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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  December 1, 2015 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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breaking news tonight. chicago's top cop, fired. outrage growing after the video of a deadly police shooting. the teen allegedly shot 16 times in 15 seconds. and tonight, right here, you will see the new surveillance images. what were police doing a short time after the shooting? the deadly storms. the mother and her children trapped on the roof of their car. >> we're in the water! the car's under the water! we need help. >> tonight, the dangerous driving. up to a foot of snow in some places and where it hits tomorrow. the mayor mystery. the newly elected mayor of an american city found dead in his home. a city stunned. the fire worries tonight involve ing one of the hottest
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authorities want to know, is it the battery? one family saying their home caught fire. and breaking now. the head of facebook, their new baby, and the other big announcement. promising to giveaway $45 billion? good evening. and it's great to have you with us on a tuesday night. and we begin in chicago, where the police chief is now out of a job tonight, after that controversial video of a deadly shooting. just a short time ago, the attorney general in illinois called for the u.s. justice department to investigation whether chicago police broke federal law. authorities say the teenager was shot 16 times. police allegedly firing even after he fell to the ground. the teen walking in the middle of the road. cops moving in, weapons drawn. and tonight, this new image, officers inside a nearby burger king, allegedly combing through surveillance video, moments after the teen was shot dead. leading to new questions over how the investigation was
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abc's alex perez leads us off from chicago. >> reporter: tonight, amid the rising tension in this city, chicago's top cop out of a job. chicago mayor rahm emanuel, bowing to public pressure, shaking up his administration, dumping the city's top cop, garry mccarthy. >> he has become an issue rather than dealing with the issue. and a distraction. >> reporter: the fallout comes on the heels of the release last week of that shocking dash cam video. investigators say it shows chicago police officer jason van dyke shooting 17-year-old laquan mcdonald. 16 shots in 15 seconds. van dyke, who argues he fired his weapon because he feared for his life, was released on bond monday night. a second dash cam video shows police pursuing mcdonald as he runs through a burger king parking lot moments before he was shot. these images obtained by abc news shows an officer in the shooting.
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from at least one of the restaurant's several cameras. but investigators who reviewed the video say forensic testing of the system shows video was not tampered with. both sides agree the cameras would not have captured the shooting. and david, mayor emanuel announcing a new police accountability task force to handle cases of excessive force. there's already an ongoing federal investigation into how the mcdonald case was handled, and tonight, the illinois attorney general calling for the department of justice to completely review the entire chicago police department. david? >> abc'salex perez from chicago. alex, thank you. now, to the winter storm on the move. several states under flood watches tonight. images of the blinding snow there in minnesota. whiteout conditions along interstate 90. and tonight, the 911 call just now emerging of a mother and her children, trapped on the top of their car, clinging to a tree, calling for help.
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>> reporter: a mother's desperate call for help. >> we're in the water. the car's under the water. we need help. i've got my kids and my grandma. >> reporter: her suv swept away by flood waters. >> one of my sons is on the tree. >> reporter: you hear the two little ones. just 3 and 1 years old. crying as their mom, 25-year-old britta franck, holds opt them for dear life. 6-year-old miguel, clinging to that tree, just out of mom's reach. >> are you able to reach your son that's on the tree? >> he's right here. >> okay, can he get over to the car with you? >> i can't. i can't let go of my other babies. >> reporter: her suh was swept into an oklahoma creek friday as she saying she was following her gps home to kansas from her sister's house. she was caught in the massive storm that paralyzed parts of the middle of the country over the long holiday weekend. >> i just kept telling myself, we have to get out of here.
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it's so cold. >> reporter: they had to wait about 45 minutes in that frigid water. >> okay, i need to put the phone down. they're going to throw us a rope. >> reporter: one by one, three generations of one family brought to safety. a terrifying ordeal for this family, but the truth is, they're one of the lucky ones. 14 people died over the long holiday weekend, as that storm moved through. most of them, david, just like this family, trapped in their cars. >> the water behind ryan there in dallas. let's get right to ginger zee, because of the track of this thing, it's still moving. >> reporter: three pockets of danger tonight that i want to take you to. let's go east of the rockies. anywhere with a winter weather only through tonight. but the flood watch goes through tomorrow for a lot of folks in parts of the appalachians. then, you go up to new england and you've got a freezing rain advisory. parts of new hampshire, vermont and maine. you can see that storm spinning there in the midwest, as it moves to the east and that other low there, slow mover. two to three inches of rain could come with that.
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thursday is when we finally say good-bye to this storm, david. >> and you'll have more on this track first thing in the morning on "gma." ginger, thank you. we move on now to a troubling new report tonight about what brought down an airbus a-320 and new questions if the pilots knew what to do when the computers failed them. the air asia jet went down off the coast of indonesia last board. now we learn of a computer issue that likely contributed to the consequences. that's the computer board there. investigators saying the pilots were likely not taped well enough on what to do next. abc's david kerley covers aviation. >> reporter: the mysterious disappearance of the air asia jetliner, its wreckage recovered by divers from the bottom of the java sea, came down to one small cracked soldered wire on a computer board, along with questionable maintenance and pilot training by the indonesian budget airline. that bad soldered joint was sending false alarms about a rudder problem.
