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tv   News 9 Tonight  ABC  December 10, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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shelley: now at 11:00, donald trump in the granite state tonight to pick up an endorsement. the new response he says he' s getting over his calls to stop any muslims from coming into the country. for 9 minutes an mbta train rolled down the tracks with no one at the controls. >> while the operator was not on board the train, the train left the station. shelley: the focus of the investigation underway tonight. mike: more of the same on friday, above normal temperatures. i' ll let you know how long the stretch could go on. shelley: manchester police are brightening the holiday season for the city' s seniors. the annual event that officers and citizens alike look forward to. and the largest student loan company in the u.s. under investigation over allegations it overcharged customers. the accusations made here and the response from the states.
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like we do. shelley: republican presidential candidate donald trump picked up an endorsement in portsmouth tonight. the vote of support came just -- from the police union just days after he made controversial comments about barring muslims from entering the country. good evening, i' m shelley walcott. the room was packed to see trump and protestors waited outside. wmur' s stephanie woods was there and joins us live from portsmouth. stephanie: here at the sheraton portsmouth, executives of a new england police union voted to support donald trump for president in 2016. he says he always has and always will support police officers and says he will sentence every cop killer to death. i' m going to go crazy, right? stephanie: the new england police benevolent association endorsed donald trump for president at a private rally thursday night.
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endorsement a great honor. trump says too many officers are killed in the line of duty. and if he becomes president he will sign an executive order. >> anybody killing a police officer, death penalty. it' s going to happen, ok? we can' t let this go. stephanie: this endorsement comes just 3 days after the billionaire businessman called for a total and complete shutdown of muslims entering the united states. trump claims that the press has now come around to the idea like he says pundits did after his controversial comments about mexican illegal immigrants. >> when i talked about what i said the other day, all of a sudden i' m watching the shows this morning and i' m watching the shows tonight, ' well you know trump has a point. the visa system is not working. stephanie: president jerry flynn says the police union did not consider trump' s rhetoric regarding muslims while they were voting. >> i' m not going to get into that. i got jewish people i' m not going to get into that. this isn' t a religious thing, this is a law enforcement thing. we all bleed blue. so i'
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that rhetoric. that' s ridiculous and at this point, we' re moving forward, we supported the candidate, and we' re on board. stephanie: fans of trump in portsmouth say they like trump because of his controversial comments not in spite of them. >> we just can' t afford anymore to be so politically correct. stephanie: we' ve let to see how is proposed ban -- the effect it will have on his numbers, the latest poll released on monday, 32% of likely voters in new hampshire' s primary said they will vote for donald trump in 2016. stephanie woods, wmur news 9. shelley: outside the event, hundreds of people showed up to protest donald trump. the group was peaceful and filled with people of all ages, holding signs with messages like love your neighbor. they were protesting trump' s suggestion that the united states ban muslims from entering the u.s., and his opposition to taking in refugees.
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pleased to see the big turnout. >> it' s hopeful. i needed this, and i know that so many people here probably needed it too. to know that at least the seacoast of new hampshire hasn' t lost their minds. shelley: a group of about 10 protestors went inside the hotel lobby, where they sat on the floor, held hands and sang. they left when asked by police. former florida governor jeb bush campaigned in milford tonight, with about two months to go until the primary. >> and i think as we get closer people in new hampshire who are the first in the nation state will take their responsibility seriously, so whether you like it or not, i' m coming back over and over and over and over again. shelley: bush said he believes voters are looking for the candidate who is going to keep the country and the world safer and freer. bush laid out his ideas for how to do that. tonight' s town hall wrapped up a three-day campaign trip for bush. ohio governor john kasich held a
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tonight after a day of campaigning. he discussed his plans to improve health care. earlier today, he spent time campaigning in manchester, attending a life of the party event and visiting with voters at the puritan back room. tomorrow, the republican presidential candidate has events in keene, peterborough, and bedford. republican carly fiorina made -- spent tonight giving a speech in concord. earlier in the day she had campaign stops in bedford and derry. tomorrow, she' ll wrap up this 3-day swing trough the state with events in manchester and nashua. she' ll also hold a town hall meeting with residents of the riverwoods retirement community in exeter. to more republicans arrive in new hampshire to campaign tomorrow. kentucky senator rand paul, and new jersey governor chris christie, who has a town hall meeting plan tomorrow in wolfeboro. full details of the event in the
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in other news tonight, the operator could be responsible for the runaway train outside boston today. the red line rolled away when the driver stepped out from behind the controls. tonight investigators are looking at the driver and we' re hearing the 911 calls. jean mackin joins us live with that. jean: imagine the shock of the passengers when they noticed the train was rolling past its stops and some turned to check on the train operator and realized no one was behind the controls. the 911 calls came in as quickly as red line train 1502 took off with no operator on board. >> i had a motor person who was operating on the train. he has a lower right leg laceration. jean: the mbta says the train operator, david vazquez, has more than 25 years experience with the t and he got permission to get off the train to switch it into bypass mode to allow the train
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the mbta is investigating if he properly applied the brakes inside the control room before exiting the train. the 6 car train rolled down the tracks, brushing the operator. it went from braintree to north quincy cruising through several stops. passengers on board say a few people panic. >> theres no conductor here. how come? how is that possible? so it was really bizarre. jean: passengers waiting for the train were puzzled. >> it went flying, all i know it was flying and i said to the lady next to me, is this train going to stop? this thing' s moving. jean: the mbta says it learned of the trouble within 60 seconds and cut power to bring the t and its relieved passengers to a stop. >> within a couple of minutes, the power on the third rail was shut off. at that point in time it coasted
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it came to a stop. >> something happened that should not have been able to happen that put our passengers in danger. jean: the train is now off the tracks during the investigation. and the mbta is reviewing its procedures. since 2011 its red line trains have had only one operator on board. live in the studio, jean mackin, wmur news9. shelley: state police say a woman from windham drove the wrong way on the everett turnpike for nearly 60 miles overnight. troupe say around 1:00 this morning the 24-year-old was driving north in the southbound lane starting your exit 13, going to the bedford toll' s all the way up to the hooksett tolls plaza. officers used spike strips to slow her car down. she has been charged with driving while intoxicated. >> many persons who are under s -- which direction they are driving it.
