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tv   News 9 at Five  ABC  December 27, 2015 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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aj: now at 5:00, we' re finishing up with today' s rain and sleet. a break tomorrow, then our first accumulating snow of the winter head' s in for tuesday. >> it's given me the opportunity to extend our season an extra couple of weeks. adam: after all the warm weather, local landscaping companies are getting ready for the chance to get out their snow plows. stephanie: plus, a man considered armed and dangerous is now in custody. how this man wanted for bank robberies in two states was arrested. adam: and presidential candidates heading back to the granite state after the holiday weekend. how the experts see the next six weeks shaping up.
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like we do. now, wmur news 9 at 5:00. adam: it was a damp and dreary sunday around the granite state. there was even some snow early today up in parts of the north good evening, i' stephanie: and i' m stephanie woods. we are finally getting a white christmas just a few days late. let' s head over to meteorologist a.j. burnett for a look at when snow could fall in southern new hampshire. a.j.: we are finishing with round number one. there were a few pockets of freezing rain and snow in the north country. you see the last little bit of rain and snow winding down. give it another couple of hours before we are starting to clear out. in from the northwest. that means pleasant weather for tomorrow. you have probably been hearing deep south. that is our storm system but not until tuesday. behind tonight' s leftover rain
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gets. five degrees. the cold air pledging south -- plunging south. to come our way. we will not be getting snow tomorrow. it is a pleasant start to the workweek tomorrow with plenty of sunshine. it is not until monday night into tuesday when things get more challenging. accumulating snow is coming up in the forecast in a few minutes. adam: thanks, a.j. and you can stay up to date with the latest forecast and radar by using our wmur storm watch weather app, available for both apple and android devices. stephanie: after the warm weather, new hampshire is anticipating the first chance for snow. it has local landscaper switching to snowplows. waiting for winter has not slowed them down. kristen: for local landscapers, december has felt more like fall, which has allowed them to do more work for their
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but they say they are looking forward to snow because winter their business. ryan connor, owner of noble landscaping and snow management out of hooksett, spent his day checking his snow removal equipment ahead of tuesday' s storm. he offers salting and snow removal services to his customers across the state. and by now, he' s usually well into offering those services. but this year has been different. he and his team have been busy with landscaping and yard work because it has been so warm. he says he been able to get a head start on projects that he will complete in the spring. and while he has appreciated the warmer temperatures and the opportunity to get ahead, he is ready for winter to start and he' s hoping for a successful season. >> i feel its half the business really. usually in a good season, you are doing plowing for a few months. when it slows down it' s a little , different but its good to always have something else to do.
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keeping a close eye to the forecast as there may be some icing monday morning and of course there is the upcoming snow storm on tuesday. reporting in manchester, kristen carosa, wmur news 9. stephanie:. thank you. the man police say was armed and dangerous and wanted for bank robberies in new hampshire and vermont is now behind bars. 31-year-old matthew martin morning. sentenced last week for robberies in vermont, but never three showed up in court. in the past few weeks, police believe he robbed other banks in new hampshire. adam: this week, donald trump, jeb bush, and john kasich heading to the granite state. hillary clinton will be in town as well. we checked in with experts today who say they expect an exhilarating sprint to the february finish line. >> we know he thinks he is the best around, but will new
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>> he' front-runner, he' s the established front-runner. adam: dr. wayne lesperance at new england college says if donald trump stumbles it could be due to a lack of organizing. many are wondering if trump has a political operation big enough to convert his poll numbers into >> that' s the big question we' re hearing that about iowa as well as new hampshire. in the state makes it harder to have that ground game. it all comes down to ground game. it all comes down to your ability to get folks to go to go vote. and remember, it' s not just donald trump supporters that need to turn out. we' ve got a lot of independent voters who have to decide whether they want to participate in the democratic primary or the republican. adam and just as in hotly : contested to party primaries of yore, everything will hinge on which ballots those fickle independents decide to take into the voting booth. >> most polls would suggest and the unh survey center suggests that a lot of independent voters are actually republican voters, and so there' s that expectation they'
