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tv   World News Now  ABC  December 21, 2015 3:05am-4:30am EST

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bodies from the wreckage of a small plane that crashed into an ar chard. air traffic controllers lost contact with the piper saturday afternoon heading from san jose to las vegas. the plane did send out a may day call. weather conditions in the area were cloudy and rainy at the time. today is the 27th industry of one of the worst terror attacks on a mechelle flight. 2 0 people died when a bomb blew up on pan am flight 103 on its way from london to new york. 11 victims were on the ground in lockerbie, scotland. it's believed the bomb was hidden in a suitcase. libya eventually accepted responsibility for the bombing. another air france jet liner diverted because of a terror threat. again it's turning out be a hoax. this time it was a fake bomb discovered by a passenger behind a bathroom mirror board the 777. the blaine on its way from paris to mauritius. passengers were just told there
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kenya. toilet. something like that. >> perhaps it was a theft run looking to see if they can find weak spots in a security system. >> get this, the was made of cardboard, paper and a kitchen timer. this is the fourth bomb threat against air france since the paris attacks costing millions of dollars. >> now to the race for the presidency. donald trump firing back at democrats who made harsh attacks against him. trump also taking height from other gop candidates. it's your voice, your vote with devin dwyer. >> reporter: after the democratic debate, the republican front-runner sapphired back. >> she made it up. >> reporter: on abc's "this week," donald trump attacked hillary clinton for this explosive allegation. >> he is becoming isis's best recruiter.
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videos of donald trump insulting islam and muslims in order to recruit. >> reporter: both the white house and terror experts says say there's no hard evidence isis is using videos to recruit. but the campaign clarified the former secretary of state was not referencing a spec video. trump tweeted hillary clinton lied. i've been right more than anybody else has been right. >> reporter: senator bernie sand areas argued that trump deliberately misleads. >> i say this straightforwardly. i think you have a pathological liar there. much of what he says are lies or gross distortions of reality. >> trump was the biggest target in the new hampshire debate, the only republican candidate called out by name. even his fellow republicans are taking aim at their front runner. >> i was in new jersey on september 11th. and thousands of people simply were not celebrating in jersey city. >> reporter: candidates attacking within and across
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and caucus goers get closer to making a decision. washington. >> we move back to las vegas now for an entirely different story. one that's probably as baffling as it is cringe inducing. >> this was rough. >> this happened last night. miss universe contest. >> when it came time to announce the winner, steve harvey said it was miss colombia. >> so happy for her. >> then the return to the stage a little sheepish. he had to say miss philippines was the actual winner. >> no. >> it was my mistake. it was on the card. horrible mistake. but the right thing i can show it to you right here. the first runner-up is colombia. >> oh. miss philippines you see there in the blue is pia alonzo wurtzbach. she's the third contestant from
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title. officially miss colombia goes first runner-up. this is atrocious. >> steve harvey tweeted and later afterwards and he tweeted, he says what had happened was, words but he messed up. he apologized to miss philippines and miss colombia. of course, we'll have more on this horrible, horrible thing. in the next half hour. >> coming up "the mix," how certain sleep positions can influence your dreams. >> and also ahead, the lottery cheating scandal that started in one state and has spread to dozens. the growing investigation into jackpot winners and later -- >> insomniacs we're in the kitchen this morning with holiday recipes to for your next batch. think shrimp and mini pecan our clothes can stretch ruining them forever. protect your clothes from stretching, fading, and fuzz. it helps protect clothes from the damage of the wash. so your favorite clothes downy fabric conditioner. wash in the wow.
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incredible images from southern china where landslide slammed into this building causing it to collapse. dozens of people are missing in the disaster that swept through an industrial park. the landslide buried or daniels at least 33 buildings. it's the fourth major disaster to hit china this year. the high profile pharmaceutical executive arrested for securities fraud is now speaking out. martin shkreli tells the wall treat "journal" that it was actually his much criticized drug price hikes that led to his arrest. at the time sparnlged outrage
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life saving drug 5,000%. he said the government was him. he now faces up to 20 years in prison if he is convicted. a nationwide investigation involving the loyry and the scheme started with one insider convicted of fixing the numbers in high wa. >> now investigators are looking into whether the scheme extended abc's clayton sandell has the latest. >> reporter: it's the lottery scam prosecutors say took a game of chance, and removed the "chance." >> if you match all five numbers and the hot ball, you win the jackpot. >> reporter: eddie tipton, a former security director at the multistate lottery association, is accused of hacking computers so they'd pick his winning numbers. prosecutors say tipton then asked people he knew, including his brother, to help collect jackpots in colorado, wisconsin and oklahoma. >> those three together totaled about $8 million. >> reporter: investigators say they're now scrutinizing games in as many as 37 states and territories. >> we're looking into any
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associated with eddie tipton across the country. >> reporter: in september, tipton was convicted of scamming the iowa lottery. prosecutors say this surveillance video shows him in disguise buying a ticket that won $16.5 million. >> we, the jury, find the defendant, edward tipton, guilty of fraud. >> reporter: tipton is appealing that conviction but he still faces trial in iowa on the multistate allegations. his attorney says, "there has been no evidence mr. tipton did anything to tamper with any of the computers." in the meantime, lottery officials are beefing up security -- >> each of us have a unique six-digit code to get inside this room. >> reporter: -- hoping to convince the public that games worth $20 billion in revenue to the states can be trusted. >> if people don't trust the honesty of the system, the participation in the lottery is going to dwindle and be jeopardized. >> reporter: clayton sandell, abc news, denver. well coming up in our next half hour, a major warning for
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the major holiday gift under many christmas trees right now and what the faa wants you to do if you plan on flying. but not all drones need apply. we'll tell you why. >> today is a big day with that. first an even more popular pasttime this season. eating. we've got some ways for you to enjoy some fun foods without all the guilt. our "insomniac kitchen" is next. >> is that popcorn. >> i think so. >> and a shrimp lollipop. >> i don't know.
