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tv   World News Now  ABC  December 2, 2015 3:05am-4:30am EST

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>> reporter: trump is taking fire on several fronts. racial leaders for racially provocative comments. feuding with the "new york
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one of their reporters who was dis disibld. did you sfj sfj zwafrn swiss swiss z. said he's tired of talking about trum. >> it's nothing i have any interest in responding to. >> reporter: honestly republican candidates were discussion guns and violence crime, jeb bush making what some could see as a bold declaration in the gop. >> you have evidence of a single health problem. i don't think you should be able to get a gun. >> while 2ed cruz had a kif view of the routes of krein. >> overwhelming majority of violence criminals are dmgz. >> reporter: speaking of headlines one more coming from jeb bush. he suggested he might have a female vice president saying "she would make a very good partner." reena, kendis. >> she. interesting. >> south carolina? >> south carolina. >> bailey? another controversial statement by ted cruz is drawing
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cruz accused of trying to maintain the republican party as being zmant birth control or the condom police. he accused driep of declaring war on women. clinton was on the campaign trail in alabama yesterday recalling the historic montgomery bus boycott. she said the u.s. is still battling racial bias. >> there are still injustices perpetrated every day across our country. sometimes in spite of the law sometimes unfortunately in keeping with it. >> chelsea clinton, who's been mostly absent on the campaign trail is hosting a fund-raiser for her mom december 17th. actress drew barrymore will co-host the event. starting with some speculation that barry bonts could have a new baseball gill the game's home run king is said to be in talks to join the miami marlins. he's worked as greft instructor
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the the marlins could use some help with their hitting. they finished two games under .500 last season. exclusive interview with be rohhin roberts kobe says it was a dream come true. bryant is rierlg at the end of the season. he spoke 20 years ago to the lakers loss. betters but he tells robin he knew it was tommy to hang it oup. >> normally my mind drifts to the game, always. i found myself sitting there. my mind wouldn't drift to the game anymore. that's when i realized you know, what it's getting close, it's not getting close. >> koebts speaking with "good morning america's" robin roberts.
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on "good morning america" -- i had in idea that he meditated. >> it's fascinating it to see kobe bryant come down to just >> but continuity is interesting when i says his focus started being all about basketball it was time to hang it up. >> that also happens when your team was 2-15 on the year. >> i wasn't going to mention the lakers game in philadelphia. these two guys sitting courtside in their bryant jerseys, their sign was the the left part. they say they played 600 grand from these seats, 2500 from philly to italy. and they say quit k their jobs to see bryant priceless. they will court site seats. and they got to see the lakers lose to the 76ers. first time in 72 days the 76ers
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>> you never know. >> not necessarily -- a basketball game. sorry. this is why i don't do sports. >> i was going to let that one ride. you might have a new sports with kendis segment. >> no. >> i might have to pass it on. >> at that pace. all right. coming up. baby names inspired by instagram. >> i never would have said baseball. and the popular christmas gift going up in smoke. some users getting hot flashes at their feet. blue first as the gloebl global clamt change fight takes place we'll go over to china. an ominous look at what many sfeez could be facing. and wnn. >> baseball guys tell us what you think about that. >> sorry about a think deep. for a dramatic transformation without the need for fillers
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that's 8,700 gallons of gasoline after a tafrker caught fire on a highway about 65 miles southeast of l.a. the blaze started as a tire fire. the driver escaped without injury and no other injuries reported. the 15 free bai was closed in both directions for several hours, causing traffic to back up for several miles as well. well, president o' bama is back in washington after attending the climate change conference in paris. meanwhile, china is dealing with
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>> incredible scenes out there. children in beijing being kept face masks. abc's bob woodruff is there. >> this is today in china. most people staying off the normally crowded streets. in tiananmen square the background barely visible. >> this is what it normally looks like here in beijing. as the sun goes down and the cars turn off their headlights. but the sad news is because of all this pollution this is noon. >> that heavy smog stopping traffic on the highways. that sign right there is a warning to drivers reading "visibility low. slow down the speed." the government issuing an alert advising residents to avoid being outdoors, ordering factories to shut down temporarily. schools keeping the kids inside. this playground empty. as we walked around the city, everywhere we looked masks. even on china's youngest. as this country desperately grapples with how to keep its
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bob woodruff, abc news, beijing. >> incredible. you know, you buy those mass nkz china that sort of helps clean up the air, make it easier to breathe. but tuesday late afternoon it was 20 times what the world health organization recommends for air quality. 20 times worse than what they recommend. just to give you a sense. >> and they've had several days of this. hopefully today's a better day in china. coming up in our next half hour the new threat to computer users. hackers' software that holds your data hostage until you pay up. the big security challenge in the new year. but first one of the year's most popular toys is sometimes really hot literally. why this keeps happening.
