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tv   News 9 at Five  ABC  December 18, 2015 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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>> colder air moving into new hampshire and some parts of the north country could even see a few inches of snow. good evening. jean: the whole state will drop closer to average december temperatures this weekend but will the cold stick around? let' s start with mike haddad. mike: mild air out there again hampshire. it will feel part of december as we go to this weekend. take a look at the radar because behind the latest system that has brush southeastern new hampshire, including manchester and towards the coast with a couple of rain showers, as the system pulls away, notice what is happening to the west. everything on radar is white here that indicates yes. the lake-effect snow guns cranking up. duo to a westerly winds, cannot rule out a couple of snow showers -- due to a westerly wind.
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notice how much colder it is plains states. seasonably cold air right back to what we call average. we are not going below the norm, just right back to where we part of december. as the cold air bills in, temperatures will be running again closer to the upper 30' s. snow is in the forecast. we will take a look at a time and how much will fall up north next. jean: even though tonight winter seems absent, preparing to drive in that weather was the topic of discussion with state police today. andy hershberger talks about the dangers and what steps you can take to be safe. andy: authorities are worried that all this warm weather has caused a false sense of security. but today state officials warned everyone that bad weather is coming and it is time to get ready. police and transportation
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every year winter weather puts drivers and state employees at risk. in the first storm is usually the worst. >> it' s typical every year. traffic activities but in the first snowstorm, we still end up with tons of cars off the road. andy: last year 21 state police cruisers and 28 plows were struck by motors. driving too fast. >> try not to be that person. when i say "that person," you can picture in your mind that field goal driving down 93 with two feet of snow on the roof, someone looking through a small clearing on their windshield while the rest of it is all iced up. andy: aaa says now is a good time to put an emergency bag in your car with jumper cables, a shovel.
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this year 47 operators have been killed nationally. >> plpease -- please we ask our drivers be able to go home to with your help, everyone will be able to achieve that. the biggest. problems than a blizzard. plows travel between 20-30 miles per hour. sometimes three wide. the safest place on the road is behind them. >> drivres e are notrs seeing you trying to get around them. so please do not try to weave distance. andy: officials say another piece of advice is to avoid whenever road conditions turn bad. josh: turning to commitment 2016 coverage. tonight the bernie sanders threatening to take the
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saying the party is "taking our campaign hostage by blocking its access to a voter database." the dnc says it blocks the sanders staff collected information from hillary clinton' s data. mike cronin joins us to explain the latest. mike: this incident comes a day before sanders and clinton will take the stage for the abc debate at saying on some college. party officials said there was a database breach in system. campaign inappropriately hillary clinton' s data. the sanders campaign fired its top data saffer about the -- staffer but the dnc has suspended the campaign. information of all of these
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by their action, the leadership of the democratic national committee is attempting to undermine our campaign. >> debbie wasserman schultz was to know whether the bernie sanders campaign used any of clinton' s data. "when we receive the report from the sanders campaign, we will make a determination henri enabling the campaign' s access." the clinton campaign says "we are asking that the sanders campaign and the dnc work expeditiously to make sure that our data is not in the sanders account." josh: tomorrow night sanders will be on the debate stage along with hillary clinton. inside the debate is a hive of activity. the stage is being assembled. and the only debate taking place in new hampshire. certainly the college has a reputation for politics and the student cannot help but get caught up in all the activity.
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lly got into politics when i first came here. i started following the debate. i would be interested to see how it goes. york. >> are they jealous? >> very. josh: we hear more about the preparation as well as the enhance security at 6:00. wmur will have live coverage of the debate starting with a 7:00. you can watch the debate live on wmur and starting at 8:00 -- and at 8:00. state tuned for a special edition of close up on sunday morning. there are several republican candidates in the state this weekend. lindsey graham has made a stop and merrimack this afternoon and will talk to voters in dover. chris christie will begin a four-day bus tour tomorrow departed from exeter.
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scheduled for saturday alone, followed by three more on monday and tuesday. and ben carson has been cited -- he will be back in the state on sunday for the first trip in the month. jean: today congress approved a plan to fund the government and avoid a shut down the first nine months of 2016. president obama says the $1.1 trillion spending bill invests in the u.s. military in the middle class. he says congress still needs to promote job growth and increase it. his final press conference of the year looking to 2016. diane roberts joins us live from washington, d.c., with the good evening. diane: it has become an annual holiday tradition. president obama taking questions from reporters on topics ranging from terrorism to tax reform.