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>> annou okay. so in just a couple weeks, of course, americans will be kicking into gear at the gym trying to lose that extra weight put on over the holidays or over the last year. why wait till then to make a
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>> we're not going to do that segment right before christmas. come on. especially if you have a hard time saying no to treats. apparently trina trinh is in the kitchen for secret ingredients. we'll take it. >> reporter: hey,ive someny yaks, happy holidays. i'm here in the kitchen with peter callahan of peter callahan catering. we're talking holiday entertaining. > that's right, tina. for our first recipe today, it's popcorn but rather than using butter or shortening or vegetable oil, we're going to make it today with a coconut oil. so cocoa, coconut oil. it's organic, refined and cold pressed. >> everybody loves popcorn. let's get to it. >> half the fun is watching it pop. >> yeah. >> you've just got to watch out. once we very popped the popcorn,
3:19 am
ingredients in and you're ready to go. macadamia nuts. we've got shaved coconut to amp up the flavor. the salt. white chocolate that was melted. it's all got sort of a holiday white winter wonnerland thing going. >> mm. very nice. a nice twist on your popcorn. all right. we had some popcorn and now we're moving onto the shrimp. >> now that you've had a little popcorn and want something a little hardyer. we've got here lime juice, orange zest. coconut oil, lemon zest, a little parsley and salt. all he's get dumped in. >> so then you just skew them and bake them, right? >> exactly. about ten minutes in the oven. 350. >> peter, these shrimp look gorgeous. >> thank you. >> that was so fast, too. i'm going to try one.
3:20 am
>> i'll join you. >> mm. i like the lime juice and the citrusiness of it really comes through. cheers. all right. for dessert, we've got some pies but they're cute little pies. >> yeah. >> mini pies. >> exactly. we're going to take this to sort of size it. >> okaying. > for our tart shells. >> now we have these and we're just left with whatever the mix is that goes with the pecans. start off by two of these. >> two pecans. >> two peck ands in the bottom of each one. and then here this all is mixed together. >> so this is all of the bourbon goodness, the brown sugar, corn
3:21 am
>> it's ready to be baked. >> all right. time to taste. mm. nice crunch. but just the right size, too. a little bit of sweetness with your glass of wine. happy holidays. >> happy holidays to you. >> i told you. you can't cut calories around the holidays. >> it's hard to do it. >> what do you think? we gave it to brian. what did you think? >> it's great. >> tony loves it. we offered to jack. jack was like no thanks, i'm driving. it's actually pretty good. >> yeah. an delicious. >> you saw all the fattening stuff. apparently coconut oil is the most weight loss friendly fat out there. >> what does that mean? >> because it's less fattier than the other fats. >> it has like five calories less. >> exactly. so the fatty acids have a powerful effect apparently on your metabolism.
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do i still get the miles? new mucinex sinus-max liquid gels. to unleash max strength medicine. start the relief. ditch the misery. let's end this. okay. now it's time for "the mix." how do you sleep? on your stomach, on your side? >> in the nude. i thought that's where you were going with that. >> good morning. welcome back, kendis gibson. >> whoo. >> all right. >> no, sorry. >> there's a new study out that doesn't talk whether you sleep in the nude or not but talks about whether you sleep on your side or your stomach. >> that's where you're going. >> this was done by the pittsburgh sleep study. and they were saying that if you sleep on your right side, it can be cause nightmares.
3:26 am
side, it tends to cause -- sorry, the left sleeping in the nightmares. that position is on your left side. lefties have bad dreams. righties have better dreams. if you sleep face down, that's the best because you have the most vivid dreams. >> who sleeps face down? >> i don't. >> i don't know either. i don't know how you do that. >> so the big take away, left side bad dreams. nude, you're on your own. >> pop a pair of sox on next time. let's move on. flight attendant on a delta flight so a cat got free on this flight, and this flight actually. cat it was. so the cat started roaming the flight. the attendant who happens to have a cat at home wanted no >> why? speaker. look at her. your cat back. >> she's just looking for some
3:27 am
what's wrong with that? >> she should know on a domestic flight you don't get free dinks or peepts anymore. finally they found the cat owner on that flight. >> listening to beats headphones. didn't hear the overhead page. so the force is pretty strong? texas with the police department. you got to check it out. two police officers decided to pull someone over and guess who comes out of that car. >> is it? >> chewbacca. >> chewy. thank you very much. hans solo and darth vader. apparently one of the officers was in on this joke. the other one was not. >> very cute. >> this video received 2,000 likes and 5,000 shares on the facebook page over in texas. >> awesome. just one quick note from sunday football. you know, o'dell beckham is used to having flashy hair and such. also he has flashy shoes.
