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tv   News 9 Daybreak  ABC  December 21, 2015 6:00am-7:00am EST

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the 2016 cadillac escalade. >> she said, mommy, are we going to get killed? erin: all schools in nashua are closed. now the fbi is involved. many parents are on edge. governor maggie hassan is calling for an investigation in to liberty utilities after a problem with propane service in keene over the weekend. she wants the investigation to start today. kevin: after a winter chill, temperatures start moderating. possible warmth by the end of the week. erin: one person is dead and dozens injured after a car plowed in to the strip in las vegas. witnesses say the car
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a second time. >> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now wmur "news 9 daybreak." erin: good morning, new hampshire. we hope you had a wonderful weekend. thanks for starting your week off with us. i'm erin fehlau. looks like we're going to be in for quite a few chances of rain this week. kevin with a look at what we're expecting. kevin: after a chilly weekend, we start off chilly this morning. only moderate from here through the middle and end portions. several rain chances as well. we start off with quite a few clouds out there. cloudy in to the afternoon. a few breaks. you'll notice there suspect a lot of shower those clouds. we're in the upper range of the teens. we're in the lower 30's in southern areas. highs today in the 30's to lower range of the 50's. not done there through midweek. coming up. let's look at your monday morning ride.
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good morning, deb. deb: good morning. if you are commuting, everything looks great to and from the upper valley. also 93 north and south is moving very well down to salem. we're not seeing any delays right now on the everett turnpike, 101, or on 111. if you are starting your early morning commute heading in to boston, 93 south is heavy and congested. this report is brought to you by peter's honda, nissan, and kia of nashua. from the traffic network, i'm deb davidson for 95.7 wzid. erin: thank you. all schools in the city of nashua are closed after the district superintendent says that they received a detailed threat to harm students and staff at both north and south high schools. the fbi has now joined the investigation after that e-mail was received yesterday. wmur's ray brewer is
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with more on the threat and also the response. good morning, ray. ray: good morning, erin. we just saw a nashua police car go through the parking lot here and around the school even though the schools are closed today. police say they will be increasing their patrols. last night the state police bomb squad was here at nashua north. officials are releasing few details about the nature of the threat other than to say it was an e-mail and mentioned violence to hurt students. they also say they can't tell if the threat was credible or not. shortly after 6:00, the district put out 14,000 automated phone calls announcing all 17 schools in nashua would be closed. decision. they seem to be frequently. they are very disruptive on many different levels. >> me as a parent, it fears me and scares me. i don't want to send my
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have them come back home to me. ray: now officials say that the threat was only directed toward the two high schools in nashua. they are being very careful and closing all of the schools in the city. two private schools are closed. officials say they don't know where the threat came from. the superintendent says he does expect schools to re-open tomorrow. live in nashua, ray brewer. erin: all right. thank you. the state is keeping a close eye on the situation in nashua. officials say at this time there are no threats to any other schools or businesses in new hampshire. governor hassan released a statement last night saying that state police and state emergency management officials are working with local and federal investigators on this. she added quote public safety is any government's most important responsibility, especially at our schools. we will continue to monitor the situation and work together at the state, local, and federal levels to investigate the threat and keep our communities safe. we will continue to
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we will bring you any updates on the air and online at >> at this point, we're treating this as an intentional act. erin: one person is dead and dozens injuries included several critically after a car plowed in to a crowd of pedestrians at least twice. the driver has been detained. reena ninan is following the terrifying scene. >> tragedy in sin city. >> oh my god, what is going on. this is las vegas. you know, this is christmas. >> over night the vegas strip shut down. a female driver crashing in to a crowd near paris, las vegas. planet hollywood is the venue. >> you can see people bouncing off. >> witnesses say the driver hit a group of people and drove up on the sidewalk hitting more people. >> it looked like she wasn't even trying to stop the car. she had both of her hands on the wheel. she was looking straightforward.
