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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  December 4, 2015 7:00am-9:00am EST

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it's your coffee, your dunkin'. america runs on dunkin'. have a great friday. good morning, america. >> need assist now, i have shots fired. >> new details in the california shooting rampage. police release new images of the deadly arsenal. thousands of rounds of ammo and a dozen pipe bombs stacked up by the husband and wife killers. this video shows the ferocious gun battle. >> somebody. oh, gunshots, gunshots. get inside, get inside! >> one of the first hero cops on scene tells us what he saw ib sided that conference room. >> it was unspeakable the carnage we were seeing. >> this morning, new details about the shooters and new questions. did they have ties to terror? and were they radicalized? >> nobody just gets upset at a party, goes home and puts
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scheme. >> as the investigation deepens, we are getting our first look at the 14 lives lost in the massacre. a loving husband. and a dedicated father. >> there are six kids that have lost their father. >> and a harrowing account of how a holiday celebration ended in tragedy. >> try to relax, everyone. try to relax. >> the man who shared a cubicle with the gunman and was in that room reveals the twist of fate that spared his life. >> i'm trying to contact my wife and tell her i love her. >> overnight, a city in mourning, trying to come to grips with the horror that's besieged them. we have complete coverage right now on "gma." and good morning, america. it was a solemn night in san bernardino. thousands came together for a candle light vigil to remember the victims and their families. amy, you saw that sadness up close. >> it is sad.
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have to cover stories like this so many times this year alone. but in the past several years specifically. yet, every time you hear from the witnesses, about what they felt, what they saw, the panic, the fear. the terror. it really is still unthinkable. >> completely unthinkable. so many did come together to honor the 14 people killed. >> fathers, mothers, husbands, and wives. all killed in this tragedy. >> and overnight, we have learned more about the killer couple as well. a husband and wife, dressed to kill. they opened fire at a holiday gathering for county health workers. >> a search of their home turned up weapons, a dozen pipe bombing and a huge cache of weaponry. >> we have team coverage. david, we are learning much more about what the investigators found in the killers' home. >> in fact a chilling portrait this morning. overnight, a new look at not only what they were carrying
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point out, inside their home. this was a massive arsenal. certainly large enough to carry out another attack. just as i sat down with one of farook's co-workers. they sat at desks together for years. he thought he was a friend. he sat with him at the table that morning. this morning, a closer look at the most revealing images yet of theletle weapons used in the deadly shooting rampage. investigators searching the home of the two alleged killers, syed farook, and his wife, tashfeen malik. >> several down in the conference room. >> reporter: new video released of the police chase. >> oh, they're after somebody. >> reporter: the blk suv in frame. police in close pursuit. hundreds of gunshots echoed through the streets. >> oh, they're killing that guy. [ gunshots ]
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while farook was driving, his wife was firing out the window of the car. >> the suspects are believed to have fired about 75 rifle rounds at the officers at the termination of the pursuit. >> reporter: overnight, what it was like in the conference hall. >> extremely loud. the fire alarms were going off. there were people obviously injured. and obviously in great amounts of pain. and, that was evident in the moans and the wails that we were hearing in the room. >> reporter: spoke with patrick baccari, a co-worker, who shared a cubicle with syed farook for years. >> you have the same title? >> similar. discussed similar things. i thought i made a connection with him talking about preparing cars and things like that. asked him some of his experiences, things like that. >> reporter: that was how you got him to open up? talking about cars? >> i would greet him and i
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it's like you're trying to initiate conversation. and it just doesn't perpetuate or get anywhere. >> reporter: baccari's life was spared because he wept to the restroom just as the killers were about to enter the room. h shots came through the wall. >> i get hit with a blast. i don't know what it is. i thought the paper towel dispenser was booby trapped. >> reporter: it blows up in your face. you look in the mirror. >> i see i'm bleeding. >> reporter: he tries to send a text to his wife. >> we're hearing the gunfire take place. i'm trying to contact my wife and tell her i love her and that i'm okay. >> reporter: he could only type out two words. >> it said gunman attacked. i didn't -- connect it. i didn't know what was going on. i tried to reach him. i couldn't get through. >> reporter: this is the text here? >> yes.
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that's all you could get out. overnight here, a vigil honoring the victims. there were thousands at that vigil. the entire list of the victims released overnight as they were gathering to honor and mourn their faces, their names. i should share one more thing that co-worker patrick shared with us. he was inside this center at the table with him. he did notice that when it was time to take the annual christmas photo, farook was missing. he thought nothing of it until the gunfire gain blasting through the wall. it was awhile later until he heard the name syed. he still couldn't believe it. >> you'll be back later in the program. >> in the meantime, the fbi is treating the shootings as a possible terror attack. investigators digging deep into the life of the husband and wife team. brian ross has the latest.
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officially call it a case of terrorism. increasingly, law enforcement officials say the action leave little doubt about the aim of their mission. in the same san bernardino townhouse where they were raising their infant daughter, syed ma farook and his pakistani-born wife, tashfeen malik, were preparing to go to war. enough weapons to kill thousands of people. some 6100 rounds. their garage was a virtual bomb factory. with 1 unexploded bombs. described as similar to this one featured in an al qaeda publication. all that in addition to this bomb. it used a yellow toy car as a remote-control detonator. one neighbor was alarmed. >> they were doing a lot of work in the garage. and she was kind of suspicious. >> reporter: but nobody called the police.
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have continued to do another attack. >> reporter: farook had worked for five years at the county health department. the widow of one of those he murdered said there were no warning science. is there they were all friends with the man who did this. they knew he was muslim. they had no idea he had become radicalized. >> reporter: they're travel and contacts are being monitored. looking for evidence to what turned farook and his wife into killers. agents went to the mosque he often attended. the imam said he was questioned by authorities at gunpoint. he would not answer questions about farook but told abc news he condemns all violence. >> the news of the shooting was shocking. unbelievable. unfathomable. left us all speechless. it is an act that has we condemn as muslims. >> reporter: also left behind as
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off in the rented suv for a fatal showdown with police was their 6-month-old daughter. they're unsure which daughter has custody of the orphaned little girl. federal authorities tell abc news the fbi is looking for connections between two specific individuals and farook. to see if they were involved in his radicalization or helping to plan the attacks. his massive arsenal would have cost thousands of dollars, fair amount of money for someone who takes home $700 a week. >> we're going to get more from pierre thomas. this couple did a lot to cover their tracks. >> law enforcement officials say the suspected shooters did attempt a coverup. mobile phones and hard drives were smashed or tampered with. fbi computer analysts will try to reconstruct what was destroyed.
