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tv   News 9 Tonight  ABC  December 2, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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shelley: now at 11:00, police in california say two attackers are dead after killing 14 people. the motives investigators are considering in the shooting at a social services center. tom: families of survivors described the scary scene. >> he said that the alarms went off, and they were all told to hunker down and hide and shelter in place. tom: the accounts we' re hearing from witnesses. mike: after a soggy and cool wednesday, cold air moves to bring northern snow tomorrow. what follows for friday and the weekend, ahead. shelley: a major makeover is coming to the michael briggs community center in manchester. the big plans for a place that like we do. now, wmur news 9 tonight. shelley: tonight, police in san bernardino, california say two suspects in a mass shooting are dead. investigators say they killed 14 people at a social services center. m shelley tom: i' m tom griffith.
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a number of motives, including terrorism. abc' s brandi hitt is live in san bernardino, california. she has the latest information on the incident and a possible suspect. >> this is where the deadly shooting spree took place and seconds ago we heard an explosion behind us. a police shooting has left two of the suspects dad as officers carefully search a nearby home. it ended as it began in a hail of gunfire. four hours of terror in san bernardino after gunmen stormed an office building, killing 14 people. the final confrontation on a neighborhood street. a dark suv riddled with bullets, a person shot down just feet away, another dead inside.
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scene, one is male, one is a female. they were dressed in kind of assault style clothing. both armed with assault rifles. both armed with hand guns. >> possible shots fired. suspect last seen wearing a black ski mask and all black clothing. >> is sounded like a shooting range. >> the people working there called their families, this man reading us the text he got from his daughter as she hid inside. quick shooting at my work, people shot, we are just waiting for cops. pray for us. >> investigators say the shooters targeted a gathering inside the center. tonight that building is ill off-limits, the bomb squad investigating a suspicious device.
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behind me was the san bernardino county public health department. the home officers are searching, we have full public records that indicate where the family members there appears to have been an inspector for the health department. brandi hitt, abc news. tom cole in a law enforcement official has identified one of the suspects as syed farook. other details. shelley: the victims were attacked while at a banquet, in part of the social services center that had been rented by department of public health. what was happening they rushed to contact their loved ones. wmur' s suzanne roantree joins us with reaction from witnesses. suzanne: heart break and devastation tonight for family
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todays shootings and witnesses and family members of the survivors as well still reeling from today' s events. >> all of the sudden, boom. it was like right here. it was rapid boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom. i was behind the building and i heard all the shots. suzanne as the chaos unraveled, : parents were getting texts from adult children who worked inside the building. >> today was ' emergency situation at my work, active shooter on site, all locked in offices on the floor. please pray for us.' . >> he said that the alarms went off, and they were all told to hunker down and hide and shelter in place. >> a heart was just broken for san bernardino, so the idea was let' s just come and pray and not only pray with individuals, but offer counsel and support, to stand with them through it. when we came it was horrific, people were just literally despondent because at that point of time they didn' t know if their loved ones were ok and so we were there to offer that support to them. >> while there is relief knowing she is ok, while she is there is relief knowing she is ok, we don' t know what is still going on.
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s the scary part, the unknown still, the whole situation. >> you know, as soon as i heard she was ok i thanked the good lord above. she told me god is protecting her. suzanne: the health department says it will be providing services to its employees and families. live in the newsroom, suzanne roantree, wmur news 9 nine area in new hampshire, emergency management and public safety officials are monitoring the situation. she says additional resources will be provided to ensure security at any large gatherings, as necessary. >> i' m just thinking about how horrible this shooting was. i' m thinking about the victims of this terrible shooting and we all need to come together and find common sense ways to prevent this horrible horrible mass shootings. tom the governor says the state : is also staying in touch with
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we have ongoing coverage of this shooting here on wmur and on we' ll bring you updates throughout the newscast tonight and nightline will have extended coverage starting at 12:35. shelley: senator kelly ayotte announced today that she opposes a proposed natural gas pipeline in new hampshire. ayotte says kinder morgan needs to address important concerns from residents before they should be allowed to move forward. kinder morgan met with people in rindge this evening. wmur' s stephanie woods was there, and joins us live from rindge. stephanie: tonight at hidden hills estates, debate got very heated. now one more voice in the debate against the natural gas hotline, and that is senator kelly ayotte. >> this pipeline is being paid for by kinder morgan. not by you. stephanie heated debate : wednesday night in rindge on the proposed ned pipeline which
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although pat martin isn' t happy hampshire doesn' t need. >> we can' t really use that much gas for electricity generation. it' s not in the cards. there is something she' s smiling >> there is something she' s smiling about. >> i immediately shot off an email thanking her and i' m a lifelong democrat. stated that the federal energy answered neighbors' questions about a natural gas pipeline' s impact on safety and their communities. dana pinney says the pipeline would not only run through his property in fitzwilliam but also destroy natural habitats and aquifers in new hampshire. >> if those are damaged or destroyed we can' t replace them. >> the kinder morgan vice president said the company is addressing those concerns. he says the proposed pipeline