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did not replace the computer board. during the fatal flight, that alarm went off several times and guidelines, pulled the circuit breaker which shut off the auto-pilot. the indonesian report goes on to say that the pilots were inadequately trained to recover from a stall and the jet with 162 on board tumbled into the sea. >> any time you don't pay proper attention to the training of pilots, not just system operators, and maintenance that has absolutely no room for anything less than perfection, you're going to end up with accidents. >> reporter: u.s. investigators will take any lessons they can from this report, but already, u.s. rules governing maintenance and pilot training are some of the most comprehensive in the kworld world. david? >> david, thank you. and back here at home this evening and to a much different mystery involving a newly elected mayor in alaska. the mayor of that state's capital found dead in his home, a popular figure, elected to the office just weeks ago.
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the investigation. >> reporter: greg fisk was only sworn in as mayor of juneau five weeks ago, but tonight, his mysterious death has left alaska's capital city reeling. police saying the new mayor, whose facebook page is filled with campaign photos, was found dead in his home monday by his adult son, adding cryptically that investigators are aware of rumors that an assault occurred in connection with fisk's death. those rumors are speculation. a cause of death hasn't been determined, but police now say the mayor did have injuries. >> it's quite a shock to a lot of people. he had come into office as an innovator, to really shake things up. >> reporter: this was fisk in a recent debate. he was 70 years old, well liked, full of ideas and seemingly healthy. >> ultimately, we can't cut our way to prosperity here, we've got to grow the economy. >> reporter: outside the mayor's home tonight, candles and notes left in his honor. police say members of the public have been helping with the investigation.
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determine what killed the major. tonight, police say they are investigating all possible scenarios. david? >> neal karlinsky, thank you, neal. now, to the race for 2016. donald trump with a new prediction already coming true tonight. the republican front-runner predicting chris christie would soon come after him, and tonight, he has. he's not the only one. even former new york city mayor rudy giuliani saying that trump is being judged by a different standard, saying other candidates would never get away with what trump has said. abc's tom llamas on the campaign trail. >> reporter: with time running out, donald trump now predicting his friendly rivals will soon turn against him. >> christie hasn't hit me yet. he will, he has to, he has no choice, he's at two or three. he's got to. he's going to hit me at some point. hey, there's only one way you're getting to the top and it's all through trump, let's face it. >> reporter: and trump was right. new jersey governor chris christie, hoping to gather some momentum after winning the endorsement of an influential new hampshire newspaper, is now laying into the republican front-runner. >> if donald starts yelling and
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a speech, you could be sure that i'll say sit down and shut up. >> reporter: christie castigating trump for mocking a disabled reporter like this -- >> now the poor guy, you got to see this guy, oh, i don't know what i said, i don't remember. >> reporter: a performance christie calls unpresidential. >> he shouldn't be making fun of people's disabilities. it's just not worthy of someone running for president of the united states. >> reporter: and on trump's assertion muslims in new jeresy were celebrating after 9/11? >> that did not happen in new jersey that day and hasn't happened since. >> reporter: today, former new york mayor rudy giuliani agreed, adding that other candidates the things trump does. >> i would have been thrown out of the race. he is judged by a different maybe it's because of his background on "the apprentice" and as an entertainer. >> reporter: on that point, dronld trump threatening to drop out of the last debate unless cnn would pay him $5 million, charity.
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miss the debate because he could david? >> tom, thank you. and now, to the major tonight. the fight against isis. defense secretary ash carter telling congress today, the u.s. will deploy extra troops, special operations troops to conduct raids in iraq and syria, saying a new specialized expeditionary targeting force will be sent to iraq and will, over time, be able to conduct raids, free hostages and capture leaders of isis. it comes just as president obama pushes other world leaders to join the fight. and tonight, this eye-opening number for you. of the more than 8,500 air strikes against isis so far, the majority, more than 6,600 have been u.s. strikes. so, let's get right to abc's jon tan karl in paris tonight, because jon, there is a real challenge for this administration, getting other countries to join the fight, to share the burden here. >> reporter: and first, the president has to find a way to ease tensions between russia and turkey. it's hard to have a united front
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g ing isis are in a virtual cold war with each other. that's the way it's been since the downing of that russian fighter jet. with have a vladimir putin. in terms of other countries the british parliament is voting tomorrow whether or not to take part on air strikes. help. but make no mistake, this will remain on the military front primarily an american effort. we are the only ones that really have the resources. david? >> jon karl traveling with the president. jon, safe trip back. and the president was in paris with nearly 150 other leaders, pushing for action on climate change. and tonight, a new warning from chinese authorities, urging families to stay indoors. from beijing this evening, the image of two people there wearing their masks. you can bearly make out the building behind them. in the middle of it all, abc's bob woodruff, on the streets of beijing with what he found.