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point of reference for them to notice they are driving the wrong way. shelley: she was arrested. a senate committee has given its approval to the president' s nominee for the next u.s. attorney for new hampshire. senator jeanne shaheen and kelly ayotte say they will support emily rice. she would replace the acting u.s. attorney. there is one annual event in the city of manchester tailored especially for the city' s elderly. shelley: it is one of the granite state' s most popular events of the holiday season hosted by manchester' s police department. >> so we hope you have a great night, we love this tradition at the manchester police department so thank you for joining us. shelley: the senior lights tour treats older residents to a visual feast for the holidays. taking them around the city, for a tour of holiday lights. with their very own police escort.
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enjoy the time with the officers. shelley: after a treat from an adorable elf. this crowd was off to enjoy some of the best displays in town. merry christmas. >> >> we' ll take them to areas across the city, and some of the surrounding towns. some of the best displays that people have put out in the yards to celebrate christmas. shelley coto like this gorgeous display on sandstone court in bedford. an artistic display the chief explained that the city' s elderly might not otherwise see on their own. >> you know, let' s do something nice for our seniors. let' s bring them out, get them t otherwise see to celebrate and it' s something that has s something that' s very near something that we' continue for as long as i' m chief. shelley after the tour, the : police officers hosted a reception for all of their tour guests.
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loan company in the u.s. is currently under investigation by several government agencies over allegations it overcharged customers. we will investigate frustration over student loan lenders. the nation' s three largest airlines are issuing a ban on hoverboards. the problem that has officials asking you to leave that popular gadget at home.
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shelley: divers searched a small lake in san bernardino, california this afternoon. the fbi says their leads indicated that the shooters in last week' s attack had been in the area. authorities say syed farook and his wife tashfeen malik killed 14 people when they opened fire on an office holiday party. they died in a shootout with police. the chief of the fbi says the search of the lake could take days. hoverboards have been banned from the country' s three largest airlines, both in carry-on bags and checked luggage. the popular gift is typically powered by lithium-ion batteries, which the faa says pose a fire danger. united' s ban went into effect immediately. delta' s ban starts tomorrow, and american' s on saturday. jetblue also does not allow
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when students graduate college, they are often faced with years of at. adding to the stress for some, the country' s biggest student loan company has come under fire for how it is charging customers. mike cronin investigates what kind of complaints that company is getting in new hampshire. >> in the last two years, for complaints have been filed with the new hampshire attorney general' s consumer protection office by customers of navy and, the nation' s largest student loan company -- customers of navient. advocates, but we enforce the consumer protection act. >> one complaint said over the years, the company changed the terms of agreement, for example, the interest rate and fees increased. navient said in its response that the terms and conditions of the loan had not changed and that the interest rates on
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the senior assistant attorney general says no action was necessary with the four new hampshire complaints. >> in some cases, the business will just resolve the complaint directly with the consumer and we don' t get involved any further. mike: nationally, navient is facing government investigations from other state attorneys general and the consumer financial protection bureau on how it is charging customers. according by -- to a study by the institute for college access and success, in 2014, new hampshire ranked second in the country for highest average debt for graduate with more than $33,000 per student. it says 76% of the state' s graduates had debt. >> i usually say to students if the outcome is an education, there is an opportunity out there for everybody.
