allegedly doused it with lighter fluid and threatened to ignite
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and the clerk complied. the robber then took off. >> to believe he fled on foot on hayward street and the cane on -- can i track negative results. ray: police was uninjured but was unable to provide a description of the robber. the threat he made to doused the booth on fire. ray: police say the robbery does not appear to be connected to any others for their checking on that. -- but they are checking on that. as the holidays are upon us, robberies increased. there is good news in manchester concerning robberies. >> we are down 11% from the same timeframe last year in 2014. ray: manchester police are not sure exactly why robberies are down this year, but they have been proactive, they say, meeting with storeowners. reporting live in manchester,
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erin: ok, thank you so much good at hearing wrapped up at the federal courthouse in boston, where lawyers for convicted boston marathon bomber dzhokhar son i have requested a new trial. his lawyers say a local jury could not be objective. and want a new trial held in washington, d.c. they also say a supreme court ruling in june concerning the definition of a crime of violence puts 15 of the convictions against tsarnaev into question. a judge will rule at a later date. today the defense is presenting its case in the murder trial of philip chism. the massachusetts teen is accused of killing his teacher, today, some of chism' s former classmates are on the stand. the jury could begin deliberations next week. the defense will try to prove that chism was mentally ill when he killed the teacher. now to paris, where leaders from nearly 200 countries have come together for the u.n. climate change conference. the fight on terror is at the top of the unofficial agenda.
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s lana zak has more on what president obama said a short time ago. lana: world leaders gathered in paris to fight a war on two fronts, climate change and terrorism. the world would dedicate some of our focus right now to combating climate change and even as we work to protect our people and go after terrorist networks. trends. lana: philanthropists, businesses, and governments pledged $50 billion investment in green energy. pope francis, traveling back from africa, urged even greater action, saying "we are at the limits. if i may use a strong work, we are at the limits of suicide." well world leaders were meeting you guys come in beijing, the smart was so thick that the pollution there was 45 times the on safe levels. xi jinping promised action on
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that threat is palpable in paris, still reeling from the terrorist attacks that killed 130 people a little more than two weeks ago. the fight against isis was as much a part of the discussion as the environment. president obama hinting at a possible diplomatic breakthrough, with russia in regards to syria. in meetings with world leaders, including russia and turkey, the u.s. is hopefully unified front may be developing to leave the world safer and cleaner for generations to come. lana zak, abc news, washington. erin: turning now to commitment 2016 coverage, more presidential candidates are in the granite this morning, chris christie londonderry. there, he visited with early morning diners. and this afternoon, he will attend a drug recovery roundtable event in concord. christie isn' t the only republican in new hampshire today. donald trump will attend a rally in waterville valley tonight at 7:00. today, a panel of lawmakers is meeting in concord as part of a
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crisis. the finance and appropriations members of the panel are meeting. they' re expected to spend six weeks developing bills that the full legislature will consider in january. nearly 300 people have died this year from drug overdoses in new hampshire. the grinch has hated visit to the worst possible way. someone broke into the operation santa claus warehouse in concord. the state employees association said between $3000 and $4000 worth of gift cards, bags for needy families were taken. organizers are try to figure out everything that was taken. christmas tree growers from across the region are pitching in to help service members and their families this holiday season. hundreds of trees are being shipped from a farm in bethlehem. wmur' s mike cronin joins us from bethlehem with the story.
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right now by innocently line of fifth graders from -- and a summary -- an assembly line of the fifth good is from the -- fifth graders from bethlehem down to missouri to military veterans and their families. this is a program called trees for troops. it provides christmas trees to u.s. monetary families at home and abroad. >> we realize how much a military person misses being at home, and one of the greatest things you can send it when you send a tree is the scent. the scent from vermont makes them think that home. mike: the first gentleman will cut the state' s first christmas tree of the holiday season, which will be donated to a local navy family. my cronin, wmur news 9. erin: thank you so much. it is the season for giving, and you can help put a smile on a child' s face by donating to the
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along with our partners z-107 and rock 101, we' ll be collecting new, unwrapped toys this friday, saturday, and sunday at toys r us in manchester and the crossings in newington. members of the wmur team will be at both locations on friday to thank you for your generosity. all donations will go to toys for tots. manchester' s winter parking ban takes effect today but there are some changes this year. during months that are even numbers like december, you should park overnight on the even side of the street. during odd numbered months, you guessed it drivers should park , on the side of the street with odd address numbers. fines for overnight parking violations start at $25 and increase to after 30 days. $50 the ban runs until april 15. coming up next, a chicago university is forced to close. the online threats made, and what may have sparked them. air asia crash. what investigators say brought down the passenger plane,
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kevin: light showers pushing into the area, the first of many rain chances, not all of it in liquid form. details ahead. erin: in today' s "grow it green ," we' re getting into the how you can enjoy your festive
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erin: this just in to our newsroom. live look from chicago, were moments ago mayor rahm emanuel fired the police superintendent over the outcry over a video of fatal shooting by police officer. elizabeth hur has the latest could elizabeth: jason men back walking out of jail after posting $150,000 bond. his attorney maintains the officer feared for his life when he opened fire. >> he is prepared to defend himself come he is very scared about the consequences that he is facing. elizabeth: he is fighting first-degree murder charges for the shooting death of laquan mcdonald. the incident captured in this video.