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authorities fear this was an attempt to hide what the couple were viewing and who they had communicated with. >> this couple not on the fbi radar at all? >> sources say they had done nothing suspicious enough to come under serious fbi scrutiny. the fbi is poring over files to make sure nothing is missed. now to the victims. all 14 innocent people killed at the holiday party have now been named. their loved ones are speaking out this morning about their lives. and their unbelievable loss. se cecilia vega has more. >> reporter: good morning to you. we know that some of the survivors are still being treat here in this hospital behind me. of the 14 people killed, 12 we know were county employees. many of them worked directly with the man who walked right up and opened tire. even in all of this senselessness, and that is the only way to describe what happened out here. this morning, there are families
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is a lot of it. they range in age from 26 to 60. fathers, mothers, the cousin of a new york giants player, a police officer's wife, who fled islamic extremism in iran. all among the 14 lives taken. leaving behind their high school sweethearts sweethearts. their best friends. their children. >> we had been together for 14 years. >> reporter: jennifer's husband, 52-year-old nicholas thalasinos was syed farook's co-worker. >> he was a very good man. always there to help out. >> reporter: at first, ryan reyes was hopeful his boyfriend, 42-year-old daniel kaufman had survived after seeing a post on facebook saying he was injured but alive. >> it was hard to watch the family members reunited and not knowing anything about what had happened to daniel.
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hospital, ryan learned the worst. >> the world will suffer from having one less person like him. >> reporter: the last thing ryan texted to daniel, i love you. and 37-year-old michael wetzel. a father of six was in a meeting when the shooting started. today, those children waking up to horrific news. >> they are very overwhelmed. there are six kids that have lost their father. >> reporter: his wife, nicole, telling abc, he was my best friend and an incredible father who was loved by all. without him, this family will never be the same. so much heart break out here this morning. and nicholas thalasinos dropped his wife off at work that morning. she's a second grade teacher. it was snack day. he helped her carry snacks into the classroom. she says she's cherishing the one final hug and kiss that he gave her. that is the memory this morning
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a one final hug and kiss from her husband. >> that moment of reaching out. you see this all the time. people going along the normal day and everything shattered. >> in one moment. thank you, cecilia. we remember the 14 victims. there are a lot of heroes emerging from that day. first responders who arrived within about four minutes of learning about the shooting. one of the first men there, police lieutenant mike madden. he's speaking out. >> we wanted to get in there and stop any further innocent people from being injured and possibly killed. as we entered into the conference room. the -- the situation was surreal. it was something that i don't think again, we prepare for and they try to -- an active shooter. we talk about sensory overload. they try to throw everything at you to prepare you for dealing with that. what you're seeing. what you're hearing.
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um, and it was all of that and more. it was unspeakable. the carnage that we were seeing. the number of people who were injured. and unfortunately, already dead. and when we entered, there was fresh gun powder. and the smell of gun pouder in the air. and, the pure panic on the face of those individuals that were still in need. and needing to be safe. and then we went further into the building. and, that was a difficult -- choice to have to make as well. passing people that we knew were injured and in need of assistance. our goal at that time had to be trying to locate the shooters. and -- deal with them. >> those first responders did everything right. what's so carry is e scary is the couple new how quickly they had to get out. >> they said let us lead you.
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front and center in the presidential race right now. hillary clinton and donald trump moving toward calling it a terrorist attack. a new poll shows trump sumplging to his biggest lead yet. jon karl tracking that from washington. >> reporter: president obama has not yet called tuesday's mass shooting terrorism. the candidates vying to replace him have left little doubt, they're calling it terrorism. hillary clinton said whatever the killers motivation in san bernardino, stricter gun control should be the priority. >> we're trying to protect, protect our fellow americans. people like you and me who went to a holiday party at their place of work. >> reporter: the white house agree. but acknowledged that the president's gun proposals would vice president prevented this take because the guns were bought legally and the shooters had no known criminal record. why the kind of immediate fall back to congress needs to pass more gun legislation? >> because the president is
7:16 am
kinds of incidents, of mass shootings, aren't considered routine. >> reporter: cow just acknowledged these proposals wouldn't have prevented this? >> we're talking about future incidents. >> reporter: donald trump ventured that the mass shooting may help him in the pols. >> sadly, every time, every single time there's a tragedy, my poll numbers go up. because they feel that i am going to take care of them and they feel they want strength. >> reporter: and there is a new poll out this morning that shows donald trump with his biggest lead yet. it's a cnn poll of republicans nationwide. puts donald trump with 36% of the vote. a lead of 20 points. the poll also puts one-time front-runner jeb bush way at the back with just 3%. important to point out, though, amy, this poll was conducted before the shooting in san bernardino. >> jonathan karl, thank you. george will interview hillary clinton and jeb bush live this
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let's turn to tom llamas with the other top stories. breakingover night out of egypt. a deadly attack at a nightclub in cairo. at least 16 people were killed when the club was fire bombed. two men were seen throwing molotov cocktails at the entrance. a dispute occurred after the men were not allowed to enter the club. also overnight, a cafe where five people were killed in the paris terror attacks reopened. scott weiland, one of rock's most distinctive voices has died. and i feel >> he was best known for his time with stone temple pilots, an incredibly successful band in the '90s. he struggled with substance abuse throughout his career. he was found dead while on tour in minnesota. just 48 years old. they're calling it the
7:18 am
you have to see it to believe it. the lions ahead by two. aaron rodgers unleashes a 61-yard hail mary pass caught in the end zone by richard rodgers. that completed the come back from 20 points down in the third quarter. green bay wins it, 27-23. they should call that a hail aaron. aaron rodgers saying it was the most amazing game of my life. it was his birthday. he says he blacked out after he caught the touchdown. >> it's like on the playground. throw it out there. see if you can get it. to ginger. it's not feeling like winter. not that i'm complaining. >> new york city with its warmest november on record. fad philadelphia, second warmest. not going an anywhere. midweek to the end of next week, stage much above average. your local weather just 30
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kevin: a lot of sunshine for the south eastern half of the state. quite a few clouds out west. accumulation in to the afternoon. westerly breeze still noticeable today. certainly it lightens up for a good part of the weekend. temperatures in the upper 20's to mid 30's depending on cloud highs today going anywhere from the upper range of the 30's up north to lower and mid 40's in southern spots. it looks like a good weekend.