3:28 am
wore yesterday. must have been something about the shoes because he had an yesterday.
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breaking news this morning on "world news now." deadly crash. the tragic scene along the vegas strip as a car goes out of control, striking dozens of people. the latest from police. >> your voice, your vote. controversial comments by hillary clinton and the fired up response from donald trump. a new battle for the presidential front-runners. and new this half hour, putting safety first for one of the hottest gifts of the season. >> what drone owners must do starting today to make the skies a little safer. it's a brand-new crackdown. >> and later in "the skinny," the reaction coming in after an unprecedented
3:30 am
of last night's miss universe pageant. the embarrassing blunder and who is taking the fall. it's monday, december 21st. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." good morning, everyone on this monday. i'm reena ninan. >> i'm kendis gibson. we're going to get to all the excitement that took place during the miss universe competition last night. >> what a night. >> yes. a lot of people talking about it. of course, we've got to start on a serious note here. >> we've got some breaking news out of las vegas. it's a deadly incident along the vegas strip which was packed last night with pedestrians. >> police say a woman drove her car up onto the crowded sidewalk in two different locations striking people walking along the way. at least one person was killed and 36 others injured. several of them critically. police have ruled out terrorism but they say it appears to have been an intentional act. the woman is in custody this morning. >> all you could see was her driving away and people are bouncing off the front of the car. you can hear it. the windshield was smashed. she rode the sidewalk and came to a stop at the paris intersection and then she like
3:31 am
trying to get the child out of the back seat. >> well, that toddler in the back seat was uninjured. tests are being done to determine if the woman behind the wheel was under the influence of drugs or alcohol. many of the victims are reportedly french speaking from montreal, canada. >> we're going to turn our focus now to politics. and another week on the presidential campaign trail getting under way. a busy weekend for the democrats who took part in what was a sometimes contentious debate on saturday night. >> they attacked each other, as as well as republican front-runner donald trump. cecilia vega has details. >> reporter: there were three candidates on that stage, and one elephant in that room. >> yes, i apologize. >> reporter: bernie sanders apologizing for his campaign's breach of hillary clinton's private voter database. two more staffers suspended. >> i very much appreciate that comment, bernie. >> reporter: but this was no love fest. clinton and sanders tangling
3:32 am
to gun control. >> arming more people i think is not the appropriate response to terrorism. >> it's a country in which people choose to buy guns. that's the right of people. we have got to bring together the vast majority of the people who do, in fact, believe in sensible gun safety regulations. >> reporter: but they were united tag teaming against former maryland governor martin o'malley, trailing in the polls. >> the flip-flopping political approach of washington that both of my two colleagues on the stage have represented there for the last 40 years. we need common sense gun safety legislation. >> let's calm down a little bit martin. >> let's tell the truth, martin. >> and against the front-runner across the aisle donald trump, perhaps the even bigger elephant in the room. >> and somebody like a trump comes along and says i know the answers. >> he is becoming isis' best recruiter. they are going to people showing
3:33 am
islam and muslims in order to recruit more radical jihadists. >> reporter: her campaign later unable to prove such video exists. clinton delivering a few laughs, too. a late arrival back to the podium during a commercial turned bathroom break. >> sorry. >> and perhaps the most memorable line of the night. >> and may the force be with you. >> and the biggest disagreement of the night came well after the end of the debate. both the clinton and the sanders teams claiming victory. now both sides are headed to iowa this week. those all-important caucuses just six weeks away. cecilia vega, abc news, manchester, new hampshire. >> you heard hillary clinton's charge in the piece that donald trump is showing up in isis recruitment videos. trump wasting no time firing on abc's this week, the republican front-runner made it seem like he wasn't surprised to be attacked by his potential democratic political opponent. >> knowing the clintons and
3:34 am
there's nobody -- she just made it up. she made it up. it was a sound bite. >> best recruiter. >> the top clinton advisor later told george stephanopoulos during the debate, clinton wasn't referring to a specific isis video which includes trump but said he's being used by isis as propaganda. >> the angry ceo of air france whoever was responsible for the latest bomb threat against its airline. a passenger found a fake bomb behind a lavatory mirror. the boeing was diverted as a result to kenya. passengers aboard the flight were evacuated. some of those passengers were being questioned because air france says the decoy wasn't there before departure. the townhouse occupied by the san bernardino shooters has been cleared out. members of sayed farook's family bought a u haul truck this weekend after a plywood board was removed from the entrance. a team of movers loaded furniture and appliances as well
3:35 am
town house once again. the family didn't answer any questions. there's now a $5,000 reward for the so-called affluenza teen. ethan couch failed to check in with a probation officer nine days ago. he was spared jail time for a deadly drunken driving accident after his defense successfully argued he was too rich and spoiled to understand what he was doing. his mother is listed as a missing person, as well but could face criminal charges. >> a hike through the woods of new jersey turned into a harrowing experience for three boy scouts when their scout master walked right into the lair of a hibernating bear. the scouts may have saved their scout masser's life. gloria riviera has the story. >> reporter: a desperate rescue mission in the new jersey woods. >> we have a gentleman in the cave with a bear. he has been injured by the bear. >> reporter: a police chopper circling overhead spots a possible distress sign. >> they also have started a fire possibly for a smoke signal.