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this was an intentional act. >> they confirmed a child was inside the car. >> we do know that there was a toddler inside vehicle with the driver who is three years old. that toddler is unharmed. reporter: before driving off, witnesses jumping in to action trying to stop the driver from causing more harm been >> people were punching the window trying to get the child out. >> a witness says this was around where he was standing when he saw a car. my photographer is going to show you when he saw a car come up right here, drive very fast up here, and right there where you see the yellow cones. that is where we are told 37 people were injured according to officials. >> the woman was eventually take none to custody. tests are being done to determine if she was under the influence of
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erin: here in new hampshire, a cooking problem sparked a two alarm fire yesterday that forced 13 people from their homes. when firefighters arrived about 2:30, they found heavy fire on the first floor of the three story building with flames spreading up the outside. one resident suffered some minor burns to his a firefighter was injury. the man accused of setting a car on fire last week is due in court this morning. police say 33-year-old conrad parent iii admitted to torching the car. the flames spread to the masonic temple. he does know the owner of the car. maggie hassan is calling for the public utilities to open a full investigation in to liberty utilities. the move comes after a problem caused the company to send pure propane to more than 1,200 customers over the weekend, exposing them
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levels of carbon monoxide. >> it is really, really important that all of our gas systems work and are safe. that's what we want to focus on. erin: a sportsman says they have been communicating throughout the emergency and they expected the governor to call for an investigation like one this. a man is due in court after what appears to be a drive-by shooting. michael filinuk is charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. he was driving past a shopping plaza in rutland when he shot a woman about had get in to her car. filinuk quickly turned himself in to police. a vermont woman accused of attacking her roommate with a hammer is also due in court
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69-year-old fiona gordon-mcleod is charged with attempted murder. she called to say she had bludgeoned her roommate. still to come, talk about a great christmas present. more than 100 new hampshire soldiers are home with their families this morning for the first time in nine months. the force is strong. the star wars movie is breaking all kinds of office. ahead at 6:30, three people are now facing charges after a terrifying home invasion in franklin.
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kevin: monday morning, december 21st. plenty of clouds and a couple of breaks in the overcast. two rain chances and record warmth at the end of the week will be the highlight of the shorter workweek. details in the forecast coming up. erin: all schools in nashua are closed today due to a threat of violence against students at both the high schools in the district. the fbi has joined the investigation. police are going to have extra patrols at all of the schools in nashua today. they are still not sure credible. the superintendent says he expects that all public schools will be 115 new hampshire morning. just in time for the holidays. members of the new
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are home. they ran artillery support in support of spartan shield. >> my father-in-law came and grabbed me. i saw my son for the months and my wife. blessing. it is a better feeling than the first one. i'm just thankful for family and friends who supported us all while we've been here and -- while we've been gone. it is a great feeling. erin: they are happy to be home. another 250 members will expected to return home year. it is 6:13. coming up, it is a all enjoy. gas prices falling to years. we're going to check out the newest national park. don't worry, officials
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erin: welcome back. the most polluted cite in the country is now a national park. the manhattan project in washington state is home to the first full-sized nuclear reactor along with two ghost towns which were evacuated to make room for the effort to develop an atomic bomb. officials say everything on the tour is perfectly safe with any radioactivity materials miles away from where allowed. the force awakened in a very big way this weekend. the new star wars movie brought in a staggering $238 million in the first weekend making it the biggest north american debut of all time, easily beating the previous record that was world." you can expect the movie to continue setting new
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the new movie by "alvin and the chipmunks" is very, very, very distant $13 million. the national average of $2 a gallon is the lowest since april of 2009. more than two-thirds are now selling gas for more than $2. here in new hampshire the average is still $2.02. that's 55 cents lower. the prices may continue to fall. drones are flying off of the shelves these days with more than $1 million expected to enter the private sector over the next year. starting today you can't launch your drone. before you take off, you need to register the drone with the faa. each drone will be given a tracking number to be entered in to a database. registration costs $5. there are many, many impressive christmas light displays all over the state.
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can see. we spotted the truck lit up in manchester last night. how about that? we would love to see your favorite displays. show us your lights on our u local page at you can check out pictures of other displays as well. if you have a great display like this one, take a little video and send it our way. we may use just it on kevin: why not. milder temperatures. we get a brief reprieve after christmas. you have about a week if you want to take the lights down before we get snow cover. then you have to wait until march or april. or sometimes may around here. erin: i know; right? kevin: we start off with clouds. temperatures back up in there weren't many areas that did that. two rounds of rain. one tomorrow afternoon another one wednesday and early on thursday. eventually brings in record warmth.