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study, persistent work over the years is paying off for the american people in big, tangible ways. diane: president obama closing out the year with a list of accomplishments including job growth and passage of transportation and education bills. but he also outlined the work to be done in his last year. president obama: we are going to defeat isis. and we' re going to do so by systematically squeezing them, cutting off their supply lines and financing. taking out their leadership. congressional passage of a bipartisan budget but acknowledge other items like more difficult to get through. president obama: i' m not going to be forward leaning on what i have tested what i can do with congress. every once in a while they will surprise you. diane: after the news
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he is meeting with the families of the victims of the recent terror attack there. then he' s headed to hawaii where he will meet with the first family and they will enjoy vacation. jean: the president was not the only one today wrapping up the year' s work. lawmakers on the hill were getting ready to head out on break as well? diane: in fact, lawmakers on both sides had their year end news conferences. they ended the year passing the budget bill you mentioned earlier. and they said in this particular instance. the system works jean: let' s turn to the traffic and see how things are moving on our roads. we will start with live pictures in manchester. 293. not bad here. josh: piggy james joins us now with a live look at the road home. hi there.
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are going pretty well i-93 from massachusetts. 21 minutes from salem to manchester. 293 is busy but will be well. towards concord, a good ride on the way up to the bow junction. delays at the exits between 12 and 15. 101 west, very heavy leaving manchester heading towards bedford and hammers. and the everett turnpike is really busy stopping go between exits 8 and 11. 101 is a good ride to and from the coast but we see a lot of right now. the report being brought to you by autofare. jean: coming up at 5:00, new indictments in the case of a girl whose body was found on deer island. the charges against bella bond' s mother and her boyfriend. josh: bo -- says he is no regrets about refusing a plea
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interview. mike: temperatures are heading lower but the cholo not last that long. -- the chill will not last that long. >> a woman is asking the carroll county attorney to resign after she says her case was mishandled. that story new at 5:30. >> a police chief is calling this woman evil praised as one of america's best mayors who governed as a pragmatist. bernie sanders passed more amendments in a republican congress than any other member. cracked the gridlock with john mccain to strengthen veterans' healthcare. bernie sanders. a consistent, principled, and effective leader. building a future
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sanders: i'm bernie sanders
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josh: the mother of the little girl known as baby do. bella bonds remains were found in a trash bag on deer island in june. her mother rager is charged with eating an accessory after the fact -- her mother rachel. michael murphy is charged with murder. the saint paul' s graduate agreed to an interview with newsweek that jean: we talked to the reporter who sat down with all in the brief who found out he is spending all his time since his conviction. reporter: that high-profile rape case. it was a trial that lived in the headlines, a sex assault at one
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in this country. a 15-year-old claiming she was raped by owen le brie. >> this someone was going to get what he wanted and not take no for an answer. reporter: in august, a jury clearing le brie of rape charges but convicting him of misdemeanor sexual assault. this is owen out free while he is waiting his sentence. he is building a chapel and since his conviction. the 20-year-old insisted he had done nothing wrong. telling "newsweek" it was the knowing i told the truth. i walked out of the core urthour se with my chin up. ds adamant about his innocence. reporter: expressing no regret
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would have required him to admit to sex but put him behind bars for less than a month. telling the magazine he would handle his legal decisions the same way. >> it is a fairly small town. people come up to him. use words you cannot use on television. he has got a lot of support. there were a lot of classmates and their parents who gave to the legal defense fund. he gets it from all sides. reporter: now at home, the once harvard bound superstar student is under a strict curfew. sometimes he says even defiantly still wearing his st. paul' s shirts. >> how could someone so smart with such a bright future ahead of them, whatever you think about what may have happened, how could he have risked so much? jean: newsweek also says la brief is trying to handle his
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lawyers across the country. he could face charges for deleting facebook messages during the investigation. abc try to reach the victims family but did not hear back. jean: u.s. marshals have joined the search for the wealthy texas teenager on the run after violating parole. given 10 years for driving drunk and killing four people. slap on the wrist. the 18-year-old recently failed to show up for a mandated check in. he has been on the run possibly with his mother. at this point he could be anywhere. jean: an entire virginia school district closed after a flood of troubling e-mails and calls following the teacher' s controversial assignment. last week the world geography teacher asked students to copy an example of arabic calligraphy. outraged parents contacted the school saying it was a violation
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the school disagreed but decided receiving tens of thousands of threatening in nature. a friend of the san bernardino shooters is being held without a look used of plotting terror attacks on the california college and a busy freeway. enrique marquez appeared in federal court last night and is charged with producing the two rivals fentanyl -0- syed farook and his wife used to kill 14 people. tonight president obama will meet with victims families in san bernardino. josh: a landslide has caused a lot of damage in oregon overnight. 8 homes were evacuated and one car swallowed up in the sink hole. crews shut off power to the neighborhood. no one was hurt but four homes were damaged. this is the second landslide to hit that neighborhood in a week.
