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tv   Closeup  ABC  December 13, 2015 10:00am-10:30am EST

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[captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] josh: this sunday on "close up," riding high off recent endorsements, governor christie makes his case as to why his the right choice to fight isis and run the country. rand paul joins us. how well his position that some see as isolationist play with primary voters? fighting heroin by supporting treatment and recovery. 3 new hampshire women share thank you for joining us. he only said new hampshire was
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certainly the endorsement point hand-checked' s largest -- by new hampshire' s largest newspaper does not hurt. congratulations. gov. christie: i appreciate it. josh: this has shifted to a foreign-policy debate, the election itself. isis is at the forefront. a lot of different opinions and rhetoric. we heard what donald trump has to say. gov. christie: the first thing is you have got to protect the homeland. that means increasing surveillance here. increasing law enforcement' s folks beforehand. federal prosecutor for seven september 11. we brought some of the biggest terrorist cases the country has first line of defense. we need to fight where they are and bring our allies together. great britain has authorized military action.
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with our jordanian allies, saudi arabia and the emir atis. the homeland. only someone who has done this the right way. josh: identifying somebody, is there an argument to be made to hit a pause button when it comes to immigration in this country? and vetting the people, regardless of where they are from? gov. christie: quite some time ago i said we should not bring syrian refugees here. it is not because they are muslims. once you combine the fbi saying they cannot vet these people, that should end the conversation. here' s the difference between having experience and not having experience.
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on religion. we can use the intelligence intelligence we need and work with people to get it and happens. i did it as u.s. attorney in new jersey and i will do it as president. josh: our next guest is going to say giving up civil liberties and exchange for perceived security, when it comes to surveillance that is a question bernardino. enough? josh: if the patriot act is allowed to be put in full, it can give us the tools. in the bush administration when i was a prosecutor we were able to prevent any attacks. what senator paul and others do not understand is that the nsa metadata program was not looking at anybody' s e-mails or listening to anybody' s phone calls, it was matching up numbers.
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terrorist, you had to go to court to get a search warrant and the court protected people. scare people. what they should be scared of this isis. and that is what we are going to try to protect against. josh: most people believe it is order to combat isis. who do you consider the first ally you would reach out to? ally. is it russia? gov. christie: it is our nato allies. brits, the french are really to go. french feeling very strongly about this given the attack in paris. the british are knowing they could be next on the list. we need to go to our nato allies and include all the new allies, germany, turkey. all the folks that need to be involved militarily, financially or both. then our arab allies, they feel
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the saudis, jordanians, emiratis, the egyptians. josh: here in new hampshire, we are struggling with a heroin epidemic. you had a similar situation in new jersey and some people are calling for the federal government to call for a state of emergency. what do you think? gov. christie: it is a crisis. i made my staff available to the republican members of leadership of the legislature to tell them ve done in new jersey and we consulted with them. we' ve done things that are very pro-treatment. first-time nonviolent non-dealing offenders no longer go to prison in new jersey, they go to treatment, mandatory treatment. we know this is a disease and we have the ability to treat it. if we do treat it, we can save lives. i am pro-life and i believe every life is precious, we' ve got to be more than pro-life for more than nine months in the
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it gets more complicated and that is what we need to focus on. they are starting to focus on that in new hampshire and it is great news. a lot of activists are pushing for this. legislature extend like it is responding.. in new jersey it we are ready to help. josh: what is your response to cutting off the supply? some of the other side are saying we should go after the cartels and do cross-border enforcement. gov. christie: we should this is why i' ve said on the border we should be putting fbi, dea, and atf agents on the border. we should be doing that. we should not kid ourselves, if we do not lower demand, it will find a way to get in. it does not mean we stop on the drug enforcement side. as a former federal prosecutor come that should always have a
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sociopaths who deal poison and profit from it. josh: as you pointed out, you did get the "union leader" endorsement. it came with a statement more or less saying that we are satisfied with chris christie' s position when it comes to the second amendment. for those not clear on where you stand when it comes to this, gun violence is a big issue in this campaign. where do you stand? gov. christie: i am a supporter of the second amendment paired as a prosecutor i know that the problems created by gun violence are created by criminals and not lot abiding -- law-abiding citizens.they have a right to own guns and they are not the ones committing violent acts. what we did when i was a prosecutor' s put more people in jail on gun crimes than any administration before. we knew if you had violent criminals off the street, they
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checks or to a gunshop. through the black market. they get rid of the serial number and dump them and get a new one. what is killing us in the fight is liberal law enforcement policies in places like new york rate is in the double digits because they have liberal mayors who are tying one hand behind the police officer' s back. i will appoint an attorney general who lets police officers do their job. that cops -- bad cops deserve to be prosecuted but not tying one hand behind the back. josh: either mechanisms in place to enhance background checks? gov. christie: there are plenty of loss, we need to enforce the ones we have. new gun laws are like on candy, for the first five minutes it tastes good but 10 minutes later you do not know you had anything. they do not do anything to enhance enforcement. we have to give police officers
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off the street, support them and enforce those laws. josh: donald trump continues to be in the news and you are one of the candidates, you have a personal relationship with him. he has inflamed the ire of a lot of people who say he' s threatening not only the safety of this country but also derailing and breaking up the republican party. gov. christie: like i said, i disagree with the statements. i think this is the difference between having someone who has experience. someone experienced knows that you don' t need to ban someone because of religion. constitutionally anyway. what is going to keep us safe is using intelligence and law they act. a ban shows someone who does not about. josh: would you support him if he won the nomination?