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go in that direction. the democratic race in new hampshire is tightly contested. bernie sanders and hillary clinton are essentially neck and neck. adam: former wmur political director scott spradling expects clinton a battle-tested veteran of the first in the nation primary to come out on top. >> at the end of the day this is still ' clinton country' and bernie sanders is doing very well but he' s going to have to wrestle it away from hillary clinton. and i believe her team still has an iron grip on new hampshire. adam: an advisor for a campaign competing with donald trump says he could invest little inground operations and still pull out a win over a fractured republican establishment. and you can find the latest political news by heading over to the politics page of our website, stephanie: millions of americans are in the danger zone tonight as a massive weather system moves across the country. storms overnight turned deadly, killing at least people in the 11 area surrounding dallas and
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jim ryan is in texas tonight with the latest. roared in under cover of night. power line flashes and lightning revealing the massive tornadoes as they tore into texas. >> oh, my god. did you see that? passed even in the dark it was extreme. >> it is completely gone. >> i looked out the window and saw the funnel and dove into the hallway. >> it was spinning towards us. all you heard was debris hitting the house and in the house. >> thankful to be alive. jim ryan: by daylight the scope , of the devastation unbelievable. house after house. neighborhood after neighborhood. town after town. this family in rowlett, texas emerged to find the roof collapsed in every room of the house except the bathroom where
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>> three kids, three adults. jim ryan: for others being away , at holiday parties saved lives. >> i was devastated because everything we own was in the trailer. everything is gone. we are here to salvage what we can. >> i just want to find some of the memory stuff. everything else can be replaced. jim ryan: the system igniting all this chaos is huge stretching from southern texas to the canadian border. bringing everything from tornadoes to flooding rain to ice and snow. look at these scenes from new mexico. and now, those crippling blizzard conditions are moving into the texas panhandle. more severe weather that this battered state does not need. jim ryan, abc news, in dallas-fort worth. stephanie: evacuations have been lifted for dozens of homes near a wildfire in southern california. the ventura county fire
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60% of the 1200 acre fire. officials believe wind gusts up to 50 miles per hour may have brought down a power line sparking the fire friday night. adam: 17 u.s.-led airstrikes hit isis groups in iraq and syria on christmas day. the strikes targeted fighters and facilities like underground tunnels and vehicles. now we are hearing from perhaps the most wanted man in the world, the leader of isis. he is breaking a more than six month silence with an audio recording. jim avila has the latest. reporter: this is believed to be the voice behind isis. a 23 minute long audio statement delivered by a man claiming to be isis leader abu bakr al-baghdadi. after seven months of silence, baghdadi appears desperate to rally his beleaguered fighters who have lost ground and leadership. 2015 has not been a good year for isis. the u.s.-led coalition has killed his second in command, and the isis emir in charge of oil and gas in the terrorist controlled parts of syria and
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isis oil trucks and and their supply lines have been heavily damaged by american and other bombing runs. isis troops have been forced to retreat from tikrit and parts of ramadi. in this message, baghdadi appears to be issuing a call to arms among the world' s 1.5 billion muslims. "waging this battle is a duty upon every muslim and no one is excused." he also threatens israel directly, promising to liberate palestine and boldly claiming that islam will dominate the world anew until the day of judgement. one administration source dismisses the message as more isis propaganda. stephanie: we are working on more for news 9 at 5:00. adam: we dig deep into our vaults with john mccain. stephanie: the patriots played a close one at the jets today.
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likely fouling up tuesday s commute. how much you can expect. stephanie: weeks after being shut down for a virus outbreak, chipotle reopens at the this epidemic of gun violence knows no boundaries. hillary clinton has what it takes to stand up to the republicans and the gun lobby. we need to close the loopholes and support universal background checks. how many people have to die before we actually act... before we come together as a nation?
