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tv   Closeup  ABC  December 27, 2015 10:00am-10:29am EST

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[captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] this sunday on "close up," marco rubio hitting the campaign trail. . how he plans on running the new hampshire primary. close to five years after gabby giffords was shot at an event in arizona, her husband dedicated to reforming gun laws. how new hampshire plays into thank you for joining us.
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candidates have been in new hampshire for hundreds of days meeting candidates. there' s something about running for the highest office around the holidays, especially when you have your family with you. we sat down with marco rubio he was in new hampshire just before christmas. welcome back to new hampshire and good to see you. you' ve done a lot of events. you get a lot of applause. do you feel juiced after these things? sen rubio: one thing i enjoy his people are taking these seriously. they are there to be convinced and they are taking their decision seriously. i love that we have narrowed it down to five people. this is our chance to really right choice. we' re going to keep doing that. josh: jeanette, what is this
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ms. rubio: i enjoy coming here and meeting the people. we are proud of marco. the kids get to experience the somewhere having a great time. josh: can you tell when he has had a day that he would not consider his best day or as he consistent? ms. rubio: he is consistent. sen rubio: consistently upset, i guess? no, i have really enjoyed this. this is a lot of fun. ms. rubio: i love it. sen rubio: she said the other day, maybe we should move to new hampshire. she likes it up here. josh: really. ms. rubio: i love south florida but it is beautiful. i was telling some people, it is a postcard. josh: do not be full, it is not normally 70 degrees in new hampshire sen rubio: not the weather but the homes and the homes and history. south florida has only been around 100 years. + ar -- for our kids to season thing different.
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did i hear that you roast a pig? sen rubio: traditionally i roast a pig. this year i' m a little tired so we are probably going to buy it from someone. generally we have a roast paid -- a rest pig. ms. rubio: we also do a turkey. josh: do you fry the turkey? sen rubio: it is not supposed to be healthy, it is christmas. josh: you guys got engaged on top of the empire state building. did you ever envision when he has to to marry him that you would be spending the holidays here in new hampshire on the cusp of the new hampshire primary? ms. rubio: no. sen rubio: not sure she would have signed up!
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ms. rubio: we were in the moment of whatever we were doing at that time. i think we were thinking about what we were doing at that time. plus our family and what we would do. sen rubio: i had just graduated law school. we were worried about how are you going to pay over $100,000 in student loans. josh: a lot of people feeling that. you have 4 kids. what do you say to kids when they say they are talking about data on tv again and giving him a hard time? ms. rubio: they are doing their homework. my second daughter is very engaged in what is going on. marco has been involved in public service since they' ve been born so they understand how the process works. we have talked to them. they are proud of their dad and they know the good that comes with politics and they also know the other side. sen rubio: i have been surprised at how well they has handled some of that.
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all the stuff online. sometimes she just reports it to me as matter of fact. i think a lot of them take cues from the parents. if they see as upset it might upset them. this is part of the process, unfortunate sometimes when people say things that are not nice or fair. it' s worth doing for the future of this country, which is as much about them as it is anything else. josh: definitely. i' ve got to know you over the last few months. you said a couple times that things happen over your life, they happen fast. did you ever have the wow moment? when you have a packed hall and people are coming out to have pancakes with you and listen to you talk and you look at each other and say wow? sen rubio: i do and i think jeanette does. it' s amazing that people come to hear me speak. they are in the middle of the holidays and tomorrow is christmas eve and they took time to hear us. that is an honor and very
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it tells you how seriously they are taking it. it puts more of an emphasis on the fact that i need to work harder. this is not about us and our future, it is about america' s s future. especially when people say we supporting you. you know that you are carrying you are working for them and not just for you. even when you are tired, you realize it is not about you. josh: talking about hopes and you know you are married to a dolphins fan. sen rubio: no. josh: obviously football, he has played it and he watches it. is that when he gets to relax and vent? i don' t understand when you are screaming at the tv.
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ms. rubio: that is has time off. and spending time with the kids. that is a good time for him. josh: your kids are all in and everything. they are not missing much other than dad during the week. ms. rubio: to have school, homework, activities. they miss their dad. anthony waits every moment he can if marco calls to speak. they are very busy. josh: you get home as much as you can. sen rubio: i have tried not to work sundays. i believe has been if god can create the universe in 6 days, i can run for president in six days. i' ve been gone a lot and sometimes they miss things you want to be a part of. we are in this together as a family and we try to do as many things together as we can. coming to new hampshire this week was a big part of it. they really enjoy the retail
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they got to go to the world' s largest candy counter and see a lot of great thanks. ms. rubio: they are waiting to see snow. sen rubio: they have seen snow before and i promise there will be snow soon. josh: you are seeing the surroundings. sen rubio: absolutely. it is part of understanding where you are. one thing is town halls and another thing is to go into the communities where you see what people have built from their own hands, whether it is a gunshot or candy store or a small diner where people get together. it really helps you sharpen your message about what we should be focused on. josh: i' m asking all the candidates this. you' ve gone through the primary process. we have less than 50 days. it is getting close. a lot of people are critical. they think it is not diverse and off for it is too small.