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hottest gift for the gadgets. a cool gadget and ride all rolled into one. >> but there is a down side. a big one. falling off, for one. and even worse there are some reports of hoverboards catching fire. we're on "nightline" with mbs's matt gutman. >> reporter: hoverboards. what once seemed to be the stuff of science fiction in "back the to the future." has morphed into the must-have holiday gift of the presence. >> you've got that turned down. that's like a race track. >> reporter: more than a million watched kendall jenner slalom through this house. and the beeb himself gave it a whirl. hoverboards also known as self-balancingshoot scooters are flying off shirt veflz. on cyber monday one every 12 seconds just on e buy. >> they're flashy, ostentatious, they're kind of practical in that you can move a little faster on them but really they're fast and zippy. >> on youtube unboxing videos are scoring millions of views.
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new rules. the cleveland cavaliers banned them from their arena. sorry, lebron. they're already banned from the streets and sidewalks of new york city and starting january 1st they'll also be banned here in california from sidewalks. the only place you'll be able to ride them pathways and bike lines. >> some even calling them dangerous. the owner of this scooter claiming it spontaneously combut hayden horn got a scooter for his birthday but a day later his wrong. >> sparks were flying and the flames were poof. >> reporter: his mother says she couldn't put out the fire and it consumes their entire home. the cause of that identify still under investigation. >> so many different knockouts put out. some feels like if it's hundreds of dollars less than the next model there's probably a reason.
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deal with wiping out, as we learned the first few moments. and youtube is filled with far worse hoverboard fails. experts urge kids to wear helmets and their parents to avoid the cheaper knockoff versions. you might have to shell out a few hundred extra bucks to get the real thing. >> as with other new technologies they're likely to improve vap rapidly and the cost is likely to come down rapidly. if they can't come down this year don't be upset. they'll be ahalf the price. >> reporter: lots it it's popular you could get something even cooler. lexus is skrelg developing this one that actually lev states. >> you've got everything you know. >> reporter: and skateboard legend tony hawk is helping experts at hen dachlt with their design. but for now i'm just going to keep working on figuring out this one. no.
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"nightline." >> he's fine. some of these things go for like 500 bucks. >> i think casey kasem had it right. keep your feet on the ground. keep reaching for the stars.
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time now for "the mix." and the official baby center list of the 2015 hottest baby names are out. and there's something strange going on. we know that instagram has really infiltrated all of our a alliances but now they're infiltrating baby names. some of the top names are filtered. but by using princess charlotte's photo we'll show you the most popular names. lux. that fit filter was up 75% since
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>> they named clux as a >> ludwig. that was up 42%. and for girls valencia. was up 26%. and juno was up 30%. you go to instagram, look for a filter, have your baby. >> whatever works. politicians always like to say end out christmas cards. take a look at this christmas card. you see over there? 3-year-old zachary, he was not happy. he didn't know why everyone wanted to look straight into the camera. he chose to pout because he wanted to play. and apparently the politician said, it was andrew lee, and he said he wasn't in the mood. there was a pond in the back and
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and went rung after them. but the 3-year-old didn't want to play. >> that kid's going to be out of the will. he probably looks like many cleveland browns fans did after the ball game. the ending of the game. they were about to win it all. and then the field goal got run out all the way by the reechbz. cleveland browns browns were recording that moment thinking 29sds it's going to win. now look at the block and the disappointment. near tears. >> aw. >> and these other guys in the stands they're like, no, just the typical you browns. it didn't go well at all. that guy's like forget about, it i'm just going to rip my jersey. >> he's ripping his jersey. >> yep. it really is a big deal.
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instead now they're 2-9. they're browns fans. they're used to disappointment. too bad.
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this morning on "world news now." getting personal. with the primary race under way, campaign politics getting ugly. donald trump challenging the rest of the gop pack and speaking candidly last night the mysterious death of a mayor. found dead just weeks after his election. the town shocked by the news. and well-liked new mayor. and what police are hoping and new this half hour, the ransomware.