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stephanie: just 44 days until the first in the nation primary and it the experts say this one is like none they' ve ever seen. adam: but if either hillary clinton or donald trump stumble it wouldn' t be the first time a high-flying front runner was humbled in the granite state. it happened in 2000 when george w. bush lost to john mccain. in honor of the 100th anniversary of the primary we' re taking a look back through our new hampshire primary vault. here' s john mccain reflecting on his two improbable first in the nation wins. john mccain: thank you. [applause] john mccain: thank you, thank you very much. thank you and god bless and welcome to our 115th town hall meeting in new hampshire. [applause]
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have a poll without a margin of error. [laughter] [applause] john mccain: my friends, i am past the age when i can claim "kid," the matter what adjective precedes it. but tonight, we sure show them what a comeback looks like. [applause] you. adam: we are honored to have primary winner john mccain. a natural parent. an arizona senator and a small new england state, but new hampshire was john mccain. did you figure out how this natural report exist between you and new englanders? john mccain: i think it is a variety of factors.
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hampshire want straight talk. they are not interested in evasion. they are interested in being able to come to a candidate' s s living questions and get straight answers. i also think there is a certain appreciation for military service amongst many. but i think most of all, they take pride, as we all know, in examining the candidate. with the hundreds of town hall meetings, they had the chance to do that. i don' t think i ever ducked the question. and then there is something intangible that i cannot really describe except you sort of get a connection with people. you sort of get -- today, i
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there was a group of people there, "how are you, john?" adam: as if you never left. john mccain: as if i never left. i have established a kind of relationship that is unique and in my life. adam: there have been a lot of memorable moments in the new hampshire primary, including this ill-fated pancake flip by gary bauer in 2000. for more on primaries past, visit us online at and click on the new hampshire primary vault. we have historical footage and interviews with insiders from more than 30 previous campaigns. >> now, your storm watch 9 forecast. a.j.: getting rid of one system and moving on to the next one. we have a day off in between. low 40' s conquered to the seacoast.
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mount washington will be colder. whitefield and berlin in the middle and upper 30' s now. the last of the snow showers are exiting the granite state now. from here, we start to dry out. maybe pockets of drizzle, but that is about it. the lakes region has started to dry out slowly. you see this band of snow moving through the northwestern main mountains. that is the leading edge of colder air that will build in here over tonight into tomorrow. what we need is the cold air. we have not had a lot. snow. now it looks like we will finally get the cold air and it coincides with our next system. high pressure building in for tomorrow. don' t expect any weather tomorrow except for gusty wind and colder temperatures. this is the system we are eyeballing spawning severe storms over eastern texas into louisiana and arkansas.
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new england tomorrow and be on our doorsteps before dawn on tuesday. tomorrow, through tomorrow morning into the midday, we are a sickly bright --basically break. the northwestern side of the mountains may pick up snow showers. we could get some up sloping snow showers. aside from that, looking quiet tomorrow. it could be very nice. we will notice cloud cover toward the evening drive. as you are heading to work and home from work or wherever tomorrow, no problems weatherwise at all. most tonight in the 20' s. tomorrow, highs will be in the 20' s and 30' s. with the wind coming in, especially in the morning out of the northwest, it will feel like it is in the teens to start out. we have a winter weather advisory posted for much of southern new hampshire.
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of snow from the lakes region coos county. cold air in place tomorrow. here comes the low-pressure system. no worries tomorrow, just cold. coat tomorrow. into the morning drive tuesday the snow comes down heavily for despite the fact we have a relatively warm ground. some headlines. the snow begins after midnight monday night into tuesday morning. the tuesday morning commute will be slippery with low visibility. the real challenge to the forecast has been where the rain-snow line or area sets up. new hampshire. the question is when and for how long it sits over the area. that is why we are looking at a days ahead. tomorrow, plenty of sunshine. tuesday is the mess. wednesday we will clear out and get sunshine back. thursday.
