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tv   News 9 at Six  ABC  December 13, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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stephanie: right now on news 9 at 6:00, police have a suspect in connection with an arson. officers say someone intentionally set a deck on fire. adam: new information in a high speed car chase on route 101. who was behind the wheel when the car flipped several times. shutting down the highway for hours. hayley: a rainy start to the work week and some of us could even see freezing rain. the timing of this wet weather coming up. stephanie: and rob gronkowski back in the game tonight after injuries kept him from playing. the tight end returns to the field when the patriots take on the texans. >> no one covers new hampshire like we do.
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adam: we have breaking news at 6:00. police have taken a suspect into custody wanted in connection to arson. police say a man took off after lighting a fire at a salem home. stephanie: mike cronin joins us with new details on how the search ended. mike: investigators have left north main street. earlier, police were at the home behind me looking for the suspect. salem police were searching for a man wanted in connection with setting a house deck on fire. he was described as a white man weighing 200 pounds. the search area moved from the home on north main street to route 111. the state police helicopter was called in to assist. just before 5:00, salem police say the suspect was taken into custody. police say more information will be available later tonight. we hope to have that information
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live in salem, mike cronin, wmur news 9. stephanie: thank you. police in gilford are looking for a man who stole a car. witnesses reported a vehicle backing into the a.t.m. on country club road. you can see the car and suspect in the surveillance photos. officers say the car was stolen from outside saint joseph church this morning. if you have information, please call police. adam: police are searching for a missing teenager. he was last seen in downtown nashua friday. he is described as hispanic, 5' 7", 150 pounds with black hair and brown eyes. safety. please call the nashua police department. state police have identified a man killed in a car crash saturday afternoon. eric williams of hampton with speeding away from police before
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kristen carosa spoke to state police and joins us now with details. kristen: eric williams was driving a 2007 ford crown victoria, a car he made several driving violations in. and when police attempted to pull him over he only drove , faster. this was the scene in exeter saturday following a deadly rollover crash on route 101 it happened after a high speed chase involving a 2007 crown victoria and a state police cruiser. >> around 3:00 yesterday a , trooper working route 101 in the town of exeter attempted to stop an older model crown victoria for several violations. christian jason: kristen: but instead of slowing down 33-year-old eric , williams of hampton went faster going over 100 miles an hour.
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kristen: guardrails were smashed on the eastbound and westbound sides of the highway. debris was scattered. williams was not wearing his seatbelt. >> the driver was ejected from the vehicle and was pronounced deceased at the scene. kristen: police shut down both sides of route 101 between exits 11 and 12 for several hours. thankfully, no one else was involved in the crash. news 9 will be following this story closely. stay with wmur as we learn more about the investigation into this crash. live in the studio, kristen carosa, wmur news 9. stephanie: thank you. one person was killed when a car hit a pedestrian in manchester last night. police say a 19-year-old female was driving from manchester west on bridge street near malvern street when she stuck the victim. authorities have not released the victim'
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adam: a driver is facing charges after police say he drove the wrong direction on i-93 in windham this morning. state police stopped the car just north of exit two. troopers arrested 22-year-old and two passengers in the car. marzara is charged with reckless intoxicated, disobeying an officer and using mobile electronic devices while driving. stephanie: rochester police say a massachusetts man exposed himself at a wal-mart this a call came in about an indecent exposure just before 11:30 this morning at the wal-mart on farmington road. officers then arrested 42-year-old gary jenke of sterling, massachusetts for , indecent exposure and lewdness. rochester police are also investigating two previous incidents of indecent exposure that occurred at wal-mart on december 1 and adam: another two. unseasonably warm day for december. in portsmouth, it is currently 44 degrees. hayley lapoint tells us when rain is moving in.
