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tv   News 9 Tonight  ABC  December 29, 2015 1:07am-1:42am EST

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doing to make sure they can head right out when snow starts to stick. >> so here you can have it darling that' s all it' s worth. it' s a piece of garbage. tom republican frontrunner : donald trump firing back at the union leader tonight in nashua after an editorial piece called him a grownup bully. and a unity home destroyed tonight after fire spread from a pellet stove. why fire officials say there was a delay with crews getting to the house. >> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now, wmur news 9 tonight. tom: granite staters are preparing for the first significant snowfall this winter. the state will also open the emergency management office in the morning as the storm begins. good evening, i' m tom griffith. the question is how much snow
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over to ice as the day goes on? meteorologist josh judge is here with the latest track on this storm. josh: we will answer that first question first, how much snow could we see? it' s going to be in -- begin falling quite soon. the season so far has mostly been a bust. we are about to change that with numbers like these. 3-6 inches expected in southeast new hampshire and southern new hampshire as well. higher amounts from the northern part of the lakes region and the mount washington valley up into northern new hampshire. there' s a winter storm warning in effect in the northern half of the state and a winter new hampshire. if you look at the radar looks like it is snowing already but most of that is evaporating before it reaches the ground and very dry air. we are only 1-2 hours away from
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cold out there now with overnight lows bottoming out in the teens, perfect cold weather for snow. the timeline in just a few minutes. tom: it will be an early start to the day for road crews ready to take on the latest snowfall second on record in new hampshire. while schools are not in session tomorrow, the new hampshire d.o.t. is concerned about the timing of the snow fall during the morning commute and is asking drivers to remember how to handle slick conditions. as jean mackin reports, road crews were already at work today getting ready themselves. jean: the state dot already hit the roads heading out monday morning to pre-treat with brine and they have plenty of this to use during the snowstorm. the salt pile at the department of transportation in hooksett has barely been touched. the d.o.t. says it' s only used one tenth of the supply that it used by this time last year.
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on the first statewide snowfall and the dot hopes drivers are ready, too. we' re concerned about, have been lulled into summertime driving conditions for the last 8 or 9 months. so they really need to get into winter driving mode. jean: the state' s largest city, manchester, is stocked up with 6500 tons of salt. and we found a few people >> i' ve earned my retirement. jean: pam and jack schelling are retired after a combined 80 he' s ready to ski. >> yes, i' ve skied on man-made twice and i' m ready for some natural snow. jean: she' s ready to enjoy this snow without worrying about everyone else' s power. >> we' ll feel bad but we' ll be home all tucked in nice and warm. jean: and for the first time this season, all 700 state dot trucks will be on standby for this snowstorm. in hooksett, jean mackin, wmur news 9. tom: you can track this storm online or with our storm watch
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there you will find an hour-by-hour futurecast, a live wire, and a complete list of any closings. we will also have complete coverage on the storm on wmur. coverage begins on news 9 daybreak and we will have live updates every half hour. the other big story tonight commitment 2016 coverage now, as , donald trump headed to new hampshire for a campaign event this evening in nashua, the republican frontrunner is lashing out at the publisher of the states largest newspaper. today the union leader ran a front page editorial by publisher joe mcquaid with the headline trump campaign insults new hampshire voters' intelligence. the anti-endorsement also called trump a grownup bully. >> donald trump has no business united states. t be, which i told him that a year ago. tom: last month, the paper endorsed new jersey governor
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trump fired back at his event tonight in nashua. adam sexton is there live. adam, what did the front runner have to say? adam: it might seem counterintuitive for republican to go to war with the state newspaper, but donald trump is in a cycle that defies explanation. it' s the equivalent of republican blasphemy in the granite state but donald trump , doesn' t play by the rules. in nashua today he launched a verbal barrage at the paper after it published an editorial calling him of bully whose campaign insults the intelligence of the voters. >> you have a very dishonest newspaper up here. it is also a failing newspaper. s going down the tubes. i remember when this was a big
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look at the size of this thing. if they cut it down anymore, you won' t be able to find it. it looks like the things when you go to the store and they give you the little handout. what do they call that, coupons? adam: he also called joe mcquaid a low life, a loser, and the lapdog of chris christie. the new jersey governor has lavished attention on new hampshire and donald trump through some shots at him also. >> the people in new jersey want to throw him out of office. adam: the campaign chairman said the union leaner -- leader is insulting the conservative race. >> shame on the establishment and the union leader for even hinting that they are even anything but great americans because they want to come out and support somebody that field finally is going to support them.