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support the republican nominee. josh: 30 seconds left. you put a lot of time and effort in new hampshire. moving forward for the last couple of months, how important is it that -- perhaps you even over perform? gov. christie: i don' t know what over perform means. over the summer you were telling me you are at 1% or 2%, how do you get it done? i' ve spent more days in new hampshire than any other candidate. today' s my 51st day in new hampshire. my wife has spent more time than any other candidate other than me. we want to do well in new hampshire. josh: best of luck moving forward. we will be right back with rand paul. paris: there's a lot to do on a dairy farm. nobody's gonna do it for you. you have to get out there and do it yourself. bernie sanders is a well-known friend of family farms. bernie cannot be bought out
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cannot be purchased. it's time for our next president to get in there, roll up his sleeves, take off the gloves, and take on wall street, take on big business, take on big money, and get the working class back to where they should be. he's a rock.
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josh: welcome back to "close up ." coming into the election cycle, rand paul was considered a contender to win the new hampshire primary. a plot of things happened that were not expected. he' s struggling in the polls. two months from election day, anything can happen. sen. paul: thanks for having me. josh: every interview seems to start with a donald trump question. unfortunately that is what people are talking about, the ban on muslims. sen. paul: i don' t think there ought to be a religious test for
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the opposite is a mistake, to the hurry click in and say it has nothing to do with radical the worlds -- the opposite is a mistake, to beat hillary clinton and say it has nothing to do with radical islam and she will not mention the words. i propose limitations on immigration. i would stop it from 34 countries based not on religion factors based on terrorist movements in their countries. we ought to fix it. country illegally so we are immigration system. legally and used rvs assistant. they -- used our visa system. one came from france and used a visa waiver. we need a better understanding
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my bill would have pressed pause on immigration from 34 countries and said to those coming from europe you have to have a background check. josh: what kind of benchmarks? how long do you think it would go? sen. paul: when we are certain who is coming and who is going. if you come here from algeria and we say you have a 60-day visitor pass or 90 day visitor visak , we should know when you leave. we know when you came but nobody knows when you left. nobody ever says john came from algeria, six months later no one is looking for him. we need to make sure they leave on time. if you are coming as a student, we need to make sure you are to school and you have not lied to us. if you fill out a visa form like the woman who was part of the san bernardino shooting and lied on her form, someone ought to be
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they have not lied. we are far away from that. we need to stop the whole system and have a more credible system. people say we want to defend. we spent hundreds of billions of dollars defending against terrorism but we are not defending our border. josh: it is significant when you talk about pausing immigration until this can be figured out. people are asking following the attack in san bernardino what sort of approach the u.s. should to the regions where the terrorists are organizing and you have been criticized for being more of an isolationist. from what we' ve seen so far and what has unfolded, is your position changing? sen. paul: if you want to defeat isis, the first thing we should do is not armed than and supply them with cash. they have $1 billion worth of u.s. humvees they ride around in.they have u.s. cash they confiscated that we left behind.
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one of the mistakes that has happened in the last several years is we have thought it was our job to have a regime change. this is something hillary clinton, marco rubio and jeb bush support. they topple qadhafi in libya. we are more at risk because there' s a failed state there. isis, a third of libya pledges allegiance to isis. now they want to topple assad. what is going to come from that? my prediction is isis will control the whole region. we have to get away from for policy that is interventionist. does not mean no interventions, i am calling for less intervention. right now but we have is most of the candidates want to be involved everywhere all the time . perpetual war has not been answered. sen. paul: do you believe isis needs to be destroyed? josh: su -- sen. paul: sure.
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s an ideology, if you just another generation springs up. the ultimate victory is going to come when sunni islam steps forward with boots on the ground, the army has to be a sunni muslim army. they are never going to accept americans policing or garrisoned they will only accept it when religion. we are a peaceful religion. in order to do that , itw will not happen if american win. what will the islamists say? the crusades are back, here are infidels. we killed most of the al qaeda leadership and now we have isis. what is the name of the next group? there cannot be a permanent victory until sunni islam is part of the victory and boots on
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josh: a lot of questions people were asking following san bernardino was how the couple was able to go undetected. privacy has been a cornerstone of the americans. people will say how do you reconcile these privacy issues our society? more records from terrorists and americans. most people around here were aware of the boston bombers. we had some evidence before hand . the russians tipped us off. the boy had flown to chechnya. if we had been doing investigation, we would have seen activity in a public sphere that gave us suspicion. call me, let' s say i' m the judge and i am an advocate for privacy but call me and give me that information, i am not just yes, i am -- yes. look at whoever they have called. if you, and say will you give me permission to look at everybody' s records in boston or every american'
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no. then we are giving up the very thing we are for. you can be better at investigating terrorism if you are more focused on terrorists and less of the general dragnet collection. josh: this has become largely a foreign-policy campaign. you have been talking about debt, the debt ceiling. where is this heading? right before we started taping this, your concern was there was no strategy in terms of dollar figures. sen. paul: the biggest problem is we borrow $1 million every minute. we have a $19 trillion debt, bigger than our entire economy. some economists say it is costing one million jobs a year. we have to get a handle on our debt. both parties are at fault. you have republicans, marco rubio, lindsey graham, mccain, who want unlimited military spending all around the world.