3:36 am
help. >> he is bleeding from his neck, >> i heard the sirens, thought the helicopter was looking for just circling around and around. >> reporter: rescuers are able and the three boy scouts to safety. that troop leader taken to a local hospital with non-life threatening injuries. it's the second attack in this area in just over a year. a college student was killed by a black bear about 20 minutes from here. the surging bear population and close encounters like this one, outside an elementary school, prompting controversial hunts from new jersey to florida. the local mayor says the attack happened when the group was exploring a cave. it was the three scouts that ran out and called 911. gloria riviera, abc news, rockaway, new jersey. fish and wildlife officers believe the bear was only protecting her hibernation spot. that scout master 50-year-old
3:37 am
treated for bites and scratches. to his scalp and his legs. >> rail travelers between new york and philadelphia may be a little safer now. amtrak has now activated a new crash prevention system between control of a train that is traveling too fast. a derailment last may killed eight passengers and injured hundreds of others. the speed limit through a tight curve. today or early this week could be delayed by storms. >> the first in a series of storms now hitting northern california and the pacific northwest. here's paul williams at accuweather. good morning, paul. >> thanks, reena, kendis. northwest the misery with the snow showers and rapid firing storms causing more in the way of snow delays throughout the western side of the country and throughout the upper elevations up to even two feet of snow in some areas. and then along the east, warmer than usual weather, yeah, but the tradeoff, scattered showers and thunderstorms, even a chance of flooding along the coastal
3:38 am
it starts monday from chicago down toward st. louis and spreads the wealth of rain towards the east targeting the northeast. kendis, reena? >> paul. thanks. well, the nfl playoff picture is becoming more clear. one team we know is now in. the arizona cardinals. >> it was a fathered feathered affair last night in philadelphia with the cardinals facing the eagles, but really, only one team, arizona was flying high, got three touchdowns from david johnson by the time john brown caught a 16-yard touch down in the third, game over. cardinals the nfc west champs and they actually won it, 40-17. incredible night. >> that means the redskins could clinch next week. amazing. >> the way the break down is, the afc playoffs, patriots and bengals, and steelers, broncos, chiefs, texans make up the rest of the field. >> that sounded right somehow. >> two weeks of games to go. >> the steelers, yeah. >> oh, yeah.
3:39 am
>> nice. all right. >> take that, denver, is what he said. >> right. good. >> thank you for isolating all of denver but coming up in "the skinny." >> we love our broncos. >> coming up in "the skinny," the jaw-dropping mistake during the final moments of the miss universe pageant and who is taking the blame. >> and today's the day drone registration began. so the government can track devices that go rogue. what you need to know. and the new skills for santa. to make the holiday perfect for some very special kids. you're watching "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now" weather, brought to you by febreze. ht to you by febreze. yeah, so? it stinks in here. you've got to wash this whole room are you kidding? wash it? let's wash it with febreze. for all the things you can't wash, use... ...febreze fabric refresher hey mrs. webber inhales hey, it smells nice in here
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a close call. wow, captured on surveillance camera. this is in tacoma, washington. a pickup truck crashing down a hillside, landing feet away from the guest bedroom. the driver climbs out of the truck and quickly flees. the homeowner says that is no one wants to sleep there anymore. understandably. the only signs of the incident, a small tire mark on the wall. and some debris stuck in the trees. well, a warning for anyone considering buying a drone for christmas. starting today, you have to register it with the government. >> yeah, the faa wants to keep tabs on anyone who owns one of those. that means some of your personal information will be available to the public. abc's devin dwyer has the details. >> reporter: they're one of the hottest gifts of the season and biggest headaches for law enforcement. starting monday if you own a drone weighing over half a pound, you'll have to register online with the faa.
3:44 am
national registry of folks who are owners of drones and use -- users of drones. >> reporter: it will cost five bucks to sign up, but the faa is making registration free for the first 30 days. you give them your name, address, e-mail and credit card information. the feds give you a tracking number to clearly display on your drone. kids as young as 13 will have to have their parents register for them. as more drones swarm the skies, the government wants greater accountability and responsibility for pilots after growing numbers of dangerous close calls. >> we almost got hit by a drone just about 20 feet. >> reporter: drones flying above california's forest fires forced the grounding of tankers battling the blaze. they've sent the white house noose lockdown and startled spectators at the u.s. open back in september. >> that's going to cause a halt in play for the moment. >> reporter: if your drone goes rogue, it's new tracking number will help authorities and even
3:45 am
a new searchable public database will list your full name and home address. if you don't register your drone, you could face steep fines up to $250,000 and potentially three years in prison. drone pilots will have to carry certificates with them. lest you think the grinch will steal all the fun, the faa says most small toy drones under $100 are light enough they don't need registration. devin dwyer, abc news, washington. >> good advice. small toy drones don't need to be registered. >> that's good to know. coming up, the epic disaster of an ending to last night's miss universe pageant. >> and the reality star getting let out of jail just in time for christmas. "the skinny" up next.