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eve. temperatures up in to the 50's to 60's christmas day. likely in the 50's before we start cooling off by the end of the week in to the weekend. there's a lot of high clouds this morning. really not much in the way of moisture. you'll notice a few flurries is a possibility up north with temperatures in the teens and 20's. this is the next system. that arrives again later tomorrow afternoon and in to tomorrow evening. ahead of that, plenty of clouds and a few breaks. temperatures in to the afternoon up in to the 40's. we want you to notice washington. that's with a fresh eight and a half inches of accumulation over the weekend. they will continue to warm up first. then the rest of us realize that in to the breeze developing today out of the southwest. southwest. that's where the weather systems are coming from. two systems in the next 48 hours. most. couple of lower 50's a possibility with a few breaks as a possibility in south eastern areas. it will be in the upper 30's up north. the breeze that through
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then any breaks in the overcast this evening giving way to more clouds early tomorrow. there might be a stray shower. the best chances later in to tomorrow evening. after a brief break early on wednesday morning, we have another system arriving. that one looks to be late wednesday and early thursday morning. it is behind that system that the warmth continues to make its way in from the southwest. record highs looking likely right now for concord and portsmouth. temperatures in the 50's and 60's and remaining in the 50's for christmas day. both of those days after the rain winds down and look cry. from there, we'll start to cool off. 40's for most today. fading back later on tonight. as far as the forecast is concerned, it is onward and upward temperature-wise peaking on christmas eve with highs in the 50's to mid 60's. we'll still be in the 50's on friday for christmas day.
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you are headed to midnight mass will be in the 40's. from there, we'll cool off again. partial sunshine and showers on sunday. temperatures slipping back. i think the at or above normal temperatures remain until we get snow on the ground. that will be the dividing line. you need cool air in place for it to snow. snowball effect. it is monday. i'm not thinking. erin: mountains would love to have snow on the ground. kevin: there's no big systems promising that on the maps. erin: it will come. kevin: it has to. erin: we check the roads and in with ray brewer this morning. ray: here in nashua all of the schools in the city have been closed after the school district received a threat. officials are saying little about the nature of the threat other than it was contained and against student and staff at the two high
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they decided to close all the schools in the city. the fbi has been called in to assist in the investigation. the superintendent of schools in nashua says they haven't determine whether or not the threat was credible. he expecting the students will be back in classes tomorrow. erin: maggie hassan is calling for the public utilities commission to open the full investigation in to liberty utilities. the move comes after a problem caused the company to send pure propane to more than 1,200 customers over the weekend. investigators say a cooking problem sparked the two alarm fire in nashua yesterday. that force the 13 people from their homes. two people were treated for minor injuries after the flames broke out. coming up, it can be hard to decide which candidate to vote for in an election. residents in one russian
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people are working harder than ever, but the everyday cost of perscriptions, child care, or even just buying groceries can be a stretch for too many families. hillary's plan: raise the minimum wage, get equal pay for women, cut taxes for the middle class, and new incentives for business to share profits with employees instead of just rewarding ceos. those at the top are doing just fine. it's your family that needs a raise. i'm hillary clinton, and i
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erin: this is interesting. russian residents are set to elect a new mayor. a late entry hopes to be the purr-fect fit. perfect because it is a siamese sat, barsik. the poll shows the cat has much as 90% support. kevin: barsik is actively campaigning and running with a message against political corruption. erin: that's something people are getting behind there in the russian city. okay. coming up, there are she is. or which one was it? oh, dear. there was a problem. they announced the wrong winner at the miss
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the patriots rolling again and clinched the first-round bye with a
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>> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now wmur "news 9 daybreak". erin: good morning. it is monday, december 21st. we're seeing some red and green lights there on the bridge. 34 degrees in portsmouth. we're going to look at after the top stories. we are following a developing story in nashua. today all schools in the city are closed after the superintendent says that officials received a threat of violence staff members. we will have a live report. also three people charged in connection with a home invasion in
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to face a judge today. and manchester firefighters say that an unattended frying pan is to blame for sparking a fire that left four people displaced. outside we're going to see a lot of rain kevin: there's going to be two systems. after a chilly weekend, peaking on thursday. there. a lot of them high, thin clouds. we should break apart to mostly cloudy skies. there are more clouds afternoon. it should allow temperatures to warm up from the seasonally chilly conditions we have this morning. 40's to lower 50's. the first of the two systems aliving. erin: all right. we want to check the roads. we have a live look for you at 93. this is from the common man camera in windham. kevin: we're joined live by deb davidson. good morning, deb. deb: good morning. all major roads in the state of new hampshire are currently moving well and up to speed.