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to slide down. warm all weekend. tomorrow will be no different. look at what is happening now. we have clouds on the increase, where you got to see sunshine earlier today. showers headed for northern areas of the state. with cold temperatures of freezing rain. a freezing rain advisory has been posted for normal coos county until noon monday. there is the threat through the next couple of hours in the northern part of the state, temperatures already much colder compared to the 40' s in the southern part of the state. i will talk more about the rain ahead. stephanie: i know you are happy about this. rob gronkowski will be on the field tonight. initial reports are that gronk will see limited action but he will play against the texans in houston. jason king joins us now with what we can expect tonight.
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will probably see limited action. he practiced for the first time thursday after missing 11 days with a bad need injury against the giants a few weeks ago. he practiced on thursday. the good news is scott chandler is also expected to play. that will take some pressure off gronk. limited action. we will see how the game goes. danny amendola questionable but the patriots offense is getting healthy. hopefully they get julian playoffs. one bad note on defense, the linebacker will not play. he did not make the trip. he also has a knee injury. in houston. jason king, wmur news 9 sports. adam: top supporters of ben carson telling news 9 they are not worried about the fact their
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month without campaigning in the granite state. the last time dr. carson was here was almost a week before thanksgiving, when he filed for the first in the nation primary. we learned today that carson won' t be back until december 20 meaning he will have gone 30 , straight days without a personal appearance in new hampshire. the latest wmur-unh poll also showing his support flagging. his local team says they' re not worried. >> i don' t think that' s a big concern. every time someone goes to hear him, they come out loving him. adam: when dr. carson does come back next weekend the new , hampshire campaign tells us it' s going to be in a big way with a large, family-friendly christmas event in concord. stephanie: still to come on wmur news 9 at 6:00, the community is raising money for a portsmouth restaurant after a fire damaged the building. how much money people have raised for the staff of portsmouth gas light restaurant. adam: and there' s still time to donate to the spirit of giving food drive. what items are most needed and how to donate, next. hayley: heavy rain and
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adam: the community is raising money for a historic restaurant in downtown portsmouth after a four-alarm fire damaged the building last week. people have raised more than $5000 for the staff of portsmouth gas light restaurant. fire officials say the accidental fire started with a grill on the first floor no word on when it might reopen. you still have time to donate to the 2015 spirit of giving food drive at shaws, hannaford and walmart stores. stephanie: you can buy five dollars, $10, or bags and boxes $15 of food for families in need or drop off your own food donations. canned proteins like fish, beans and peanut butter as well as full meals like rice, noodles and soup are most needed. you can also give a monetary the bless you can also give cash. >> whatever you would like and any donations, any boxes they
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donation. stephanie: an anonymous donor is pledging to match $100,000 in donations for the new hampshire food bank. bank' s website. it is done so well this year. we are right below the $100,000 mark. that will help. hayley: the weather taking a turn. it will be wet or into the workweek and colder. it will feel morally december.
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>> now, meteorologist hayley lapoint and your forecast. hayley: a very festive look at claremont with christmas lights across the center of town. clouds overhead. today was rather gloomy. claremont might have seen sunshine. in portsmouth, we were stuck with a lot of clouds. even the tugboat getting in on the christmas light action, very cool. look at the temperatures today. well above average. this has been a long stretch where we have had high temperatures above the average
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we were well above that in today in places like concord, manchester, nashua got to 51. fort smith 49 earlier today -- portsmouth 49 earlier today. mid 40' s in the anne arundel ask -- in the monadnocks. 45 in laconia. this was a long stretch of weather where we have had temperatures above average. we will continue that tomorrow. we only had one day, december 1, where we had temperatures below the average high. the rest of the month, we have been well above average with instances in the 50' s. patriots fans. tonight. the temperature there, 51 degrees right now. only a couple of degrees shy of where we are in manchester now.