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education assistance foundation is an organization that provides free appointments to help people financially plan for college. >> the biggest problem is there is a disconnect between the students goal and expectations of their parents finances and the parents expectations of their finances or understanding of their situation. >> she says preparation is key. >> mi going to be able to pay that back on a teacher salary, a police officer salary, what am i going to get to afford? you can make smart decisions and not wind up in a debt that binds you for life. >> she advises students to apply to a variety of schools of they will have multiple options for financial aid packages. it does not hurt to contact his office if you have concerns about overcharging or other issues. >> you' ll be surprised how many of those complaints get resolved just by a sending a letter and the business responding and resolving it with consumers, so it'
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>> they get about 3500 written complaints a year and 7000-8000 calls on their consumer hotline. information can be found by visiting this story on shelley: in a statement to news 9, a navient spokesperson said they are committed to helping its customers succeed. mike: quite a bit of fog and parts of the state this morning and afternoon. tough to find the big lake, there is if you look closely enough. it did then our little bit during the late afternoon. fog and low clouds filling back in, visibility under a half mile so it will be slow going out
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the merrimack valley and a good part of the monadnock region and over toward the coast right now. even in berlin, whitefield is the exception to that visibility issue. a good part of the state dealing with dense fog. temperatures well above freezing. official high temperature in concord today 53 degrees, 15 above the average of 88 but nowhere close to the record high of 63 setback in 1907. right now and the great north woods, right around the low 30' s. some dense fog beginning to develop in and around berlin. we could see a little bit of glazing on some area roadways. jaffrey was down to 33 about a half hour ago now up one degree. not anticipating any major issues in the upper valley there could be one or two spots that experience a little bit of
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no icing issue for the overnight stretch. but early morning, upper 30' s, elsewhere up to 40 degrees. that mild air that moves back in today is not going anywhere. the deep blue and purple indicating the very cold air well off to the north and west. another bubble of warm air moves into the ohio league -- ohio valley and then stretches in here for the weekend into the early part of next week. even though temperatures cooled down a little bit, but early next week it will only be a few degrees above average and not a big cool down at least for the next nine or 10 days. quite a few clouds approaching from the west but not a lot of rain with it. most of that lifting toward the north and west so it should state rain free through good part of the next few days.
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tomorrow morning because of the visibility that is cut way down. by late morning and afternoon southwesterly winds drive in partial sun. once we jump into saturday. brighter skies statewide in a few extra clouds creeping in from the west for saturday night brighten up the skies later sunday afternoon. allow some extra time through the morning commute. partial sun for the afternoon, lower to mid 50' s, mid 50' s in a few spots and fog giving way to partial sun and similar temperatures on sunday. next week still above average. the next rain chance monday afternoon. shelley: i' m going to drag the grill out of the garage this weekend. simple stuff for the kids.
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jason: a welcome sight in foxboro today, rob gronkowski was back on the practice field for the first time since injuring his knee in denver. gronk has a bone bruise and a knee strain. it' s only been 11 days and there' s still no timetable for his return to game action, but things are looking good. he wore a knee brace for today' s workout, which was light, with only helmets and shoulder pads. he usually speaks to the media
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not made available today. >> ideally you always like to get the ball out on time in the passing game. whether it' s the things we run schematically that has forced us to hold the ball a little bit longer. i wish we would just be able to stay in rhythm. judging by the results i need to get the ball out quicker, so i just got to find an open guy and try to get it to the guys who can do something with it. jason: jj watt wrote his hand in practice on wednesday. he is expected to play on sunday against the patriots and the team says the injury won' t affect his performance. he did not say specifically how the injury occurred except to say it was while playing
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arizona cardinals taking on the minnesota vikings. the battle of two first-place teams. palmer finds john brown and he does the rest. a 65 yard touchdown, arizona would win with the late field goal and they moved to 11-2 on the season. a night off for both the bruins and celtics. bruins will host the florida panthers on saturday afternoon. the celtics host the golden state warriors tomorrow night. the warriors practice that emerson college today. it' s the best start in in ba history. >> the level of play, it' s like a playoff atmosphere every night. we are handling it well. good preparation is be go through the season just to know what that' s going to be like and what to expect. we have to be at our best to get wins and we are keeping that
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special this year. jason college hockey tonight, : saint anselm college hosting new england college. pilgrims in the red, first period, bryce neilsen stuffs home the rebound, 1-0 nec. still in the first, andreas zollner shoots a wrister from the far circle and scores. the pilgrims knockoff the hawks, 3-2 the final. nicholas merriman, a two-time member of the u.s. national team and took on the gold medal in the palm of horse in indianapolis. he was highly recruited and chose a full scholarship to compete for iowa. he will major in biology on a premed track. >> i chose to compete for the university of iowa because of the great combination between a new facility, a great coach, and
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jason: good luck to him in iowa. shelley: good luck to him and i hope we see gronk on sunday. still to come, matt damon is connected to m.i.t. since it was the setting of his oscar-winning movie good will hunting. the reason he' s being invited to
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only at dunkin' restaurants. america runs on dunkin'. shelley: don' t forget to join us tomorrow for the spirit of giving food drive. friday through sunday, we' ll be collecting non-perishable food donations at all hannaford, shaw' s, and wal-mart locations. you can bring your own items, or buy pre-packaged donations at the stores. all the food collected will go to the new hampshire food bank. mit was the backdrop for good will hunting the movie that made matt damon and ben affleck famous. now, damon has been selected to give the university' s commencement address. damon said it' s an honor. the president of the m.i.t. class of 2016 called damon an inspiration to students, teaching them that the world needs more well-rounded leaders.
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thanks for joining us tonight at 11:00. jimmy kimmel live is next, followed by nightline.
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