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s look at tuesday and find out how much snow you can be expecting. we are talking about three to six inches around the seacoast of new hampshire. higher amounts toward the lakes and upper valley were as much as eight inches of snow is possible with sleet on top of that. in the white mountains, five to 10 inches of snow. we are going from zero to 60 in about two seconds. rapid changes coming up. stephanie: hard to believe in berlin, they could get 10 inches of snow. a.j.: i' safety window. we will be somewhere in that range. m confident about that. adam: whiplash for the weather and patriots fans today with the toss. >> a good one in new york,
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>> now, jamie staton and news 9 sports. interesting and there is usually controversy. game number 15 for the season. injuries have been the story of the season. why should this one be any different? gets his leg rolled on. he had to leave the game, another big loss for the pats. stephen jackson making his patriots debut. a 5-yard carry here. it was 3-3 just before halftime, and the jets get a touchdown. ryan fitzpatrick to the all-pro receiver brandon marshall. jets led 10-3 at the half. second half, the pats had their best drive of the game going until tom brady gets picked off by longtime rival darrelle revis. he goes 19 yards on the return. and you know that one felt good for him. and the jets turn that into a touchdown.
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touchdown pass to marshall, who beats duron harmon on the play. 17-3 jets in the lead. the jets got marshall from the bears for a fifth round draft . he forces the fumble. jamie collins brings it into the score. 17-13. the pats in need of a touchdown. the play was huge before the two-minute warning to rob. on the next play, brady to james white caps off the drive. tie game, 20-20. here is the controversy. the pats won the overtime coinflip but elected to kick for some reason. matthew slater was confused pretty thought he could decide which way they wanted to go. the jets can win with a touchdown and eric decker catches it. slager later said belichick said we want to kick. that was the plan all along.
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they went 26-20. the jets up a game on pittsburgh for the final playoff spot. the patriots will have to do work if they want to clinch the afc home field advantage in the playoffs. we' ll hear from tom brady and the coach tonight at 6:00. stephanie: thanks so much. coming up on news 9 at 5:30. adam: the boston chipotle shutdown after patron fell ill with norovirus is finally back open.
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stephanie: now at 5:30, weeks after closing its doors following in norovirus out rate, the boston chipotle is back open for business. adam: plus, backlash once again for the chicago police department following another deadly officer involved shooting. what the city' s mayor says the public deserves to know. a.j.: a little tuesday trouble with our first accumulating snow ahead. where we may change to rain and where we may stay all snow. stephanie: and the new year is only days away, what state parks are offering to get people to escape outside. >> no one covers new hampshire
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now, wmur news 9 at 5:30. stephanie: it is back open and ready for your business. the boston chipotle shut down by norovirus has passed inspection. welcome back, i' woods. adam: and i' m adam sexton. the boston official in charge stopped in himself for lunch today. juli mcdonald from our sister station wcvb is at the restaurant with more. why not? reporter: while customers are slowly trickling back into the now open location, the restaurant had been closed since earlier this month one 140 became sick with norovirus after eating there. after passing inspection wednesday, a water leak delete the reopening until yesterday. >> one of the servers was ill. chipotle has good policies in place for maintenance, cleaning, and the management of food.
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reporter: the restaurant seemed quite. some seemed sure whether it was reopened. >> we have been here a bunch of time spread we have never had a problem. our theory is it is probably cleaner now than it will ever be. reporter: the inspector is looking to prove just that tomorrow. >> i will go there tomorrow and have lunch to let everybody know i have faith in our system to make sure all the citizens of boston are safe eating at these restaurants. reporter: most restaurants are inspected once a year. this will now be subject to more frequent inspections. stephanie: thank you. portsmouth residents who may have drank contaminated well water at the former pease air force base may have to wait until april to get their lab results. the state department of health and human services says more than 1000 people got their blood tested between august and october. results will start going out in the mail in january.