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haddad with your storm watch 9 forecast. mike: temperatures still running well above average today but we get much closer to the norm as we go into the weekend. take a look at the time lapse. you notice a couple of breaks around 9:00 that certainly clouds winning the battle and the winds did pick up, but not nearly as strong as what we will see tomorrow. clouds were thick over southeastern new hampshire. notice the band of showers scooting over central and eastern maine and clip southern parts of the merrimack valley including manchester. those rain showers are moving out and some colder air begins to build in from the west. the focus here will be on heavy lake-effect snows. not necessarily in buffalo but just off to the north and east. there are some bands out here in central and western new york that could pick up between one and two feet of snow this weekend. relatively cold air over relatively warm waters of the
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yeah, classic november, early december pattern setting up shop. around here, we get that december feel back in the air. already the case in the great north woods. same story in the heart of the lakes region. slightly above that in the upper valley. 40' s is still holding on from concord points south and southeast. as we advance through tonight and tomorrow, we will cool down lower to mid 20' s north and upper 20' s to 30 in southern new hampshire with flurries developing late in the north country. we have got a lot of cold air on the map. no question. seasonably so. building and from the north and west all weekend. this is great news for ski areas. they will be cranking up the snow guns tonight right through all day tomorrow. tomorrow night into sunday and sunday night. here is the reason why. jet stream flow drives in that chilly stuff over our neck of the woods for tomorrow into sunday before and retreats. that allows milder air to surge back in for monday the to
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once the mild air is gone, we start to see temperatures closer christmas day. snow showers back to the west are notice on futurecast how the effect mostly northern parts of the state tonight. however, those strong and localized heavy snow bands off in the western part of new york may survive the trip into southern new hampshire. although the greatest chance of accumulation will be in the north country where, yes, it inches. three plus and the higher terrain through the white mountains and even some of the hills in the great north woods. for tonight, partly cloudy skies. a few flakes developing up north heard low 20' s, near 30 south. running above average but notice for the weekend we are back into the upper 30' s. with gusty winds out of the northwest tomorrow, it will field like december. 40 will feel like 20' s to south teens nnorth -- north. by christmas eve day, well into
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josh: bud light this weekend. jean: one chef turned into divine inspiration for his new restaurant menu. josh: coming up at 5:30, the woman who holds new hampshire' s
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people are working harder than ever, but the everyday cost of perscriptions, child care, or even just buying groceries can be a stretch for too many families. hillary's plan: raise the minimum wage, get equal pay for women, cut taxes for the middle class, and new incentives for business to share profits with employees instead of just rewarding ceos. those at the top are doing just fine. it's your family that needs a raise. i'm hillary clinton, and i
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jean: pope francis has clear the way for mother teresa did been made a staying -- a stai aint. the pope has signed off on a second miracle part of the requirement for sainthood. and involves a brazilian mass recovery from a brain infection. the vatican has not said when mother teresa will be canonized that there is speculation it will happen next september. josh: one chef is reaching back thousands of years for the menu at his restaurant. he makes his dishes from the food in the bible. couscous used for the offerings at the jewish temple or the lentil soup eaten by ea sau and jacob. >> it is the food of mothers in the middle east and the mothers and grandmothers in general, even when the ingredients are strictly biblical, it is still food.
