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tv   News 9 at Seven  ABC  December 19, 2015 7:00pm-8:00pm EST

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earlier espn college football joe schad reporting that kalani sitake is who they're in negotiations with and spent ten years coaching on the sideline and head coach and defensive coordinator at oregon state and right now houme is running between the press box and field to watch his team play. >> brent: second and 14 for the utes and now it is going to be -- hold on, there is a penalty flag is thrown, kenneth scott was being covered coming down the sideline and you have just said it many times they're trying to pick on hannemann. >> jesse: that's the guy they've gone after. >> referee: pass interference, defense, number 7. 15-yard penalty. automatic first down. >> jesse: travis wilson trying to take a shot to kenneth scott running a go route here. got his head turned back and both hands in on the body and
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there's -- >> brent: no reason to run into him like that. >> jesse: definite contact and hannemann has to know better to play that cleaner and on a second and long situation they help out utah. >> brent: first down and ten for the utes, play action. wilson has his underneath man and for a good gain on first down, you could see that play coming from a mile away. >> jesse: travis wilson is a situation, the game he's got to be on, only four-year starter in utah history. i think his career would be defined as one where he's shown tremendous toughness and resiliency. he's been through it all. a serious head injury in his sophomore career almost ended his career and overcame that but because of inconsistent play he's been criticized often. every off-season he's had to rewin his job and here he is in his final holy war up two touchdowns, he'll have to play well to close it out and get the "w". >> brent: second down and five.
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williams did not get it. a host of blue jerseys. meeting him in the hole and now it is third down coming up here for wilson and the utes. >> jesse: if i were byu i would give hannemann some help. their cornerback, number 7, left him out on some critical third downs in these scenarios. safety help, linebacker help underneath. right now matched up against the true freshman, 6'4", tyron smith that's got a tremendous catch radius and man-to-man situation and a place i guarantee travis wilson is thinking about. if he's going to throw this. >> brent: third down, here comes the blitz, wilson underneath has got the first down and then some. out of bounds around midfield was joe williams as the rush
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ate it up. >> jesse: it's a nice job by travis wilson being patient. whenever you're setting up the screen you have to hold on to the ball till the last possible second. draw those defenders into you as much as you can and negotiate the throw. that's not always easy to do when you've got bronson kaufusi at 6'8" right in your face, a little sidearm delivery to get that out to his running back was nice by wilson. >> brent: huge first down here. utes. just across midfield. that's hannemann off a corner blitz, and he destroyed the quarterback. back at the 35 yard line. wilson is forced to hang on to that football. >> jesse: gutsy call by utah. up two touchdowns. seven minutes to go and you're throwing the football on first down. coming right off the edge. a change-up. talked about how byu is so multiple. they bring pressures from all over the yard. linebacker, safeties, cornerbacks and hannemann has
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game today making a great play coming off the blitz. >> brent: now 6:48 left. byu, their defense lines up. utah facing a second and 19. now they come back with williams and he gets back to midfield near the -- about two yards shy. third down and 12. kaufusi making another stop. >> jesse: clock management is key here and utah and travis wilson have to do a better job of snapping the football with close to no time left on the play clock. it's byu that has to go fast. they're down two touchdowns. important utah -- i know they like to go up tempo themselves but they've got to slow it way down right now to suffocate bronco mendenhall and this byu team. >> brent: third down and 12.
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pressure has got a man wide open but he is short of the first down so now you've got a fourth down and inches situation with a great punter like hackett. you try and bury byu inside the 10 or try to pick up -- looks like they'll try to go for it on a fourth and short. >> jesse: the last time during this scenario they didn't block bronson kaufusi and made a big stop. no matter what get a hat on number 90 and byu has lined up, it looks like, in the interior of the defensive line anticipating run. >> brent: now they're letting it run down. >> jesse: this is a huge fourth down here. >> brent: absolutely. >> jesse: if you convert it. >> brent: he's going to stop it. >> jesse: you could eat up a lot of clock if you're able to convert. definitely worth burning a time-out. >> brent: now brings the offense over to the sideline here on fourth down and short.