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election process sen rubio:. i think it is good for america that our president has to begin iowa and new hampshire. with 50 people at a time and people. re not going to get that and bigger state. i always believed florida should play a bigger role. the early process where you have a place that has done this for a long time and has builtin an infrastructure where the highest office in the land has to run for the equivalent of a county commission, i think it is good for the process. it forces you to answer real questions from real people and in the process become more in touch with what is happening in our country. josh: you know the senator better than anybody. have you watched him become a better candidate? ms. rubio: absolutely. the more you hear whether people are saying and what is important
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do to make that difference, absolutely i see how he has developed and how he has changed. even in just, he wants to be the better candidate. he wants to beat, he once to do what he needs to do to change this country. josh: i noticed one thing. you would have the ability to pardon a turkey on thanksgiving. maybe you could start a tradition by pardoning a pig at christmas. sen rubio: that would be good. no one has ever proposed that. josh: happy holidays. sen rubio: thank you and merry christmas. ms. rubio: merry christmas. josh: we will be back to talk about changing gun laws. mark kelly and what he thinks about landing a human being on mars. announcer: one candidate tough enough to take on the bully... jeb bush: donald, you're not
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josh: welcome back to "close up ." she was wounded in 2011 that claimed the lives of six people. since then, former congresswoman gabby giffords and her husband mark kelly have been around the country talking about commonsense solutions when it comes to guns, some people call it gun-control.
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what are you looking for when it comes to this issue. mr. kelly: we' re looking for reasonable legislation. we have a gun violence issue that does not compare to other countries like ours, 15-20 times the death rate from gun violence, even high for children. this year, the death rate from guns will surpass automobile accidents for people under 18. there are responsible laws that even most granite staters agree with. in new hampshire today if you were to do a poll on background checks, you would get support of about 80%. there are things we can do, we' ve got to come together to pass reasonable -- josh: not sure it would be 80% in new hampshire -- mr. kelly: it would. they were recently polled, over 80%.
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campaigns talk about this. south carolina. mr. kelly: there' s a difference between simple measures and then trying to pass those? nothing is simple and washington, d.c. to pass legislation can be complicated. often when we cannot do something in washington, d.c., we move onto state capitals. as an organization we have helped to get background checks in eight different states and we will continue to do that. in new hampshire we are announcing the granite state coalition for common sense, which is bringing together community leaders to try to educate members of the state legislature on what can we pass and it not really be affecting the rights of responsible gun owners like myself for you. josh: you are a gun owner. this is not about getting rid of guns. in new hampshire, this is a tough sell. we are in a state that had a
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concealed carry is something that is considered. what would be a reasonable, short of what you are seeing in other states, a reasonable compromise in new hampshire? mr. kelly: i get new hampshire. i lived in texas and i currently plive in arizona. i' m a gun owner and a hunter. there' s a culture of hunting and outdoors stuff in new hampshire and i get that. i think reasonable things. let' s look at and try to prevent people who are felons and domestic abusers, people who are mentally ill and even terrorists from walking into a gun show or buying a gun over the internet. that is a thing that most people agree on. to pass legislation is another complicated thing. you look at how this issue disproportionally affects women. a lot of women who die from gun violence, it is a domestic violence situation.
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ultimately it is going to take washington, d.c. to pass reasonable gun laws that most americans agree with to try to drive down the death rate from gun violence. one state with stronger laws and estate next to it with weaker laws, it prevents gun - trafficking from one state to another. that increases gun violence. every time a study is done, states with stronger gun laws have a lower death rate cared it varies dramatically. hawaii has about two people per 100,000 per year die from gun violence. the other end would be a state like louisiana with 18-20, almost 10 times the amount. josh: it is interesting you bring up terrorism. following the shootings in san bernardino, those who reacted with a cry for gun control, we' ve got to get a handle on weapons, they were chastised or critiqued for coming out so
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did the argument fit into that, obviously it was a bad tragedy. mr. kelly: san bernardino, like a lot of the mass shootings, it does not seem that there is anyone law that would stop that specific tragedy. you' d maybe if those people were on the terror watch list and maybe if people on the terror watch list were not able to buy a gun legally. a combination of things can prevent that. josh: does it hurt your effort when people immediately react to these things before the investigation is complete. they say got to get the guns and you find out it is something more. mr. kelly: you will never hear me say we' ve got to get the guns. i' m the first person to say it is not begun, it is the person. we'
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i see your point. how can you not when almost weekly we have a mass shooting this country. when would you highlight it if not when one of these things highlight. it is obvious that we have a problem. it is a political situation. we' ve got to be able to -- first look at how we got here. we have a very powerful gun lobby that has build influence in washington, d.c. and state capitals. we' ve got to bring balance to the politics. josh: we can talk a lot about the lobby. i don' t want to waste time talking about the gridlock in washington. moving forward, does it take, is the state level be best approach and just leave washington to figure it out for themselves? you pointed out texas. mr. kelly: i don' t think washington ever figures anything out for itself.