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that is -- houston is behind the cold front, so temperatures cooler than what they would usually be seeing this time of year. in the meantime, we have clouds filling in. eventually, heavy rain will be moving toward us. you have a line of rain showers moving across northern vermont. even snow showers in northern vermont. these are going to scoot across northern new hampshire in the next few hours. with rain showers, there is the threat for freezing rain. the national weather service has issued a freezing rain advisory northern coos county and parts of maine until noon monday. it may be slick early tomorrow morning in far northern new hampshire. by 10:00 tonight, there might be sprinkles even for berlin. north is where the is the threat
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across the rest of the state at gloomy. there might be drizzle. when we get to the evening rain moves in. there will be downpours monday system rolls through. it is needed rainfall. some of us could use it. 30' s north. 40' southern part of the state overnight. tomorrow, we will start with temperatures in most locations in the 30' s. we will climb into the 40' s through the day. the school day forecast, mostly cloudy with rain becoming more widespread throughout the day. probably drizzle early on. after tuesday, we start to see temperatures come down. next weekend, highs in the 30' s.
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hayley: still too early to tell. we will have to keep a watch on that. it is possible. there are a couple of systems. jason: everybody is thinking about one word, gronk. the patriots play in primetime tonight against the texans in texas. the pats could get a boost from the return of rob gronkowski, who is expected to play tonight. new england will be without linebacker dont' a hightower. he did not make the trip to texas. the scenarios for the patriots were the same as last week, they could clinch the division with a win and a jets loss. there are also scenarios where they could simply clinch a playoff spot. keep your eyes out for londonderry' s ryan griffin, he' s a tight end for the texans. having a great year since he returned from injury. gametime tonight is 8:30. as for the jets, they had the titans at home. brandon marshall is left second quarter, uncovered on the far sideline, ryan fitzpatrick sees it, the result is a 69-yard touchdown. 27-0 jets.
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they improved to 8-5 so that means the pats will not clinch the division title tonight. the bills were in philly with chip kelly and the eagles. second quarter, tied 7-7. sam bradford passes to nelson agholor for the 53-yard touchdown. the eagles go on to win 23-20. they are now 6-7 and tied with washington for the nfc east division lead. steelers and bengals. andy dalton is picked off. injured his thumb. return. he came back to the sideline with a cast. it is a broken thumb. his replacement picked off, touchdown. the steelers win 23-20. that is huge for the patriots because it opens the door for the top spot in the afc.
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the bruins and celtics are both off today, the celtics will host cleveland on tuesday night, the bruins are home with edmonton on monday. the monarchs and thunder at the afternoon. no score in the seventh. good goaltending at both ends. a great chance at the other end, but turned away by drew fielding. the thunder get behind the defense. he had 32 saves. still scoreless. he gets off a great shot. but fielding up to the task. he made 30 saves. the board. that made it 1-0. adirondack wins 2-0 final. >> generally, we were tired.
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play. we just did not bury our chances. >> 3-3, a sunday coming off a long road trip. i tried to get into the game early. i knew it would be hs match -- chess match. the boys played well in front of me. the came down to one shot. jason: still to come tonight the , winter meetings wrapped up in nashville this week and sox manager john farrell is ready to tt2w`tsi`r$# bt@q];\ tt2w`tsi`r$# "a@qm78 tt2w`tsi`r$# bm@qf
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the first with a plan to destroy isis? john kasich. new day for america is responsible for the content of this advertising. s winter meetings wrapped up in nashville earlier this week. red sox manager john farrell was there, which was great to see. he missed a few months of the 2015 season while undergoing treatment for cancer, but he says he feels great and is excited about the 2016 sox. >> remission was achieved on october 21. i am gaining strength. i speak to my doctors
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with some of the moves you mentioned, a lot of excitement in the winter meetings. certainly looking forward to the start of spring training. we feel good about the roster. the core of the team returns. but more importantly, it is the young players that took such a step forward last year. this is a group that is such a good blend of original red sox layers and free agents. jason: spring training will be here before you know it. stephanie: it is good to see him doing well. adam: we want to remind you to donate to our spirit of giving food drive. you can donate items. stephanie: you can also donate online at the food bank or go to for more information on how you can get involved.
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