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on the 2015 nissan rogue. nissan. innovation that excites. >> jesse: i'm going to tell you this critical fourth and one, scenario would love to have devontae booker in their backfield. one of the really good runners. joe williams lined up beside wilson. >> brent: and did they stop him? the cougars think so. let's see where it's spotted. the forward progress. that is critical here. cougar sideline still thinks he's come up short. you can see them signaling. how huge is this.
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looked there like it was a little short. >> jesse: logan taele did an unbelievable job fighting off two blockers and anchoring in the middle so there was no push and allowed the linebackers including manoa pikula to come in and make a play. this is close. >> brent: nope. nope. >> jesse: number 62 makes this play. logan taele. >> brent: i'll go back to your point about booker. it's such a good one, second fourth and one that byu has suffered in the last two drives. >> jesse: i really believe if booker is in the game he's the guy that can kind of get the momentum. so many yards he was able to get this offense but i'll go back to taele. he takes on two blockers at the point of attack. and that cleaned it up for two linebackers to play downhill and make that stop. huge play by byu's "d." >> brent: five minutes to work
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going one-on-one and deep jump ball and kurtz was the receiver. no penalty flag. porter had the coverage. >> jesse: i think utah has to change their philosophy on defense. talked about all game long letting their corners outside play man-to-man. that's got to stop. now is the time where you back off, get two safeties to get double coverage help on guys like nick kurtz and mitch mathews because it just takes one, it takes one play for them to come down with it and they're in the end zone. got to be defensive. >> brent: dropped. perfect strike and juergens turned to move and dropped the football so here comes your third and ten. that pass rush again for utah critical. >> jesse: fitts, jason fanaika, off the edge. has to make -- disrupt the timing of tanner mangum. get him off his launch point.
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pocket. >> brent: third down. diving for it is houk. got the first down. terrific run after the catch. moved the chains and here come the cougars again. >> jesse: he's too big. he's got a nine-inch height advantage over the slot defender justin thomas and just can't defend him. he's got too big of a body. can't tackle him. that gets the first, size advantage at receiver. it's big. >> brent: five receivers out. putting heat on the cougars' offensive line. >> jesse: got to go, though, you got to hurry up if you're byu. too much time. that took way too much time to get lined up. >> brent: middle incomplete and there was pressure by that defensive front. what a luxury and now we've got an injured norris.
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now he's up. bounces up. didn't need medical attention. tough. >> jesse: second team all-conference player. this situation is critical for utah's defense to have him on the field. >> brent: the cougars have got to pick it up. need not one score but two to get back into it. play action, looking deep. throws that jump ball into the right corner. blackmon, first and goal at the 4 yard line. how about that? >> jesse: you've got to have safety help if you're utah. you cannot allow your cornerbacks to stay outside one-on-one trying to fight with these cornerbacks. that is the perfect throw from tanner mangum. it's basically a punt but he's allowing his receiver blackmon to turn around and locate defender on the play, marcus williams, the safety, just can't
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explosive play byu needed. >> brent: clock is down to 3:38. that five-yard play made it first and goal. incomplete and bernard was the target, slipping out of that backfield again. i got to tell you when they pick the mvp even though he threw those pick sixes in the first quarter, you're going to have at least consider mangum. >> jesse: i don't think he threw a bad interception. a lot were tipped. deflected at the line of scrimmage. a guy kind of hit his arm. but i'll tell you he's battled this entire game. something tanner mangum has done all season long. got thrown into the fire week one against nebraska. battled every week. >> brent: second down and goal. mangum on a draw. did he get it? juggling the ball. touchdown is the signal. they give him the touchdown.
