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tv   News 9 at Six  ABC  December 14, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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he plead guilty to several family in court. >> kevin donnells family packed the courtroom, several of them speaking. they say dixon has taken away a huge part of their close knit family and while they were satisfied with the 7 years he' ll spend behind bars, they say they hope it feels like a life sentence. >> michael dixon turned his car in front of them. thrown off the bike. dixon, who had been drinking since noon, never stopped. he ditched his car and hit in a tree until police found him. the victim went into cardiac arrest and died.
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>> i will never know what it was down the aisle. members. i hope these faces onto at night. >> he says he thinks and praise for their family office, and says he is not a coward they think he is. >> i try to remind myself that it did not have a right to miss my kids. because he cannot miss his. i am truly sorry. i ask for forgiveness not for myself. >> his son wished him good luck, but made it clear his wounds are
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>> you can bag and you can please, i promise you one thing, you will never be forgiven. >> prosecutors say his blood alcohol level was p .94, hours accidents fter the accident. he does not believe him to be a bad man, but deserving of this sentence. jennifer: the everett turnpike was shutdown overnight in nashua because a five car accident. state police say one of the drivers involved was amanda lutz of lawrence, massachusetts. she was arrested for driving while intoxicated and will face a judge in january. the crash involved several cars and a tractor trailer. and tonight, the message from state police is a pretty simple one. if you are going to drink this holiday season, don' t get behind the wheel.
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several people just over the past that cost a few days. they were under the influence when they drove the wrong way on new hampshire highways. state police plan to have more troopers out on the road to protect drivers. >> they are taking other drivers lies into their hands. it were not for other drivers quickly calling the authorities, it would have ended in tragedy. >> in one incident, the driver drove for 16 miles before she was stopped with spike strips. tom: new details about the possible motive behind the granite street shooting. wmur' s mike cronin joins us live in the newsroom with the
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charge of conspiracy to commit murder. along with the alleged gunman, and others plans to kill him because they believed he was informing police about their drug activity. prosecutors say the murder was turned retaliation for this. michael young is already charged and being held without bail. bail cash, saying he is a dangerous person. >> this is an ongoing investigation. i cannot comment on whether there will be additional arrest. we are continuing to investigate. mike: stillwell bail was set at $6,000. jennifer: another december day of mild temperatures. this one continues to be a foggy one out there. live pictures of portsmouth. but we are tracking two systems this week. the first one will move through tonight and bring rumbles of thunder, believe it or not. let' s check in with chief meteorologist mike haddad for
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mike: parts of new england, and the southern new england. mild temperatures still holding on. 10 degrees above the average for this time of year. they are going to continue to rise right through the late evening and the overnight stretch. as that happens we are also tracking some rain that will continue to move in from the south and west. and little bit of drizzle, finest, dense fog. watch out for low visibility on the next several hours when will that rain kick in and when will this happen, strong wind out of the west northwest. s coming up in a few minutes tom: and in tonight' commitment 2016 coverage the leader in the democratic >> poll is campaigning in the granite
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jennifer: today bernie sanders laid out his plan to dismantle isis. he is holding a rally right now in hollis >> it appears there are shooting a commercial inside. his message earlier today is that the power is in their hands to change the outcome of our country. he is convinced that the voter turnout is large he will win. but he says voter turnout is slim, go to bed early because the nomination will go to [applause] >> a low key, warm entrance for the senator from vermont at nashua community college monday. it' s finals week on campus. about 60 students attended. >> the reason is that i believe in my heart of heart that given the serious crisis facing our country today, the same old , same old establishment politics and establishment
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do it. >> no direct swipes at hillary clinton at the college event but sanders vowed to dismantle citizen' s united if he wins. >> what we are fighting for is for is american democracy. the right of people to make decisions rather than big money interests. >> sanders says wins are within reach in iowa and in new hampshire and that could set the course for a major upset. after tackling education reform and climate change, he revealed his plan to defeat isis. >> at the end of the day the way he will be defeated and destroyed as when that coalition works together and when we have ground troops from the muslim nations. >> the college audience seemed energized and interested in sanders who he says and does -- and he says it is there mobilization that will make sure they win. >>'
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me excited to vote for him. tom: so much of the invention has been focused on the presidential race, senator kelly ayotte' s reelection campaign has taken to the airwaves targeting her challenger. >> where has maggie hassan been? while experts say the threat of isis is worsening hassan still supports the presidents failed policies. tom: the ad is the first statewide candidate direct advertising buy of the senate race. and while it focuses on the democratic governors lack of foreign policy experience. the hassan campaign fired back calling it a distraction from ayotte' s record of special interest support in washington. the radio ad will run through at least the end of the week. straight ahead at six new details about an attempted arson investigation. as the man charged with trying to set his own mother' s home on fire faces a judge. jennifer: and coming full circle.
