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tv   News 9 at Five  ABC  December 1, 2015 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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roads. good evening, i' m josh mcelveen. jean: i' m jean mackin. those icy conditions led to several crashes mostly in the lakes region. let' s get right to chief meteorologist mike haddad for a look at the conditions right now. mike: those temperatures right near 32 degrees a good part of this afternoon with some light rain moving in. that led to some icy travel in some areas mainly north and west of concord. you can see that pink shaded area, anywhere north and west of the state capital of into the upper valley and into the heart of the white mountains. right now most of the precipitation is on the light side but that pink shaded area, you will also notice if you' around the white mountains all the way up to the upper valley
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may experience some minor icing. s where we have the freezing rain advisory until 7:00 as we advance through the course of the evening, temperatures everywhere should creep just above 32 degrees and any treated road should be in better shape as we advance through the late evening and the what about more changes for wednesday and snow for some before the week is over? we will get all that straight ahead. josh: firefighters are still on the scene of a massive blaze that was reported round 2:30 this afternoon. control. s get to jennifer crompton latest. jennifer: we are here at this bedford. there are still 30 fire apparatus on the scene. the road is closed to the public.
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pouring from the top, but that is much different than it was a few hours ago. the home was fully engulfed with about 60 firefighters from a dozen departments coming to help. the fire chief says everyone got out safely but there was someone home at the time because it was an occupant that called reporting smoke in the house. the chief says the fire appears to have started in the attic area and may have been burning for some time before it was noticed. >> upon arrival there was a light smoke condition. there was a vaulted ceiling. we opened up the roof and the fire just came in. the family is understandably distraught, the property likely nearly a total loss. they expect to be on the scene
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coming up at 6:00, how the access to water played a role in fighting the fire. live in bedford, jennifer crompton, wmur news 9. jean: manchester police are searching for a suspect who robbed a gas station overnight. and they say this crime is unlike any they' ve seen in quite some time. wmur' s shelley walcott joins us live to explain. manchester police say this one of the most unusual robberies they' ve ever had to deal with. it happened at this speedway gas station on massabesic street, just after midnight. surveillance photos show a suspect walking up to the cashier' s booth. he was wearing a black ski mask and light colored gloves. he doused the booth with lighter fluid, and threatened to light it on fire unless the cashier gave him money. the cashier handed over cash and the suspect took off. a police spokesman tells us that' s where the trail of this suspect went cold.
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foot, westerly down hayward street. a k-9 track, showed negative results so. you know the time that lapsed between the time she called it in and officers arriving is only a minute or two but in a minute or two, someone could get a good distance away from the scene. shelley: the cashier was so shaken up she was not able to get a good description of the suspect. manchester police are hopeful m shelley live in manchester, i' walcott, wmur news 9. josh: lawyers for the boston marathon bomber told a federal judge today that dzhokhar tsarnaev should be granted a new trial. but as wmur' s amy coveno explains live in the newsroom, these appeals that will go on for years are mostly automatic. amy tsarnaev did not appear in : court today. he remains locked in a federal he also likely did not request that his lawyers file the appeals. they are done automatically on
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s the way our system is set up and the appeals in this case could take a decade. june was the last time convicted marathon bomber dzhokar tsarnaev was in the federal court house in boston. us district judge george o' toole formally sentenced the now 22-year-old to death. that death sentence set off a series of automatic appeals the first of those were heard tuesday morning. the defense team leading the proceeding by asking the judge to throw out their client' s convictions and give him a new trial. the defense argued that 15 of the 30 federal counts should be tossed out because they failed to meet the recently refined supreme court definition of crimes of violence. in johnson versus the united states the u.s. supreme court tried to create consistency in the law by mandating that crimes of violence meet certain criteria and the tsarnaev defense argued that setting an explosive device