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disguising e-mails to steal all ransom. and family values. the zuckerbergs announcing the with a gift to the rest of the world, giving away all of their facebook fortune to charity. thankful this morning. that's in "the skinny" this wednesday december 2nd. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." good morning, everyone. i'm reena ninan. >> and i'm kendis gibson. >> good news on the zuckerbergs. >> that's really fantastic. they say they've been trying for several years to have a baby and miscarried before. so a great gift. to the world. >> they look so happy and their baby is so darn cute. and he's going to be taking two months paternity, which is part of facebook's policy, and i
3:28 am
when we have a baby. you need as many hands on deck. so we wish him the best of luck. >> i'll call in some help. we'll get to that of course a little bit. but let's start with new hampshire. the presidential primary two months away. >> donald trump turned personal during a campaign appearance last night talk about his guilt over not serving in the vietnam war. the republican front-runner also coming under renewed attacks from his rivals. abc tom llamas is covering the campaign. >> reporter: with time running out donald trump now predicting his friendly rivals will soon turn against him. >> christie hasn't hit me yet. he will. he has to. he has no choice. he's at two or three. he has to. he's going to hit me. at some point. hey, there's only one way you get to the top, and it's all through trump. let's face it. >> reporter: and trump was right. new jersey governor chris christie, hoping to gather some momentum after winning the endorsement of an influential new hampshire newspaper, is now laying into the republican front-runner. >> if donald starts yelling and screaming at me in the middle of the speech you can be sure i'll
3:29 am
>> reporter: christie castigating trump for mocking a disabled reporter like this. >> i don't know what i said. i don't remember! >> reporter: a performance christie calls unpresidential. >> you shouldn't be make fun of people's disabilities. it's just not -- it's just not president of the united states. >> reporter: and on trump's were celebrating on 9/11. >> that did not happen in new jersey and didn't happen since. >> reporter: former new york mayor giuliani agreed adding other candidates couldn't get away with saying the things trump does. >> i'd have been thrown out of the race. he is judged by a different standard. maybe it's because of his background in "the apprentice" and an entertainer. >> donald trump threatened to drop out of the next debate unless cnn would pay to $5 million which he would donate to charity but later trump saying he wouldn't skip the debate because then he would be called a chicken. tom llamas, abc news, new york. the u.s. is expanding a special operations targeting force that's fighting against
3:30 am
secretary of defense ash carter repeated many of the points about that force that he detailed earlier for congress. carter said more special operations troops are heading to iraq where they will work alongside iraqi and kurdish forces. they will also work alone inside syria. carter didn't say how many new troops would be heading into the fight. chicago's police superintendent is out of a job amid growing outrage over the death of a black teen at the hands of white police officers. garry mccarthy was fired a week after the release of the dash cam video showing the officer shooting laquan mcdonald 16 times. mayor rahm emanuel said it wasn't about performance but mccarthy had become a meanwhile, the state's attorney general is calling for a federal investigation into the police department's practices. now to the mysterious death of a newly elected mayor in alaska. police in the capital city of juneau have tentatively ruled
3:31 am
medical examiner's report to determine if it was natural causes or foul play. more now from abc's neal karlinsky. >> reporter: greg fisk was only sworn in as mayor of juneau five weeks ago but his mysterious death has left alaska's capital city reeling. police say the new mayor whose facebook page was filled with campaign photos was found dead in his home on monday by his adult son, adding cryptically that investigators are aware of rumors that an assault occurred in connection with fisk's death. those rumors are speculation. a cause of death hasn't been determined but police now say the mayor did have injuries. >> it's quite a shock to a lot of people. to come into office as an innovator to really shake things up. >> reporter: this was fisk in a recent debate. he was 70 years old, well liked, full of ideas, and seemingly healthy. >> ultimately we can't cut our way to prosperity here. we've got to grow the economy. >> reporter: outside the mayor's home candles and notes left in his honor. police say members of the public have been helping with the
3:32 am
an autopsy will be performed to determine what killed the mayor. police say they are investigating all possible scenarios. neal karlinsky, abc news, seattle. clear skies across texas and oklahoma will be a welcome sight as flooding damages recede. so much rain fell over the weekend in dallas. a levee gave way under the pressure from flood waters. some cows did everything they could to stay dry in the corner of a huge flooded field. the water remains several feet deep in some areas but luckily there's little structural damage. and we have new details about one family's harrowing rescue from flood waters in oklahoma. abc's ryan owens reports. >> reporter: a mother's desperate call for help. >> we're in the water. the car's under the water. we need help. i've got my kids. >> reporter: her suv swept away by flood waters.