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want welfare spending. those who want war and welfare come together, there is an unholy alliance and they bust the budget. that is what happened with the debt ceiling, we raised it an unspecified amount, we said you can have as much money as you can spend the last year. that is irresponsible but it is the fault of both parties. josh: polls are what they are two months from the primary. clearly you are struggling. what do you need to do? is there anything you wish you had done differently or is this donald trump sucking up the oxygen? sen. paul: i propose we make polls illegal. that would help. we' ve spent too much and this is on polls and we give too much respect for the dismal science that does not have a good
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said the democrat would win by 5 and the republican one bite 8. -- won by 8. we emphasize the posts so much that you demoralized some of the people who are not doing as well by saying they are not doing that well. a lot of our voters are younger voters. a lot of our voters are college-age. we have 400 college campuses organized around the country and we had emphasized the youth vote. i have yet to meet a college student who has done a poll. sen. paul: when you come to new hampshire you pull a lot of people. best of luck. josh: we will be right back. will have to protect your family. will he be impulsive and reckless, like donald trump? will he have voted to dramatically weaken counter-terrorism surveillance, like ted cruz? will he have skipped crucial national security hearings and votes just to campaign,
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27 generals and admirals support jeb bush. because jeb has the experience and knowledge to protect your family. right to rise usa is responsible for the content
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josh: welcome back to "close up ." the heroin epidemic is touching a lot of lives. many people are trying to combat the problem and our next guests are among them. renee, chris and stephanie shaheen. thank you. stephanie, what are you looking for? stephanie: thank you. we have come together today and over the course of the last few weeks to request that the u.s. department of health and human services declare a public health emergency to address the heroin epidemic. we did this with the ebola outbreak as a result of a coordinated effort we only lost 1 life. in new hampshire we are losing a
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one person a day is dying. we' v administerede d narcan, the antidote,. 3000 times. we think the public health emergency is the way to respond. josh: without narcan, who knows hominy lives would have been lost -- how many lives would have been lost. is this bipartisan? enee: i do not want to go bipartisan, it is saving lives. 3000 lives in new hampshire. all we had in the state is 258 beds to take care of people. we have 100,000 people that have addiction problems. it is not just the heroin. there are many other addiction problems that are leading us to go for this public funding. josh: >> fentanyl is a leading
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opioids and painkillers. chris, you are operating the grassroots efforts. chris: i am with hope for new hampshire recovery trying to open a 20 47 crisis structure to handle the people coming in. a girl on our doorstep last friday night being trafficked by the drug cartel addicted and homeless and feeding help. -- needing help. she is in treatment. a young by oy overdosed last saturday morning and was brought back. one of our peer recovery coaches was able to intercept him and he was on a plane to the nearest bed in las vegas. the peer recovery approach is great but we have no funds. i am doing this all from my
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i lost my stepdaughter to eight heroin overdose, she was found on the streets of new hampshire. i do grief with action. josh: this has touched some lives in new hampshire. statistics seemed insensitive to bring up. half the people in new hampshire know someone who has abused this drug. what kind of response are you getting from the federal government and perhaps the state level? stefany: we are encouraged by the congressional delegation. both senators have sent our request to the secretary of health of human services requesting a public health emergency. we need a coordinated response, the fda, cdc, hhs to grassroots level at the community level to figure out how to respond when narcan is being administered. when the emt has to administer
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kriss not only do we need: care, there is no more asking why, it is about the here and now.the other thing we need is protection and that is why we want a state of emergency. to care for people. homeland security needs to get involved. drug dealers are part of the problem and this is a form of domestic terrorism. renee: you are saying half of the people, everybody -- you do not realize your neighbor might be one that is suffering from this. there are a lot of people that do not want to admit it. you have to open your eyes and say we need help in new hampshire. stefany: you could be a broken bone away from an opiate addiction. someone in their 60' s who has to get a hip replacement and becomes addicted to pain medicine. this is going across
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this is going across age. it is not just teenagers, it is 60 and 70-year-olds. josh: the medical community feels in the crosshairs. renee: the medical people need to go ahead and look at themselves and say what are we doing to help? they are writing too many prescriptions. josh: there' s a lot of discussion but i appreciate your efforts. thank you for joining us. keep us posted. >> we have only just begun. josh: that will wrap up this edition of "close up new hampshire." we will be back next week. be safe, go patriots. have a
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