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tv   News 9 Daybreak  ABC  December 23, 2015 5:00am-6:00am EST

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erin: now on daybreak, life in prison. that is the sentence to be handed down today against the man convicted of killing a member 18 last year. -- madbury teen last year. state officials have an important reminder for anyone applying to use marijuana. hayley: warm air surges up toward us. how warm it is going to be today and during christmas coming up. erin: a woman is accused of using her a ural son to help shoplift -- eight-year-old son to shoplift in salem. like we do.
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good morning to you. erin: we are in for some more rain out there today. kind of record warmth for the holiday. haley is in for kevin today. christmas? hayley: i have to say, it is going to be crazy warm -- especially for christmas eve. we are going to shatter records set in the 1800s. s. we could break records by over happen every day. we do have some visibility issues if you are heading out this morning. fog is very thick in some spots. visibility is down below a mile. take it easy on your drive. maybe your last work before the break.
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rain should hold off until the latter part of the day. the 50' s later today. we are starting the big climb. i will have more on the forecast in a couple minutes. for a look at the morning drive, s deb davidson. good morning. deb: good morning. right now, we are starting the morning commute with a problem - it is closed in both directions. a car has hit a utility pole and the wires in the pole -- and the pole are down. it will be closed during the morning commute. be aware of icy bridges and the blinking board signs. allow extra time on all major
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if you are commuting into mass, everything is looking good. this report is being brought to you by peters honda, kia, and nissan of nashua. from the wzid traffic network, i' m deb davidson for 95.7 wzid. erin: thank you so much. a rochester man convicted of first-degree murder in the stabbing death of a madbury teen will be sentenced today. tristan wolusky is the third killing of aaron wilkinson. ray brewer is here with more. ray: because he was convicted of first-degree murder, 19-year-old tristan wolusky faces a mandatory sentence of life in prison without the possibility of parole. he was convicted in october of this last -- of this year, excuse me -- of stabbing 18-year-old aaron wilkinson. he appealed his conviction. two other men pleaded guilty to second-degree murder in exchange for their testimony against tristan wolusky. prosecutors say the men killed
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trying to rob him. his body was dumped on the side of the road in maine. sentencing is scheduled for 9:00 this morning in dover. erin: thank you. the red cross is helping two people after flames destroyed a home in line borough -- light borough -- lydeborough last night. two and a half years after the new hampshire legislature approved medical marijuana, state health officials will start sending outpatient cards next week -- out patient cards next week. the cards allow people to buy 2.5 ounces of marijuana. the cards will bear a watermark and photo id of the patient. 40 cards will be sent out next week.
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>> if we don' t get a complete application or an application that has been filled out correctly, it will delay our ability to issue a card. the state hopes -- erin: the state hopes to spencer he' s will open in early spring. -- dispensaries will open in early spring. salem police say a woman was caught on camera shoplifting working with two people, including her eight-year-old son. adelaida jordan was arrested for shoplifting. see, her son, and her niece phil descartes with items -- phil descartes -- filled a cart with items.
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-- her rock-bottom. hopefully, she can make better choices moving forward. erin: she has been ordered to stay out of stores in salem. she has two prior shoplifting convictions. the war of words between donald ramping up. are not offensive. many disagree. kenneth: donald trump fired back at the media overnight for his use of a folder termto describe hillary clinton' s 2018 -- 2008 loss. the bleeped word refers to the male anatomy. on urban dictionary, it is described as a sexually degrading app. on last night, he tweeted she got beaten badly. then he blamed the media. >> it is important to stand up
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>> donald trump is very upset. it is very hard for him to deal with. i don' t know his relationship with women in his life. he has discovered that women go to the bathroom. [laughter] kenneth: sanders making light of trump' s attack on clinton. it is not the first time trump' s comments have insulted women. his public battles with megyn kelly and carly fiorina made headlines earlier this year. >> it is the mark of a man who has no respect for women whatsoever. kenneth: female supporters are sticking with trump. >> i don' t think he is insulting to women. i think there are a lot of women who are very insulting to other women and to men out there. kenneth: the latest national poll has trump still on top. six in 10 women voters would be
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their commander-in-chief. erin: still to come, providing much-needed services. >> this is really a haven for kids and families. erin: a new shelter is the first of its kind in the state, offering support to homeless families. state health officials are doing everything they can to get the results back for hundreds of people tested in connection with a contaminated well. police in londonderry want to know who was throwing filled water bottles at passing
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praised as one of america's best mayors who governed as a pragmatist. bernie sanders passed more amendments in a republican congress than any other member. cracked the gridlock with john mccain to strengthen veterans' healthcare. bernie sanders. a consistent, principled, and effective leader. building a future to believe in. sanders: i'm bernie sanders
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hayley: good morning, new hampshire. this is a live look at colebrook. i want to warn you that there are some areas north of concord where we have some black ice.