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all the food at eucalyptus is kosher. no dia airy and meat mixed. jean: straight ahead," for members of one family after a teen driver lost control and ran into their house. >> i looked out and there was no front. josh: the nba is the latest league to take a look at fan safety after lebron james crashed into a woman on the sidelines. ok, we're here.
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jean: democratic presidential candidate bernie sanders has filed a lawsuit against the democratic national committee. >> criminals are being prosecuted -- are not being prosecuted and i think that is dangerous. josh: a woman goes public with their outrage demanding one official' s resignation after saying her case was mishandled it jean: the former owner of a gunpowder plant will stay behind bars. mike: temps had a lower this weekend making it feel like december should be. how chilly it gets and when it warms back up. >> an already the quality of my life has improved. josh: this woman is setting a new president when it comes to medical marijuana.
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>> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now wmur news 9 at 5:30. josh: we start with breaking political news. it could turn into a major story. bernie sanders presidential campaign has filed a lawsuit to regain access to democratic party voter data. jean: this comes after a data breach involving his campaign and hillary clinton' s. let' s go straight to mike cronin live in the newsroom with the breaking details. mike: this is just the day before sanders and clinton will take the stage for the abc debate at saint anselm college. party officials say there was a holds records about voters. sanders campaign inappropriately accessed information from hillary clinton' s data. the sanders campaign fired its top data staffer but in response to the breach, the party has
5:29 pm
the dnc said it would consider giving his campaign access to the system again if they provide party officials with a report on whether any of clinton' s data was used. again, the sanders campaign has sued into gain access back. we will continue to follow this developing story and keep you posted on the latest information. josh: thanks for the update. a woman who says she was assaulted in her case was mishandled is asking the carroll county attorney to resign. tiffany marteau says the system failed to appear to talked to kristen carosa. kristen: tiffany marteau says the process has been painful. she met with the commissioners asking for tom dewhurst to resign calling him it in
5:30 pm
>> criminals are not being dangerous. kristen: marteua' s ex-husbands charges were dropped and he pled misdemeanor charge. his attorney says the problems s office are not relative and there were no facts that prove an assault occurred. marteau said, in experienced prosecutors handled her case. >> they were respectful and they were educated. enough about trauma, and about what i might be experiencing professional matter. kristen: attorney dewhurst started in january and a few months later, several prosecutors left their jobs. he told us in july it was because of the pay. marteau believes it is a lack of leadership.
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because of the seller. administrator says steps are being taken. he says the prosecutor with 20 years experience has been hired. >> we are also looking at another individual who has about 12 years experience. krsi isten: county commissioners say they do not -- it' s an elected position but have agreed dewhurst will be up for reelection in 2016. >> i know i am not the only victim who is frustrated with this process or discount -- disheartened with the county attorney. kristen: attorney dewhurst told us no comment. jean: the state supreme court has rejected the appeal of a former gunpowder plant owner convicted in a deadly explosion. craig sanborn is serving up to 20 years in prison after two wokers were killed in a blast
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colebrook and 2010. sanborn' s attorney wanted his conviction overturned, saying prosecutors never proved his auctions -- actions caused the explosion. the state says that sanborn set up a bomb. josh: a loud mayonnaise on to arrest accused of firing a gun at a dry river -- at a driver during a case of road rage. earlier this month, he got into an argument in hopes it and fired a gun. officers are eventually arrested the man. >> we continue the investigation. were able to identify the suspect in his vehicle. we got a search warrant to seize the vehicle and searched it and were able to recover the gun. josh: scordato has been released on $10,000 bail. jean: a scary start to the day for a couple in foxboro when a car crash into their home.
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-- a 16-year-old lost control of his car on his way home from hockey practice this morning. >> he kept saying i' m sorry. he felt worse for us. i was more worried he got her. jean: the front of the house will be replaced. the couple is unable to live in their home but they say they are just happy no one was hurt. josh: tonight the terminally ill woman who successfully sued the state for the right to legally accomplish that goal. linda horn visited a medical portland, maine. and returned home with medical cannabis. jennifer crompton with that story tonight. >> oh. i' m completely over the moon. jennifer: linda made the long trip from her home to a dispensary in portland to get relieve the pain and nausea of cancer. >> for what i have in front of me is not opioids.