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customers by more than $400 a year. >> it' s going to cut costs by 40% from what folks are currently paying. that' s real, serious money. if approved, kendra morgan hopes to break ground -- kinder morgan hopes to break ground by 2017. tom: the renovation of the balsams hotel and resort in dixville notch has received another vote of approval. the coos county planning board unanimously approved an application that including zoning changes tonight. the balsams closed in 2011, but a developer has proposed a 143 million dollar renovation. the project is still waiting on a few more votes including a wetlands permit from the department of environmental services. if that goes through, construction could begin early next year. shelley: deerfield police are searching for two men who took off when police tried to pull them over. police say they had active warrants for derek kelley and michael hilber. officers stopped kelley' s truck, and say when they tried to
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driving, dragging an officer for 15 to 20 feet. the officer wasn' t hurt, but the two got away. police are looking for a blue chevy pickup, license plate 383 tom: after today' s rain, it turns colder tomorrow and that the state. chief meteorologist mike haddad is here to tell us where the snow will fall and when. mike: for many up north it will turn wintry tomorrow as the cold north and west every right now it' s all rain and operate our. the green indicates it' s all rain falling out of the cloud cover. still warm aloft, 36 atop mount washington. the temperatures in the valleys in the 30' s to around 40 as well, but cold air begins to build back in so even though we are warmer than last night, futurecast.
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friday. -- on thursday. a few inches not out of the valley, maybe a dusting to an inch, but what will hollow or tomorrow and into the weekend? you may like it or maybe you t. we will see in a few minutes. shelley: for generations, the pal center in manchester has been a place where kids can get off the street, and be mentored by police. s tree lighting, there was a major announcement community touchstone. it is about to get a major touch up. it is a well known place that' s attracted a lot of well known faces in manchester. people like stan spirou, the head basketball coach at southern new hampshire university. >> i was a product of this facility. i grew up two blocks from here and at that time my family was working in the sweat shops and i had no place to go. and this place here kept me out shelley for generations, the
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sports and various other mentoring programs for kids here. they get off the streets, >>they get off the streets, they' re in here learning different things. shelley the center was also : recently named after michael briggs, the manchester police officer killed in the line of duty in 2006. and now, there are more big plans in the works, the location was selected by the non profit group building on hope to be the recipient of a major renovation project in 2016. >> we do an extreme type makeover, with all donated goods and labor to renovate buildings. >> the project itself and the renovations are going to be extraordinary. shelley plans for the : 105-year-old building include new heating and electric systems, new sports equipment and a state of the art kitchen. it' s the reason so many came out to celebrate wednesday, including officer briggs' mother, who helped light the christmas tree. the plans for this building a fitting tribute to her son' s legacy. >> a lot of the kids in the
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briggs, because of the interaction that he had with the kids. so we' re continuing that connectivity that we started long ago and today is just a great night. shelley: the renovation work at the community center will take place over 10 days in may, with 100% donated materials and labor. anxious to see how it turns out. tom coming up on news 9 tonight. :the growing problem with heroin and fentanyl abuse is prompting action. the legal changes of drug task force is pushing for. re on the hunt to
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take away obamacare, could be denied coverage. if hillary's in the white house, obamacare, t have to worry anymore. i trust her, and i know she's going to fight for all of us. i'm hillary clinton, and i approve this message. tom: police in san bernardino california say to suspects involved in a fatal shooting are dead. investigators say the man and woman were killed in a gun battle with police this evening. at least 14 people were killed in a shooting at a social service center this afternoon. more than a dozen others were wounded. identified one of the suspects as syed farook, but gave no other details about the suspect.
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warplanes carried out airstrikes in syria. lawmakers voted earlier today by wide margin to launch airstrikes against the group in syria, joining an international campaign. shelley: a drug task force wants stronger drug laws in new hampshire. the joint task force for the response to the heroin and opioid epidemic unanimously recommended legislation that would create criminal penalties for distributing fentanyl. the division wants the penalties to be the same as the existing penalties for distributing heroin. the opiate crisis was front and brainstorming session in portsmouth today. more than 30 front line responders, counselors, educators and city business leaders gathered to come up with specific recommendations. among the discussions, what the model of a recovery center would look like, and how best to educate in both the schools and the community. >> i feel as tho this community this is the first time we'
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been able to have all these individuals come to the table and, no egos, no turf, and be able to talk about what we can do. shelley: the portsmouth chamber is holding a separate, public meeting on the crisis this re are going to get areas are excited about that. mike: it' s time to turn toward the christmas season sort of a. here it was at bridges house. governor hassan standing by to help with the lighting of the christmas tree tonight. temperatures were not all that frigid and the rain was kind of scattered, so not a bad evening to get out there and enjoy the governor' s mansion in concord. i thought he scenario at the coast, a little bit of a moderate first here and at times
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fall, low cloudiness and low visibility left over. take a look at some of those numbers, visibility cut down to about a mile in manchester, less in a mile along the coast. the winds are beginning to turn it out of the northwest and that will help dry out a little bit as we advance through the course of the evening in the overnight stretch. right now still some left over rain mount washington valley all the way to the lakes region and into the monadnock region. the last that he rain about to clear new hampshire in about another hour. but that not the end of precipitation because of dream there is more wet weather that eventually will change over to white in the great north woods in the white mountains so a good chance of a few inches of snow for your thursday while it should be snow free in central and southern new hampshire where the ready rain is hauling out there right now.