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most people staying off the normally crowded streets. the background barely visible. so, this is what it normally looks like here in beijing, as the sun goes down and the cars turn on their headlights. but the sad news is, because of all this pollution, this is noon. that heavy smog stopping traffic on the highways. that sign, right there, is a warning to drivers, reading "visibility low. slow down the speed." the government issuing an alert. advising residents to avoid being outdoors, ordering factories to shut down temporarily. schools keeping the kids inside. this play ground, empty. as we walked around the city today, everywhere we looked, masks. even on china's youngest, as this country desperately grapples with how to keep its people safe. bob woodruff, abc news, beijing. >> bob woodruff, our thanks to you from china. and back here at home now and to a consumer headline
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gifts for their children this hold iday holiday. one family say the hoverboard they bought for their son ignited. the new questions. was it the battery or something else? here's abc's matt gutman. >> reporter: ever since celebrities like justin bieber and kendall jenner began posting videos of themselves slaloming on hoverboards, they've been flying off the shelves. according to ebay, they're selling one every 12 seconds. but it may not just be sales that are hot. some of the boards may be, too. >> it's on fire! >> reporter: timothy cade says his hooverbooster board burst into flames and the lithium ion batteries shot out. dousing the gizmo with baking soda didn't seem to help. hayden horne was grinning when he got this fiturbo scooter for his birthday last saturday, but just a day later? >> it was like a firework and i seen sparks just flying, and the middle part went poof into flames. >> reporter: his mother says the
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but haven't heard back. even if your scooter is riding perfectly well, you can't ride these things everywhere. in new york city, it is illegal to ride them on the sidewalks and the streets and starting january 1st here in california, it will be legal only to ride them on bike lanes and pathways. the documented injuries? landing few of them in emergency rooms. it's why experts urge children to wear helmets while riding them and parents to read the directions carefully before charging those lithium ion batteries. david? >> thank you, matt. and there is still much more this tuesday. the image of a pet dog that's sparking outrage across america tonight. duct-taped shut. states. charges. tonight. also, the exclusive interview breaking right here this evening. robin roberts with kobe bryant, revealing what it was like to fulfill his childhood dream all these years and what it's like to walk away.
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what's in your wallet? next tonight, the facebook post that sparked a fire storm. the image of a dog with his muzzle duct-taped shut. here's abc's linsey davis. >> a controversial picture. >> reporter: a media firestorm across the country, because of this picture posted on katie brown's facebook page of a chocolate lab mix with its muzzle duct-taped shut, along with the message, "this is what happens when you don't shut up." the picture incensing animal lovers, launching a petition to prosecute her. south daytona missay they received more than 1 million messages about that image. >> we are utilizing all of our resources toward identifying the woman and locating her. >> reporter: the search for that owner spanning three states. meanwhile, brown posting again.
6:49 pm
it was only for a minute. but he hasn't barked since. point made." police finally tracking the owner and her dog down here in >> we found the dog very well cared for. the dog appeared to be happy and in a loving home other than this bad decision. >> reporter: tonight, in a twist of fate, it's the owner who is keeping her mouth shut. the woman is being charged with one count of misdemeanor cruelty to animals. she faces a fine and up to 150 days in jail, david. >> a lot of opinions on this. people can tweet us, let us know what you think. when we come back here tonight, the university president fed up with protests around the country, saying college campuses are not day care centers. also tonight, the new numbers, the hottest selling suvs in america, speeding off the lot. are you in one of them? and breaking here. robin roberts with kobe bryant. the exclusive interview, right after the break. morning ted! scott! ready to hit some balls? ooh! hey buddy, what' s up? this is what it can be like to have shingles. oh, man.
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coricidin hbp. to the index tonight. a president making headlines after venting his frustration over student complaints. posting a blunt message of his own. he says students today are taught to be, quote, self-absorbs and to auto sales in america. a record number. more than 1.3 million new cars sold just new month. black friday deals creating huge demand for suvs. the ford s-series and chevy silverado. kobe bryant sitting down with robin roberts for an exclusive interview. reflecting on the end of his 20-year dream come true. >> not just 20 years, but 20 years with the same team. the l.a. lakers. how important is that to you? >> extremely.
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finally, it's a girl. and there was also a big promise and his wife. here's cecilia vega. >> reporter: the proud parents today announcing the birth of their little girl, max, where else but on facebook. and with that photo of a beaming young family, this -- a letter to our daughter. max, we love you and feel a great responsibility to leave the world a better place for you and all children. and to do that, a promise. mark zuckerberg and priscilla chan will give away 99% of their facebook shares, today worth about $45 billion. one of the world's most influential techies now on a two-month paternity leave, now writing to little max, "we wish you a life filled with the same love, hope and joy you give us. we can't wait to see what you bring to this world. love, mom and dad." >> our thanks to cecilia. thank you for watching. we
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