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the criteria of physical force. in a separate motion the defense argued to block government access to documents prepared for tsarnaev' s defense,calling the work product privileged because " the litigation in this case is far from over. and the defense protections are alive and well in this case. tsarnaev' s attorneys revealed his sisters are visiting him in prison and are fighting to keep the content of those conversations private. several other appeals are pending in this case as well,including a change of venue. the motion has already been denied 4 times and legal experts say it will be difficult for tsarnaev to get a new trial based on a biased jury because the court presumes jurors follow all instructions the judge gives them. the judge took the arguments under advisement and will likely issue his ruling in writing in the next couple of weeks. marathon bombing is scheduled tsarnaev' s former classmate and friend stephen silva will be
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silva was convicted of giving a gun to the tsarnaev brothers it was the gun used to kill mit police officer sean collier. live in the newsroom amy coveno, wmur news9. jean: new hampshire is projected to set a record for drug deaths this year. the state medical examiner says it has confirmed 295 deaths connected to opioids in of those 2015. 295 deaths, 183 involved fentanyl including 135 deaths that were attributed to fentanyl alone, without any other drugs. but there are 80 cases still waiting for toxicology reports and there' s still a month left in the year. josh: new jersey governor chris christie spent the afternoon at a drug recovery center in manchester. the republican presidential candidate was part of a round table discussion at hope for recovery listening to strategies
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he says it' seen firsthand in his home state of new jersey. chris christie i want you to : understand where this comes from for me and mary pat and why if we' re fortunate enough to be white house, we' ll be doing the exact same kind of things. josh: christie also picked up another endorsement today, former new hampshire house speaker donna sytek. hampshire. he is holding a rally in waterville valley tonight. it starts at 7, at the white mountain athletic club. jean: the u.s. will send more forces to the middle east, as part of its latest strategy against isis. wmur' s sally kidd is in washington with a look at the plan today revealed by the secretary of defense. sally: a new unit will be stationed in iraq and ready to operate at any time. the so-called expeditionary targeting force will conduct raids, gather intelligence, and
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in position to move into syria. grexit puts everybody on notice. you don' window. sally: the operations will be intel driven. every president obama met with world leaders in paris as the u.s. continues to press russia to direct its airstrikes against isis rather than the rebels fighting the assad regime. president obama: ultimately rusher will recognize the threat that isil process to its country. >> have we currently contained isil? >> we have not. sally: republicans were blasting the president for what they feel
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>> most of us do not have strategy. >> i' administration' approach to a dangerous enemy. sally: the president says the new force will be made up of at republican say that is not enough. reporting from washington, sally kidd, wmur news 9 9. jean: we are turning to the traffic watch to see how things are moving. these are live pictures from 293 north in manchester from the elliot at river' s edge camera josh: 95.7 wzi-d' s peggy james joins us live with a look at your evening commute. peggy: we have a lot of slick roadways out there so you do want to use caution heading home tonight. no major issues coming up from the massachusetts border all the way up into manchester, a pretty good right.
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you about, just pockets of congestion of through concord. they are still working and earlier accident on 89 northbound that should be clearing out soon. heavy and slow through bedford. the everett turnpike had an earlier accident but should be clearing up and north is a heavy ride through merrimack. i' m taking james for 95.7. 5:00. a former new england governor has been tapped to help chicago deal with the controversy josh: the first day of december has been brutal for many states. which parts of the midwest are getting hit hardest right now. mike: after some tricky travel this afternoon, a wet wednesday follows tomorrow. how much rain we could see josh: while the wintry weather may be causing problems on the s being welcomed , with open arms at local ski
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ll take you to the slopes, on news 9 at six clock. but first -- >> they' re not going to dampen our enthusiasm going forward. jean: operation santa says it won' t let stolen presents dim holiday spirits. at 5:30 the thieves are wasting no time spending the gift cards
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jean: security concerns continue to dominate the climate talks underway in paris. josh: president obama is wrapping up his time in france today. wmur' s diane roberts has a look at the final message he' s trying to get out. diane: president obama says america' s status as a world power and its ability to influence events depends on what other countries care about, and one of the things they care about is climate change. the president is asking obscenities to -- asking representatives to remain alert. igo shaders are working on a includes built-in reviews every five years. >> by sending that signal to
