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tv   News 9 Daybreak  ABC  December 24, 2015 5:00am-6:00am EST

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>> santa is bringing that. >> santa, sorry. thats's what's making news in america this morning. >> happy christmas eve. sean: now on daybreak, a crime spree that started in new hampshire ended in florida with one man dead and another behind bars. dozens of animals have been rescues from sandown. they had been neglected, but the spca needs your help to provide the necessary care. josh: it is already a warm morning and we are just getting started. sean: several people are dead after severe storms and tornadoes down south. search efforts continued long into the night. >> no one covers new hampshire like we do.
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sean: and good morning to you, everybody. thanks for waking up with us on this christmas eve. it is not going to feel like it out there. the weather is so bizarre lately. josh: the temperatures are a good 10-15 degrees warmer than average ties -- highs for today right now. sean: unbelievable. josh: we start out with a look at the wet streets of concord. quite a bit of rain fell overnight. 44 degrees in concord. you can see the rain is pulling away now. scattered fog, drizzle, but go through the day. if you showers could move through this afternoon.
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the record high for concord is 57 and we should get to at least 67. we will talk more about that. for a look at the morning drive in the granite state, we are joined live by 95.7 wzid' s deb davidson. somewhat roads to be careful of. deb: certainly, josh. especially on 93 as you make your way from north of the notch down to the state line. 293 is moving well through the mill yard and even at the lane shift. if you are beginning your commute on 101, 111 -- everything is moving up to speed. this report is being brought to you by peter honda, nissan, and kia of nashua. from the wzid traffic network, i' m deb davidson for 95.7 wzid. sean: thanks.
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bars after a crime spree that started in the granite state earlier this month and ended in florida. police say derek kelly dragged a police officer with his truck while michael hilber was in the passenger seat. ray: that' s right. it was back on december 2nd that that happened. officers in deerfield pulled over that pickup truck being driven by kelly. he then took off, dragging the officer 20 feet into ongoing -- oncoming traffic. in the passenger seat was 29-year-old michael hilber of rochester. the pair then feld to florida -- fled to florida, where police believe they were involved in two robberies. hilber robbed a dollar general
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kelly was the getaway driver. >> he is following the people! >> i did lose my glasses in the process. >> these individuals made a mistake coming to hernando county. ray: police shot and killed hilber after he ran into the woods and allegedly threatened officers. kelley is being held without bond. sean: thanks. a man is in the hospital after he was struck by a van walking along the road in hudson. he was wearing dark clothing and walking close to the white line when he was hit. with the rain, the driver never saw him. police say the man was conscious
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a former nursing assistant is now facing criminal charges amid accusations that he sexually assaulted an elderly patient. timothy morrissey worked at belair nursing home in goffstown. a grand jury has indicted him on two misdemeanor sexual assault charges. his license has already been permanently revoked. u.s. marshals are looking for a man wanted in connection with half a dozen robberies in new hampshire and vermont. investigators say 31-year-old matthew martin should be considered armed and dangerous. marshall' s say they are worried -- marshals say they are worried things could escalate. >> he is armed and dangerous. we don' t know where his mind is that. sean: he is also accused of robbing the td bank in loudoun earlier this month. police and the new hampshire
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three dozen animals from a property in sandown as part of a suspected animal cruelty case, alpacas. officials say they are all recovering from prolonged neglect. m hoping that they settle i' m hoping the cats in the dogs get a clear bill of health -- and the dogs get a clear bill of health. the others, i hope they rehabilitate well and put some weight back on and such. sean: the spca says this year number of animals will create a financial strain on their services, along with some specialized vet care. they are asking for donations to help cover costs.
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stealing $109,000 from the state liquor commission. dorothy champagne has been indicted on 36 theft charges. she was an employee between 2011 and 2014. she diverted commission funds to a personal account. two rochester men are due in court today. when police arrested zachary sutton and joshua day, they found several items reported stolen earlier this month worth more than $1500. more charges are now possible. search efforts continue through the night after a deadly storm swept across southern parts of the united states. at least six people are dead and dozens of tornadoes have been reported. the cleanup could take a while. kenneth: caught on camera overnight. >> i think that is a tornado
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kenneth: storms caused tornadoes from the southwest. two dozen twisters were confirmed and left eight people dead and 40 injured. >> i can' t stick around here. kenneth: in holly springs, a seven-year-old boy was among the dead. drivers were caught on the roads trying to escape. >> there is a tornado in front of us. >> settle down. kenneth: in tennessee, the work to clear vital roads began overnight. tornado damage here. out west, more severe weather. the roads were a snowy mess in utah. 80 mile-per-hour wind gusts in mojave, california toppled tractor-trailers.