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>> and we have much more ahead. david muir is live in san bernardino with how the community is reacting to the secret plot hatched in a small town. and the woman caught on camera allegedly plotting her husband's murder. did you hire a hitman to kill your husband? dalia dippolito speaking out for the first time in an exclusive interview when we come back.
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erin: we are kicking off the weekend toy drive here in manchester. one of several toys that have come in. so many great toys are coming in. the marines say there's a great need for the ladies also girls six to nine and boys to girls 10-13. they are suggesting things like box and ride on toys for little ones. and for those that are 6-13, they suggest, you know, science kits like the one i just showed you, also board games. we're going to be out here at the manchester toys "r" us throughout the day and the weekend. also at the cross roads in newington. the weather is really great to do some shopping today. kevin: it is, erin. all the way through the weekend as well. we start off early this morning with quite a few clouds in western and northern areas. there will be the risk
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showers and flurries. big area of high pressure settles in. breeze out of the west. tomorrow full sunshine. and for sunday great for shopping around. high temperatures today upper 30's to mid 40's. we're looking at mainly fair skies. the breeze out of the west. still noticeable. just not as gusty. you'll notice we start to climb the ladder. warmest day of the next seven looks to be on sunday with highs in the low to mid 50's. still mild on monday with sunshine. then we start to see the next system approach. it right now looks like the possibility of a few showers on wednesday. erin and i will be back with more in the next if you're doing everything right but find it harder and harder to get by, you're not alone. while our people work
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there is new video of the high-speed chase between cops and the san bernardino killers. he was driving. she was shooting through the back window. new details about the couple coming up. and it was a beautiful sight at the national christmas tree lighting last night. president obama honoring the the victims of the san bernardino tragedy at the ceremony. lara has much more on that in "the speed feed." we begin in san bernardino. rampage. "world news" anchor david muir is on the scene. good morning, david. >> reporter: george, amy, good morning again to you.
7:31 am
thousands gathering at a stadium nearby to honor the victims. late last night, they released the full list. the ages, the names. people in their 20s, 40s, 60s. new images this morning of the she scope of the arsenal gathered by this young couple. not just in the suv but later now in searching their home. this was enough stock piled to lay out another attack. at least one neighbor this the area said they saw deliveries but didn't want to ask what they were for. um, perhaps a e reminder to us all if you see something, point it out to police. this person saying, she simply didn't want to profile. we also know that law enforcement sources telling abc news in serming the home, it would appear at this point that that young couple was trying to do everything to destroy their
7:32 am
the mobile phones. computers. a lot of it is heavily damage forensics. it would seem that that couple knew what they were doing. they want today race their tracks beforehand. amy? >> a lot more evidence of how much forethought went into this. you'll have more tonight. >> the details come in hour by hour. we'll be watching. in the meantime, an abc news exclusive with the florida woman accused of trying to hire a hit man to murder her husband. dalia dippolito is speaking out for the first time in six years. she's opening up about her conviction and what she says really happened. it's the alleged murder for hire plot that went viral. is there there were shots fired. >> reporter: cameras rolling as south florida police tell dalia dippolito a big, bold lie. >> is your husband michael? i'm sorry to tell you, ma'am, he's been killed. >> reporter: investigators say her reaction.
7:33 am
because days earlier, dalia was caught on camera allegedly hiring an undercover cop to kill mike, her husband of just six months. head. >> i'm positive. like 5,000% sure. >> reporter: in an exclusive, out. did you want your husband dead. >> no, absolutely not. >> reporter: did you hire a >> no. >> reporter: anxiously awaiting a new trial, he's under house arrest. when people hear the name dalia dippolito dippolito, what comes to mind? >> everything negative. it's not me. >> reporter: her now ex-husband is speaking out too. >> i was surprised. it wasn't like kill him nicely. >> reporter: according to dalia, she and mike became obsessed with reality tv. >> if they can do it, no reason we can't do it. >> reporter: at her trial, arguing mike wasn't the victim
7:34 am
instead, an accomplice to launch them into stardom. >> it was a stunt, a hoax, to capture the attention of someone in reality tv. >> reporter: dalia says, she and mike worked together. >> oh, what a cute little girl. i'm not. i'm 5,000 percent sure. it was a tape. that was the purpose. >> reporter: you were acting in those tapes. >> yes. >> reporter: but you're telling the truth now? >> yes. >> reporter: why should we believe you? >> it's what happened. >> that's such a -- that's my reaction. i'm laughing. i'm 5,000% sure she tried to kill me. >> reporter: six years after those videos made her a posterwoman for how not to hire a hitman, she's misunderstood. who is dalia dippolito? >> understanding, compassionate. >> reporter: mike has his own choice of words. >> liar, liar, liar.
7:35 am
dalia's attorney, brian claypool. thank you for being with us. >> thank you very manager me. >> people are watching the tapes saying dalia was caught red handed. what is your defense? >> the taps were manufactured by the boynton beach police department. they were more concerned with carrying on a casting call for this cops tv show and they broke all the rules that they were supposed to follow to make sure that they got dalia as their lead actress. >> we want to mention, the police chief, jeffrey katz released this statement in part which says we have confidence in the quality of the case presented tapped ability of our state attorney to successfully prosecute miss dippolito a second time. did dalia know she was being taped? was she acting for the cameras? how is that possible if police were doing the taping? >> dalia was collaborating with
7:36 am
they were preparing a youtube video they were going to uplift in hope of getting aen acting role. that's what led mohammed to contact the police to put together this tape. in response to chief of police katz i find it ironic. i took his deposition. his testimony under oath will show that his police department broke several of their own rules in order to entrap dalia to do these tapes. >> you said if you go to trial. trial. is there a scenario where she would take plea deal? >> no. dismissed. we have filed a motion to misconduct of the police department. if this case goes to trial, dalia will testify and will tell her story. >> all right, brian claypool, thank you for being with us this morning.