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coming down. >> jesse: reminds me of john elway in the super bowl against the green bay packers where he dove and he got helicoptered. slides backwards all game long. ooh. i think the football might have just been a tad short of that goal line, brent, before it became dislodged. watch the nose of the ball. oh, no, it broke. >> brent: there's in question. it's a touchdown. >> jesse: it broke before his knee hit the ground. it comes loose after. it's not going to be ruled a fumble. the question did the ball break the plane before his knee hit. the ruling on the field is a touchdown. something they'll take a look at. what can you say about byu here in the second half? 28 points, brent. >> brent: this might not make it. might not get back but i got to tell you something, i have been around many teams that have played their hearts out like this down 35-0 in the first
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happens here hats off to them. >> jesse: adds to the legacy of this great, great rivalry, doesn't it? >> brent: it sure does. >> jesse: the holy war. i wish more college football fans knew about it. rivalries like this. >> referee: after review the ruling on the field is confirmed. touchdown. head-on look from the back of the end zone that shows his knee doesn't touch. better angle to show the football breaks the plane. what a game. this has been awesome. on. a one-score game. let's check in with john saunders in the studio. big john. >> brent, you're providing
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meanwhile, we have ohio u. against app last state, lam picked off by poling taking it back for a touchdown. and we'll continue to update that one. meanwhile, you can see arizona hold on for the victory. brent, back to you. >> brent: you are looking live at the royal purple loil and look what we found. a one-score game. now, jesse. do they onsidic can. their defense has played so well. you got 3:23. you can afford -- utah thinks it's going to be onside. >> jesse: you got two time-outs in your back pocket with the way the defense is playing, absolutely kick it down the field, play defense trusting that tanner mangum is at least
7:17 pm
opportunity with the ball. >> brent: there is a lot of daylight just behind that front if they can get the ball up in one deep now. one deep man standing back by the utes. 24 yard line. they got to kick the line drive. it was close to that marker. 6 they're conferring here to make sure it went in the end zone. penalty, oh, my goodness. >> jesse: what a mistake by byu. >> brent: the one thing you can't do is kick that ball out of bounds. >> referee: out of bounds. on the kicking team. >> brent: i have to say it was so close. when i watched that take a look at this, jesse. i want to make absolutely certain. >> jesse: it's definitely close.
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you know, from that it did look like it kind -- i guess the half yard line. from these angles definitely difficult to see but you know my point, brent. why not just kick it straight down the field. just kick it overtop. >> brent: nobody back there. just kick it and it hits the ground and get down on coverage. >> jesse: an automatic touchback. >> brent: here we go. 3:23 to go. here comes the blitz. they blitz the run. great by williams. good first down run. >> jesse: they're going to put it in his hands and again joe williams has to be good with ball security. he fumbled twice in the last two games. ball security right now, goes for utah. >> brent: you know, i want to talk about virginia.
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charltonsville i heard fans say, oh, no. i'll tell you right now bronco mendenhall is a quality, quality person and very good football coach. this team did not quit on him today when they were out of it, 35-0. you have hired yourself an outstanding head coach and remember he's going to bring six aassistants with him to charlottesville coming in and coach ruffin is coming in to help him also, he retained one of the coaches and let's take a look. this is the staff that's going with bronco at the end of this game, ruffin mcneal was hired. haggans was retained from that coaching staff so second down now for utah.ans was retained from that coaching staff so second down now for utah. second down and four.
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didn't get the first down. a third down. remember, they have stopped them twice on fourth down because >> jesse: right. here's an interesting dilemma if you're utah. obviously you're going to run the football. the question is which direction do you run it? in my opinion the best side of utah's offensive line in the run game is the left side. sam tevi very and isaac asiata. that's the side that bronson kaufusi will line up because he always lines up to the field. >> brent: a new definition of new year's eve as the new year's six and two of the best days you could ever have if you're a college football fan. there's your new year's lineup. there's your new year's day lineup. i can't remember six better games ever in a two-day period. >> jesse: epic. must watch tv. we talked about the semifinal games.