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venture funds, we will actually start hitting these targets faster than we expected, and we can be even more ambitious. >> the president also wants parts of the plan to be legally binding in all countries. that will be a tough sell at home. the republican house took up a bill to block limits at power plants. >> weighing the costs and benefits, when you way the costs and benefits against the so-called legally binding obligations, they don' t add up. i think it is very clear. >> democrats say it' s not about jobs, but rather science. >> when we receive credible peer-reviewed study after study, telling us that we are in the middle of the climate crisis, and that something must be done about it, we need to listen. >> senate majority leader mitch mcconnell warns other countries not to trust any deal president
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jean: chicago' s police superintendent has been fired in the latest fall-out from a controversial police shooting. one officer has been charged with murder in last year' s death of 17-year-old laquan mc-donald. a judge ordered the city to release video of that shooting last month. prompting a new wave of protests against the police department. today, mayor rahm emanuel praised the superintendent' s leadership of the police force, but said people' s trust has been worn down. he also announced a new task force on police accountability. that panel will include former massachusetts governor deval patrick who' s originally from chicago. josh: parts of the midwest is getting hit again with heavy rain and snow. snow plows are now working over time, to dig out after one car -- in minnesota, drivers are multiple car crashes. in minnesota, drivers are slipping and sliding all over the road. the storm also dumped record-setting snow in parts of south dakota. in oklahoma crews are trying to restore power to thousands after
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lines. >> it' s going to get worse before it gets better because of the weight of the ice and as it melts. josh: in the south, families are cleaning up from the deadly floods over the thanksgiving weekend. >> now, cheap meteorologist mike haddad with your storm watch 9 forecast. mike: temperatures right near 32 and precipitation building in at the same time, resulting in slick conditions out there. newfound lake showing breaks in the overcast and partial son this morning. freezing rain in around the plymouth area and through the upper valley and over toward areas just north and west of concord and into the southern part of the white mountains. the latest system is not going anywhere anytime soon. with some predict -- precipitation moving in and temperatures hanging right around freezing, there is a freezing rain advisory that will
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keep in mind any untreated road could be pretty slick in those areas. not too much happening off to the west and southwest but a little bit of precipitation in the upper valley. continued -- freezing rain continues to rotate in from the south and west. you get the idea it will vary in intensity as we go through the next few hours. mostly rain in the lakes region south but a few pockets near 32 degrees. we cannot rule out a few untreated surfaces being a little bit on the icy side. hampshire where the higher terrain is the warmest while some of the old -- lower elevations are stuck right around 31 or 32. of the showers. more will begin to gather down
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night. so does remain unsettled through that time. concord is sitting at 32, same story in plymouth. a few other spots unofficially at 31 or 32 so allow a little extra time of traveling tonight. tonight stuck in the low to mid 30' s and then we do get slightly warmer for the next few days. milder air surging up in our direction and at the same time, more rain moves in. the heaviest will likely develop tomorrow afternoon into tomorrow night before some cold air chases that out to the east. over once the cold air builds in? maybe enough to produce quite a bit of snow in the great north woods. possibly an inch of rain in some areas. tonight, temperatures holding
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snow will develop, especially up north. there could be isolated rain or mixed shower, several inches likely in the northern part of the mounds in the great north woods. it can be well into the 50' s and spots on sunday. it' s not going anywhere just yet. josh: manchester' s winter parking ban is now in effect with some new rules. jean: so that means during even numbered months you must park on the even side of the street. on odd numbered months you park on the other side of the street. fines for parking violations begin and $25 an increase to after 30 days. $50 the ban runs until april 15. a controversial program has been rolled out at one county jail. josh: officials defend the plan
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josh: a jail in idaho is defending the decision to let
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jean: they say provides another incentive for good behavior, even if it raises some eyebrows. >> it seemed odd that we would give our inmate population tablet pcs when a lot of people on the outside don' t have tablet pcs. jean the devices don' t cost : taxpayers anything, the inmates have to pay for each minute they' re using a tablet. and if they break one of the devices, they have to pay for its replacement. a new study shows more people are replacing their landlines with cell phones. according to the cdc more than josh 47% of homes : no longer have a landline. and right now 42% of people say they still have both. rewind 12 years and only 3% of people used only cellphones. jean: straight ahead at 5:30. a business owner says he followed the men who stole his golf carts leading police officers right to the suspects. >> i figured if you paid the extra at least you could fly without embarassment. josh: and one traveler says he