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back now with "gma" on the money. americans spend more than there are 3 billion online this cybermonday. the biggest online buying day ever. up 21% from last year. mara shaf catch poe with ways to save big when you shop online. >> reporter: that's right. 3 billion just on monday. the holiday shopping period is just getting started. americans are expected to spend 105 billion shopping online. retailers are fighting for every one of those holiday tlars. there are simple cyberstrategies
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in some cases, up to 50% off. 'tis the season for cybershopping and from online tinsel town tricks that won't leave you feeling like the grinch. >> shopping is a sport. why wouldn't you go for the win? >> reporter: enter mark elwood, author of bargain fever and self-described supershopper. first up, a trick known as cart abandonment. >> log into any web store you love. place an item in your cart and close the browser window. walk away. make a cup of tea. and sit and wait. >> reporter: we went to seven different retail websites and put a few items in the cart. then clicked off the site without buying. and within 4 hours, we got three carts. two discount offers. one for $25 off. another for 20% off. saving about 40 bucks. >> if you practice cart abandonment every time, once in a blue moon you might miss an item.
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hundreds of dollars you'll save the rest of the time. >> reporter: second, use browser extensions. like honey and price blinch. they scan the web for coupons before you check out. saving you money in seconds. do you have to do anything? >> nothing with honey other than install it and let it sit there. it will cut prices. >> reporter: instl a price comparison tool. like invisible hand or shop genius. they'll alert you if you're not getting the lowest possible price. now, one more tip. experts told us some retailers, especially travel websites, like to lure new online shoppers. before your next visit, clear your cookies on your computer. the retailer might think you're a new shopper. it's sneaky.
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and works for me every time. when al else fails, just ask. every time i get to tend of a purchase, i open a chat window and say, do you have any discounts or promotions? i have always gotten something. you have to be friendly. say, i love it. but i need a better deal. >> hey, i don't know how to clear my cookies, but -- >> the cart abandon lt makes people nervous. >> especially when they say, there's only three left. >> don't ask, don't get. mom always said. thank you, mara. coming up on "good morning america," the first family kicking off the holiday season with a beautiful tree-lighting ceremony and a high-profile sent gives the president a kiss. who was it? coming up in our speed feed. don't go nir. stormtroopers! halt! turn here. go go! follow them! bb-8! beep, beep!
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it is 7:48. we're back with "the speed feed." president obama kicking off the holiday season. lighting the national christmas tree. and then sharing a surprise kiss. we'll show you that coming up. the first family. bundled up. flipping the switch.
7:49 am
the president on norred the victims in san bernardino saying their loss is our loss. we're one american family. and asking americans to summon the spirit of togetherness. celebration. check out who was on the end of the receiving line. hopefully, we'll see the video. oh, there she is. pucker up, miss piggy. a little president kiss there. you can bet a certain sfrog enviews. a little green. the president closing the ceremony by grabbing the mike and belting out jingle bells. and then giving a big old bear hug to st. nick. >> we thought reese witherspoon was the one. >> no. nope. >> and no drama with the first lady. >> miss piggy, she's a camera hog. get it? thank you, thank you. >> good one. >> oh. >> thanks, lara. when we come back at the top of the hour, the latest on the
7:50 am
no more miss piggy. a new report on cyberbullying on the rise. rie fisher. she gets candid. >> that's one way to put it. >> this interview is incredible. >> i urge everyone to buckle up when they watch. fwl can't wait for that. we'll be right back. here's a great improve this tip from lowe's. cut the bottom off a two-liter bottle and mount to it create a plastic bag dispenser. pretty cool. to see more, go the on yahoo!. are you completely prepared for retirement? okay, mostly prepared? could you save 1% more of your income? it doesn't sound like much, but saving an additional 1% now, could make a big difference over time. i'm going to be even better about saving.
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all those folks in town for the big art festival, look what's happening on the roads. the rain is record. it will keep on tt2watv# 1d! bt@q4", tt2watv# 1d! "a@q$.h tt2watv# 1d! bm@q/%d tt4watv# 1d!" dztq )&< tt4watv# 1d!" entq y"\ tt4watv# 1d!" gzt& @%$
7:55 am
tt4watv# 1d!" iztq :b0 tt4watv# 1d!" jntq (2p
7:56 am
erin: hi from. we're kicking off our spirit of giving toys drive for toys for tots. an effort by the marine corps. we're joined by staff sergeant gavin lewis. how many toys are you looking to get today? >> today our goal is 13 -- 1,500 correction. erin: we've had so many people show up. i saw you unloading the truck out there. >> absolutely. we have another truck we are going to be unloading shortly. no joke. erin: we are expecting that people can bring them to drop-off locations as well if they can't make it to one of these two locations.
7:57 am
the drop-off locations open for another week or so. there's a connection on your link. erin: >> i don't speak computer lingo. google it. erin: the information is out there. thank you. we appreciate everything that you do with this effort. it is really unique when you talk about all of the various agencies and the government. >> exactly. well, we're proud to say the united states marine corps is the only military branch of service that has a non-profit standing by marines. we're there. erin: we appreciate it. thank you so much. we want to get a check on the weather today. for that we head to kevin. kevin: complete winter scene in the north country. one to three inches in that direction. we continue with the chance of a couple more snow showers. we have quite a few more clouds out west and sunshine elsewhere. it is going to be the same split of sunshine in the south eastern and
7:58 am
and west, clouds and in the north country a few flurries. after a couple of chilly starts this weekend, we warm up each afternoon. another four or five degrees tomorrow. a lighter wind and westerly breeze pushes temperatures up another five or six degrees on sunday. we start cooling off next week. erin and i will be back in the next half an hour. have a great fri it's called a rigged economy, and this is how it works. most new wealth flows to the top 1%. it's a system held in place by corrupt politics where wall street banks and billionaires buy elections. my campaign is powered by over a million small contributions, people like you who want to fight back. the truth is you can't change a corrupt system by taking its money. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message.
7:59 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. we have breaking new details this morning about the two shooters in the deadly california rampage. family, friends, and neighbors stunned. >> they were actually doing a lot of work in the garage. she was kind of suspicious. >> how did the shooters hide their deadly intentions and their arsenal in plain sight? a new surge in online bullying. women being harassed by total stranges. surprising now report today and how you can fight back. you grew up loving her as princess leia. >> a scruffy looking nerf-herder.