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these things in the states. americans for responsible solutions are active in about 12 states right now. we will expand that. we are hitting laws passed in a lot of states. eventually what you hope is congress and washington, d.c. sees that the states are acting on it and they are acting on it because this is what the american people want and they say we are being left behind, we should pass some strong federal laws that bring common sense to this issue. josh: there are two things i have to ask you. any chance we see the name mark kelly on a ballot anytime soon? not necessarily presidential but getting involved? mr. kelly: i am often asked about running for office. my wife was the politician and the family. right now she is unable to do that. maybe someday she would. i would never say never but right now is not a good time for me. we' ve got a great organization.
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we are making a difference and we are saving lives. josh: talk about turning a negative into a positive, what your family has done is amazing. i' ve never had an astronaut on my show so i' m honored. is the adrenaline higher when you are punching through the atmosphere to get to outer space or flying back in for the reentry? mr. kelly: when you have seven millions pound of thrust on your back and you lift off, the adrenaline is pretty high. reentry and lift off, it is about the same. statistically when we look and try to quantify risk, the most dangerous part for an astronaut is while he is in space. that is not where we have had accidents. adrenaline and where the risk is the highest do not always go together. 7 million pounds of thrust gets your attention. josh: do we get to mars in our
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mr. kelly: i think the first person to walk on mars is alive today. i think we will see somebody walk on mars. josh: an honor meeting you and best of luck. mr. kelly: josh: appreciate it.
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josh: welcome back to "close up ." joined by john distaso, happy holidays. john: same to you. josh: you had an article talking about things to look for.
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john: next week is the home stretch. people really start focusing once the new year turns. the home stretch. the questions we are all going maintain this lead? as he takes more and more incoming attacks, is it going to wear him down or build him up like it has all year? who is going to emerge as the alternative? we may not know that until primary night. throughout january there is going to be jockeying for the second spot. chris christie had been the hot candidate. is he going to continue to be? josh: marco rubio has the highest favorability of any republican candidate. john: is marco rubio going to spend the amount of time here he needs to in january to really become the potential alternative to trump on primary day? that is another question for january. what is going to happen as more
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to be important. we' ve been hearing all year a guy like rand paul who is down at 2% is told to have the greatest ground operation since sliced bread. josh: i think he' s going to exceed expectations. when you are chatting and new hampshire about donald trump, there is an expectation that he is doing well in the polls but when people get behind the curtain they are going to be like i cannot do this. it is fun to watch this but cannot put my vote next to donald trump? john: i think donald trump is for real. i' s going to win the primary. well. that gets hidden by the media attention he gets on a national scale. john: people set -- josh: people say he' s not doing small events.
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at the end. people running his campaign, certainly in new hampshire. it is going to be hard to knock off trump. not saying that it cannot happen. we have the democratic side where it is bernie sanders, according to our polls, way out in front. other polls show it is hillary clinton and bernie sanders to the end. josh: obviously she is the national leader by a significant s say that our polls hold true and bernie sanders wins everything. when barack obama was supposed to sweep to the nomination and hillary won here, that dragged summer. bernie sanders, if he wins here, he has to win here.
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this is another race where i think it is going to be interesting to get out the vote. the hillary organization, well-planned organization versus the bernie sanders, fairly well planned but mainly the enthusiasm fact. surprised me through the last couple months is donald trump has maintained his lead, polls indicate that there' s a chunk of republicans that say they are not going to vote for him under any circumstances. none of the other candidates seem to be trumpeting that, saying inlet for donald trump will be a vote for the democratic nominee. john: i think we will see more and more of that. jeb bush probably mostly really taking on trump. the question is going to be who is going to attack you? are people going to attack trump or concede that the win to trump and battle to emerge as the alternative to trump.
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josh: and how do you attack? they go after his personality but during the last debate he was asked about the nuclear triad. maybe he did not understand the question but as a viewer it seemed like he did not know what the nuclear triad was an no one challenged him. john: no one has called him on that sort of thing. mainly the attacks have been on the outlandish things that he says more than challenging him on his knowledge of the issues. below the surface speeches that he gives. josh: lindsey graham worked hard in new hampshire and has a resume that makes him a legitimate candidate yet he could not get traction. is that symptomatic of the trump factor? john: it is a few things. he probably would not win a popularity contest among the candidates. everyone liked lindsey graham. lindsey graham campaigned the new hampshire way. they did not work out mainly because of him being viewed as a moderate on some issues.
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interventionist. we will see. he did at the new hampshire way. retail politics and getting out there, we will see what happens in the end. josh: chris christie was asked -- john: he was talking about the silliness of talking about fantasy football. josh: two time winner, back to back, does not happen often. you will be in next year and you can challenge. john: my kids know all about that. josh: happy holidays, everyone.
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