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ok, but many areas are hovering right around freezing. a lot of the wet roadways could be frozen over this morning. we will warm up today and tomorrow. erin: thank you so much. a new homeless shelter will open in manchester and it is the first of its kind in the state. hundreds of people helped to celebrate the new emergency family shelter on lake avenue. the project was led by families in transition. it offers several services, including one room -- a lot more. living quarters are private with individual bedrooms. >> it is about helping people get on their feet and move into our society and community. erin: there are individual bathrooms, as well.
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be referred to other locations. will start mailing test results next month to people who were part of the second round of testing for possible contamination connected to a well at pease. more than 1100 people submitted blood samples during the second round of testing. coming up, the mbta is facing serious financial problems and that could cost commuters some extra money. it seems like every time you turn around these days, you see something about "star wars." that includes a message from yoda, if you are driving in vermont. hillary clinton has what it takes to stand up to the republicans and the gun lobby.
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how many people before we actually act... before we come together as a nation? i'm hillary clinton
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erin: a homeless woman faces several charges including murder after she intentionally crashed
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pedestrians on the las vegas strip. 24-year-old lakeisha holloway is due in court today and prosecutors expect to file more charges. she swerved into a packed sidewalk several times, killing one person and injuring 35 others. three victims are still in critical condition. a 19-year-old man is recovering after spending 60 hours buried in the rubble from a massive landslide in china. it took rescue crews five hours to pull him to safely -- safety. 70 people are still missing in that mudslide. a popular traffic app is getting a test run in new hampshire. waze lets users report road conditions to transportation officials to help them decide where to send cloud trucks. it will also track where those plows are.
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in new hampshire, maine, and vermont this season. commuters in boston are being ride the t. they say everything is on the table right now, including a 10% fare hike next year. the tea is facing a deficit in the next six months. they are also cracking down on absenteeism and excess overtime. this a 24% of all mbta workers have earned more than $100,000 this year alone. i officials and vermont are hoping the force will help them keep -- highway officials in vermont are hoping the force will help them keep people safe. they say, "drink and drive? path
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>> there is a bit of doom in that message and i think that is what people need to realize. something bad will happen. erin: transportation officials say it was a challenge to come with a message. pictures have been viewed more than a million times on facebook. drivers in massachusetts are for christmas. police are reminding you that texting behind the wheel will get you on the naughty list. they are definitely getting drivers' attention. hayley: yeah, and at least they are not warning about wintry weather. erin: it is so unusual this time of year. hayley: a lot of people are breathing a sigh of relief. you don' t have to worry about that on top of the shopping and the cookies.
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it is like piece suit -- pea soup in some areas. in portsmouth, you have wet roadways and some fog, as well. temperatures are dangerously close to freezing in a lot of locations. of locations. this is the visibility' s across the area. you can see a lot of us down below and mile visibility. 1.3 miles visibility in nashua. manchester reporting good visibility. i wouldn' t be surprised if there could be some spotty areas where the fog is particularly thick. if you are heading into work, give yourself annexed next her couple minutes. 31 degrees in concord.
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these areas up into tilton, the lakes region, there could be black ice, certainly on the secondary roadways. the careful with that. -- be careful with that. it is going to be a milder day today and more so tomorrow. clouds filling in. we have another system on the way. if you are sick of the doom and gloom of the rain and the drizzle, we will get most of the daylight hours where it will be dry. we will get more heavy rain overnight tonight and during the early part of christmas eve tomorrow. look at the temperatures. this is the big story that everybody is talking about. the average child for december, 34 degrees -- the average high for december, 34 degrees. it is going to feel like a spring day tomorrow with high
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easily cracking old temperatures set back in 1800' s. today, mostly cloudy. by the evening commute, some drizzle may be starting up. it is going to pour in a lot of spots overnight tonight. hanging around. it looks like santa' s ride -- it looks like santa' s ride into new hampshire should be clear. for the holiday shopping forecast, this is for today. foggy in the morning. cloudy skies. temperatures warming up into the low 50' s. tonight will cool into the 40' s. 66, tomorrow, for christmas eve. christmas day will be sunny. erin: that is so unusual to have this kind of weather.