3:46 am
continues after this from our tt2w`tsi`r4# bt@qr l tt2w`tsi`r4# "a@qb,( tt2w`tsi`r4# bm@qi'$ tt4w`tsi`r4#" dztq $$\ tt4w`tsi`r4#" entq t <
3:47 am
tt4w`tsi`r4#" hnt& ])( tt4w`tsi`r4#" iztq 7@p tt4w`tsi`r4#" jntq %00 tt4w`tsi`r4#" lzt& =]l skinny, so skinny okay. leading us off this morning, the miss universe competition arguably the most awkward ending to a pageant ever. the night started off well. lots of beautiful female women of earth representing the best of the universe including miss halley's comet wearing swimsuits and evening gowns. >> miss halley's comet. get it? it's a miss universe contest. all right. also being put on the spot asked to weigh in on the pressing issues of the world like terrorism and gun control. miss usa had a good answer to gun control after thoughtful
3:48 am
crowned miss universe. ariadna gutierrez was barely finished waving her flag and blowing kisses to the crowd when the host steve harvey stepped in and said what happened was -- >> i have to apologize. the first runner-up is colombia. miss universe 2015 is philippines. >> yeah. there was really no good way to do this, but he made up and told them he had it wrong. harvey quickly turned to twitter to express his regret and apologize but he messed up again spelling colombia wrong. he also seemingly fell victim to auto correct, spelling philippines like the biblical philippians. >> harvey quickly deleted this tweet and retweeted it with the
3:49 am
can you imagine being the guy who had to tell him, mr. harvey, you messed up yet again. >> i would not go visit colombia anytime soon. the whole entire country is probably upset, steve harvey. >> i should point out, steve just tweeted, by the way, this breaking news that the new alvin movie was number one at the box office this weekend. >> what? >> let's move on. >> big news for reality tv star teresa giudice. the real housewives star is actually released from prison. you may remember she was convicted of fraud along with her husband. she has a 15-month sentence. and she's coming home to her four daughters just in time for christmas. her attorney telling abc news she's not going to go to a halfway house. she'll be able to spend christmas with her family. whatever you feel about teresa, it is good news for her daughters who clearly it has been a rough year for them. >> absolutely. what do you think of the lyrics you're insecure, don't know what for, you're turning heads when you walk through the door. don't need makeup to cover up. bring the way that you are is
3:50 am
that's what makes you beautiful. favorite group. >> it's genius. that is genius. zayn malik from one direction over the weekend, it's great. zayn over the weekend was just ripping on one direction's music saying that the band just stifled his creativity throughout the whole writing process. he says many of their songs were very generic and boring. those are fighting words to the throngs of -- for all the 1 d fans. >> oh. >> so simon cowell finally said. >> did he? >> he bowed in on sunday. mind you, simon signed zayn to his record label-- claimses in an interview with the mirror that creating the band's songs was a very, very democratic process, and he called it a bit rude to the people who wrote all the hits with them. okay. and we've got some breaking news
3:51 am
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nothing will stand in our way. >> that's right. nothing can stand in the way of "star wars: the force awakens" hitting hyperspeed and flying past the records for biggest opening weekend of all time. >> pulling in $238 million in domestic sales. alvin and sisters falling far behind despite that steve harvey tweet. >> the steve harvey thing escapes me. but if you believe the force, then perhaps you believe in santa. parents know taking a picture on the big man's lap isn't always easy. >> yeah, it's really tough especially when the child has autism. but one santa is coming to the
3:55 am
here's abc's john donvan. >> reporter: santa with the family. the photo, easier said than done, but especially when the kids have autism. which is why some parents usually don't even try. like mom stephanie mullen. >> i wasn't planning on doing pictures with santa at all this year because it's just too hard. >> reporter: and kristin fairfax. >> we tried last year. >> reporter: but then they heard about this santa claus. and maybe you've seen the photo, posted by autism speaks. it's been everywhere this month. santa connecting with a kid with autism at the simons mall in charlotte, north carolina by getting down on the floor. he attended the noerr project's santa school in colorado where one of the lessons is working with kids with disabilities. this santa, his real name is -- well, sorry. it's just going to stay santa. >> i've known for years that working with children on their level is an appropriate and a
3:56 am
>> reporter: he uses snow globes to hook the kids' attention, as he did with addie. plays a harmonica, as he did with this little guy, lane. so here is what the mullen family got for christmas. their oldest girl here on the left has autism. they got this picture. same for the fairfax family. the shot they came for? they got it. john donvan, abc news, washington. very cool. >> you never think about all these families who don't get to get that picture with santa. what an incredible effort by these santa clauses. >> it's already difficult for most parents so to see them be able to do that. >> so true. so true. >> good to have you back. >> it's good to have this moment back. that's the news for this half hour. but for once, one more time, we relive the glory, the moment that we like to say winning.