3:33 am
street. >> reporter: you hear the two litle ones, 3 and one 1-year-old, crying as their mom, on to them for dear life. 6-year-old miguel clinging to reach. >> please help us. >> are you able to reach your >> okay. you? >> i can't -- i can't let go of my other babies. >> reporter: frank's suv was swept into an oklahoma creek friday as she says she was following her gps home to kansas from her sister's house. she was caught in the massive storm that paralyzed parts of the country over the long holiday weekend. >> i just kept telling myself we've got to get out of here, we have to get out of here. >> please tell them to hurry. it's so cold. >> reporter: they had to wait about 45 minutes in that frigid water. >> i need to put the phone down. they're going to throw up. >> reporter: one by one three generations of one family brought to safety. a terrifying ordeal for this family, no doubt, but the truth
3:34 am
ones. 14 people died in this country as this storm moved through, and most of them, just like this family, trapped inside their cars. >> you could see how quickly something like that could happen. >> what a harrowing ordeal and the storm system, by the way, that brought those heavy rains, snow and ice, has continued to move east. >> let's head over to accuweather meteorologist paul williams for the forecast. hey, paul. >> thanks, kendis, reena. we have a widespread pattern that's going to change over in maine but keep in mind that rain's going to hit portland toward albany toward buffalo as far south as richmond and continue to move throughout the south and these scattered showers there make for somewhat sluggish slow travel conditions but at least it's not snow. that same front reaches down toward the deep south, warm air over florida and the carolina coast but cooler and dryer conditions in the deep south. watch out. that cold air will sneak up on
3:35 am
as we go into thursday, we'll have more accumulated snow developing throughout the new york state area going into maine with the low pressure system that's going to stay pretty arrive on friday and clear the board for everybody. reena, kendis. >> thank you, paul. i hate when that cold weather sneaks up on you. pack a sweater. an investigation found the company that came up with a cure drug beyond the reach tomorrow night. so va sovaldi says it costs $1,000 a pill. single course of treatment. they say it puts the burden on medicare, medicaid and the patients. 80,000? come on now. some great news to report about a young girl whose story we've been following for quite some time now. you've probably been familiar with leah still, the daughter of
3:36 am
devon still. >> she was diagnosed with advanced stage cancer back in june of last year. the bengals kept her dad on the team to help him pay for leah's treatment. >> now the great news for devon and family. leah is still cancer-free. tests over the summer showed her cancer was in remission and now her father says follow-up exams show no evidence of the disease. >> that is so remarkable. i tell you, if you ever have a down day google videos of this girl. she on her way to treatment, her father would post photos and videos, and always had this incredible spirit and just such a light. face. great to hear she's doing better. coming up, holding your computer hostage. >> it's a growing trend of cyber thieves sending you deceptive e-mails that hack into all your files and forcing you link. and dueling drummers. the late-night ballot between two iconic percussive
3:37 am
dave grohl versus animal. so who will pound their way to victory? but first, rain on both coasts. in philadelphia they're celebrating their first victory. >> watch out paul williams. look at you, weather man. >> the cold front sneaking up on you. he cold front sneaking up on you. >> announcer: "world news now" weather. brought to you by airborne dual action. by airborne dual
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like that, it makes me feel like we're both... when she enjoys it, we enjoy it even more. and i enjoy it. feel the difference with k-y ultragel. that's a suspect on the roof of a strip mall in utah. >> all right. hold on. >> and after that charge an officer wearing a body camera feet to the ground. he suffered some minor injuries but is doing fine by now, we're told. the suspect was arrested and
3:41 am
so there's a new threat to computer users and it goes beyond just malicious software that stops your computer from functioning. >> this malware is called ransomware and it holds your personal files hostage until you pay. experts say we'll see a lot more of it next year. we've got details from abc's linzie janis. >> reporter: threatening messages like these appearing across the country at an alarming rate. at a police department in massachusetts. >> our information was held hostage. >> reporter: demanding a $500 ransom or lose their data. >> the best option for us was to pay the ransom. >> reporter: here at intel security's war room, experts detect more than 13,000 ransomware threats a day across the globe. >> very often a user installs ransomware. when they get an e-mail from what looks like a company they would do business with. >> reporter: take this phony ups message used as ransomware. >> if you were to click on any
3:42 am
and install the ransomware and malware that would then encrypt and hold your files for ransom. >> reporter: experts say ransomware could also attack your phone. >> we see examples where a user can receive a phishing e-mail on their phone and infect their mobile device. >> reporter: this fake bank message claims it has important information about your account, but click here and your phone would be infected. >> your reputation could be held for ransom as well. >> reporter: one victim even received a message demanding a $200 payment to stop a false information about child pornography from being sent to colleagues and contacts. robert herjavec from "shark tank" is a security expert. he says ransomware is one of the greatest threats he sees. >> everybody's vulnerable today. >> reporter: still he says don't be powerless. >> make sure you're backing everything up. there are so many cloud services
3:43 am
you can back up all your data. make sure you're doing that. >> and he says unplug that backup drive so it's oust hackers' ranch reach and always use anti-virus software and a firewall used by reputable cameras. linzie janis, new york. >> thank you. that's great advice. and when we come back, you may be seeing more of rambo soon. >> and two legendary drummers settle their epic musical grudge for now.