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erin: thank you. we want to check in on her top stories. ray: the third person convicted in connection with the murder of a mad very teen -- madbury teen will be sentenced today. tristan wolusky faces a mandatory sentence of life in prison without the possibility of parole. he was convicted of stabbing 18-year-old aaron wilkinson in june 2014. he has appealed his conviction. erin: fire destroyed a home last night. it is unclear how that fire sparked. state health officials will start sending out medical week. the cards allow qualifying patients or their caregiver to legally buy up to two ounces of
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erin: welcome back. hayley: there is a live look in meredith with all the christmas lights. it is 32 degrees. very close to freezing in those areas, especially into the lakes region' s. along with thick fog. the roads. to go. to go. he can now run on regular jet fuel if the reindeer get tired.
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million miles. that would require 45 million gallons of jet fuel at a cost of $54 million. erin: let' s hope that the reindeer are in tiptop shape, so he does not have to use the fuel. norad is getting ready to track santa as he delivers gifts to kids around the world. hayley: now you can also track santa online. about 125,000 kids are expected to call. this year, some of the calls will actually be forwarded to first lady michelle obama, so that she can provide updates. what a fun thing. special phone that goes directly to st. nick. hayley: she' s got connections. s
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turns out his eyes change colors. find out why a school lunch lady
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>> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now, wmur news 9 daybreak. erin: good morning to you on this wednesday, december 23rd. we are seeing the red and green lights on the bridge. we are seeing a lot of fog out there this morning. it is pretty dense. top stories. the rochester man convicted of first-degree murder in the stabbing death of a madbury teen ' s sentence to be scheduled
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the milton public safety association is collecting donations for a family of four the lost everything they own in a fire last night area the people responsible for throwing water bottles of cars. hayley: from concord and northward, i would be very careful. manchester southward into portsmouth, temperatures are warm enough that wet pavement is just wet. the other issue for commuters is the fog. it is really thick in some spots. take it easy on your way into
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today is the last day for the the break. leaving school in 2015. erin: those temperatures around freezing. we have not had a lot of treating of the road. it can be slick. here is a live look. camera. the morning drive, we are joined live right -- by 95.7 wzid' s deb davidson. deb: the department of transportation just told me that they are treating the roads especially in the higher elevations. fog is also a factor out there this morning.
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are also seeing some foggy conditions in massachusetts, but the major roads are moving well and are up to speed. this report is being brought to you by peters honda, kia, and nissan of nashua. from the wzid traffic network, i' m deb davidson for 95.7 wzid. erin: thank you. the rochester man convicted of murdering a madbury teen is set to be sentenced today. tristan wolusky was found guilty in october of first-degree murder in the 2014 stabbing death of aaron wilkinson. ray brewer joins us live in our studio with a preview of today' s sentencing. ray: 19-year-old tristan wolusky will spend life in prison without the possibility of parole. he and two other men were armed with knives and machetes when they leeward aaron wilkinson robbing him.