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problems whatsoever. we're going to experience or expect some delays later on on 93 south at the rockingham mall exit. also on the northbound side up in tilton. the everett turnpike is moving well. we're expecting delays around exit 11 which is the merrimack premium outlet exit. if you are commuting in to massachusetts, it is a slow go over to a crash at exit 26. this report is brought to you by peter's honda, nissan, and kia of nashua. from the traffic network, i'm deb davidson for 95.7 wzid. erin: thank you. now back to the developing story. all schools are closed today because of a threat. they received a detailed threat to harm students and staff members. now all schools in the city are closed today. ray brewer live in
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details. ray: the school district contacted police after receiving the e-mail threat on sunday. the threat directed against the two high schools. the state police bomb squad was also here at nashua north. >> they've not been able to determine at this time whether or not the threat is credible. since they can't rule out that it might be a credible threat, we decided to take the cautious course of action and close all of the schools. ray: around 6:15, the nashua school district sent out 14,000 automated phone calls saying the 11,400 students as well as teachers and staff will not have class on monday. at this time, police are not releasing details about the threat that prompted the school closures. it consistented of someone threatening to take action to hurt students. >> it is a tough decision to make. these seem to be going on throughout the country. they seem to be happening more
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they are disruptive on many different levels. any time you have a threat directed toward a school, it doesn't hurt this bring in additional resources as precautions. ray: some of the parents are worried about senting their children back to school on tuesday. >> me as a parent it fears me and it scares me. i don't want to send my kids to school and not have them come back home to me. ray: parents add they don't know what to tell their children. >> he asked why did they close small? i say a threat. >> she asked me mommy, are we going to get killed? ray: two private schools are also closed today. the superintendent says he does expect the students will be back in class tomorrow. reporting live in nashua, ray brewer, wmur flus 9. erin: thank you.
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helping to assess the threat which has prompted a response from the state officials. >> certainly all threats have to be taking seriously until proven otherwise. at this point, the good news is that we don't feel as though there's any threat to any other schools other than the ones that were mentioned by nashua. erin: maggie hassan is responding. she said i have been in contact with play your lozeau and the state police and state emergency management. officials are working with the nashua police department, local public safety officials, and the fbi. three people charged in connection with a violence home invasion are due in court today. dominic ferrari and trenton mcdonald are facing armed robbery and criminal threatening. tasha lebeau is charged as an accomplice to commit robbery. the suspects went in to a home armed with guns
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he managed to escape. they received reports of an injured man running between houses on nelson street. the victim passed out, but not before describing how he was injured before fleeing his apartment. >> he ran to the back deck which was a second floor, jumped off the deck, and ran through the woods about 200 yards down to nelson street. erin: the victim was flown to the hospital with serious but non-life threatening injuries. they got a description of the pickup truck. it was reported stolen and numerous weapons were found inside. firefighters in manchester say an unintended frying pan sparked a fire. the flames broke out shortly after 8:00. firefighters say the second floor apartment was destroyed and the first floor sustained smoke and water damage. one person suffered
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>> everyone is evacuated before our arrival. firefighters had to rescue one cat from the first floor. there were four cats. they did get three out on their own before the arrival. erin: the red cross is assisting the four people that were displaced by the fire. they responded to a fire at cactus jack's. they think it started in the hood system in the kitchen. the restaurant was evacuated. no word on the extent of the damage. a 14-year-old boy is recovering after falling 150 feet off of cliff. fish and game officials say the teen from north wood was taking pictures on the top of the cliff when he slipped on icy rocks. the teen was flown to the hospital. there's no word this morning on the extent of his injuries. a 17-year-old is accused of selling stolen firearms. they recovers four
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somersworth and rollinsford. the suspect is being treated as a juvenile. coming up, a nationwide investigation in to the lottery. authorities trying to determine if a scheme may have extended to dozens of states. and major mishap. steve harvey accidently announced the wrong winner. kevin: a lot of clouds filing in. all of the details of
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kevin: starting off with a sunrise. not quite as chilly. we'll have a breeze. it is a helping breeze out of the southwest. the beginnings of a warming trend that builds through christmas eve and christmas day. the details coming up. erin: all right. 6:41. we continue to follow a developing story out of nashua. all schools are closed today due to a threat. the superintendent says that officials received that threat of violence on sunday directed toward nashua's high schools. the fbi says it is helping nashua police assess the threat.