7:21 pm
will give florida state everything they want. two of the most storied programs in history. tremendous physical clash in matchup and then you have oklahoma state, lost their final two games in ole miss. >> brent: your third down and one. late pitch, williams got the angle for the first down. >> jesse: ran to the left side. to the field attacking bronson kaufusi but running with the option and it was sae tautu. watch 31. he's the guy that travis wilson will read. holes it till the last second gives it to williams. the advantage he has over devontae booker. might not be as powerful but faster and that was a perfect play call. don't go inside the tackles where they've been stopped.
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from the 47 yard line from the utes searching for that one last first down. williams bursts -- two good games on first down. that just makes it so much easier when you're trying to kill the clock. byu out of time-outs. >> jesse: if i could say something in the big picture of college football. rivalry games make this sport great and feel like conference realignment as fans we got robbed of some great games, oklahoma/ oklahoma/ oklahoma/texas a&m and we didn't get this last year or during the regular season. lucky to get it today. we'll get it next year. the future scheduling is uncertain. i hope these two schools can figure it out and put it back on the map. >> brent: amen. second down and five. williams, bursts for the first down.
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i think. they can take three knees now and run this clock out. 15 times in the last 18 games the holy war comes down to seven points or last. tremendous job by joe williams finding the crease. up 35-0. byu stormed back at the end of the day. kyle whittingham and his team home. >> brent: byu with 386 yards of offense. utah with 199 but they wrap up consecutive royal purple las vegas bowl victories. kyle whittingham beats his alma mater but it wasn't easy. byu did not give up. demonstrated great heart against the utes who were favored only by a couple in this game and it
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blow-out early and the cougars came roaring back. late touchdown in the first half and sort of gave them a life and then they shut utah out in the second half but they could not overcome as you seldom can five turnovers on their first five possessions. the great coach nick saban, ask him about turnovers, mississippi and five so utah with back-to-back victories here in las vegas and head coaches will meet to shake hands and a reminder to fans tune in to espn3 for the postgame trophy ceremony presented by capital one immediately following this game. there are the players. you know what i love about the end of this one, folks, is that we do not have any extracurricular activities. there's a some great friends on the team. they're shaking hands. we didn't have a lot of ugly
7:25 pm
winning coach. >> maria: you were up big early but it's a rivalry game and they stormed back. what's going through your mind? >> a little ridiculous on our part to go out 35-0 and have it end like this. shouldn't have been that way. credit them for hanging in there, never giving up. continuing to fight and we got some -- we got some things to fix with our offense, no doubt about that. >> maria: what allowed your team to hang on to that lead despite the fact it went down? >> just enough left in the tank. we got a lot of seniors taking a lot of pride in what they're doing. defense, what did we have, five straight takeaways like we talked about at halftime but a win can a win and that's all that matters, but interesting, it could be this close after getting out to a 35-0 lead. >> maria: ends up being a ten-win season. best finish since joining the league. what will this season be defined by?
7:26 pm
defined by but another step in a positive direction. high water mark since we joined the pac-12, ten wins and hopefully we can build on this for next year. >> maria: thanks for your time. congrats. >> thank you, appreciate it. >> brent: so our capital one player of the game, a young man by the name of tevin carter from los angeles, california, number 9. he intercepted two passes in that barrage of turnovers on the cougars first five possessions. and on the first one, tevin carter was able to take it back on a pick six. what a day for carter. >> jesse: great day for carter and this defense and led the pac-12 in takeaways this year and ultimate the five turnovers and five consecutive possessions leading to five immediate touchdowns by utah, that was the big difference in this addition of the holy war. >> brent: so an era comes to an end at byu. bronco mendenhall coaches his
7:27 pm
his staff will head to charlottesville, virginia, the head coach of the virginia cavaliers and everybody says the next coach at byu will be kalani sitake. and, folks, that's a big story. he was a terrific player for lavell edwards, the first edwards guy to be coming home to provo if they announce it tomorrow. but right now, it's utah, of the pac-12, with a bowl victory. as they win it, but it wasn't easy. leading by 35, they held on for a 35-28 victory. the 2015 royal purple las vegas bowl champion is utah and they set the stage for next year, jesse. >> jesse: can't wait for that now. this addition, this chapter of the holy war, i think, sets up an even bigger stage for september next year. looking forward to that. >> brent: see you if pasadena, my friend and you too, maria.