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flourish. >> here, you can have it, darling. adam: mr. trump was interrupted by a protester chanting the word fascist. the man was escorted from the rally without incident. adam sexton, wmur news 9. tom: fellow republican, ohio governor john kasich also campaigning in the granite state today. kasich took part in a candidate series in manchester this afternoon. he also held a town hall in derry this evening. kasich is making stops for the second day of his trip tomorrow in nashua and keene. republican jeb bush will also in the state tomorrow with an event in peterborough. and democratic candidate hillary clinton is scheduled to travel to portsmouth and berlin. and you can find the latest political news by heading over to the politics page of our website,
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is last seen wednesday has been found in rochester. 28-year-old jennifer santos contacted rochester police after seeing reports that she was missing. she was taken into custody for a warrant out of new market where she is wanted for heroin possession. nine people displaced after fires read from a wood stove and unity. it happened at home on sawyer brook road. as mike cronin tells us, there was a delay in response by fire crews. uni miket: the unity firey chief said the homeowners tied to put the fire out themselves so there was a delay in calling 911. by the time firefighters got here, there wasn' t much they could do to save the house. this is all that remains of the single-family home in unity. for chief bruce baker believes that woodstove caused the fire. >> by the time we got here, the
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>> at least a half-dozen towns afternoon. >> we requested many tankers. >> baker says it took time for crews to arrive on scene. >> there are no shortcuts across to get here. >> the family was home when the fire started. baker says all nine people got out uninjured. the red cross got them hotel rooms tonight but they won' t have a home to return to. baker says people need to be careful before using their woodstoves this winter. >> because we' ve had a not very cold season, people have been burning the woodstoves very slow. they need to clean up the chimneys when cold winter comes
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tom: we apologize for that audio problem. that was mike cronin reporting tonight on that fire. a manchester man accused of breaking into several businesses on main street in pembroke, police say surveillance video led to the arrest of larry mills. coming up, two police officers involved in the shooting death and an ohio boy will not be indicted for his death. how the victims family is reacting tonight. >> the latest on the tornadoes that ripped through texas and other extreme weather facing parts of the country. i will have more coming up.
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tom: military officials in iraq are claiming a victory. they say they have seized it key government building there. the group still controls much of northern and western iraq. a military spokesman called it a rare moment for iraq. you can went missing earlier this month after making national headlines two years ago for his drunken-driving arrest. officials close to the case told cnn that two were found in puerto vallarta. couch is wanted for violating his probation in texas.
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decided not to invite -- not to indict two police officers in the shooting of 12-year-old tamir rice. he was shot and killed just seconds after officers arrived at a cleveland playground in november of last year. the jury determined the bb gun rice had looked real to the officers. >> simply put, given this perfect storm of human error, mistakes, and miscommunication by all involved that day, the evidence did not indicate criminal conduct by police. >> records net -- record-setting snow and ice bringing deadly tornadoes over the weekend and then blizzard conditions. now more than two dozen states including new hampshire are bracing for more storms. lauren lister is in garland
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>> home after home is just torn up after a tornado ripped through here. president obama phoning the state' s governor and offering support after the deadliest twisters here in 90 years and the extreme weather does not end there. a tornado spotted in florida today, grazing the panhandle. sunday it was arkansas. this after saturday, just south of dallas. >> that' s a tornado. >> deadly twisters made a 40 mile path across the landscape, splintering homes, spewing debris. nine tornadoes killed 11 people there. in the midwest tonight, it' s the water, ice, sleet and snow, snarling traffic from kalamazoo to kansas. in illinois, a school bus with
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injuries after flood waters swept it away. without electricity. power lines no match for the coding them. in iowa, visibility near zero. in amarillo texas along interstate snow burying 40, big-rigs. in new mexico a twelve-foot , snowdrift entombing one couple for twenty hours until rescuers broke the windshield to free them. >> my wife she was just shivering and shaking, so i got into the passenger seat because the driver' s seat was full of snow from us trying to dig out. so we cuddled up together. >> tonight crews in this texas neighborhood are working to fix power lines destroyed by the tornadoes, the most powerful here in 20 years. meanwhile, tonight some 70 million americans are under winter alerts across the country. lauren lyster, abc news, garland, texas. tom: we been lucky, but it'
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wire. cold weather has moved in. december will likely end up we' above average temperatures but not the case today. the temperatures were much colder for the first time in quite some weeks we saw temperatures well below average. teens in northern new hampshire and everywhere else. these are the dew points. usually we show you these in the summer but they are so much lower than the temperatures. mid and upper 20' s and the dew points in the single digits. that means the air is very, very dry. while the radar shows snow overhead, as the snowfalls down through the atmosphere, there are some spots with higher
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in the air so there is less time a couple of spots have reported the air but it' s a little longer until we see it more widespread. but it' s speeding up the onset by a hour or two. anytime after midnight you could see the snow start to get going. we' ve been watching the system head toward us and there was a lot more mixed precipitation. as it gets into new england, running into the cold air and a secondary low responding to the south. that' s the reason we will be up to see some snow accumulating out of the system before we go over to mix reciprocation tomorrow. there' s the center of the storm, spawning a secondary low to the south and keeping cold air locked appear in new england just a little bit longer. here is the futurecast zoomed in a little closer so you can get a better look at the snow over new