8:00 am
here in times square. what she's revealing. and wait until you see the surprise guest she brought to the interview. baby, i'm perfect for you and there's a hack for that. how the be a better pet owner and keep your house clean this morning. we've gone to the dog as we say -- >> all: good morning, america. a lot to get to as we get into the weekend. we have friends to do it with this morning. and we're going have, teach you simple hacks to solve some big pet challenges. >> apparently old dogs can learn new tricks. >> i wasn't going to say that. >> but i did. >> i believe. also ahead, the must-have items to buy before you wrap up your gifts. we're counting down to christmas with the hottest toys this season.
8:01 am
someone very special to surprise them. >> oh, i guess we're telling you. >> they have no idea. >> we got a smeek neak peek of some things. a lot to get to. the latest from san bernardino. let's go to tom llamas for that. >> this morning, the outpouring of agree in san bernardino as we learn more about the young husband and wife behind the massacre. thousands of people gathered for a candlelight vigil last night. all 14 people killed have been identified. many of them co-workers, who worked side by side with the shooter. "world news tonight" anchor david muir has the latest. good morning. >> reporter: an extraordinarily poignant individual. many of them were co-workers. of the 14 killed, 12 were workers for the county. at the vigil, each of their names read aloud.
8:02 am
shared a cubicle with farook, there is a stunning mystery. they knew he was married. met a woman overseas. brought her back after a visit to saudi arabia. they were a young couple. they had a 6-month-old baby. the baby left ah with family a short time before the terror unfolded. many of the co-workers wished him well when they had the baby. they're stunned he would be able to walk into that room with all the workers he shared time with the investigation also continues at their home in redlands, heir now they're now searching cell computers. many of the digital footprints have been destroyed. the drives, the computers. will make it difficult. perhaps leads to more question whether there was plan that led up to all this.
8:03 am
that home, to carry out yet another attack had they wanted to. tom? >> and the up canal's family asking why. thank you, david. we'll have more from southern california in just a moment. in the race for president. big news. new signs of strepg for donald trump. a new national poll has trump with a 20-point lead over his closest rival, senator ted cruz. trump's 36% is his highest level of sport since the campaign began. lawyers representing 20 women suing bill cosby say they plan to depose cosby's wife. the legal team is objecting saying the request to depose camille cosby is harassment. a drastic reduction in the rate of s.i.d.s. a number of cases dropped by 71% in the past 30 years. since the came pain urging
8:04 am
sleep on their backs. researchers found other factors, like consistent prenatal care and less or no exposure to smoking helped. americans are neglecting cholesterol treatments. more than 78 million of us have levels high enough to warrant being treated. less than two-thirds of those eligible are making changes. finally, former president george w. bush was there for the unveiling of a marble bust of his vice president. he knew cheney could step in if i got hit by a bus or choked on a pretzel. that's funny because he tid choke on a pretzel. >> boy, he looks good there. >> he does. more on the mystery at the heart of the san bernardino massacre. friends, family, and neighbors
8:05 am
the shooters were hiding their sbepgss in plain sight. george. we're outside the house where farook and malik lived. there are a few things you can do to protect your community without violating your neighbor's privacy. a suburban neighborhood turned into a war zone. >> scary. really scary. >> reporter: the search of the home of syed farook and tashfeen malik turned up a cache of weapons. >> 12 pipe bombs. hundreds of tools that could be used to construct ieds. they could have done another attack. >> no one would have expected this. no one. >> it's a quiet neighborhood. >> reporter: others did.
8:06 am
it's kind of suspicious. >> reporter: when does strange behavior cross the line into a potentially criminal act? mgt we're seeing these types of the country. all over the world. if you see something that say something. something? semistrange. you should take notice in they traumatically change their look or begin to talk with violent rhetoric. according to the lapd website, other activities to report is people drawing or measuring buildings. people asking about building security procedures. some states have see something, say something apps. you can report something that looks potentially dangerous. this is how fine a line it can be. we found a u.p.s. driver on this route. yesterday, he said heady levered dozens of packages as late as last week.
8:07 am
hil he found farook to be extremely unfriendly, it wasn't suspicious up enough to report. here's what's come ing up. a spike in online bullying for an overwhelming up in of women. now. and then care re rie fisher's priceless reaction to seeing "star wars:the force awakens." ? >> and santa. he's checking it. checking it twice. hi, santa. have you been naughty or nice? >> i've been very nice. >> coming up on "gma." i don't want to live with the uncertainties of hep c. or wonder... ...whether i should seek treatment. i am ready. because today there's harvoni. a revolutionary treatment for the most common type of chronic hepatitis c. harvoni is proven to cure up to 99% of patients...
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coming up, we're counting down to christmas. the best toy this is year from kid experts and travel secrets for making the most of your holiday vacation just ahead. thank you, santa, for being here. >> welcome, welcome. >> it's warm out there, isn't it? >> this is for you. >> thank you. no matter how fast the markets change, at t. rowe price, our disciplined investment approach remains. we ask questions here. look for risks there. and search for opportunity everywhere. global markets may be uncertain. but you can
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in our investment experience... call a t. rowe price investment specialist, ...and see how we can help you find global opportunity. t. rowe price. invest with confidence. the new sprint lte plus network is faster than verizon and at&t... to celebrate, we're gonna cut some prices in half. switch to sprint and save 50% on verizon, at&t, or t-mobile rates. so switch today. human maintenance guy would actually be exactly what i am. i got to hang a picture. it may not seem like much, but to that resident it was the best thing in the world. it's amazing to me because it takes me seconds. but yet, when i go into the apartment, i'm there for half an hour. it is not just hanging a picture, it is conversing, it is being a friend. there aren't old people there. there are actually young
8:12 am
paradise welcome back to "gma." and listen to a little coldplay. that song, "paradise," off their new album. out today. a lot more in "pop news." we turn to a surprising report on online bullying. >> not the lay ground. online bullying. magazine. a new survey.