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well in may of last year, after levels of a chemical were found to be 12.5 times higher than the epa' s provisional health advisory. adam: anger and frustration in chicago today. police shot and killed a 19-year-old black man while responding to a 911 call this weekend. caught in gunfire, a 55-year-old mother, who also died. alex perez is in chicago now with more. reporter calls for justice today : the death of jones. her family wants to know why she died from a chicago police bullet. the mother of five opened her door as police confronted the college student. >> while i am tempted to feel hate for all chicago officers, i think we' ve got to show the officers and family a lot of compassion. reporter police say jones was : accidentally and tragically killed. officiers were responding to a domestic disturbance call at
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, shared with jones. the teen reportedly threatened his father with a bat. >> seven times my son was shot. this has to stop. no mother should have to bury her child. reporter this shooting sparking : new protests against already beleagered police and city officials. two days ago protests shut down , parts of the magnificent mile , the high-end shopping district. the demonstration part of the backlash against other deadly police shootings including black teen laquan mcdonald. betty turner: if you afraid of the streets to the point you have got to shoot first, you need to turn your badge in. reporter: so far, mayor rahm emanuel has resisted calls to resign. responding to the deaths of jones and legrier, he released this statement. "anytime an officer uses force, the public deserves answers, and regardless of the circumstances,
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loss of life in our city." >> i want the mayor to understand this is a message to you. you have failed us before. now is your time to step up or down. reporter alex perez, abc news, : chicago. stephanie: it' s a cool, foggy sunday. but get ready for a deep chill to set in tonight. you' re taking a live look in meredith where it is 39 degrees. for those of you heading back to work tomorrow after the holiday weekend you' re going to get a , stormy start to your work week. meteorologist a.j. burnett tells you when you could see snow and how much. a.j.: tomorrow, we may not get to 39 in meredith with a lot of sunshine. that is the kind of cold air moving in. lots of 30' s and 40' s. hartford still at 60 degrees. the north bay at 19. fargo, north dakota, six degrees. there is some serious cold about to move in as high pressure starts building in tonight into tomorrow. that means a beautiful start to this week.
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spawning severe storms over texas heads this way monday night into tuesday. clouds persist across the granite state did the last of the showers and flurries heading out. the skies will partially clear out tonight. tomorrow morning, we may have a few snow showers in the higher terrain. aside from that, it is a blustery, colder day tomorrow with sunshine. not as nice on tuesday. details on accumulating snowfall coming up in the forecast in a few minutes. stephanie: thank you. widespread flooding is forcing hundreds to evacuate from their homes in northern england. more than 300 people have been asked to leave their homes in the york area about 200 miles north of london. the british government is even holding an emergency session on the flooding. adam: preparations are underway for this year' times square. workers are installing the ball on top of one times square at 42nd street and broadway.
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to withstand high ways -- high winds, precipitation, and temperature fluctuations. hundreds of thousands of people are expected to pack times square for the new year' s eve celebrations on thursday night. stephanie: i did not know that was waterford crystal. still to come on news 9 at 5:30. adam: the new year is almost here. what state parks are offering for activities on new year' s day. stephanie: a british man completes a mammoth task. how long it took him to row from california to australia. a.j.: tuesday offer this epidemic of gun violence knows no boundaries. hillary clinton
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to stand up to the republicans and the gun lobby. we need to close the loopholes and support universal background checks. how many people have to die before we actually act... before we come together as a nation? i'm hillary clinton and i approve
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stephanie: in today' outside," the state' s park service is encouraging granite staters to start the new year with a hike, and the state' s oldest dog sled race is returning in january. the new hampshire state parks are offering guided hikes on new year' s day. you can hike for free in lancaster, portsmouth, hollis, and jaffrey. for information on where the hikes are and how to register, you can head over to our website. and the mahoosuc 100 sled dog race is returning next year. the race started in 1922 and is will be held the season on january 23 and 24. the 100-mile race will start in milan during the nansen-milan winter fest.