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dumped his body in maine. the two other suspects testified against tristan wolusky after reaching a plea deal. years to life in prison. s attorney stand. in the studio, ray brewer, wmur news 9. erin: right now, a section of route 85 in exeter is closed due to a crash. the accident happened last night. a car took down a pole and some wires and repairs are under way. there is no word on whether anyone was hurt. firefighters in milton are trying to figure out what caused a fire that left a family of four homeless just three days before christmas. officials say the family, which includes a set of twins in
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the milton public safety association is connect the desk collecting donations to help the the family out. people in newmarket are coming together to help another family in a fire that started yesterday morning. officials say it was likely caused by a kitchen appliance. s dog was killed in the fire. firefighters are accepting donations through today. the search is on for whomever is throwing filled water bottles at vehicles in londonderry. one incident was caught on dash cam. investigators say this happened five times over the weekend. two of the cars now have
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>> somebody is not expecting to have an object flying at their vehicle. at night, it is more difficult to see. erin: police say this is a serious crime and the person responsible could face reckless conduct and criminal mischief charges. swansea police are on the lookout for an armed robber. the man took off after getting some cash. two fugitives wanted in new hampshire have been captured by u.s. marshals. 27-year-old michael masterson, who is a documented gang member, was arrested in ashland on monday morning. he was wanted for failing to appear for a jail sentence hearing. later that day, u.s. marshals captured 25-year-old laura
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two people were arrested during a drug bust in hampton. 34-year-old melissa coffey is charged with sale of a controlled drug and 35-year-old jai lebron is charged with possession with the intent to sell. during this investigation, they say they seized marijuana, heroin, mushrooms, and cash. additional charges are expected. several hundred firefighters and rescue personnel gathered at the honor one of their own. 62-year-old robert pregoff died unexpectedly. he was a fire captain and instructor at the academy. he was devoted to his work, family, friends, and making people laugh. >> he was my first love. me. he always said the right thing
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>> he would do the thinking and then he would put me in motion and stand back and laugh. he could get you to do anything. [laughter] erin: he served for the fire department for 25 years and at the new hampshire fire academy for 10 years. a funeral service is being held for the men killed in an accident at the auto center in salem. justin almon suffered fatal injuries when a large tire exploded. graveside service is being held this morning. coming up, a big disappointment for some families in massachusetts. >> i took the lights off of it and everything. my son is like, don' t get rid of it. erin: we are going to explain why they were ordered to get
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a bizarre situation at an airport in south carolina. a coyote made its way into the baggage terminal. hayley: some of the day today, we will get to see it little bit of sunshine. clouds filled back in and the warm temperatures coming in with the next storm system.
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hayley: good morning. there is a live look at a pretty christmas tree in concord. be very careful in concord and areas to the north and west. we have reports of slick spots on the north highways. by midday, we will lose the fog. heavy rain by late this afternoon. erin: family and friends are remembering six american soldiers killed this week in a suicide bombing in afghanistan. the six died in an attack at a joint patrol. andrea spencer shows us how the troops are being remembered -- andrew spencer shows us how the troops are being remembered.
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>> he was funny, thoughtful, a good family man. >> his father spoke to him via skype if you weeks ago. >> i had no idea where he was. >> he says his son did not want them to worry. >> he seemed to be in good spirits, a little melancholy because he was not home for the holidays. >> to aub and five other american soldiers died in a suicide bombing. among them, one who fought against the don' t tell policy. >> it was always a blessing to have him in my life. he was a good man. he loves his family, his country. he died doing what he wanted to do. >> the other victims include
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>> he had great compassion for others. he wanted to do well. nypd. children. erin: more than 3000 inmates in washington state have been mistakenly released early from prison due to a computer glitch. the issue has been happening for 13 years of the governor is ordering an immediate fix. one inmate got out 600 days too soon, it is not yet known if they re-offended in the days they should have been in prison. some people in massachusetts are upset after they were ordered to throw out their christmas decorations. the homeless families are being put up in temporary housing and they say that inspectors told
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nonflammable, artificial trees, are a safety hazard. they were ordered to get rid of them days before christmas. >> they knocked on my door and wanted to inspect. he looked to my tree and he said, that has to go. i said, what? she said, the tree has to go. >> not only with the families told to get rid of their trees, they were told that they could not hang anything on walls, including stockings. a school lunch lady in idaho says she is out of a job for giving you free milk to a child. she says she was working as a server when a 12-year-old girl told her she did not have any lunch money and was hungry. the woman decided to give her reported her. she was put on leave and then she got a letter saying that she was terminated for theft. >> the kid cannot pay for a
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meal, and a person is punished for feeding that kid? somebody has got it wrong. something is not right. >> my heart hurts. i truly loved my job. i can' t say or wouldn' t do it again. erin: she has no hired an attorney and an online petition is now circulating in her favor. an unusual sight in the sky grabbed the attention of people on the west coast. >> that is scary. erin: this mysterious bright light was spotted moving across the sky last night. many people thought it may be a meteor or a ufo, but the light was actually russian space debris reentering the atmosphere. in sports, the boston bruins
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blues at td garden last night. fifth straight win. the game was scoreless until the third period. to grasp -- the bruins were good in the net, though. jake allen stopped all 32 of boston' s shots and the blues went on to win. seven new england patriots were selected to be in the propyl yesterday -- pro bowl yesterday. super bowl hero malcolm butler made the propyl for the first time. rob gronkowski and stephen bowl. straight year. travelers in south carolina got a huge surprise when a wild
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a wily coyote made its way to the baggage terminal. an airport spokesman says they don' t know how it got in. they say it may have walked through one of the airport doors like anyone else. i bet there were a lot of people who were like, i don' t need my luggage today. i' m ok with that. hayley: can you imagine turning the corner and seeing that guy? you would think he was a dog or something. a lot of people traveling, of course. erin: a huge day for travel. hayley: we will talk and little bit about what the weather is like across the nation in a second. we want to talk about what is happening locally. there is a live look at dublin. the could be black ice in areas of concord, up into the lakes region.