3:44 am
skinny so skinny well, it's time for "the skinny." and baby makes three for facebook founder mark zuckerberg and his wife priscilla. >> they announced her birth by posting a letter to their newborn daughter on facebook, of course. >> maxima zuckerberg. that's a beautiful name. i love that. >> that's a great name. >> born early next week. she's max for short. i love that strong name. >> and in the letter to her little girl was a blockbuster announcement. the company is donating 99% of their wealth to charitable causes. that, by the way, is about $45 billion. >> the initial focus of what they're calling the chan zuckerberg initiative is on
3:45 am
strong communities. >> reporter: zuckerberg also said he plans to remain facebook's ceo for a long, long time. >> kudos to them. a lot of people are wealthy but don't make the effort as they have and they're truly changing the world. >> following the gates' lead i guess. >> rambo getting ready to storm your television screen. a tv series is in the works with sylvester stallone as producer. >> it's not known whether stallone who starred in the movies will be seen in the shows. the series will explore the relationship between rambo and his son, a former navy s.e.a.l., who's actually never been featured in any of the films. so the series will be called "rambo: new blood." >> but we're told rambo himself will be a central character. we're just not sure if the 69-year-old stallone will play himself. >> a movie that continues another sylvester stallone franchise, the rocky movies is playing in theaters as you know and "creed" also is about a main character's son. >> there was another epic battle on tv last night between foo fighters drummer david grohl and animal of the muppets. >> yes.
3:46 am
waiting a long time for this. and they were off pounding the skins. >> ha, ha, ha. >> dave grohl was also in the muppets movie, by the way, back in 2011 playing in a group called the moopettes. so this may have been something of a grudge match. >> love it. the former nirvana driver also sat in with miss piggy's talk show house band electric mayhem. >> fun show. >> looks like it. tickles the ivories and flips houses. billy joel selling two adjacent properties that he owns in florida just south of ritzy palm >> time for your real estate porn. he bought them less than two years ago and is asking a combined $29 million. that's more than twice what the >> the slightly larger property is one of the more undeveloped pieces of land in the blue blood town where the median income is
3:47 am
and the other has a seven-bedroom mansion as well as a guest house and four-car garage. >> joel often buys and sells big-ticket properties. he's got three on his native long island new york. >> more news coming up. >> he's talented. i'm not ashamed to admit >> more news coming up. >> he's nted. uh huh... don't you want to know your score? what if you want to get your own apartment or buy a new car? or are you just planning on learning the hard way? the hard way? yeah, like when you didn't want to pay for movers? huh...maybe i should get my free credit score from credit karma. check out credit karma today. credit karma, give yourself some credit. sometimes we use k-y ultragel to enhance my body's natural moisture so i can get into it a bit quicker. and when i know she's into it, i get into it and... feel the difference with k-y ultragel. covergirl is the easy way to draw attention perfect point liner
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i'm not ashamed to admit this. i struggle with this, as many parents do, it's difficult to and it's not just your imagination. >> it's tough. you know, it's tough. researchers say children get about one hour of sleep less than they should every night. >> ride them around? in the back seat of the car. strategies that put that problem
3:51 am
familiar? >> mommy, can i have a glass of water? >> getting kids to settle down tough. here's your water. >> sleep is critical for young children. children between the ages of 2 and 5 need on average 10 or 11 hours of sleep. >> what's i parent to do? >> routine is essential for children in order to get them to go to sleep p. >> the basic still rule here. warm bath, bedtime shore. but there are a few new ideas too. pediatricians say the wind-down the blue lights can signal a child's brain that it's daytime. and also this bed-time story that has parents raving. >> i want you to relax. >> reporter: called "the rabbit who wants to fall asleep." it was written by a psychiatrist who employs researched methods to cue drowsiness. we asked three moms, two of them
3:52 am
out on their toddlers and preschoolers. >> i call it a success. the kids are going to sleep faster than ever. >> it was a little bit of a bust for us. it didn't go very well. >> reporter: the author acknowledging that as every child is unique their experience with and response to the book will be as well. sweet dreams. becky worley, abc news, oklahoma, california. >> that rabbit book looks interesting. i have difficulty not just getting them to go down but getting them to stay in their bed all night. so i swear by this product that was created by a mom -- it's called and she couldn't find anything out there. and my mother-in-law actually bought this for me one christmas. >> it's amazing. so it turns yellow when it's time to wake up and it's blue when you go it bed. it's blue. that means it's nighttime. you tell them you've got to go to sleep, you can't wake up until it turns yellow like the sun. >> you trick them into staying down for a while. >> and i've been moving it up five minutes each day. >> can you expand it to like ten hours? >> i wish.