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the valleys but admit levels of the atmosphere. freezing but it will cool down during the overnight. it changes any leftover moisture over to snow. a bit of a break during precipitation during the early part of the morning but around the morning commute we start to see that moisture in the form of snow and it could call up to a few inches, especially in the higher elevations. notice central and southern new hampshire at least some partial sunshine. could be an isolated rain or shower but a good part of the day will be precipitation three, but it will be windy statewide. friday, clouds mainly of north, dry in southern new hampshire and then more site as we go through the weekend. if you like mild temperatures,
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2-5 inches far north, four plus in the higher summits of the white mountains and inch or two around plymouth and points west. upper 30' s north, lower 40' s south. snow by early tomorrow morning in the north country, notes are looking wintry up north tomorrow. notice by saturday around 50 and mid 50' s, maybe pushing upper 50' s to near 60 in spots on sunday. i' m sure some would like for winter to kick in right now but for those who like mild
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jamie in case you missed it, : because its mostly happening out west, the nba champion golden state warriors are off to the best start in nba history. 19-0 as they played in charlotte tonight. stephen curry 3 pointer his mom was in the audience to check that out. make it 20-0 now. warriors win 116-99. some late nights for bruins fans they are on a west coast swing to edmonton, calgary, and vancouver and it started tonight at the oilers. it was scoreless in the second because of two great saves here, absolutely brilliant. the bruins were down in the
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finally boston got on the board. right now they are tied at 1-1. top 25 hoops number 14 syracuse hosted wisconsin. kaleb joseph is a guard that comes off the bench for the orange. he is from nashua. here he hits a jumper 21-16 wisconsin. final minute of the first half he hits another one 27-22. badgers 6 points for kaleb wisconsin won 66-58. a border battle. vermont at the dartmouth big dartmouth in white. green. they go inside to the big man. boudreau hits the little hook shot. then a 3 pointer by miles wright. for vermont, check this one out kurt stidle with a 3 off glass to beat the shot clock vermont wins on the road 68-63. northeast ten hoops. assumption at snhu. penmen in white great start by
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remo simankevicious knocks down a 3 pointer. 22-7 snhu. later in the half. range shot. snhu wins it 91-56. the snhu women also won, and they are 7-0 this season. the patriots are back on the practice field, putting their first loss of the season behind them. up next, chip kellys philadelphia eagles. they play in foxboro at 4:25 sunday afternoon. >> overall it' s very talented team. it' s going to be a lot to prepare for with the team we don' t know very well. they have a lot of turnovers on defense and also in the kicking game. they called a lot of negative plays and offensively they can score from anywhere on the
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>> a two-year deal worth $13 million. he' s it really well at fenway park. he runs out and impressive -- impressive outfield. he was an all-star in 2010 with the arizona diamondbacks. >> with the pitching the way it is, you have pitching all over the place. i think there will be a lot of movement and a lot of happy people with the starting rotations next year. jamie: i want to hear from chris carpenter talking about what a huge free agent year this would be. chris is in great shape. tom cole and stay with us.
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tom: this december we' re asking viewers to show us the light displays at their home.
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today. mike: that' s right, and we met paul roy. take a look. tonight we' re at pelham road in hudson. joining me is the owner, paul roy. thanks for joining us tonight. tell us how many lights you have here. >> we have right around 100,000 lights. we have been doing that every here now. we initially started 15 years ago. we increased every year until we got to 150,000 lights and said we cannot keep going up, so we changed the theme. with so many lines in so many different individual displays how long does it actually take , you to set all of this up? >> we start doing the planning
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down, checking them, and then eventually two weeks before , thanksgiving, we start bringing everything out and putting it in place to the plan, and we light up on thanksgiving night. so about one and a half to two months it takes us to get ready. mike: that is something else. i wish you a very happy holiday season and thanks for joining us tonight. >> come back again some day. mike: you can put a smile on a child' s face this holiday season, by donating to wmur' s spirit of giving toy drive. along with our partners z-107 and rock 101 we' ll be collecting new, unwrapped toys this friday, saturday, and sunday at toys r us in manchester and at the crossings in newington. members of the wmur team will be live at both locations on friday to thank you for your generosity. all donations will go to toys for tots. shelley: our coverage of the shooting in san bernardino
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