3:57 am
good morning. i'm reena ninan. >> i'm kendis gibson. some of our top stories on this morning. we're following here on "world news now." a war of words on the campaign trail between hillary clinton and donald trump. in saturday night's debate, clinton said trump was being used in isis recruitment videos. trump's response, she made it up. details straight ahead. a boy scout leader is recovering from being mauled by a bear in the woods of new jersey. he was saved by three quick thinking boy scouts who called for help after he led them into a cave where the bear was apparently hibernating. >> dozens of people are missing following a landslide, collapses and burying buildings at an industrial park in southern china.
3:58 am
either knocked on their side or collapsed entirely. this was a doozy. an embarrassing moment at last night's miss universe contest. first miss colombia crowned as the winner, then the host steve harvey had to admit he made a philippines was the actual winner. harvey owned it. calling it human error. and those are some of our top stories on this monday, december 21st. >> announcer: from abc news, >> we do say good monday morning. we're going to get started this half hour with the race for the candidates were back on the campaign trail for a couple of >> the major talking point debate was hillary clinton's charge that donald trump was being used in isis videos. trump not taking that all too lightly at all. it's your voice, your vote. abc's devin dwyer with the details. >> reporter: at the democrats'
3:59 am
candidate was mentioned by name. >> donald trump. >> donald trump. >> donald trump. >> reporter: on abc's "this week," donald trump fired back taking on hillary clinton's explosive allegation that trump is showing up in isis recruitment videos. >> knowing the clintons and knowing hillary, but there's no -- there's nobody -- she just made it up. i mean, she made it up. it was a sound bite. >> reporter: after the clinton campaign couldn't provide hard evidence of videos, a top clinton adviser, pressed by george stephanopoulos, tried to clarify. >> she didn't have a particular video in mind, but he's being used in social media. >> reporter: it wasn't the only clinton moment that made waves. >> we now finally are where we need to be. we have a strategy and a commitment to go after isis. >> reporter: jeb bush turning her comment into a campaign attack video. >> america has had enough of empty words of declarations detached from reality. >> reporter: as the struggling candidate also lashed out at the gop front-runner. >> just one other thing, i've got to get this off of my chest. donald trump is a jerk. >> reporter: trump seems happy to have friends elsewhere. >> if putin wants to call me
4:00 am
he said which were, frankly, very nice, i'll accept that. >> reporter: meanwhile, his rivals marco rubio and ted cruz are in an all-out brawl over immigration. >> i oppose amnesty. i oppose citizenship. i oppose legalization. period. the end. >> the fact of the matter is that on multiple issues, he's changed his position multiple times. >> reporter: it's a battle for second place nationally as trump heads into the holidays with a solid lead. the next chance the candidates have to debate face to face is mid-january. devin dwyer, abc news, washington. >> thank you so much. we've been following breaking las vegas. a deadly incident along the city's strip. pedestrians walking around there. actually drove her car up onto locations one running people down along the way. police say it appears to have been an intentional act and they're ruling out terrorism. the woman behind the wheel is in custody and being tested for drugs and alcohol. at least one person was killed, 36 others injured, several of
4:01 am
a toddler was in the back seat unhurt. many of the victims were french speakers visiting from montreal. morning. also in the west, rescuers in bakersfield, california, have pulled five bodies from the wreckage of a small plane that crashed into an orchard. air traffic controllers lost contact with the single engine as it was heading from san jose the plane did send out a may day call. the faa is still looking into the cause of the crash. weather conditions in the area were cloudy and rainy at the time. and also in california, two southwest airlines jets bumped into each other at bob hope airport in burbank. one of the jets was pushing away from a gate sunday when it bumped into another plane parked at a neighboring gate. both planes were removed from service to inspect for damage. what appeared to be a bomb on board an air france flight crowded with holiday travelers prompted an emergency landing in kenya. a passenger found the device
4:02 am
lavatory. the airplane was already on high alert since the paris attacks. >> reporter: the stranded air france plane sat on the tarmac in kenya, a sign of how successful this hoax was. a boeing 777 carrying 473 passengers and crew, en route to a passenger discovered a suspicious object in the lavatory and the plane diverted for mombassa. there was no panic. passengers were told there was a technical problem. >> something wrong in the toilet. like, it could be like a bomb, something like that. >> reporter: according to kenyan media, this is it. a sinister-looking construction with a timer on top. when the plane landed safely, passengers were evacuated by emergency slides. six were detained for questioning. but investigators quickly determined it was all just a false alarm. the thing was just cardboard, paper and a clock said air
4:03 am
the object in question was not capable of causing an explosion, he said. u.s. government analysis of the device concluded it was obviously meant to look like a bomb. >> perhaps this was a test run for terrorists looking to see if they can find weak spots in a security system. >> reporter: air france has been the target of four bomb alerts in the past 15 days. three on flights over the u.s. after the paris attacks, the french are on edge. and whoever this hoaxer is clearly knew it. terry moran, abc news, london. our thanks to terry there. the mother of the so-called affluenza teen is now a missing person. ethan crouch failed to report to a probation officer earlier this month. his mother hasn't been seen since either. there is now a reward for the 128-year-old crouch. he was given probation rather than a prison sentence for a drunk driving accident that killed four people in texas. his lawyers argued he was too spoiled to be responsible. police in madison, wisconsin are searching for the gunman who triggered a panic inside a
4:04 am
before christmas. the mall was put on lockdown as thousands of shoppers were sent scrambling for safety. story. >> reporter: fear and chaos at this madison, wisconsin, mall on saturday, one of the busiest shopping days of the year. running for cover as police rushed to the scene. >> there is possibly reported one or two shots fired. there were 10 to 15 people fighting. >> reporter: brian haigh was working at the mall when a brawl broke out on saturday. >> i saw a lot of people panicking and running. they thought it was a big bang, but then when they saw two guys running, that's when they were like, oh, someone got shot. >> reporter: he pulled out his cell phone and captured another worker helping a young man on the ground who had been shot. the 19-year-old was sent to the hospital with a leg wound. >> they come here to go shopping for christmas, and then guns ring out inside the middle of the mall. it's just ridiculous. >> reporter: many shoppers fearing the worst. the mall going into lockdown for more than three hours. >> this has nothing to do with a mass shooting.