8:13 am
fearing going online, fear of being attacked going online. why is this happening more an more? >> we found in the survey that despite all of tefrts that social media platforms have made to make these places safer and kinder and more compassionate, everybody says, 93% of people say it's either staying the same or getting worse. why it happens? we have somehow come to believe it's okay to say in social media things you would never in a million years -- >> say in public. >> if you were walking down the street and someone came up to you and said, you're ugly. you would think, you have a screw loose. on some level, we think this is the price to pay for living in the fully wird 21st century. it shouldn't be that way. we saw that it's important if you see something to say
8:14 am
so if you see somebody ganging up on a woman or a man for that matter, you don't have to take on the troll or the attacker. that can actually be risky. post a simple thing like, a smiley face emoticon to the woman debting abused or a simple ouch just to show, listen, we've seen this. we're watching. some of the threats are violent. 8 pgt of women said they had been fizzily threatened with die. >> sit because you're faceless, nameless, there's no accountability? >> i think that's one of the reasons. the majority of people that do the bullying have been bullied. it's like any other kind of abuse. there's a cycle. if you have lived it, you promote it. >> kicking the dog and the dog becomes vicious. >> sometimes it's competitive. guys bond by posting ugly
8:15 am
not a public figure. a private person. they'll tack people so others can see, look how i messed with her. >> don't you wish there was a way that if you said something hurtful, your name popped up. >> i think saying something like, please, show some respect, can be powerful. you can and should reporter if it's dangerous. >> really interesting findings. i'm glad you did this study. it has to stop. >> i feet totally agree. carrie fisher and the original "star wars" movie took the galaxy by storm 38 years ago. nows she's back at general leia. in the eagerly anticipated movie, "star wars: the force awakens" i sat down with her for one of the most entertaining
8:16 am
sit back and enjoy. thank you for being with us. >> i wouldn't be anywhere else at this hour except on tv. >> i appreciate that. you brought along a friend? >> i did. his tongue matches the sweater. >> this is gary. >> this is gary. he's very, very famous on twitter. >> he likes looking at himself. >> he really does. wouldn't you if you looked like that? >> yeah. he wears that tongue well. i want to talk a little bit about this movie. comes out in a couple of days. it's shrouded in secrecy. we have never interviewed so many stars and we're not even allowed to see the movie. i haven't seen it. but you have. >> it's really good. and i think in my mouth, so i don't lie. >> it's everything it's promised to be and more. >> gary, you saw it? gary did see it. >> gary, what did you think? >> he panted all the way through it. i think it was too loud.
8:17 am
>> it was his first real screening. so he looked like that still. the tongue wasn't out of his mouth before he saw the movie. and -- >> that happened after watching the movie. >> it will happen to everyone. >> wow. >> worth it, though. that's how good it is. wow won't care that your tongue ? now, i understand that george lucas personally asked you the come back. did it take some convincing? >> no. i'm a female in hollywood over the age of shlg let's say 40. we could also say 50. we could say it. not with real conviction. or excitement. people don't have to ask you if you want to work at that age. you'll see some day. >> i'm over the age of 40. i hear you. what was your reaction? >> i looked like that. no, i -- you know, you're going to do it. years. so what?
8:18 am
when it's really relick louse to be princess leia or general leia now. >> tell me about how did you prepare to bring back this role? did you prepare? you're skofing? >> i got in character. i have never got. out again. >> you're always going to look like princess lrks e eia. >> that would be really weird. people say, princess leia? like i'm supposed to go, yes. >> what do you do when people say that? >> i think in my mind, yes? no, i try not to respond as an adult. >> you actually physically transformed for this role. >> yes, i did lose weight. and i think it's a stupid conversation. >> we'll move on. >> not with you. i mean, it's good. normally, i wouldn't talk about
8:19 am
you're so thin. let's talk about. how do you keep it going on? do you exercise? >> i do. >> is it boring? what music makes it worthwhile? i want to hear the song. maybeky go for it, too. >> princess leia was such a strong -- >> yes. >> i get it. no. she was a strong female character back in the day. did you realize the role you were taking on at the time? >> i didn't know i was paving. i'm glad to hear it now. i thought i was doing other stuff. >> we did a little digging. we found a "star wars" clip of you. your audition. >> so sweet. >> can we watch it? >> when r 2 has been safely redifred, you get your reward. you have my guarantee. >> you said you don't like watching yourself. >> that's okay. i'm 19. why wouldn't i like it? you like it less as you roll along.
8:20 am
people that are normal that have other genes other than -- they don't like it as much. not that you have an advantage with a dna jackpot or anything. because i'm sure that -- this is all, like, what a victory of plastic surgery? no. your parents mated well. gratulate them. >> do you want to say anything to the die hard fan? >> please go to this film, if you've heard it's good. you'll like it. i like it. i'm strict. >> gary is falling asleep. >> gary is bored as hell. >> his eyes are closing. we have lulled him to sleep. >> he has good taste, though. >> in is a low moment for me. >> he likes watching tv. >> i have never had someone fall asleep in my interview, gary. >> that you know of! >> i'm absolutely. >> he's an man, you know.
8:21 am
never mind. you look fantastic. >> thank you very much. "star wars:the force awakens" opens on december 18th. i couldn't finish. >> you did not oversell that. >> the whole studio was in tears. she's so funny. her own daughter, bill lee lord, has a small role in the film. we don't know what sit. since i didn't get it out "star wars:the force awakens" opened december 18th. >> they should have put gary in there, too. here. all my ladies from south carolina behind me. this is reese from massachusetts. you want to be a meteorologist. school.
8:22 am
kevin: overcast skies. west. across the great mountains in to the north country. small accumulation. big area of high pressure settling in. the edge coming with it. we start off in the 30's and get back in the low back in the 20's the next couple of nights. tomorrow it is in the 40's just about statewide. low and mid 50's on sunday with sunshine through monday. >> oh, we're talking. sorry about that. i love it when we can get all the states in. they're from oklahoma, colorado, and louisiana. let's get some pop. come on in here. this music will warm you up. gosh, we love this band. viva la coldplay. big news for music and football fans.
8:23 am
super bowl headliner for super bowl 50. a number of major acts performing along with chris mart and the boys at levi's stadium in santa clara. there was speculation it would be bruno mars. maybe he'll pop in for a song. >> do you know something? >> i don't. i was hoping i was send message to the nfl. coldplay, bruno mars. madonna. adam levine. i'm a big believer in the power of positive thinking. the nfl says we'll have to watch, wait, and see. february 7th is the big day. today. and pantone says the color of the year for 2016. two. rose quartz and serenity.