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mike: tricky travel for some is freezing rain does continue in some spots. jean: a real-life grinch is on the loose. what was taken at a break in an operation santa. josh: family members of the teenager accused of murdering his teacher took the stand today. jean: a woman arrested after police say she jumped right into a barn all trying to out run officers. >> no one covers new hampshire like we do. jean: a blast of wintry weather ushered in the 1st avenue december. freezing weather has created dangerous driving conditions in many spots. josh: the biggest problems have been in the lakes region in parts of the north country are
5:28 pm
mike: temperatures are hovering right around 32. they should rise above that as night. still some showers building through as temperatures have been very stubborn, stuck in the low 30' s. valley, that' s where you see the pink on the radar indicating the potential for some light icing. temperatures for the most part creeping just above 32 but in some other areas like plymouth and concord and parts of the lakes region, in the mount washington valley it' s right at that critical icing spot. freezing rain advisory remains in effect until 7:00 if you' re traveling north and west of concord. keep in mind any untreated
5:29 pm
it' s december 1, so what can we expect in this new month of december across new hampshire? josh judge is standing by with a look at those numbers. josh: the high today only 33 degrees in concord. the average is 42 degrees. take the month as a whole and look from the beginning to the end of the month. we are only 33 today, but by the end of the month the average is right around where we are today. the lows get a little cooler depending on where you are. about 20 minutes later for sunrise and sunset. what about snow for december? 2007 was the biggest month for
5:30 pm
45.3 and just 2007. the least snow we' ve ever seen in december, a traced to an inch years. we always at least get something in december. jean: an organization trying to brighten christmas for dis-advantaged children is now the victim of a break-in. dollars worth of donations from operation santa. a collection that they tell wmur' s andy hershberger they' ve been working on for weeks. andy police say that they are : following several promising leads while the people at figuring out what' s missing and working to replace it. they are christmas gifts for disadvantaged kids, donated to operation santa clause by generous people throughout the state. but some time over the thanksgiving holiday someone broke into this warehouse and stole thousands of dollars worth of gift cards and other presents. >> it'
5:31 pm
and where the people who shop that they' re helping someone. they' re helping a very specific person so that' s why i think , this is such a personal thing. andy for 55-years operation : santa clause has collected toys and other things on a family' s wish list. this year they' re helping about 3,000 kids, newborns through teenagers. organizers say they' re still in the process of figuring out what' s missing. >> we know that gift cards were taken. we know some toys were taken, just lumped in bags it' s difficult to determine what was taken at this point. andy investigators say they are : working with local retailers to see if any of the stolen gift cards have been used. since the burglary, officials say several donors have already stepped up and many of those cards have been replaced. and while this break-in is troubling, those involved with
5:32 pm
the spirit of giving instead of the disappointing loss. >> that' s the part of the season that operation santa clause represents and thefts like this can' t overshadow that and they' re not going to dampen our enthusiasm going forward. andy officials hope to have all : donations in house by wednesday. there is still time to give. you can get information at the operation santa clause new hampshire web site or at reporting live. andy hershberger. wmur news 9. josh: the defense is getting its chance at the trial of a massachusetts teenager charged with murdering his teacher. family members and former classmates of the 16-year-old were on the stand today. his grandfather testified that chism was a well behaved boy and that both his grandmother and aunt suffered from mental
5:33 pm
two men were arrested, accused of stealing golf carts from a litchfield restaurant. manchester police say matthew grondin and pedro cortes stole the carts from naticook fish and grill. the owner witnessed the theft and followed them until litchfield officers got involved. the two suspects were found at the irving station on brown avenue with the stolen golf carts and a stolen trailer. jean: a19-year-old maine woman is facing drunk driving charges after police say she stole a on a joy ride before crashing thru the side of a barn. after getting a call about an to stop the truck before learning it had been stolen but she refused to stop. the woman is charged with oui failure to stop for an officer and driving without a license. josh: still to come. being rested may not have much to do with how much shut-eye you get. for retail but it' s pushed auto sales to near-record levels. mike an unsettled stretch has icing.