3:53 am
facebook at >> announcer: this is abc's "world news now," informing
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good morning. i'm reena ninan. >> and i'm kendis gibson. here are some of the top headlines we're following this morning on "world news now." defense secretary ash carter says more u.s. special ops forces are heading to iraq helping the fight against isis. they will work to improve intelligence and will carry out unilateral missions inside syria. details coming up. new support for resettling syrian and iraqi refugees in the u.s. a bipartisan group including former secretaries of state says the world's most vulnerable regardless of religion or nationality. the irs says criminal
3:55 am
cell phone-tracking technology without first seeking a warrant. the technology simulates cell phone towers to trick near phones into revealing their locations. and an autopsy on juneau, alaska's newly elected mayor should determine if foul play was to blame for his death. steven fisk was found dead in his home fueling rumors about an assault. those are the top stories on this wednesday december 2nd. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." good morning, everyone. let's begin this half hour with the expanding fight against isis. secretary of defense ash carter laid out the details yesterday >> carter said more special operations troops are heading to iraq where they will work alongside iraqi and kurdish forces. they will also carry out missions alone inside syria.
3:56 am
troops will be heading into the fight. >> and here are some eye-opening numbers. of the more than 8500 air strikes against isis so far the majority, more than 6600, have been u.s. strikes. more involvement by allies was a subject president obama discussed during his stay in paris. abc jonathan karl with more. >> reporter: first the president has to find a way to ease tensions between russia and turkey. it is hard to have a united front when two of the key players that are supposed to be fighting isis are in a virtual cold war with each other and that is the way it has been since the downing of that russian fighter jet by the turkish air force. the president met here in paris with vladimir putin. the only photo of that meeting was released by the russians. in terms of other countries the british parliament is voting whether or not to take part in air strikes on syria. the germans are offering more help. but make no mistake, this is and will remain on the military front primarily an american effort. we are the only ones that really have the resources. jonathan karl, abc news, paris. and we're getting some tough new talk this morning from syrian president bashar al
3:57 am
the countries working with the u.s. against isis and his regime. he says no one is taking american allies seriously. assad also addresses the u.s. coalition's fight against isis which he says didn't suffer as the u.s. ramped up its efforts against it. >> isis has expanded and the recruits from around the world has increased while since the participation of the russian in the same fight, so-called, against terrorism, isis has been shrinking. >> assad also criticized france's response to this year's terrorist attack, saying it didn't learn anything from the massacre at the satirical magazine "charlie hebdo" and he expressed sadness at seeing hundreds of thousands of refugees leaving his country. frightening moments during rush hour. one of europe's largest cities, five people were hurt when a pipe bomb left on a highway
3:58 am
station in turkey exploded. the city already on edge following an isis suicide attack in the capital back in october. we move now to the cause of that air asia jet that went down off the coast of indonesia last year. killing all 162 people on board. investigators say a computer issue may have contributed to the crash but the pilots also appeared unprepared to deal with the aftermath. here's abc's david kerley. >> reporter: the mysterious disappearance of the air asia jetliner, its wreckage recovered by divers from the bottom of the java sea, came down to one small cracked soldered wire not a computer board along with questionable maintenance and pilot training by the indonesian budget airline. the bad solder joint was sending false alarms about a rudder problem. it happened 23 times in the prior 12 months but the airline did not replace the computer board. during the fatal flight the alarm went off several times and the pilots acting outside guidelines pulled the circuit breaker which shut off the autopilot.
3:59 am
the aircraft pitched up, lost air speed, stalled, and for three or four minutes flopped around out of control before it hit the ocean killing everybody >> reporter: the indonesian report goes on to say that the to recover from a stall and the jet from 162 on board tumbled into the sea. >> anytime you don't pay proper attention to the training of pilots, not just systems operators, and maintenance that has absolutely no room for you're going to end up with accidents. >> reporter: u.s. investigators will take any lessons they can from the indonesian report but already u.s. rules governing maintenance and pilot training are some of the most comprehensive in the world. david kerley, abc news, reagan washington airport. now to a deadly crash in new jersey last night between a car and a school bus. the car collided head on with the bus carrying a high school swim team. two men in the car were killed, eight students were treated for minor injuries.
4:00 am
and may have been trying to pass other vehicles at the time. two workers have died after an accident at a north carolina plant. one of the workers became unresponsive while working on a large transformer. another employee went to check on him. they both passed away. investigators say they haven't figured out what harmed the workers. a jury's expected to be seated today to decide the fate of the first baltimore police officer to be tried in the death of freddie gray. officer william porter is facing several charges including manslaughter. he's accused of failing to get his arrest. gray's death touched offer across baltimore. five other officers will be charged separately. and more than a year after the fatal shooting of a 12-year-old boy by a police officer in cleveland we're hearing from the officer involved. timothy loehmann tells investigators he fired only after telling tamir rice show me your hands continuously.