8:24 am
when paired, these colors create peace. the perfect antidote. >> i'm glad you picked that out. that's for you. it's pretty. >> choice of colors has a lot of people talking. it's a reflection of the growing culture of gender fluidity. rose quartz and serenity on the runways already. >> you know how george is at christmas. east going straight for the -- forget the card, i'm going the take the present. good for you. >> before she started talking about gender fluidity. >> yeah. >> and george, i know you're a brief guy, but these boxers are for you, too. [ laughter ] >> always one step too far. >> no. >> that's what you think.
8:25 am
face pink quartz. >> rose quartz. right now. also in "pop news." you get a him memoir. you get a memoir. we all get a memoir. get it. oprah is writing a memoir. she'll reportedly get an eight-figure deal to write "the life you want." the book will include untold stories from the past. you feel like you know it all. she's got a lot more to say. she wants to inspire others to live the highest expression of themselves. she does inspire. part of the deal, she's getting her own publishing imprint. it will focus on nonfiction and focus on a handful of books a
8:26 am
erin: we are kicking off our spirit of giving toy drive for toys for tots right here at the toys "r" us in manchester. i'm joined by a supporter of the cause. his name is andy cruz. he's the president of autofair. i know you are a marine veteran. this whole cause is really dear to your heart; right? >> erin, it is. it is incredible to see what the marines do. it makes me very proud as a veteran of the marine corps. to see them every year rise up to the occasion. it is exciting. erin: you have a big truck here
8:27 am
tell us about that. >> we do. we've been partnering with marines and toys for tots to come out and collect each one of the locations. as well as the truck. it is fun for employees, it is fun for me personally. it is exciting to be a part of it and be part of the magic. erin: a lot of those toys bring smiles. thank you for joining us. we appreciate it. we're going to be out here at the location in manchester at the toys "r" us throughout the weekend. we're going to be at crossings in newington. how is the weather looking for the weekend? kevin: looks great. we're looking at temperatures continuing to warm each day. we start off with a lot of sunshine in the south eastern half. a couple of snow showers and another possibility up in the north country today of a couple more there. big area of high pressure settling in otherwise. that means gradually warmer temperatures. a jump for most in to the afternoon going up
8:28 am
40's. statewide 40's tomorrow. lower and mid 50 on sunday. we start coo jeb bush: here's the truth you will not hear from our president: we are at war with radical islamic terrorism. it is the struggle that will determine the fate of the free world. the united states should not delay in leading a global coalition to take out isis with overwhelming force. their aim is our total destruction. we can't withdraw from this threat or negotiate with it. we have but one choice: to defeat it. vo: right to rise usa is responsible for the content of
8:29 am
[ cheers and applause ] there's george. >> just in time. hello, everyone. so much going on. what a crowd out here in times square. they're excited. >> very excited. >> we're looking forward to christmas. counting down to christmas with santa claus. he's gt a lot of the best kid-tested toys coming up. a few surprises in a little bit. and now we have, there's hack for that. simple short cuts to make your life easier. sara haines is here with those. >> i'm magical with the hacks. i would like to say i came up with them all. i did not. tips and tricks for dog owners like myself and a bunch of the people here.
8:30 am
entertain, clean up after, and bathe your pup. let's start with jordan page and the doggie helper is --? the >> this is parker. >> your blog, fun, cheap, or free has more than 500,000 leaders. tell me about this. >> we had a boarder collie who was nuts. we started making pup sickles. we would take his bowl, an ice mold. chicken stock. you could do ham drippings. turkey stock. fill it with snax and treats. make a mess in the process. he's freaking out already. it makes the most delicious treat that keeps them occupy ied for hours. >> when you leave, this thing. anxious. >> and mikey likes it.
8:31 am
>> it's helped you with the separation? >> we have an old lab. he loves it so much. >> pupsicles. >> we're going to move over here. we have chrissy taylor. taylor house blog has nearly 1 million readers every month. clearly, you're spewing some good info. >> we like to share recipes and diys. >> you have dogs yourself? >> i do. >> tell me about your hack and how you came up with it? bath. bath. >> i think all dogs hate baths. and groomed. i thought i would make a dry shampoo to use on her. and she smells so good with it. it's three ingredients. cornstarch. equal amounts. oils. you mick it together.
8:32 am
that is easy to sprinkle on the dog. >> like a parmesan cheese container. >> sprinkle it on. >> and give her a back massage? >> yeah. >> and that removes the smell as well well? >> yeah, she'll smell good. you can extend the bathing from weeks. >> thank you so much. we have to get to liz carter. youtube channel. tell me about your hacks. this looks like my house. >> we love our pets. chur. >> my vacuum works great on the the floor. the burn chur is hard. i was frustrated. my neighborhood said just use
8:33 am
rib it around, look that. it just balls it off. what's great is that it gets it right into the crevices. pulls it right out. isn't that awesome? works great on your clothes. >> and now those rubber gloves in my kitchen will go to good use. >> i strongly suggest buying two pair. one for dish washing and one for pets. >> and you can do it in clothes, on too? >> yes. it just comes right off. >> you can get more -- [ cheers and applause ] >> let's get over to ginger. where is ginger? rnlt i'm right here. we're talking macy's. it's our macy's annual believe campaign. it gives joy to children with life-threatening medical conditions. macy's will donate $1 for every stamped letter santa gets from
8:34 am
now, a special story. this up with from an explorer who wanted to get into the wirldness. it was a desire granted by make a wish. check it out. for 7-year-old william, every day is an adventure. there are the fun journeys. those he shares with his younger brother. and the not so fun. like those he's had in hospitals. 3 1/2 years ago, william was diagnosed with acute lymphocctic leukemia. >> it's an adventure. you live in the moment. >> reporter: helping him to get through, the cratt brothers. hosts of the show, "wild kratts." >> i was flipping blue channels in the hospital. i found that channel. i kept watching it. >> that was his company when he was sick. >> hey, william, you ready for
8:35 am
>> reporter: we were there the day that he was introduced to the wild kratts. day gave william and his brother a tour and an up close look. those that jumped. made william laugh. animals, say the kratt brothers, forge a special bond with children. >> it's a special thing to have a connection with an animal. you'll remember it forever. >> reporter: the day was all william hoped for and more. >> living free in the wild. >> reporter: putting an enormous smile on his face. his parents tell us it won't go away anytime soon. i love that. william, you've got us smiling. all of you can help grant a wish just like that one. drop a letter at your local macy's or submit one online. go to on yahoo! to find out more. should we say good morning to this part of the crowd.