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s the mix line, being sleet and maybe some freezing rain. there will be a lot of ice pellets falling from the skies it begins to move in it begins to move in at first. this is tomorrow morning at 5:00 with the morning commute getting going. it will be a rough commute in the morning. here is a: 30, 9:00 or so, sleet and freezing rain pushing in an advancing up through the connecticut river valley. then a couple of things start happening, the mix line goes farther north and a few raindrops moving into southeastern new hampshire around the coast and spreading inland as well. temperatures will be pretty cold at first and coming down as sleet are freezing rain. there could be some ice falling on top of the snow. it all comes to it in throughout the afternoon except northern
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does snow showers but things drying out as we get into wednesday. 4-8 inches in a good portion of the state down into parts of southwestern new hampshire and down to about keene. from conquer down almost a manchester were talking about 4-8 inches. we will see those amounts a little bit lower but still a good healthy snowfall out of this. the snow begins falling overnight and tomorrow watch the snow in the mid morning early afternoon start to change over to sleet mixing in and freezing rain and come to an end as the temperatures go above 32 parts of southern new hampshire. after we get through all this, things drying out. new year' s eve warming up a little bit and dry. tom: we want to keep you caught up on turn them in action
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jamie we begin tonight with a : new hampshire sports tradition, the championship game of the 53rd queen city invitational basketball tournament. the qcibt exeter against central. the third time in 4 years these programs meet for the title. central won the previous two times. exeter goes inside to the big guy. stephen natola scores. he' s a good player. watch him from the outside. its natola again great start for the blue hawks 20-10 exeter led early on. central coach doc wheeler urging his guys to calm down, get in the flow. the little green had a tough time scoring early. leroy jaylen misses but jon makori gets the bounce on the follow. they can get it going in a hurry though. how about this pass, makori to evan macdonald for the quick score. this was all exeter. they pull away to the 73-39 win. it's their second queen city title in school history. a terrific finish in this semifinal game of the concord area holiday basketball
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merrimack valley down a point and inbounding against bishop brady. abby grandmaison with a soccer throw in. the length of the floor it goes bounds. half a second on the clock after a timeout. valley with the winning play. sammi osborne inbounds to grandmaison, and her shot counts at the buzzer. merrimack valley goes to the championship with the dramatic 46-45 win. in the other semifinal concord and pembroke. concord is in red. katie lafond with a pass to bridgid weeden and she knocks down the jumper. for the spartans, morgan allen goes through the lane and dishes to madison allen and the senior had no problem knocking down the jumper. then its olivia langevin. she goes behind the screen and calmly nails the 3 pointer. pembroke wins 39-29. the championship game between merrimack valley and pembroke has been postponed from tomorrow until wednesday night, due to the snow. check the ticker at the bottom of your screen for more holiday high school tournament scores
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college football, the military bowl. look at those cool helmets for navy. navy against pittsburgh. 2nd quarter. an 11 yard touchdown catch by tyler carmona from the quarterback keenan reynolds. 2 rushing touchdowns for reynolds in the first half as well. then it' s a navy interception. brendan clements with an interception in the endzone after the pitt wide receiver fell down. and how about this 3rd quarter touchdown run coming up 26 yards , by deomond brown. 44-28. this was not a surprise, navy is good. they finish 11-2 this season. the quick lane bowl was played in detroit, central michigan against minnesota. minnesota quarterback mitch leidner ran 13 yards for a touchdown late in the game. the gophers end their season with a 6-7 record. coach bill belichick is standing by his overtime decision to kick the football away to the jets. he said the direction the pats kicked was not a concern, as it seemed to be with captain
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belichick said there was little or no wind on the field. and now its on to the dolphins. break time is over for the unh hockey team, they have a busy week and it starts with a home and home series with the umaine black bears. these will not count in the hockey east standings. tomorrow night they play in portland maine and then on wednesday night they play at the verizon wireless arena. >> we would like to get a couple more wins, plus the fact that its maine, were going to play two great venues and were looking forward to the games. >> we had a good break back home. it' s nice to get back home and our families for little bit but we' re excited to get back out and win some games. jamie: only three seconds to go, denver with a field goal attempt to try to win it, coming up. tom: still to come on news 9 tonight.
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why would you let them die? a new hampshire man gets the chance to meet the man he helped save all by being part of the
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tom: an emotional meeting in iowa between a 23-year-old hampton man and the 16-year-old iowa teenager whose life was saved by his bone marrow transplant. kobe dicus survived cancer thanks to nick magyar. magyar was part of the national bone marrow donor registry and after trying to be a match for a six-year-old baby and hampton six years ago. monday at call came in saying he was a match for a boy on a ventilator more than a thousand miles away. and they were reunited today. what we have coming up? >> snow and then some sleet, freezing rain and plain rain in parts of southern new hampshire. a tough morning commute, the snow could be coming down pretty heavily during the morning commute. then it starts to changeover in the southern part of the state and work its way over into central new hampshire. tom: give yourself some extra time tomorrow and take it easy, it' s the first snowfall of the season.
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news tonight at 11. 9 jimmy kimmel live is next, followed by night line.
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