7:28 pm
palmer, i'm brent musburger. oh, my friends, what a weekend here in las vegas. what looked like a blow-out wound up being a dandy.
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tom: the warning going out to residents after a problem with the propane system started making people sick puree >> worker dead in a customer service he after a tire explodes inside an auto center. the investigation that' s underway right now. kevin: more snowflakes flying tonight as the chilly breeze continues we' ll talk even colder temperatures in your forecast ahead tom: and new hampshire' s only democratic presidential debate is tonight. live team coverage of what you can expect to see and the controversy in in the hours
7:30 pm
>> nobody covers new hampshire like we do. tom: we begin tonight with breaking news. a warning is going out to propane customers in keene. after people in keene got sick because of a problem with liberty utility' s delivery system. good evening, i' m tom griffith. shelley: and i' m shelley walcott. tonight, more than 1200 customers in keene are being told to evacuate their home immediately, then call 9-1-1 if they smell gas or if their carbon monoxide detectors go off. wmur' s suzanne roantree is there live with the breaking details. >> it' s been a very busy day here in keene with more than 80 calls to service the mayhem started just after 9 o'clock this morning when there was a malfunction at the liberty utilities gas plant where propane and air are mixed before it'
7:31 pm
>> at some point the blower that puts that air into the mixture tripped and was no longer putting air into the mixture we were having just propane into the mixture. reporter: and that resulted in just propane being transported exposing them to deadly amounts of carbon monoxide >> if they can smell gas in the buildings or in their homes they should be calling 9-1-1, they should be opening their windows, and they should be vacatiing thehouse. if they are having any symptoms related to light headedness or feeling dizzy, or confused. and if you are home alone it will be hard to determine that. reporter: throughout the day rescue units were responding to the emergency calls from liberty utilty customers who either smelled gas or had symptoms of carbon monoxide exposure >> currently we have operating 33 engine companies, 3 ladder companies, and two rescue companies in the city that are helping with the response to various calls.
7:32 pm
response team tried to get the word out to customers within a 2 mile radius of main street in keene but officials are asking for the public' s help >> check on you neighbors, it' s important to checkon your neighbors. reporter: they will be knocking on doors to make sure that residents are safe. teens will be working throughout the night and into the morning. if you are a customer in you do
7:33 pm
tom: one man is dead, and another hurt, after a tire exploded at the sears auto center in salem this morning. salem police say a sears auto worker was fixing a large truck tire on an industrial tire changer when it blew up. our stephanie woods is at the mall at rockingham park where authorities continue to investigate. reporter: salem police say that the sears auto center here at the mall at rockingham park is closing its doors today and tomorrow, after a deadly explosion this morning took one of its employees. >> they are pretty shaken up by the whole ordeal. when you work closely with someone all day long, it hits you hard. reporter: 22-year-old justin almon of sandown was working at the salem sears auto center just before 8 saturday morning changing a tire on a customer' s truck. but sergeant chad clark says while almon was fixing a large truck tire on an industrial tire changer the tire exploded. >> this was something they do
7:34 pm
and you know, the rim and the tire, the inflation, may have been a little too much, for what the rim and the tire could handle. reporter: when police arrived on the scene they found two men unconscious on the floor with almon suffering from blunt force trauma to the head. salem fire rushed him to parkland medical center. where almon was pronounced dead a short time later. >> he was, he coughed, moved his arm. that' s why he was transported to the hospital. but at the hospital he succumbed to the injuries. reporter: the customer 23-year-old adam sproul of boothbay, maine was airlifted to boston medical center with a serious but non-life-threatening head injury. clark says the salem police department is not investigating if sears auto center were negligent but says that would be under the jurisdiction of the occupational safety and health administration. >> at this point it' s just a work place accident that we' re looking into as far as the police department. reporter: sears released a statement today that says in part. first and foremost, our thoughts and prayers are with the family
7:35 pm
our deepest condolences to them. we also send our thoughts and concerns to our customer who was injured in this tragic accident. >> even when you see it on a regular basis, it' s still, especially this time of year. people have families that they want to go home to and it' s traumatic for us. reporter: salem police and osha continue to investigate the accident. shelley: army ranger corporal andrew aimesbury was laid to rest in dover this morning. his funeral was held at dover baptist church. corporal aimesbury died after being injured during a live-fire training exercise at fort stewart in georgia last week. he joined the army rangers in 2013 and served one tour in afghanistan. aimesbury was born in manchester and is a dover high school graduate. his family currently lives in somersworth. the u.s. army is investigating corporal aimesbury' s death.