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her battle with cancer is now giving back to a student in need. mike: some drizzle now, but steadier rain is inching closer . when it arrives and how much we could see. jason: the patriots are back in
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hippo. crit. [sfx: sound of hippo's roar] [sfx: hippo sound, light music] one bellows malarkey. donald trump repeatedly says one thing, does another. the hypocrite says he's champion of american workers, but had his line of trump ties some of the laborers on his palatial dc hotel? illegal immigrants. [sfx: hippo sound] america needs proven, honorable leadership. new day for america is
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ever, but the everyday cost of perscriptions, child care, or even just buying groceries can be a stretch for too many families. hillary's plan: raise the minimum wage, get equal pay for women, cut and new incentives for business to share profits with employees instead of just rewarding ceos. those at the top are doing just it's your family that needs a raise. i'm hillary clinton, and i approve this message. tom: a salem man is facing serious charges tonight after police say he tried to set his mother' s home on fire. jennifer: in court prosecutors acknowledged that justin kane is a veteran battling issues with ptsd. he is charged with six felonies including arson. police say he got into a fight
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outside, poured a tank of gas on the back deck, and set it on fire. >> threw something on the fire ignited, and it caused an explosion. it appears the house there was a family with children inside the home next door. jennifer: kane is due back in court on the 21st. tom: there are new details in a fire that destroyed a home in hampstead. it has been ruled accidental. the town' s fire chief tells news 9 that it started in a fire pit on the back deck and spread to the home causing extensive damage. luckily there were no injuries. , the red cross is helping the two people who lived there. mike is in with a forecast that continues to be above the average temperatures. mike: going well above, as we get rain as opposed to snow.
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praised as one of america's best mayors who governed as a pragmatist. bernie sanders passed more amendments in a republican congress than any other member. cracked the gridlock with john mccain to strengthen
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bernie sanders. a consistent, principled, and effective leader. building a future to believe in. sanders: i'm bernie sanders
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tom: the governor and new hampshire' s congressional delegation are vowing make early education a top priority. jennifer: preschool children entertained with stories and songs at a news conference hosted by spark new hampshire. that' s the governor' s non-partisan early childhood advisory council. the goal of the event was to highlight the number of granite staters who have taken the pledge to new hampshires children. recognizing that they are our future and understanding how
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them. >> memo, which is used to talk about what kids need it more than anything else, she would say they just need to know they have a grown-up in their corner. and i' m looking out at a room of adults who have pledged to be that dalton the corner for those children. jennifer: spark new hampshire says giving young children a good start reduces health problems and special education costs for schools. tom: tonight a teen' s generosity is paying off after a story that made national headlines. jennifer: it' s a story we first brought you last spring when the senior class at profile junior senior high school in bethlehem donated the money they raised for their class trip to their principal courtney vashaw after she was diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer. well one of those students, aurora brown, has learned she has kidney cancer and now money has been raised to help her.