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to be open tomorrow. in commitment 2016 news, there's no holiday break for the presidential candidates as they put in more time today on the campaign trail. democrats coming off another debate. the republicans are jockeying for positions. nikole killion is in washington. nikole: donald trump and ted cruz continue to solidify the leads. cruz leads in iowa. trump is ahead in new hampshire and south carolina. mr. rivals are now aiming their crews over his stance on immigration. democrats turn their attention to trump. hillary clinton alleged he's becoming a recruiting tool in videos for isis. trump responded by calling clinton a liar. she didn't have a particular video in mind when she made the claim but defend it as a fair
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in washington, nikole killion, wmur news 9. erin: thank you. several candidates will be in new hampshire today. jeb bush will hold a town hall in alton. chris christie is scheduled to make an appearance in hollis, pelham, and new london, carson will be in manchester and concord. john kasich has stops planned in portsmouth, rockchester and concord. a 4-year-old boy was killed over the weekend in a fire in his home. firefighters were called shortly after 11:00. when crews went inside, they found 4-year-old caleb nardilliol.
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i can't wait for santa to come. erin: it was the scene of another deadly fire more than 60 years ago. a mother and eight children were killed in a fire there. rescuers in china continue to search for at least 91 people who were missing after a landslide buried dozens of buildings. a man made mountain swept through an industrial park. the landslide covered an area of one million square feet with up to 20 feet of mud. a nationwide investigation involving the lottery is now under way. >> if people don't trust the honesty of the system, the participation is going to be dwindle. erin: authorities are investigating a scheme that started with eddie tipton. she was convicted of hacking in to computers in iowa so they would pick his winning
6:36 am
tipton asked people that he knew, including his brother, to help collect the jackpots. they are looking in to games in dozens of other mistakes. there was a major mistake at the miss universe pageant. host steve harvey accidently announced the wrong winner. >> miss universe 2015 is: columbia. i have to apologize. the first runner up is columbia. miss universe 2015 is: philippines. erin: can you believe that? the drama. miss columbia had been crowned when the mistake was announced. harvey says he takes full responsibility for correctly. wow.
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entered the week as the top team in the afc. they came out with a first round bye. they earned it with the win combined with the broncos loss in pittsburgh. they passed to rob gronkowski for the touchdown. the defense over marcus early on. chandler jones forced a fumble. new england forced three turnovers. the patriots went on to win 23-16. they play at jets next sunday. the bruins were back on their home ice on sunday hosting the new jersey devils. boston got on the board first with a goal by loui erikkson. lee stempniak redistricted. it tied the game. the game went through a
6:38 am
before ryan spooner scored the only goal. the bruins win this one 2-1. they are going to host st. louis tomorrow. there's a new professional women's hockey league. the boston pride played at the buffalo buttes yesterday. there's some local talent on the boston team like hillary knight. knight scored the only goal of the game leading boston to the 1-0 win. some people in norway are really getting in to the spirit of giving. they launched a campaign to give part of the mountain in their country to their neighbors in finland. the gift would mark the 100-year anniversary of finish independence. finland has no high mountains of its own. the head of the norwegian mapping authority has expressed support. they are going to get part of the mountain. erin: if you don't have it, you don't have it. like in iowa.