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5:35 pm
josh: video of the closing bell provided by the new york stock exchange.
5:36 pm
the s&p 500 up 22 and the nasdaq up nearly 50. gas prices nationally, looking at $2.04. november used to be a slow month for auto sales until dealers bandwagon. jean: for most, the change has paid off. numbers out today show big gains for several automakers including a 12% sales jump for hyundai, and 3% gains for toyota and fiat chrysler. some brands saw their sales drop, though most notably volkswagen, which saw sales fall 25% after revelations that it cheated on emissions tests. many holiday deals are calculated with rebates requiring you to do an extra step to get that money back. consumer experts have some tips for making sure your rebate gets processed correctly. make copies of all the required paperwork, or use your smartphone to snap photos of it. and if it seems like a company won' t honor the rebate, contact your state attorney general. josh: black friday and cyber monday are over today is giving
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this is the 4th year of this idea, which encourages people to re-focus on the christmas spirit by helping others. it started at a ymca in new york
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t have to be jean: in sports, we take a look at this guy, david price. details. josh hundreds of christmas trees : are loaded in bethlehem and are heading to military i' re going. >> you gonna find some students always someone said to them you can' t. you shouldn' t. you wouldn' t. don' t even bother. that program always going to tell them you will. you can and you gonna go ahead
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jean: when it comes to feeling rested, how much sleep you get may not be the most important thing. josh: a new study says it' s more important that your sleep doesn' t get interrupted. researchers at johns hopkins university found that people felt worse when they woke up several times during the night, than if they stayed up too late. another study found that people who slept four straight hours felt better than people who had an interrupted eight hours. a second honeymoon took a sour turn for a maryland couple who says they had to leave a flight
5:42 pm
treated for his weight. jean: the couple tells reporter horace holmes that they followed all the airlines' suggestions while booking their flights but say it still wasn' t enough. >> still in love after 2 decades of marriage, steve and tammy degrange planned what they thought would be their dream getaway to celebrate their 20th anniversary. we looked forward to this trip >> so much. >> they would fly out of bwi airport on spirit airlines to chicago and then on to las vegas. tammy making the arrangements knew her husband would need special accomodations for the flight. steve is a big man. >> write about 400 pounds and 6' 1". mike: steve even lost more than 100 pounds in preparation. they booked three seats. one for tammy and two for steve. 13 a, b, and c. >>13 a, b, and c.
5:43 pm
the plane and took their seats. next to the emergency exit doors. no problem. steve asked for the extended lap belt,got it, buckled up and off they flew. five great days in las vegas and it was time to fly back home. that' s when the nightmare began. when they got on the plane and degrange went to sit in his seat. the stewardess said, ' don' t get >> comfortable because you can' t sit there.' then she went on to say it was an faa regulation. >> but the actual faa regulation says it is up to an airline employee to determine who may be assigned to an exit seat, and age or size alone should not be a disqualifying factor. tammy degrange says she had planned this carefully. the flight back to bwi was on a similar if not the same plane they flew over on. the two were booked in the exact same 3 seats, next to the emergency exit and they made it clear they say that steve needed extra room and a lap belt extender for his two seats when they made reservations with spirit. they said this is the seat you >>they said this is the seat you want because it offers more leg room and they actually charged us $100
5:44 pm
attendants degrange says escorted he and his wife to a couple seats in the rear of the plane. >>i squished into the back seat. i looked at the stewardess and t fit in here what do i do now? with other passengers angry humiliated the degranges' left the plane,and the next day flew back on another airline. it was definitely discrimination >>it was definitely discrimination >> i figured if you paid the extra at least you could fly without embarassment and have a comfortable flight. but obviously with some airlines that' s not the case. jean: that was horace holmes reporting. spirit says this was all related to safety and that the seat chosen by the degranges had can' t use seatbelt extenders. >> now, chief meteorologist mike forecast. mike: in around the lakes region
5:45 pm
cold but bright skies before the clouds did press in. eventually producing some wet weather. not a lot of heavy rain but with temperatures hovering right here 32 degrees, some icing in some areas. extended until 10:00 this evening. anyone traveling in areas north and west of concord into the upper valley north of 93 and through the lakes region and points north and northeast, the mount washington valley as well, could all experience some icy travel on untreated surfaces. you get the idea, just take it slow up there for the next few hours. steady showers moving through and near the ground at 32, some of it is freezing on contact.