8:36 am
how about a tumble weed. if you're bad this christmas, that's what i'm giving you. that's in the plains. boston, mild by the weekend. washington, kevin: very weak system glide through the north country with snow showers. not a lot of cool air behind it. we get milder over the weekend. lighter winds tomorrow. [ cheers and applause ] >> all that weather brought to you by smithfield. so many of us hitting the road for the holiday. we wanted to bring in yahoo!'s travel fwrks guru. >> the word you want to remember is halt. these four letters stand for the four things you want to avoid to keep you and your family happy
8:37 am
>>let start with "h." >> "h." hunger. it can cause tensions. you want to pack great travel snax. my family loves these products. the snapea crisps, they're high-protein and low-calorie. the smucker's uncrustables. and welch's fruit snax. >> my daughters love these. "a"? >> "a" is for angry. >> what can solve that? >> a couple of thingses. you want to book the first flight of the day. the first flight of the day is less likely to be delayed. less time in the airport for your child to run around. you want to make sure everybody doesn't board at once. send one adult on the the plane with the luggage. the other can stay out and let the children run around and burn off steam.
8:38 am
>> "l" is for lonely. keep your kids entertained. toys and books they have never seen before. we love -- >> you can only pull it out once you're on the road. >> exactly. that will keep them going for a lot longer. the view master is the modern version of the view master we knew as kids. it's gone virtual reality. also, the boogieboark is a version of the ipad. the rabbit who can't fall asleep is designed by a scientist that your child will fall asleep. and a great series i loved. a star wars comic book series. tired? >> you want to bring along products that will remind your
8:39 am
them to travels. a blamgt nket. a pillow. if your child sleeps in the car, be driving when they're sleeping. >> and finally? >> this is lug lug. it's a little gps-equipped device that you can put in your luggage so if your bag should go mying while you're traveling, you can track it on your ipad or your smartphone. go in here, see that the bag is right now -- >> not moving. >> it's at 44th and broadway in times square. great to have. >> great tips right there. thank you for coming in. coming up, more countdown to christmas. the top kid-tested toys this
8:40 am
santa claus is coming to crown as we countdown to christmas, the top toys for 2015 from "good housekeeping" magazine. we don't have time to play with all 25. we're joined with meaghan murphy. ten of their kid testers who evaluated the toys and five of their favorites. hi, meaghan. these are your kids and kid testers? >> every year, we go will you 500-plus toys to come out with
8:41 am
we evaluate safety, durability, fun. these toys are very skill-building. they is math, science, kree atiffty. >> it's fantastic. you love this t-rex. >> it's the imaginext t-rex. he's 1/2 feet all the. almost as big as my son, brooks. he shoots these boulders. lights up. a fun favorite for boys and girls alike. >> they've not stopped playing with it. it's expensive. but you'll get the bang for the bucks. >> i saw it on sale last night. >> you did? >> i did. next up, "despicable me" this minion mansion. minions are not going away. who doesn't love the minions? it comes with the characters. steve, kevin, the guys. wally was a big fan.
8:42 am
minion castle? >> the crown. >> the crown? it's fun. i wish you could see more. we can't pull wally away from it. he's been actively testing this toy for hours. he takes his job seriously. back to work. >> now meet star lily. this magical unicorn, a fur real friend. there are 10. she responds to touch and voice. the more you pet her, the more she does. she flaps her wings. her horn turns color. she gets tired. sad. gets happy. you can brush her hair. she eets this little berry. she responds. the more you may with her, the more she becomes part of the family. >> i love that. you like her? she's cute. they're not inexpense ive nexpensive. look online. mara schiavocampo had a piece earlier. talked about asking for
8:43 am
>> these are the "it" toys. >> what is this? >> that th is dash and dot. robot buddies. pretty much the cutest things since r- 2-d2. they work with the broccoli app. it's teaching kids programming. they don't realize it. it's a heck of a lot of fun. my jamesy boy is fascinated. >> vivian, you've been a tester right? >> yes. >> i like this. this is really cool. you get to program the robot. >> and you can buy them separately. we like the wonder pack. it comes with accessories. it has a camera attachment that makes them like a gopro camera. >> i have important news for the toy testers. ready?
8:44 am
you've been working hard. we now you're nice. not naughty. i wonder who is here to see you. santa? >> oh, my gosh. >> ho, ho, ho, ho, ho, ho. >> he has a present for each of you for all of your hard work. we thank you so much. and the "good housekeeping" lest ist is amazing. how many on the list? >> 25 total toys all with the "good housekeeping" thumbs up. >> you can see more of santa on abc news family's 25 days of christmas. the holiday classic, "santa claus is comin' to town." and coming up, a holiday years. something is wrong with our
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and on this friday, we want to thank, once again, carrie fisher and her dog, gary, for making us laugh when we needed it most. >> right there. >> have a great weekend. erin: we are kicking off our
8:53 am
toys for tots here at the toys "r" us in manchester. i'm joined by the store manager, jim galmet. you were here bright and early. we appreciate it. what are the hot toys of the season? >> the movies. "jurassic world" and "star wars" is driving the toys. robots are hot. that category is exciting. erin: we talk about s.t.e.m., and i know the physics kit and other science kits, those are also hot selling toys. >> for the parents that want to introduce that kind of thing to their children at a young age. it is hot now. science, math, learning, general it is hot. erin: not just for girls anymore. >> with all of the tv shows around cooking, exploded. it is not just that. there's all kinds of additional items for
8:54 am
chef-want-to-bees. erin: there's a teenager mutant ninja turtle oven, i hear. >> there is. erin: a lot of people donating. we're going to be here all weekend long. looking, kevin? kevin: looking good. clouds you have north and a couple of snow showers a possibility. it will be a blend of sunshine and clouds for the rest. more of an overcast sky the far west you go. we're looking at a big area of high pressure to weekend. that means the westerly gusty. still noticeable. it will lighten up for the day tomorrow and turn with a warmer wind for us on sunday. highs today anywhere from the upper 30's to mid 40's. from there we are going to continue on with what looks like a warming trend all the through monday. next chance of showers sometime late tuesday or
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