4:05 am
>> reporter: but that's exactly what tactical teams here in madison train for, once a month. like so many departments across the country, long before that deadly attack in san bernardino. police here are still investigating this weekend's shooting. but the mall is now back open for what will be a very busy phillip mena, abc news, madison, wisconsin. thank you. the pharmaceutical executive arrested for securities fraud says the government's out to get him. martin shkreli tells "the wall street journal" he was arrested for raising the cost of a life saving drug 5,000 percent. he says the government was "trying to find anything to stop him." screwly has maintained a high profile, even holding a five-hour live stream over the weekend. many of those holiday cards and packages mailed last week are arriving today. the postal service says today is the busiest delivery day of the year. the agency expects to deliver more than 30 million parcels
4:06 am
time christmas rolls around. the forecast by the way, 600 million packages before the holidays are done or 10.5% more than last year. >> are you one of those who requested delivery? >> i do order things late at night, but yeah. that's what we do. >> okay. and where better to fight the darkside than at church. that was the idea two pastors in training for the "star wars" service. they carried lightsabers. some of the congregants dressed up as their favorite characters. the service included a clip from one of the earlier "star wars" films. the pastors obviously both big fans say there are many parallels between the bible and "star wars." i got to hear this one. >> there are a lot of people actually did say that over the years that there was something religious in essence about -- >> i thought there was a -- is that it? >> just a lightsaber. >> i thought we would hear
4:07 am
-- >> there is -- it's been one of those things over the years that have talked about the mythology of "star wars" and the bible. >> "star wars" and the good book. this is the first parallel i've heard about the two. >> no, there is a force. >> there is a force. who exactly is darth vader? never mind. >> yeah. >> coming up, turning unwanted gift cards into cash and how you can even make a profit. >> also ahead, i am exhausted and back from my airline mileage run. an exhausting attempt to rack up frequent flyer points and problem. >> that's where i was. >> and trying to set a record with lightsaber. a colorful attempt right here on earth, not on a set of "star wars." >> first the forecast map and this tweet from steve harvey. actually the seahawks won this patriots. seahawks. >> "world news now" weather, brought to you by mucinex.
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starting today, anyone with one of these little guys, a drone weighing more than half a pound, must register it. it will cost five bucks to sign up but the faa is waiving the fee for the first 30 days. once registered, you will then be given a tracking number to help regulators keep tabs on rogue drones. you can face a $50,000 fine for failing to register. >> apparent sign of the times a new report shows a growing number of americans are not going to the bank. at least not in person. says nearly four in ten americans haven't visited a bank or credit union branch in at least six months. regardless of age or gender, however, the report indicates that the more affluent and educated you are, the more likely you are to visit a bank branch in person. and also you get your free lollipop. >> they have free lollipops. >> clearly you don't go to banks. >> not that much. >> i've got young children.
4:11 am
come with mama to the bank. get a free lollipop. >> it is the season of giving. so there's a good chance you're going to be buying or receiving a gift card. but many of them just end up in a drawer and never get used. >> so true. i've got some from my wedding six years ago. never used them. before you toss those cards into the black hole of your junk drawer, you should know there's other options. abc's linzie janis explains. >> reporter: it's the present that almost everyone gets, a gift card. >> i love receiving gift cards. >> reporter: they're so popular. $130 billion are expected to be loaded on to them this year. they can be used to purchase anything from a meal to clothing. one company even allowing you to give the gift of stock in major corporations. but what if the card you get doesn't suit you? >> probably re-gift it. >> reporter: you may not know it but you can turn it into cash. websites like and will buy your unwanted gift cards and give you
4:12 am
>> that sounds like a fantastic idea. >> reporter: and some malls and grocery stores have machines like this one, making that swap for cash even easier. whether you keep your card or trade it in, consumer expert lauren lyons cole says do it soon. >> the gift card won't expire until five years from the date of purchase, so you do have plenty of time to use it, but you might get hit with inactivity fees or you might lose the gift card. >> reporter: in fact, so many of us misplace or waste gift cards, according to one study, $750 million went unredeemed last year. and that's why our expert says the most popular gift card of all is a bankcard. it's like a prepaid credit card, and can be used almost anywhere. linzie janis, abc news, new york. >> bank cards, remember that, kendis. >> it's a popular gift. sales after gift cards have risen $124 million this year alone.