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north america will participate. and you can find even more outdoors news on the "escape outside" section of our website, adam: still to come on news 9 at 5:30. >> i try to work on a chapter at a time and get it mapped out. adam: coming up in today' s "chronicle," a new hampshire illustrator teaming up with a bestselling author. a look at what it takes to get the illustrations just right. now to our u local hotshot. the warm christmas day had a lot of people out enjoying the unseasonable weather. you can submit your pictures and video and join the thousands of members by logging on to uloca
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>> now, your forecast. a.j.: in case you have forgotten, it is supposed to be
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we managed 42 degrees in concord today. the average temperature is 33. that is where we will be tomorrow for high temperatures, closer to the average number. nowhere near the records like we have been for the past few days. right now, 39 in laconia. 41 in portsmouth. we have 20' s and single digits in the upper midwest and northern plains. a piece of this cold air coming from hudson bay and james bay will plunge south and be on our doorsteps tomorrow. you saw the rapid transition warm and very cold. that is where you will be seeing stormy weather. you have that line of precipitation down through the mississippi and ohio valley' into texas. we have severe thunderstorms in east texas and heavy snow over western texas, the same state,
5:36 pm
this low is spawning both. that will be our tuesday trouble. low pressure builds in tonight and offer sunshine tomorrow. still talking about the last vestiges of today' s system with white pockets of freezing drizzle in some cases in protected valleys. most of this is fog and a lot of clouds. those will depart overnight tonight. where winter weather advisories in purple for the next system on tuesday. lesser mouse of snow but still movable. higher amounts of snow in the mountains and into western and central maine as well. again, for tuesday. here is the forecast tonight. calling for the skies to start clearing out. snow showers are possible in the higher terrain of the mountains to the north as we are dealing with wind against the mountains. that causes the upslope snow
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from the region look -- from the lakes region south, beautiful. you will just notice high clouds through the late afternoon and evening. low temperatures tonight, 20' s for the most part. the winds start to kick up after midnight tonight. it will be a blustery start tomorrow morning. you will want the heavy coat. we will start out in the 20' s. maybe single digits in the higher terrain. we only warm into the 20' s and lower 30' s despite the fact we have a good deal of sunshine. the cold air will be in place tomorrow. the cold air is stubborn to get out of here. the next storm system builds in preyed on tuesday. the tuesday morning drive will not be fun. we will heavy rain-snow line setting up over southern portions of new hampshire. here is what i am thinking for snowfall totals. three to six inches across much of southern new hampshire.
5:38 pm
eight inches of snow. locally higher amounts into coos county. five to 10 inches of snow that way. let' s check out your five day forecast. let' s make it seven, my gift to you. talking about sunshine tomorrow. snow building in late monday night into tuesday. dry out on wednesday. a weak system thursday but out of here. temperatures will be close to average or slightly above into next weekend. heavy? a.j.: the shoveling will be heavy. it will be pasty snow the farther south you go. we have not had rehearsals. snow. take it easy and do it in installments. stephanie: we will be using year. last year. adam: a "new york times" bestselling author and a new hampshire illustrator have a you'
5:39 pm
stephanie: "cat in the city" is artist jill weber. the bold and beautiful illustrations compelled us to meet this talented artist to see where she creates her magic. >> the first thing i do is with the manuscript, i read with a pencil. >> it is a story about a city cat, but the illustrations that bring the story alive were done here in the studio of the illustrator, designer, and "new york times" best seller. she can count 39 books. the number keeps growing. jill says she grew up in an artistic family. her father was a cartoonist. >> for me, it was almost like i did not have a choice in a funny way. i also could not imagine having
5:40 pm
it was a question of where i was going to do this and how i was going to do this. >> jill was a city mouse before she and her husband moved from new york to the new hampshire countryside four years ago. >> i grew up in the countryside so i had an enormous amount of comfort being here. we were going to be self-sustaining. in some ways, we have stayed very true to the lifestyle we planned. >> her latest project came to her when her book representative that had just died. to her city roots. >> a fluffy white stray that had brought a wonderful community together on the lower east side. the street from where my preschool. i e-mailed her back and said thank you.