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s the most important thing to me. that i did not want to go out and -- in an opioids haze. i wanted to be awake and aware as long as i can. reporter: medical marijuana hampshire in 2013. but with delays in building dispensaries, no one could get an i.d. that is until linda successfully sued the state and came to maine. >> already the quality of my life has improved. just knowing that i don' t have to rely on. narcotics. reporter: it was just yesterday on the even for a visit to the dispensary that the attorney general' s office in new hampshire advised health and
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take the action of issuing i.d.' s >> this entire little linda' s great adventure that -- it' s been such an inspiration. >> it was our intent from the beginning not just to be beneficial to me, although i am thrilled that it is, but to every other sick person. jean: still ahead, holiday help for you procrastinators. which retailer is adding more christmas eve hours. josh: iphone' s got more affordable. we will tell you is selling the 6s for $1.00 and what you have to do to get that deal. >> the warm weather is hurting stores. how much money the has been lost by people who would rather be outside than in the mall.
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[bell ringing] jean: the week you with a down day with the dell jones losing 367 poins ts. the nasdaq lost 79 points to 4923. gas prices nationally at $2.00
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$2.03. gillette company is suing dollar shave couple -- sahve c -- shave club. josh: they claim that they use technology used by gillette. dollar shave club declined to at the lawsuit. looking to upgrade your smartphone? you might want to head to best buy. starting tomorrow the retailers offering the 16 gigabytes iphone 6s for a buck, but you need to verizon or sprint. that is a savings of $200. if you train in your iphone 5, buy will give you a gift card worth $200. jean: walmart is extending its powers to help with that last the retail giant will be staying christmas eve. if you do your shopping online, you have until sunday to get
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for rush deliveries. in store pickup is available until 6:00 p.m. on the 23rd. get shopping. apparently the mild weather is retailers. many people are opting to enjoy the outdoors instead of heading inside to spend cash. experts estimate clothing stores compared to this time last year. a hit our cold-weather gear like boots. those items are expected to be discounted 75% after christmas. when i really like to shop. josh: of all the ways to greet the new "star wars" movie, one couples celebration takes the cake. jean: the wedding cake that takes the cake. josh: a unh soccer player has had a goal named goal of the year today. details later in sports.
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for two weeks before crowtown were planning their wedding -- -- before "star wars" were planning their wedding. reporter: with an escort from darth vader, carolyn ritter stands next to andrew porter' s and get some advice from a jedi master. >> we have been taught we must "do or do not." reporter: for two weeks the australian couple camped out in front of the chinese theatre' s imax before seeing the new film. they feel the force of marital bliss. >> i can' t imagine anything better. reporter: r2c de and chewbacca are in the wedding. as is a storm trooper. the wedding' s guests are the couples follow "star wars" fanatics. >> "star wars" is all about love. there is a love story and the movies and love stories among
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>> did not have a family and friends until i joined this line. reporter: rick met his wife in line for episode 3. >> she wanted to be here with her mommy and daddy where they met. >> now chief meteorologist mike haddad with your storm watch 9 forecast. mike: temperatures finally dropped closer to the average but despite the cooldown, the highs saturday and sunday could still be a little bit above the norm. at the coast, the clouds ruled today. with the cloud cover thickening through the afternoon, there were a couple of light showers. most of that has moved off the coast. looking at head, here we go. finally the feel of december in the air over both weekend days. flakes in the forecast as well for the north country. could be anywhere on saturday but most of the accumulation should be in the north country. wouldn'
5:44 pm
it warms back up next week. talking about wednesday and christmas eve day being well above the average. right now rain showers pulling away but enough cold air to the snow. classic lake. as that wind out of the west and northwest builds in off the warm deposit quite a bit of snow downstream. one to two feet locally in a few spots to the next 24-36 hours. around here, the of those lake affect and could stretch into western parts of new hampshire. and scoot into the merrimack valley late afternoon tomorrow. the north country will see some snow. but right now it is in the 30' s. by morning, dropping into the low 20' s north. upper 20' s and lower 30' s elsewhere. flurries developing late this evening up north.