4:13 am
kind of hit that -- >> i should look into it, huh? >> i should regift those gift cards. >> yes. coming up, globe trotting with yours truly. >> we'll follow kendis, this is pretty incredible, his whirlwind vacation and find out why he did it. it was kind of a vacation. >> it was torture. >> no, it was -- you're watching "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now" continues after this from our
4:14 am
we're so glad to have kendis back. he took a little time off because you treated it like a job but -- >> i'm just glad they didn't use a darth vader theme there. that's right. i went to a special place that many people try to avoid this time of year. and well, actually lots of them. also i can receive some pretty incredible benefits that frequent flyers enjoy. take a look. >> reporter: i'm on a mission. i need to fly 14,000 miles before the end of this month. and it won't be easy. millions of other travelers will be taking to the skies this holiday season. one of the busiest travel times of the year. why would i do something so crazy? because i need the miles to reach the next level status with
4:15 am
i'm planning what's called a mileage run. >> there's two main types of mileage runs. the first is to accrue miles cheaply. the second type of mileage run is with the focus of elite status so that you have all those benefits for the entire next year. >> reporter: here at jfk, i meet with brian kelley, one of the sorts of tricks of the trade. professional to enjoy the perks of airline status. >> it's all types of travelers. you can enjoy the lounge like it the person who paid $5,000 for their ticket. >> i'm going to take six consecutive flights starting in new york city, on to seattle, down to anchorage, alaska, down to phoenix, cross-country to charlotte, overseas to san juan is, puerto rico and back to new york city all in 52 hours. 40 hours to go. 19 hours into this trip. but unfortunately for me, it
4:16 am
>> i'm still 400 points short. i could cry right now. a lot of airlines these days are reducing the amount of miles you earn so that cheap economy tickets are not earning as much. there are ways to save on your holiday travel this year. tip one, be flexible on your schedule. >> it may make sense to drive to another airport. that's how you get prices down. >> reporter: tip number two, consider using a low cost carrier. a ticket. do the math and see what the total price will be to fly. >> reporter: and if all else fails,tive number three, use frequent flyer miles. >> airlines release a ton of frequent flyer award availability over the holidays >> reporter: as for my mileage run, success and my airline status coming days later, thanks to yet another flight to miami. >> it looked incredible. >> it was a lot of fun. alaska was absolutely amazing. anchorage, the people i just got to see anchorage for about eight a couple quick travel tips i
4:17 am
travelers. say you don't want your seat mate to put their seat back. they usually turn the air toward their seat mate so they won't bring their seat back. >> does that work? >> it's kind of mean. what? work? >> it's kind of mean. write down this number now. right now, people are receiving this free information kit for guaranteed acceptance life insurance with a rate lock through the colonial penn program. if you are on a fixed income, learn about affordable whole life insurance that guarantees your rate can never increase for any reason. if you did not receive your information, call this number now. your acceptance is guaranteed, with no health questions. stand by to learn more. >> i'm alex trebek, here to tell you about a popular life insurance plan with a rate lock that locks in your rate for life so it can never increase. did you get your free information kit? if not, please call
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our graphics department did didn't they? love that one. so many colorful "star wars" lightsabers, so little time. >> we're now talking about a scene from the blockbuster "the force awakens." we're talking about an attempt by fans to break a world record. kabc's melissa mcbride has the story. >> begin. from the darkside. >> reporter: it's a battle of epic proportions. "star wars" fans gather to break a record for the world's largest lightsaber battle over 24 hours. >> this is something we wanted
4:21 am
she wanted to battle. she says she's brave and wants to be a jedi. >> reporter: some of those who hold the colorful fantasy weapon are highly skilled at taking down their opponents. >> i've won all of them. all 20. >> you don't understand that the only way you really win is by having fun. that's the true power of the jedi. enjoy yourself. whatever you do, do it with all your heart with all the joy. >> reporter: lifelong fans say being here with others who share their passion creates an incredible energy. >> it's just really nice to be able to come out and just be with other people who feel the same way that you do. you just get to be someone that you don't usually get to be during your regular workweek. >> reporter: melissa mcbride, abc 7, eyewitness news. >> we do have highlights of another jedi in the making. kendis, look at you honing in your lightsaber skills. you look good. >> i'm wearing a really tight t-shirt there. yes.
4:22 am
that was cool. this was a jedi academy that takes place every thursday here in new york city. it really gets packed with people and you know, i really was hurting that guy there. >> i can tell. so what would your jedi name be? >> maybe lando calrissian. >> lando who? >> that's taken. >> that's taken. was he a jedi? >> i would call you jedi kenny g. >> i like that. >> you like that jedi kenny g? >> jedi kenny g. >> chicks dig it. what can i say? >> oh, boy. >> should point out steve harvey just tweeted dewey defeats truman. >> you are never going to let that poor man live that down. >> it's funny. >> that's the news for this half hour, folks. >> remember to follow us on
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