6:39 am
mountain, you don't have a mountain. erin: now they will. kevin: that was very nice. it is quite the gift. we start off with a lot of clouds. just a couple of breaks in the overcast allowing for that to pink sky in the morning. that's an indication of an approaching system. we will run the risk of a passing shower today, there should be a lot of dry hours. it will be a back and forth between the overcast sky and the breaks that are back to the west. it is a steady stream of clouds that arrive tomorrow afternoon. ahead of that early this morning, temperatures chilly. not too bad to take. we're near the freezing mark. mid and upper 20's to near 30 in the monadnock region. lakes region, mid 20's this morning. plenty of clouds putting a lid on temperatures falling to the levels that we've had. even up in the north country, temperatures starting off in the
6:40 am
in the upper 20's on top of mt. washington. a sign of warmer temperatures to come. lies from the upper 30's chance. even there there should be a lot of dry hours. parts of the state. 50's. look for a breeze to start picking up out of the southwest at 10-20 plus miles an hour and a sign of the milder temperatures. we're going to continue on having a couple of systems move in from the southwest along with that warming breeze. as i mention 38 to 52 today. back and forth between an overcast sky and a few breaks here and there through the afternoon. any sort of breaks that we have in the overcast during the evening and overnight hours win out to clouds. showers moving through. a couple of heavier downpours are a responsibility. temperatures in the 40's to lower range of the 50's. which is where we'll be on wednesday. a little bit of sunshine to start the day only to watch the next system
6:41 am
southwesterly direction. this one could have a couple of downpours around on wednesday. as this wraps up, the flow continues out of the southwest. it allows temperatures to work their way up in to the 50's to mid 60's. falling back through the 50's through your 24th evening. by the time we get to the 25th after any chances of showers wind down, we're talking partial sunshine. temperatures in the 50's for christmas day. here's a look at it. no huge storm systems. a couple of downpour chances for us. one later tomorrow. another one later on wednesday and wednesday night. again we clear the decks early on thursday setting up the warmer temperatures that are around through christmas day. there's a front coming through. it shouldn't have any moisture with it. once it goes by, cooler
6:42 am
erin: all right. santa won't have to wear the rain slicker after all. kevin: maybe not even rudolph. erin: and the red coat? a dining space inside a ginger bread house inside the lobby. look at this. the entire structure is edible. it can seat up to six people. it has a working fireplace. that's not made out of ginger bread. pretty awesome. it is 6:51. still ahead, a final check on your top stories including a concerning situation in nashua. all schools in the city are closed today due to a threat. and our u local hot shot photo of the morning for you, the medal winning wrestlers got a chance to meet stephen tyler. how cool is that?
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for lynn's family, four hundred dollars a month in medical and drug costs for other families it's higher deductibles, premiums and co-pays that's why we've got to crack down on price gouging, cap out-of-pocket costs, and fast track approval of less expensive because we've got to get health care costs under control for lynn's family i'm hillary clinton and i
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erin: it is now 6:55. stories. all schools in nashua are closed today as authorities investigation a threat. here's ray brewer. ray: officials releasing few details about the threat other than it was contained in an e-mail and threatened to harm students and staff at the two high schools as a precaution. the school superintendent decided to shut down all of the schools in the district investigate. the fbi has been called in to assist. the superintendent says he anticipates all tomorrow. erin: three people charged with a home invasion is scheduled to face a judge today. dominic ferrari and trenton mcdonald are accused of entering a
6:45 am
man with a gun. tasha lebeau is charged as an accomplice. they are calling for the utilities to open a full investigation in to liberties. the problem caused the company to send pure propane to more than 1,200 customers in keene. and a man accused of setting a car on fire in farmington last week is due in court this morning. with arson. he admitted to setting the fire which spread to the farmington masonic temple. conference a lot of clouds have been bilged. after a seasonally chilly start, we jump in. nothing but milder temperatures. these numbers usually for the seven-day forecast normal high is 35.
6:46 am
64 and 58. unbelievable. kevin: how about is that? another mild christmas eve and christmas day. erin: all right. coming up next, they are going to have more details on the lottery investigation that we told you about right here on "daybreak." authorities are trying to determine if a scheme to fix numbers may have states. they are also going to have the very latest on that mistake made at the misuniverse pageant. they are going to have the latest on that.
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we'll see you back here paris: there's a lot to do on a dairy farm. nobody's gonna do it for you. you have to get out there and do it yourself. friend of family farms.
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