4:01 am
as he could and he observed rice pulling out what turned out to be a fake gun from his waistband waistband. a grand jury is hearing evidence to see if any charges will be brought against the officers. chicago's superintendent has been fired over a fatal shooting captured on dash cam. garry mccarthy forced out over protesters outraged over the death of 17-year-old laquan mcdonald. mayor rahm emanuel also announced the creation of a task force on police accountability saying it was time for fresh eyes and new leadership. >> he has become an issue rather than dealing with the issue. and a distraction. >> it's not over yet. the illinois attorney general has requested a justice department investigation into the chicago police department to determine if any federal laws were violated. presidential politics now and ted cruz has claimed that most violence criminals are democrats. cruz campaign telling abc news
4:02 am
on a study conducted in three states that showed a majority of ex-cons in those states registered as democrats. got it? >> uh-huh. >> cruz made the comments in connection with the a deadly shooting at a colorado planned parenthood clinic which accused the democrats of politicizing. with just over two months to the new hampshire primary new jersey governor chris christie stepping up attacks on donald trump. christie says trump should not have made fun of a disabled reporter and adding if trump started yelling at him in the middle of a speech he'd be sure to tell him to "sit down and shut up." >> can't wait for december 15th. the next debate. new sales numbers from volkswagen shows how damaging the scandal has been. volkswagen says its u.s. sales have plummeted almost that 25% in the month of november. analysts say the brand has been hurt by volkswagen's admission
4:03 am
overall it was an outstanding month for auto sales. they hit a 14-year high. >> we have our plans to see a new "star wars" movie in a couple of weeks but here's a destination that the biggest fans of the franchise will need to see. >> it's a "star wars"-themed theater in omaha, nebraska. the lobby includes a ten-foot death star. wow. the concession stand draws from star destroyer architecture. >> and this isn't going away. when the current "star wars" mania goes away it's permanent. the theater chain says it wants to be the place to see "the force awakens" and all new "star wars" movies. i should say "star wars" is a production of our parent company. >> disney. so please go. >> we do have some guests that paid us a visit. video of it. from halloween. >> we know how to dress up as a storm trooper or two. >> goes nice. >> who are those? >> we've got big connections with disney. >> "the force wakens," by the way, hits theaters on december 18th.
4:04 am
clubs in new york city several times. and shockingly people recognize me. >> they do. that's all it takes. and this was us raiding the breakfast bar here at abc news. >> some good eats. storm trooper. >> who knew that storm troopers -- >> can't really get it in your mouth, though. >> and then we tried to freak out the newsroom upstairs. >> we just go there without makeup. coming up, the shocking pet picture spurring outrage. >> a dog with his snout duct-taped shut and the backlash against the dog's owner who shared the image on social media. and the birth announcement that comes with a bonus. mark zuckerberg giving away his facebook fortune just as he starts a family first. but first let's look at our forecast map. >> dick debartolo with gadgets for your car. windshield wipers that heat up. greasers that go anywhere. stay tuned. "world news now." >> before we go, the forecast map.
4:05 am
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well, pass the sea sickness a massive danish rescue ship battled extremely high waves this weekend. battered sweden and denmark. the storm named gorm had hurricane-strength winds damaging roofs and knocking out electricity. the ship is part of denmark's our coast guard. >> seems like it can take some of those waves. it's a facebook photo that's reasons. in fact, the woman who posted it jail. >> it sparked so much outrage that e-mail messages crashed a florida police department's
4:09 am
the story and the photo from abc's linsey davis. >> a facebook photo causing outrage. >> reporter: a media firestorm across the country because of this picture posted on katie brown's facebook page of a chocolate lab mix with its muzzle duct-taped shut. with the message "this is what happens when you don't shut up." the picture incensing animal lovers launching a petition to prosecute her. south daytona police say they received more than a million messages about that image. >> we've been utilizing all of our resources toward identifying the woman and locating her. >> reporter: the search for that owner spanning three states. meanwhile, brown posting again, "don't panic, everyone, it was only for a minute but he hasn't barked since. point made." police finally tracking the owner and her dog down here in north carolina. >> we found the dog very well cared for. the dog appeared to be happy and in a loving home other than this bad decision. >> reporter: in a twist of fate it's the owner who's keeping her mouth shut. linsey davis, abc news, new
4:10 am
>> it's pretty remarkable. and not just in north carolina. they had police involved in avon, connecticut because they thought she may live there. this massive hunt for her and making sure the dog was okay and apparently they thought the dog was fine. >> first of all don't do it, facebook. with calls. >> we love our dogs. >> we'll be right back. they were swamped understandable.