7:36 pm
honor of corporal aimesbury. the democratic debate is happening now, the final preparations are underway where the 3 democrats vying for their party' s nomination will face off. it' s their only debate in the granite state and you can watch it live right here on wmur. we have live team coverage right now, including interviews with the moderators, analysis of what to expect and we' ll speak to undecided voters about what they want to hear tonight. political director josh mcelveen and jennifer vaughn are live from saint anselm to anchor our coverage. josh: thanks tom and shelley, we' re less than an hour away from the abc news democratic presidential debate. >> tonight right here on wmur you will see the 3 democratic candidates, former secretary of state hillary clinton vermont senator bernie sanders and former maryland governor martin o'
7:37 pm
it is all happening right here at saint anselm college. >> the candidates are starting to arrive. first up, martin o' malley who just arrived within the last few minutes. o' malley has been stuck in the single-digits in the polls behind clinton and sanders. analysts say tonight' s debate is one of his last chances to make his case to americans as he struggles to gain ground with just six weeks until the first round of voting. and heading into tonight' s showdown controversy erupting at the top of the race after it came to light that the sanders campaign accessed voter data belonging to the clinton campaign. >> in response the democratic national committee cut off the sanders campaign from all of its voter data and then retreated from that position earlier today. it has been sort of here, then there. wmur'
7:38 pm
reaction from all sides. adam: until now the race between clinton and sanders had been relatively tame, with no big blow-ups. that has changed. we had at accusations of theft only democratic debate in new hampshire before the primary. foul after tech staffers with the sanders campaign gained access to its voter information file. both campaigns use the same program and the data is supposed to be separate. for a brief time it wasn' t and the democratic national committee says team sanders made multiple searches of voter info belonging to clinton. clinton' s campaign manager, robby mook, spoke to newsnine this afternoon. >> it' s a disturbing development. this is a major strategic asset of ours and we' re very concerned. all that we' re asking is that the sanders campaign conduct an audit, make sure none of our data is in their systems anymore, and provide a full accounting of what happened and hold those accountable who stole
7:39 pm
reporter: sanders fired one staffer but in response to the breach the dnc blocked all of the sanders campaign' s access to voter data, including its own. after the threat of a lawsuit that access was restored. >> the finally gave us the information we had been asking for so we could begin to assess the depth of the breach where there staffed looked at inappropriately, unauthorized material. reporter: but the sanders campaign says it has now been victimized by the dnc for having its access revoked, even temporarily. it also blames the dnc for allowing the breach to happen. >> clearly some young staffers on our campaign acted with bad judgment and impulsively. we fired one of them and we' re looking and investigating others on the campaign. we' re taking responsibility for it, but the penalty for that should not be the death sentence from the dnc. adam: of course everyone is wondering how this is going to play in the debate, particularly given the fact that sanders
7:40 pm
political interest defended hillary clinton in the first debate over her email scandal. one prominent democrat we spoke with said given how withering -- how intense -- josh and jen, back to you. josh: while things are calm inside the debate hall and here in the media filing center, right now outside, it' s a s mike cronin joins us live where people are rallying in support of their candidate. mike: signs, balloons, and a lot of chanting hundreds of people have braved the chilly weather to support their candidate before tonight' s debate. earlier, busloads of people were arriving throughout the night. for the past couple of hours, clinton o' malley, and sanders , supporters have been rallying at the entrance of saint anselm college.