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in sanbornton, we have good visibility, but there is thick fog in patches across the state this morning. concord, a half-mile of visibility. below it mile in lebanon, keene, jeffrey. on top of the fog, we also have some cool temperatures. there is a dense fog advisory a.m. be careful of the fog as you are driving into work. with the temperatures, you can see 31 in concord. 32, laconia. with the temperatures hovering around freezing, you could get some black ice. walkways, driveways, those are the areas that could have black ice to a lot of other areas well above freezing. nashua down into portsmouth, temperatures are in the mid and upper 30'
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syracuse, state college pa, temperatures are in the low 40' s. warm air is surging in off to the west of us. lots of clouds in the northeast. if you are traveling by road, you shouldn' t have any issues, except for some late day rain coming in. if you are traveling by air, there may be issues into chicago and the southeastern part of the u.s. and out in the rockies. the really are not any storm systems across the u.s.. 51 degrees will be the high temperature today. we get a huge boost. today, we will have lots of
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in the afternoon, some drizzle will start to form. heavier rain showers overnight. earlier tomorrow morning, it will be a little gloomy. that is we will see temperatures s. clear skies for santa' s arrival overnight. on christmas morning, bright and sunny. today, it will be cloudy with some p.m. drizzle and rain. the heaviest rain comes in after dark. then, we will have lingering showers on christmas morning before we clear out. christmas looks good. we will have sunshine, temperatures in the 50' s. over the weekend, in the 40' s. incredible the next two days. erin: 60' s. crazy. you almost don' t need a jacket. rudolph, the reindeer'
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his eyes actually change color. we now know that thanks to the curious daughter of a dartmouth college professor, unlike most of mammals, reindeer can see ultraviolet light. they also have reflective tissue in their eyes cut, that their eyes glow gold in the summer, but changed to deep lew -- blue in the winter. rudolph first appeared in a 1939 book that was written by a dartmouth graduate. his brother-in-law wrote the song "rudolph the red nose reindeer." erin: i did not realize there was a dartmouth connection. still ahead, a chance to own a piece of hollywood history. the only trans am to survive the filming of "smokey and the
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paris: there's a lot to do on a dairy farm. nobody's gonna do it for you. you have to get out there and do it yourself. bernie sanders is a well-known friend of family farms. bernie cannot be bought out by big money. bernie's opinion cannot be purchased. it's time for our next president to get in there, roll up his sleeves, take off the gloves, and take on wall street, take on big business, take on big money, and get the working class back to where they should be. he's a rock. sanders: i'm bernie sanders
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most overpaid actor. that is according to forbes magazine. depp returns just a $1.24 for every dollar he was paid for recent movies. that puts him ahead of denzel washington. washington returns $6.50 for every dollar earned. hayley: i thought "black mass" did pretty well. i don' t know. erin: a piece of hollywood history is going up for auction next year. the only trans am to survive the filming of "smokey and the bandit" is being sold. the car was used for promotions and was not used in the film or its sequels. hayley: the other cars were so badly damaged in the filming that they had to be destroyed. burt reynolds on this trans am up to a year ago when it was
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he will be at the auction to meet the new owner. they went through four of these. erin: coming up, a major step following the legalization of medical marijuana. state health officials will qualifying patients. ray: a rochester man is scheduled to be sentenced for the murder of a madbury teen. why his lawyers are appealing his conviction. erin: officials in vermont are trying out a new approach in keeping drivers safe. we will tell you about new far away. hayley: another security breach s capital. a secret service agent' s badge
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