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declared cancer free last week. >> now, the chief meteorologist with your stormwatch forecast. mike: temperature still running above the average. notice the last several hours, low clouds filling in. it will be a little bit slow going between now and the overnight stretch. visibility one of the issues right now. allow some extra time for visibility issues during the next several hours. s a bit of fine mist and drizzle that is underneath the radar scopes of this hour. portions of new york state.
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evening. by" pianist begins to approach new hampshire. one more batch of showers with embedded thunderstorms will likely hit parts of new england, including potential over southern portions of new hampshire. right now it is in the mid to upper 40' s. the wind develops out of the south, and temperatures rise during the overnight stretch. low-to-mid 40' s by early tomorrow morning in the north country. upper 40' s, lower 50' s cannot be ruled out in central parts of the state and even a few mid to upper 50' s not out of the question is the border. the wind is fairly light a good part of the night out of the southeast. once we get toward daybreak they go to the west and northwest and start to crank up, possibly over 45 miles per hour in some spots. mid-to-late morning, right about this time tomorrow night. there could be some of power outages tomorrow evening.
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when we get to wednesday, a wind a lot lighter. possibly i have benched its records and an inch in many spots, although if you get in on a couple of downpours, especially with the cold front leg during the overnight, there could be a scattered thunder shower and he could get over an inch of rain. " turning starting to break in southern new hampshire while the showers persist in the north country, and then partial sun a good part of your tuesday in central and southern new hampshire with more pleasant showers to the north. bright skies statewide. the next system will approach before a cold blast arrives upcoming weekend. for tomorrow, temperatures on the mild side. take a look at sky cast. the visibility down, clouds, a little bit of drizzle for the next few hours. steady rain will approach. the rumble of thunder, a flash of lightning, and then drier air
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tuesday, the focus on gusty wind. a few scattered power outages, a little bit breezy, but much lighter winds for wednesday and cooler thursday showers on the afternoon. look, colder the weekend will be with snow showers in the coaches that will help out ski areas and they will be blasting the snow guns all the way through monday night. jennifer: good for our ski areas, they need it. tom: patriots back on top. jason: not bad. they got themselves in the playoffs.
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>> now, news nine sports. jason: the patriots are back in the playoffs and back on top of the afc after last night' s 27-6 win over the texans. the new england offense got a huge boost from the return of rob gronkowski, who caught 4 passes for 87 yards and a touchdown. it was his first game action since denver two weeks ago. he was limited a bit, only playing 42 of the patriots 69 offensive snaps, but he certainly had an impact. the pats are 11-2, and became the first afc team to clinch a playoff spot with the win. >> when you miss a game, it is just hard to watch. you want to be out there, playing football, making place. at the same time you have to be
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which we were. as an organization, myself, i rehabbed really hard. everything checked out, everything is. i was good to go. >> he made great place to start the game. he is a huge influence on what we do offensively. he really toughed it out. i am proud of him. in the touchdown catch, he is obviously a big part of what we do. great to have out there. jason: here' s the afc playoff standings as of today. new england back on top of cincinnati and dan versus they lost yesterday. three games to go. they play the giants, the jets and the dolphins. with their blood had a hip injury and left the game. the bruins continue their three game homestand with the edmonton oilers tonight at the garden. boston will be looking to make it three straight wins, after saturday' s 3-1 win over the panthers. the monarchs next 4 games will
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t return home until the yesterday, they lost a tough one 27th. to the thunder, 2-0, but one of the goals was an empty netter. goalie doug carr joined the team last week and has been playing great, he stopped 32 shots on sunday. >> they are just letting me do my job, or whoever is playing the net, and it will give us a good chance to stop it and play well as a team. jason: the new national hockey pool is out, six teams are in the top 20. unh do not play again until after christmas. jennifer: thank you. right now on, we are heading to laconia for mansion monday. we will take a two our through this $4.4 million home that has an eight car garage. tom: tune in for new hampshire chronicle immediately following world news. we will see you tonight right after the great holiday baking show.
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