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kenneth: big rigs were banned from the california highway until the winds died down. in the south, there were states of emergency. sean: we are not seeing severe weather in new hampshire. we are looking at record high temperatures today. that is causing serious problems for ski areas. even making snow is a challenge. at loon mountain, only 17 trails are open. the lack of skiers and snowboarders is having a ripple effect on other businesses. they are trying to stay positive. we will see what happens. still to come, celebrating christmas in the traditional way . we will check on a live nativity scene last night in bedford. generosity on display. one of santa' s helpers handed
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reindeer leading the way. the state department of corrections band inmates
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(cell phone rings) where are you? well the squirrels are back in the attic. mom? your dad won't call an exterminator... can i call you back, mom? he says it's personal this time... if you're a mom, you call at the worst time. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more
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you switch to geico. r it's what you do. where are you?r it's very loud there. are you taking at zumba class? josh: good morning and welcome back. it is a wet start, but the temperatures sure are mild. we are at 46 degrees in portsmouth. the record high is 51 and we will shatter that later on today. we will talk about the other records we could break and how long the warm stretch could last. sean: today is christmas eve and millions of people around the world are getting ready to celebrate the birth of christ. for many churches, that includes living nativity scenes. church members dressed as all of
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to the inn and manger. >> the people who originated it, their children and grandchildren are now in it. our entire church family participates in it to tell the story that is so important. sean: the church in bedford has staged the living nativity rain or shine for the last 32 years with just one exception. the spirit of christmas was on full display in wakefield, massachusetts. local residents have staged this santa run since 1991. a local man dresses up as santa and others play reindeer and pull him around town to deliver presents to hundreds of children. >> it is absolutely the best part of christmas. there is nothing like it. >> we will go down a quiet street and you will see a little kid in the window.
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sean: the effort is anonymous. they provided half a dozen gifts to each child and each one was but specifically for that child. of the beatles. the new way you can enjoy the music of the fab four.
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sean: christmas has arrived a day early for fans of the beatles. as of midnight this morning, the songs are now available on nine different streaming music services, including spotify, apple music, and google play, among others. the group was a digital hold out for a long time.
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the u.s. department of agriculture has designated eight counties in new hampshire as primary natural disaster areas due to the damage caused by the drought that started in january and is ongoing. only coos and carol counties are not included. millions of americans are traveling this week for the holidays. there is a change you should know about. tsa screeners can now require anyone to go through body scanners even if they want to opt out. until now, passengers could choose a full body patdown instead. a spokesperson said the scanner improves threat detection for metallic and nonmetallic objects that a patdown might miss. there have been a lot of delays in the air this week. we are noticing a couple of problems -- a philadelphia flight canceled. a delayed flight to tampa. you don'
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to feel the warm temperatures today on christmas eve. josh: we are talking about almost july. have you heard of christmas in july? this is going to be july in christmas today. [laughter] sean: did you start a new hashtag? [laughter] josh: this past july 4 was 70. today. that is insane. s all over the granite state. this is above what the average high is today. visibility is low in some spots. some fog, low-lying clouds, and drizzle or mist in some areas. that could be some of the reason why there are a few delays in manchester.
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times last night moving through. the heaviest pulled away. leftover showers here and there. a good deal of the rain is done. nothing really organized showing up on the radar except one little shower in southeastern new hampshire. some mist, but nothing all that heavy. some showers could roll through this afternoon briefly. the trend of the day today is going to be for slow and gradual improvement in terms of the actual weather, slowly clearing skies into the afternoon. the big deal today will be the temperature. the jet stream that dips down in the west takes a dramatic turn and brings up the warm weather from the south. warm temperatures are moving in right now.
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a warm one. the showers that are pulling away out there right now will be gone this afternoon. the clouds start eroding and we notice breaks of sun starting to peek out this afternoon. temperatures should be unbelievable. christmas day, still mild, but not as warm today. saturday, we start off with sunshine and then the clouds roll in and then we get showers and snow in the north country. can you imagine? unbelievable. between 60 and 70 degrees statewide for today. tonight, santa might be wearing shorts. the temperatures will only 40' s. here is the extended outlook. 50' s for most.