4:11 am
tt0w!tr'hq! %4@-%[0 tt0w!tr'hq! el@-/\\ tt0w!tr'hq! ed@-)^8 tt0w!tr'hq% )8h-i d tt0w!tr'hq% kzh-to8 tt0w!tr'hq% n-h-!&4 tt0w!tr'hq% 0ph-?a, tt0w!tr'hq% s"h-/3l tt0w!tr'hq% ueh-,q<
4:12 am
with the holidays just around the corner it's that time of year. it's really an annual tradition when we're stretching, trying to think of clever gift ideas. so how about a gift for your car? dick debartolo from joins us this morning to give us a look. you just got off a plane. >> a plane. the show is called cema. the special equipment manufacturers association. making gadgets for cars and vans and trucks. all of these are going to be great stocking stuffers. the first one, though, not till february. but this got a lot of press at the show. won a lot of awards. it's called voyo. there's a little port under your dashboard.
4:13 am
and it can turn an old car into a smart car. it has contact with many systems on your car and it can do things like when you walk away from your car an app will lock your doors. when you walk back your doors will unlock. and my favorite one of the things it can do is if you're not in the car with your phone the engine won't start. that's coming february. >> so we can't do that as a gift idea as yet. >> not yet. all the others you can. >> turn your pinto into a pimped-out prius. >> yes. >> it will depend on the year and what your car is capable of. this is kind of neat. this is from thermal blade. this is generation 2. you'll see that -- >> ah. >> yes. this is their thermal blade. there's a little thermometer here. it will turn on. it senses it. and then it heats the blade. and scrape the windshield. >> will that work for the entire
4:14 am
necessarily wiping? >> well, it's going to be wiping. we don't have it hooked up but this is your windshield wiper. it's an electric heated windshield wiper. and the length of it will depend on what car you have. and they're about $75. at the show i met a paramedic who said he's been to a lot of car crashes and people cannot get to -- even though they have a belt cutter they can't get to them. it's under the seat. it's in the glove compartment. so he came up with the super visor xt which goes around your visor so that it's within reach. >> this goes right above you. and then i'm going to click it out here. and you have to be careful with the blade. it does two things. it cuts your seat belt with a there's a stainless steel punch >> because as a paramedic he finds a lot of people are >> exactly. even though they have a cutter they can't get to it.
4:15 am
under $10. comes in different colors. great stocking stuffer. >> and a life saver possibly. >> yes. exactly. >> if you wash your car, inevitably as you walk around the hose goes under the tire and gets stuck and the more you try to pull it out the deeper it goes. so imagine this is your tire. you just take a hose slide, stick it under the edge of the tire and now the hose or if you're using tools the electric wire or an air compressor hose will just slide by the tire. >> okay. >> and you get a pair for under 13 bucks. >> we've got to get to this. >> wd-40, everybody knows wd-40. but now wd-40 easy reach, point it around and spray it exactly where you want them to go. >> reinventing themselves. >> reinventing. >> great stocking stuffers. how do we get that in a stocking though? >> you have to wait till february and you have no stocking. >> we'll just say we'll get it to you at some point. dick debartolo, thank you for joining us.
4:16 am
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what?! credit karma. really free credit scores. really. free. i could talk to you all day. okay. so as you see there, one of the most popular free apps is of course facebook and now facebook founder mark zuckerberg is giving back. >> he and his wife have announced the baby gift to end all baby gifts and we're all recipients. the story from abc's cecilia vega. >> reporter: the proud parents announcing the birth of their little girl max where else but on facebook.
4:20 am
young family this, "a letter to our daughter." "max, we love you and feel a great responsibility to leave the world a better place for and you all children. and to do that a promise." mark zuckerberg and priscilla chan will give away 99% of their facebook shares, today worth about $45 billion. one of the world's most influential techies now on a two-month paternity leave now writing to little max, "we wish you a life filled with the same love, joy, and hope you give us. we can't wait to see what you bring to this world. love, mom and dad." >> we all say congratulations to them. and of course we're celebrating our own facebook milestone this morning. thanks to you we have passed 1 million likes. >> whoo. >> jack is celebrating. >> oh, yes. >> we wish we were giving away
4:21 am
but we are not as generous as the zuckerbergs. >> we wanted to celebrate with some of your mean messages to us. g-rock wrote "you guys the unofficial new duo? was this ever announced? you two are great." michael responded on facebook by cheesy." thank you, michael. >> i think there might one on >> yes. there was one from cheryl hatley who said, "reena, uncross your legs while standing. you look like you're going to tip over. ugh." >> okay. so freddie mcmillan also on october 28th message, "is kendris going through a monthly cycle? he's being very mean in his comments and body language." >> oh, my gosh. i never picked up on that. >> i don't know. there was another one. is t.j. ever coming back? bring him back. >> give me a break. come on. you mean you're not t.j.? >> we don't all look alike. >> oh. >> some days. >> just some days. >> i'm ryan smith. >> they thought i was aditi. they congratulated me on the haircut.
4:22 am
i was aditi. they congratulated me on the
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