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weapon 16 times in 15 seconds. according to police, anger over the shooting led to the arrest of jabari dean yesterday. that threat shut down the university of chicago campus the other david they say he posted on social media, "i will execute 16 students. this is not a joke." 16 being the same number of times mcdonald was shot. despite calls from protesters written and our sister station in chicago he isn' t going in it -- the superintendent told our sister station he' s in going anywhere. >> i' m not giving up on the good people of chicago and i' m certainly not going to give up on the chicago police department. elizabeth: the mayor says his new task force will review the training and oversight at the police department. some community leaders say they want federal investigators to now take over and i' s -- take
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erin: as we reported at the beginning of the story, the mayor did in fact fire the superintendent admitted the outcry just moments ago. investigators in indonesia have caused an air asia plane to crash last year killing all 162 , people on board. investigators say a faulty rudder control system and the pilots' response caused the sea. they say the pilots attempted to address the problem, but the plane stalled and crashed. aircraft maintenance records show the plane had problems with its rudder system 23 times in the 12 months before the years ago today, a 42-year-old 60 woman in alabama took a stand, by keeping her seat on a bus. it was december 1, 1955. rosa parks did that and was arrested when she didn' t give up her seat for a white man. less than a week later, a young, little-known pastor named martin luther king, jr. led a citywide bus boycott.
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what became the civil rights movement, and led to an historic supreme court ruling banning segregation. and outside, we are seeing some weather. it is kind of abnormal. you will see warmer temperatures than normal. kevin: the continues on through the end of the week. we will talk about that coming up. erin: also it' s a popular flower , around the holiday season. we' ll show you some of the work that goes into growing the perfect poinsettias. our u local hot shot. this is buddy getting into the holiday spirit with an elf headband in chester. we love to see you are pets
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>> now meteorologist kevin forecast. kevin: chilly start, and light showers have been creeping in. there is the possibility depending on your elevation in the southwestern half of the state as the moisture comes in
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different than purely rain showers out there. a brief 20- or 30-minute shower with temperatures below the freezing mark could make one or two roadways slick that we are not expecting widespread problems through the afternoon but that is the one thing we are keeping track of this point, beyond the showers coming in. clouds are starting to build in it now, and as you will notice, this pink shade does not necessarily mean icing. it means it is kind of in between the definite chance of rain as opposed to the definite chance of snow. it kind of means the temperatures are around 32 degrees, and depending on your elevation, the lower line valleys holding -- the lower lying valleys holding the cooler air in, better chance of mixing going on. more showers down to our south, and then as you notice, cool enough that it falls in the form of a little bit of what snow as it pulls away on thursday.
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hampshire, a couple of what snowflakes the possibility, but the main issue this afternoon, will be later rain showers, and we have a lot of is falling side. potential for a little bit of freezing rain in some of the locations. traveling to distant distance through the southwestern part of the state, bear that in mind, hours. up north, sunshine through the morning. precipitation is starting to make its way in. mark, a pretty impressive climb, considering we started in the single digits up north. in the southern areas we are up showers there. we will have the next system approaching and ahead of that, milder temperatures. evening commute. a more organized batch of rain moving overnight with a quick third of an inch of rain tomorrow. scattered showers reorganized through the afternoon.
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on the backside of the system. there is potential for a few inches of accumulation, of the state. this pulls away thursday evening. it sets up what should be fairly through friday and the weekend. we will continue to see temperatures in the 40' the way into the early parts of next week, once we get beyond let' s head to "grow it green." green." i' m joined by margaret hagen from the cooperative extension. there are several plants we associate with the holidays, perhaps none more than the poinsettias. i often wonder, how do they get them to bloom all at that one time? margaret: how do they all show flowers for the week before thanksgiving? ray: right. [laughter]
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things. they will do pinches of the top buds of the get nice breaks to keep the plants nice and bushy, and to get them to turn read all the same time, which is what manipulate the lighting cycle. short day. sunshine, perhaps. ray: one of the things you will looking for in a place -- maybe the flowers. what do you want to see here? fairly tight. these are a modified leaf. if the flower is wide open and might not last quite so long. ray: we have some others that are still green. margaret: poinsettias tend to some change later.
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later. ray: as far as keeping these plans, is it possible to do it? margaret: it is possible to do it and rebloomb them again. the biggest thing is that from 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 a.m. to 10 weeks, before you want them to complete darkness. ray: you move them to your tight. them back up. ray: we happen to have. margaret: it will tell you how to do this. ray: make your holidays brighter, and if you are so that is it for today' green." and this is how it works.
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you will not hear from our president: we are at war with radical islamic terrorism. it is the struggle that will determine the fate of the free world. the united states should not delay in leading a global coalition to take out isis with overwhelming force. their aim is our total destruction. we can't withdraw from this threat or negotiate with it. we have but one choice: to defeat it. vo: right to rise usa is responsible for the content of
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erin: dog owners in brooklyn will now have an easier time taking their four-legged friends shopping with them. the founder of dog parker is outside businesses that don' t owners don' dogs to a parking meter or bike rack. dog parker is still in the testing phase with about 50 people using it so far.
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kevin: you are mentioning this morning, why isn' t it there? erin: you need a valet for the dog. kevin: we are looking at rain showers and will be on and off for the rain showers until wednesday morning. what snowflakes thursday morning. nice stretch of wonderful weekend. erin: we like the looks of that. starting tonight at 5:00, cell phones are more than a luxury these days. wait till you hear how many people have given up landlines altogether. and psychologists weigh in on gift-giving including why giving less means more. those stories and more heading your way tonight starting at 5:00.
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at the first world conference on climate change, the challenge seemed insurmountable. but today, as world leaders come together in paris, the solutions are clear. with a real commitment to clean energy, we can tackle the climate crisis, end our dependence on oil from foreign countries, and create millions of american jobs. but none of it will happen unless america leads.
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