5:46 pm
from concord south and southeast it' s all green. that means primarily all rain. the pink shape indicates the potential of some icing out there. the threat continues in and around the mount washington valley, right around 32 degrees. it is warm enough in the clouds but too cold in the valley. the same story in the great north woods in and around berlin and points north. all will rotate in tonight and tomorrow and tomorrow night and then we start to dry out in southern new hampshire during the day on thursday while it begins to snow in the north country. temperatures in the 30' s, mildest in downtown manchester and along the coast. overnight it will rise a little bit especially on the coast and in some of the higher terrain. mount washington around 40 and the icing threat should diminish
5:47 pm
bands of rain, more rain moves in from the south and west. more continues and then right through tomorrow night of to an inch to 1.25 inches cannot be ruled out. once we get into thursday, cold air wraps into the back side of the storm. there' s one computer model that has anywhere from a half inch to an inch, and in terms of snow, here we go up north. a couple of inches on average, 2-4 for some and over for in some of the higher terrain. by later tomorrow night it all starts to move out. possibly back in the mild zone by this upcoming weekend. hard to imagine, even though we arehard to imagine, even though we
5:48 pm
temperatures lining up like so above average. jean: a california man has racked up tens of thousans of dollars in damage to his cabin cruiser after it became stranded on a sea wall. josh: he was on a pleasure cruise with his family on sunday when his half million dollar, 51 foot yacht named gotcha hit a break wall near the mouth of the oakland estuary. at the time it was high tide and water was covering it. it ended up taking a tow truck to remove the yacht. a crane barge had to be called it to fix the damage. could cost upwards of $70,000 >> the red sox reportedly agreed to sign david price. they need an ace and now they way, david price is a really
5:49 pm
a 930 start at the edmonton oilers. check out the progress of the new football stadium at unh wildcat stadium. there is a china work still to do but you can see it is taking shape big time. they can start doing inside work now and the track -- stadium is on track to be ready for the next home football game. another division i signing for new hampshire, this time it' alex curtis. good luck to her next year. at 6:00. s a new way to protect your pets while you are out and about. mike: coming up at 6:00, flames tear through an expensive -- crews on the scene for hours.
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jean: brooklyn dog owners will now have a more covenient way of keeping their pets safe while they visit businesses that aren' t dog friendly. josh: the founder of dog parker is installing temporary dog kennels outside businesses that don' t allow pets inside. so that owners don' t have to tie their dogs to a parking meter or bike rack. >> the same way you can access a mailbox that' s tied to the street why aren' t there temporary use dog kennels on the street. josh: dog parker is still in it' s testing phase with about 50 people using it so far. next google. be. josh: thanks for joining us for news9 at 5:00. jean: stay tuned, news9 at 6:00 come on in pop pop. happy birthday. i just had a heart attack... and now i have a choice. for her. for them. and him. a choice to take brilinta. a prescription for people who've been hospitalized for a heart attack. i take brilinta with a baby aspirin than 100 mg. well it works.
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mike: rain, and just enough cold air has made for icy travel in some areas this afternoon. when the threat diminishes, plus when heavy rain arrives. tom: fire rips through a home in bedford burning for hours.
5:55 pm
the fire started. a robber makes an unusual threat shelleya robber makes an unusual threat during a gas station : robbery in manchester. police say he doused the cashier tom: these trees are preparing for a long trip on their way to people far from home. >> i really think that we forget how difficult it is being away at christmas. tom: the work by trees for members get to experience the holidays. like we do. now, wmur news 9 at 6:00. >> it' s a rainy, slippery ride home tonight for many people particularly in the lakes region. you' re looking live at meredith, where it' s 34 degrees. good evening, i' m jennifer m tom griffith. last a while longer for much of let' s start with chief meteorologist mike haddad. mike: it looks like the rain will continue on and off the next few hours.
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