5:41 pm
she said, just you. awesome. >> she called up an author she knew well and had worked with in the past. the rest is history. >> we were headed for a children' s chapter book. there was too big of a story. by the time julie got it in her head, she had a new york agenda. the gentrification of new york. she covered all of it. her son, they lived at washington square park, which was also my walk to and from work at my first job. there was a tremendous amount of overlap in the truth of the story. >> the target audience for the book is eight to 12-year-olds, but the appeal is much wider. >> it is about friendship and finding your way. i don' t think anybody has not had that experience.
5:42 pm
>> her prospect -- her process including the 90 illustrations in the book is a unique one. >> i never work on one at a time because there is the worry i will kill it. i try to work on a chapter at a time and get it mapped out or even two or three chapters in the same location. in a picture book, my job is to tell the story. but i can embellish that story in a million different ways. in a chapter book, i have to be true to what is happening. i start with something this rough. i may even scan this into the computer, play with it in the computer, and then pop it out. go back on the drawing board with tracing paper and refine it. >> her current work and pieces from the past are what inspires and surrounds her in her small studio space. >> when i am working on something, yes, as i am working on it and i get it in here, i do
5:43 pm
i might have sketches of a character i' m starting to develop up here or this picture is here because i have to remember what mr. thomas looks like every time. it is my own. that is the good news about a small room. it is all right around. >> the main character, pretty boy, post his own set of unique challenges. >> that was the killer, figuring out pretty boy. i think julie had a little fun with me in the beginning. she did a lot of, "i don' t think that is the cat." finally, one day, he showed up on her desk and he was the cat. this is the funniest thing. why did you make the cap white? i have two black cats. she has a black cat.
5:44 pm
we felt a little responsibility to give him the same look he had. he was very sassy and independent, so there was very little not to like about him. >> she says not being in new york city where the book was centered was not a big problem. she was able to re-create the city looking out her windows. >> lots of pictures and the internet. i spent days in washington square park. julie would walk her dog every day to washington square park. there were a lot of pictures. >> the most rewarding part about this is the fact we set out to do something, and we did it. when it got to the publisher, they liked what we had done. >> she has moved on to the next project.
5:45 pm
>> i' m just going to give this little guy a little bit more substance to him. stephanie: coming up this week on "new hampshire chronicle," the father of rockabilly music plays his last concert during a church service in meredith. big news for the "star wars" franchise. adam: coming up, the grossing worldwide sales benchmark "star wars: the force awakens" surpassed this holiday weekend. stephanie: i had at 6:00, a suspect is now in police custody.
5:46 pm
adam: "star wars" the force awakens" wasted no time breaking box office records when it opened this month. stephanie: today it hit another milestone, earning a billion
5:47 pm
than any film in history. the film took 12 days to hit the $1 billion mark, one day earlier than previous record holder, "jurassic world." it also scored a record for christmas day box office sales on friday. adam: i haven' t seen it. don' t tell me anything. stephanie: a british man just arrived in australia after rowing across the pacific ocean from the u.s. adam: 53-year-old john beeden spent 209 days at sea after leaving from san francisco back in june. beeden rowed over 7400 nautical miles which is more than 8500 miles. he is reportedly the first person to row solo across the pacific ocean from north america. >> to be the first person to achieve something on this scale is incredible really, and i have not processed it yet. but, and now knowing how hard it was, i thought i was going to be here mid-october and it was going to be hard work, but, just like the atlantic, it wasn' t
5:48 pm
tried a few times. adam: beeden received a warm welcome from his wife and daughters. stephanie: thanks for joining us
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