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sean: what? josh: snow. sean: so rain can crystallize and create a solid? josh: absolutely. sean: let' s check our top stories. ray: a crime spree has ended in florida that started in new hampshire. one man is dead and another is behind bars. officers in deerfield tried to pull over a pickup driven by derek kelley in stratford. but kelley took off, dragging an officer. michael hilber was in the passenger seat. they robbed a dollar general store in florida. hilber was shot and killed by police after he allegedly threatened officers. kelley is now behind bars. sean: a man is in the hospital
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hudson. police in the new hampshire -- and the new hampshire spca have removed more than a dozen animals from a property in sandown in an animal cruelty case. coming up, a little girl in new jersey panicked after knocking
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sean: i' m sure a lot of families have dealt with this before. a little girl in new jersey felt herself in a christmas emergency and called 911. [laughter]
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seven-year-old isabella the shelf. according to the popular book, would go away. josh: police showed up and assured her santa would show up. in fact, they escorted him to her for a personal visit to make sure she is happy. sean: just be careful, kids. don' t touch the elf and don' t like that. a surprise in store for drivers when they get pulled over. parallel parking must' ve been quite a challenge. a teen just took her driver' s
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>> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now, wmur news 9 daybreak. sean: welcome back. good morning, everybody. december 24, christmas eve. meredith, 43 degrees. as josh said, it might feel like july outside today. one new hampshire man is dead and another behind bars following a police chase in florida. the men were wanted in new hampshire before they fled to florida where they allegedly committed armed robberies. the aclu has filed a lawsuit against the state department of corrections after it banned inmates from receiving greeting
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penacook police are investigating -- henniker police are investigating a deadly crash. it is not going to feel like christmas eve. josh: it is a pretty amazing thing. here we are. december 31. july 4, 2015 in concord -- the temperature was -- the temperature was 70. today, the temperature will get to 70. [laughter] sean: shorts weather. josh: there is the rain pulling away. there are a few more showers that could move through later on this afternoon. otherwise, the general trend will be gradual clearing and gradual warming. this error to our south is turning the unusually high start
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this afternoon, peeks of sunshine and bright skies. sean: some are loving this weather and others can' t wait for the snow to come. josh: absolutely. we will talk about that next. there is a chance. sean: there is a chance. a live look at i-93. josh: let' s take a look around the granite state. for that, we are joined live by 95.7' s deb davidson. deb: good morning. do allow some extra time as you begin your morning commute. all major roads are up to speed and moving well throughout the state. no delays on 93 all the way down to the state line in salem. if you are heading into massachusetts, all majors are looking good at this hour. this report is being brought to you by peters honda, nissan, and kia of nashua. from the wzid traffic network, i'
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sean: a new hampshire man accused of dragging a deerfield police officer with a truck is waking up behind bars in florida this morning. police say derek kelley of strafford was arrested following a police chase. his passenger, michael hilber, was shot and killed. the two had gone on a crime spree that started in new hampshire. ray brewer joins us live with details. the crime spree ended with a florida involving police, helicopters, and bloodhounds. new hampshire had been shot and killed, the other was taken into custody. on december 2, deerfield police pulled over a truck driven by 27-year-old derek kelley of strafford, with michael hilber seat.
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for outstanding warrants, but kelley took off. dragging the officer into oncoming traffic. derek kelley fled to florida before police could capture him. the men continued committing crimes in florida. >> i need to report a robbery. guy is in a black t-shirt and black pants. ray: the hernando county sheriff' s office said hilber robbed a dollar general store at truck driven by derek kelley. customers went after the pair and called police. blocked the entrance to the to pull the keys out of the truck' s ignition. police say derek kelley drove off, dragging the man an eighth of a mile before the man let go. derek kelley and michael hilber
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hilber threatened police allegedly and was shot and killed. >> i went home and told my daughter and her husband and they got the guns out and we locked all the doors and turned on all the lights outside. ray: kelley was captured after 24 hours. >> he was tired from being on the run for the night. ray: police believe the two played a role in an armed florida. >> whether they had the vehicles -- weapons in the vehicles in new hampshire or picks them up in florida, we are not sure. ray: derek kelley is charged with a firearm. he is being held without bond. sean: thanks.