5:45 pm
tomorrow night before it dries up on sunday. a lot of cold air for the northern plains. for the first time this winter, it is not officially winter, but december 1 on, is what we typically called december. it' arctic cold in the plains states. that will modify as it approaches. despite lowering temperatures. here comes this no. fans of snow showers developing up north late tonight. tomorrow night and early sunday morning. in southern new hampshire, notice those strong lake affect bands, may actually survive the trip in. into parts of southern new hampshire. a dusting of grassy surfaces zones. up north, maybe an inch or two. sunshine full force on sunday. then temperatures start to rebound as we go into next week.
5:46 pm
near 30 south or tomorrow and sunday, 30' s but with gusty winds tomorrow. possibly over 30 miles per hour. it will feel like the 20' s south and teens north. on sunday, we get the sun back. more clouds and sun from monday through business event christmas day. notice those temperatures nowhere close to the average as it warms right back up. josh: fickle, indeed. the nba may be taking a closer look at safety after a courtside crash at last night' s game. jean: lebron james crashed into a woman sitting on the sideline. she is the wife of a pga champion. she was released from the hospital this morning, although she is still being monitored after showing symptoms of a concussion. the nba has taken steps to improve safety recently, including a limit on how many photographers are allowed his it alonglines. >> -- along baselines.
5:47 pm
gronkowski absent from practice today. that does not seem to be a lot of concern and foxboro. both players are on today' s injury report. rob gronkowski listed as probable for sunday' s game, while tom brady is listed as question bowl with an illness. brady has not been feeling well this week. it would be hard to believe if he is not on the field on sunday. there is no word on white gronk -- why gronk missed practice. not injury related. on channel nine on saturday, 3:30 we have the royal purple las vegas bowl. byu and utah. university of new hampshire men' s soccer player chris wingate had his goal against bingham university voted as the american east all of the year today. it was based on fan voting and got 127 total votes. the goal came in a 2-1 loss, but a pretty good goal. jean: it was really good.
5:48 pm
jean: one girl almost had to spend christmas without her best friend. >> minutes away, we do have breaking news. a dnc scandal, the campaign for senator bernie sanders has just now filed a lawsuit to regain access to democratic party voter data. >> when i think of stealing money from kids and the christmas cards the birthday cards, i see nothing but evil. >> surveillance video leads to
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style lets you stand out from the herd. what's inside sets you apart.
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jean: a lucky break for family who live $32,000 in cash at an applebee' s. josh: they are back in possession of that dough thank to it -- thanks to an honest server. this server sounded an alert alerted his manager and called police. just before they received the panicked call from the family. >> they describe the bag , and the denominations and i determined it was their money. it was legally obtained. they were just an average working family that made a mistake. josh: the server made it clear he did not want to reward because he was doing the right thing. well done.
5:51 pm
a little girl is reunited with her bear. jean: this is little emma. on saturday she was riding alonge 495 when her stuffed bear went flying out the window. the trooper found the bear. emma sent him this picture along with a thank you card. emma never lets her lovey out of her sight. she calls him a hero and was happy to show off her writing skills by making him this card. the best card he gets all season. josh: an update on the scandal brewing in the presidential race. bernie sanders suing the
5:52 pm
paris: there's a lot to do on a dairy farm. nobody's gonna do it for you. you have to get out there and do it yourself. bernie sanders is a well-known friend of family farms. bernie cannot be bought out by big money. bernie's opinion cannot be purchased. it's time for our next president to get in there, roll up his sleeves, take off the gloves, and take on wall street,
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take on big money, and get the working class back to where they should be. he's a rock. sanders: i'm bernie sanders and i approve this message. >> scandal rocking the democratic national committee. bernie sanders has just filed a lawsuit. accusing the dnc of trying to
5:54 pm
mike: temps finally heading closer to the normal. how chilly it gets. >> shocking new details about the man charged with giving a deadly dose of fentanyl to a rochester teen. >> plus, tampered male complaints lead to police to installing surveillance cameras in the post office. where they say they caught the alleged thief in the act. >> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now wmur news 9 at 6:00. tom: we have breaking news and commitment 2016 tonight on the eve of the democratic presidential debate right here in new hampshire. bernie sanders' campaign has filed a lawsuit against the democratic national committee. good evening. jennifer: the sanders campaign says that dnc was taking them hostage and they will lose hundreds of thousands in donations a day.
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