7:41 pm
urge candidates to talk about how they would fight corporate influence in politics but the majority of people are demonstrating for their candidate. volunteers have come from across the country to manchester tonight excited to hear from each democrat. >> i' m expecting to see what we' ve always seen. someone who knows what she' s talking about, someone who knows how to be president on day one. >> i' m supporting bernie because he' s the only one fighting for the issues that are near and dear to my heart. >> he' s the only candidate in the race with 15 years of executive experience, actually getting things done not just talking about them. he' s raised the minimum wage in maryland, passed marriage equality. reporter: people are beginning to leave. the area will be clear as people watch the debate. >> much more to come on this special edition of news 9 we'
7:42 pm
talk to andy smith to talk about where these democratic presidential candidates stand in the polls people are working harder than perscriptions, child care, or even just buying groceries can be a stretch for too many hillary's plan: raise the minimum wage, get equal pay for women, cut taxes for the middle class, and new incentives for business to share profits with employees those at the top are doing just fine. it's your family that needs a i'm hillary clinton, and i
7:43 pm
jen: welcome back to our continuing coverage of the democratic presidential debate. we' re live inside the media filing center, next to the josh: and right now we' re joined by andy smith with unh survey center. an important night for everybody on this stage. hillary clinton is leading nationally. bernie sanders is the front runner in new hampshire. >> martin o' malley has to decide if he is running for vice president or president. >> talk about favorability because it remains very high for bernie sanders. what is he factor that into? >> he has unbelievably high
7:44 pm
the other thing that comes with that, clinton has high favorability, as well, but she is seen as the least honest candidate. one of the things that the scandal with the webpage is that this is an opportunity for clinton to cut into sanders and that is what we are going to see today. >> how important is that? you talk about bernie leading by 10 points, clinton by 20 points nationally, should bernie sanders have a resounding win here yet code that will be the story. >> winning in new hampshire, if you win in new hampshire you get who doesn' t read beyond new hampshire, the question is whether he has enough support to -- carry him through the following elections. >> we will be watching, as well. >> let'
7:45 pm
changeable skies. some light snow. up north, we have been seeing the snowfall. what has been consistent regardless of the sky conditions has been the brees. snow showers continue to go up north and back to the west. a link affect snow machine continues. the coldest air has yet to arrive. teens and 20' s overnight tonight. there may be a couple of northern spots where wind chill is in the single digits tomorrow. as you can see, the light snow continuing to evolve. there could be a few spots that report three-four inches of accumulation before it winds down tomorrow morning. back into the teens and 20' s as far as the wind chills up north while in southern areas, mid-30'
7:46 pm
wind and gusting over 20-25 miles an hour right now. some of the 100 miles per hour earlier today. back to the west, we will see cold air russian but another moderating trend in setting up as we work our way through midweek and that eventually gets a story christmas or we are looking at temperatures back into the 50' s. it will not be a clean break as far as mostly sunny skies. we will look at a lot of clouds crossed the area with scattered activity will from time but we are not looking at heavy rain at any point. mild temperatures and christmas. this could be near record highs. >> it is not looking like a white christmas. kevin: anything we do see will melt quickly. tom: coming up, our democratic debate coverage continues. we' ll introduce you to the moderators of tonight' s debate, david muir and martha raddatz. political director josh mcelveen asks them what we can expect when candidates face off. shelley: and the democratic
7:47 pm
spotlight today, but many republicans are also campaigning
7:48 pm
>> they believe this will set
7:49 pm