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corrections over its ban on and handmade drawings. they say it violates constitutional rights and hurts the inmates and their families. the department of corrections officials say they were banned because some were being used to smuggle drugs into the prison. >> security is tantamount for us. trying to keep contraband out of the prison is major for us on a daily basis. whatever methods we can use to keep that from coming inside, we will take those steps. >> inmates and family members have a first amendment right to communicate. it is also good for rehabilitation. sean: the aclu filed a lawsuit on behalf of of an inmate whose three-year-old son sent him a greeting card with drawings. derry police are investigating
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27-year-old lindsey simon struck the deck of a home and fled the scene. she was later arrested and faces multiple charges. henniker police say speed and the use of an electronic device may have been factors in a deadly crash. the accident happened on route 114. a car crossed the centerline and slammed head-on into a truck. the driver of the car was ejected and pronounced dead at the hospital. police say a man from swans -- swanzey, vermont led them on a chase into new hampshire. joseph romano would not stops even after spike strips flattened one of his tires. he now faces charges in both states. a franklin woman accused of
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has been indicted by a grand jury. amber cowan is charged with arson in connection with a fire that was intentionally set at a building on school street. she had been served an eviction notice just before the fire. a neighbor says he saw her walking toward the house with a gas can. the men convicted in the stabbing death of a madbury teen has been formally sentenced to life in prison. 19-year-old tristan wolusky was found guilty of murdering 18-year-old aaron wilkinson in june 2014. tristan wolusky denied committing the crime during his sentencing. wilkinson' s father said the family welcomes the end of the process. >> happy it' s over with. we talked a little bit about the appeal process, but that is on
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forward. sean: the defense team says there will be an appeal filed within 30 days. tristan wolusky was also ordered by the court to pay more than $5,000 in restitution to the wilkinson family for funeral and future counseling costs. the schedule for the next round of hearings on the northern pass project has been set. the meetings will be in franklin, londonderry, laconia, whitefield, and lincoln. if you are planning to pass through and field, you could get some cash -- enfield, you could get some cash. police officers have been handing out $100 bills instead of tickets. an anonymous man donated the money after seeing something similar in another state. taking a driving test can be
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one teen added to the stress by deciding to drive an rv for her exam. santa and his reindeer are making their way across the world. we will let you know where they are this morning. josh: get ready for some warm temperatures. taken a look at where we are headed today. temperatures will be well into the 60' s.
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josh: good morning, welcome back. 47 mild degrees in manchester. there is no worry of any ice of any kind. heavy downpours during the overnight hours. we will see clouds, drizzle, and fog, but gradually brightening up the skies a little bit. the temperatures are unbelievable. anywhere from 60 to 70 degrees. sean: we are following a developing story out of saudi arabia. officials say 25 people were killed and more than 100 others
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the cause of the fire has not yet been determined. a shopping trip turned into a nightmare for a mother in texas her in a store parking lot. amy, who asked that her last name not be used, said she was putting her bags in her car when a man with a gun shoved her in the passenger side and drove away. she pleaded with him not to kill her. eventually, he took her back to the store and that is when she did something very unusual. >> he got out of the car and i said, wait a second. he wanted to be fast. i gave him a hug. i said, thank you. i just hope that i made an impact on him. sean: so far, the robber has not been caught.
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people will be traveling today. hooksett. rails, or air, this holiday travel season is expected to be one of the busiest on record. nikole killion is in washington to tell you what you need to know. nikole: aaa says for the first time ever, more than 100 million people will travel over the holidays. just in time for christmas, prices at the pump plummeted time in six years. to head out of town this year. >> americans across the country are saving a lot of money on gas. americans are probably saving about $115 billion on gas this year compared to 2014. nikole: the group tells us that gas prices could fall even more after the new year. in washington, nikole killion. sean: let' s talk sports.
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hornets in charlotte last night. in the first quarter, isaiah thomas put the celts up. boston kept the momentum going and went on to win. they play at the detroit pistons saturday night. in foxborough, the patriots are gearing up for their game at the new york jets on sunday afternoon. stephen jackson was on the practice field yesterday. the former all-pro running back with the rams is now in a patriots uniform. he has not yet played in the nfl this season. he should give a much-needed boost to the patriots offense come sunday. he said signing with the pats was a great christmas present for him. gillette stadium has never looked quite like this before. it is being turned into an nhl hockey rink. the boston bruins will play the canadians outdoors at gillette.