>> their time on stage, what you expect? >> a lot is at stake. we know that bernie sanders has a lead in new hampshire. in every clinton holds the national elite and i think there is a lot at stake for both them, quite frankly. she wants to get her the debate without making waves spirit this is a moment with bernie sanders will have to try to prove himself beyond just new hampshire and make his case of the country went back and obviously national security is a huge component -- >> it is the biggest issue right now to the american public, think of that would all your viewers are talking about, we are all talking about isis, homeland security, we are all wondering how safe we are here and we certainly want to hear the candidates talk about that -- >> in with these debates, this is the third one, although their positions are well known, it really boils to end a choice in contrast with the scan at a speed or >> i think it does propel the we particularly bernie sanders, it is very important for him to
7:50 pm
national, not just here in new hampshire, he feels good about new hampshire, but he wants this to be the national race, the national stage and show his differences with hillary clinton. >> i did there is daylight between these candidates, that is the thing. people have an focused on hillary clinton because she' s been the front-runner for so long but our goal is to get into debate with one another, that is what we call it a debate, it is not about the moderators, although we spent a lot of time together for a few weeks, but our goal is to think about the people in new hampshire and the families across the country gathering for the holidays and trying to think of the questions at they are going to be talking about integrating at their own tables. >> as you know, we track the news every day, if something happens right before, we are going to ask them about it, country -- you talk about all these issues have a talked about about these issues for weeks and weeks and weeks but we still think of new questions that haven' t been answered, new issues that haven' t been addressed or a quick square they, when you were talking to these candidates about the issues and finding out the positions, this is also about finding about character and
7:51 pm
>> character is a huge thing, about trustworthiness, who is the best lead on foreign policy, and as martha pointed out, there is a number of polls out there right now showing i think one in six american saying that a top the list, fear of terrorism on the homefront, jobs still out there but there is an candidates will explain what they will do as president that is different from this current president even though they are the democratic candidate for the white house. >> last few, so much attention has been given to the gop field, a lot of people feel like this is flown beneath the radar, it is a dog fight, but as we examine these candidates, this debate is very important seven weeks before the new hampshire primary, the goal is to really, you know what, one of these people is going to be the other option. >> absolutely. new hampshire looms large, it plays a huge role, how may times have we been standing here in new hampshire and all three of us have new england roots here as reporters in the fields of what happens here in new
7:52 pm
answered here will drive the beginning of this primary the year. candidates are not the only candidates. jeb bush, chris christie, and lindsey graham all caps found in the grand essay today. today, christie and his family greeted a room full of supporters in exeter, focusing his attention on national security, continuing to tout himself as a seasoned leader. >> we spend more time in new hampshire meeting people, recruiting volunteers, and i think your see the results of that. >> in the latest cnn poll christie moved to 3rd place but , donald trump conitnues to have a solid double digit lead on everyone. on that no, we also know that jeb bush was in new hampshire continuing his attacks on donald trump era >> he slammed the republican front runner during a
7:53 pm
chest, donald trump is a jerk. >> thank you. >> he started his day in manchester, the former florida governor joining former manchester mayor discussing what he wanted to hear from the democrats in the night' s debate in >> i would like to hear specific proposals on how we can restore economic growth and how we can destroy isis, but we won' t hear that. >> he went on us in the democratic candidates will under deliver him when he was asked if he would support trump if he' s the nominee, bush said that he intends to be the nominee adding -- so -- adding that new hampshire voters take their job seriously. successful financial -- >> new hampshire is a very busy place to be tonight, no
7:54 pm
josh: and of course you can watch the live debate coverage which is just minutes away right here on wmur. we just learned that bernie sanders has arrived. martin o' malley, a short time ago. life pictures of hillary clinton walking in, as well. we will have a complete rapid analysis on a special edition on news 9.
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