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hosted the outdoor classic. check out this video. in italy, nearly hitting that ski slope in italy, nearly hitting that skier. close call for that guy. a dj in austria is being punished after playing the same christmas time -- song 24 times in a row. he barricaded himself in a studio with a wooden stick and then played "last christmas" by wham! two dozen times. he only stopped after his daughter called the studio begging him to play something else. the station says the dj will now have to work christmas and new year' s eve because of his "antics." is that' s about? 24 times is a lot. a teen in wisconsin took on the challenge of taking her driver'
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test in a 31-foot-long suv. 16-year-old alexa horkan says her father put her up to it. on the day of her test, she climbed right behind the wheel. >> i just had the mindset of like, it is one time and then i will either make the memory and if i fail, i will come back and try again. >> i don' t see any damage yet. [laughter] sean: give her some credit, debt. she did pass the test and get her driver' s license. she practiced the test and she credits not having to parallel park. i can' t imagine parallel parking that thing. maybe the guy or the girl gave her a little bit of slack. josh: to celebrate, maybe she went back and cooked a meal. [laughter] josh: her whole family is back there waiting. [laughter]
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temperatures out there. it does not matter what you are driving this morning. there is a little bit of fog, but you don' t have to worry about icing of any kind this morning. look at those temperatures. we are between 40 and 50 degrees everywhere around the state. keep that in contrast with the fact that the average, the normal high for concord for today is 34 degrees. the average low is 14. we are well above that, even right now. we are going to go much, much higher than that as we go through the day today. first of all, a look back at the rain. did the rain wake you up at all coming down on the rooftop? it has pulled away. just like dripping in some spots -- light dripping in some spots. keep that in mind. off to our west and south,
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this afternoon with a stray shower or two. the general trend is gradual improvement through the day. low clouds and fog slowly erode away. all the while, this warmer air is coming up from the south. that will really warm things up. you don' t usually see temperatures this warm for christmas eve. we are heading for record-breaking territory. we will take futurecast and show you heather could be another sprinkle or -- how there could be another sprinkle or two. as we get toward sunset, there are more breaks. we will see breaks in the clouds and peeks of sun. clearing out tonight, you will get a look at the nearly full moon. christmas day, partly to mostly
5:46 am
s -- still above average. here is saturday. showers arrive. there may be snow in the north country. here is a look at the record-breaking temperatures for today. 60' s to near 70 degrees. tonight, these are not the lows you expect to see for christmas eve. 30' s to lower 40' s. tomorrow, pretty warm, as well. the record for today is 57 in concord. we should be up around 67 or so. for christmas, we will be in the 50' s. still mild. low and mid 50' s to the upper 50' s. the weekend starts cooling down. next week, tuesday, a wintry mix could be around. it could start as snow before
5:47 am
it is six days away, but there possibilities insight. sean: a little bit of everything in the next seven days. santa and his reindeer are preparing to travel around the world to deliver presents. he is still in the north pole according to our sources doing safety checks on his sleigh before he heads out. you can keep track by heading to boston dynamic is wishing people a very merry christmas. the company develops technology for the u.s. military. they posted this video of robotic reindeer on youtube. that is not the video. they are called spot bots. still to come, there may be a lack of snow in new england. people in california are seeing
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is creating them in his praised as one of america's best mayors who governed as a pragmatist. bernie sanders passed more amendments in a republican congress than any other member.
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with john mccain to strengthen veterans' healthcare. bernie sanders. a consistent, principled, and effective leader. building a future to believe in. sanders: i'm bernie sanders
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sean: you might forget what these look like. the chairman of the physics department at caltech is creating snowflakes. kenneth libbrecht said he is able to manipulate the shape of the snowflakes using temperature and other factors in the lab. they are beautiful. he said every man-made one has a different shape. josh: it is hard to put them under the magnifying glass. they tend to melt. sean: police in detroit put a new person in charge yesterday. josh: a seven-year-old boy was given the title of honorary chief. >> do you have any special orders? >> no. josh: he got to put on a police uniform and take a ride in a helicopter and spend time with a canine unit. her grandmother -- his
5:51 am
canine unit. his father is part of a special response team and is an officer. he wants to be an officer when he grows up. sean: more than three dozen animals are recovering after police and the nh spca recommended -- rescued them from a property in sandow. ray: police in florida have shot and killed a man and another is behind bars. santa would not come. sean: panicked moments.
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